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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 72

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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In This Section In This Section- CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS VOL. CIX OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, SUNDAY, OCTOBER 7, 1923 T-9 NO. 99 Building Trades Dressmaking Repairing Cleaning BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY Let These Experts Help You With Your Problems Legal Advice Beauty Aids Instruction Medical OSLO 2 INSTRUCTION (Continued! 164 PAPERING, PAINTING. TINTING 'M fContlnued) I You Can Have a-Comolete Paralysis and Rheumatism Relieved by Fong Wan Herbs lOWr X-Ray Examination ffl XRy IC.A Tell Arm Suddenly Paralyzed Oakland. May 81st, 192S.

On day as was walking across floor carrying a bucket of water I had a paralytic stroke, and my right arm was paralyzed in a second. I was iniable' even to raise my hand, and my fingers were stiff and seemed to be dead. I remained In this helpless condition for about nine months, during which time I consulted several phy- 9 ..,,.,1, An ornithines FREE See the exact cause of your sickness with your own eyes. Stop throwing your time and money away relying on Let us show you what Is causing your trouble. Simply cut out the coupon below and present it at our office within- TEN DAYS from date and we will give ynu a complete X-RAY EXAMINATION which will clearly show the exact cause of your sickness.

There Is absolutely NO CHARGE for this examination and yon will be under NO JOB LIGATION I thout 1 Cwtnn Obligation Eyes Sy I HHIHHO, MUfa ItUUV 111111 WI41U Ut BU.UIU lgk I for me. Aly husband determined at last to consult rbHo WAN iminont Succeit- ful Hrol'lt the FONG WAN HERBALIST, and as a result I began to drink the Herb Tea. During the first few weeks there were some mm mm In our four year's- WHY BE SICK? ilium Tfc 1 1 riii ri" 1 functioned normally, and do so again. Learn the I nnl Your body at one time if given a chance will exact cause of your trouhle It by taking advantage of hsa linflAP rn nhMcallon lea mm I uiccessful practice In Oakland 1 ind San Francisco hundreds if sick people have regained their health through our method of X-RAY EXAMINATION after all else has failed. Let us give you our frank and honest opinion of your physical condition.

If we cannot help you, we will you so. Areou Suffering With Any of These Ailments) Stomach trouble, hemorrhoids. iinBa high blood pressure, deafness' untiviiuio, iiver irouDie, K1U-nev trouhle. hAth an. A Free X-ray Examination will show clearly! II a 1.

I I all or those little details In milfln. Avenf ui uy or Qisease. It Ji will show the position of the vertebrae and the condl- Kl tlon of the many tiny nerves that supply the body with I I I force or energy. It will show what muat ba dona if IIS sua 01 improvement ana oegan 10 move my lingers again. Now, after 10 weeks, I am entirely recovered.

I can weep and scrub floors. No one can guess how happy I am. MRS. J. CALDER, 6S15 Fremont Oakland, Calif.

Relief After Years WNQ WAN HERB CO, Oakland, Cal. Alameda, Jan. 22, 1927. Gentlemen: For five years I suffered with Rheumatism In my right arm. Many doctors said it was a stroke caused by High Blood Pressure.

It was so painful that I could not even raise my arm. Although I had failed to secure relief from any known remedy, after I had taken three weeks of your herb treatment I was entirely well. Even during the' severe cold weather of the past few weeks I have not had any pain. JOHN A. HOLUM, 3265 Central Alameda, Cal.

Paralytic Stroke Quickly Relieved TO WHOM IT MAT CONCERN. Berkeley, Aug. 24, 1927 For the benefit of other people and a recommendation for Fong Wan, I frankly say that the Fong Wan Herb have relieved my right arm, which was paralyzed. For about two months I could not move that arm at all. Although I tried medical doctors of several schools, my condition remained the same.

Acting upon the advice of a friend, I tried the "Fong Wan Chinese Herbs. After the first four days I could raise my arm and at the end of two weeks my recovery was complete. The Fong Wan Herbs are nice, clean and fragrant. They are wonderfully compounded and put up In neat packages. I cook them at home.

For such marvelous and speedy relief I am glad to give this teerlmonlal. 1615 Mllvla Berkeley, Cal. (Signed) MRS. J. E.

HILL. (Attested) MR. J. E. HILL.

I your health Is to be restored, and will eliminate guesswork to the fullest extent. It will be a conclusive proof aa to the cause of your condition that you can see with your own eyes and that you can depend upon. That la why we use it In our work. We would no more think of adjusting a patient without first X-raying to looevte the cause of the trouble than a carpenter would think of building a house without a rule, if you are not -well and wish to learn the real facta of your case, take advantage of the coupon below. pendicitts, paralysis, skin eruptions, eye trouble, general tiredness, sciatic rheu.

matlsm, neuritis, heart trouble, asthma, goiter, catarrh, fioor circulation, epilepsy, pro-apsed or sagging orjns, rup- UST CLIP THE X-RAY BWi-lllllS VI a.UK.10, weak or fallen arches, pain In hlpa and legs, etc I North. Calif. Oldest Free Chiropractor 1 wFKEE By presenting this coupon within ten days from data at any of our offlcea we will give you a complete X-Ray Examination showing the exact cause of your sickness absolutely FREE ot charge or obligation in any way. O. T.

