Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 13, 1954 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 13, 1954
Page 9
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" ^ »'.>•; ' HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Saturday, November 13, 74411 Sptt 'is :-Makers will meet hi morning at the tit 10 &. m. Satikr- d W. legion Auxiliary FAY E IT HAS EVER I YOU BEFORE! ' RICkAKD ' CARLSON RUSH, > A UMVEIISAt'lNtrjpfAIICNAl > 1 -THUNDERING THRILLS! OUTLAW STAUION JOROTNT PATRICK' PLUS • Copter 10 of Serial MANHUNT IN THE AFRICAN :JUNGLE" •brky Pig Color Cartoon •it? >•* * '.-&MON. • _ , TIMES g A. M< and 4 P. M. will meet Monday, November 15, Plymouth to Show Bigger Models Nov. 17 Plymouth's bigger and more powerful 1955 model , , fit 7-45 i« the home of Mfs. Victor cars will be displayed by dealers Cobb With Mrs. Leon Biindy and throughout the nation and in Hope Mrs 1 . Clyde Coffee as co-hostesses. All members are urged to be present, ; fbllowing circles of the First Baptist Church will meet Monday, November IS: The M&rlha . Kairstoh Circle will meet in the home of Mrs. Har> ry Shiver, SOB North Main; Hazel Sorrels Circle in the home of Mrs. Hervey Holt, West 16lh street; Annie Hoover Circle in the home at B. R. Hamm Motor Co., and Nunn-McDowell Motor Co. beginning Wednesday, November 17, President John V. M'aHsfieid of Plymouth Motor Corporation nounced today. The 1955 Plymouths are efitirely new. both in styling and engineering detail, Mansfield said. They are lower, longer and wider than previous Plymouth cars. They are the most powerful cars Plymouth over built. The 1955 engines arc a 117-horsepower Power- of Mrs, Joe Rider, 1103 South Flow six, a 157-horsepower Hy-Fire V-8 and a 107-horsepower Hy-Fire The Amanda Tinkle Circle will j V-8. The latter engine also is avail- meet at the home of Mrs. Royce a We with a four-barrel carburetor Smith, 520 S. Main; The Catherine Hatton Circle will meet In the home of Mrs. Ed Nutt, 300 North Elm. Monday November 15 W. S. C. S. Circle 5 of the First Methodist Church will meet Monday, November 15, at 7:30 p. m. in,the home of Mrs. James Meyers, 811 South Elm, with 'Mesdames Jack Wilson, H. O. Kyler, Jr., and Miss Mary Anita Laseter as co-hostesses. THe program entitled "New Nations Shall Turn.-. to the Lord" will be.led by-Mfs. Virgil Keeley artd assisted by Miss Carolyn Mann and Mrs. Hinton Davis. Jeep Track stories will be presented by Mrs. Lloyd Guerin, and Mrs. Sam Hartsfield will give the devotional. Members are asked to bring your yearbooks, also, birthday and weight pennies 'for the' Life Membership Fund, Thursday November 18 Mrs, John Vesey and Mrs. R. T. White will be hostess to the ladies bridge-luncheon at the Hope Country Club on Thursday, November 18, at 12:30. Tuesday November 16 Mrs. Leo Hartsfield will be hostess to Poplar Grove 196, Woodman's Circle, on Tuesday, November 16, at 7:30 p. m., lor a social All members are urged to attend. and special manifold which increases its horsepower to 177. Plymouth offers as optional equipment a full range of automatic and power assist devices. They include PowerFlite fully automatic no clutch transmission, a new design coaxial full-time power steering, power brakes, power-operated front seat adjustments power-operated window regulators and adjustable speed electric wind shield wipers. Air conditioning by Airtemp also is -available as spe cial equipment. , : The 1955 line is made up of 12 models, including for the firs imc four-door versions of the,Ply louth Suburban, the