Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 11, 1952 · Page 25
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 25

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 11, 1952
Page 25
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TK'BASES WJB wwuKr* ••••§ iMt^i'-iix;*** , e \ ARE LOADED, II 66AN 19. W™> GOTTA KC-S» IJ WITH Jwl» DIGGIN <. "'..V, THIS RALLY * i ( NOfH.'N' i wtwri.1 - -•- -r-> BUT BAD s£-'.>~> 0#t-AMS * ^«T l «-..'..•-'•• •--A-—* . - B.C. Jernigan Dies at Rector RECTOR. UB- Dr. O. C. Jerni- irnn, 83, Rector dentist an! editor ot the Arkansas State Dental Journal, died in a St. Louis hotel room Inst nicht, apparently of a heart (.Itack. Dr. Jernignn was attending the convention of the American Dental Association. j He was a former president ofj the Arkansas Dental Association. Dr. Jernigan wns born In Sharp Ccunty and attended dental college at St. Louis, lie had lived In Rec- >r since 1913. Besides his wife, he is survived by a daughter, Mrs Ridgely, and two sons, Lt. Jntnos P. Jcrnignn, resident of Mac-Dili Ai p.i, Fla. Man Held in $36,500 Theft WASHINGTON <tf— An accountant who disappeared a few days bo- fore a £36,500 shortage was found in accounts of the Boys Club of Washington had less than $1 in his pockets when FBI agents him up early today. object of a nationwide search, 52-year-old James H. Kins<-'.v was spotted near his home, driviim the car he rented AUK. 18 •—the day he dropped out of sight. Boys Club officials said the short- aye was found a few 'days later. They also said they had received a loiter in Kinsey's handwriting in which he said he was responsible and blamed gambling losses. HP is charged with interstate transportation of stolen property. Britain the shock absorbers of an automobile are called dampers. MHTH STILL 'OUT IN FRQHT,3 TOO-OUT AIN'T B£AT UNTIL HK'TT TH'LAf ^. V BUS IS OUTf HITS IN . }~ A— A on\fjf I x(. iy J. R. Wllllami OOT OUR WAY By Michael O'Malley and Ralph Lane VIC FLINT • / WAIT A MINUTE & THAT HONBST PITCMIM'. I A£.T YOU? WHCW TH' BALL 6ITS HAFf* WAV HERE SHB <sivES rr A SLAP WITH f THIS OTHER HAND TO J ptlBm OF spsep/ /» It I've (&OT rr/ WWAT \VA& Tne THAT (7BTECTIVB y VC CAULSC7 A?OUT .rA. PUIMT. TUB PIARV? THERE SO6S MUSMV. LOOKS TRAP 1$ SOIMS t?O VDU tcTNOW WHAT ] NO. HE UOOK5 UIKB? P V6XI CCN'T KNOW HIA\ ANJC7 I POKJ'T KXJOVV HIM/ WMV WCXJUP THE MAM&UP&K- KNOW WIAA? ''f^iK 1 ? 1 * -lUUM* ^Olympian iOfttlfo ~r-^IftAwil«V' i«WeM 4A»lntlc plain* 21 Mot nny SODIfrnond ,»3«KW«MOl 24Without , cuMar-i, cup •• MAC* ' *• J (Latin) 40 Biblical noi fl Teutonic MO 28 How of a 4lConadlnn, dMl Pf • vewol i \ mnmmol j 2f) Irelntid 42 Oenu» of, DCW 27 rorofnther 43 Oona by .miiodloiw 28 Window glnsMI 8 Ardor* > 20 De«xll % ^1 § Dom«Mitlo 30 Promontory \ 47 EnglUh Mhool By Leslie Tu»« WASH TUBBS 90 THOSE UTTLE TUNIC'S Y \THEMH5'5LVIM'! I IM VOUR GANG WOULDMT \ DIPM'T KWOW ^MV VE5.WE HW^KM BUTPOVOU CWO ALL KNOW HE &TMEJ? VOUCH UN Hie ROOW? PIP I DO?: FOR, TWVT.VfOl) $EE HIM W=TERCWOT TELl OFFICER l IOC.K, KIP... WITH "T BUT, OFFICEKl BILL VOUR RBCORP VOU'RE \ WA>5 HERE WITH U5 IM SERIOUS TROUBLE ML EVJEMIMG...WENT TWSTIWE1 OPFICER / TO BEP fvBOUT 9:301 3ROG&M HUKTi AMP. ONE DID! HE SW=> VOU'RE L Re^D TW5 PAPER 1 . TMB KIP WHO GOT AWKV V& Lf\5T WIGHT! With Major Hoople OUR BOARDING HOUSE WHY 6MOOUO JZZZI |M€.T£=AD ~~\ t E-fcAO J b^ye.,y<yu 6TAR.TL& t flSAT/vW- S'K OF COMIMVA Me! Y0UNS& AM6RICA 1 1 Ht,w /wv MV g^gpj M SHOULD 6E CHAMPlW(3 OF'CJKAIM/'O THIS, 'M. AT-TUE BIT WiTH EAGER ' 5TOPFS. \ AMSlTlONM-«~ JUST