Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 12, 1952 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, September 12, 1952
Page 5
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" i ' in f * ' • v ' <*«. H *>* it A i * HM*. 4IM A M * A i Ion ml to «ont com fen* iimtmbty of IB* '«• m*» Opposition to Franco Shows Signs of Life By M. tOWAHO lif« I* rtW»n* *«tj» <* n|**« lifter * j>t»tr«ctttd p* rlod or »lt»mb*r. A lending flgur* »«&•£• *•»• — the InifMor eoownMtftf QitEN TO IGSKIN PREVIEW TO - NIGHT 7:45-9 P.M. KXAR imiUftf ••Id today thai ihn or«*nl*»tfon U now working wnd«r « new min d*t«, Hi Him in tarty r«*U>r-tl0fl of ProUnder on Juno. PoTffffn ch«nocl)«rle«'ln MsdMd will tharUy be ndtlflttt In detail by tho committee of th* de.iilotii r««ch«d by thl» uroup In «n elfofl to effect th» Kcnerilliilmo'* ouit- *> ;'•" ' ' The Informant naltl that '"within a watk or 10 _sy»" «»ch of the feimbftiift* *nd lec»tlon< In Madrid wm MrtfHV* ettjrten of * tomrminl cation now b*ln* drafted "with tWS full con mint nnd nuthorlzntlon of Don Juan." The C. I. C. upokcimnn made It plain that the commille- feel* It I* The Negro Community Or hfWI Ittffjl to Mlo fvrftlr •t HIM* f>IM*ril Hem* Incomplete. Mrs. Nora Coftway, aged 67 died at licr home In Hot Springs Scptcm her 8, Funeral arrangements are Incomplete. Mr. Sum Cross, aged 02, died at hi* home In Proncolt, September 7. Funeral arrangements are Incom plcte. The Hopewell PTA will meet Tuesday, Sept. 23, all parent* are to be pre««nt. Intervi$$il4ith local personalities, rcoaches and players. pLong distance interviews with f poaches all over S, W. Arkansas. •Football Music. Be sure to listen for this Unusual Program now or never. The hope* that aggrnvnted Internal condition* phii the current utolc- mnt« bolwoon Franco .and the United Stntc* In the nagotutlon* for M bllntorol military pact may bring 'foreign bucking for n new restoration proposal, Tho Cnudlllo'n supporters and oven B large proportion* of the neutral obnervrrs In Mndrld, how over, believe that Franco's poll- on apparently ho» never been trontler than nt thin moment. Tho Prnncoltea nnd many for i«n iludcnu of tho Spanish »lluo- Ion tool that recent bumper ropn have on nod the Internal sit *tkm to « point whsra domenllc nrcdt l» no longer a throat, tla toning hn» disappeared and food, hough nomowhnt hither In price, i now plentiful. Internationally, they ore con- Ineed Franco ovontyaily will be nble to obtain oxtunifiva economic nnd.military aid from tho U. S. n return for novoj and »lr tauae conceanlon*. The C. I. C. fo«-lf that If the Wo»t«rn power*, pnrjlcularly tho }. S., wore convince^ th'at Juan could command wide popular support in Spain, thoy would tako topa to npply nn economic squeeze nod force Franco'*?*ronlgnation. Fho G. !. C. »p0kenm|in said the lorthcomlnK communication to the ohtmeellorlo* will contain ample pro ofof a powerful/pon Juan fol lowing. *!' It wn« learned thnt the opposition group, of which Gen. Antonio Arflndn of Civil War fains is pros Idcnt, recently »cnt\» lotlor to thfi pretender, now in voluntary nx ||<< At Eslorll, Portugal, urgently RUKKOvtlng that D«n Juan tako Immodlato positive notion to recover the throne. 'f An estimated 80 per cent 01 tha people would, however, vigorously support a liberal, slightly Icftof- ccntor monarchy, the C. I. C. lot tor said, The Informant snld that Don Junn KUVU his unqualified endorsement of the C. 1. C. portion and authorized the opposition coalition to take nny step* It might deoiw expedient to achieve reitorntlon Circle No, 4 met at the home ot Mri. Jim Pa»kcr on Monday, September 6 with aeven members prencnt. Bible dlacuaalon was enjoyed by all, visitors wore Mrs. Willis Wells of Hope and Mrs. Ethel M, Harris of Berkeley, Calif, Ifornla. Refreshments were served. Mrs. Phoebia S. Jackson died ni her home In Hope September 7. Funeral arrangements arc incom plcle. Furioral services for Mrs. Bertie Toilette of Kansas City, Me were held Tuc&day, Sept. 9, at the Methodist Church with Hicks Funeral Home In charge. Mrs. Minnie Reed has returned home after upending the tiumrnor In Loa Angeles, Calif., with her ROD, Edward Bradford and family. Mrs. Mrs. Reed visited Mr. and Stacy Bcnton and Mr. and Mri. Charles French nnd daughter, Nancy Carol In San Diego, Calif, he was also Joined In a trip with the Bcnton's