all steel body station wagon" type car which lymouth pioneered in 1949. Mansfield said the 1955 models re all new in a more basic sens lan at any previous new mode ntroduction in the company's his ory. We started 'three years ago t esign," he . said, "Everything is ew. This applies not only to their tyling and interior decor but alsi the body structural details, thi rame, the suspension system, thi nterior ventilating and heatin; ystem and many other featured ;' literally is true that our 1955 mo els are new from bumper tc umper. Sunday School Lesson By- William E. GUroy, D. D. We think of Jesus as a great teacher 'and savior. Often we: emphasize His social teaching and its bearing on life today. One seldom. if ever, hears Him spoken of las an economist. But if economics has to do with worths and' values surely Jesus has His high place a- mohg the economists, for He had a great deal to say about getting the most out of life, He set gr&at importance, too, upon things and factors that most economists fall to consider, His parable of the Rich Farmer (Luke 12) was a striking instance of this. Here was a man apparently much like other men; neither very good n6r bad as the story shows, but efficient and success ful, with a store of wealth buil up through the years. He woulc no doubt have been a fine example for younger men, as he was active practical and highly skilled in far ming. i » He did what the average sue? cessful farmer would do; he plan ned in accordance with his wealth He pulled down his barns and buil 'greater ones; he wasn't going i let his produce rot in the fields He even showed a measure of gooc sense that successful and retiree farmers don't often show, in de elding to take it easy and enjoy what h«? had built up. What was wrong about that Wasn't it good economics? He. 'lac ked, of course, the proper atti tude of a man; religiously; he wa ^elfish and self-centered; he wa not "rich toward God," Put what I ahi stressing here wa his great economic blunder. He ha not reckgned with the most impor tant factor of all — his own lifo K I am not mistaken, the Gree word translate d as "soul" in th. parable is the word denoting phy sical life, and not the higher spir tual nature. The farmer may have been lacl lug in proper spirituality, but th point is that In Josing his life h lost all that he had won, and o which he boasted. "This night th fo Public School- Menus for Next Week Hope Public School .menus veek of November 15-19: Elementary .Monday — .ChiluMac; Mixei xfeens, Onion Rings, Corn Breac Chilled Figs, Cookie, .Milk. .. Tuesday — 'Pigs in : - Biahkets !arrot Strips, Pork and Beans 'eanut Butter Cookies, Milk. Wednesday — Meat Loaf. Whip ed Potatoes, Peas and Carrots Biscuit, Honey, Milk.. Thursday — Great Norther Beans, Oven Fried Croquets. Slaw Inriched Bread, Cookie, Milk. Friday — Soup and Cracker; heese Salad Sandwich, One-ha Apple, Milk. Junior-Senior High Monday — Chili-Mac, Mixe Greens, Onion Rings, Corn Brea hilled Figs, Cookie, Milk. Tuesday— Pigs> in Blankets, Ca New Bigger Plymouth Plymouth's completely new 1955 cars are lower, wider and more than 10 inches longer than previous models. With either a PowerFlow Six or Hy-Fire V-8 engine, they are the most powerful cars Plymouth has ever built. They are available with a full range of automatic and power-assist devices, including electric window lifts and power front seat adjustment. Pictured here is the Belvedere 4-door sedan. .......,>,.r Sunday & Monday at Saenger Tom see his error. I sincerely hope Dana ANDREWS^ Elizabeth