10-7-2S people who wish to learn more about 'iong Wan knowledge of herbs and methods of healing should get his new book free at his office or mailed to any address nnon receipt of 10c postage. KEYS X-RAY Chiropractors NPALMER GRADUATES O. T. 10-7-28 Oakland Offree: 203-204-205-208-14 Federal Realty Bldg. Corner Telegraph and Broadway.

Phone OAkland 1406. San Francisco Office: 200-208 Kress 935 Market 8t OpposlteXIor. of Turk and Mason St. Phone Kearny 8440. STOCKTON: 381 Wllholt Bldg.

MODESTO, 84 Black Bldg. Hours: 10 A. M. to 1 P. 2 to 6 P.

7 to 8:30 P. M. If presented within seven days from date, this coupon entitles the bearer to an X-Ray report showing the exact cause of his or her sickness, absolutely free of olillirwtton In nnv wav. Shepherd FONG WAN LAI Bin inr.RST rnrnn COMPANY IRECT IMPORTERS ON THE COAST WHOLESALE AND KKI'AlLi Has Retained the Same Successful Herbalist for 12 Tear 57 TENTH STREET, OAKLAND. CALIF CONSULTATION FREE PHONE OAKLAND 8787 Houis: 9 to 7 Dally: to 12 Sundays Oakland Office: 3239 Telegraph Ave.

Phone Piedmont 8207 Berkeley Office: 215 Shattuck Square Bldg. Cor. Shattuck and University Aves. FRANCISCO OFFICE: 804 GOLDEN GATE THEATRE BUlLDlNp. Phone Prospect 8644 Los Angeles: Spreckels 714 So.

Hill St. Hours 10 a. m. to 1 p. m.

2 to 5 p. m. 7 to 8:30 p. m. Dally.

Office open every evening. STOMACH TROUBLE There are herbs which free the stomach ol acid, herbs to eliminate gas, herbs to improve the digestion and strengthen all the di- eeutlve organs, herbs to throw off the poi sons and cleanse your entire When the blood in the stomach Is once more i-n 'good, pure condition, then the ulcers will heal. -This holds true for all stomach troubles. SEVERE CASE OF STOMACH TROUBLE CONQUERED WITH 1U -JlKl'ljKK. January 15, 1927.

To Whom It Mnv Concern: For five years I suffered with atomach trouble and could get no relief, tnougn i treated Willi three different physicians and took a serum treatment for a year. I was unnble to eat the simplest food without suffering the most violent pain, and after being in bed at home fur 28 dnys I went to an Oakland hospital. Here I remained for six weeks. while the entire hospital staff attempted to diagnose my case and 17 x-ray pictures were made of my stomach. 1 lert tne hospital six months ago, weighing 90 Before undergoing an operation, and spending more money with no certainty of auccess, I decided to try herb treatments.

H. S. Low, Herbalist for the Sing Herb Specialists, said he would have me well In six months, but It took only three months. Now I weigh 145 pounds. I cannol speak too highly of the SINO HERB SPECIALISTS and It la a pleasure to recommend them (Signed) Mrs.

Charles Baldwin, 4136 Waterhouse Road, Oakland THE SING SPECIALISTS H. S. LOW. Directing Herbalist. 483-491 Tenth Oakland Phone OA-3259.

Estab. 1912. True herbs only. No operations 159 MENDING MENDING and darning by day or nour. ANdover 1999.

161 CONTRACTORS CARPENTERS A BUILD bungalows, flats, great demand. Make your money earn 20. Plana, specifications free. We furnish money. Ph.

we call. CALIF. BUILDERS CO. 163 Franklin at. OAkland 0072.

Al CARPENTER and foreman with executive ability. Fifteen years' experience. Good mechanic and draughtsman. Working knowledge of all building trades and mlll-wrlght work. Refer ences.

Call ASli berry 0904. Leave appointment ror carpenter. A Contractor lnaa of general work. Large or small Jobs. HUmb.

2271 AA Carpenter, new work, rep. contract or 28 bv day. Estm. given. FRult.

2774J A-l builder, alterations. plans and est. free. Chaa. D.

Lyon ELmhurst 2061. CARPENTER, expert finisher. iramer. designer, exper. bar ALTERATIONS, garages, porches new work; terms.

