Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 12, 1954 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 12, 1954
Page 7
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?l£& M0f£ STAR* HOPE, ARKANSAS Friday, November 12/IW4J .-..... Bfif * Holt? gunshot 10 die the MARKETS St. kOUIS LIVESTOCK STOCKYARDS, III. *i itogs 8,000; fairly active but later slow: 2V5C higher, bulk cno i ce 1&0-22C Ib 20.00-50; J50-1.W .Jb 20.504t.00, latter for 150170 ib and choice No. 1 and ? around Svlth some figns of profit-taking tho'vin?. ib and coce o. an ,'Ar 'MtithishaW Of 1)86-190 Ib; 230-250 Ib 1925-75; fov * 'nT OTIUW"O*»«*« va. ' j ou-j £7U ••*•*) t*j».—*-wv •••+ »»' — irdfTfte feey tyss i«t po.oof zeil-zso ib 18.75-19.21; sows £ttte* ehUhsh^ three 4ft) Ib down 1775-1825; heavi-v N»Hy~ Ckot%' earl? tows 36.00-17.50; bonrs 13 00-1.00 ^w&rt&ft-"" 1 '* -- jtW and grfnkley, ,, Id by a Game i ! mlA> r A-~ 25e r—iiiw. e»t—$1.56 ea. . R-B-Q POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO :Vi Live poultry: steady on young stock; receipts 7fl4 ccops Wednesday 893 coops, Thursday 933; combined poundage for both days 220.44 lb:n f.o.b. rpyinp Oricos unchanged to 1 rent ,.„„, K.V,,..., ... - hifhcr:'heavy' hens 1619; light calves 400; Steers ahl'hrrs 12-14: ryers pnd broilers 23- commercial and i7: old roosters 12-12.5; capo'nettos ,7k. vV Butter firm: receipts for Thursday and Friday combined 1,1151.4 nhole.sale buying prices unchana- cd:,n:i swre AA 5992 A 58.75: 90 B 57.75; 89 C 50; cars 9C B 89 C Epgs firm: receipts for Thursday and Fiiday combined 18,700: I'/, higher to 3 hip.hcr; U. S. largo whites 40; mixed 3fi; U S. mediums 31; U S. standards 113: cut- rent receipts 25; dirties 23; checks 23. got-d 1 individuals 1600-20 00; co finding good demand at yo»tcrna> -. tipfiirn? tltility and co/timorcjnl 8 50*12.00; canners and ctittci ~ C.OO'B.SO; bulh urchangeo": utility and commercial II . 00- \.\ 00: CBN- ne and cutter bulls n.00-10.50; Veaiers steady with >cstorday. rr 100 higher than Wednesday; few prime 26.00; good and choice IP, 0024.00; commercial and low goo 1 12.CO»1700i slaughter calves finding improved demand and rhowing uneven strength in price; ''commercial'.and" good 1200-16.00; utility end low commercial 0.00-11.00. hecp' 400; choice and prims lambs active, steady; others full aridf:se&kj .spots ,50, or. lower; top 2000 for several lots carrying prime end; run mostly good and choice 180009.50; utility and good 15;00-17,00; will 1400; slaughter 400. and utility 12.00- nwes steady 300- NEW YORK COTTON Four Killed Out Deer Hunting By the Associated Press With the first half cf this year's split deef reason only two-thirds gone Arkansas appears v/ell on its way to one 3f (he mesf -disasterous deer-hunting seasons in •:years. The death of a 14 year ok! ybuth from Brinkley, Donny Ray Pulli- jman, yesterday brought to four the total number of fatalities resulting directly from doer hunting. Thj't's one more than the final tally lor the whole first half of ths season last year, Pulliman, who. failed to answer his uncles call at noon, 'ater was found dead of shotgun v.ounds. The other three deaths resulted mr.inly from car e lessness. Oii3 hunter tried to pull a g'in barrel filst from the back soat "f a cur. Another was killed while fitting in the back seat of a err. A hunter brushed a gun lying between the teals. It discharged. The third victim died whan his gun also fired "accidentally" while it was being loadnd. In addition to the four deaths ftemminy directly from Ciro arms four others 'have occurred eithor No Ambitions in Politics, McMath LITTLE ROCK UP '1 have no political an-.bitior.s,'" former Gov. Eid McMath said yesterday. McMp.th, defeated for a thirc term for governor in 1952 and foi nomination as U. S. senator this year, told the Arkansas Economic Counci.