TAYLOR and Peter FINCH set for stuck in a scene from Paramount's "ELEPHANT WALK." Technicolor. Dear Miss Dix: Jane and I have been friends for a year. We date every week-end. However, I can' understand her yet. Quite frequent ly when We're out she goes to 'grea length greeting other boys, wav ing to them, then talking abou them for an hour after. Most of thi boys are just casual acquaintance; for whom a pleasant "hello" would be enongh. BILLY B Answer: Your Young lady fig ures this is a good way to impres you with her popularity. One day she'll wake up to find that she taken the right way to lose friends Her actions are childish — and Wi be outgrown, but the only immed iale cure would be to skip a week end or two as a means of showin your displeasure. DOROTHY DIX She Can Loofc DownOn Him Dear Miss Dix: When I first „ Tom there were so many obstacles you till loved me and wanted to mar- y me after he gets a divorce. I till love him and always will. I'm 8 and he's 20. C. T. Answer: It seems to me Roy has sferious problem to solve that ight now would be better handled iVithout the added complication of n extra girl in the picture. Whe- fier or not he married on the re- lound, he has the responsibility of a wife and child and should make determined effort to solve the lifficulties of his marriage. You're respassing on forbidden territory; n the best interest of everyone c6n- cerned, including yourself, step a- Side.. Pole-frame constructs* cuts farm building costs • You can save up to half the cost of erecting and maintaining your barns, poultry bouses, machine aheds, etc. Pole-type farm buildings, solidly nupported by Koppers Pressure- Creosoted .Poles, need no foundation, require less lumber, and eliminate the need for costly skilled Se« us for more information about polo-frame construction and Koppers Pressure-Creosoted Pole*. GUNTER RETAIL LUMBER CO. Ph. 7-3495 442 E. Div Gift ( Shop • Personalized Christmas Cards 305 S. Laurel FOR QUALITY and DEPENDABILITY Let us fill those Vital Prescriptions Registered Druggist on duty at all times. Call PR 7-3424 for speedy delivery from 7 i a. m. to 7 p. m. Crescent Drug 225 S. MAIN Dear Miss Dix: Roy and I datec for two years, then had a quarrel and broke up. He married someone else, and is the father of a child. Now, he is separated from his wife. He has come back- to town (alone), and when I met him lie said lie to a deepening friendship'.ihat it seemed,nothing short, of a.miracle to find ourselves in love with each other. .True, we belong to--^ip same church, take part in its ietivities and have many interests in com mon. There our similarities' end, He is 11 years my senior, and has been married before. lie ,1?^ widower with a son; the boy ana I are fond of each.other. However,, some people think that ?; Mi '22 "'Wn. too young to take on the responsibilities of a 10-year-old boy. All these questions we could overcome. But the one that apparently can't be surmounted is to me the most trival — I am three inches taller than Tom. He says he's talked to other 'people about it; but everyone agrees with me that it's unimportant. However, .1 can't convince, him. I discussed the problem with our pastor, an under-j > standing person wno, knjows us both I very well. He sides with me, but' suggested that I write to you in th« hope what you say would influence MIXED UP quite a . happy marriage. That possess these attributes is . evident from your long letter, which I had to condense. It's a natural masculine weakness to desire height, or at least to he taller than a