FR-8724J. A GENERAL builder, i rooms 22500, plans free. THorn. 7291 A PFMFMl worl. 'rages HMUIMTH built FR-2163J A CEMENT.

15 yrs. found sidewalks, runways. LA-6631 Al carpenter, new or old trarage, cement wk. Eim. tsus.

BUILD, repair, remodel: city, country; est. must nave work. Anderson, FKuit. ibtsj. BUILDING, repair ing and fixtures.

BErk. 9022J. BUILDER, alterations, any kind house repairing. LAke. 9110.

CARPENTER, cabinet maker, 1st class, desires work, all Kinds. nUmDi stws. repair and new 7981. worx; easy terms. LAke.

CARP, bulioer, repair. est. free, H. Glynn, Pled. 1037J.

GARAGES, alterations, remodel ing, new work, day. PAINTING contractor to aub contract some of our work; contracts averaging 200-80ti( Answer immediately. Jim Erlck-son. Box M197606, Tribune. RANCH carpenter, concrete.

paint. Albert Goodman 670 4 sc. 162 HARDWOOD FLOORS M1XAKE Hard' rood Floor Co OAkland 0422. Piedmont 1(91 noot189 hodFAni mi our modern method. Any oia iioor maae like new: floor lng Installed.

ELmhurst 2241. 164 PAPERING, PAINTING. TINTING AA PAINTING, paper-hanglnr. tinting and enamellnar. 22.Su to per room; work aatlsfac tory.

ANdover 4888. AA1 paperhanglng. 20o a roll and up. Painting and tint ing. 2820 87 ave Elmhuret 8418 Al PAINTING, papering, tinting 22 a room up.

work guaran teed. Piedmont 4487. Al PAPERING, painting; neat oulek. aatisfsct. Try me FR- 8258.

House painting, decorating All painting, papering, tinting 1 work, ress HU-7281. Al -PAINTING, papering cheap. rieat worn. Berkeley 7S56J. Al GOOD Reliable Paper 40c r1tl; stlple.

grain MEr -2148 AA1 PRICES reduced for 10 days muauty and Service. LAke. 5788 Al PAPERING. 21 room nr. paint W.

Sprague. FR-5827W. I Very reaaonable rates: quick service; reliable ELm 8122 A NEAT, reliable painter, paper. naner. treasonable EU-wSM Al PAPERHANGER, 2d yrs.

reasonaoie. Nimnomt 6U4g. FALL prices on painting and papering. LAke. iim.

D-T I E. Prices Paper- hanging, bouse paint tinting. Wm. MacDougall, piedmont tip Advertising ARTIST Earn Big Incomes A few vacancies are offered be ginners and advanced students in Oakland's biggest commercial art studio. Bring samples of work for free criticism.

ELTON FOX STUDIO 1S00 Telegraph Ave. OAkland 4957. AMATEUR ARTISTS If You Can Draw Large studio offers unusual opportunity for practical training Will Interview only 'those in terested In making commercial urt a proieasion. vox. MW9S21 Tribune.

DRIVING lessons by exper. lady instructor, riumuomt ion. FRENCH lessons by ah experi enced teacher. 2514 63 Ave. INTERNATIONAL COACHING SCHOOL.

Individual instruction. Ail languages. 3015 Telegraph. OAk. 1026.

PRIVATE instruction, grammar or nign scnooi; exper. teacner ANdover 2386. 2129 42nd ave. SPECIAL TRAINING COURSE for dept. store workers by exp.

store educational director. Be ready for fall holiday demand. viiszw a. m. to 1 p.

UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITY Home School of Nursing, short intensive course In practical and ineorencai worn; women wno want employment can make substantial sum each week or receive a training that will teach them to care for their own family. Given by M. C. Durrett, graduate and registered nurse of Chi cago. Class starting Oct.

15th, Apply school of Suggesto-The rapy, 1632 Linden or phone tor registration, OAkland 5460. WANTED IMMEDI TELY. men. women. 18-66.

to qualify for permanent government positions. iiu-zou mo. write instruction Bureau. 256 St, Louis, Mo. 9 MUSIC DANCING.

DRAMA A LEARN to dance easily quickly, at small cost; expert teacners. TinW'T-' 840 14 St LAke. t--iJ lyj gfijj Hrs. 10 to 10 ADULT and child dancing. Stage III IrVITS r-rep.

Mot Aiica oi LAkealde 7880. A DANCE, 4 private lessons. ikunu WALSH, 1071 Fruit vale cor. E. 17th.

ANd. 4888 AMATEUR talent at onee, also musicians. Km. 201, 532 18 St. BANJO.

GUITAR, UKB Hawaiian dances taught 4117 reiegrapn ave. HUmb. 9685. BANJO, trumpet, mandolin. oDto Liaxesnore.