to Tijuana, Mexico. Funeral services for Gene Smith will be held Thursday, Sept. 11, at the Church of God in Prescott, Burial will be in Sweet Home Cemetery at 11 a.m. Funeral services for Minnie R Herbert were held Tuesday, Sept 0, <it the Mascedonla Cemetery at 2 p.m. with Hicks Funera Home In charge. Mrs. Helton Flcnory will open klndcr-gnrton as noon as she returns, trom Detroit, Mich. Frank Plenary hat been colled to the bedside of hi* brother. Will Flenory who is 111 in Searcy, Ark. Deaths: Washington Brown, used 02 died nt his home In Lowlsvlllc Septem There will be a Softball gain played nt the City Pork Friday nlKtit, Sept. 12. Parents va the tea chers. Mrs. E. M. Nelson hurling southpaw will be on the moum for the teachers and Mrs. Gcorgi Watson right handed pitcher wi be on the mound for the parents Time B p.m., Admission, 25 nnd 1 cents. All participants arc askc to please meet at the park Wud ric.sdny, Sept. 10 at 5:30 p.m. Mr. nnd Mrs. Fezell Montgorr cry nnd children of Bakersfield Ciilif., are the guests of Mrs. Jc. ber ft. Funeral urrnngementa are seplilne Johnson and the Fric on l«m)ly In Patmos. Chester L. Bowls the son of Mr nd Mrs. Charlie Bowls of Mc- lab returned last week from Los Angeles, Calif., where he spent he summer with his sister, Mrs, ohn Pero. He has now enrolled t AMieN College where he is n member of the Junior class. Cheek Artist Placed on FBI Wonted List Mr. and Mr*, C. W. Hicks and daughter, Marion and Dr. and Mrs. J. L. Swift have returned lomc after spending three weeks visiting relatives and friends In Berkeley and Los Angeles, Calif. Stewardess Board No. 1 will meet Friday, Sept. 12, at the home of Mrs. Minnie Douglas at 5 p.m. Mrs. Christine Walker of Los Angeles, Calif., Is visiting her par cnts, Mr. and Mrs.. Frank Johnson. Mrs. Odessa Stuart has return ed to her home in Richmond, Cal Ifornla accompanying her was her mother, Mrs. Ella Shaw. WASHINGTON UB — Th* FBI today put Theodore Richard Byrd Jr., wanted for passing fraudulent checks throughout the Midwest and Southwest, on its list of 10 most wanted fugitives. The FBI saM Byrd, 28, with a criminal record dating back to 1944, has obtained more than $40,< 000 through large-scale check pass Ing. Byrd frequently poses as an oil operator, lawyer, doctor, or print ing concern operator, the FBI said. Byrd is described as suspected of being a narcotic addict. He is a tall, slender, glib-talking person who is wanted in Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona. The FBI gave this description of Byrd, a native of Oklahoma City: six feet tall, weighs 170 pounds; dork brown wavy hair; blue eyes; Politic* Hot in Louisiana BATON ROUGE, La. <#> — Louisiana's political storm swirled with new Intensity today with the disclosure that some Democratic leaders arc considering whether to help Republicans swing this state^f to Dwight D. Eisenhower. Several officials said the Democratic State Central Committee is being sounded out on a proposal to make technical changes in the b&llot form to make it easier for Democrats to vote for the GOP presidential nominee. The leaders asked not to be Identified. They gave no hint about how party leaders would receive the proposal. . Mrs. Myrtlenc McCall of Chi cogo. 111., is visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Rutherford. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bradford of Grammerlin, La., spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Douglas. Angeles, is visiting friends and relatives. Mr. and Mrs .Roy Cox of San Diego, Calif., have returned to their home after spending a few days visiting Mr. Cox's mother, Mrs. Linnle Cox. Mrs. Margaret Ragland has returned to her home after a brief visit with her daughter, Miss Leona Ragland. William C. Nelson of Kansas City, Mo., spent the week end visit ing his sister, Mrs. Mattie Sand- Claudia Walker of Kansas City, Mo., is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Walker. Mrs. Resa B. McCollum of Los Mrs. Mary Mitchell and son, Arthor Douglas have returned to their home in St. Louis, Mo., after a brief visit with Mrs. Mil chell's mother, Mrs. Mattie Sanders. Honest Negro Thief Pays Off NEW YORK (IP) — An "honest thief" paid off yesterday. Last July a young Negro held up a 42nd Street candy store, took $30 from the saleslady, her name and address, and promised to return the money in 30 days. , "This is the first time I ever did anything like this, but I need the money bad," he said. A letter came to the saleslady, Mrs. Bertha Romano, yesterday. There was $30 and a note, signed "Your friend." "Sorry I couldn't return it sooner," the note said. C. A. Cooper spent Sunday In Idabel, Okla., and friends. visiting relatives medium complexion. Byrd has been such crimes of charged with violence as ( attempted rape and aggravated assault and batlery, the FBI said. "At this stage of his criminal career, Byrd is reportedly armed and should be considered danger ous," the announcement added. & %y?