Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 12, 1952 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, September 12, 1952
Page 7
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f, t( «?tMiM W^l - •< ' ! T'T^^^m";^' ' -*'* u ' "* " -'' j ifev •> n ' >3q*3Tfw-$ ., >te HOM STAR, HOM, ARKANSAS Owner Justness tho or Junction — wh« rtrWfr to ffttne nnd »«IIW« Wit her motor i«d i«mi into apron- irttn«nt, Drunntn, whe totlgh «om|»*Htton on .. WJIWf tor »r«*nn* to I lar*** firm, «lv trUck operator'* HIXWP K to pHticoeu and frills "" t I'd Mvfl to ni-" ymrold f.lltl<» whtri iho Ifmmlmi AMoofnllon »u>n- a Juhfthpon, * A* *ny to retire," * teH«h of femora* vole*. VMi» whoh LUlli* would Hint •ft«,Ao4ft b* caught d«-fl«t fl» in *nc» pMlfeoaU. 8ll« red and rtill live* nl llornp- rth «' IfoiWton, tho 'now JIMJ# *lty known or Ux Sonll vrttlch wn* chllfld Hlx- Junction »n It* volcanic, ting tfnrly day*. »old that in then* day lan«Untti!,C)0 LIHIe'g Inngimnn, 'collod for form V«l.« would blbltbr A rock, flMKeri nt tho lunHwmn iteni fought for what nho yut right, And slit* hart a for Ktralgrit-iihooUng, 'rfun of her wont. Jrmn- »,6ft)y time *h« wa» con- A hUftckef Bho hnd loft nt homo, pot oi tnmiltar with p«wl- j;«M' Whir frilly thln«» n« m«i, bttt «he cnn look fnfisy whftti the occndlon ,Uk« y««lerdfty nt the bun- mofc nt homr 1n Friday, September 12, 1952 frlrfdy, September 12, 1952 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS cm hat nnd trcntsr-rn, Mi) nnd thin, the trucking nil .driving; a Hi>Um modH T nntck and hautlnu oil well mi to the booming, um«h «U fk'Wt, Many time 1 ? W6» TNT or dyrwmllr- die "W)i*n tmytfody with n n«down tnictt could jjo Into It Wo» »trlelly n cut- t jam* with uvwyone out fur doUnr th*? could got." ««y«, she gucm>8 oho* II it «oiy tot uwhtlo." Llllle In to Seltct »m«rt for Jobs F ^ ftTw&lfte Pranols : n0t calling any nam ho say* Mm men he'll r. InifiotlttnV «tato Jobs " 4 ,'«(ew«ttBn»ri >t to the a»v- 0- ' " i»n Intfetvttw hero hat night, »al4 ot Utr ttppoin'tmenU who huv* not - J»»tar». will Dollar Short Continued from Pago One economic and technical aid to nearly 10 countries rlurin«<he 12-month period endin« next July 1. Alto«cthrr, nearly 2ft billion dollar* hag been provided by the United SUUo.i to friendly countries dur- Lewis' Policy Makers Called Into Huddle fee from the company. Williams contended, nevertheless, that he had a photograph of a waiver Nunan obtained from the I Treasury to represent the fjrm | Such a waiver would be because of Nunan's recent nectlon with the Internal Revenue| _ , ,, Ijineau. Flic research staff also urged a WASHINGTON, —Ml — Lawrence The first count against Bardin I ing the past four year*""bi-e'lnnlna! c " nsliu ' tionul amendment permit-; P. Bardin, former Indiana brewer charges that he willfully attempted with the unprecedented M-irshali' K sc 'P nrat( -' assessments for city, whose name has been brought into to defeat and evade his tax by not I Plan for Western Kuropcti'i recov-j purpnisei11 be ntl °P tcd if assessments congressional complaints of gov| reporting his correct income." Thel cry. ' aTC " ol Improved materially in thejernment tax irregularities, was inlyeeond count charges :i willfull al-| Ex-Indiana Brewer Is Indicted SOCIETY Pnon* 744J1 ••tw««n I A. M. M4 4 P. M, [Calendar The prosont thlnkinfi Is that the foreign aid program must be con- ilnuwl for several more years but thht ndclltlonaf steps are tirfieritly to mnkc curtain that Wcst- . _ aL.1 t I ••- •--.,._»,.... •» ................ . n~ .. .- ,. , ^^B ''-*'• **^"-'» H VH-II \\Ji ILII11 I.MI »» t-ljl next few years that the present! dieted today on charges of trying tempt to defeat and evade the pay • September 17 at 3 o'clock 21-month maximum period which'to evade his 1940 income taxes. | ment of the tax of $039.841 by al-^ elapses between assessment and! The two count indictment at In-.lepedly concealing his assets from collection of property taxes be re- dlamipoHs. was announced by At duced to 12 months, and that steps ~~ i iliary will meet Tuesday morning. j September 16. at 10 o'clock at the Wednesday, September 17 I hom e of Mrs. Jud Martlndale. Paisley PTA will meet in Paisley' School auditorium on Wednesday, American Legion Auxiliary Civilians to Moke j Battleship Cruise NORFOLK. Vn. —<*— A 13-day ciAiise nbonrd the battleship Missour awaited 20 civilians today as part of the Navy's program to kt-i'p the public informed of the service's defense operations and pr.i poses. The civilians, guests of the sec rotary of the Navy, were sched I'k-d to bo aboard when the Mis pulled out today at noon or 1 Sun.