LAKt. UiYH. DANCE good music, reas. prices. AI1O8W.

ayes. HAWAIIAN GUITAR. BANJO Mandolin, uke, Hawaiian dances taught 1261 1st Ave. ME-2831. TA 77 CHRISTIANSEN SCHOOL jntju rapjd courIS- 3S747 ITelegraph.

Piedmont 1625 JAZW PIANO PLAYING made easy. Winn School of Popular MUSIC. 8116 K. 14 8t FR-6479. LEARN ta dance well.

Private lessons. BErkeley 8983J Mrs. McDonald Johnston Estab. 1898. Stage dancing, vo- val, piano.

Children's class. Wed. 4 p. m. 2617 11 ave.

FRult. 8I12W. PIANO teacher, trained abroad a apeo. Reas. HUm lire PIANO lessons.

Pupils visited, reas. G. L. Getcheli. ANd.

1349 TAP dancing class or private. Frank Kelly, formerly Key nouie inn, now at unnes studio. 1464 Alice at. LAkealde 7880. 10 TRADES TAUGHT-MEN.

a HAiJUNAb Barber school Learn trade; commission paid wnue learning. 412 9th street. MAKE more money. Be a radio expert Many make 150 to 1250 a weex. -uet into this new fast growing profession.

You can learn at home In spare time and earn extra money at same time. Big 64-page book free. Write National Radio Institute. Dept. azo, wasnington, ir.

c. WELDING taught right electric, acetylene: union Instructors. Calif. School of Welding. 1124 Howard San Franclaco.

II TRADES TAUGHT-WOMEN BEAUTY CULTURE A profession that pays extremely well. Knroil now. California School 1765 Broadway. LAkealde 6461. Best Instruction around Bay.

LAlte. 2850. 532 18 St Eaat Bay School of Beauty Culture. VOCATIONAL COUNSELOR OUR VOCATIONAL COUNSELOR may be of assistance In Placing you In business. UAKLAKD College of Commerce 1224 Franklin St GLen.

1802. MALE lMrrla Begin Adverrtaesaeat. An Experienced Man for Leasing Department Good opportunity. Apply to Maiden, Rlttlgatela Co, 420 15th it. Oakland.

ADVERTISING WORK Two neat appearing young men. If you cat. gel along on 110 a week while learning, call at 272 Blake Block, 1121 Washington, ssk for II Taber, 8-t mornings. AT ONCK Men to work at Berkeley. Oak land.

Frultvale, Alameda and Martines chain storea. Apply In person a. m. ana 1:20 p. m.

NO OTHER TIME. Room 217. Professional Bldg, SI Ave. and E. 14 St ALL "Help wanted with invest ment aavte are classified un der Business Opportunities.

Class 1. (This Is Class 11.1 ASSIST manager la exclusive dis trict man with car wno la a willing worker. Call between I-11 at 21 IS at. GUAR, waterproof stucco wood roof painting MEr 2SI58 HOUSE painting, day or ELnihuret 3t99. tract.

PAPERING. 40c Hth roll. Wlllla: st- LA-1899. Moran. 6fi4 FAINTING, papering, cash easy terms.

FRuiivale M6I PAINTING, papering, tinting, reas. 944 57th St. fled. U67W PAINTING, papering, ext. Int.

best vork. ANdover 2620. PAINTING, decorating, 26 a Work ANd. dav, 2364 PAINTING ex. day or cont.

int. tinting P1-6105W. 6 R. J. YORK, painting and papering: neat anl cheap.

MK-4824, WILL paint in exchange for used car. ii.mnurst juu. 165 PLASTERERS A PLASTERING, patch work, atuccolna. make youh home look like new. guaranteed hand work; estimates given without charge.

Erritt 6731. A PLASTERING, patch work a specialty. TUTTLE. FR-1448W. 166 PLUMBING ALL no lobs too small or too Isrge.

LAKe. 6495. 167 ROOFING H. J. EDWARDS, reshlngltng and repairing roofs, 80 years prac tlce in liability.

OAk. 724C LEAKY roota repaired, new guar. FR-8518 roofs applied RE-ROOF your HOUS11. with Johns-Man vllle Roofing, Ignore the rain BENDER ROOFING HU-9965 169 EXCAVATING ierVWWWWWVWWWVWVMW GEN. excavating, plowing, loam hauling, w.

Ferry. Klvm. 1693 BICYCLE The pary is, known who took new red Fiver blcv- cle near south end of stadium last Saturday please return to 581 El Dorado Oakland, no questions will be asked. HUmb. 0316.

BAG Canvas filled with cloth lng bet. Walnut Creek and 7tn Auto Ferry. Kew. GLen 3465 after 6:15 p. m.

Lost Sat P. m. BRIEF case containing legal pa pers Sept lth, between 14th and Broadway and 4th and Alice. Return 814 First National Bldg. rtewara.