-Ptate Chamber of Com morce, "I dont have to be kickoc in the face three times to get the idea.'' However, when a news reporter asknd if his statement mnrnt he wouldn't run for office again Mc- Mnth replied: "I clidnl ray that. You'll have to make ycur own interpretation.' Hawaii produces more than a million tons of cane sugar a year. Foods that contain _nitrogen are called proteins. A light year is roughly six trillion miles. Nunn-Bush Shoes Only $10. • It ' •• '-"— ,-> T *"'-^-V. Friday, November 12, 1954 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS NEW YORK STOCKS NEW. YORK l/RThe slock market continued its post-el«ct\on boom [today with an advance led by steel NEW YORK i/P Cottor. f uturn? were higher to'dp.y on trade anJ commission house buying. The increasing movement of cotton into the loan -influenced som» of tha demand. Traders also believed that the market technically was due for c rise, following recent persistent declines. Late afternoon prices wre 50 to JO cants a bt.lc higher lhan tho previous -jlcsc, Dec. 34.12 .March 34.4G and May 3461 on the highway en route to deer camps on f torn, heart attacks suf- ered by hunters in the field. Jess ^camons, 68. p.f Sparkmar. was the loiulh victim of a heart ailment. Leamons was found dead in a Held near a deer he had killed. Four have been injured, two in gun accidents and two in auto accidents. i .(Jains throughout the market ran to between 1 and 2 points and HID less' frequent losses were as large. Steels : took .an 'early lead with Bethlehem Steel displaying the best gains. Railroads were up but GRAIN- AND CHICAGO (V PROVISIONS Grains declined late in the session on the Board of Trade today with selling corning from those who wanted to he out of the market over the weak nd. The market started out firm, bu ber PRESCOT? NEWS 'tl' *\ ,/;'"' "','•, han.you'mlghtsup. „,,—,; — COl- experlence to ie instructions • t, ' i • final, check- h# , medicine , dou,We«oheck It'* our duty - ic- mistakes H^.,^—,' if there is ejpeh'fcltoiifr his orders, ^prescription'' really * R Drow&fi8'V • • • y°"r tJpffs-3Wre.hfippy to pro"" ^ f J 4 » $£ "V ' f * iS ^& Son DRUGGIST ^lifrj^r <,, .'i * fecond St. Presbyterian General Meeting . The general meeting of the Women of the Presbyterian Church was held on Monday afternoon at t)ie church with 19 members present, L. D. Kinney of De Quincey, La. and the hosts. Miss Logan Hostess To Circle 3 Of Presbyterian Church Miss Julia Logan was hostess to Circle 3 of the Presbyterian Chur buying power soon faded. TherJ- t'fler, the market backed and filled until the last hour. Then selling became more persistent. Largest lesses were recorded by Wheat and corn. Oats held up quite well, although selling down from the day's highs. Wheat closd. Vi- lower, Decem$2 20-c. corn l-2'/ 8 lower, Dece mb er $1.54 -1.55, gats unchanged to V 4 higher. December '84•!,/,.%, rye unchanged to lower, December' $120-1.30, and soybeans 1 to 1 lower, November §2.81-1/2-2.80. Wheat; none Corn N o. 2 yellow 1.52; No. 3 1.4G-51'/ 4 ; No 4 ' 140i/4-. r >l'/ a ; No. 5 135-37—, cample gra de 1 16-49. Soybeans No 2 yellow track Chicago 2.7780; No. 3 track Chicago 2.70 Oats- No. 1 white 90; No 1 white heavy Heartburn? Heavens, doesn't she know about TUMS? You Can Wear Any of These Sizes SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. The president, Mrs, T. E. Logan ch at ller home on Monday even opened the meeting by reading ing James 13-5:8 and led in prayer. The minutes were read and reports of general 'officers and committee chairmen were heard. , Mrs. T.' C. McRae Jr., chairman of the nominating committee, gave the following slate of officers that was' accepted: President, Mrs. D. L. McRae Jr.,' i vice-president, Mrs: Ch H: Moore; chairman Chris' ' cns- Barley nominal: melting 1.31-52; feed 1.10-22. Whenfovorifcfoodsgiveyou gassy heartburn, nothing beats a handy roll of Turns in pocket or purse. For Turns give record relief from sour stomach and acid indigestion yet can't over-alkalize, can t cause acid rebound. Turns require no water, no mixing—take them anywhere. Get Turns today. So economical—only 10^ a rofl 3-roHplg. 