Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on October 28, 1928 · Page 57
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 57

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 28, 1928
Page 57
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-SUNDAY afelanu CrHiune OCTOBER 28, 1928- A decrease at 4.1 per cent 1b shown. This la because the time period In 1928 was 8.8 per cent less than that of 1927. tip to September tO the 1928 shipments averaged 4 per eent more than those (or 192T. I August of this year. BANK CLEARINGS. The value of . checks passed through the Oakland clearing house during September was, 6 per cent higher than the same month last year and 1.8 per cent higher than ESTABLISHED 1889 STATE SUPERVISED CTkis Real Estate Loan is EASY to pai Every owner or prospective owner of a home of income property owes it to himself to investigate the 5-6-7 Loan Plan. Its exceptionally easy repayment terms are but one of its outstanding features. Here are its other advantages that appeal to every alert property owner: 1. A 6 note. 2. No renewals necessary. 3. Quick service, no complica tions. 4. Large sums available for im mediate advances. 6. Terms from 6 to 15 years. The 5-6-7 Loan Plan was originated and is offered exclusively by Pacific States Savings. Do not hesitate to call at our office. Our loan officials will give you courteous and helpful counsel in solving your financing problem. Whether you plan to buy, build or re-finance you should investigate the 5-6-7 Loan Plan. Resources Now Over 22 Million Dollars PACIFIC STATES SAVINGS AND LOAN COMPANY . 745 MARKET STREET Opposite Grant Avenue Send for this Booklet ImJL Realty Deals For Week Reported By Realty Firms Tucker -McElhlnney Company report tne eaie or trie property ad- Joining the Gra.ml-Lake. theater on Grand avenue to Dr. R. C- Ander son. The sale price reported was $65,000v They also report the sale of 210 feet of f rentage on Lakeshore boulevard between Wayne and Hanover. This property was sold for the account of R. C. Anderson. The price was $100,000. Also the sale or tne corner or Sunnyalope and Grand avenue for the account of E. C. Hughes to Joe Goldsmith, which deal involve a new building to be erect ed for a Plggly-Wiggly store. The southeast corner of Fair banks and Walker for the account of Hugh Scanlon. The price for this property was $25,000. Many smaller sales in business proDertv and several home In Piedmont and Lakeshore highlands were among the sales actually com pleted during this last 30 days, ine firm states that there Is every indication of Increased activity in the real estate business. Fred T. Wood Company reports, through its sales manager, Zura E. Bells, the consummation of 166 real estate deals during the past three months, Including four exchanges of apartment houses, country land and downtown property leases. Bells states: 'Of the 111,000 automobiles entering California during the past four rhonths, a large percentage have reached Oakland and we are gratified with the sale made to people from other states. Inolud-ed In this business was the exchange of the Hotel Harrison lease for a Berkeley apartment house at a total consideration of $06,000. We exchanged another Berkeley apartment house for a San Joaquin valley ranch at a total consideration of $60,000. We effected two oil station leases on close-In vacant lots, total volume $86,000, We sold 66 homes during this period as follow: "Exchange of two homes on Trestle Glen and Carlton, $66,000; also homes on Claremont avenue, $17,000: Rosomount road, $9600; Ca-vanaugh road, $0600; Cedar strt, Berkeley, $12,600: Oakland avenue for Charles Bardwsll, $16,000; Twenty-eighth avenue, $12,600: San Rafael street, San Leandro, $12,000 Moreland oad. $6000; Moreland drive. Gibbons drive. $10,000 drive, no.ooo: Harvard Arl nston. 17500: J9500: One Hundred and Sixth avr- nut, $4260; One Hundred and Sixth avenue. (4600: One Hundred and Eighth avenue, $6470; Gibbons drive, $14,000; Mandana boulevard, $9000; Vermont street, $6260; Ard-more, $7600: Hagar avenue, Piedmont. $13,000; Hillglrt circle for Charles Bardwell, $18,000: Cnlmnr avenue, $16,000; Ardmore. $7000; Wlldwood avenue. $7000; Clover drive, $7850: Mendocino avenue, Berkeley, $16,000; LongridRe road, $22,000; Cavsnaugh road, $8600; Hi-cardo avenue, $9000; Lakeshore boulevard, $9500; Walnut avenue, $7500; Johnson avenue, $8500; Ra-mnni avenue. $8960; Arbor drive, $000; Cavanaugh road, $8760; War-field avenue, (8730; Hagar avenue, $7760; Clarendon Crescent, $13,850; Arbor drive, $10,600; Gavanaugh road. $8500: Euclid avenue, Berkeley, $10,500; Euclid avenue, Berkeley, $8250; Paramount avenue, $18.. 