Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 11, 1952 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 11, 1952
Page 7
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I, iP- yfft 1 "^S 5 w,.^i HOP! 4TAK, MOPt, ARKANSAS Thursdoy, September 11, 1952 ti Sell , Company I* foelng cnn tfcf i Mophrino firm t * Stow ia,i motion iaw Into mlttW of city nt- T flltltn pro- propoMU at o .thtt I*8C >to d to M he York fl)< —fited bond, which nUt refund// to . B«il rttw «Bi« fitUo In <l«- AotnmltUo'ft objpc- ;«hiw«ri: „„.,,.. Jn-r'ttrtomwllluttonnl l%OUli'CO&fl«Cftto money Belt tnlil U pro- 'rri; K?i not refunded nil ittjd by Its BU»tonn»rfl 'bind, fll«d when tho " ' H>» million fin Btfty Grttbto (• Again Suiptndfd HOIXVWOOt) Ul hftft b*»e>n »uiri«wt«d Bolt/ amble by her nx nnnouneoa j/wlerdny (hat «h«i rofiwwl to, !•*• port for work on n ««nR»l*r turn •— "Bln*0 "' Olory" nieltnrrt Wlrlmnrk. H wan to t»PB)rr on Mwnloy, who with nchnd belter than W.fiOO ft w«»k, return- Pd to the ntudlo In June nftnr n JHMpatiiilftn. ..(M» WSH Inid off thni time (the IntUitod nn tnklnit n two-month rout flflor worttlnn stowllly fnr" IB month*. Hi« ««n«»l<5p film wn« t« hnvo Bftty'u first fJnirmille r*»lf» In 12 ypiit», 8lu> him done S5 Jn' Hint (Imr, Says GOP Record Is Liod About WA8HINOTON —Ml- Hop. Koth nrlm- Hi, aeorw (B-NY) »nld today Pri?*ldpnl Trtimnn one! Oov, Adlol Stovcnson lied about iunmn power the- Republlenn rtjeorA In on twittrylhlnR from public lo iiocinl security," Mm. St. Oftorgu Raid In a «tolo- moot thnt Truman and HUtvcnuor Inivo Hiili) .RcpubllcnnN opponed "unti vtcxl iiHulnut the orlHlriiil Bgclo Act In '183ft, nnd to UN expnnslon In ID30. Tho tenth, »ho sold, IB thai 1U publlGonn voiod 77 to in In th« House nnd 14 to 5 In tho Sminti irt Invar tit pnHKUM" (if the 103! net, nntl Inulntod on tho 1030 r« vlnlonn by a vote of 142 to 2 In the Howe nnd fl to 0 In tho S«n oto. India, Pakistan in Hot Dispute Mtrcury I* the only metiil which cvim tit quite low temper- (HfM, Wh«n light vhlnei through thin f*7er« of mercury It trantmlU n light. , Bobcati nre gpotted at birth. but the gpot« tend tri fade with OffC, Statement of Condition-of the CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK HOPE, ARKANSAS At the Close of Business on Sept. 5, 1952 RESOURCES Loan* and Discounts Bonking House and Fixture? United States Bonds Other Bonds and Securities Stock In Federal Reserve Bank Cash and Exchange $1,558,646.48 22,919.00 1,350,000.00 1,226,090.34 12,000.00 1,293,132.92 TOTAL $5,462,788.74 LIABILITIES Capital Stock $ 125,000.00 Surplus 275,000.00 Undivided Profits : 355,551.70 .Unearned Interest 2,103.00 Deposits 4,705,134.04 TOTAL $5,462,788.74 din nnd Poklntun wound up nt odd on tlu« Kunhnilr illNptilo hint nli;l tiftni* two wfiitks of Uilkn undor United Nntluim nunplcoH. The next «l»p In fi»r tin? di-lonoti-H to ropart bnck to ilit'lr uovvnunenta. Mn In point uf conti'iillnri wow the diMTillltitrldni! of Ktialunlr pwiuU/m n proponed ploblscitit to dolcrmlno tho iillt!«iint'<> o( dlniiutvd roHlonn of HID Htntc*. Tho Security Cotincll fii'Ht Net up a eouimlHNlon of tiun In 10-111. Officers 0. A. Groves Chairman of the Board R, M. LnOrono, Jr. President 0. C. Spraglna Executive Vlce-Prea. Dale Jonni ., Cathler Olln Lewi* Aulitant Cashier Directors O. A. Gravel R. M. LnGrone, Jr. C. C. Spraglni A. L. Stack 8. L. Read J. A. Hnynes Albert Graves N. T. Jewell George W. Peck George W. Roblson T. F. McLarty $10,000,00 Moxlmum Insurance for Each Depositor MEMBER OF FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM 0 tlumb QluaU JtKnny Punny Will Ui'mon- ' rmtlly huvo appear at the fc. Buppb 1 on th«r« until U InvlteU to In Uit }««t halt mUUon tte»»t tricks nlmoat id ku)U «ui well « f (j«U«hry barn Bliftt to train MWtlpr* ol und»r wiJiwy which . wu» put, to„ kT wculu. lift >MI it «. tibl*. L-WuitUp v loom ,>lm», Chlefe a, * weak ore* She U wnart *.l**W«l ?tf W B'LL t^U