-Mon, at the Saenger Meets with Mrs. E. P. O'Neal Kong Biach, Cali. be taken lo assure more efficient assessments. The report on func-1 a financial houses In order in i he foreseeable future. The Informal Ideas that are be- in« mentioned most frequently both- , , ,, , ,_ by American and foreign financial I cnl rpor en nlznllon ° f the state gov- cxpcrU are: eminent by Dr. Henry M. Alexan- Inlernntlonal stabilisation, „,.,,,,„„, „„,„„„„ nt the lfr:icy General McGranery. « mile, per hour tEfc^tteflfcJ r-«, P n*.nuf S-f " tm y bombers would hove to moke "well over" «"?*?f ^H^* t l?f c . ordln «. to Supply Minister Dunean intercept Aircraft taking evoilve action.' PRESCOTT NEWS Friday, Rnptemhur 12 Tho rt'ffulni' monthly nwtlnB of !h<» JKuird nf Klders and Deacons of thf Fii'itt Ohrl.stlim Church will rnri/t Friday evening at 7:.')0. Sunday, S«>ptffml)«r 14 The Piuni'C'r Mrollnu of the Proa byti'Hmi Church will bw held on Sunday lit 4:1)0 p.m. The Youth J'Vllowiihlf» will rnnet at .1:43. Sup- por will be* Rorved by Mr*. N, N unit Mrs. Wiiitiu'o I't-mbW tun, A younj! people 1 )) riorvlco will tie hulil lit tin- C'hureh of Nuxurriu* Sunday ut 7::m p.m. Tho tnilninit Hervk-e of the Fir- nl Httpli.it Church will inoi't Hun. dity nl <):.'>U p. in, The Youth Fellowship 'of tho Motlmdlttt Church will meet Sunday ut (1:30 p.m. CliiSHM for YiivmR People af Uv» Church of Christ will l.w held' Mvmdny nt tl'.'t. 1 ) p.m. Mr«. Leroy Phillip! Ho»te«« to W M, U Cirota No. 9 Mr*, f,tfVoy Phillip* WHH hostess to Circle i! of the WMU of tho First llnptlst Church at h«r homo on Monday Kftonuum with six members present. Tho chairman, Mrs. M, T. Murry, preiiidmi a ml uomluctmt tho 1'niyor wnit uttered by Duohunun. oducallon itaurnnce com- «lmo»t eer- MAIN m it I* Hits busimtHS. Mrs. Mm. Phillips led the study on "Stewardship Applied in Home Missions." A dainty'tk'ksert coiirsfi \vns set vcjd clurinij the social hour. The next mnetlnu' will bi> with Mrs. Pwttrl Pnym» and Mm. Marion' Fwgtutw. volo. A report of offlcem wna also hciiitl. After thn song, "Sweet Hour «f Prayer," Men. J, W. Teeter voiced the cloning prayer, Women's Perforation Hn« September Meeting The Women's Federation of the PrwHbyterlim Church met on Monday afternoon nt the church for lho monthly Mudy and business meeting, MI-N. Tom Ili>mlM presided and upi-ncd'tlu' mectlni! with prayer. Mi'H. T. !•:. Logan piviientcd thr study on John H. Molt. Mrs. Frank Anderson luld nf hio work with thi« VMCA nnd YWC'A. The inet'tlng udjoruncd with the song "We Are HuiUlers." Mm. George Chrlttopher Entertain* '37 Club Mr,-). George Christopher enter- tiilnutl mornber)) of the ';i7 Contract Club on Tuesday afternoon nt tho I-.nw.son lloiul, DalhatH arid sununer flowers dfcoruli'd the room urrnnged lor two tables of playora, Men, Archie Johnson won the high score award. A delectable :;almi course was served tu Mrs. O. G. Hirst, Mrs. Hnlph CUirdon, Mrs. Krnnk llultum Jr., Mm, Frank Gilbert, Mrs. Jack JuatlsH, Mrs, Jack 'Manell. Mrs. A, V, Kegnler, and Mrs. Juhnshn. The Rev. W. nensbcrg at- W8CS Hfl* Monthy Quilnuat Meeting Tlit.' WSCS of tho Methodist Cluu ch met on Monday afternoon ul the vhurch fur tho monthly busl- nesn moi'tiny with the president, Mr*. J> V. MuMahen, The meeting was opened with Ow «on«, "Suvlor T.iko a Shepherd Lend OM." Mrs, 11. »l, MeKcnale U»V« the devotionnl tulk on "Am- bn*nodors For Christ" and led in prnyer, The «OIIK, "I Am Thine, O Lord" Mrs. I'runk Gilbert presented tho bvidsot that was uoeopted by Legal Notice No, 1430 in the Chontwy Court of Hempstead, County, Ark, Ethel May Yotmgblood ..... PlatnUK vs, Leonard Youngblood ........ Defendant WARNING ORDBR Defendant, Leonard Youngblood U warned to appear in this within thirty day* and answer e complaint of tho Plaintiff, Ethel ay Youujblood, \VH»vcRS my hand and t)v« ncal of nold court this ai day of August WJ. Qtnern Kvans, Cterk Aug. »3, », Scpl, (i, 13 f ICE! repored to take core posture PMA tllono white win- lite .Bermuda i? :^JL ' , and location tendt-d the meeting *>f tin- Keli«ious Education Committee of the Synod of Arkansas in Uttlu Hock Monday. Mrs. neniberg and Mrs. Cuss McCitsklll vlHitcd' with Mrs, H. D. Nulfii. Allen Q<'<? and daughter, Mrs. J, J. Pedwrson of North Cowilen, in t.itilo Textm, Hock umt Hot '.Springs. Mr. and Mrs. S.. A. Uillaird of C'amdiMi were tho guests Tuesday of Mr. nnd Mrs. Hotly Ilutler. Mrs, Veren Fvlts of Sun ntego, Who has been the Kliest «'< Mr. ,md Mrs, Johnny Hooks anil Mr. ;MH| Mrs. A. !