GOMMA SEAM i / is ' > K^P YOUR looses TO ATHU&Te AMY- WAY AMD WORK M.Y WAY -THROUGH. . DlO By Edgar Martir J BOulS AND HER BUDDIES AMD AT /V\Y AGE- VOU MPiV By Dick Turner 1-11 SMWARO > AMD UP/ WARD, LADS BUGS BUNNY THIS PARROT O EL/V\EK/ I SWACIOUS/ BUT ARE •TOU SORE HE CAM By Horshberger FUNNY BUSINESS ATTWACTIVB By V. T. Horn! ALLEY OOP , MV BEA.UT1FUL, BELOVED MAdSIC - KNOW THE »W WWATCh^ MEAN, WILL FORCE BOV6 WIU. I DO? 1HEYVE DONE DOMJLTHfcYCAM V IT! LOOK! TO GET THE MAi'ilC WOgD TO OOOLA AND FOOZV wHh prlow to high th« banqaot and the - - T^i in.['•'v'^ 1 **•*'* u * f "'"' 0 '''•^*" 1 It's their famous bridge playl' FRECKLIS AND HIS FRIENDS By Golbrolth By Michael O'Malley and Ralph Lane CHRIS WELKIN, Ploneteer A/WAI2A,! CANT MAKE ACCUSATIONS WITHOUT ' PONT 6BT TIEP UP WITH BANNI-STEE A1IXEP UP \ WELL.,IN IN THI^ -&FACE- -F.EI&HTIM&J A touro? over SCON-. By Carl Anderson if* Fair Enough By Wettbrook Ngltr Copyright, 1962 By King Features Syndicate. stems we were going to ask for." These arc very tough goons as they had to be to push Acropolis n round for he was a stand-up fel- lo\v and a star athlete with 'var- .-•ity experience at Colgate, "The men were told that they would all be given a 10 cents pet- hour increase and would have to tnke it. DOR6THY DIX Friendship Offered Dear Miss Dix: How should n person take nn unusual invitation such as this? 1 am In my late 60's and all alone. One evening U, S. Criticised for Hog Embargo Charles Col. sur- at Warren Air F'roce Base. ind Maj. George Jernigan Force Base, Tam- picked nn i irn nf pU ° M - «*v i,. uv ? tiiiu «ii .mine, une evening >wi "I took my case to Mike Cashall, i while I wns rending, n woman in; r ntnc «. our internationnl vice president, a " er '*°' s c«me to visit and nskcd ] ST - ''OUIS l^V-rhc Ktivvrnuioiu ------ me to cnll on her. I don't know! wns under criticism today by firms ., md friend of Fay's, who blandly sup that ^"ny handle the nego- . « whnt *° nln ke of the Invitation . | J> 1 ^f National Stockyards in near- for our teamsters. Now Docs il mean that she pities Illinois today for dt onrgoes on hogs on what they cnli- make a case against the mur- : Dis , rlct Attorney Hogan rcveals | i have heard thnt people In one j °f« oes °" ho R s «" what they call- dercr of John Acropolis the boss; lhat N Y Tr Rock d „ pay . I generation hnve little in common cd . m « re «"»Pl«;lnn of dlsenae of elements of the teamsters-1 mg Pay , ]2000H Thia , eads mv f o | wlth those f an Xr gcncrMioi !'''^"K somc 'hipmonts. union, who was found shot In his, IK. ^i^,. »K»I t ...«^» .« U..L.- ,«'t -.»n,« ,v,.. .._.. " .""llJ if..":! the criticism onn,,- nt n r.rnln.1 , e pont at want to r apartment. I am not confident that| ypllr attcnUon . wul you not rc they wil, succeed. It ,s a poor po.j p , alnly on tnc conspjracy between lice force, with loose discipline and the labor organizations and the low standards and some of the cop j cmirtg to prevenl the rank and conceivably could have reasons to ;fi i c from CBrrying thclr grievances maul the case "found as hap- ,„ the courtg ,, ko o , he ,. ordinal . v pened in the hall-mills job in New citizens? .... , . ._ . , You wrote on June 17th that Han Tobin (president of the team----- - --•>-•- - , stcrs and member of the executive may throw on the character and | council of tho AF of L) 'has been affairs of Johnny Acropolis. I pro-1 known to repudiate the public sent a letter which he wrote mi- courts and the American system of in Aug. 1943. He led off with the j justice and forbid his