Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 14, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 14, 1894
Page 3
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MYSTERIES! The Nervous System the Seat of Life and Mind. Recent Wonderful Discoveries. No mystery has nvor compared with that of human llfo. I tins boon the l>;tt'll"|: »•" W.t of |)ri>fi'~,loiial niMJiirch and study In 111! ai,iM. But uotwKlisiaucliug tills tact It h l " 11 . l ,f u ' w '' that flu) ar-Hl. of life Is IfliM- toilln U"',»l>- IMT purtof inn spinal ro \-Q, uoiir I his li|t™ of tbo I) rain, anil «) si'nst- tlvo l.-i thjs portion ot i uo nervous system tin.I rviVi ni'inllu Vi- I 1.1 (•1111*0 iusUint (lentil, •li-covcrtr* IwrrtpmonmniU'il i!i:xt . \Vhuii li.'is »>- --,l!h u iL!.i'rii>ii-.lii'iiiry in 11"' -ni:tfM ic-i'u-f p.-iralynis of lliu l)o ly l»-liftv tlio ini'.uvtl noiiii, IIL-ITHKII ll.i'iHTVu inivu Js siri'vi'iiicil 1'V tho Iniurv from rc-.'i -Iniu I wo p-ir;iK/,-<l ;i iVii"n. II ivlll liu undi-Moix! li*- v ' tho ili-r:ui!;i']iii'"i Of I IIIMUTVI) ci'iitvn will <-;iiW Hi,-ik-i J ;ui--i-iiK'iil. nt ilio v:ini)U.-,oi-:a7id 'Vhii'll tlll'V -<l'l[>|llV vv ilh IM'l' v ^ flUVO. ' Twn-tliinlsuf chronic dt«twi"i :im '"I' 1 1" •Iho liiiiii'rfc.-t. ;i,-l,ionof thn nurvo ce:i:i-r- at, tin! ii:i-<-iif Mil! brain, not fi'uni ,'l '''',';'"•?.•" tiv:it!u:-,- t'lii".u"<lisi:iisi!S is ih.it thc.v t'->'a.'-'"i" oi-.-an riulii-r limn iho r.iTvu cculLio »u".u ->ri> III" ,'aii-ii! of i lie t roublo. ,,1-1 rt "" liu. I-'U.\XKI,IN Mn.i-y. tho ™'; 1)r! '>Vj ...i'V,';- -1-ilUt liiHitr,)fniin< lystiidli'dl-liKsu!'.!''' ' '"• ••':,.!;, .:,-s :ui<l has made many hiiiinr.aiit dU'nv'-rlrsin '-<mm:i;ti.iii wlih it.chli'f umo;^ UI.TII ln-iiii: Mi" fai-lsn>nt:ilni-U In iihn i<-''^(> Htatomi-nr, anil that tho orilliiiiry nr" lO-.^ < t miatmi-nt.-.™ ivi-on* All hoa,I. o, •" t .11 MILKS' KI-.ST.MIATIVE NKKVINI; ^«" .-illilrii-.-uNKoiiripOslliv.i eiiiiniii'O.-. or vo,ic iliri'cthv Hit. Mn.ia MKUICAL t,o., K.plmi^ I ml.; oti rc,-nl|.t. of prl.v, *l I'er J> " ' ',*> bottles for f,>. .'.rprcvs pr-pnUl- K Coutitns .oolilier oplutca nor tluasorous dru.^s. It's the Part of Wisdom. Times iiiav bu hard and money clo«e bnl these things have ll'elr coiiipensHtlon. We can (tell you watch." iindwr.l. at very clos* "w™" tc (re'theinnnej. Cuine ,-iml see what yon oiin do with little money. 1 am anxious to sell not only watches tu; other K oods. i>lainori,ls, Clocks. Ollrerware. Spe.-tades and Novelties. 1 ain dgml fur the Lyile d ire an I lA-k Co., Cincinnati Ohio. Cull mid si-« a sniall sample. I). A. HAUK, JF.WKt.KB AND OPT1CAN. JOSEPH GILLOTTS STEEL PENS Noa. 303-4O4-I70-«04, And othur styles to suit all hands, THE MOST PERFECT OF PENS. "DAILY JOURNAL. UK; HUSINKSS EXPECTED. Last week tho Union frelpht lino which operates over tho Pennsylvania closed a contract with a western syndicate to haul 102 000 bushels of grain from Chicago to Philadelphia. In view of filling' this contract tho Pan Handle is sending all available cars to Chicago and business is unusually brisk, Cars are being scraped up from all over tho linos. Many side tracks have been filled with empty cais all wintor and thcso aro now boinjr moved nortlward. U will take a largo number of cars and toroo time to move such an immense amount of prain but Iho Pennsylvania rond with [U two Chicago lines will soon finish tho job. WEDNESDAY MORNING MAKCH14. ,\u OnilMlon Corrcptfd Editor of tho Journal: In the very pleasant notlcu you have made of the rebuilding of our church and its rededication, I observe one omission which I would like to see corrected, namely an acknowledgement of the services of Messrs. Kreulch and Laycock who immediately after the fire were employed to furnish tho plans and superintend the reconstruction. I am confident that I express the sentiment of an oar people when C say that their services have been exceedingly satisfactory throughout. No archi- tens could have been more gentlemanly, attentive and accommodating than they have boon in all their deal ings with us. Tne building lt»eif shows for their ability as architect D, P. PUTNAM, Pastor First Presbyterian church. March 13. 