you the rower, to that one— it's the figures on the price tog. For some reason, lots of people just can't believe they can buy ft Buick at a price so close to "the low-priccU three." Maybe it's because a Buick seems so much .better and big^r. Maybe it's because they think Buick has so much more power and room ^ which is true. Maybe it is hecaust to roony distlnMuishud people own Buicka- which i* dfto a {act, But the fact remains-*/ yow cm afford a new ear* yw*.c<i* own 9 Rttiek ~t$mto see what YQH get a ride that cast an honest-tfrgoodness million dollars to devtffQp. You get the silken smoothness of Dynaflow Drivt.* You get bifrcar row/or/, styling, durability. Don't take our word for it* Come in nnd see for yourself why so many folks are stepping up to this great car this year. £</«>*««•*/, rffomorMU, trim W moJtli are i*l>jt/ci to tl>.tug« without xvtict, *StenJitr(l on Rwutmtisttr, apriotul at fosi oit oiiffr iVnVx, Yeu «t tk* tkrilllvf fiwtr ot*Pit>*ball S > that's « t<u-$avt*t kitk>comfir<t$$ion get Yott &t *swuekrtn>t*<uy<>nt'tt(tti* cor s cost. -^ i «• A Thunday, September 11,1952 H 0 P I STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS '•»&, A (irtfdl Cluck •( AftP't Everyday Prices Will Convince You that PRICES AT A&P STORES ^ Continue to Reflect ANN PAGE GRAPE JELLY 12 Oz. Glass 19c Check A&Ps Everyday prices. You'll be agree ably surprised at the many low prices you will find. ANN PAGE SOCIETY Phone 74411 ••tween I A, M. tnd 4 f. M. Calendai Thursday, September 11 The American Legion Auxiliary Will meet Thursday, September 11, at 7:30 at the home of Mrs. E. P. O'Neal with Mrs. E. A. Morsanl tas co-hostf>ss. All members are urged to be present. SALAD DRESSING B 25& The regular monthly meeting ot the Business and Professional Wo men's Club will meet at the Hotel Barlow Thursday evening, September 11, at 7 o'clock. SULTANA PORK & BEANS 2 1 Lb. Cans ARMOURS STAR PURE LARD 3 There will be a call meeting of thi: Nandinu Garden Club tonight at 7:30 at the home of Mrs. Ce- j'cil O'Steen, 210 E. 13th. This is an important meeting and all mem bcrs are urged to be present. Girl Scout Community Committee Meets Wednesday sor a fall (lower show with the Nan dina and Gardenia Clubs its hostesses. The date will be announced later. Mrs. Jud Martinclale read n letter from Mrs. Mildred Matthews, State Federation president urging participation In state activities and inviting each club to have representation at the state meeting in Pine Bluff on Septeni ber iO. 1932. At the conclusion ot the busi- The Girl Scout Community Com Moss Mrs wingfield Introduced Hope, Mrs, Milton Brantley, Hope Discharged: Mrs. C. G, Tittle, Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Milton Brnntley of Hope announce the arrival of a baby girl on Sept. 10. Wednesday, September 17 Paisley PTA will meet in Paisley School auditorium on Wednesday, September 17, at 3 o'clock. Lb. On. SUNNYFIELD FLOUR 10 ^ 71c 25 EXCEPTIONAL VM.U» ,, fresh fruits & vegetables TOKAY GRAPES Lb. lOc FRESH ITALIAN PRUNES Lbs. 25c HONEY DEW MELONS Lb. lOc KENTUCKY, WONDER BEANS Lb. 19c GREEN CABBAGE Lb. 5c IDAHO RUSSETT POTATOES 5 Lbs 39c U. S. CHOICE HEAVY CALF CHUCK ROAST u 59c HEAVY CALF — U. S. CHOICE STEW MEAT Lb 45c FRESH DRESSED FRYERS Lb. 65c NUTLEY OLEO Garland PTA will meet on Wednesday, September 17, at 3 p.m. at the school. Glnney Lee Honored on Warren 7th Birthday Lb. 21 d» IONA — SLICED or HALVES PEACHES No. 21- Can i 27( WHITE HOUSE MILK Toll Cans EIGHT O'CLOCK COFFEE Mrs. Wade Warren entertained at her home on the Rocky Mound Road on Tuesday afternoon for the pleasure of her daughter, Ginny Lee, who was celebrating her 7th birthday. Games were played and favors of paper ha's, balloons, and bubble gum were given to the guests. . The cake, decorated in pink nnd green, and ice cream was served to the fifteen guests. mittec held its regular monthly meeting Wednesday nt the City Hall at 2:30. Mrs. Eddie Whitman, presiding chairman, opened the meeting. Plans for the following year werp discussed. The following officers were chosen for the new year' President, Mrs. Eddie Whitman, secretary, Mrs. E. P. O'Neal, tro asurcr, Mrs. Corbin Foster, reporter, Mrs. Jack Gardner, organization chairman, Mrs. Harry Shi ver, and finance chairman, Mrs. Earl Archer, Jr. Hope Federation of Garden Clubs Has Fall Luncheon The Daffodil and Rose Clubs were hostesses, in cooperation with ! the Hope Federation of Garden Clubs, at the annual fall luncheon at Hotel Barlow on September 10. 