\ S 3fo''' Moore Bros. Scrying You Since 1896 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•ttflHMMMMII^^HMHH |RESSED FRYERS Ib. STRESSED HENS Ib. ; J > . • • . IF pr WHOLE HAMS Ib. r>.. *-ir.v,« *i*u; „ -i ' . SLICED BACON Ib. |i QRY SALT MEAT Ib. PURE LARD SUGAR 10 Ibs. Snowdrift Shortening DRESSING %T OXYDOL-CHEER Colored OLEO 2 Ibs. or CRUSTENE KtstTUNA 2 cans 2 cons Jjookwhat THE OLD WAY—Bulging hood hides the road ahead and you can see only the left fender. 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JtSMLX #£W CAR LUCK 700 MOTOR CO [Daily Scrapbag By HAL BOYLE ;W YORK M — What do you flo with your old New Year's res- lolutions? For years I used to write mine i down the yrst of each January— I and manage conveniently to lose [them by the first of February. The natural result was: Out of fight, out of mind. This spring, however, while cleaning out my dresser drawers I found a wrinkled, yellowing sheet paper. It was my New Year's •Resolutions for 1940, and the last paragraph read: ". . . And I promise to get my j stripped weight clown to 170 pounds j and bo more obedient lo rny wife." Frances, reading over my shoulder, said comfortingly: "Well, Rover, you and Joe Stalin certainly keep your promises, don't you?" I weighed on a drug store scales tiat day and got back-a card that Hope Star WKATHtft FOMOAtt Avkanans: Cleir to partly ell. this afternoon, tonight and Sat day; not much etnUtg. in tcrnp ature. femperaturea HlRh 05 Low 64 53D YEAR: VOL. 53 — NO. 284 Star of Mor>» II**. Pr«M 1M7 ConiolldaUd Jan. II, 1*2* HOPE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 1952 Thi Attocl«t*4 Fran * Audit luMW }J ClrcutethMU A». Ntl P«M Clrtl. I Mai. Indlni M««t» »». '»»» — M«» PRICE Se "20G' ! . Allowing about six pounds for clothes, I was an over- plump 300—30 pounds higher than my target of 12 years ago. . Well, I decided right then to do something about it. And — a sthc sports writers say — the rest is history. A stringent diet oC things like poached eggs, ground beef, and salads made of several varieties of wide-bladed grass has put me right back to where wanted to be in 1940. The same drugstore scales today told me I had hit the 170-pound level and added: "You have a judicial mind." I admire that little old weighing machine. Sometimes it is pounds foolish, but it is a! ways penny-wise. H never says an unkind thing to anybody. One day I put a cent into it and it failec to work. I shook it' nngrily anc slapped it in its glass face, anc out tumbled a card that said: "You always keep your emotions under control and get full value for every cent you spend." How do you like that for a ma chine turning its other cheek' Why can't we all be as kind a weighing machines? Many fatties wonder what liCi would be like if they shed thei excess blubber. Here are a fev results in my case: 1. People used to be able to io ' low me around the office by th trail of buttons that popped off m straining vest. Today I have t tuke two long steps before m slackened coat begins to move. 2. My wile formerly upbraide me: "Every husband on this floo carries out the garbage to the ir cincrator but you." And I repliec Hope, Stamps Lift Lid Tonight on Grid Season The lid of the. 1952 football sea son will be kicked off here tonight j at 8 o'clock with .the Hope Bobcats opening the season agninst a high ly regarded Yellowjacket tealn rom Stamps. Hope is supposed to win if for o other reason than the fact that tamps is in a lower division than lope. But fnns will recall the sit uation was the same last season and at the end of the contest the ocals were thankful to settle for Their Boys Get First Test Tonight a 19-7 tally. The locals go into the contest sporting an 8-pound weight advantage. Stamps