1394. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. A NKV,' T. r ft «'• KliMOU- Second Vice. President Harris of tho Ghicapo, Burlington & Qulncy ' rail,, road said this afternoon that tho ropOi t that tho corporation was about to issue bonds for the purchase, conjointly with tho Pennsylvania rui'.road, of the Toledo, Peoria& Western, was nows to the local general ollicer of the road --While I am not prepared to uony tho report." he said, "yet the Not remains that wo know nothing of t l;o-c. Such mat'.ers belong to the onoralollieera at, Boston, and a deal f that kind might bo fully consum- lated before any oiViclal advices cached us horo." Supt. Walton iind Chief Train Die- atcher Tousloy were at Gas City yes erday. Pun Ilundlo yard engineer Cornelius loOaujrhuy hae returned to work after protracted illness. Tho Pennsylvania and tho Wabaeh oads hold their annual meetings yes- erday, tbo former at Philadelphia nd the latter at St. Louis. In 189;! tho Pennsylvania, Company xpeoded on its linos west of Pitts- urg for track and additional rolling took tho sura of f 7,523,048. Willis Justice has resumed his posi- ion as sand dryer at the Pan Handle ound houso after an illness of several wteks caused by tho sickiees and ealh of his wife. Chas. McGowon, the well known 'an Uacdto baggageman is fllowly mprovlng from hia late severe illness ,nd is around town again but is not <et able to resume his duties. Pan Handle engineer Thomas Lon. pabough, has been a-signod to engine 378, to haul the merry-go round be- ,ween Marion and Winamao. Engineer F. M. Williamson haa been ;ransferrod from tho passenger to tho Volant service. Dr. Wagner was busy all day yesterday vaccinating men employed in the Pan Handlo shops. Ho established hU headquarters in the pattern shop and a great many employes look ad~ vantage of the fact and were vaccinated. Tho treatment was free to al employes. Within a week there wll bo more -eoro arms around the Pan Handle shops than were ever seen there before. Pan Handlo engineer John Brum baugb, met with a peculiar and pain ful accident Monday night while on tho road. While looking out of the cab window ho was struck on the head by a missel of some kind, badly bruising the left side of hla face. What the object was that struck him Mr/Brumbaugh does not know as it was dark when it happened, but it Is supposed to have been a stone thrown by some evil-minded person who had some real or personal grievance against ths railroad company and vented his spleen aga'nst one of tho employes. Eugene Dobs, president of the American railway union, in a speech nt a mooting of populiuts at Terre Haute Monday announced that he would vote the ticket of that party this year and would urge laboring men to do tho same, as the only meana of fleeting men who would be true friends of labor. Ha has always been a democrat. He said that there was no longer any material difference between the democrat* and the republicans on the tariff or finances. Morton K-inkin, who Is treasurer of the populist national committee, says Mr. Debs win bo their candidate for governor in 1896. People along tho State Line road and som« of the local merchants are very much displeased with tho new lose many passengers and none hut a few through passengers will be ben- efltted by the new arrangement. The State Line road is the best feeder that Logan sport has In tho way of railroads and our merchants will regret exceedingly to see it slip away and hope to see the old time card restored in tho near future, Vaunt Tuuijjlit. Of the popular dramatization of Goethe's Faust which will be rendered _ by Mr, Lewis Morrison and com .any j on a return engagement at Dolan's tonight a distinguished dramatic ritlc writes: Mr. Barnard's Faust is ot a character for whom much sym lathy is felt. There is not much to o said in extenuation of Faust at any imo, but in thU \orsion he appears to o more of a scoundrel than usual, hough vacillating between remorse nd a desiro to have a