Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 11, 1952 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 11, 1952
Page 8
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HOPE STAR, HOrVt, ARKANSAS , September 11, 1»S2 H 0 P I S T A R , H 6 * t, A * KANSAS Wltft TW '» JIPtED PISPUAY . is ,„„„„,»„ 7ao #*t toefc , TO? ftt WCB , Me t»« atwvf w* for M •ft rtMrvs hs right M , 'Mil alt odvurtlwmsnli of. on ond jn mtoM oiMrtUfnfl tub* et irar» l»tt»r», h ai hMNM count at on* will not bt ._._.. Wont A* unl«M to eur atttniun .rtlon of od ond tht ONI Internet S^lhont 7-3431 bow, WHhin 1 block erf BWteyr Jtol«I, Phon* 7-JM8. M'tl 4 ROOM furnlshud «p«rtm#nU Prl- viitt b«ih, Kl«etrlc W>*. Ho child- r*n, Mrs, Judion. 930 North Elm, A ROOM house on Pork Drive. Call 7-3748, . u ,,,. nm ^.y S^boiT(i7nl(ih«d^»p7rTm*nt with b»»h, Slfl W. 8, 8e* Vclfnn Ooss, find's Hnrnbur|«r Stand, J0.«t For Sol* AT remotmbU prices. RogUUrcd Hftreford Bulls, 12 to 18 months old, New location 4 miles horth un Proving Oround Rood, A, W. Blorseth, Phone 7*4983, 8-1M PKA grnvol, clsy grnvnl, »nnd. lop soil, and Mil dirt. Call Je««« Bin- clftir, Phono 74AA0. H-3-1M M«lpWont«d HAVK po«ltloft)i Bvftllablp for 3 hard working colored boys. Apply 8<nithwp*t P«rU H«bul)d«rn, Proving Ground. 10-31 MAN to (rain, In miltn nnd *crv- tee work. Snlnry to start. Car furnished, ARI** 21-43. Belling «x perlenea not n<'«px*ary, bttt help /til, Apply in p«mon \<i Mr, Rob- eft Wulker, Mnnne«r, Singer Bowing Mnclilne Co,, Hope- Ar- 10-.1t o. wthin of boirt homes Itt town. $300, Terms, $10 per month. T. N, OrUHS hny. 8eo Grit Sttmrt. Jr HI. 4, Hope. Phono 7-4BA2. Ml 300 Bushels of sweet pot (t to crfltos IK cents each. Paul* Dudney, Wttshlnjltan, Arkansas. »-3t •y Th« Anoel*t«d Prttt SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION (Playoff) W L McrnphU I 0 Mobile ' 1 1 Atlontn 1 I Chatlanoogri (I 1 U**t Night'* Rtiultt Mernphl* 0: Chattanooga 2 Atlanta H; Mobile 0 Tohlght'i Q«m« Memphl* nt Chnttanoen Only Mimic xcht'duk'd. W L R3 57 98 03 Pet OUT OF DOORS with Easter Top Man on Indian Hit Parade By RALPH RODEN AP SpeHs Writer Luke EasWr. former tnr«*t for "Making «nme like n spaniel ClttVflnnd's "boo blrdu," In topi lhal ' s whot hc »«em* to be doing" man on thr hit parndc of Indian lWhnt Ed » 0 '' 1 «•« ri * h t enough Kin setter did look like n spaniel Why A Bird Dog Blink* By JOE STETSON Dog Editor "Making game like n ftinn today, Big l.uki,-'» blazing but U cpcar- heading the Indlnnn' bid for the American t.«*n((ui- pvntuint, n drive th/tt find* them only one grime behind the New York Yankees. Both cc-rnbdtant* have M Hum en to piny Including a faci'-to-fncc meeting in Clevflimil on Sunday. Kii.'itor drove homn two runx last rilfht on u r.lngle nnd his 29th homer In It-ad the Indians to o 5-3 victory over the Philadelphia Ath- Ictlcn. But the Yonkn protected their slim lead its Allic Reynold 1.000! pitched the Dumber* to o 8-1 victory ov«r the St. Louis Browns. Meanwhile, the Brooklyn DodK- tSTAR L.tfM»l U, im !•»• ev*ry waifuiay afionwan by ,TA|l pu ' M>NINa J^ H» WddhHirn, ttftfn* Lr «»bW* kf*» MulbliMtf Ti Kt^isnUi, AriMHtM ___^___ 3 BIRD (tail pupplei. 1 female, Call or noil Thurmnn lUdllt or 7-M.ll, 10-8t O, K, Wtmnlnx machine with dou- bio tubs on rotltr*, Mahogany V*lhhurn, fctlltr * H, 4«n«. M«m«!n» t W, Heimtr. M««h, Ocvli, Adv«IIHn| »«>t. •l*w m«ti«r *t *t th» Audit •• bookcase, Mrs. West teth. W. M. Sparks, Il-St Prnlhor. nt, 3, llopw, .500 ,SOO .000 Home Study Course K your i)F«h ftehool fil rc time, Olplomu, No vlHSSfM, TnxtH furnished, Wrlt« for frpc booklet. American Htihcml, 2003 Alubumu, Fort Smith, Arkunmas, S-ll-lm Now York Cleveland 112 Chicago 74 runtoh 72 WiUhlhuton 72 Phllndolphla 71 8t, LoulH .17 Detroit 47 NATIONAL LEAGUE Brooklyn New York SI, Louis Phhfldc-lphlri Chicago Cincinnati Boston • Ptttiibureh 00 no B3 01 ern moved 4',j guines