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The Waco Times-Herald from Waco, Texas • 16

Waco, Texas
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

TELEVISION REVIEW TODAY'S TV TIPS or otoT HUT CKUPE UNCOPE EXPLUl) I Print the SURPRISE ANSWER hirt Ycilcrilao ncsday in Good Samur Hospital at the age of 78 Of 1 felt 1 i RADIO DIAL u59 I 89 Pork Roast Z' OOD impare These Dairy Deli Specials! Buttermilk ujcenw Parade 10 Prt frroon 1 Van Came Yelk ay Sett Trader LJgM Meet Covered Wogan Whiff HEART O'TEXAS RESH RYERS NHI SAKWAy'S LOW LOW Sellee Carton leHy Crocker Al sorted ra Ceokerf Chlcktt rl4 LA ECLAZ rance (AP) Mrs Nguyen Cao Ky wife of the South Vietnamese vice pres Reg Jar 115 em) 7:30 Sav It 10:00 Bookshelf 10:30 Creative Per Newt 4 Plata ar WlorfhW 7:30 Haxel 8:00 News Roundup 6:15 Movie 9:30 Movie 9:25 NBC New 10:00 Personality 10 30 Hollywood Sqs Jeopardy it ye Guess 11:55 NBC News Newt Roundup 12:30 Hidden aces 1:00 Davs ol Lives 1'30 The Doctors 2 00 Another World 2:30 You Don Say 3 00 Match Gome 3:25 NBC News Bleach Puts Extra Cleaning Power in Your Wash (5 Off Label) of the is to no are on Mrs Sweet Milk or 4 Butterm ilkL Limit 6) 15 or Can 8 or (an 'Turn On' Truly Assaults Senses With Great Speed REDEEM YOUR MAXIM NEWSPAPER COUPONS AT SAEMAY 1 Lb Pkg 22 or Plastic 5 ox Pkg 9:20 Movie riday 9:00 Stock Market 1:30 Arner West 2:00 Mat nce 4:00 Little riday AO Mediations 6:45 New 7:00 Slam Bonn Room 9 00 Jflrk La Lanne 9:30 PDQ 1000 Girl Tolk 10:30 Movie 17 00 Htwi Roundup 12:30 Orhble Drake TOO Showcase 2:30 Whlrlyblrd too Cnnlaln Zero 3:30 Pooeve KhGO (1580) 5 a nvl a Texas Slat Network music news weather and soorti on half hour Gives you more meat per pound more flavor per bite and at the lowest price of any quality meat available today WACO (1460) 5:30 midnight ABC Network oooular music news weather snorts Morning News ront 5:30 am People Places and Ihlnus 7 Paul Harvey 9 am noon ond 10 nm? Life Line 12:15 omj Tom Harmon 5:10 Earl Golding 5:20 Contemporary Reports and 9:25 Comment 10:30 Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer a suggested by the above cartoon ull Blade Cut Naturally Aged USDA Choice Grade Heavy Beef Serve your fami Pot Roast for Sunday dinner 9 1 89' WBAP WAA (570 320 Dallos ort Worm) 24 houi! NBC and ABC network adult music news ports weather 69 nerramhie theie four Jumblta one litter to each aqunre to form four ordinary words Movie Maker Dies HOLLYWOOD (Uri) rank reeman retired diree tor and vice president Paramount Pictures died Wed iamantan Twin Pet Goad for Cats Too! Big Buy! "Kitchen Tested" All Purpose KRLD (1030 Dallas) CBS Network 24 hours oooular music news weather soorts "Music Till Dawn" 11:30 a (Answer tomorrur) JutnLIeei SPURN DOUGH NIGATt SHEKEL Ani' ert H7nl a guy irni looking for uhm hr took hit girl to a ttcok TENDERNESS KRLD TV Channel 4 5 30 Weller Cronkit 10:00 Andv Griffith 6:00 Newl HOunoue 6 30 Duren and I I Thun Movie 10:00 Newt Rounduo 10'35 Mtrv GrlfLn riday 630 Sunrise Sem 7:00 Newt Wciner 7:05 CBS News 7:30 Mr Ed Cant kangaroo Lurv Show 9:30 Hillbillies show that strikes uncomfortably elik io the nerve in recognizing a subtle yet terrifying contain porary theme People becoming objects packaged in a huge supermarket atmosphere "Turn has as Its host a computer While it may be compared with "Laugh ln" it is actually much more com pressed not merely because it is 30 minutes shorter than the parent series Uit additionally because it Intends to truly assault