Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on October 28, 1928 · Page 52
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 52

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 28, 1928
Page 52
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SUNDAY DaklanB Crftuitte OCTOBER 28, 1928 0-7 TEACH SAFETY III 1 SCHOOLS. URGES SHUT Children Should Be Taught Safety Traffic Laws Early, He Declares. The question of safety as a result cf traffic regulations Is mare, lttr- portant today than ever beforefee- cause of the growing number, of L automobiles, says W.-F. Culberson, 'president of the Pierce-Addow Pacific Sales Company. "We have Just learned that the eminent Dr. John J. Tlgert, former United State commissioner . of education, has resigned that position to become president of the University of Florida," remarked Cu'ltjerson. "Tigert, who has given a great deal of time to safety education, recently wrote the .American Automobile Association a letter on its safety education campaign which had some points of general interest. He said, "The .cause of safety on the streets and highways is one which every man and woman must heartily indorse. It is a l cause which affects almost every child and every home. I have long ! realized that national safety .can be brought about primarily through education and have therefore watched with interest the- success of inculcated this, message Into the minds of the young. Much of this success hag been in the school room. Safety education in the school, however, is only beginning and the efforts of your motor clubs to get safety lessons into the curricula of all schools are altogether praiseworthy'." "We have learned that seven states. New Tersey, North Caro Una, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming, require the teaching of safety or traffic regulations in the public schools," continued Culberson. "There is a growing sentiment in other states for similar required lessons in public schools, and every one connected with the automotive Industry, working 4 through clubs and other organizations, should nut shoulder to the wheel; in the endeavor to make safety 'education a required subject in all puhlio school throughout the country." .1. Veterans' Memorial The Veterans' Memorial building facing Lake Merritt and a Pierce- Arrow series 81 coupe. RUN R EC LIVES POLICE SMILE Given the hearty sanction of fclty officials and peace officer of scores of communities on its pre-Jiminary lap from Log Angeles tt Vancouver, today the driver and the straight-eight eedan entered in the "law and economy run" from the Canadian to the Mexican borders ire headed (Wuthward at the northern line with everything In readiness for the novel demonstra tion that is expecte(K'tn add another chapter o the histdry of the automoone industry.- j tie go signal is to be given Tuesday morning, j The objective of the run is to see how quickly the border to border trip can be made without breaking any of the traffic, speed or any other laws on the statute booka of the states or communities through which the car will pass. While no effort Is to be made d"-eciwiiriliii . .11 1 U 7. u 1 1 gem ui uu, a. Liuai. 1 ! I r ' iv win he made of the consumption with a view to providing the motoring public with a wealth of Information after the test has been.'completett-Warren Erlckeon, the' driver, will take a reasonable time for .meals and rest, the plan being to ascertain Just how long ItOVll! take to make the trip by an average driver and without undue exertion. The "law and economy run" is sponsored by C. L. Coppage, vlce- , mwA -1 .11..,....,.. th. (j.caiuciii tiu'i Daico iiiii.ii 1 i Texas company, and only Texaco gasoline and Texaco Golden motor oHs will be used in -the demonstration. A second motive that prompted the run, Coppage .said, was tp show the avallahility of Texaco' products on the Pacific coast. An official observer, a deputy sheriff of Los Angeles county, will accompany the driver, and, in addition, every move of the "law and econ omy car will be checked by escorts of peace officers and city officials as it passes from state to state and community to community, . The total output of American motor vehicles during August, this year, was 458,429 compared with 208,826 In August, 1927, according to statistics reoeived by the National Automobile club. ims mm a S FINISH IS EASILY MARRED Hot water has a markedly deteriorating effect on the varnished surface of .a well-finished automobile body. Tepid water is ideal, although cool water may be used without harm. After the car has been properly washed and wiped with chamois, it is time well spent to go over it thoroughly with a high grade automobile or piano polish. Use good grade cheese cloth and be euro to rub until the last trac of wet polish has been removed, as a film of polish left on the surface of the car quickly collects a heavy coating of dust. New Buildii lew Duiiaing F. H. Dailey Motor company has j'ust opened this used car building adjoining their new car establishment on East Fourteenth sfeet. ' f ViT JiiMSE HBHHI HERE'S JJNT When working about ear, especially an inclosed one, bo very careful not to smear grease or Oil In the beautiful upholstery, car pets or curtains. Before starting the Job, cover the seats and cushions with dean slips. Be extreme ly careful In getting In and oat of the car so that no greasey hsnds touch the ceiling, smear the controls, dashboard, steering wheel, door handles and a dozen other places. Inspect the car before completing the Job, and clean and polish wherever there might be a trace of greasy substance. AUTOS