ahead ot New York Giants In the National| League race. The Dodgers fcwept » twt-nlxht twin bill from Chicago, 4-1 and (1-2, after the Giant had won a 13-lnnlntt battle from Pittsburgh, 3-2, on Don Mueller'fc ., j homo run. Pct ' Kaster, who failed to hit hh •™ 3 SwclKht clurlnK the first half of the •""^campaign, has been making tip •™ • for lost time since he got back Into '"'"I the lineup on July IS, following a • S1 M sojourn svith IncllannpolU of the .507 Americim Assoclnlion. .407 .341 innkirtK game and a subsequent flush would not have been surprising but Kd'ft do« Just backed out of the pntch of cover hc was in and deliberately went around H In rnnge further on. "Now that's what I brought you nloni! to see," continued Ed. "1 can't seem to figure It out. He never flushes blrdo. but hc certainly looks like my old spaniel; did when they were on n bird, and then he leaves as though the -bird hud been there and flown on." "The bird is there, Ed," I said. "Just beat »round in that patch iind you'll not only prove it but c-linch the diMgnoslH I give you."i has been placed upon his pointing Top Radio Programs NEW YORK UP) — Listening tonipht: NBC — 7 Roy Rogers Western: 7:30 Father Knows Best; 8 Dragnet, Police Drama. CBS — 7 Mr. Keen "Yellow Scarf Murder;" 7:30 In Peace and War "The 12th Man"; 8 Romance "Motive for Murder." ABC — 7 Mr. Broadway; 7:30 Defense Attorney; 8 A m a teuf Show . MBS — 7 Jazz Nocturne; 7:30 Hardy Family; 8:05 Rod and Gun Club. Showing of ,ROKs Proves Heartening By PHIL NEWSOM UP Foreign News Editor _ There was more Rood news than in the reduction gears caused $300,- • nlo t tho eye in the announcement 000 damage to the destroyer • this week thnt South Koreans had Sabotage Is Suspected in Ship Damage BOSTON — <ift— First NaVttl District headquarters disclosed rprly today that metal chips found. Friday items: NBC 10 a. m. Strike it Rich. . . CHS 9 a. m. Godfrey Time in the A. M. . . . ABC H a. m. Breakfast Club. . . . MBS 11 a. m. Curt Mas- __ t sey .... Baseball MBS Game °f\'$^ Day Network 1:23 p. m. New York Yankees at Chicago. Pritchard in what may have been sabotage. Rear Adm. John L. MeCrea. commandant of the district said ^ navhl intelligence investigation to determine If it was sabotage has not been completed. "As In all these cases," he said, "naval intelligence has conducted investigation and is still doing recaptured Captiol Hill from Chinese Communists. the In nlpllon Raui (poyatil* In ad- In M»p» and mull in llempMund, Movodo, Hn* Howard, onA MMtar Real Estate for Sob 1101 lOiint 7th 8trc0t, 9 roorns, bntli, Morou«. l-ot 70 X 170. ThU homo is 3 yonrs aid. 01 financed! You own this for fQOO down, $38 per munth, If you wont o beautiful now home, this Is It, * UP town, Duplex, 7 rooms, a kltch ons, U boUiB, doublet 8&rng«. In- emno $06 tnonth, Own thin for W I, R8 50 113 54 no 38 75 on 02 no ?B 3D 102 Pet .030 .000 ..tno 03 7.') 77 Tin; 240-pound first baseman departed unmouriu'd with a ,208 av erage. Since his recall hc has been bonglm: away nt a .340 clip and hn.* driven In 55 runs In 32 games. The Indians were playing .908 bull and trailed the Yanks by 3'i MI) K'» incs when Kaster left. Since hi:'. 482! return they have won 30 and lost '4411! 23, a .(110 pace. [435! Easter, who has hit safely in 13 277 ktrnlght p.arnes, singled home Thursdny'i Sohcdulo Plttsbiiruh at Now York — Pollet (0-lftl vx Lnnlur (7-IS> or Md(! lie n.vn>. Chicago nt Brooklyn — - Tlush (H. 12i v« toim tlIl-7). Rl, I..OUIM ot Phllndt'liihln -• lloyor (0-0) or Iliiddlx tl-1) VH Itolii-rts (211-7). Only anrnes schcduto. (13 Cincinnati 0; llostnn n (10 In nl«ht) WEDNESDAY'S RKBULT8 New York 3; Pittsburgh 2 innlnstO Philadelphia 0; St. Louis 3 <ninhO Brooklyn 4-0; Chicago 1-2 (2, twi- ^ t«publ lotol mw« prlnitiJ in thl* w*n QI alt AP nwm 8 MOOM houso, lot 32 x 130. Water llKlvtii, gnu, Prjo» $480, Termn $80 ensli, $10 n month. 