full value of his bargain with tho devil The play s excellently staged, and tho Wai- urfris night scono is treated in a nanner different from that usual when—which is seldom—tho act is otained in tho opera, and isfullloiont- y horrible and effective, a now etToct lolng obtained in a ciucuilc of red lire. A good deal of afHisi.anco Is given to he general effect by tho use of tounod's Fnust music, and nothing would be lost if it wore more freely borrowed. There aro scenes in Faust" which, illuminated by Gounod's music, aro poems in them- elves, and which are now a little pale without it. This, however, la a dramatic, not a lyric, version of tho itory. $10(1 lirnnrd, #10(1. Th« reailtT of this imiwr will li" plrasi'il to cm-!! th-.it llmr« In at least ono urwul-'il Ul.seii««t hut jicltMicp has beon alilf 1 to cur,- In all Its Manns iml h'l IsCiitiirrh. Hall'- Catarrh (Jure Is Hie oiilvVio!.! lvii,-iin« known to the nii-dleal frat«rnty. ;ntiirrli IHHK a cimsllliitioniil ills" '•'"• reiiul-"S a constitutional traitiniMit. Hall's Catarrh 'Uire Is tiikmi lnti>rimll>, a<:tlnK illri'rtly on th- hlo-d and mams .surfaces of Hi,- sys'.niu. therein dwrtro.ltig hetoiindiitlcin of "ledlM-iisp. ami uivliw the lift- lent straiiuh h}' ImlldhiK up til.' constitution and uMsthm nature l.i dolnu Its wurk. I hs proprle- orshavtso imiKh fnlHi In Is curative powers, - - •• • Dollars lor any ••use Wcloomi'il i» Haiiinioud. Hammond Tribune: Hav. L M. Schofleld, of the First Presbyterian :hurch, is on« of the foremost pulpit orators of the West. He is more than welcome to Hammond. After the bull Is over. a(t« tliB breiik of morn, A nor the dancers leavlnu, lifter thft stars are gone. Mfinj ft head Is aching, If you but knew It all, Take Smith's Bile Beans on retlrlnn after the buU, Ar.k for SMALL size. L,ocnl Union V. K. Me<-tlua. The local union C. E. meets at the Broadway Presbyterian church on Wednesday evening, March 14th ' at 7:30 o'clock. Subject this month, •Good Citizenship." This subject will be of Interest to everyone, All aro invited. Following Is the program: Devotional services l«il by Miss I.lzile Camp""piper-"What is (iaod Cltlzcnshln" Soc'y ,mk or T M. C. A. p!; S ™r!!!"'H OW promote Good Cltlxenshlp," Mr. C. W KnoutT. Discussion. _ Don't Tubceo Spit or Smuko Tour Life Away Is the truthful, «t-i-tlln' tlt'e of a lltMe bonk that toll" nil iibont No-to-baMlw wondBrtiiL "nrm- 11 BDtohiircohHbltcii'C. The <-ost Sterling lad. Co., Indiana CASHHD4TK*. Entire flat 3d tloor, over store fo -rent, in whole or in part.—Haro ITrank, 813 Fourth street. More nicknoss Is duo to a diseasei nervous system, than all other cause -combined. Ur Wheeler's Norve VI iallzdr acts directly on tho nerve sys torn to rosioro perfect health. Sol by Bon Fisher. The B*by'<* Best Friend—McLinn' Onion Sjrup gives immediate relief 1 and euros croup, colds, colic, and particularly vomiting of curdled milk. For »>vlo by B. F. Keosling. Only 25 oents por boulo. The ladles of tho Baptist MUo So- «letj will give a muaica' social at Mrs. TuckiT'ri. No. 718 Marked stroof, this (Wednosday) evening at 7:30 All aro cordially invited. Admission 10 cents. Wo hnvo heard men say "I would give $500 to have this approaching baldnexs arrested and a healthy growth of hair produced." This desirable result will surely be brought about at trifling expense by the use of the Excelnlor Soalp Curer and Hair Producer to b* sold by agents ID this city. The Ladles Home Mission of the Broadway M. E church will (five an onterlnnment at the church thii e T8 nlo«. Aaon, the features of the ----- M home Rnd .ntertainment will be rap Id rteth injto ^ ^^^ Ther°e a wm 0r a.oa y p^a. of IJc o, Lo.ansport wll, lo.e part of their Ldreo"^'- ™»''«o* 10 cent., trade and the railroad company will FOll THKA3DKKH. iwlllbftncan-lldiitefor Tniiisiinjr of the city of Lowinsport, sabje.it to th« will of the Rapubll can City Nominating Convention^ R SMiaKNT Loransport, Ind,, Februiiry 13. IBM. I will be ft cundlilite for TT'iwirer of the city of LoRansnort, Kiil.J«t to th, will of the Ilepnbll- cjm City