Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on March 25, 1928 · Page 65
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 65

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 25, 1928
Page 65
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CXTNPAT; STARCH , 1925 ser fJMILIIIII farilian Apartments CbmplelecJr "l t 'cra anj apartment builJIng at the northwest comer af Nineteenth avenue and Foothill lias i tcr: ' .ti ( r VV. E Rod. Frigidaire and Rip Van Winkle wall beds art among r.paSut'-M' -' . DrfW Csmmytri was the superintendent of contraction. ' - ' '- - ' r'v6o stlsMl at Twenty-iixA and Harrison ibeett. E Geof. I U Wen btrilt infer At strortitioa of W. E. W. .. . . 1 at TwentyixA and Harrison ibeeU, E Geof. das Uen built under Ae lupervision of W. E. Wbalm. ot tb Boarq of Education. Hardware from MaxweU', Simplex oil burner twnj Buntinf Iron WwU and plumbing from J. A. Freitai hat M: stalled into the new School."' ' ' " ' ' ' ,' frey Ban: las tcea completed by j&oKn E, Branagh. wto has fevdh QTge cboo!t in the Eferbay. The Laketiew school f !l S . I . Clf.l Structure by Drew Caminetti Hal Many New Features Open te Visitors. . 1 I ' ' i A m Ml r itvmm Ft EI ED 1 t hi D 17 FunniTunE Ml QPENEO I SSITUID Tnrls Ban' Furnltur House at .' tsan Pablo avenue haa opened door her under the owner i and personal management of i , uonsn, it i announced, : t hen tittea that ha la onterin furniture field aa atore owne. r serving with . the Reliable fitture Company at Eleventh Clay street for flv year. "iffa Commissioner Warns On Subdivisions In n recent statement Issued to the California, Real Batata assocla. tlon by State Real Batata Commis sioner Stephen Barnson, a warning la given against acreage eubdlvis-lona whloh hold out promises of hitherto, unheard ot -profits from orchards ana vineyards, , the commissioner aays, however, that many of the project In Cali fornia at the treeent time are par tloularly praiseworthy, namely tnoae wnicn are in the atrip running oacK tnirty miles irom the Jfacino Ocean and those In th metropoli tan, ares, oi our large cities, pointing out the laot tnat the ftg- rfeultural eubdivlder la running amuc; in California, the oommis elonfr aaya the department' Is swamped with work Investigating these tracts. The Choice of the Majcffity : 4 1 ' 'i GENUINE . ERIGID&IRE .L ,.Real Ebo'd Presejvation :. toilh new Beauty, Economy t ; and Convenience ; 1 ' 4 , 1 1 i ' -'' Frigidaire Corporation 1962 Broaclwayi Oakland, Calif. :-' 1 , Telephone Lakeside 8631 If It araa A1, COAti or Oil. we nave it- i Hot Water Service C3I T That Every Home Can Afford SANDS Automatic and Storage WATER HEATERS vtfvr xnra v ITfesrn with- FOR IPWV OUT Hot Water always on tap, day or night not a luxury but a convenience. HARRIS GAS FURNACES Manufactured and distributed hy us throughout the United Statea--Paeeed by the American Oaa Testing LAbora-torlrs In Cleveland. Heating and Hot Water Systems for the Marlllan Apts. Installed by us. Tor Information Phone OAK&AXD 2180 llouso of Service . . . . . . . . . Menbm Imv-nnec Dcnlers' Association LARGE STIFF EHPLoi ey Employing a staff ot alx licensed dentlata, six dental mechanic and Hoagland reports a constantly In- cres ng numoey oi patients at nis local offices at 1010 Broadway., A ananlnllst fnr ,aoh Smnmrh. ment, Including extraction, crown. X-ray and plate, epeclallsts,. are feature of the ataff. .? Comwentlng en the apeelaj plan polnta out the benefits of , thle service, be aaldV "X visitor ' inay have, hi teeth examined,. Imprei-slon taken and teeth delivered the' MtmA .Aav... Ttil im Vi lervic on record." .