the serees with bludg eoning speed It is the most McLuhancsque of all television scries to date If "Turn fails It will be I think because it is so honest In its attempt to comment on the way we live: I mean just the individual sight gags THIS cam BH Pg5EP EITHER IVAY KWBUM (1071) 6:30 a mldnloht musk documentaries current events WACOM (999) 6 nm midnight popu lar album music news weather LCt PJrfl rT wrawn a She rWM 4 Rail pkg Just Heat'n 15 er KWTX (1230) a mldnlaht Mutual Network odtill music news $po weather Other features: Johnny Wat Pns 6:05 am and 11:48 World This Morntno 7:35 Von Patrick Snorts 7'45 and 4:30 pm Marvel RumpII 9 05 Wall Street Renort 11:35 Doug Brown Weather 12:05 ond 05 Bill Stern Snorts 6:30 News 10 World Today 10:15 Celebrity Party 11 KAWA (1010) sunrise to sunset ABC Entertainment Network News Country and chumc nrwv wenth sports fishing ond take reports Othr features: Clatx Bolt orm News 12:05 4 4 9 :00 Lucy Show 9:30 Bev Andy Griffith 5:10:30 Dick Van Dyke £1:00 Love ot CBS News 11:30 Search for Tomorrow 1UDAY 12:00 Ten Wntkins 32:30 As the World Turns 1:00 Los is Spicndored Thing 1:30 Guiding Light 2:00 Secret Storm 2:30 Edge of Night 3:00 Art Llnklrttcr 3:25 CBS News 3:30 Belter Living Ky's Wife Sees irst Snow ident saw snow for the first time Wednesday when they vis ited this Alpine resort Ky in a military style outfit said it was the first time in 37 years that he had put on skis KTBC TV Channl 3 4 00 UncieJav 9:30 Hillbillies 4 30 Bewitched 1000 Andv Griffith $00 LeTs Make Deal Dick Van Dvkt 5:30 Walter Cronkite 11:00 Lave of L'fe NWS ROUnOUb Bio Valiev 7:30 Bewitched 8:00 Thurj Movl 10:00 New Rounduo 10:30 Merv Griffin riday 7:00 New 7:05 CBS Newj 7:30 News no Cort Lucy Snow (dltnr's iii 'A VI (('hiiniK diil nut show On" I it nlchl nt tlu gelled uleil 7:30 lluir Station manager Mike Shaplru made a statement tn timers saying WAA (Ih nut fn siih Um pHigriini proper for enily riming slewing It will be wen Sunday nt 11 pan) Hy KICK jh kkow HOLLYWOOD (UPD The producers of television's high est rated scries "Laugh ln" Wednesday night presented a new weekly ABC TV half hour show entitled "Turn On" and described as follows: "A visual comedic sensory assault involving all media techniques such as graphics film animation tape stop action slow motion electronic distortion computer graphics and even Tlie final reference to the fact that "even people" figure in the entertainment ninv be intended lightly but Is in fact the cruxjoverall comment or advance debate on Dll KM1Y HOME Repeat Of "Please Don't Eat the Daisies" with Doris Dayt David Niven Channels 4 i and 30 at 8 ptn (C) MHAS AU ABOUT ok Lit Premiere of hour long comedy review series with Dean Tones as Tonight's guests are Barbara Bain and Martin Landau of "Mission Imprest ble" Channel 8 at 8 pm (C) DEAN MARTEN Guest are Ixxj Rawls laiinie Kazan Shecky Greene and Stanley Myron Handclman Channels 5 and 6 at 9 pm (C) THE AVENGERS Program returns to Channel 10 with "Love Steed and Tara combat outbreak of love atl secrets amid executives Channel 10 at 10:30 pm (C) (Stations may make lat minuto changes) 59' contributed to our Impersonal ty The computer film anima tion a lack of human hosts Thus wo can ee where "Turn On" and "Laugh ln" I really differ sharply In certain Lkcy areas The presence of Rowan and Martin as the "I nugh In" hosts lends an air of traditional warmth and even middle aged respcctabllity dc spite the biting humor There not even this cushion