COAT, black with fur collar, Sat' urday eve. Pled. 6297J. DOG, English setter, male, most. ly white, new.

MEr. 0815. GLASSES, tortoise shell, brown case, front Grand-Lake Theater Sat, Sept. 29, 8:30 p. m.

ME-5309 GERMAN police, spaded female. Ans. name of "Joy." ELm. 4826 PIN, diamond, lost bet. Sequoia uoir club and Fruitvale ave Return to 2914 E.

19 at and receive reward. PURSE Working girl's, containing money and valuable ar ticles, 10th St. MarkeV Return to 610 67 st or 10 St Mark. off. Rew.

PUP white, with tan spots. Rewara. riea. o'jetsw. PUPPY.

brown, has collar, old. L518 27 ave. months PIN, gold oval, small diamond; reward. 427 Perkins. GL-6827 PIN, scarf, one small diamond.

rtewarq. nun, oaajj. RINGS Diamond solitaire and diamond guard, bet Fablola hospital and Piedmont, Wednes oay; reward. numD. iizo.

RABBIT, white; black spots child a pet. 405) Huntington Av. WATCH, chain, knife and Elks tooth, on highway between San Pablo and 28th ave. LAkealde 5600 or FRultvale 2007W. Liberal reward.

WALLET, black leather, contafll lng private papers and cur rency. Finder please notify R. H. Trembath at Drawer Vallejo, oanr. 5 FOUND DOG, light tan, part shepherd, female.

FRultvale 1125. pRCM; Identify. ALameda 4022W POLICE dog. Sunday. In Alvara do, white around neck; dark una on back.

OAk. 154. SPECIAL NOTICES New Wonderland Park 81 ave. and E. 12 at.

Suitable for parties, banquets, dances, etc Rent reas. Ideal for private af fairs. Inquire Mrs. E. Von, 260 12 st.

ULen. Obit. ANY girl In sorrow or perplexttt needing a friend, adviser, is in vited to call or write Miss Hodspeth, Salvation Army Home E. 28th St. and Garden.

I'sKlsnfl IF SICK or In trouble, will pray for yon gratis. (Unknown) Box M114176, Tribune. GIRLS in distress or trouble of any kind will flnd.a friend in the Superintendent of California Keseue Home, izit cast zisi mi. MErrltt 2186. NOTICE I am responsible for debts or obligations contracted by my wife, Ella Collins on or after this date.

(Signed) Fraak a. touins. Dated October 8. 1928. NOTICE; Having bought Burns Plating works Business locai-d at 2416 Market street Oak land.

California, we are respon sible for no debts or obligations contracted thereon by former owners before September 1. Signed, L. W. MILLER, E. HARRIS.

NOTICE Having sold restsa rant -business located at ill 12th Oakland. California, 'I am responsible for no debts Or obligations contracted thereon by tormer owners, rreseni aii mils perore ocl is. ikzu. (Signed) M. Brown (Miss) COMMERCIAL ART Studio hss vacanciea.

Lear a advertising art ELTON FOX STUDIO. 1800 Telegraph ave. OAk. 4957 COACHING algebra. geometry, (48 24 at arithmetic, fengllaa.

the coupon below. You will hi mm that are so necessary COUPON BELOW COUPON I nrnlnl.t lnl I I I I v. mi, lutniHiL. If you are first olass In on of tne above and can also take charge of small corporation hooks or office secretary, are Protestant, want steady Job, an swer with age. experience, ore vloua salaries.

Box M-199143, Tribune. PORTER, elderly man. AooIvMr. Wakefield, Wurlitiers, 625 14 street. PERMANENT position for man with car.

Must have ref. Mr. Schneider, 1500 E. 14 St. REPAIR man for radio store, Muat be experienced and have Al references, u.


ENTRANCE OAKLAND TRIB UNE. Salesmen Solicitors Experienced and Inexperienced. lb rKK CAR AND 8 BULLING 12 PER HEAD, solicitation we teacn you. RM. 3.

2329 SANTA CLARA AVE ALAMK.DA. SALESMAN, established cleaning and dyelna route: good oppor tunity for llvewlre financially able to furnish own delivery car; substantial drawing account and commission. Bell Cleaning and Dyeing 753 High at, Oakland SOLICITOR Man wanted by old estab. collection office to solicit bad and slow accounts, must be. neat appearing and have auto, prefer man experienced In collection work.


CONROY AFTER 30 A. H. SALESMEN, something new, every bom a prospect Pay each day. See Mr. Lemmond, C.

F. Adams Co- 708 14 St 867 Va lencia St. 8. F. SALESMEN You will be sur prised to learn what our men are dolns.

inquire about our new sales policy. Maytag Shop, 128 12th street SALESMAN to aell new novelty. Apply Sunday between a. m. and 12.