(- in line wiu , modern tnedlpai ArlrflAft fit AJlak A tak . - ing people art turning to cwoful ilAeklasH am a e,u . .. land Ute iH adddt , j . u ' i-'wwasn.aa.ww W l ' wilf gel Plat which 1 acknowledged te be mm wurif in ooraiort ana UUl-ItV. "Till kuutn tkl. .ti.. f- that U teel like en' own teeth, not . iiupoua eiiasan ana -l low free use of the plat. tUlrv a ha And conducive to thrt M-vlth f "Th local too k now dr thai dtrrttnn aI , Uau.. ., ' t3jHm,m mmm an ..li,J A 11.1 a ' ' Tht Entir . HARDWARE t mariUan apts, ' ' Furhishtd fcy' 1IARDWAKE CO, Waahington, 13th, 14th When "voa , tftinJli of Lumber, LOOR :: Cumber & Mill Go. COMPLETE . Lt7M;BERMILL CABINET DEPARTMENTS , ' ' Afentt for Clot , Broadway at Estuar ,i Alameda Alameda 3$44 Rip Van Winkle Wall Beds v InstaRei in the . Marilian Apartments Rip Van Winkle Wall Bed Co. 792 22ND ST. Oakland 141 Electric Wiring for (he m Marilian Apis. ZARWELL ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR AND . ENGINEER 2622 Central , Ave. Alameda ,- rhnms AUuntdm , 3942W Sheet Metal Work for Marilian Apis, hy MELROSE Sheet Metal Works SHEET METAL CORNICES SKY LIGHTS 4425 E. 14th St. FruitvaU 8806 MILLWORK for the Marilian Apartments STANDARD Mill & Lumber Co. Retail Lumber, Lath, Shingles 526 to 534 Second St. Phone Oakland 4089 The Marlllan , Apartments at llth. avenne' and Foothin boule vard are announced a completed and Veadr (or occupancy by Drew Caminetti, anpertntendent Ot eon-true tlon. ' The atructur comprise thre tore, aeven apartmenu of tw room each aad (our aaratea. A deecrlotlorf fA:V-yi ' There are no courts or Heht well In the building so that all room are open to the outside. Facilities are most complete and decidedly unusual considering th low rental that nave been an nounced, thirty-two flftv unf ur. niahed and forty dollar furnished A veatlDUl phone. lull carsated stairs and ' hallwava. brrt floor in th living rooms, Hip Van. Winkle wall beds, genuine Frigid' I. ' u 1 . i 'in... w sicmiiw rvii igcrauup, (ilea bathroom with colored bases v lull porceiam tuos with enowers. Bands antomatro' water heaters. Pacific gas radiators, disappearing metal acreena, radio plugs - and aerials, and smooth-top ranges ar to be noted among the feature. "Painted platr wall ot attrae. tlte tertur with stlpled .wood work grace he stairs and hall- way: there ar etlded . enamel wans or various color in th bath room and kitchen F the wall of tn oreaxiast. room ar papered at tracUvely a ar also , th Uvln room. Th kitchen are replete with built-in cabinet, hava til sinKs with' colored border,- inlaid unoieum ana a mil porcelain Frigldair box. Amola eloaat suae 1 provided, there la a large dressing closet with built-in dresser and mi Ul VM.ilB LKHJ1BL III LN1 U&IU mil IT) Beparat front and rear entrance ar provided to each ,partmant, torag locker are In the basement and tradesmen locker ar located on a large covered poroh. Provision tor the drying of clothef haa oeen maa on tn roor, "Curtain, drape and namld breakfast eta are to be found In every, apartment, both furnished ann nnrnrnitnri ' i ta irmm AM pietely furniahed are. In addition, Cheeterrleld sets, rugs tables, lamp, dishe. kitchen utensil and S radically mil ether neceseltle for ousekeeplng. In- every apartment color harmony ha bean carefully