500; Highland avenue. Piedmont, $9260; Beverly street, $6000; Craig avenue, -Piedmont, $15,100; PortlanS avenue. $li.r,u0; High street, Alameda, $9800; Gibbons drive, $10,00.0; Yale drive, $6760; Holman road. $9500: Madison street. $4500; Orange drive, $5000; One Hundred and Seventh avenue. $4000. "Another deal showing the rapid Increase of Eastbay values was the recent sale of an Oakland property which cost $27,000 leas than five fears ago. The property was sold during the past month for a consideration of $140,000." Senlberger-Dnnham a Co. report the following sales: Residence on Jayne avenue, $11,-000; lot on Jayne avenue, $3750; lot on Alma avenue, $6500; lot on Carlston avenue, $6500, residence on Seventy-eighth avenue, $4500; three stores East Fourteenth street, $40,-000; house on HUImont street, $6000; house on Ninety-sixth avenue, $.500; lot on Mandana boulevard, $6500; business corner, Brookdale avenue. $15,000; bungalow. Seventy-fifth avenue. $4500; two stores, East Fourteenth street, $25,000; residence on Rosal avenue, $9009. - Morris N. Schneider Company reports the following sales during the past week: Apartment building and stores on the northeast corner of Ninth avenue and East Fourteenth stret, $35,-000. The entire gore block at Ivy drive and East Twenty-second street. New apartment building Just completed on Valle Vista avenue, $27,500. Apartment .house on Vernon, consisting of eight two's, to Louis Mitchell. Inc.. SSH.OOO. Lot on Sycamore, near Telegraph ave- Pue. .f i ...nun. bm ge home at 396 erry ..street, $17,500. Home on 548 Walla Vista. Nlnetv-four feet on Oxford, near Virginia, in Berkeley to H. A. Norton, who Is erecting iwo new apartment puimings. The outlook for the balance of this month Is bright and there seems to be an exceptional activity. - Air Marker Accepted A new air direction marker on the roof of the Montgomery Ward building was officially accepted during the week. Among those attendingjhe ceremony were (left to right) H. G. Christman, Oakland Chamber of Commerce; A. W. Gergen, district retail store manager Montgomery Ward's; Major Livingston Irving, pilot and president of the Pilot association of the port; R. O. OUen, district adver tising manager Montgomery Wards; W. W. Rob son, assistant postmaster; Jackie Walker, bassador"; Willard W. White, former president of the Oakland Real Estate Board. air am- j Zeppelin Invited To Visit Oakland An invitation to visit Oakland was extended the Craf Zeppelin by President E. B. Field of the cham-ber the morning c their arrival at Lakehurst. It follows: "Congratulations on your successful flight in which people of Pacific coast, particularly Oakland, intensely Interested. Oakland has what auinoriwen bllo finest. airports In the United States and we cordially exiena lnvmumi to you to visit Oakland If your plans contemplate trip to the L tvftsfprn rnast ' jfl OAKLAND RETAIL TRADE. Retailers enjoyed more business than was anticipated for the i"!s nine months of this year. August sales were more than 7 per cent higher than the same month last year, while September, with an in. crease of 9 per cent, almost equaled the April Increase of 12 per cent. The average increasTr' since January 1 is 3.4 per cent. GLOBE TBOTTE PICKS LOCAL SITE FDR HOI HMD m A Firm Foundation The TRIBUTE SCHLESW-GER HOME it a model of thorough construction "Irom the ground up." In excavating, particular cart teat taken to prevent future teltling and Cracking of wall and floort, by the removal of tufficient toil to reach firm earth and to provide apace for adequate matonry and founda- nvtronment In the original planning of The TRIBUNE-SCHLESINGER HOME, suitable environment was of paramount importance. Because of its ambitious scope, and the extent of the investment, available locations, fitting the project, were comparatively few. Not only is the investment protected in Claremont Pines by the excellence of carefully planned restrictions and improvements, but also by the natural beauty of the surroundings. Every window of this splendid home commands a magnificent view and panorama. Exotic trees and shrubs frame a unique vista .with the Claremont Country Club and golf course in the foreground, and with the blur waters of far-famed San Francisco bay and the Golden Gate in the perspective.. The site is wide and spacious, affording privacy and seclusion in the surrounding gardens. The home will be completed, furnished and remlv for inspection about December 2nd. Visitors are welcome, however, to Inspect the building during any stage of construction, At