wife, bu,t,many, many happy, marriage exist without the fulfillment of this desire, which is, after all, just vanity. Tom is putting his own pride before the welfare of you and his son. Jo this on^respeet^he ne£dj> h,umb- ling — that will come only' through prayer. You are fortunate to have the guidance of an understanding pastor, arid I'm sure he can make SMALL APPLIANCES for everyday 1 home' needs. . JOHNSON ELECTRIC CO. 319'West 2nd. Phone 7-2195 LOOK . YOUR LOVELIEST THE BEAUTY BOX Open 6 days a week After 5. appointments for : the working girls ' Latest Hair Styling Phone 7-5850 112 S. Main Ruth Hoelscher Jariell Roberts APPLE • Pure Ribbon Cone Syrup • Plenty of Good Sorghum • Best Country Eggs in Town RUSSELL'S CURB 901 West 3rd Phone 7-9933 STEEL CONSTRUCTION Sheds, Farm Buildings and . Industrial Buildings made according to specifications. Can be constructed at low cost. • • CALL... PR 7-4683 for complete information. DUCKETT STEEL & EQUIPMENT CO. LISTEN TV 11:00 A. M. SUNDAY — —^ LISTEN TV 11:00 A. M. SUNDAY — She'll Always Be Taller Than Ha Is " i • Answer: I would be most grate^ fill if any words of mine would con- rot Strips, Pork and Beans, Peanut jTom, Butter Cookies, Milk. Wednesday — Meat Loaf, Whipped Potatoes, Peas and Carrots, Biscuit, Honey, Apple Sauce, Milk. Thursday — Great Northern' vince your Tom that he.is 1 indeed Beans, Oven Fried Croquettes, i being very foolish to let a differ- Slaw. Enriched Bread. Blackberry en ce in height stand in the way of Cobbler Milk. happiness for three fine 'persons. Friday — Salmon Croquettes. With the high ideals you and Torn Peas, Hash Brown Potatoes, Enriched Bread, Fruit, Milk. Extra items daily, such as Soup, Sandwiches, Milk, Pie, Cake. etc. • r • you could establish ; a home rich in companionship and love, and every other quality that ma- NEGRO BAPTISTS TO MEET LITTLE ROCK UP) — I)r, J. K. Jackson is to be the featured speaker at the Arkansas Missionary Bap- list State Convention (Negro) her" Nov. 16-21. ' Dr. Jackson is president of the convention and a member .of the Central Committee of the j World CoXincil of Churches. His address will be presented on Nov. :19. Continued from Page One cnced men who have had sonic- thing to say which could be interpreted as pro or con. For example, one American slat- islician has figured that men who ire new 40 or older and smoke heavily have 5 to 15 times move f:go 80 .than nonsmokers. But ;m English statistician wonders why the British cancor death rate is apparently double that of the United States, 'although he says the British smoke 30 per cent feweejiind that the desire to smoke flares cigarettes pur capita than Amori- chiatrist, Dr. Howard N. 'Cooper, can offer some tips. 1 If you tell yourself that " tomorrow" you will step smoking, you'll find tomorrow rarey comes. 2. If you quit until some foture date, like Jan. 1, you'll probably shall be required of thee then. whose shall those things be?" Another instance of .the economics of Jesus is the parable of the Pearl of Great Price (Matthews 13:45), It is a parable of the fUngdom of Heaven as the priceless possession; but it also has its eo- onomjp aspect and 'significance. In cans. To what earned so every life, }n every home a,nd family there is S9mething tliat ,is morp valuable than all else. J had a striking, but rather sad, example of this some years ago. A brother of one of my ministerial brothers had come from, England with his family to settle in Ontario With hard wor|s a«4 money they smokers responded with a shrug. Some don't bolieve