1952. A four course lunch was served to the eighty-nine members present, representing the ten city tcci- eratcd clubs, ahd several guests. Luther Hollamon, Jr., provided c program o£ piano selections during the luncheon hour. The table held each club's centerpiece of flowers and candles with their respective year books as place cards. The table decoration honors, a cash prize, went to the Gardenia Club, Mrs. C. C Lewis, president, after a vote count. The door prize, a luncheon cloth, was won by Mrs. Dcwey Baber of the Dahlia Club Mrs. Dorsey McRae/, Sr., president of the Rose Club introduced Mrs. C. P. Rcttig, past president the luncheon program chairman, Mrs. llollis Luck, who presented the program for the afternoon. Miss Thalia C'hlsm accompanied at the piano by Mrs. J. C. Carlton, sang "1 Love Life," "Love Send a Little Gift of Hoses," and "Pale Moon." Little Miss Hetty Joe Cox. assisted by Miss Rosa Harrie, gave a pantomine of "His Hocking Horse Ran Away" and "A Square in a Social Circle" by Hetty Button. After the program the luncheon was adjourned with an eager and enthusiastic beginning for a good year of down-to-earth garden clubbing. Lb. Pkg. DEL MONTE " KETCHUP 10 Oz.- Bottle " -*:.'.''!,*i.>i-${ Exceptional Values HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8. Main & Country Club rd. THURSDAY - FRIDAY "JESSE JAMES" —.with — • TYRONE POWER • HENRY FONDA • RANDOLPH SCOTT PLUS "CLIMBING THE MATTERHORN" Coming and Going Reverend and Mrs. Harold Hightower left last week for residence in Fort Worth, Texas. Mr. Hightower if; a student at the Southwestern Theological Seminary and Mrs. Hightower is a member ol tho faculty at Birdville High School in Fort Worth. Clubs Victory Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Brown have returned from Fort Worth where they visited their daughter, Mrs. Harold Hightower and Mr. Hightower. Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Harris and son, Bob, of College Station, Texas, are visiting relatives here. The Victory Homo Demonstration Club met Wednesday afternoon, September 3, with Mrs. Cecil Smith with 10 members nnd 2 visitors, Mrs. .life Patterson and Mrs. W. G. Mclvers, present Mrs. William Schooley, president, presided during the business meeting at which time it was voted to send gift wrapped packages to be sold at the State Livestock Show with the proceeds going toward retiring the 2nd mortgage on the Girls -i-H Club Cooperative House at Kayetteville. The minutes and roll call were read by Mrs. Dexter Altord, secretary. Ue rational was given by Mrs. Smith, followed with prayer oy Mrs, John Lloyd. Mrs. Horace Alford, recreational leader, was In charge ot the pro gram with Mrs. Jack Suinpter, Mrs. Dalton 'Smith, Mrs. Patterson, and Mrs. Lloyd winning prizes. Mrs. Alford won the sur- prize package. The next regular meeting will be with Mrs. Robert Cash. On Thursday night, August 14, the Victory Home Demonstration Club members entertained members of their families and friends with a picnic supper at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Schooley with 105 persons alt-ending. Games were played during 1 the evening. Special guests were Miss es Wanda and Anita Burke of Tex arkana. SAENGER Tonight Is Your Last Chance to See M-G-M's TECHNICOLOR SPECTACLED ROBERT TAYLOR DEBORAH KERR Cast of Thousands!: QllOWIS • ADMISSION PRICES • Adults — Matinee .... f'Oc Night 7Sc Children (All Shows' . . C5c Colored Balcony (All Shows) . . . 