the present time plastering Is In progress. TRIBUNE- SCHLESINGER HOME Located at Country Club and Westminster Drives, in Exclusive Claremont Pines. For details, phone Lakeside 5100 Announcement Is made Ty the Montclalr Realty company of the purchase of a homeslte In pano r a m i o Montclalr Highlands, hv Deane H. Dlcka-son, well known globe trotter, world cruise lec. turer and radio favorite. The engagement, of Die ka son to Miss Sarah Crawf or d Rorer was a n n ounced .recent 1 y, and Dlcka-ton states that he will build a DEAN DICXASOH. home for" v... v,.irf. in Montclalr Highlands on the completion of a world cruise lecture on the "Resolute of tne Hamburg-American line- Dickason states that he selected a Montclalr Highlands site Ut MM future home because of the ln-comparabla view offered. The Western Casket company will build a one-story brlok warehouse at a cost of $80,000. It will be built by H. J. Chrletensen on the west side of oplar street. 00 feet north of Kfthteenth street. Continuing with the Increases which have been made ffV. v-ery week since January 1, building permits for the week ending Octo-Dtr 10 reached $203,596, or 6H per cent more than the permits for the same week last year. D H. Roberts has engaged Contractor 8. B. Davis to build a $6000 one-story tile garage on the west side of Seminary avenue. 1094 feet north of East Fourteenth street. Henry James has arranged with George Windsor, contractor, to build a three-story 40-room apartment house, 48x5, on the southwest corner of Merrltt snd Prospect avenues. Participants In Home Are Listed T HE following firms are partiil nant. in the TRIBUNE- Schtcsinger home in Clnremont Pines: Frederick H. Reimers, Architect: York Co. Inc., developers; C. Dudley De Velbiss, construction: Pacific States Building & Loan Association, financin,; A. V an Hcerden. pslnting; Modern Home Equipment Co., "Walker dishwashers: Seller's kitchen cab-inets, hydro-oil burners; Hoyt Hester company, water heaters; Atkinson Mill & Manufacturing company, mill work; Superior Tile & Products company, interior lilinn; Weir Electric Appliance company, electric hsthroom heaters: Berkeley craftsmen, ornamental iron; J. A. Faiio, plumbing; Stale Electric company, electric wiring; General Roofing" com piny, roof; If, S. Gypsum com-pany, plaster; Tyre Bros., glass; Walter N. Boysen company, paints; Ariu.Knapp company, ex-.cavating; Calaveras Cement company, American Radiator company; J. H. Fitimaurke, conerets contractor. LOANS No Brokerage Charge Have limited funds available - for loans on residence property at 6'2r without brokerage. Flat or installment on long time with payment privilege. Answer promptly, , P. O. Box 867 Oakland, California DIRECTION MARKER ON BULK Official acceptance was made yesterday of the new air direction marker on the roof of the Montgomery Ward building. This -marker, painted directly on the roof, spells "Oakland" In huge letters, and is Illuminated for the convenience of night fliers.. The movement to establish the marker was materially aided by little "Jackie Walker," six year eld air "ambassador" of Oakland. Jackie worked as district advocate for the affair. In so doing, he pledged himself to the task of approaching business houses on the subject, and now that he has accomplished his end he will receive an official "Honorable Discharge" signed by Herbert Hoover, Major General J. E. Fechet, chief of the U. S. Air Service; Colon'el Paul Henderson, president of the Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce; and Wm. P. McCracken, assistant secretary of the chamber of aeronautics. In celebration of the event, a party consisting of A. W. Gergen, district retell manager of Montgomery Ward's H. G. Christman of the chamber of commerce, R. O. Olsen of Montgomery Ward's, W. W. Robson, assistant postmaster of Oakland, .proxy for Wm. Nat Friend, postmaster, Willard White of White and Pollard, Jackie Walker and his mother, Mrs. J. T. Walker took a plane ride over the building on a tour of inspection-Thy were piloted by Major Livingston Irving in his plane "Red Wing." Ths marker was voted a success. Many Carloads Of Honey Required Over 100 carloads of honey are required each year to take care o the local trade in table honey for Southern California alone, according to A- L- Boyden, widely recognized as head of the honey packing Industry of the west. This demand has had a strong effect In attracting the crops of large producers of California and Arizona to western markets instead of to the east as formerly The remarkable Increase in honey consumption In the west since 1(24 has been largely due to persistent sales .efforts. Telephones in Use. It was predicted In January that the number r telephones in tha Oakland district would exceed 80,. 