4 ACRES, S room hous*. City wu- twr and U«hu. Only iiaao, LOT'S of nice lots In {fills ot Hope Addition, Kaay terms. «, D. FRANKUN COMPA 100 South Mflln A, P, Dotony, or more uor month in «pnru *1 for in. »nd invtructloiu. Box 81, t' ArUnitm 74, Mum. 8-18t NoUct 3-3-40 cotton poison, f ID per dred. Home rot* rent, five room*, buth, 1018 \V»« Fourth. B-at Wonted Mann A-5HJ-U For Ron! or Solo Streo, Mope, Ai-kun»u«. Mi-«. Ida Arn fttt Salt T\\O story brjck apartment blukt intc, ThorpviKhly wqulppcd far two private tipnrUutmU, upitalm and (lownntalnt. DouUle uurmt' 180 x 150 lot, Loewtod close in Mover «ny vuc«ucl*». 8UI S JElm. brick vtn««r. Larg hoslih. room and care In private .not co«t«<lou». fco. Mr«, builUiu. Attic tan, v*n»U*t bllndi, carport, 5Q x IW lot, Th« b<Nrt ot locttttoni to ttf ni« AH «* We, Will tell «l buritttn. WO S Main Street. THREE Bedrwm hum*. All lwi« rooiu*. Carport vsA f«Mr«««. Nlc« Persecution of Prisoner Claimed MUNS5AN, Koron — WB— TIKI chief Communist truce negotiator winy « uld tho U. N. ;o doBth" a Red prisoner found lutnuintf by the nock In Kojc Camp. North Korunn Gen, Nnm U hits Allowed up ouch recent U. N. dls elonuro of Red prisoner deaths \Vlth aueh u protest to tho U. N. Command, Truce negotiations, In their sixth wvekjong reeoss, arc scheduled to In? renvinied at Ponnutnjom tomor Something N«w ... i Non C«noell*ble HOSPITAL INSURANCE '41 year old company. Qotd In hotplUl* anywh«r« M. S. BATES 8, Kim 8tre«t Phon* 7-4454 Indians' first run in the opening li'nlntf. Dob Lemon blanked the AlhlfiicE on throe hits until the ninth, when he suddenly wilted. The A's loaded Ihe bases with one oul ami Lemon Issued two walks to force home two runs. Ted Wilks, Ihe old National Leap.ue fireman, eame on and saved Lemon's IDlh victory. ' Reynolds was In top form attains the Browns. The righthander allowed only five hits and fanned 13 In raeklnu up his 18th conquest The YanUs collected 15 hits against 'Dunne PUMto and two relief pitchers. Johnny Rutherford, with assistance from Joe Black and Carl Er- r.klne, turned back the Cubs at EJb- beta Fl'Id. Rutherford tiowed vO»t for a pinch-hitter during a fiarne winning, four-run rally in the sev enth of (he opener. Black retired the Cubs In order the rest of the way.' Ersklno coasted to his 12th victory In the second game. Mueller's homer for tho Giants sent game Murry Dlckson down to his 20th defeat. Dickson, who won 20 games In ifliil. Is the first Pirate pitcher In modern history to be tanged with a score of defeats, Tho Giants engaged three pitch- vv» to stem the Pirates with Hoyt Wilhelm B«l»lng credit for his 13th victory. In other names, the Philadelphia Phils defeated St. Louis. U-3, and Cincinnati nosed out Boston, 6-5, In 10 innings In the National Lua»uo, and Chicago turned bock Washington, 6-3, nnd Detroit upset Uoslou, 0-2, in the American. the second bordered tho old apple orchard we were hunting a K rouse burst forth not ten feet from the position from which the dutf had bucked away to swing around. "Well there's your bird — now what's your diagnosis?" asked Ed. "Simple nnd obvious," 1 answered, "your dog is blinking. He very definitely has hunting Instinct and desire, but when he has located a bird, Instead of pointing it lip avoids it like the plague." "Why should he do that," Ed asked. "H certainly looks like what you say, but I can't under | stand why." 1 didn't try to put my finger on the exact reason for the dog's be hnvlor, but I told him in general why dogs blink so he could best figure out what set of circum stances brought it about In this case. dog blinks because of Attention Ladies U Ii ttm* to git out them F«ll OlotHu *nd brlno your »lter«- UQIM to RUTH'S SHOP Per quick gu*r«nt*«d Mrvlot unpleasant circumstance which he associates with the bird. Pvw hups he flushed u bird accidental ly or otherwise and was punishet for It. Perhaps too much