25 f Pr. Pr. Pr. Pr, Pr. Pr. Pr. Pr. Pr, 2 Pr. Pr. Pr. 2 Pr, Pr. Pr. 3 Pr. 7 C 7 D 71 D 8 B 8 D 9 A 9D 91 A 9i C 94r B 10 B 10 C 101B 101 D 11 C Calendar Saturday November 13 (The Music Makers will meet at i o'clock Saturday morning at the injja of Mary Jean Sparks. Baptist Church will meet Monday,. Popular Grove 196 Junior mem- jrs will meet at 10 a. m. Satur- jy, November 13, at the W. O. W. kll for a business meeting. Monday November 15 The American Legion Auxiliary |ll meet Monday, November 15 4 j 7:45 in the home of Mrs. Victor bbb with Mrs. Leon Bundy and ' r fe C1 y de Coffee as co-hostesses. ll*rnernbers are urged to be pre- fnt. The following circles of the First Good Styles, but Broken Sizes tahyjEduc'ation, MfSj^'W. Qi Bcns- bergj 'Annuities 1 aW^oliel^ Mrs. R. W. Reynolds; Church Extension, Mrs. Jim Nelson; Foreign Missions, Mrs. S. O. Logan; Spiritual "Growth, Mrs. Wallace Pemberton; General Fund Agencies, Mrs. Allen Gee. Mrs. D. L. McRae Jr., Mrs. Bensberg, Mrs. T. M. Bemis, Mrs. S. O. Logan, Mrs. T. C. McRae Jr., and Mrs. T, E. Logan gave reports of | Presbyterial that they attended in Malvern, Mrs. Pemberton presented an interesting program on "I Saw the Church in Japan," The meeting adjourned with prayer by the president. The meeting was called to order with prayer by the chairman, Mrs. Max Bryant. A report of Presbyterial that convened in Malvern was given by Mrs. S. O. Logan. Mrs. Jim Hamilton presented, the Bible study from Acts and ; showed slides. The convention period oh "A Financing Faith" was .led by Mrs. John Hubbai'd. ., , i v ' , A delectable s'alad .course was served to 15 members. Mrs. Warren Complimented Mrs. Warren Kinney was complimented with a .pink and blue shower given by Mrs. D. S. Jordan at her home on Monday evening. Artistic arrangements of red roses, chrysanthemums and other fall blooms decorated 'the rooms. A jink carnation corsage marked the wnorees chair. Games were directed by Mrs. Dale Ward, Mrs. Wayne, Eley and Hope's Fineit Department Store FOR QUALITY and DEPENDABILITY *' Let us fill those Vital Prescriptions Registered Druggist on duty at all times. Call PR 7-3424 for speedy delivery from 7 a. m. to 7 p. m. Crescent Drug a 225 S. MAIN November 15: The Martha Hairston Circle will meet in the home of Mrs. Harry Shiver, 309 North Main; Ha?el Sorrels Circle in the home of Mrs. Hervey Holt, West 16th street; Annie Hoover Circle in the home of Mrs. Joe Rider, 1103 South Wain; The Amanda Tinkle Circle will meet' at the home of Mrs. Royce Smith, 520 S. Main; The Catherine Hatton Circle will meet in the home of Mrs. Ed Nutt, 300 North Elm. scheduled fof been canceled. Friday night has Monday November 15 W. S. C. S. Circle 5 of the First Methodist Church will meet Monday, November 15, at 7:30 p. m. n the home of Mrs, James Meyers, 811 South Elm, with Mesdames Jack Wilson, H. O. Kyler, Jr., and Vtiss Mary Anita Laseter as co-hos- iesses. The program entitled "New Nations Shall Turn to the Lord" will be led by Mrs. Virgil Keeley and assisted by Miss Carolyn Mann and Mrs. Hinton Davis. Jeep Track stories will be presented by Mrs. Lloyd Guerin, and Mrs. Sam Hartsfield will give the devotional. Members are asked to bring your yearbooks, also, birthday and weight pennies for the Life Membership Fund. Spring Hill P. T. A. ' Plans Pie Supper Spring Hill P. T. A. met Monday night, November 8, at 7:30 in the Spring Hill school auditorium. Th» Eeverend Claude Clark