000 before the end of the year. On September" 80,210 telephones' were in use. This Is an Increase of 3.2 per cent over the number in use on September 1 last year. The Pacific Ga & Electric com. pany announced a $16,000,000 plan to supply the Eastbay district with natural gas from Kern county. WANT FOR LEASE BY NATIONAL CANTEEN CO. Corner lots on main traffic arteries in East Bay Cities. Size approximately 100x100. HARRY C. KNIGHT 1819 Franklin Oakland 1785 uipn nftnu i HOME HEATING and the Significance of the BLUE STAR SEAL of APPROVAL What the BLUE STAR SEAL Means to You The Blue Star Seal of Approval has besn developed and placed Into effect by the American Gas Association for the benefit of your safety, the safety or your ramtly ana for your protection when purchasing gas-burning appliances. A crest laboratory has been estab lished at Cleveland, Ohio, for ever tnree years, maintained at tremendous expense, for the thorough testing of all kinds of gas appliances for safety, erriciency ana economy. The American Gas Association represents the leading Gas Producing Companies and reputable gas appliance manufacturers In the United States. This labora tory Is manned by expert chemists, gas engineers snd scientific men and Is supervised by representatives of the American uas Association, Unltea States Bureau of standards, United Slates Bureau of Mines, United States J-'uoilc Health Service and the Ns tlonal Master Plumbers' Association. Nothing Has been left undone tn pro tecting tne nubile from poorly con structed. Inefficient and dangernin gas appliances that have heretofore been thrust upon the unsuspecting purchaser. The final bell has tolled for cheap, Improperly constructed, un healthful aid dangerous gas appliances and the manufacturer of such appliance must comply with the safetv regulations and requirements of the American Gas Association testing laboratory, or soon be forced out of existence ny law. The- city of Berkeley, California, already lias an ordinance In effect re quiring all gas appliances to carry the Hlue Star Seal of Approval of ni A. G. A. .Oakland" also has a similar ordinance ready and sjl progreaslvi cities of the U. H. A. are soon to pass ordinances recurring "safe gas appliances approved by, theA. 0. A. Do nut purchase unapproved gau heating appliances. DEMAND THIS BLUM BTAR BEAU If this seal It not ATTACHED to the appliance it is NOT an approved device and ' it may jeopardize the safety of vonr family. Also, In addition to the, A. G, A. Blue Star Real, DEMAND THE AUTHORIZED A. G. A. LABORATORY RATING. These ratings bear directly upon the heating capacity of the appliance. The higher the rating the greater the heating capacity. You no longer have to take snv risk In the purchase of gas heating appliances. The Blue Star Seal Protects You, Your Family and Your Purchase WARD NEVER HAS WAITED FOR LEGISLATION To Make SAFE, EFFICIENT, EFFECTIVE and HEALTHFUL GAS HEATING APPLIANCES FOR OVER IB YEARS THE WARD COMPANY HAS MANUFACTURED SAFE AND HEALTHFUL HOME HEATING APPLIANCES, HIGHLY EFFICIENT, ECONOMICAL AND EFFECTIVE. THE WARD SYSTEM oFwARMLAmNG IS NOW USED IN OVER 300,000 HOMES Over 80,000 Installations in California Over 4,000 Installations in the East Bay IN' HOMES COSTING S3.000 TO Sf .OdO.000 IN BANKS, OFFICES, SCHOOLS, LIBRARIES. HOSPITALS A MEDICAL INSTITUTIONS WARD HEATERS carry THE BLUE STAR SEAL of APPROVAL AND IN ADDITION THE WARD HAS BEEN A WARDED the HIGHES f RA TING FOR HEATING APPLIANCES OF ITS TYPE There are 9 makes of gas floor furnaces being sold in Eastbay today An authorized list of approved appliances reveals the following MAXIMUM ratings concerning these makes WARD FLOOR FURNACE 30,000 B. X. U. 1st Competitor .20,000 B. T. U. 2nd Competitor .20,000 B. T. U. 3rd Competitor 17,500 B. T. U. 4th Competitor Not Approved and No Rating 5th Competitor Not Approved and No Rating 6th Competitor Not Approved and No Rating 7th Competitor Not Approved and No Rating 8th Competitor Not Approved and No Rating INVESTIGATE THE MERITS OF THE WARD You will find many improved features not found on other makes. You will find the Ward heavily constructed. Made to last a life time. THE WARD IS NOT EXPENSIVE WHY NOT INSTALL THE BEST THE COST IS ONLY A TRIFLE MORE. FULL DETAILS WITHOUT OBLIGATION. EASY PAYMENT PLANA SMALL PAYMENT WILL PLACE A WARD IN YOUR HOME "F CCl 32-134 Fourteenth Street .cc"S- JEa VAJe PHONES OAKLAND WARD

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