•'. Jones, has fjon-' to HarrislmiH. Vii.. where slu- will Visit her son U. Com. Wells d. Kelts and family'. Mr, and Mrs. Will Hoj daughter, Murcla of N- have been the guests of < Y«irU Egypt Feudal Institutions Eliminated By BO POOK , CAIMO. Egypt (.fi^Wl-rnler Maj. Gen. Mohammed N«$olt>'s reform Cabinet today uwuxwed loKislutt tncUnu another of J&ym's feud liujtitutlons — the \Wfcfs. This is o system .published under Moslem law b£&hid> u person COD bequeath an Estate .so that heirs and bcntficiaries may re- rt>iv« tht income but cannot sell or otherwise ut the estate U is estimated that about one- tourlh «| Egypt's farmland ami Uy « gov are* «dfe$ulstere<l under this system. ¥he «|Uun has about «ix million Ttwt watot8 »re eminent ministry, vot«4 to charities under Cabinet form government would retain the Out At Least One UN Demand Is Granted By ROBERT B. TUCKMAN MUNSAN, KorenUH — U. N. ne- li'iliiitors todny rlemnncled ond fiot 11 seventh straight week-long recess in the Korean nrmistice talks. No IJI-OKI-CSM on the truce-block' Int; Issue of prisoner exchange w;is reported at a heated 32-mlnutc ties- sion - • the first since Sept. 4. The next mc-elinj: was set for Sept. 20. The calm tit Ihe Panmunjom ncMtr.-il /line wns shattered late yi-sti'i'day when a Communist soldier crashed roadblocks In a •!!)• iiiili>-iin-hour dash to surrender to U. S, military police. Tolu of this second Communist surrender in a week near Pan- munjiim, I.t. Gen. William K. Harrison, senior U. N, truce delegate, i'.miU'd: "I don't care how many come to our side, but t hey oiiKht to watch tho speed limit." Harrison said the Ileds made no mention of tho surrender at to- i.v's armistice session, llul North Korean Gen. Nam II, chief Communist delegate, again accused the Allies of murderlnK lied prisoners of war. Harrison replied with apothcr of- fi-r for the Communist!) to verify for themselves the no-reputriution sentiment amonB Communist soldiers captured hy the Allies. Of some 20,000 Chinese In U. N. blockades, about 15,000 have said they prefer death to rejplnlng Conv immism. The Reds insist that all bt> returned. "You demand as your price for (in armistice that we hand over to you a few thousand Chinese who virt deathly afraid of returning to your control," Harrison tokj Nam 11. "Thoso are Chinese," he said. >'whom you claim were fighting In Korea as volunteers. You deny tl-i'y have renounced your side, but you arc afraid to witness their voluntary expression of will. . . . You insist that these people can volunteer to support communism but cannot freely renounce it." The U. S, Kiishth Army said the surrendering Chinese soldier began his dash to freedom in u stolen jeep about 20 miles south of Py- onjjyanB. the capital of North Korea. Ho .iped through 100 miles of Ht-d territory and nearly ran down four Communist riflemen svho treid to halt him ax he entered the Pun- nnihjom neutral zone. C'apt. Jk>st>ph D. Foley of Astoria, N. Y., U. N. security officer, said the Reds "didn't fire, although their rifles were leveled." "The man in Ute jeep cume rifht throuHh our area on the road, hold- liiK his hand up to show he wanted to continue on," related Foley, o policeman in civilian life. "We didn't stop him. He went di wn the road to the bridge ut Ute edge of the Panmuivjom tone." There, an American MP, Pfc. Roy I.. Thompson ol St. Louis, said UK Communist waved a small red Hag, "I saw him coming last am} 1 just raised closed the barrier," Thompson said, Fuiey said the Communist smashed through the horizontal wooden bur. "He was determined to get through to where freedom la> — I guess." 1. fund of some two or three billion 1 dollars. This would be set up toi guarantee that foreign currencies! cc;iild be exchanged into dollars,! thus helping expand world com- 1 rnerce. 2. American agreement to buy strategic raw materials such as rubber, tin, copper, and other metals on a long-term contract basis tunning from five to 10 years. This would Insure a steady source of dollars to foreign countries and permit them to expand production with confidence of a ready market. It would also help build America's strategic stockpile of materials set nride for emergency use. 3. A big plan to greatly expand private United Stales investments in overseas ureas. This might take! the form of an Iron-clad government guarantee to investors for compensation in event their overseas properties are nationalized, confiscated or seized as a result of war or other emergency. •I. A determined drive by tho administration to persuade Congress to streamline' American customs regulations In an effort to facilitate the entry to foreign products into of Arkansas. Dr. Alexander urged that the comptroller's post-audit authority be turned over to the Legislative Council so that auditing of state agencies could be carried on Independent of the governor's office or executive heads. He recommended that the legls- create the position of legls- ! lative auditor as an employece of I the council. This official a certified public accountant, would