opened tha meeting with a devotional. Mrs. Paris Anderson presided over the meeting of 35 members. Plans were made for a pie supper to be held on Monday night, November 15, at 7:30. All proceeds will go for a worthy cause in the community. Everyone is invited to attend. Plans were also made for tho membership drive, and the following committee was appointed to promote this drive: 'Mvs. Ola Anderson, chairman, the Rev. Clark, John E. Bland, Mrs. Nell Marcum. Mrs. Chester May.. Mrs. Howard Garner, Mrs. Lester Boyce, Mrs P. K. Bachman, Mrs. Wilburn Ross and Mrs. Verdo Powell. Mrs. Turner's seventh grade won the room count. The Future Home' makers of America, Spring Hill Chapter, plan to entertain the children of P,'~TT~~A7 members whilo parents attend the regular meet- sence of the president, Mrs. Ben Owens. I* |«* The meeting was opened with Mrs. Jim McKenzie giving the devotional. During the business session the minutes were read an adopted. The membership chairman reported 203 members, with all but one of the rooms -reporting 100 per cent membership. The budget for the year was read and adopted. In the room count, Mrs. Brown's third grade and Mrs. Beene's second grade won. • Mrs. Redding, one of the Brookwood teachers, presented the national president's message. During' the program on "Civil Defen se." Mr Lex Helms, Jr., guest speaker, gave an interesting talk on Civil Defense. The meeting was adjourned with the benediction. Pretty Thursday November 18 Mrs. John Vesey and Mrs. R. T. White will be hostess to the ladies bridge-luncheon at the Hope Country Club on Thursday, November 18, at 12:30. Tuesday November 16 Mrs. Leo Hartsfield will be hostess to Poplar Grove 196, Woodman's Circle, on Tuesday, November 16, at 7:30 p. m. for a social. All members are urged to attend. ing. Tuesday November 16 The V. F. W. Auxiliary will meet Tuesday, November 16, at 7:30 at the hut. Mrs. June Phillips and Mrs. Hardean Davis will be hostesses. All members are asked to attend this meeting. Youth Kilts Wife, Then Himself SAVANNAH, Tehn. (IP) Betty Ann Brannon, 15-year-old bride of a year, yesterday filed suit for a divorce from her 19- year-old husband R. C. Brannon. As Betty and her mother sat talking last night, Brannon walked into their room. He was carrying a .22 rifle. He tossed some papers Into Betty's lay papers saying she had filed for divorce charging cruel treat- me"nt. "This is a mess of lies you told on me," he said. "You don't scare me," Betty replied. He fired one shot into Betty's head and fled. Policemen found him about 200 yards from the house a single shot through his head. Sheriff Edgar Doran ruled it murder and suicide. Doctor Is Sued for $50,000 LITTLE ROCK — (P) Or. (3. E. Etheridge of Morrilton has been sued for $50,844.19 damages by a former patient Who charges neglt gence in the removal ol his ton slls. Bull Notice The Country Club "open house' Birthday Dinner Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Wynn entertained with a birthday dinner at their home on Monday evening for the pleasure of Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Wynn of Hope. Covers were laid for the honor guests, Mrs. Warren Kinney. Mrs. APPLES __ v four*. Ribbon Cane Syrup nty of Good Sorghum f e$t Country Eggs in Town CURB MARKET 7 -" 33 CONSTRUCTION Buildings and Industrial Buildings qccprding to specifications. Can be con- Jow cost. CALL ... PR 7-4683 for complete information. STEEL & IPMENT CO. J|P^ IRI PB PR • ^ ECTRIC CO. with the 180-HP Strata - Streak V-8! Mrs. Ernest -Bomar Jr., Prizes Teeter were won by Mrs. J. W, and Mrs. Watson Ward. Mrs. Kinney received her lovely gifts in a bassinet. A dainty salad, course was ser.