subjects to Brunswick years ago, destroy evidence and tip off witnesses. However, for any lii;ht that it statement that he shared my low opinion of Joe Fay, the extortion- er and thug who was vice president of the International Union of Operating Engineers until he finally went to prison for ten years. "My experiences with Fay bear out all you say." Acropolis wrote. "I would like to underscore every epithet you have applied to him not mean to take me into her so- clal life, as she entertains considerably. She does not need my company, there'fore t feel U Is just n kind consideration for n lonely person who hns lost her husband. 1 could meeting late Tuesday, following the lifting of n 17-hour embargo. The government stopped outgoing shipments until exnniinntion could he Sparkmon Assails Senator Kern MOBRI.Y, Mo. John Spnrkmnrr, the ninde of n number of garbage-fed hogs, believed to have the vcsleu- Ini exnntheinn disease, not accept her Invlta-i n J,^ 81 ^ Ylll : fls c «- nnd con.. , mission firms places an cmbnrgn Senior , Democratic vlccH>ri>Mdf>ntt»l nominee, last night iiMnllod Republican Son. Jornos P. Kem us n "new type of vnnishlnR American." Sponklnfi nt a Democratic rnlly In Kern's home state, Snnrkmnn sflifl: "In the field of foreign relations, your Sen. Kem Is n new typo of vnnhtaing American. He Is one of tho last of the- isolationists.'' The Alabama Democrat, whtf de voted much of his speech to nn nttacjt on Kern, snld there wns "hopeless dlsftproement" between the Missouri senator nnd Gen. Dwljtht 13. KUcnhower, tho Ropub- , . lion If t thought it was given as I """"? ,"' msi "'"^ "» «"»»'«r K i, a good deed. 1 have fought for if"' 1 !?'.'«"-•«««'"« shipments to pro- l Mllppfl'S. my independence all my lite and, j though broken independent "•^~ PF^^» ^ ^-^f TT •* T •*• W Localize Speech St. LOIHS |M'"*^. Gen, tJwighl D. Elsenhower's speech here Sept, 20 may ./be kept eljf radio nnd television by n jurladlctlonnl Inbor rtls- puttv .; '•'..; .-••. Jrtrrtes E. Ofifst, cholvmnn of the .Municipal:, Auditorium Com mission, sold 'JteSterdny thfc city hns banned rltnjo nnd TV installs lions from thcf iuidltorlum, slto of In charge ftmi' the InvestlRntlon srniuld dtacWitJ who wns nctunlly responsible." A CAnad&WJdo hunt Is under way for the t'SCo'pCes. Union nnd AW. EIe<i Union both wanted ollitirs tor broadens Is before n jojnt board nt Wnshln but no decision severe! weeks. - **\$ grass n to trrtT" 1 k , Onktrtna and important ry<t.>pf8tU$w| -•• - Mm^y 1 , .Frost kills nil vnrt«ti*fe lic'nn pri'skli'iUlnl nomin lie asserted Kew IMS a reeurd of "typical short-sijihled Rcpuhll can economy" in fnrni leuUlutlon and npiiroprialtons. An overflow crowd In Moberly'a Municipal Auditorium broke into ovations three Union dur lesort to them'. That is true. Do you know that when thc rank nnd file rebels and disobeys Tobin's orders and takes Its case to the courts, they nre referred back to! the internationnl whose callous dis j regard for the workers' rights' drove the men to thc courts In ihe first place? "That is exactly what happened i-okon h, n -t.rt n,V, «t i J uinll "« °"' the embargo win sKmdlns ovations ihrco Union dui n like o ho w h the thc t!lrid within " "" >llth . Murray "'« » h « 30 lrtlmil « S >>« >1;1 '. cop e but must be sure' Wlllkll>s ' n ho « bll >' l> '-. ^'Plained Spnrkmnn speaks nl the Kan ^uy.i. uui '""j^gj^"^ i i-ontinunlUm of such u policy would !fns * roe ' nir ln TtH'fkn todny. -, ^ jj r r i inui is exaciiy wnat nappenocl and add n few of my own. I was | , 0 