stress with absolute stounchness. H may ic that he has been punished In attempts to steady him to wing. Whatever It was, it caused the dog to decide that it Is much more comfortable for him if he doesn't! produce a bird. In the case of sensitive dogs, even a harsh tone of voice is enough to cause them to blink. The only procedure I know to cure blinkers Is to restore the dogs confidence in the fact that locating and producing birds is a pleasurable sort of business. Talk kindly to him when you see him making! game. I After a time or two hc may lose' his fear of following through and point. If he doesn't you may have to move In with him and flush the bird, "talking it up" and giving him the feeling that it's all part of a pleasant experience. This may mean retraining him to point later if he takes to flushing without point, or re-steadying if he breaks point, but it is better than blinking. A blinker never holds up his end of a hunting partnership. (Distributed by NEA Service) Preseott Athlete ' Seriously Hurt MAGNOLIA. 1*1—George Hotard Haynic, 20. a freshman tackle on the Southern State College football squad, was injured seriously in a fall into a large electric fan in the squad dressing room yesterday. His head struck the fan, break ins a blade. He suffered a skull fracture, a concussion and number- ous cuts, a physician said. Hayme, whose home is Preseott was dressing for practice when hc stumbled and fell. "The foreign substance which caused the damage was metal | chips. How they got into the reduction gears has not yet beer! I determined." c'| He said the damage was discovered about a month ago just | before the Pritchard was to leave the Boston Naval Shipyard for a training cruise. The Investigation was kept a secret until last night when word leaked out. The Navy confirmed the report early today. Navy sources said repairs will require several weeks. The reduction gears are that tion of the vessel's machine which reduces the engine's revolutions for the propeller shaft. JM lot, Owner moving to WUl sell «t bargain. $13 S. Walnut. AT 10U W««t ilh Str«*b-W* b*v« a r*«t good buy. a room n«nw pav«m»nt, good location. M x m tot. 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South Korean efficers are being trained by the hundreds in the United States and Swimmer Has to Quit Short of Record CAHUTHERSV1LLE, Mo., (UP) — Antonio Abertondo made plans today (or another attempt at the world's distance swimming record j ^verai bail 'whirlpools "and to drink broth and "mate," n South American tea. He was in the water 72 hours and 18 minutes nnd covered 282.3 miles ot the treacherous Mississippi. Up to the time he hit the horseshoe bend of the river at Now Madrid, Mo., he had maintained an overall pace of four milcs-per- hour, since leaving St. Louis Sat- mornin cross thousands of South Korean GI 1 s are after he failed a relntivoly short I curren ts which slowed' him consld soing through training centers distance from his goal yesterday. | tM back of the fighting line. "I'm going to try it again next The surprising and gratifying re- j y t:ir ." the Argentine swimmer birth of the South Korean army; s ., id t | mnlgh .„, interpreter. He slept for an hour aboard the yacht Buccaneer after he was pulled from the water, but nwokc ali.iiKsidc other United N n t i o n s forces on the battloline. It has been one of the really significant developments in the Inst year, as tho peace talks at Panmunjom stumbled and finally camo to deadlock over the prisoner-of-war issue. There are approximately 250,000 of the newly-trained and equipped k Soulh Korean soldiers available for was hauled from the muddy j i" » nervous condition. planned to muni.st "P c aje" negotiators didn t Mississi j , 30 n s ho t f : Abrrtnndo's crew pi count on. Meanwhile the No,U , ( ^ >> , ( , Ncw . Ywk nm| ,. ^", "T. ,J"r' Cally hn Y^"umd of St. Louis, Mo., in 1940.lsen.ina