receive a recommended salary of 57,200 a year. « liurdin's name figured p'romlnent ly in charges by Senator Williams H-Del.i in Williams' recitation of ,, alleged irregularities in the Inter- on us- n;i) R, ;vonuo Bureau. McGrnncry's announcement described Bardin as former manager of the Indianapolis Brewing Co. The two counts charged that Bar the government. din reported an income of $528,824 and a tax thereon of $24(1,582 for 19415, but should have reported $759.827 and paid a tax of G59.841. Williams told the Senate February 14 that Bardin settled a big tax claim for a small amount after Joseph D. Nunan, Jr., former commissioner of internal revenue, obtained a special permit to rcpre sent the brewing firm. Nunan said, however, that he the United Stales. Heaffirrnalion by the Uni tad States of its dedication to the principle of lowering tariffs and siblc new tariff-cutting agreements with other nations. 0. Possible changes in the slat ulos of the multi-billion dollar in- U-rnallortal fund. This international institution has a capital of $7..'100 000.000 which is supposed lo bo used to help expand commerce. Many foreign countries arc disap pointed with the fund's role thus far and believe a drastic change in its function is needed so it can achieve its objective. Bishop's New Trial Likely in October SALT LAKE CITY I/W — Willie (Tuck) Bishop, accused slayer of .six persons, probably will face a second trial next month for the killing of two Utah miners. He once was convicted of the slaying end sentenced to death but was granted u new trial. Wiled by mistake Monday, District Attorney Homer Dean said today. Sparkman Says West Can't Get GOP Aid SALT LAKE CITY Ml — Son. John J. Sparkman said last night the West cannot look to the Republican party for help on its reclarna tion projects. "Go to the record and see what your ROth Congress did to your reclamation projeetives," the Democratic nominee for vice president told a party rally. On a one-day visit to Utah, Spark man made three speeches here and a fourth in Ogden within eight hours. lie was scheduled -to fly to Chicago early today. In all his speeches, Sparkman hammered on the theme "we nevei had It so good." In Ogden, he told a crowd of 200 on the courthouse steps that he had found a new slogan in the West. "Harry and Ike — they think dike." He said the political views ol Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, .Republican nominee for president imd President Truman were al most the same. "Only Gen. Eisenhower say; the Democrats haven't gone fat enough in social security and farm price parity legislation," Sparkmar said. In answer to Republican charges ol "creeping socialism," Sparkman described Eisenhower's farm pro gram as "leaping socialism." "Why Gen. Eisenhower. . . wenl right past our farm program the other day in Minnesota." Spark- nan said. "The Democratic plat- orm calls for 90 per cent parity on farm prices and the general said he was in favor of 100 per cent parity." never represented the brewing company, never spoke to anyone n its behalf and never received a Farmers Attention!!! We con fill all of your PMA orders on seed, super phosphate, and 50% potash. Just received new shipment of Seed Oats, De Sotas and Ferguson 922. See Us Today Hempstead County Farmers Association 114 E. 3rd St. Phone 7-4469 The American Legion Auxilaryj Ater putting the civilians ashore Garland PTA will meet on Wed-1 met Thursday with its new presi-i nt'Long Beach, Ihe "Mighty Mo" nesday, September 17, at 3 p.m. uti dent. Mrs. E. P. O'Neal. Mrs. j will continue on lo "classified" des the school. ; E. A. Morsani was associate hos- tinatinns. .—- i tess. The new officers for the coining year who tm.su ercd the roll Friday, September 12 Open House will be held at the Country Club for its members to-i call were: niyht after the Hope—Stamps foot- President Mrs ball game. Hosts and hostesses will be Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Spencer and Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Mc- WUliams. Monday, September 15 The Spring Hill PTA will have its first • meeting for this school year at 7:30 Monday, September 15. Plans will be made for the E. P. O'Neal. vice-president. Mrs. K. O. Winsfield, 2nd vice-president, Mrs. Victor Cobb. secretary, Mrs. Clyde Coffee, treasurer. Mrs. W. H. Gunter, chaplain, Mrs. M. M. McCloughan, parliamentarian," Mrs. E. A. Morsani, historian, Mrs. Hai Family Film Opens Sunday at Saenger The Gilbreath family that stepped so briskly into our hearts in Acheson and What Might Have Been with lifs Ctttlrl It Is possible. nlthoVKh. perhaps not liki-l.v, thnt'if'hp iTnil been in dpfffise of hlm- Ills policies neither ho nor they would lu> n COWpnlgn issue smlny. Thoso si\mi> historians of the fu. tun-, imit nui.vbe psycholofdsts, too. JliANNU CRAIN tries to quiet p«t ol the hr»xvl in tins scene Irom 20ih Cemurv-Foxs, "BELLES ON TIll-lR TOILV Technicolor. DOROTHY DIX ~. ". ™«.