weighs in 157 jounds per man to 1G5 for Hope. The visiting line will tip the scales it 161, compared to Ihe Bobcals' 16(! while the Hope backs average 161. the Stamps runneus average 149. Coach Joe Ensmingcr's charges nave shown a lot of hustle and spirit in practice, a factor that could make up for needed experience. Starling for the Bobcats tonight will be Jim Yocom at left end; Ellis Rothwcll at left tackle; Jack Jones at left guard; John Keck at center; Tommy Doyle, right guard; Johnny Tabor at right tackle and Bobby Bruce at right end. Tom Ed Hayes will call the plays at the quarterback spot; Clyde Arnold will slarl at fullback and Raymond Churchwell and Ken rieth Stone fill in the halfback spols. The starting Stamps ends are Eddie Russell and Bobby Ormand; lacklcs, Terrell Fuller and J. C. Burke; Guards, David Harrison and Millon Allum, center, Billy Russell; Travis Burke at quarterback; J. D. Ormand at fullback and Halfbacks, Oscar Paul Roper and Kenneth Cullins. Station KXAR will carry all Tafl Gives Full Suppoi to Eisenhower in Majo Move for GOP Harmon - *m t f Solit Session youths Admit to Senator Says No Problem, Council Told Sunderman Martin Ensmingcr Shipley Sluclio Photos Workinci twice dally for the past few weeks the Bobcat Coachlna Staff, (left to right) Head Coach Joe Ensmingcr, Chief Assistant Lawrence Martin and Assistant H.jrolcl Sunderman, is waiting expectantly for tonight's contest to see how their squad is going to do under fire. The Bobcats meet stamps in Mammons Stadium at 8 o'clock. "I'm too tired. Take it out yourself — it's yours. I don't leave anything' on my plate." Now I don't ' rnind carrying out the garbage at all. There isn't much anyway, as Frances went on a diet, too. 3. I used to huff and puff climbing the steps of a bus. But the other night I lasted half way through a waltz. 4. I used to waddle when I walked like a ship in a rising sea Now I slither along like a lean tiger —if you don't count its two front feet. 5. Chairs feel harder. With your padding gone, you can't sit still so long. So you get up and get your work done quicker. 6. A piece of buttered bread, a blob of mashed potatoes, are as beautiful as a sunset. When I sneak a dish of ice cream now, I feel more devilish than I did in college when I kept a sorority girl out after midnight. But the best thing about dieting is it helps baldness. When you lose v/eight you shrink all over, including your scalp. Thus your bald spot looks smaller. Nobody else may notice it, but you do. My ambition now is to drop from 170 pounds to about 150 pounds. I figure at that weight my scalp will have shrunk so much I'll look like I'm wearing a coonskin cap. That's my real goal. football games this fall, according to L. B. Toolye, manager, Special crews will travel with the team on out of town games and homo games will also be bro'ad- ca'st for those unable to attend. The kickoff is set for 8 o'clock. The High School band, under the direction of Thomas Cannon, will perform at halftime. l UN Artillery Slows Red Assaults By ROBERT UD1CK SEOUL, Korea, (UP) — An American Subrejet shot clown to clay the 40()tli Communist MIG-lf jot fighter destroyed by tho Stl Air Force in the Korean war. Two olhor Russian-built MKls were damaged in the dogfight near the Yalu river Manchurian border. On the ground, United Nations artillery and planes discouraged rny further Red attacks against shell-wracked Capitol Hill on the Central front, but defending South Korean troops were ready for any Chinese suicide units which might break through the curtain of nel. In another central front sector, a South Korean rescue force rammed through a circle of Chi- rest;' to f rr>i> nnothnr South Korean 'plan calls for"gov.!'""