Loc;i] 4S6 . We fought Patrick representing drivers, members of - «'UKIU tuuitiv Westchcster Local 456 of the teamsters working in the N. Y. trap rock quarries at Verplancks, N. Y. "-- - -•- a bosom fl ' iencl of William younger people I'm wanted. Answer: You nre very wrong in believing that two generations cannot mix and be friends. Young er folks can learn a good deal from the experience nnd wisdom of their older friends; some of the most cherished friendships.urounti me are between people of two different generations. The lino ol distinction between generations was much fore finely drawn yenrs BESSIE B l <" lllm »'"»» or such n policy •I mm the National Stockvnrds market. Hep. Melvin Price (O-im (old the group of 100 stockyard firm representatives that he would nt- tumpt to work out a solution with tl'e government. I tried to attend a meeting of work men of various trades in those i to the quarries and their respective busi ness representatives. I was forced by two of Fay's muggs. of whom you have written. Wallace and Pete Weber, to get out of the hall without even stating what provi- • •—•" ~* ........... w«a uiui-H lure uneiy cirnwn yenrs MeGeory and Martin Parkinson, ago; it has almost been obliterated bcth now under Indictment for ox | now, especially among older peo- tortion on tha^t same Delaware j pic. The very young, of course, "' '""' ""'" " Ollr appeal should be restricted to their own Emergency Hoy Shipments Start v , -- Emergency ship t (j 79 1. . f I' ?«•'•'« Wholesale Food Prices Decline NEW YORK Wl - Wlwlosnle feod prices this week posted their Khnrpcst overall drop in nearly .two years, nccordiiiK to the Dunn tt Brndstroot food index. The Index dropped from $0,70 last weok the year's high to $(U?0 thia week, nnd wns 2.it per cent below tho ycnr-ngo week' 5 * COME! HAVE FUN AT . . . FOUR STATES FAIR TEXARKANA-SEPT. 12-20 EDDY ARNOLD SHOW Burr Andrews Rodeo Light Crust Dough Boyj 4 Vaudeville Acts Square Dance Jamboree Street Parade FREE Concerts Vaudeville Exhibits FRANKLIN SHOWS Amertco'i. Clconctt Skowi 1(5 Rides—6 Showi ON THE MIDWAY $7000.00 IN PRIZES SPRINGLAKE PARK FAIR GROUNDS was thrown out nnd registered letters to the international were refused acceptance. The members, realizing that tho rank and file can expect no help from the international, kept up active and continuous opposition to Pearce until we could by legiti- mule and regular election replace him. I was elected business agent by unanimous vote, Pearce failing to get oven a single seconding vote, after having been a delegate for 20 years when his own son-in- law nominated him for re-election. "I worked for the local for a year after which the men gave me _ ......... .„ „ „._„ „.,... groups for friendship or ro- ! l"' t>ns of nu ' nts of h "y to farmers in drouth ' mance, but in later years these Arkansas will ••"••' »i nvt riii\iin;)it?S Will Ix-Kin Immediately, tho Chicago of- ice of tin- Production and Mar- ketlnj,' Administration said yester- bnrriers euasc to exist Has Much To Offer You write a fine letter, Bessie, "•'£ and have much to offer. The younu '"rmers in five oilier drouth woman, 1 am sure, will benefit i * tl ! to . s ~ Kentucky, Tennessee, from n friendship with you, j Mississippi, Alabama and r.eornla Perhaps her initial invitation wns occasioned by n desire to cheer you up, or, as you'put it, ns .. "«ood deed." Don't disparnge the sc motives. Tliey nre the hallmark of fine people. Accept her offer of companionship as it was given, in good .grace.. It will be easy to convince her that you too have my entrance into the service. During my etrrrt I learned more about versution is always welcome. Do not return the visit with thc idea the crookedness and rottenness In thnt vo ,r „ i i f the international and the insidious! ^ ^u ml l"Tf y ,."