=UMI, uisiuiiuii, «.i». uni peri so briskly into our Hearts in f •. • ry Hawthorne, sergeant-at-arms. | "Cheaper By The Dozen" is back; FOOllSH Mrs.-Joe Reese. • • 1 again in "Belles On Their Toes" ... . , Mrs. O'Neal announced the fol-! which plays Sunday and Monday conuiiK year and a big member- lowing coinmlttci; chairmen: Ame, Dear Miss DIx: As the wife of a| ship drive will be launched. KXAR WILL BROADCAST HOPE HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL For the 5th Consecutive Year Attend all the games you can and support the Bobcats BROADCAST TIME 7:45 P. M. The WMS of the First Baptist Church will meet at the church Monday, September 15, for a spc cial program and prayer for state missions with Mrs. Royce Smith as leader. The morning program will start at 11 o'clock, pot luck luncheon at noon, and afternoon program at 1:15. Members >of all circles are especially invited to attend. icanism. Miss Velma Go'ss. child j welfare, Mrs. Joe Jones, civil do-1 fense, Mrs. J. M. Duffie, community service, Mrs. Victor Cobb. constitution and by-laws, Mrs. C. P. Tolleson, finance. Mrs. Raymon | of humorous incidents, the achieve at the Saenger Theater. ! minister. 1 have a problem. One The picture begins where "Cheap j of our Sunday School teachers, a er By The Dozen" ended, and i married woman, in infatuated with takes the family through the grow ! jr.y husband. Her husband is aware Ing up years raises 11 children by herself. Full Mrs. Gilbrealh|of the fact, and it has created an Tuesday, September 16 The Beacon Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church will meet at the home of Mrs. Orval Taylor. 310 East 13th, for' its social Tuesday night, September 10, with Mrs. Buddy Clingan as co- hostess. Jories,- girl state, Mrs. Joe Reese, junior activities, Mrs. Mary Hamm •legislature, Mrs. C. Cook, membership, Mrs. E. O. Wingl'iold, music., Mrs. Ralph Routon, national security, Mrs. Roy Jones, Pan- American, Mrs. Leon Bundy, Publicity, Mrs. E. A. Morsani. program and radio, Mrs. R. E. Jackson, poppy, Mrs. Thompson Evans Jr., rehabilitation, Mrs. E. A. Mor- sani, past president parley, Mrs. Joe Reese. Refreshments were served to tile group following the business meeting. The VFW Auxiliary will meet Tuesday night, September 16, at 7:30 p.m. Mrs. Pritchett and Mrs. Jim McKcnzic will be hostesses. This is an important meeting nnd all members arc asked to be pro sent. Hempstead County Medical Aux *SAENGER • TODAY & SATURDAY • BRONCO BUSTER JOHN UJND SCOTT BRADY . JOYCE HOLDEN • CHIll WILLS • ALSO • FBI to Search for Slayer By CUAUOf RAMSEY ALICE. Tex.. tUP) — The FBI tor Al {redo Cervantes, a Mexican who is the "unidentified" m«n police have sought since Ute son of *. south Texas political letder gM w*tf« were » fe tfM pit* ot im*^V wxwwate waW estates were undtr Ute control ol edging Farouk. who WM ousted July » by NifU&'s rnttl- Ury coup. Mid other uo»mbftr» of Iwnily. Chevrolet SIX-GIN VIOLENCE ROCKS THE PLAINS! SUN.-MON. ••the lowest-priced line in its field! Measure value by what you get for what you pay ,,. and it's easy to we why more people buy Chevrolet* thao any other car. For you get more with Chevrolet... fine quality features found in no other low-priced car. And yet you pay less ,,. for Chevrolet is the lowest- priced line in the low-price field. Today more and more people are looking {or greater value in evcry- thing they buy. Come ui and let us show you aU the reasons why-in automobiles-there's no value like Chevrolet value. (CoJiltAuafJaa *t A^^M^M^ A0t^nMA*4 a*&jJ ^1« **Mwnw«nmM ^r *IH*WIP ip^ V^jVH^VHr WKf VUI •on uom awr MM VIMIU THAU 7CH1VROLET c*il TM Sfemtet Pt lux. 2-Ooor Se YOUNG CHEVROLET CO. The RIOTOUS SEQUEL to "Cheaper By The Dozen"! WjPIWf fl«w ^^^^^R'^pMMEi' ~ unhappy atmosphere in her own home. She is a splendid worker and has always been capable of making l-.er own decisions, but now finds n necessary to make excuses to is the adolescent crush of Bar-! consult my huifbund on everything menl is an inspiring tribute to the woman. Mixed in judiciously the family's growing pains b«ri\ Bates for the muscle-bound football player and u tender between Jeffrey intern, and the and I both know they are excuses). She will lake any pretext Hunter, such as returning or borrowing a Jeanne 1 uook, to come to the house when The comedy is hilarious through- she knows I'm not home. My hus ' band is a friendly person, but he out the entire picture with the! doesn't like this situation at all. Coming and