of tradition on "Turn On" As a further example the so called muslcial track that normally accompanies such a show Is rebelled against: It sounds lik a steady sequence of electronic Impulses and garbled tape So we have a show packaged unlike "Laugh In" crow that projected more personally the home audience Make mistake there enough wild characters "Turn On" to provide just as gotxl newspaper copy as the "ljugh In" performers The question is whether the very intelligent very serious comedy have in us i ne to attract an a voung 11:25 CBS News 11:30 Soarch 12:00 News 12:10 Worn World 123O World Turns 1:00 Sblm Thing 1:30 Gudino Light 2:00 Secret Storm 2:30 Edge ol Night 3:00 Art Inkletler 3:25 CBS ttaws 3 Tfl Acn Mrtanifnl WAA TV Clcnnere 7:00 Mr Propermln! 8:25 Paul Harvey 8:30 Eartv Show 10:30 Divorce Court 11:00 Bewitched 11:30 You Should Ask 12:00 Dream House 123O Make Deal 1:00 Newiv Game 1:30 Dating Game 200 Gen Hospital 2:30 One Life 3:00 Dai Shadows Lucernt or That Old Style rnl arm Churned lavor sM! Carton Pork Beans Shortening Chunk Tuna Corn Meal Alt! ML A MIUIIIIHUIII run Ktckte Craft Compare Low Prices at Safeway! acial Tissues Truly ine Assorted Colon Box 1 10:30 Dtak Van Dvkt 11:00 Love of Lite 11:25 CBS News 11:30 Search 17 00 News 12:30 World Tumi Splen Thing 1:30 Guiding Light 2 00 Secret Storm 2:30 Edgeot Night 3:00 Art Llnkletter 3:25 CBS News 3 30 Sfrve A Urn 5 00 Gil Island WRAP TV Channel 5 111L finiinln 5'uO Truth or Consca Conrrnt atlon MUfll Bnnw 6:00 News Rounduo 6:30 Daniel Boone 7:30 Ironside 8:30 Dragnet 9 00 Dean Marfin 10 00 News Tonight Show 17 00 New Les Crane riday 6:30 Good Morninn 9:00 Snap Judgment 3:30 Movie 5:25 Paul Harvev 5:30 ABC News 6:00 News Roundup 6:30 lying Nun 7:00 That Girl 7:30 Bewitched Dean Jones 900 TBA News Roundup 11:00 Jorv Bishop riday 6:30 Murray Cox KDTV TVChannel 39 "(Cable)' 30 Hines 4 oo LUtta Rascals 4:30 Dmnls Merace 5 00 O'Connor 6:30 Joon Rivers 7:00 Sock Wrapup 7 mAAvt KWT TVChonne'21 (Cable) 4:00 ask torn 4 30 Annie Oakley 5:00 Buffalo WH 5:30 Don Shook ty 6:30 Argumoda Tel Hal leiaMiltif wahj tBTII Jdl! JLXJU0J and topical humor but the brains behind "Turn On" adherence to the imersonaHty pulled off a major coup in it is drivinc at ne ore OCCliltO A Mr 1t4 '301JAC til IO 1 our time In order tr nU thk I lurrMjn is one) or will be victims of the toe snow Iroiiica Iv vnt vlTtnn i tvrjr impersonamy uiey aeo so lor this is a serious comcdylsome of the weapons that have clearly resh Boston Butt 1 Pink tender juky Pork! (Pork Steak 59) Lb I i Linirr it lUlLu Ji wiivVilvlf Ivnvlly wUwfwnTvOQI fb Chuck Roast jiii Rsim 4:00 Movie 5:30 Huntley Brinkit 6:00 News Weather Sports 6:30 Daniel Boon 7 :30 Ironside 8:30 Dragnet 000 Dean Martin 10:00 News Weather Sports 10:30 Tonight Show RIDAY A 6:40 RD 6 Clark Bolt 7:00 Today 9:00 Snap Judgmmt 9:25 NBC Nows 9:30 Concentration 10:00 Personality 10:30 Hollywood Squaret It :00 Jeopardy 11 :30 Eye Guess 11 :55 NBC News I I'IDAY 12:00 News Weather 12:15 Corner 12:30 Hidden aces 1:00 Days of Lives 1:30 The Doctors 2:00 Another World 2:30 You Say 3:00 Match Game 3:25 NBC News 3:30 Dennis the Menace a STrV Choiwim (Choflnel 9 ccrriet varied icherfut programs morning and after noon Marring ar 5 00 Answer 5:30 Don 6:00 What's New 6 10 Nrw 7:00 own A Gnrdm 11:15 Social Sec KTVT TV Channtti li a to rnnwones 4:30 Batman 5:00 Munsters 5:30 Twilight Zone 6 00 Hove Gun 6:30 Rawhide 7:30 Perry Moson 8:30 Wanted 9 nn Movie 10 00 News Weataer 10 15 Movie (cant'd) 1 100 Movie 12:30 News Weather Meditations i JLtPT231c 3 lb con r7 ss CMd Cos JfaZzT 33 la) WvT Boll ifaUi 31 Tortillas Letrae Sf trhll Pkg 15 Cheese Spread Procil Sj resh Milk i More Mohey Savina Values! I Cane Sugar A(k Candi Cost Pur Can Spaghetti Htyftwcry I iinnkaAn Maxi MIIVIIVVII IVI vd I Oieer Mayer Detergent Cake Mixes Sno White Salt Safeway Coffee Biscuit Mix Safeway Special! Purex Liquid Gallon Plastic IV Safeway Special! Gold Medal lour 4 Safeway Special! Canned Biscuits 2i5M'OEdY7 A3 I 227S rt Cl Cm JI 55t 44 hl st Bm PB OOT 41 74 QiWkv ar i EQd ww 7 OJ 43( 57r More Low Low Prices! Angel ood Cake Mix Dunc HiBU i5 Planters Peanuts smsIspmijc Cheez lt Crackers ikvH Coi Amscouval Sponge nsMrU CAlTifti or viUUllldJUH AU'l Austex Tamales Instant olger's Preparation Toothpaste Ole South Cobblers Beef Short Ribs Pork Spareribs resh Pork Roast Chicken Hens 10 Compare Safeway Meat Values! vuvs Ground Chuck Lean Beef Ground Beef Hamburger Steaks I qrilL Eckrich Sausage rCkd Sliced Bacon Saftwsy Thick Sliced Bacon Safeway Beef Cube Steaks Manor Haait Beef Patties GUARANTEE If ever a purchase of Safeway Meat fails to please you for reason whatsoever just tell us We will refund your money promptly cour teously no need to return the meat HAMEL ROOM Warring Indians offer elderly gunsmith high rcspeit In return for secrets of his trade In "Three Score and Ten" with Burgees Meredith Otannds 5 and 6 at 6:39 pm (C) LYING NUN Uncle Reggie disappears after Carlos casino is robbed as program begins bi new time period Channel 8 at 6:30 pm (C) JONATHAN WINTERS Guests are Barbara McNair Lynde lajuls Nye the Brooklyn Bridge ami James Darren Channel 1 at 7 pm (C) THAT girl Series begins in new time with Ann Mario trying to help young singer with career not knowing she Is nun Guests are father Danny Thomas and her sister and brother Terre and Tony (Program is seen for first time on Ch 10) Channels 8 and 10 at 7 pm (C) IRONMDE Newspaper col umnist with gift of prophecy warns Ironside an art theft will endanger his life in "The Prophecy" with Martha Scott Channels 5 and 6 at 7:30 pm (C) I THEMACO TniES HliRUJ) Page 2 Woco Texas Thursday eb 6 1 969 Choontt 4sBLD fhonrl Channtl I WBAP Til DRACnAkEC Chsnnl 10 kwTX Channel 4 Ilf rfCCjiaKAMj ChannBl ll KTVT Channel KTRC iWftlTI chwinat 31 KWT Chnnnnl WtAA Channel 9 KDTV KMT Ciianml JO I THURSDAY i 4 :00 Dream House 4 :30 Bewitched £5:00 General Hospital 5:30 Walter Cronklto £600 News Sporta Weather 1 6:30 Queen aid I 17:00 That Girl 30 Bewitched Thursday Movie 10:00 News Weather Sports 10:30 The Avengers 31:30 Alfred Hitchcock rnmY a 7:30 CBS News 7:55 News Weather 8:00 Captain Kangaroo 59 59 33d CgBm Cofrvoty I3et jv $149 O1ttrnL Let $119 erSDMrmint 3 25 MTube fwfl iApptyBlaekbny iLb fag 7 vShopKSafewayand Save on These Low Low Prices? Jdl wcll Gelatin Ilf I Coldbrook Solids Big Buy! I Mil II I Tops in lavor Tops in Value rozen Waffles Rahu nnd Heinx Assorted Strained1 IrilVJ 1 WM ruits or Vegetables Big Buy! Tomato Soup 5MsaKsr uog food Ivory Liquid 9 Special! TtL Ci) An I II i ULJ I I LW 7 Ih llty 74 I 1 7 J'' AkW4L'l A I I it I Ll vve 1 A VW IjA 4 11 I A sTT Ta inest Qualify Meaf i I II m5S3i I I Pl I Vdr z1" I I tP I I ft I 54 5C A' I 49 8 39e Boneless Hams 45 Sliced Picnic 45 39 Sliced Bologna aS" l45i Armour ranks JA 1 "WTaiftW? LOUR s2 Margarine 26 Corn Oil Margarine 4Qt Wisk Degent feormulq jl 99 peptic 6y Head Shoulders Surf Deterge MNHI.

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