watched and touches of individuality haver ,bn effeoMvely Intro- Onced. - , . i nrrn PFn.Tnnp pp nn nr.nv iiixf lotniiiunaaunuui iilhui s 4 Specialists (Above) Dr. William-W. Hoagland and (beW) Dr, Gtoryt L' Torai. . '. i ., ... zmk " s . , ,' v' h M...4AM. YXTai.iH. . sentatlv of the Chamber of Commerce of the united States, la helping the "Build Better" campaign by providing Invaluable data gath ered ,y tne great organization In country-Wide surveys. These are on file at "Build Better" campaign headquarter, Builders' Palace Ex. hi bit, 868 Hobart street, and cover olty tonihgs housing, health and physical education, traffic, parks, auto, camps, out-of-town ehopper. ahd a mass of other Information. These may be consulted at "Build .Batter" neaaquarter by anyone interested. TILING for the Marilian Apts. by RIGNEV TILE CO. 3012 Harrison St. Cfeneourt 1514 . Simplex Oil Burner Installed in iht Lakevicvv School Manufactured ly BUNTING IRONWORKS 820 Parker Street Berkeley, Cal. Phone Berkeley 6755 r: s i ' ' ' ' " ' - - er r! With the announcement by I H,' Bennett,, distributor for the General Electrlo ' refrlereratora that th Alexandria, partment at llth ana jaciceon street, have been "Q. B." equipped, ar given several reason- for the uperor adaptability of thia-devio n old apartment. . Th statement reads; "Our endeavor baa been to produce th simplest, most, practical electrlo refrigerator that eleetrlcal science could achieve and we have now available a simple, practical uhlt that takes automatic refrigeration definitely out of the experimental stage. Thla unit I unusually eulet m operation, never need olUng or attention of any kind can be Installed with absolutely no remodeling or - cabinet work, and" provide maximum capacity because the Icing rests at the top of the cabinet f f: ' "Extrem car U , exercised in assembling the- General Electric icing unit, thla operation taking place in a dust-proof room lust a in the assembly ot th m6st precise- eclentlfio . Instrument. . . All moving part inclosed in 'a hermetically sealed casing, with r-manent aupply of oil enclosed. Au-tomatle refrigeration can therefor be obtained at all time without further -attention whatsoever, "5Tb dry cold and even tempera tur of th General Klectria refrig erator combine to make it th pr- ivvf iuou prMrvr - jLuiomaticany, it, totnperatur kept .within proper-: limit, constantly maintaining a son of toerfeot refrigeration. Dampness help to breed Bacteriaana mo in extreme ory nee of the General Electrlo refrigerator atmospher 1 the most ef- Th Lakeview Junior High BchocJ, a 1308, 009 truetur erected for th Board of Education at tSth and Harrison Boulevard, is completed and will b open for th fall term- it Is announced. The building, whloh i ot rein forced eoncrete construction, ha been built by John B. Braiigh, under th supervision of W. E3. Wha- lin, auperintMaent ot ouuaing an1 ground for the Board of Education;. B. Geoffrey Bang 1 the architect. ., . .'.'