^ , combination of nolitiri.-,n« ..nm-u , y , "'I 11 . 1 . nn »>} 'SUllon, Accept It cheerfully, gladly, enthusiastically. Be an agreeable visitor, and your neighbor will become fully aware, of she isn't already, that her "good deed" has turned into a most valuable asset. combination of politicians, courts or justice, labor racketeers and employers. There are politicians who are also employers and when Ihe rank and file appeals to the courts, it has no chance at all. "Thousands of good labor men know that you hnve done a world of good for organized labor by in- ::lifiating thc investigation of the racketeering unionecrs. Now we would like very much to see you take on the corrupt political officials and judges who hnve helped maintain these gangsters in office to exploit the workers and stuff their own pockets. We do go to the courts, but we hnve received the most hcartsickening reverses. "Don't you agree that flic-re is a stench about such situations that should be corrected by strong means? Is it too far fetched for workers on the Delaware aqueduct to wonder whether there was col lusion between the union racket cers, politicians and employers to prevent a pay rise for the men Statement of Condition of FIRST NATIONAL BANK HOPE, ARKANSAS At the Close of Business on Sept. 5, 1952 RESOURCES $ 816,668.32 Cotton Acceptances ......................................................... 8 525.27 Furniture and Fixtures ...................................................... l QO Other Assets ..................................... _, ............................. 260.00 Stock in Federal Reserve Bank ........................................... 9,000.00 Bonds and Securities ........................................................ 1,052,832.88 U. S. Government Bonds ...... .............................................. 2,552,169.87 Cash and Sight Exchange ................................................ 1,253,798.76 TOTAL .......... ..................... ! .................... $5,693,256.10 LIABILITIES Capital Stock.. ................................................................. $ 100,000.00 Surplus ............................................................................. 200,000.00 Undivided Profits ............................................................. 139,130.48 Reserved for Taxes ........................................................... 6,917.36 Reserved for Dividend ...... . ........ , .................................... 12.00 Deposits ................... ................................. ........................ 5,247,196.26 TOTAL ........ ............ . ................................ $5,693,256.10 $10,000.00 Maximum Insurance for Each Depositor MEMBER OF FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Officers Lloyd Spencer . . . Preildent W. Kendall Lemley Vice President Syd Me Math . Exec. Vice Pres. Thomas E. Hays . . Cashier Cecil J. O'Steen , Ass't. Cashier Verbon L. Sparks . Ass't. Cashier Directors Graydon Anthony J. P. Ouffie B. W. Edward* Vincent W. Foster W. H. Gunter Thomas E. Hays W- Kendall Lemley 8yd McMath E. M. MeWilHams Earl O'Neal Lloyd Spencer E. P. Stewart Dear Miss Dix: We are throi married women all working in thc same office. We all hnve won dcrful husbands, nice homes nnd huve