- ved to 23 guests. "Out of town guests were Mrs. L. D. Kinney o£ De Quincey, La., and Mrs, Carroll Wynn of' Hope. W. S, C. S. Has' Business Meeting The monthly business meeting of the W. S. C. S. pf the First Methodist Church was held on Monday afternoon at the church with the president, Mrp, J. W. Teeter, pre* sidjng. The song "We've A Story To Tell To The Nation" opened the meeting. Following the business session Mrs. Glenn Hairston presented the program topic on "India, Pakistan and Ceylon." Mrs. Herman Bonds , spoke on 'India and Pakistan" and, Mrs. William Dates on "Ceylon." Films on India were shown by Mrs. Hairston, At the -close of the meeting there was a make and grow exchange of gifts. Mrs, Guss McCaskill and Mrs. Walter Hirst are spending the week in Fort Smith with Mrs. Bob Robertson while Lt. Robertson is on field duty. !— * A NIW PQUCJY! . have yeM r Horn* Rewired fofK* medf m spnvsnjences an0 new AH BIV Mr. and Mrs. Hervey Bemis re- .u-ned. Monday from Little Rock 'here they have been the guests f Mrs. Lillian Vaug'han. They al- o attended the Ark.-Rice game. Mrs. C. W. McKelvey is spend- ig the week in Texarkana with •iends, , . INCOMPARABLE ALL-NEW ROADABILITY Pontiac's all-new readability starts with a long wheelbase. Its all-new chassis provides a heavier, more rigid frame; all-new front suspension and new wider-spaced parallel rear springs provide road-hugging stability so greatly advanced you'll notice the welcome difference the moment you take your first drive. You'll get a lullaby ride on any road in tliis big, solid car with every worthwhile comfort advancement of the year. SENSATIONAL ALL-NEW STRATO-STREAK V-8 PERFORMANCE Here's an engine so responsive, so alert it almost anticipates your demands for getaway and passing power. But most important, here's an engine so thoroughly proved that it will make even more enviable Pontiac's famed reputation for dependability, long life and economy. Three and a half million miles of testing stand back of Pontiac's all-new perfected 180-horsepower Strato-Streak V-8. DARING ALL-NEW FUTURE-FASHIONED STYLING Pontiac's brilliant new styling steps you years ahead in a single bold move. From its "dream car"-front end with its twin silver streaks to the new upswept rear fenders Pontiac for 1955 is far and away the most distinctive car on the road. Its long, low lines are a visual complement to its spectacular performance. BEAUTIFUL ALL-NEW PANORAMIC BODY Lower wider, roomier, Pontiac's new panoramic body provides sweeping vision •all around, with new panoramic windshield and extra-wide rear window. Front seats are three inches wider and, despite a roof line almost three inches lower there is no sacrifice of head room. Underneath this dramatic new beauty and comfort is the rugged safety and quiet of incomparable Fisher Body construction. * TODAY & SATURDAY * * BIG TRIPLE* PROGRAM* OUTDOOR ADVENTURE RACES ^ACROSS A THE SCREEN! Mrs. Herbert Elam and Mr9. Joe Martin were in charge of the program. Mr. Paris Andersoa showed slides that he made in Greenland while working there. Business Woman's Circle Meets Monday 'n Homo of Mrs. Clyde Osborn The Business Woman's Circle- of the First Baptist Church met on Tuesday evening, November 9, in the home of Mrs. Clyde Osborn. Mrs. F. J. Burroughs circle chairman, opened the meeting with prayer, and conducted the business session. Mrs. Clyde Osborn presented the program in the absence ol the program chairman, Miss Annie Sue Andres. The program was entitled "New Roads in Southern Rhodesia." Mrs. Thelma Moora gave the scripture reading, and Mrs. Osborn told of "Southern Rhodesia-the Country Itself." Mrs. M. S. Bates presented an article on 'Building New Roads in Southern Rhodesia": Mrs. J. T. Bowden, Jr., told of the "Old and New Roads in Rhodesia." "The Power ot Witchcraft" was given by Miss Ruby McKee. and Mrs. F. J. Bur- voughs told of our "Sanyati Evangelistic Work." The program was