Going Cadet George Peck, Jr., l»ft yesterday via plane for Gainesville, Georgia, where ho will enter Riverside Military Academy. Hospital Notes most rib-tickling sequences includ ing a ncwsrecl showing the family's meal-time efficiency; the blowing up of Hoagy Carmichael's home brew with an atomic effect and a bath tub scene whero mischieviousness reigns over the ablutions. A 1923 Pierce Arrow automobile, the family carry-all, the Gilbreath dog, a dance fcalur ing the "shag" and the okt-fas- 'iloned "waltz" add to the goings- m of this lovable, unpredictable family. Branch Admitted: Hope. ' Mrs. Percy O'Steon, * RIALTO Boy: Mother, where do people come from? Mother: From dust. Boy: Where do they go when they dye? Mother: Back to dust Boy: Come look under the bed.) Somebody is either coming or going. — Alice Walker Submit jokes for this column and win passes to the Rialto. For every joke used, the person submitting it will be mailed 2 passes. Jokes must be limited to 50 words or less, and must be suitable for publication. Leave at theatre boxoffice or mail to: Manager, Rialto .Theatre. It is becoming apparent to some of our parishioners. He avoids her whenever possible, and has even spoken to her about these particular actions but to no avail. We ore getting desperate, and feel he may even have to resign. Would it do any good if I talked to her? Episcopalians May Give Vote to Women BOSTON ttf) —A proposal to Riv women a voice and vote in th legislalive body of Ihe Protestat Episcopal Church in the Unite Slates comes up for considerate today nl the church's 57th triennl General Convention. Tho issue involves seating women as lay delegates to Ihe convention's House of Deputies. If the resolution is adopted, It would be the first time since the General Convention was organized in IVItS) that women will have equal rights in the lop governing body of Ihe church. jwlll have a question which may | never he answered! What would have bfen tho ta Prohibif Stonding Vofes PUSAN, Kr>rcn IAV- "THE BIGGEST LITTLE STOR6 IN TOWN" A joint commission which studied MINISTER'S WIFE thl m:lUlM ' roeomnu-ndod the ad mission of women as delegates. Answer: Your dilemma is shared i by the wives of many professional - particularly doctors .and ministers. These men are in a TODAY & TOMORROW (••stirring MARY ANDERSON In case you have forgotten tho sll ' on whore they must show kindness and consideration for everyone; now and then a woman of slightly warped mind or moral decides that her doctor or minister is directing his attention lo her per sonally, and her alone. The buildup that follows, in her own mind, is easy to Imagine. In no lime at all she has fallen in love with her victim, and is certain he is in love with her. When this conviction has been deeply implanted, it is most resistant to change. They Give Up Eventually Ultimately, of course, these ladies tire of their unrequited affections, and as fast as the spell came over them, so fast does it KO. What to do to hasten the process is your particular problem. Your husband, her husband and yourself must all talk lo her; try to make her realize that all ef- Un- players of "Cheaper By The Dozen," they were Myrna Loy, Jean ne Crain, Barbara Bales, litlle Roddy McCaskill and others. In the new piclurc, Edward Arnold, Hoagy Carmichael, Debra Paget and Jeffery Hunter have been add ed to give it a top-notch cast. The piclurc is beautifully filmed in Technicolor. If tho Gilbreath was not a national institution after "Cheaper By The Dozen," it certainly will be now. "Belles On Their Toes" is the groat American picture with loads of entertainment for every one. You'll love it! GENE AUTRY "SILVER CANYOU" However, more than a score of delegates to the House of Deputies indicated by a show of hands yes- U rday that they wish to debate tho issue. One delegate who expressed op- postilion was the Hev. Albert J. DuBois of New York, executive secretary of the American Christian Union, representing the so- called "high church" faction. He said he believes some members of tho "low" faction evangelical also are opposed. He said he is not opposed to the "women's rights" issue on theolo- lUca! grounds "since men and wo- m'en were created equal, but be cause of practical considerations." The Hev. Mr. DuBois said. "Episcopal women a Iready have By JAMBS MAftLOW WASHINGTON (ft -- Jnmes Thvir- er once suggested In a story that Gen. Grant had hern plastered! hen Gen. t.ee called to surrender <><>»» l nttitudo tnwiml. and tho ef- rant might have surrendered In- iVcttvoness of. Acheson. his for- I,,,,,!. |«-i!in policy and the Stale Depart- This was In the grand tradition! mont if he had pursuoit hi* critics f writers who try lo imagine what | v.ilh n.irrknuckles Instead nf buff- light hove happened if things had inn them with polished restraint, cen different. It's a fertile field His eritcs, sumo of wluun arc not j •hleh, however, cnn't he can led | themselves dlstlnguislu'd for re- ack to the very beginning. j strain!, will always maintain, no If some one, for Instance, tried ; ( |,niht, that ho enuldn I defend any > story, called "If Adam Had Us- j tiun;( ho had his hnncl In. inred Eve Altogether." the results i • •- ••-• — ; ir • . ..