See Mr. English. 2214 Webster. SELL merchandise on trains: young men; commission basis. Must have blue suit.

Apply Mr. Wallace, S. P. Co, Oakland Pier. SELL Calif.

Christmas cards: men. women: free aamnlee. Embosso-Gravlng S3 1 st. SALESMEN, auto. We pay 10 commission, peerless uiitrio- otor, San Jos.

SOLICITORS Attractive propo sition, cleaning, dyeing worka. 4640 Telegraph. Pled. 2026. MAKE BIG MONEY NOW IS THE TIMS TO SELL CHRISTMAS CARDS Absolutely the best values on the market nd tb faat-: est selling line.

1 Exclusive designs andaer 1 vice from our 8an Franeeo factory guarantee you 100 sal. i WI SHOW TOTJ HOW i Furnish Leads. i PROCESS ENORAVTNO COMPANY 1487 Webater at, Oakland, Cal, TWO men wanted at once to work for the patterkk te a. m. to a.

p. m. to 4 p. COHPONwwwowwo Chiro Dr. John W.

Horton APPROVED. Vt DRUGLESS METHODS Suite 217-218. Hour 1-4, Pacific Bldg. 16th-Jfferson att Telephone OAkland 1230. Margaret HAYNIl Goitre Removed.

6 Adj. Elec Tf Blake 13 and n. SIS. OAK. ZT FREE CONSULTATION DR.

ROSS, D. C. DALZELL (33 16 St, Nervous Traubles SUPPURATED TONSILS Rnl DUCED without' xFamoul n.iomaycr Method. RENEWED LIFliV FOR YOU Have a free examlna. tion and prove thai there is hope in chlroi- graotic.

Dr. N. Umj reit.Chlropractor, 237 Foothill cor. 14 Ave, For app ANdovej 2308. Res, ph.

FR-84HL'' HiLLP WAMtU-MAL rrf (continued) YOUNG man with cabinet shot experience. Call only betweei' and 8 p. 6301 College ave. -f in.m) 13 HELP WAIVTK.H pkMll Pnalilnn Reglna A rtvertlaemren' A WOMAN OF REFINEMENT, high school education and pleaeit lng personality, between age ol-, 25 and 40, who la entirety unincumbered and free to travel ex4 tenslvely. desired by nationally" known organisation.

Salary, bti-: nus and transportation, give full, Information first letter F. COMPTON A 1004 N. Dear. oorn, i. nicago.

ANSWER phone and meet pub. He In busy corporation officii age 19, education high nd experience, 8 hr. day. legal wagw references ss to character hot mm till, ALTERATION.

haltd.t expe rln(-n. nn, hn nnjlMVtaiiill fitting; permanent position, Apply Camp's. 467 14th st. land. At Jessie Southern Agency 214 Hobgrt St.

rooks, maids Second maids- Housekeepr, w. ASSISTANT In grocery store, 20 and 30. assist lady: roo.4 and board, small salary to stare, Apply 425 7th. HOIIIday tali. ADD to your Income.

Rent lt.4. apar room. Advertise lor 1 tenant ASSIST care of child and house work. Young girl or s-ho girl. Stay ntehts.


585 TO FT A RT. ASPI'RED All A II r. NT TO PARTY. BOX 'N i BUSINESS women- uniler 4 car for district for Fr i'-'-Jo. Trsininr rlven Pte 1.

i- BON'B'iN dinners, etper'-r Alarsraret Lor Caniiin, Crocheters- Wv. 'pJlr tinri4 work te to sell yuu. PIwCtrCTS HERB CO. OF CHINESE HERBS 121 PATENT ATTORNEYS A. T.

PALM Kit 1621 Linden st Oak 8190; consultation free. HARK C. BCHKUEDEK Central Bank bldg GL-6242 PATENTS Write for free guide book, "How to Obtain a Patent," and Record of Invention Blank, Send model or sketch cf Inventions for Inspection and advice free. Terms reasonable. .11 vi, A-J avtv bart San Francisco.

Main UITAD IPXt A MO r'lt lAtn Un office Washington D. C. 139 PHONE SERVICE RELAYPIIONE Phone calls taken, relayed to you, 2 mo. LAke. 830V.

139 SHOE REPAIRING STOVES REPAIRED, old stoves. water heaters, Dougni 1111 Thirty-sixth Pled. 4150 H0 CARPET CLEANING I.SS.$3.50 Cleaned and Sized. Best work, 42-hour Service. MORTENS EN'S.

Piedmont (190 141 FLOOR POLISHING CLEAN, and wax floors, clean paint HObson, ELmhurst 5128. 142 HOUSE CLEANING HDWD windows exp col. man. Ref. HUm.

1282 KITCHEN walla cleaned, gent repair; Danish man. rK-uw 143 GARDENING FOR an efficient gardener, phone ANdover 1144. GARDENER, day: con tract, city, country, num. iuja eve. GARDENER, landscape; steady -position.