Nominating Convention. ^ ^^ LoRansport, Ind., February 10, 18'J-I. I will be a canHdiite '"• nnmlnii'lori |or the once of City rr«i-urer suDjact tr.t h« wlII orthti ioimbllcuii Conventl-in. •(- '• ALLISON. ll'iu-uisiiort, Ind., Kw>ruary 19, WJ*. I will be a andl.l:it«~ror~~Tre:i9urep of th« city or Lodii i»port. snblect tn the will of the Hopub- Ican cityNomiiiii.IiiK ConviMitlon, time card as far ae that division of the Pan Hstndle is concerned. The last tr-in used to leave Logansport at 7:30 p. m which gave th-3 people along that line ample opportunity to do their trading here whereas under the new schedule the train leaves he^e shortly after 2 o'olo :k In the afternoon and practically gives them no time at all. Citizens of neighbor- Logansport, Ind., March S, 189-1. M, Francis One of the Tlioysaniis Compound Has Benefited Whom Paine's Ce'eiy a Among the men of international reputation in America uo one deserves better of his country than Hon. John M. Francis, ex. minister to Auitrla. The highest political honors have come to him unsoughi. President Grant appointed him minister to Greece, President Garlidld bad chosen him for tho mission to Bolffium. President Arthur appointed him minister to Portugal, and in 1884 he was promoted to be envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary to Austria II jngary, with a residence at Vienna. At tho last New York State election Mr. Francis was chorea one of the 15 delegates at larga to tho constitutional convention, which is to sit In Albany next summer, and his majority was the largest on the Stito ticket. Mr. Francis is conspicuous am ng-the really groat editors of today as tho founder, editor and proprietor of the Troy Times, which he has made a live, enterprising, clean and popular paper, and one of the ablest and most influential exponents of republican, iam in the country. Tho lifo and labors of Mr. Francis present o -e of the most attractive and instructive objects which one can contemplate. Industry, conscientiousness, absolute fidelity to duty, acd pretence for ahU'h plane of moral conduct have boen conspicuous traits of his character. They were the A MIRACLE. What Pliclps' "Pour C" Remedy Did i'or Bliss J'cnnlo Basset. I ast Friday, DPS. 19th, my attending physician atu'twl unless 1 wan better bj morning he i-onW do nothing for my relief That nUht I com- mencedtakini? Ph»IP's ""our C" remedy; stopped all other medicines. Tn« first dose stopped my cough; »lept an I n»ted well; a few more do*os removMd all sorena.i.i from my lungs: the second day I was up; the third day I was 'lit on trie porch and today was up town imrchatlng holiday ttoods. mm MJU»J M gg J15 j, N|E BASSET . Washington Ave. and Summit St. Croup Cured. One dose of "Plihlps' Cough, Cold and Croup Cure" g*'e ray child Ins'ant relief when attacked with the ^ roJJoOB . Ei of Moore Bros .' Grocery, , Kan. adcquato guarantee of the eminent su cess that bus crowned his efforts, and of tho tribute of esteem that is paid to him. Mr Francis, thought he has reached the pfl»lmift'sal otted three score and ti-n, is In excellent health, and menially vigorous and alert. The first of this year he went to California with his daughter to spend a f w months. Ik-fore going ho requested Mr. William B. Wilson, who under Mr. Francis and his son, Hon. C. S. Francis, is is ,ho wideawake head of tho business department cf the Time", to say for him to the proprietors of Paine's ! celery compound: "I bave ueed the medicine raoderaiely and with favor able recults." The expression is characteristic of tho dignified and conservative gentle man who, as last fall's vote show, is j in ihe right sense tho most popular 1 citizen of the empire State. | Mr. Wlltion himself, writing an un : solicited letter to Wells & Richardson • company, says of this wonderful ! remedy that makes people well: "For sometime past I huve been using Paine's celery compound as a nervine and tonic, and have found H* effoots very beneficial. I have heard and known of its good work arnon£ my friends, several saying that they "could not keep houso without