enjoyed going plnces together. Recently two of us discovered that the third was having an affair with our office manager, also mar ried. It's been going on for some years. Our problem is, we dqn't know how to handle her. B. B. B. Answer: Don't soil your skirts! Let the woman know that you arc aware of the double, infidelity nnd want no part of her friendship. Dear Miss Dix: I had been going steady for one year with a nice boy. We .broke up a few months ago and now I'd like lo get him back. Should I try? MARIE Answer: Your efforts would undoubtedly be wasted. If he was interested in you, he would lutvo let you know. Forget him and find a new beau, --,, ..iv t V V,V. I V (I l^J ll«l V through the emergency program. " ^ Farmers in the drouth siren pay 530 a ton, or less, depending oil the kind of hay they buy, the PMA •••aid. Losses involved in buying tho liny, paying shipping eosts 'and sol- ling at ceiling prices are being brone by the Department of Apr- culture out of presidential i-mer- i-'i'iiey funds, the PMA reported: banker, lost It Friday driving from thc-ir hotel to a cafe. It was four.d yesterday by Oren Skinner while cleaning debris for a brick contractor. Skinner turned it over to police. It was slightly the worse of lack of wear. It had been squashed, apparently by an auto. This represented the lurgest week-to'week decline since early October of lfl!50 when wholesiile food prices turned downward briefly after weeks of spiralling higher following the outbreak of tho Korean Wnr. At that time the index fell 1 1 cents to $0.50. Tho Index represents the cost at wholesale of totnl one pound each of 31 foods In general use Canada's Prison Governor Ousted TORONTO, Oril.. m — Ontnrl Promior Leslie suspondod tho nlnht Dear Miss Dix: This is important to me, I am 12 years old, 5' 1" weigh 110 pounds and look every ounce of it. Should I take reducing pills? I will abide by your adivce. DOLORES Answer: I hope to heaven you do abide by my advice, Dolores, for the answer is emphatically nol No one should take this type of medication without the advice of a doctor. But a 12-year-old should be especially careful. You'll prob ably lose the extra weight in a year or two without doing anything about it. (Released By The Bell Syndicate lnc) $10,000 Bracelet Unnoticed 4 Doy$ BEVERLY HILLS, Caltf. Wl-A $10,000 platinum and diamond bracelet lay unnoticed in a gutter here for four days. Mrs. Walter L. Richard, spcialito wife of a retired New York City frost Inst prison governor and six g'unrda of Don Jnol, where four death house criminals broke out Monday. Krust declared there wan "something rotton In Denmark" when four condemned men one with a wooden leg off such nh escape. RICELAND Rl To Save Money, Time And ^ Use Quick-And-Easy Ricelanf For Tender, Fluffy, White Perfect Rice Every Time! Commenting on tho eight suspended prison officers, Frost said, "This doesn't mean these men are guilty of anything. IJut they wore Your grocer now hns ft wonderful rico which Is quick nnd cnsy to,cook! It's the famous perfect-cooking RICELAND RICE which requires no wash- Ing, no rinsing, no draining, no re-steaming! Cooks In Few Minutest Uso RICELAND RICE and with no effort—in just a few mlnutoa — you'll hnvo white, fluffy, perfectly-cooked rico every time! Thrifty I No Extra Cost! Yoii pny nothing extra for tho quick and easy, perfect- cooking quality of RICELAND RICE. It costs less than two cents a serving! Get Big FREE Cook Book! A new, big 28-pngc recipe book, beautifully illustrated In full color, with