«*. ki ' Hll « 35 Hcds,'woundlna 72 Dollars Short, Churchill to Ask U. S. Aid By JOHN A. SCALIN WASHINGTON I/Pi—A new lar crisis" conference between Britain and the United Stales appears to be shaping up for early next spring. Prime Minister Churchill himself may fly to the United Stales then to talk with the next American president about Britain's ideas for new moves to strengthen tho Wcsl- ern world's finances. Nolhing definite about the dates for any such high-level meeting has been decided upon. But American and British financial and trade experts are already busy behind the scenes exploring possible proposals Rail Express Would Cut Service LITTLE HOCK --I/TI— Missouri Pacific Kailrond will present II wilnossrs today in tho stalo Publl Service Commission hearing Railway Kxpress ruquos to discontinue service, to 35 Arka sas coinmunilies. An express company official tes tilled yesterday that Mol'iic's nt LITTLE ROCK Ml — A split ses ion of tho Gonornl Assembly ould bo brought about merely 1>> joint or ioncurrent resolution o .loth legislative houses. The rcsenrch staff of tho 'ArUnt ns Legislative Council ycstercln, old tho council thnt there Is n constitutional prohibition ngnins wo 30-dny sossiotis of the iissen jiy. Council researchers nlso: 1. Recommended thnt tho Arlcni bus Constitution bo amended to 11 Uiori/i: the legislature to clnssl property for taxation purposes. 2. .Proposed two bills to rcpen •ill obsolete or conflicting luws ( the ArkniiKus statute books. 3. Proposed the transfer of post- iiiidit functions of tho state comptroller's office to the Legislative Council. A split loKlslntive session to r« Youths Admit to Theft of Auto, Stamp Machine Two youths cnught In an attempt i break into n soft drink machine l Walter's Qnragu curly yestev uy morning have iulmlltc.1 to uto theft nnd (tlcnllng n stnmp uiiehlnc, Chief of Police Clnrence Inker nnnounccd. They were nrrcstnd by Unppy Hmn, city officer, while on rim Ino patrol. Officers snld tho pni uimitted to. stcnllng tho stumi Machine, owned by Hlnton Dnvls it Stnrkey's Station on WoHt Thlvc nnd to tho theft of nn auto n Kl Contro, Calif. They were listed ns .Tumos Lo roy Long, IB, of Dos Molnes, low nnd Wesley Roy lltghlowcr, form erly of Pnrkln, Ark. They arc be Ing held for further Texas Flood Waters Recede But Five Die Ed I. Rephan Rewards Long Time Employes Ed I. Rephan, owner of Rcphans Department Stores, entertained managers and their families September 7 with a banquet at Hotel Como in Hot Springs. Mr. Rephan started in business in Hope 35 years ago and currently is operating seven stores in Southwesl Arkansas. The owner expressed his gratitude to his long time employes and presented gifts to the men and their wives. Store. Managers who received gifts include; B. F. Benton, bookkeeper for the organization for 28 years, Allen Gee Sr., manager of Ihe Prescott Store, 27 years; Horace Urrey, formerly of Hope and manager of the DeQueen store 25 years; Oscar Greenberg, 18 years, current manager of the Men's Store in Hot Springs and former manager of the Hope store for many years; Leonard Hill, Mena manager with 12,years, Fred Robertson, manager of the Hope store with ten years and Morris McCroskey, manager of the Hot Springs store, with seven years ernmcnt agencies lo draft a comprehensive report summing up the West's economic problems. This is to be laid on Ihe desk of Ihe. new president after he assumes office Jan. 20 along with alternative proposals for United States action to meet the situation. Officials here believe it likoly that Churchill will want lo discuss those problems personally with the next president. If he doesn't come himself, it is believed virtually cer lain he will send Foreign Minisler Anlhony Eden and Britain's chan ccllor of the exchequer, R. A. Butler, to talk with the nexl American secretaries of stalcandlreasury. President Truman, questioned about this at his news conference yesterday, said any such discussior would necessarily be with the new adrninistralion and lhal he knew nothing aboul it. The backstage study now on in American government agon cics seems to stern from a grow ing belief thai America's allies may have to halt their rearma merit drive unless new financia props are found for their shak; economies. Britain and France already have cut back their rearmament sched ules and American defense expert fear any further cuts in arms ex- By LLOYD LARRABEE NEW BRAUNFELS, Tex., (UP) — A half dozen angry streams slow ly receded today after churning flood waters spilled over their banks and killed five persons and did "millions" of dollars of damage in central Texas. Only four days ago the same area was parching under a multimillion dollar drought that destroyed thousands of acres of Texas croplands. Boiling Cibola creek and the Guadalupe. Blanco, Comal, San Marcos and Pedernales rivers dropped after reaching record-breaking crests and flooding some 74,000 acres. Rain, which pelted a wide area of Texas from the