closed with Mrs. Aline Johnson telling about the WMU at Sanya- ti and Southern Rhodesia. The hostess served a salad plate to nine members and one visitor Following the social hour, Mrs. J. T. Bowden. Jr.. mission study chairman, taught the first chapter og "Pilgramage in Brazil." William S. Bavis filed th« In Pulaski Circuit Court The suit charges that Of. £the ridge "negligently, recklessly and carelessly" cut atvay about one- fourth of Davis' soft palate during a tonsilectomy. Davis said in the suit that plastic surgery had filed to "resore completely" the missing portion of the palate. Federation of Garden Clubs Makes Plans For Christmas Show The Hope Federation of Garden Clubs met Wednesday morning at the home of Mrs. Harold Brents In Oakhaven. Mrs. Joe Recce, treasurer, dis cussed the financial standing of the club and gave a report of the expenses. During the business session, conducted by the president, Mrs. Brents, plans were made and approved for a "Christmas Arrangements" show, sponsored by the Federation, to be held December 8th. Tickets will be sold by the various clubs. Mrs. Bill Routon's resignation was read, and Mrs. E. L. Archer, Jr., was elected to fill her term as secretary. Various needs and problems were discussed pertaining to garden club work. Coffee and doughnuts were served to 12 members, with six garden clubs represented. recently in Texarkana. Mrs. Jim McKensie, program leader, presented the speakers. Mrs. L. B. Tooley gave excerpts 'Kissing Room' for Airport- Proposed PHILADELPHIA (M Philadel phia's aviation director, Louis R Inwood, proposed that a "klssin, room" be included In the budge for Internationl Airport afte from an article in the National Parent Teacher magazine on "What Do We Want Of Our Schools?" Mrs. P. L. Perkins spoke on tea points to be used in evaluating a good school. Mrs. Perkins spoke from a background of thirty-one years as a public school teachsr. and gave the parents some very challenging proposals M the high schools in Hope are to progress and to continue the above-average record they now have. A buzz session followed, the two talks. Participating were Mrs. George Peck, Mrs. Carl Hinton, Mrs. Hamilton Hanegan, Mrs. McKenzie, and Mrs. Perkins. Of the 59 parents and teachers present, the seventh grade led in the count. The P. T. A. benediction concluded the meeting. hearing repr-rts from Mexico tha such a facility had been a sue cess. In budget hearings yesterday 'ouncllman Victor H. Bland Bald 6 com set aside for couples who 'expect to need privacy" fot their arewells was a fine thing, but an the budget take it? After Inwood admitted he couldn't see any hop6 of aining revenue from the rooni, the dea was turned down. SMALL APPLlA / tet eve home JOHNSO COMING SOON I S*e Santa Show. He will have a kiddies. Plan to come in and see him, WATCH FOR Hope, Ark. 2161 SEARS Catalog! Sales Office h « ALL-NEW HANDLING EASE, New vertical king-pin front suspension and new recirculating ball steering let you take corners and curves almost effortlessly—-cushion road shock so effectively you experience a new driving sensation. Bigger brakes stop you surely and quickly. EXCITING ALL-NEW INTERIORS Never has a car priced so low extended so exciting an invitation to relax amid so much luxury. Pontiac's all-new interiors—with fabrics and leather keyed to the Vogue Two-Tone body colors—are unsurpassed for beauty at any price. Miss Mattie Royston and Mrs. . J. Battle of Fulton were the Monday guests of Mr. and Mrs, R. . Hamby. Mrs.Vuel Chamberlain is the guests of Mr. end Mrs. Dick John, on and family in Grand Pvairie, Texas, Mrs. Pat Combs and Ja,n of El Dorado are the guests of Mrs. C. D. McSwain and Miss Ann Mp- Swain. Major and Mrs. §. B. gcott Jr., pf El Dorado announce the ol s son, Weston Price, on her 7tk Grand pwnts are Q OUItAW THE NIGHT THE EARTH WILL NEVER FORGET! fffOM Ol/Tfff PLUS Chapter 10 of Serial "MANHUNT IN THE AFRICAN JUNGLE' & Porky Pig Color Cartoon Firerrfan'S" Auxiliary _ " Entertains yis'tirvfl " ' Fire Offices -"i" \-f^f- On Wednesday evening, the local Fireman's Auxiliary entertained the visiting fire officials with a dinner at the Fire Station. Jr.