after the swi passed from the picture. KO return to Ar swimmer was 'the now, and there is little In the end it was the water's j coldness which stopped Abertondo. j "He was still doing a beautiful' job but he was shivering like jelly." Jim Holton, a river sports-i nvin said. "If he'd scheduled thisj SAN DIEGO. Calif. UP —Retired swim a month earlier hc would | have made it easily." i rested. Retired Admiral Succumbs ctoubt that Gen. James A. Van Fleet is confident they can bear their share of the burden when ho sr.ys his forces can turn back any new Communist offensive. Rack of those South Korean Imps is a manpower pool of at loiist another 500,000 men. American military advisers have estimated it will be at least two ^•ears before sufficient Republic of •Korea forces can be trained to take over the bulk of South Korean defenses. So there is no immediate reason for hope that American and other allied forces soon will be on their way home. But it is a far cry from the sit uation that existed two years ago. Tlu-n almost the worst thing that couly happen to any UN division was to have a South Korean force .assigned to the flank. Tho U. S. 2nd Division seemed particularly fated. The 2iul was butchered with casualties which still haven't been officially disclosed when the ROK's on their flank "bugged out" below Kunu-ri in December, 1950. In 1!)!)1, near the Hwachon reservoir, the marines suffered a simi r experience, although without such heavy lasses. The poorly trained and equipped 'South Koreans broke and ran be- 1'ore the Chinese, and. the marines didn't even know it until the Chinese began swarming over their fiank. The South Korean commander later explained apologetically that ho didn't toll the marines about the rut because he couldn't Adm. Jonas Howard Ingram, commander of Allied forces in the An AAU timer and other wit . i,iivo the "sll«htcst memory 'Damn', Just Can't Remember Says Ike WASHINGTON (,¥) — Dwight D. Eisenhower suid today he did not ot McGranery Is Working Quietly By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON i,*v-1n the slightly more than three months he hna buen attorney general, Jnmes P. McGumery has achieved no sen- sntiotts. In fairness to him, he promised none, When he save up :i lifetime federal iudm'ship last April to succeed Ally. Gen, J. Howard Me- Orath. at (he request of President Trimum. MoGrnnery made this promise: "My Job will bp to restore the faith of the 'American people In the government of the VI. S. nnd it will be done completely by the D< "arlmrnt of Justice" The Tri.mnn administration had sllnl '" s P'' in » tll ' 1{1 - ni - In addition tren scored by scandals which ! ho suspended a department law- Mullnlly, for outside . . . . . . ., ---- - . i m » \ *ii\^ .^ I I ^, I ' LVJ.T i l!li.-|llir|T vn South Atlantic during most of | pesses who followed Abertondo in; havinR said "damn" during his rn hndjdio address last night, but If hc died last night at, boats and a maintained World the age- of 05. The admiral suffered a heart attack last month while serving as superintendent of summer schools a» Culver Military Academy. Culver, Ind. He suffered a second attack Tuesday night. Adm. Ingram. Medal of Honor winner for service at Vera Cruz in 1914, also had a distinguished career in athletics. He played fot- ball at Annapolis and became hea.l football coach at the Naval Academy in 1914 and held that job three years. He retired from the Navy in 1947 after 44 years' service. Survivors are his widow, Mrs. Jer.n Ingram; a son, William of Los Angeles, and a daughter, Mrs. Mary B. Hays, Quantico, Va. yacht said he phenomenal strokes-a-minute pace almost con-! to s; , v | K > W!1S S0 rry and wants slant ly except during brief slops; Hero on ;i flying visit to address _ ^ various Republican groups, the JGOP presidential candidate had any kind for the product of this him to sny of an Interpolation