WIN LEVEE ROAD MUCH COMMENT ABANDON The spirit of romance and charm woven into the background of earlv California history during the Spanish period has been the basis of a state-wide movement during the last few years to emphasize the Spanish tradition, revive its atmosphere and preserve its nomenclature. Many projects have been under taken with this end in view. Among these are the restoration of missions built by the Spanish padres, annual celebrations such as the Fiesta de las Rosas In San Jose the Serra Pilgrimage festival at Monterey and the designing of public buildings and homes in accordance with the architectural styles set in early Spanish building. "Evidence of the general interest in this movement," says W. D. Remmer, president of Remmer Bros. Inc., DeSoto Six dealers in Oakland, "has been demonstrated In our showrooms ever since the introduction of the new DeSoto, which is named after Hernando DeSoto, the Spanish explorer, commonly known as the discoverer of the Mississippi river. "Visitors have expressed particular Interest in the use of Spanish names for the body types in the' new line. Examples for these are the Faeton, Cupe Business, Cupe de Lujo, Sedan Coche, Roadster Epanoi and Sedan de Lujo We f,epl' that . aftiongr,. Ce-Wtornia motorists thes names will receive wider attention than among any other group of motorists In the country, because In this state there leva wider use of words and customs originated by the Spanish than elsewhere." IT ARE AMAZING IS ED Physicians answering emergency calls are exempted ' from compliance with speed laws In eight states, according-to-Information r-J celved by the KatiWal"jtMtombJle3 club. Rich Mixtures By Bud Landis The-government should inaugurate vacatiohal training for thin-minded motorists .who waste their V two weeks orf'by driving 1000 miles in time to come back. Their Idea of a much needed rest Is to drive themselves into exhaustion. Luclty vacations come but once year so that by clean' living and good wholesome food the ardent tourist can completely recover oy nes summer. This year I put the car on splints and am talcing a holiday in imagination, a little place near typewriter. As I sit here beside the winding Eibbon I am cheered by the knowledge that when the time Is kp I'll be right here on the job fresh and untlrted. Every writer should vacate In (lis own office, dreamily browsing mong the keys and watching the little letters go tumbling over the Jfunlit page. This way there Is no . limping fca"k to work aggravated up to full war strength and rested be-kond recognition. With neck out of alignment and- kars flapping idly in me Dreeze. With landscape In the eyes and fcsr and the guarantee worn off "The old adage that "The proof of the pudding Is In the eating, most certainly held true in the case of the four stock Studebaker President models which so triumph antly, withstood the 30,000-mile run In less than 30,000 consecutive minutes held at Atlantic City Speedway recently says Eb. Wells of Weaver-Wells company. The strains and stresses under which these powerful eights of the Studebaker line had to operate are indicated In the following figures which we .received from the factory last week," said Wells. Total revolutions of each engine, 67,320,000. Total explosions In each motor, 269,280,000. Total up and down travel of each piston, 49,087,500 feet. Total times each valve opened, 33,660,000. "These figures, the result of slide rule calculations, are so colossal that they are difficult to visualize, But their vastness emphasizes the significant, feat of stamina and endurance achieved by the President Eight in maintaining better than mlle-a-minute speeds for 19 successive days and 18 successive nights," concluded Wells. mg public o.k:siwcars . Universal public acceptance of the new senior six medels recently announced by Dodge Brothers cor poration is reflected by the large number of unfilled orders on file at the factory from dealers all over the country. Production on the six body types Is being pushed on overtime schedules to eliminate all possible delays In retail de liveries. "Typical Dodee dependability with a new era, -in motor car styles was the verdict of those who first drove the new senior six," said J. E. French, president of the J E. French company, local dealer. '"Its appearance, mechanical refinements and added luxury have made an Immediate appeal to the buy ing public. Its smooth, powerful performance is more than meeting tne expectations of those who purchased following the Introduction of the ear. 'Interior appointments of the car are attracting most favorable comment from women who demand the latest refinements In upholstery and finish, Graceful -exterior body lines have been attained at no sacrifice to comfort or roominess for every passenger." Metropolitan and smaller elty dealers alike reported the enthusiastic reception accorded the new senior when it was first displayed. The car s roadablllty whether In the, city traffic or in fast driving along the highway is featured by ease or control equaled ortly in higher priced cars. Increased pow er has been matched with superior four-wheel hydraulic brakes to ln- Elimination of the time-mile detour around Blakeley Levee on the Devil's Den road between Han-ford, and McKlttrlck was reported yesterday by the touring-bureau of the California State Automobile association. The road on the levee Is again open to travel but It should not be attempted during rainy weather as it will be impassable when wet. It Is now being graded and Is very rough and dusty. The roadbed consists of loose dirt