. '. ThT chbol,' tor "which" ground was broken-la. April. l.T, will ao-. eommodat twelve hundred pupil. It contains 18 ; large elass room, adminietfatlon - room. ' eooklng laboratory with . a model lunch room ib connecuon, an nuauiriun . seating twelve hundred and equips pea witn a tae, sewing ana mil linery rsoms, sclenc laboratories and recitation rooms, drawing and graphio art roema library, study hall, visual education room, text'. book room, orchestra and choral roam. : . A large gymnaalnm, and manual training hop, will be koused In separate buildings t be erectea on tn scnooi grouna. ' Th architecture of th etraatur I Romanesque kit charaoter, to eonrorna with a arroun of erhl publio building t be erected ad-Jaoent te the kohool. Kvry eon-venleno ' and improvement for school construction and maintain. anc ha been incorporated in the structure. AH hardware has been supplied by Maxwell', with trne- turai iron jnanufaetnreo and erect d by the Herrick Iron Work. J, & Branagh, builder of th cheot, 1 at present erecting thre iarg - structures . at Stockton Cor th Stat of California. Berne of the schools built within recent year by Branagh Include the John Bwett School and University High School gymnasium and -Jefferson School addition, in Oakland; Hay-ward Union High School, Pleasant Union High School, Decota ocnooi, Mayneia School at Faie Alto, Sunnyvale School at Sunnyvale and th Gonzales School at Gonzalea, Monterey County, COWS DO THEIB SHARE. The dairy ow of California contribute an average of T I cents each, per day, to the creation f new capital. Considering the number ot cows, thia amounts te 49,- 090 'which 1 added every dT K the state's economic welfare. CANNED FRUITS. Nearly S6 per cent ot th fruit canning of th United State 1 dons in California. Much of the California canned fruit la exported. fectlv antidote of food deteriora tion. ' All food ar kept fresh and !-. wnoieaome, souna and delicious." ssmm . High Grade ' - - BUILDERS'; HARDWARE ' . ' ; :tn tht new . . ' llakeyiew Junior HigK ScKdol y , , Furnished by . u, . i-3. Jill !B7l ngSeSaot: JP UU A ITkA7a l'rkVr ;.v II x m iJuuijitvjLP vYwnJnjc: , K wv J Washington, 13th and Htn Streets, Oaklahd Lafeview Junior High School built y ohn E; Pranaqh '. .'v'V.;C';' V;.,;" .. . - GENERAU CONTRACTOR 184 Perry Street e-i ClencoUrt 361k OAKLAND. CAL . - VlumUng ':i ''"'.', fc .I-. ,,t :-f Jf j Lakeviev Junior HigK School & : . J;. A.: FRETfAS ' f . ww e w 1 , . f 2811 E. 10TH ST. OAKLAND . ' . . teepUe rMiWs .J v f Structural Iron '' . N for tho'',. . . r i ... ' . . L, y . . r Lakeyiew Junior HigK School; rHERRlCK IRON WORKS : STH AND CAMPBELL SI'S. ' OAKLAND ' , Telephone Lakeside 20)5 PAINTING .on the ; ,i , . Lakeview Junior High School ' , has been dont by, " PAlIfTERSON BROS. Master Painieri 494 36TH STREET. OAKLAND Telephone Piedmont 149) ill Work , , t (hi ' 4s ' Lalceview Junior High1 ScKool - fumshei by , ft' WZm MFG. 60; ' 353 Hola!t St. ' 6AKlJND " 1 ' telephone ClenmA 7551) 1 T ui'1' n Healing and Ventilating ' ' ' Lakeyiew Junior HigK School v ' t. ' done by - Bay Engineering Cbl a! v 4TH AND JEFFERSON STS. OJCLAND , Telephone QaklantJ fe63T Roofing - Lakeview Junior HigK School ALTA ROOFING CO. , 225 GOUGH ST. ' SAN FRANCISCO, CAL , Telephon, Park II 42 Electrical Work and Fixtures " hike , - . Lakeview Junior High' School ' - 1 Installed h$ - ' Newbery Pearce Elec. Co. 481 56T14 ST. OAKLAND telephone Piedmont 8553 ORNAMENTAL IRON WORK. ... .in Lakeview School : Mfjf- a'hi installed by FRAUNEDER Ornamental Iron Works Phone Oakland' 7906 . 333 8th St.. Oakland Rotting Tile furnished Ty CaliiFornia Pottery Cb, Inc. " 2265 E;" I2TH ST OAKLAND, CAL , ,- Phono Fruitvale 587 Tilt' installed by RIGNEYl TILE CO. 30 2 Harrison Blvd.. OAKLAND Pfiotle CJencduri 1 514-1 515 Cast Sidrte by O. F. LARSON & SON 480 Potrero Avey .i San FrancUcb, "Cat. . .Phone Market 1325 ' ''

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