Gulf Coast to 225 inland to the northwest, and was unofficially measured in the central Texas area at 22.9 inches, stopped early today. of service. capturing four. The South Koreans estimated penditures may seriously hurt the West's master plan for defense against communism. What new steps can be adopted to bolster Western finances is not yet certain. Congress appropriated a total of $6,447,730,750 for military Continued on Page Two icarly 300 Chinese had encircled he trapped unil. The Reds wore noving in from the cast and west vhen the rescue force struck from behind. The after a four-hour battle during which they were pounded by U. N. artillery. Today's air battle between 24 Sabres and 29 MIGs marred trie !irst time the Red airmen have ventured south of the Manchurian border since they lost 28 planes in the first nine days of this month Fifth Air Force claims against the, MlG-lo jets now total 4oU destroyed, 68 probably destroyed and 5U8 damaged. Allied artillery protecting South Koreans on ffiapitol Hill dispersed several groups of Chinese before they could attack. Ono tolalling UOU men abandoned its dead in ils haste to return to Chinese lines. The South Koreans sent out a small patrol lo scout for more Reds. II found more than 200 Chi nc.se lurking in the area, but they withdrew without fighting. Enemy companies then ap proached Capitol Hill on both flanks, slipping through in a brief period of darkness. They fired machine guas and called in mortar fire on South Korean positions. But within minutes an Allied plane dropped flares over the area and the Communists fled. Artillery followed the units north until they were out of sight. An Allied olli cer reported "Chinese bodies ail over tho valley." tificalion lhal il would no longer carry express shipments by truck or freight train lo mm-passcngcr train points made it impossible to give express service to the 1 Arkansas points. N. H. Johnson of St. Louis, general manage*] 1 of the; Mississippi Valley Division, said his company had mi alternative bill request PSC authority to drop the service. Railway attorneys said olliei means o! transportation were avail abk* U> the express company. Railway Express Agency was or ganixcd in 1029 by a group of railroads, including Missouri Pacific, 1 to handle express. The agreement said express would be carried on "passenger, mail or express" trains of Ihe participating railroads. Missouri-Pacific has continued lo handle express to points where passenger service was discontinued by its transport company trucks and freight trains. PSC Commissioner Howard Glad don said yesterday that the outcome of the Arkansas hearing may serve as a prccedeit in other states. Railway Express wants to place the traditional 60-cluy continuous session long has IH'LMI a pc'l project of some legislators. They contend that one "session does not allow enough time for dcliveraticm of bills. The research report snld that drop more than 200 points In seven states served by Missouri Pacific Accused Slayer Is Captured FT. SMITH WI — An escaped convict wanted in connection with the death of two Michigan men again is behind bars here. Franklin County Sheriff Robert Pritcharcl arrested _l-yeur-old Har old Maurice Hummel Jr., at near by O-urk yesterday when the Mich i«an convict stopped in a service blation to buy gasoline. while the Constitution provides Unit the biennial session shall not ex- cued 00 days, It docs not sny that tho 60 days must be continuous, . Legislators also could limit time for the introduction of bills, anc dbcloi'o that tho last 30 dayii o Ihe session bo used only for con sidcralion and passage of bills said the report. Imposition of different tax rates on different types of property 1 the aim of the proposed constltu lionul amendment. At present, this is prohibited by the Constitution, which requires that all types of property within any school or governmental unit be at tho same rate of so many mills on each dollar of assessed valuation. The research staff, in its voluminous report, summarized a study ot Arkansas assessment problems. Slrcnglhcnlrjg of present laws to enforce assessing of property now escaping the property tax also was urged. The researchers suggested tliut the legislature consider toe pofcsibillty of having property assessed at Ittfelull value rullier than Slack Ousted as Chief of Tax Division