Box M636jta. -rripune. LANDSCAPING, plans drawn, lawns, shrubs, pergolas, pools, stepping stones. ELm, 4171. 144 LAUNDRIES CURTAINS laundered 20c a pair; hand KR-BZ13W.

MVWWb)bMWWWWlrrVMMlrVWIr1MrV 145 MATTRESSES A MATTRESSES remade, ma terial cleaned, comfort re stored. One day service. Modern sanitary plant. Ill work guaranteed. Originator and eole distributors of the Mulkey Mattresses.

MErrltl 0240. Mulkey Mattress fo? 149 GAME PREPARED WILD ducka and geese picked by expert. Kept on Ice. 420 Franklin et 149 FURNITURE REPAIRING Furniture Repaired Pled. 4444J.

.10 DRESSMAKING MILLINERY COAT and dressmaker, lOe nr. worn guar, wcrnu COATS, dresses, made, real. Pled. 5S93R. DRESSMAKER, will assist vou Make your own clothes.

ELm. 6959. DRESSMAKER, remodeling. Mrs. Crane.

Hotel Menlo. LAke. 25. EiPER dreasmaking. altering.

very rcaa. HUmboldt Hit. 12 HELP WANTED MALE (Continued) Attention, Insurance Men WANTED Alert Manager In this territory for our Monthly premium Accident Health De partment Our agency contract la second to none ana insures you a large renewal for the future win extend you privilege to Is sue policies and settle claims and whole-hearted cooperation on part of borne office In the sin cere effort to help you build. In tenested In the man who wants to create a permanent business for himself. Home office repre sentative will visit territory for personal interview.

Give us complete story of yourself In first letter. In continence, canl lal arid surplus Five Million Dol lars. Address Commercial Cas ualty Insurance Company, Newark, N. J. ARE YOU worth $50 a week.

A clen, nea appearing young man, If ao apply to room 318. 1404 Franklin St. No selling; very pleasant worg, Also Evening Work ADD to your Income. Rent the spar room. Advertise lor a tenant BUYERS tor furniture, tools, clothing, ate.

that vou no longer need, can be found thru a Classified Ad in The Tribune COOK, spaghetti and ravioli and toastea sanawicnes, new place. NlKhtlna-afe'a at E. 14 at and Oreana, near Hay ward or, call Keside 8041 before 10. CONTRACTOR, painting, to sub contract some of our work contracts averaging 1200-1800. Answer it.

Jim son, box M1S7617, Tribune. CLERK, grocery, experience and reference: 25-30 years of age. 10-12 o'clock Sunday. FRultvaU 7Z. CAR washer.

first-class. 6ta- dium gars 820 13 st DEMONSTRATOR8 to sell; (25 week salary to thoaa who qualify. Interview mornings only. 19Z2 Shattuck. Mr.

Green or Mr. Klepper. ERRAND boy with bicycle. Ap. piy mi uroaaway.

I Need An Assistant to learn our branch operation and aales work completely; pay same acale as city salesmen while training; metal products; 22 to 28; dignified work; car necessary; not canvaaelng. If capable will be aaalatant manager this winter. Writ Box M55401. Tribune. i.

1 WANT to talk to a few men who are mechanically Inclined preferably along electrical lines, and who are not bashful but the 'VP "ho have a reputation for holding their own In an argument and who can listen and follow instructions. If vou m.i our requirements, will guarantee i me nret week you work, make me prove It Ask for Mr. Northedge, 1202 Tribune Tower a. m. and 2 tn.

JANITOR, colored, for apt house xieierencea. uioo Agency, 1224 Broadway. LEARN plumbing trade, young man, at once. Roman's Plumbing Shop. 1641 Webster St.

Ala-meda. ALameda 1671. MEN You can do this work easy to make 11 tn ati day; some of our men make orana new propoaltion: Ifwnnc. 407 Bank of uaaiana. MEN with or without sale's ex-perlence.

Why waste your time an ri hours a day will make yon In-dependent 1303 Tribune Tower. MANAGER, take charge of toy quired, give full particular! In i-i wuir. soi aaazzyu, 'i ribune PRESSING, bat renovating, spot. i 12 ULLt AM ED-MALE (Continued) we willTselect FOUR MET WHO ANSWER this ad TRAIN THEM AT OUR EXPENSE) Set them up tn a profitable business with Immediate earnings Furnish the merchandise to sell. All without an Investment, except tneir time.

COME AND LEARN HOW. In our San Francisco office Mr D. and Mr. P. L.

each made 3100 in one day last week, Mr. A. B. D. earned over 1200 last week.

Mr. A. H. earned $125 last week. Last month two men earned over 1700 thla office, and many others made from 40 to 1160 per week.