it," and never allow their supply to become exhausted. I shall always stand ready to say a pood word for Paine'a celery compound, for I honestly believe that it will do all that it claimed for It." Among- the tbo isands of testimonials that come to the proprietor* of. Palne's celery compound every year, are letters from grateful men and women in every station In life. Little did Dartmouth's great professor realixtt the greatness of his benefit to mankind when he first prercrlbod thii remedy that makes people well, and in the spring months—March, April, M,y u as much superior to all th» ordinary tonics, nervines, and sarsapa- rlllas as the diamond is more brilliant than a piece of glass. It U the best (spring medicine in the world. It makes people well. It Is tbo true specific for diseai** arising from a debilitated nervoui tyttem and impure blood. It is a positive cure for dyspepsia, billou*- oe«s, liver complaint, neuralgia, rheumatism, all nervous diseases and kidney troubles. For the latter Palne'i celery compound has succeeded again and again where everyihinit else h»» failed. Tho medical journals of this country and Eur -pe have given more ep*o« to the many remt'-kable cases where the use of Paine's celery compound ban trade people well than to any other one i-ubject. I guarante*Pb«lP»' "Four C" lor LA. GRIPPE, , Bronenltn. Coughs, Colds, etc. BEN FISHER. The breath of a chronic catarrh patient is often so offensive that ho bocomi an object of dUg'ust. After a time ulceratloo sets In, the spongy bonos are attacked, and frequently destroyed. A conttant source of dis comfort is the dripping of the purulent secretions into the throat, sometimes producing inveterate bronchitis which U usually the exciting cnune of pulmoniry disease. The brilliant results by Us use for years past properly designate Ely's Cream Balm as by far the best and only remedy. Call upon your druggist for U. IB your head clear P Have you a ? ood grip on all your Interests and a boundless energy In your blood? You can have both if you observe tho precaution to take, when retiring for the night, a done of Smith's Bile Beans. By the time you get 1,0 work next day you will feel ae If you could u 1 ,train of earn. Be sure to get the small size. Quaker headache capsuls Rife re. lief IB tan minute*. Tlio Midwinter fair Excursion tickets via Pennsylvania lines g od returning until Julj 15lh. Tfie epocia) low rate excursion tickets to San Fr«.ncifCO, San Diego, Lot Angeles, San Bernardino and other California points, now for sale vif. Pennsylvania lines will ba Rood returning until July 16, 1894- Excursionists can select any route frotx Chicago. For particulars apply to J A MoCullougn, Ticket Agent, Lo- ganspori. Ind, Ti» Indium <|>ni*« »« "ue Pure For rouud trip, via Penn-ylvania lines On March 13th and 14th, the round trip r^to to Indianapolis will bo one lowest Brat cli«- fare from any ticket Ktatlon on the Penusylvaola lines In Indiana account the Prohibition State Convention Tickets will be good to return until March 16 h. Apply to any Pennsylvania line ticket atfont for details. . round trip tickets will be told, Lo- irarsoort to IndUnipolis, at rate ol $3:15. good to ret rn and Including March 31. 1894. For any further particulars as tot'Rin- e'c . «pply to J. C EDGEWOKTH, Ag't. Vmjd>Hi> l« : i« . On M-troh IS in andl4ih. round trip tickets will be fold, Lmranaport to Indianapolis, at rate of $2 35. good to re urn to and tnoludin* M*rch 16th. Also on M»roh 27th. 28ih and 29th, . As I am dwnlrouo of relieving curing suffering humanitv of catarrtw liver complaint, rhi-uintnlem, dyspepsia, and all diseactfn of a nervous Mtt debilitated nature in either en. until March 25th. 1 will treat all affliota* with the abnve di-easen free of charft* with tbo excep'lon of » very email fee In certain cmer; fur medicine. I do thl* for the b.'.nefii, of ma-y poor sufferers who »r« in ne-d of treatmettV and are not able to pay my forme* prices. J W. MBBROLL M. D.. D M & AwX 411 Broadway. Log»n»port, In*.

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