WASHINGTON — (/)•»—Attorney Gc'tiornl McGrtmory today relieved •nils N. Slunk nn luiiicl of tho Justice Depiirtrnent's tux division incl replaced him with Charles S. .,yon, who ha.s been chief counsel )t the House committee Investlgat ing lax Hcundals, He announced Hint Slack will ro turn to his former post us chief of the appullatu section oC the tax division. Slack hns boon acting chlut of the tax division slncu Npvornbpr NU 1030, whttii President Trumun flrccf T. La mar Cuutllo for "outside ac tivlty." Slack hns been under flro of a congressional committee recently in connection with a St. Louis grand jury's investigation lust year of the handling of tnx c'nscs in that area, There Is No Qualification By JAMES DEVLIN NEW YORK (/D Son. Il< Tuft got Into tho campaign oday with don. Dwight D, lower, and called on AmoHcftri to support tho Jtbpublloan. 'fit dontlnl nominee, Tho senator, who lost tl nation to Eisenhower in a —,,. fought GOP convention, docifl the general had his wholeheaft backing with "no qualification^ all." "I urse all Americans, anfl tlculm-ly thosirwho have conildort$ in my judgment and principles, vote for Elsenhower," Tatt sttjc U was tho first fulldross hj mony session butween the s 't>w since the convention, and had m£ heralded as a major movo in ) "" inn any rifts in GOP ranks. After breakfasting together, ,Tn nnd tho general emerged, in- $t| Ing congeniality, and the aondt Inlor declared they were In I stantiul accord on all issues., "Completely natisflod," was j ,' way Taft put It. ' ' "There nro no differences!',; a percentage of value with a cor- lesponding reduction in millugo rules, SIGN PACT HAVANA, Cuba Spain and Cuba sinned a new economic agrec;- rr.ent today. Government officials said it marked the beginning of a more important economic relation between Cuba and Spain. Nixon to Talk at Fort Smith FT. SMITH W — Sen. Richard Nixon, the Republican vlcu presi c'cntial nominee, is expected to speuK here in late SupicniDur or early October. L. E. Thomas, Sebastian County GOP campaign director, said yesterday he had been Informed by Jeff Speck, the party's guberna torial nominee, that Nixon had scheduled an address here. Army to Call 47,000 Men in November WASHINGTON, (UP) — Tho Do fensu Department today asked for 47,000 draftees in November for tho Army. The other ucrvlccs do not Intone to call for draftees In November, the Defense; Department said, Tho Novcnibur cull for 47,000 men WUH the name sl-e an the October cull. This month, 30,000 arc being inducted. i A total of 1,207,450 men have- boon drafted since October, 1050. The Army has taken 1,020,000 of these and the Marino Corps rt* ceivud 81,450. Tho Marines have taken no drat tees since last May. Local Man Hurt in Shreveport Wreck Gordon Irvln, son of Mrs. W. N. Stark of Hope, was injured in a car wreck Sunday night in Shreveport, He is in serious condition In the Veteran's Hospital at Shro- veport. twacn us that will make anyf argument against HopublloaiV,TlX ity," Talt told ft news unco. A reporter asked: "You going to do your utmost, no qui fication there, is thnt It?/' JE Said Taft, "No qua%c»ti( all, no. I moan u attor ft' " " krt&wji implication is to do everything making speeches in any waj will help the campaign, 1 as I said in Chicago, evcip possible in the campaign to his election. 1 : "; Democrats have Boon oil that a split betwoon pro<<Ta guards" and Elsenhower's! lion backers had confused'^ organized Republicans, ly on foreign policy. But Taft said: "I cannot;, agree with all of Gen. Ellj or's views on foreign poile. our dlKercnces ore merely? greo." ' Ho said the "degree" co the mutter of spending, But Tuft insisted, the twtj tho same views on lundn and agreed that the pri; lodoy was "liberty ven ing boelolizution In every,! Ho said he and Elsenhawfl are ready "to reduce drs government expenditures"! tho federal' budget from billion next year, and dovi billion in OSS. / Tuft said they also 0| "basic principles" pf- Hartley law should r *' Taft's whole tone ness to work with tl •P«**^«WB*(H*P(^WW MORE QA9UAU WASHINGTON I Department today moro the total, two ed, one WBE : . Members of the 1952 Bobcat Football Squad Which Opens Grid Season With Stamps Here rcw /I* W i-jfht): W i-jfht): . 4« Julu, fill_4fi»try, ftwiw OrlMft.ttH B'ttftfj Tfl

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