Mr. J. B. made 1700 In Sacramento laat month. want you to meet cnese men.

Wm are selling a specialty eov rea oy eignt basla patents that has the biggest field, fills the biggest need, aattafles the biggest percentage of purchas rs, 'and gives the biggest value per dollar paid for it of any specialty aver aold to the public study carefully the above statement COMB IN AND TALK IT OVER. If are satisfied-with each other, I am sure you will be happy In this dignified work and that you will make more money than you have ever mad Before in your life. MEN IN EASTBAT DISTRICT call at 205 Ray 1324 Broadway, Oakland, 3-11 a. HnnoiT. MEN AT OTHER POINTS write San Francisco office for location of nearest division office.

EN IN SAN FRANCISCO OR PENINSULA call at 601-605 West Coast Life 2d nd Market its, S. Monday, 3 to 11 a. ta. SOLICITOR. Insurance.

Gilbert 18 Fed Tel Bldg. -THIS If IS he Job you are looking for Is1 ere for you. If you are a Salesman and are Interested In making REAL MONEY FAST. come in and learn the details of how to do It. Specialty experience la valuable and a good car Is necessary, ror interview ask for aalesmgr.

341 12th st. Oakland: 10 to i. THREEvteat appearing men for special No selling. Good pay and splendid opportunity fer advancement. Hoora 80 Syndicate Building.

TWO men to help me work my route; experience unnecessary, ss I wilt teach you; steady work with good pay. See Mr. Taylor. 565 18 room 4. bet.

5-6 p. m. TWO MEN, permanent work. references. Apply 1-2 p.

ta. 406 Rsy bldg. UPHOLSTERER, custom shop 1221 First avenue. WANTED 3 OR 3 l2VE MEXJ 3124 E. 14 ST.

ROOM 308. YOUNG man for atock and ship ping department of large elec. trical tool manufacturer, located in Oakland. Good for the right man. 3me maenm-ery and electrical experience de- iri Ki. natinnaltlv i OUR SPECIALTY Stomach, liver, skin disorders, kidneys I gall blsaaer. neari I ulcers. Diles. I neuralgia, asthma I nervousness, eougn disxtness. headache high and low blood 1 pressure, appendlcl-41m rilhtea.

rheu realism. tJnnmmt anil anahl "vr Sa.Ouu satisfied patrons Testimonials on almost every known 111 on Die at office. Jibe Original Chan Chan Y. L. CHAIN Herbalist.

-HIS Webster St. Oakland. Ph. OA-5982. Near 17th 10-7 Daily.

10-12 Sunday. 8. Office. 1942 Sutter at. stab.

1908. Consultation Free IF TOU A KB GIVEN UP BY OTHERS come to us we nave neipeo many sufferer Wh 1 not you? No maitei what your ailment consult tia at once. Po Kwone Shew HERB COMPANY. 2321 Telegraph- Ave Phone OAkland' 140 "Inflammation of the fully relieved by the -oo wing neros in a hort time." Albert S. Anson.

F00WINGBcoB Successful Herbalist! for generations 101 Telegraph Ave Pled. 041 DON WOO fmenTaVcons' free' 63 12 it, nr Grove OAk 4214 Dr. Wong Ilim Herb Co. 1011 Webster St. iLAJtf sjde429.

103 OPTOMETRISTS F. W. LAUFFER Eyes Examined. OAk. 4010.

426 Fourteenth Street. 110 ELECTROLYSIS Redeem Your Beauty Jy permanent removal ot balr. moles, man's protruding eyebrows, reduced, no discomfort or Injury to tissue. Advice rXORAL OLIVER. B.

D. 8. 8uiJteJ07-l. 424 17 st.OAk.U54 SUPERFLUOUS HAIp Positively Destroyed. Tour beauty restored.

Electrolysis la the only method Indorsed by physicians: 20 years' experience. We guarantee the permanent removal of all taair treated Kxpert aerator. Reasonable rates. Mine. Stiver, 424 First Natl Hank bldg.

QLencoort 1287. 120 ATTORNEYS I L. STEELE. II Fed. Tel.

bldg, 12th ad Wash. sts. LAke. 0054. WHO OWES YOU? We collect We pay promptly.

Send In your bills. We get you the money. 12 St. Room 805. LAke.

5251, 124 DETECTIVE AGENCIES HITCHCOCK Detective Agency 402 11th suite Oldeel estab. in Alameda Co. LA-5140. 125 NOTARIES NOTARY PUBLIC Tribune office. frank-Ur religion, and teteio Phone to Mf'TEli, Tribune -e' YOUNG man lin'rd at once 112.

Weekly salary. Km. 4T, III 12. lot ting, busheiinc Earn rmCill Rm. 14.

Fed. TeL BMr. 8 learn. T7 Poat St, S. F..

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