50c » FRIDAY & • Pasa List Suspended • FEATURES AT: 2:30 • 5:44 • 9:00 See It From the Qe^lnnlngl SATURDAY • *» « the White Is At It Again Check Thes BRONCO BUSTER' t lota LUND-Scott BRADY loyceHOlDEN-Chill WILLS REX ALLEN "OLD OKLAHOMA PLAINS" * RIALTO LADIES FREE TONIGHT!!! Mr. nnd Mrs. I. L. Murphree and daughter, Kathryn, of Athens, O- of the City Federation, who gavo hio, have rctuurncd home after a the invocation. Mrs. Claud Nunn.' Jr., president of the Daffodil Club, introduced Mrs. E. O. \\ingfield. City Federation President, who pre sided over the business and introduced the following Federation of fleers: Vice-president, Mrs. Hollis Luck secretary, Mrs. Jud Martindalo. treasurer, Mrs. Syd McMath. his torian Mrs. R. L. Broach, public! ty, Mrs. Olaf Luck. She also introduced each club president, who stated their club project. During the business meeting it was voted that the Federation spon visit with Mrs. Murphrcc's parents Mr. and Mrs. F. Y. Trimble. Births Mr. nnd Mrs. Clyde Tullis of Rl 4. Hope.', announce the arrival of ; sou on September 9. 1952. Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Eugene Johnson, Do cramps give you that monthly look? 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Can 39* ' UBBY'S LUNCHTONGUE '" 35* No. 'A Con ( DEVILED HAM N9.'% Can 19* UWY'5 VIENNA FAVORITE THIS Grey Flannel with Black Calf Bcown Flannel with Benedictine calf £ Carton 50 BOOK 1 MATCHES 14 C WASH CLOTHS 3 '23 ( R tfaW (limit 6; SCH1CK INJECTOR BLADES 73< "BARBASOLN SHAVE CREAM AMUROL 4MMONUTED Tooth Powder LUX SOAP REGULAR CAKES (Limit Jj ZIPPER NOTEBOOK EXPANSION SIDES HINKLE TABLETS CALAMINE LOTION There's color excitement as Life Stride combines leathers and colors..? cornjbinations for perfect fall accessorizing. You'll be a vital part of the new season in these, the fashions that fit you...your life...your.budget. X-RAY FITTINGS fi* SHOE STORE For Zip * Got IT'S PO-DO GOLF IALLS An SO* valu« CQe 3 for 3*1 1.69 Support the Bobcats Go out & see their Opening Game Friday Night Against Stamps BURKE'S i&i 8 Mil*"*'" Cox s has Filled OVER ONE THIRD '*••'£•-*MILLION Proscriptions Bring us Your Next One. BOTTLE 100 (Limit 1) 4-3Z. BOTTLE (Limit 1) Do/p/i MOTH SPRAY 79 C BOX Vacuum bo!(/t Holds a moal 15 C Tobaccos Princ* Albert Hill A Hall or Velvet 94c Vo/ue COLGATE DENTAL CREAM c Btclt to School COMPOSITION BOOK 8* JO -I 7P inch .... I I "Amirktn" PENCIL & PEN SET Bottle 25 ANEFRIN A-P-0 Ttblvtt AitlbUUmlM 3 Pali Rillmrt! "PQ-DQ" PLAYING CARDS A 12'lnehtr! ZIPPER BAG 459 H*rt toft ... I Aluminum zipper. pinothli , Crisp finish. SCOTCH TAPE Anti-Spit* H<«</ Fits practically all faucets. TIDY SW|AY DEODORANT and Run to the White Elepl MEN'S PANTS Shantung and khaki, Not- all sizes but real values, hilo 30 pair last ...'. BOYS SHIRTS Boys plaid school shirts that arc regular $2.00 values. Special ... LADIES SUITS These arc 100% all wool suits that are carrv overs but values to $45.00. Special LADIES SUITS One group of these light weight .suits slightly soiled. Values to $19.95;,;.,:: BOYS OVERALLS Tul-Nuf. Closing out these stripe ' overalls. They are slightly soiled, Sizes 8 to 17, and regular $2,95 values. Special .,., , ,, LADIES BLOUSES Closing out those blouses that'pro regular $3.95 values, Slightly ' soiled but real buys. Special $ 1 PIECE GOODS Close out 400 yards of this 39 irtch material. Sold as high as $1,95 a yard. Special ,.,. 4 Yards NYLON HOSE These 51 gouge, 15 denier hose at this very special price of only piv T *i, ~« 71 Childrens Coats These are small kids coats., and values to $6,95. Special SHOES LADIES and CHILDRENS Closing out 17 pairs that are soiled and tumbled. Values to $4.95. SpacioJ Shop Now and Use"0?^ COTTON PICKIN6g We have lots of the«9 socks In 6/7| A House

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