- •. •..—•—-,-.; \nuld hardly have been worth! writing about. i But when the history of our day' s completed there will have been plenty of wondering on what might have happened if Secretary of state! Acheson had been more aggressive In handling tho critics of him ami his foreign policy. The Republicans, as Samuel I.u- bell says in his book, "The Future \ of American Politics," have been "howling. . . for Acheson's Km;- llsh mustache." From time to time, It is true, Acheson and his aides have attempted answers'lo Sen. Joseph 1!. McCarthy ''n'^d 1 other Republicans but, coffipiu'ed With the vigor of the attacks',it.he answers have been mild, indeed. Sometime* it has seemed ns if Aehoson, Who hns maintained almost a marble silence in his own personal'defense, thought that If lie paid no attention McCarthy anil the ethers might "go away. Instead, "of diminishing, the attacks on the State Department, on] Ache-son's 1 foreign policy and on Acheson himself have Increased until now they are one of Ihe main issues in the campaign. When Gen. Dwight D. Elsonhow- ei teed off on thai foreign policy a week ago, Acheson told a new; conference, In answer to a question, that he might consider mak- iny a reply In a speech to be give.i Assembly bill pvohlhlltnH constltiitlonnl fli IHK vrosldontlpl vcto»<<, A firming prcsltlrntlnl nt prime ministers. The nppnrent aim WftS President SynRmnn Tlh^e'ft pro|ionni for n cotittltutlotml men I pntprnvcrintt thn recnll assemblymen, Somtthlna New , , . Non HOSPITAL INS 48 year old company^ Qood In hospitals a M, S, BAT 8. Elm Street Phone ?< Unions in Britain in Wage Protest LONDON I/PI — Leaders of Bri- U'.in's three million shipbuilding and engineering workers voted last night to call for a ban on all overtime and piece work in the two vital industries in protest against employers' refusals to consider wage demands. If actually put into effect, the )an could cripple the nation's vial rearmament and export drives. In view of the threat to Britian's shaky economy, however, the gov eminent was expected to intervene with arbitration proposals. The question may be discussed at a meeting of the Cabinet today! The proposed ban was approved by the Executive Council of the •onfcdcratlon of Shipbuilding and Engineering Unions, a gorup of 38 unions involved in the manufac lure of ships, airplanes, automobiles, machine tools and other engineering products. The council described the ban as q protest against the flat rejection by employers of union demands for a general weekly wage increase of two pound ($5.60). This would have been an increase of about 20 per cent for the lowest scale workers. The council," however, can act only in an advisory capacity. Member unions now must poll their membership on whether the pro posed ban should be put into effect. The council meets again today to set a starting date for the ban, this week. The same day one of his assistants explained the .secretary wanted to be very careful not to net involved in politics). But Hie fact is the Republicans have been Involving him In politics for yenrs with their attacks. On the human side, ho must he Jiicroaslngly>-loiR>ly. If his name was mentlorjed once at the Demo- cm tic convention in way of praise. I don't remember it. And the Democrats in this campaign spend little time .defending him, al len.-sl by name. ; . ' In view of tin; nature nnd Intensity of'the attacks on him, the historians of the future will certainly wonder why ho hns boon reluctant to get down to a in ay pursual of your husband been so reckless that others arc n forts to win your husband's .,,. divided affection are absolutely futile. Pound home the fact that she is risking your husband's career, her own marriage, and her slanding in Ihe communily. It is Ihis lasl argument that bring the surest results. A u ul . who has long been established as a leader in local society cherishes her role so much that she will do anything lo keep it. If hur i nes . . — -*•««.