thrown up from the ditch alongside the levee and no surface material has been placed. Good conditions prevail over the Old Spanish Trail, according to reports received by the touring bureau of the California State Auto mobile association on this route from Los Angeles via San Bernardino, El Centre, Yuma, Phoenix Globe and Deming to El Paso. Motorists in Solano county encounter a two-mile stretch of construction work at Gordon Val ley between Rockville and Wooden Valley, reports the touring bureau of the California State Automobile association. There is no detour and careful driving is necessary. MT. HAMILTON ROAD. r The road up Mt. Hamilton from San Jose is reported in excellent condition by the touring bureau of the California State Automobile association. Prom Smith Creek to the observatory, motorists should drive the many turns carefully. The direct road from Saratoga to wig uasin is still closed, re ports the touring bureau of the California state Automobile assocl atlon. The only route open to the State Redwood Park from the north Is via Los Gatos. GlenWood and Camp Evers and thence right to eiton and Koulder Creek. Touring conditions en - the new Trinity Highway between Reddln- and Eureka were reported yester day by the touring bureau of the California State Automobile associ ation as follows: Excellent oiled road from Redding to Tower House and thence a stretch of nar-row, winding, second-gear road Good conditions thence to Douglas- City, except between Lowden g Ranch and. Grass Vallsy Creek, where construction activities cause rough and dusty conditions. Traffic Is subject to short delays through this section. From Douglas City to Weaverville and Areata, the road is In good condition for a mountain route. Due to the lateness of the season, motorists are advised to carry tire chains on this and all other mountain routes and to secure latest touring bureau reports before starting. DETOUR ON LASSEN WAT. Construction work necessitates a short detour at the east end of Insklp Grade on Lassen Volcanic Highway, according to the California State Automobile association. The grade Itself is rough. The rest of this route between Red Bluff and Susanvllle Is in good condition. The Redwood Highway is in. good condition throughout. The California State Automobile asso ciation reports that the construe tion work between Fernbrldge and Alton is causing no traffic difficul ties. Light snowfalls have improved conditions on the Bucks Ranch road from Oroville to Quincy by laying me oust, reports the California State Automobile association. The road Is a. little rough over Walker Plains but is other wise In good condition. The detour on th C'ollegevllle road betw.eA Stockton and Esca-Ion has been eliminated and the California State Automobile association reports this route In excellent condition throughout. ' Jtout-hearted, swift smart and Studebaker-built! i THE N ER SKINE SIX aaas The more favorable accident record of June was not sufficient to offset the increases In earlier innnthfi nnll fee a Miaiil, 1. , six months of 1828 have witnessed a i per ceni increase In motor vehicle deaths over the first six months nf 1027 Thla ord In 1928, however, does not ap- vi j ia au cases, uut or 44 report -1 III- cities nifh nnnnUtlAitfi , n,. nnn . . . . iw,uu exitcLjjr one-nan snow fewer deaths this year than last. We iw win snow a natter record If we will. The Traffic Cop points the iirre errry weeK. sc? JmW Tour children should be taught to refrain from playing In city streets. They are Impulsive and tneir acts are always the unexpected. A child chasing a ball may run directly in front of an automobile and even the most careful driver may be unable to prevent a serious accident As a playground, the streets are wonderful s TYLE that your eye will be quick to In the new Erskine Six, you buy for $860 notice and approve. Speed conclu- a car you will drive with pride. Pride in its sively proved by its record of 1000 appearance, smartly styled. Pride in its per- miles in 984 minutes! This is but one of formance, better than an honest mile a eleven official records which make the minute. Pride in its thrift with your fuel and Erskine Six unquestioned champion of its oil dollar. Pride in its commodious comfort. class ! No stock car selling under $1000 has Cm , , , . . , - . j . r Studebaker engineering genius permits ever approached its performance. A. sS&a G. JSSLlis These outstanding Erskine records prove an hour the very first day, and at 62-mile more than speed. They prove the Erskine speed later. Motor oil need be changed Six has the greatest virtue desired in a car Dut once in 2,500 miles. ' stamina. Studebaker stamina! The f t n heritage of 76 years of building quality , !? Erskme Sut g cnucai mane u prove to your own saus faction that it is the finest, fastest ear under $1000 transportation. TJ . ......... - v.--. . Kmi ::-.-:v. ..v..:.-; im- r ' . . , ..x: STUDEBAKER'S FOUR NEW i LINES The Erskine 835 to $1045 The Dictator 1185 to 1395 The Commander 1435 to 1665 The President Eight 1685 to 2485 All price f.o.b. factory Car illustrated U Th ZrMns Six Royal Smdan, $146 Club Sedan tnth Artillery Wheel. $60, f.o.b. factory WEAVER-WEILS CO. 2600 Sbstluck Berkeley VICTOR WILES Hsyward and San Leandro Weave FOUR STORES STCDKBAKEK 3321 Broadway ELLS CO. ERSKINE. DISTRIBUTORS Phone Laketide 8800 WEAVER-WELLS CO. 40th Ave. and E. 14th Su East Oakland TAYLOR MOTOR CO. 2447 Santi Clara Am In Sao Francisco, CHESTKH N. WEAVER CO. Four ,lh .. . ,r n .hi-ht ui Bad IrnlrTemmi e maximum safety. speeawaye.

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