cnsy, wonderfully delicious recipes for thrifty , RICELAND RICE mnln dishes, including! casseroles, soups, salads and could pull I desserts will bo mailed you FREE on request. Just write --RlCB^ tho Arkansas Rice Growers Cooperative Assn., Stuttgart, for free cook book, Here's The Quick Ai Way To Cook Ricelgnd Put i cup EICELAND' 2 cups water nnd 1 teas in u 2-qutirt saucepan; a vigorous boil, Turn dowi ns low us possible, Cover H; pan with u lid and loayaf< low heat for 14 minutes, You'll have 3 heaping <jv white, fluffy, perfectly,** RJCE, w -» Stock-car racing u tho supreme tost of a car'* true worth iuHtumina, safety, performnnco. This year Huclaons have won 35 victoriea in 39 Bturto! This all-tlma record on tho world's toughest proytnft cor in tho world can approach it) la your proof tlmfcli«diio.iwui perform every other cur ... the.t you can't ohoouo a botter fanjij> The record shows which car is during the' construction period? Most of the men knew money had changed hands between Fay, Park inson and the employer*. Why was the investigation held off until this year? If I could be of assistance to you at any time, 1 would con»ider H a DplvUegs to respond to your full" Acropolis then went to the U.S. naval training station at Norfolk) and disappeared into the war. lj never heard from him again. Four of the worst crooks in Westchester uniofl rcket« finally! did go to prison. Thanks to the i spirit of courage and rebellion that Acropolis bad aroused Jn the men, these crooks were not allowed to draw thejr big salaries during their absence. As to Johnny's later career I have not kept informed. Team sters' locals perpetrated atrocities in Mount Vernon and New Canaan, Ccnn., but I believe Johnny was away at the time. I never did hear that be went in for rackets himself although toe mpb action of bis goons at nis fwera) was disquieting. HUDSON HORNETS SET ALL-TIME STOCK-CAR RECORD! In 39 stock-car races held so far this year, Hudson came In first 35 times, and both first and second 19 times In these cities: West Palm leach, Flo. Ooytona Itadt, flo. J«ksonvlll«, flo. Gtrdtnt, Caltf. H. Wllk.sbor*, H. C. T»mp», f la. Mirtiosyill*, Va, Columbia, S. C Macon, Oa. *, Pa, . C Tolido, Ohio Dayton, Ohio San Diego, Calif. Occoneechee, N, C Charlotte, N. C Detroit, Mich. Niagara Falls, Out. Owego, N, V. William} Gray*, P«, Monroe, Mich. Milwaukee, Wlif. South lenrf, Inl Ikhmeqa', Va. bchestir, It % Ashevlll.,N.C Hi itiir tir to tti wvW tu Bitd Uis ncirl! , t" l ( Unbiased tests on the world's tougJiest proving grounds help you choose your fami ALL makes of care compete in stock* car races. And in those gruoling teats of stamina, safety and perform-, anco, only reoultp count. That's why,. when you look al the stock-ear record, you know which, car ia best. To date thia year, Hudaons have won 35 out of 39 stock-car races—ail aU» time record! How does thia help you choose yoilf family car? Well, consider this: • It proves that Hudson's exclusive "step-down" design (with American lowest center of gravity) givef yum road-hugging »tepity aM sureoass'^f handling no othw ear can match! t It proves that Hudson's Monobilt body-and-frame* is the eafeet, ino«fe durable automobii* known! • It proves that Hup compression engines doufl power, that Ht, stamina to take 50,000 miles of teetawl; 1 " ", ;>; 'y All these important qua in a Hudson , -, V.|f for your prJ4e, fbf i There's rtxfaf" and you 4<M^1 record to see Stop Jn and phone " your TOL-E-TEXO EAST

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