-• o «ie tiware' of it. she will not long enjoy the esteem of her fellow citizens Why not discuss the mailer'with her husband first, since he is well aware of the silualion? Throe of you banded together should certainly be able to stop the depredations of a potential homcwrecker. Dear Miss Dix: Whenever my girl friettis and I fio swimming we meet plenty of nice boys One girl always wanders off with ti different boy while the rest of us stay together in a group. We feel we have more fun that way How can we keep the wanderer from going off on twosomes? We are Answer: You are right to disapprove of your girl friend's behavior. You may win her over lo group activities by (U showing her that you don't like her actions and if she continues them, the rest of you will stop go.'ng with her, (2i calling attention to the ample representation in the church, both in the National -Council and the- Women's Auxiliary. If Ihcy are allowed seals in the House of Depu ties, In time this legislative body will become a second women's organization. "Men arc too busy lo attend church affairs if they do not have to go," he added. Before debate on Ihe issue began! Ihe. women of the church presented' a check for nearly million dollars tor missions ut a big united thank offering service of holy communion at the Boston Garden. Tips on How to Use False Teeth ST.' LOUIS —Wi— Need some- tips on how to learn to eat with false teelh — even corn on the cob and apples? 'Dr. Arvin W. Mann, Ft. Lander dale, Fla., told the American Dental Association today the' process "mighl bu likened lo learning to drive a our or to cook." Here's Ihe procedure: Learn lo tolerate false teeth before trying to chew with them. Starl on sofl foods. Add coarse foods as soon as pres sure on gums can bn tolerated. As for apples and corn on the cob. Dr. Mann said, the denture wearer will bite In reverse of the way persons with natural teeth do. The food should not be pulled outward or the dentures will be dlS' lodged, he said. HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 6. Main A Country Club rd. :t,A8T DAY "JESSE JAMES" , f—'with — • TYRONE POWER • HENRY FONDA • R AN DOL P H SCOTT "• —^- PLUS "CLIMBING THE MATTERHORN" And they're great favorites with wise Mom?, too! Those Jack pro-walkers are made of fine, supple leathers, kitten's ear. . . specially designed to oive both comfortable freedom and gentle support,,, and cure* fully constructed with all Ihe precision craftsmanship you've, come lo expect from Ing-Jocks. White, $3.50 RfCOMMlNDID fHi-WAlKCHS .. , DY THt MAKERS OF JUMhNO FOSTER' FAMILY SHOE STORE "Where Good Shoct •« Fitted Correctly" 101 E. 2nd St. CorbinFoiter Phone 7-67C if it is approved. If carried out, Ihe ban could result in a slash of up to one-third ^ in the output of the nation's flour- me "t of the boys who Brotton In Easy Win at Detroit with you. That they are superior, DETROIT (A 1 ) — As was expe'ct- I can-take for granted. jcd. Johnny Bratton, a leading wtl- terweight contender from Chicago, SUN. - MON. - TUIS. ishing engineering and shipbuild ing industries. >The resulting drop in exports could drive millions of other Britons out of work. Dear Miss Dix: Not long ago I'didn't have much difficulty win ••* a girl to whom I have become i ning a 10-round decision over old Top Radio Programs NEW YORK OB — Listening tonight: NBC — 7 Hit Parade; 7:30 Bob and Ray; 8 Mario Lanza sings. CBS — 7 Musicland USA: 8 Big Time and Gcorgie Price; 8:30 Steven Allen Show. , ABC — 7 Top Guy Drama; 7:30 This Is FBI, Message from J. Ed gar Hoover; 8 Newsstand Theater. MBS — 7 Symphonic Strings; 7:30 Gracie Fields Show; 8:05 Magazine Theater "Young Man Adam." greatly attached. In trying to! man Ralnh Zannelli at Olympic make her like me. I'm afraid I j Stadium Wednesday night. E»ch rather messed things up. I wrote ! weighed 130. her saying I wouldn't see her a-i The decision was unanimous. gain. I did this to see U she liked ', Referee Tom Briscoe and Judge me better than the other fellows, j Herman Splnelli each scored it 27 Instead, it made her fightin' mad. 23 and referee Al Goodman scored I apologized, but still she isn't the 1 it 62-38 for Bratton. way she was before. i B. R. M.! Answer: When will super imelli-; gent males realize that the devious ! method is not the way to a girl's itf?.is«I i^mMM l,vfiii Hurricane May Be Forming heart? Young ladies like to be I MIAMI, Fla. W-Weather Bureau treated with consideration, not : forecagterl( tested for loyalty. J'm a l«id lon . wss>i he damage is done; u you're, report ed developing in the Atlantic - £?& , ';'-•. \ a sharp eye today low pressure area lucky, slu- may accept your apolo-1 ccTaTa^muls east of Daytona gies one of these days, but don't i Beach. •We are keepint an eye on it count on it. 9. 30 Released by The B.ell Syndicate, tap. - 10:30 U« ' although it doesn't look like much,' said meteorologist Allen Marshall- ire pleuty of coaitwlw «* W'

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