the Accusative evidence, Other's apparently feel that if there is a risk, well, there s a risk jn everything, even crossing the street, and the risk is weil wpith the ciindle because of their enjoyment from smqkint;. Other? say they think they should ;top smoking, and some wonder new best to do it? On this score, a new York psy- PLACE HAS REOPENED e, hamNrger*, hef do gs/ of Wide Pies they far,, have many hoard or American up qn that very day, rppar.e(less of how well you had been doing until then. I 3 If you just cut do^yni you'll probably think about cigarettes far more, and this usually leads to smoking as 4. ie you much really as ever,;want to quit, a farm, and good ahead much strug- had acquired years seemed gle. They, had harvested their first crop, the last.load was in the barn and they sat down to supper after a hard day. Suddenly they looked out to see the barn in flames. It was a cruel blow. It would be wrong to say that they didn't mind but there was for them a pearl of great price to be counted above all their loss. The children^ who 4 few moments before had been play, ing in the barn were there safe at the table. What a true and sound economist and interpreter of life w»? For everyone there js " v?l«? Jjw«f, «P also- Itagpy quit forever -and complej^Jy. Or quit completely "just for 'today," but do the same thing tomorrow, which is again a "today." You build up an investment, like elcnholie who is just not Drinking today, and enous'n todavs can adc up to years or a life time. Smoking, he says, is a habit not yn addiction, and it involves psychological satisfactions far more than physical satisfactions. People smoke partly because they fee: some emotonal rieed for reassur ynce. The greater a persons tensions in life or competition are, the less ehanco he has of stooping smoking Cr. Cooper says Judicious use o; crutches can help-like nine op chewing gum or candy or more attention ta * R 4 enjoyment o| rncalstut \there pan l?e " in Ihem too. Jf people didn't we mjight well have alpohoiips, mwe \vh9 O O § Ue says, *tio» of PRESENTING.... « The Bible Dramatized! • The Saviour Realized! • The Church Vitalized! HEAR OMER-SPENCER EVANGELISTIC TEAM City Hall Auditorium HOPE 7:30 P.M. DAILY BROADCAST DIRECT FROM THE AUDITORIUM, OVER KXAR 4:30 to 5:00 P. M. SUNDAY 2:30 TO 3:00 P, M, REV. G. P. COMER Evangelist Dallas, Teras SPECIAL TV PROGRAM 11:00 A. M. TO 12:00 NOON REV. & MRS. H. H. SPENCER Singers Kansas City, Mo. TONIGHT 7:30 P. M. Subject: "WHAT I FOUND OUT ABOUT A CERTAIN BAPTIST miACHER" BIG MASS MEETINO SUNDAY AFTERNOON &30P.M, Subjisct: "WILL RUSSIA INVADE AMERICA?' ' .1.. I. I.I II I . I ' .. I. l.llH.J»I.I.^Jil,l ,«',.JU.I. '. I .. I II. L--1IUI I >.,!,..-. I.-..U.. -.-•--... -,;-Do you know there are 6,000 paid ipeokers daily and nightly pollening the minds of our matiei. 35,000 orgonijers and $00 Red riewipapen and. riiag0*ines circulating in this 'country. AMIRICA YOU HAD BFTTi* Subject: "WHIN CHlclciNS C0ME HOME TO RQOST" ALL CHURCHES AND PASTORS IK THIS AREA CORDIALLY INVITED USTiN TY 11*0 A Mi Z 3 O o fc o o 3LONDI1 ly Chkk WHAT HAVE )J|A THERE ARE COLD VOU 60f ? /^(CUTS.CHEeSf.?AtAft _* t^J^V ( PICKLE5, ROAST BEfef; SARDINES, Pt£ .ANYTHING YOU WANt In Portugal Answer to Previous'- Putil6 STSToT^I rc^STSrr\ It? STT o A & s M A R E B A 5 E O R A l_ O. C» E R A p .1 S 0 1 S E /A O B> 1 I* 1 B R s 7 A T E i> 'v*N A S A li 1 T A l_ ,1, C I*;-' K 1 S E F^ C A U "'a. N E S T S <-/:• E C R U A l_ L. E & E ^ A f» S A 1 S S E E 9 '•?'"' R. 0 C K V '*$• U E T T E 6 T ^ Itf r> ^ E N 0 L A E R J E <%• fc^ KA e E p E R T A 1 N E P A W A V O 0 E E t_ E S E T A R E T O P S E P E M E e i s ACftOSS 7 Two-footed 1 Capital of . !l ni ^ a ] b . „ ' Portugal 8 Fruit drink. 