in bigamous marriage," hc added. ! his speech in Indianapolis: Jones second "bride" has be-j "I'm accused , of having said come the mother of a daughter., something in my speech last night. His real wife, now living near Los I haven't the slightest Angeles. Calif., is expecting anoth- i memory of it, I will try to watch ft- child, their third. Millions of homes keep— St.Joseph ^ ^^ ^^ • ^^ • K • ^^ ASPIRIN 100 TABLET B'OIILE, ONLY 490 Wedding Interrupted by His Real Wife NEW YORK (AI — Lawrence Jonps whose second "wodcliiiK" reception was interrupted by his roul wife, received a suspended sentence yesterday on a bigamy charge —. provided lie returns to and supports his leijal spouse and their children. Last April, Jones, 24, and Audrey Hauck, 23. were married. The real'Mrs. Jones, the former Doris ><ibbe o£ Dunkirk N. Y., showed up at the reception after tracking Jones through a bank loan application. Miss Hauck's father complained to the district attorney's office here, but neither woman would sign a complaint against Jones. Each said she was certain he loved only her. But in Queens County Court yesterday, Judge William G. Groat said Audrey Hauck "has washed this man out of her hair." "She does not want support ot WEST BROS. 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It cannot be said, in fairness to r.lj concerned, thnt what hns happened in the Justice Department is; a "cleanup," which hns tho eon- notation of getting rid of wrong* doing. It must be assumed that tho attorney general would not permit a persons suspected of wrongdoing to resign but would flro him nnd Bttompt to prosecute him, In the department' there have been only rosisnntlons nnd reshuffling. McOranery tired one U. S. district attorney, In Topekn, Knn., nnd had the President fire n U. S, mar Gen. Eisenhower now mils the No i - vcl '1 Issue in the presidential nice »,,'.! "'-tivlties, cnuse of Semite delay in confirm-! his appointment, MeGranery I didn't take office until May 27. Since then he lias hi'uun snmo noxt inK- Mullnlly resinned donylnR "">' W'-nn H th Iraq today occupies most of the Evans Gives Youngsters Some Advice CHICAGO Mt — Gracious Chick British Others to come peeled were Jnrttca national tnt«reo»esiiat M from Oklahoma Clljx^nd Blntr of Jctferaon Ctty,, i ern runner-tip, Vlekors defeated investigation!; and fired district attorney and a II. S. marshal in the field. In the .lustier-1 Department he has made some! changes but no one hns been offi-| cially fired there although several lop men have resigned nnd one suspended lawyer quit. McGranory hns four months to go. Since tho Truman arlministrii- lT" S '"' t>|1 "f ancient Mesopotamia, Blair defeated Milwaukee. 2 nnd 1. A double round was Thursday thnt Will tf to tho quarterfinals, ment ends with tho 38' Sunday. Thoro Is a distinction mentally deficient Evnna, n legend of tfold nt the niie, Jr.. KeRdnllvlHo, tftd,, of 02, has given the younger sot In th»» WesUnMi Amateur tournament something : 'to remember, "Never RlVa up, that's the motto," soys vnrts. "When I ever get so I enn't qualify for n tourney, then inaybe I'll quit, But I fl«urc 1 still have many more yenrsi to play." Evans hns won eight Western Amateur crowns, the lasl in 1023, lie also Is the only amateur in history to win the Western Open, the Nuilottnl Open, nnd the West- urn nnd National Amateurs, to," snys Evans. ."\vhen I ever endearing smile nnd expression thnl won him tho "boy wonder" ti»K 40 yonrs ago, Evans proved his tenacity In Wednesday's first round by HolnR 10 holus to finish uff llnrold Foreman of Chicntto, n three-lime Illinois slwu> tltlist. All other favorites advanced. In- mlntls are not sufficiently . ed and the Insane whoso nro abnormal. N Husbands! Want new Pep at t «oim|M inmiMl *;icVy huomuK yfin, viiwMu, try JWi frim you, ion, jflni dMiw ylismtn III. 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