-Sr. High : " . P. T. A. Meets "Teamwork For Better Schools" was the subject of the Jr.-Sr. High P. T. A. meeting on Thursday afternoon, November llth. Since this meeting came on Veteran's Day, Mrs. R. L. Broach, president, asked for silent prayer, foe peace, followed by tha Lord's Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Carl Thornton, Sr., and son, Dean, visited their son and brother, Sgt. Bobby L.. Thornton, and Mrs. Thornton in Fort Smith last week-end. SHAKER Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admiteeif: Mrs. Ola Lloyd, Rt. 3, Hope, Mrs. L. L. Bartee, Fulton, Mr. S. L. Mattisoh, Rosston. Prayer. The Junior High Glee Club of thirty voices, directed, by Mrs. B., . Hyatt, sang two beautiful lul- ardeau, Mo., Essie Green West, Discharged:' Mrs. Annie Madlock, Hope, Mr. Paul Rawson, Cape Gir- c. labies, '"Christian Robin is Saying His Prayers," and "Pivate Dreamer."' Minutes of the last meeting were reRd by the- secretary, -Mrs. Sam W. Strong. Appreciation for the attractive year books was expressed by Mrs. Broach to the chairmen, Mrs. Jack Lowe and Mrs. Louis Cra^n. Mrs. Leland Warmack anfl Mrs. Hugh Keese were appointed by Ito W*T w.. censed with a Mrs. Broach to the new C om«iiU e e, cornucopia filled with fruit and fall leaves. Approximately 70 fireman enjoyed the baked chicken and dressing. Brookwood P. T. A. Meets IWil The Brookwood P. T. A. met Wednesday In the school auditorium with Mrs. L. T. Lawrence, vice-president, presiding in he ab- • Saturday & Sunday • Special Opening Prices! Children 10c Adults ...... 25c BIG DOUBLE FEATURE JnvenilR Protection. Mrs. Frank Hen-ton. finance chairman, reported a total of 403 P. T. A. memberships. Of this number 139 are fathers, and 27 teachers The membership campaign ended at this meeting but Mrs. Horton explained that memberships taken until December 10th could be sent in on this year's report. She exnressed sincere hope that those neglecting to send in their dues would do so before the dead line. Mrs. W. M. Sparks' room won the prize for the highest percentage of members. Three other Junior High rooms reported one hundred percent. They are those of Mrs. Mc> Dowell Turner, Otis Breed, and Mr. Crit Stuart, Jr. Mrs. Broach gave high lights of the district P. T. A. meeting held Rt. 4, Hope, Mr. Walter Gathright, Saratoga. ; i' \-t ,• Branch Discharged: Mrs. Sam. Tefteller and baby * boy, Washington, Miss Minnie Pearl Stone, Texarkana; Texas. ' ." Relieve Suffering Fast-Effectively with 'APORUB new/955 Now in direct competition with the very lowest pricec]V World's greatest-V-8 See the sensational new President V-8s, too;: and the big new Studebaker Champion! Studebaker...^ much better made...worth more whenyw ' ARCHER MOTOR CO. 901 E. 3rd Street , Hope, Arkansoi i • Sunday & Monday A OENeRAL'MOTQKS MASTERPIECE-* \4f£ NEW f.KOM THE QRQUNQ UP! .•s ' MOTOR CO. • ,-: A * ',, M-i;iMfJ^i'lNfe';. ' ^/" '\\V >' 'LJ'-i ,' !•.'•« '# ' .,' Feature Times: 1:07-3:09-5:11 -7:13-9:15 THE CEYLON JUNGLE! "—Where force and fury went hand* \ ;^ I In-hand with v<Q/ence, mys/ery qnd,. Elizabeth TAYLOR Dam ANDREWS LOOK YOUR LOVELIEST THE BEAUTY BOX Open 6 days a week After 5 appointments for the working girls Latest Hair Styling Phone 7-5850 112 S. Main Ruth Hoelscher Janell Roberts SHERIFF OF SUNDOWN" Pillow's Gift Shop • Personalized Christmas Cards 305 S, Laurel ALSO • %>i' LOADED WITH UUdHS! 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