7—is one of 9Un «f* this country's reluctance ! impor?ant y S 10 Indo-Chinese • crotis region ISExalfierate " Girl's nam« Hlo^rnotionl^eriodof time 15 Magician's 21 Develops 31 Raced . •* -45 Filth . ! talK r 22 Musical note .37 And.(Fr.). 47 Devotees : '? . 23 Electrical unit 38 Peruser 48 Governmental bemg 24Dug 39 Perched f. grant , .^25 Cicatrix ^ 40 Frbm * 49 Heavy blow i 20Sardinia.(ab.) 9RP11 ? xomniMro >ii s P ?np. n ^ •*-.* it j AO V'UlOilcSo | "^ \-»UalcaLc *JL OclIJC oe o* a i 27 Press ' 43 Touches .52 Summer (Fr.) noS-u V s 29 Masculine lightly . 54 Ever (poet.) 28 Hebrew appellation 44 Oft'the . - .55 Collection of : oo-erlPj 30 Facility . sheltered side sayings •32 Solicitude ,.-...% i""?._..!,._. |i'°""lz' li IH Is' \b I' I? Is b'lo IB' la 1 !. 33 jump 34 Century plant 35 Flower container 36 Melts down, ad fat 40 Removed 41 Vaporized 43 Cushion 46 Consumed 47 Artificial . . language 50 Arrayed 53 Motive 56 Rounded 57 Well-born 58 Kind of dbg 59 Expunger DOWN 1 Easy gait 2 Russian name 3 Hardens 4 Brought (ab.) 5 Poem 6 Persianwater 1 wheel 13 15 17 25 3l 34 36 13 bO 56 56 Z a> if 3 27 H? *» m U 11 * SI 5 9 LL • 9 9, 37 9 SI b 18 W 9 9 38 * 19 ». 9 9 39 7 life '9 9 9, %. M .. r .r 57 $: 8 9 Li> 9 9, «/0 W, 9 9 <w y> 35. m 0 20 ft H7 » 30 48 11 : .' 3 ) - ! 49 CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "Now don't pariiCr liriogene! I've escaped from worse foot'--...-.>W***,v*ii ball games than this!" ^»ziiw- SIDE GLANCES By Golbroith 1 FORGOT ABOUT TW6 NEW fHg LINOLEUM'-J = VOUCAMTSOlN £Mt>A'5rt?Mz£? ^ tFZNDSLQMG mUSS rwrrfNG r&w. , , STRATEGY AND fMt,J( *<!0Mf>&X T£CHM$ff£S\ ^L Of M00E8N &&m&r «®l«w* lomKKlS^ i A^AAisA 4?5*, Wr»J ^f*rv KNO\*W ~3?\ *~\-; ft flffi ;l%^»- ,i),r Iri&tfKM S ^ m .$<l3«m... fcffi&FJ OUT OUR WAt J. R. WilHann MA/ L0<X OUT OF TH 1 , QUICK/ ITS TH MOSrf BEAUTlrtJL OME- KETCM I EVER VOU'VE GOT -PA'S-HOLPIN' TH' POSE/ OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople IPI , 6LOODHDUN1D5 HUE TD HIDE1H6 ' A .St3TT6l5 VILLAlM MISHT <5£T PLATED \MITH IR& OF A (460PLE ARD05ED/ IT WAS ONE OF LOV^-COMEDV ' - K-ci LL OPEM.f en JUST PRETEMD I'M -MefZE OM LE©rnMAT\l& AT THE rH6 HAU OBOY. A6 Y *M $ORKV IT HA£t0 B& AQIRI ! &m \»-m Tmi cANT^srfe swAthy* ,n,-4.•*,.-.> ,iS!i I Jr.. fttiu/tiiF.Vuii>Mn /^Mr*rv*tr»it •iirBWirir nc*«i (/N.(MJJI/ni^.nnvir 7Mk.BKi,!nw, .^•«j > * WEU <36T« li*mMBOT^T--^^i!fNM>; «£ coNfiB&S'ipMr-v AMff for.•B^&n2pfonta$ iHH '6»tfOTlF*4tf'''fcfclBT. ^-TAKft-THfelBlyRlM'Hil HPQTS AND HER BUDDIES ^•Bdili^k-^ii^r^^P^iSiji iiina'u •• • i if _ . '' ' ...j. . ....• ...-...-. \ '••' •'•^^:\..^&&.:;*'?£ ! ^ .~**^^ •'• *'•• Tl.; --,;'.- Vt' j 'i -'. vLv3M^.,H'V--—i-^—^ T *('*!*• ** WP'VW-'WT.'IrPv «^^»^f|»sixv ^'-^^^••'^Kl^'iis 'S^f^ii^SiiftllP^^^B '''"'"' *i^feK^Vw^ft|j><^8SB^SWfflpl!» PUGS BUNNY r>'T~ t»r~"'j N ''•'"..J ^ FUNNY BUSINESS By Hortbbergei! YAK! THAT'S ,A NEW ONE 1 HOW- COME VBR TAKIN' YEt? TEACHER N APPLE AN 1 A ^ BANANA,TOO, J< ^ 1-13 JUST TH'APPLE'S r POR-TH'TEACHER... 1 °%e>!$%t%$fem ^ *• —-^1 JW 15 ra^v*«if« - TT>»»li fc,..'fcrf •?&.!-,? OOP help me—if any of them.havej-aspirig voicesj'/"' PIE : By Norfine Selzcr OF.SOME MV AX ARE \FUNNY AWFUL FAST OR THET RECW-L MORE OF A £TART 'S POP ^T-. . t . .-||^|^'J.'-^4f j - - i 13 <" i < ,11 J . ^ LoNEf rT , W8BS THI STORY OF MARTNA WAYNI U >""Sg •

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