Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 11, 1954 · Page 35
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 35

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 11, 1954
Page 35
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A*» HOP!* ARKANSAS Thursday* November 11; 1954 m- i of the SEA VJeoldWcothcr Wd'end f;foish No 1 /! Can FISH 294 CIRCLE K CIRCLE K Vienna Sausage cat lOc Potted Meat Packers Label. Natural Pack. Windsor Club IT BUTTER KETCHUP PCHILI BEEF . .EE COFFEE IN M6AL 10 Bog ffi^JCH irf » . Kroger, Dog 11 Oz. tumbler. GIs. 69c MAYONNAISE 37c GELATINS Kroger Brand. Pt. APPLE SAUCE PIE CHERRIES FRUIT COCKTAIL GREEN BEANS Kroger Brand Kroger R. S. P. 3V4 Oz. Can Tall Cans 303 Cans No. 2 Cans Kroger Br6nd Kroger Whole Kroger. Six flavors. Bush's Best. 303 Cans 303 Cans ** •»* 14 Oz. -90- Bot. Z.OC , V*< 16 Oz. Can 25c 120z. 07 Can 3/ C 40z. | OC Jar l»w<«/ Lb 49c VEGETABLE SHORTENING Krogo BUV 25 Bag 1 .29 BREAD 2 TV? 37c BREAD 2' 6 L?s!31c -_„„_,._.— ICED., SPECIAL PRICE fcERCAKE : HOLIDAY STOLLEN CAKE i GRADE &A" MEDIUMS. Lvs. . f Each Eoch' 59c Doz. 45c Gal. O-7- Ctn. O/ C i J STOP DECAY IMPASTE STAY Giant Tube Large Bottle 63c GOLD MEDAL FLOUR 10 Lbs 95c GOLD MEDAL FLOUR 25^ 1.89 GOLD MEDAL FLOUR 5 u, 49c KROGER FLOUR KROGER FLOUR KROGER - FINE FROZEN FOODS HOLIDAY FROZEN CHICKEN PIES Chock full of tender young white and dark meat. KROGER FROZEN ORANGE JUICE 6t°! 89c Kroger Instant 100% PURE COFFEE SAVE 20c Dissolves instantly! Tiny Beads of full- bodied coffee . . . None finer! CORN MEAL RCO •fi MILK S "S -». fisf sraq PRICE Toll Can PORK ROAST FRESH BOSTON BUTT ROAST FIRST CUTS CENTER CUTS SALT PORK FIRST CUTS SLAB BACON ARKANSAS MAID or PREMIUM BOLOGNA FINE WITH KRAUT NECK BONES WHITING 19c SALT PORK TENDER, TASTY. BEEF LIVER READY TO COOK PERCH FILLETS JUST HEAT AND EAT. FISH STICKS Lb. Lb, STANDARDS FOR DRESSING 15c OYSTERS 17 S- 89c PORK STEAK Tender, lean cuts from young corn- fed porkers. Lb. IIST ORANGES WASHINGTON STATI IXTRA FANCY, — ^ WINESAP APPLES 4* Florida's finest. Chock full of juice. FLORIDA'S FINEST 1'J j"* frf ^ J f i > S/ r Xi FANCY, yiNI RIPINte EMPEROR CRAPES GREEN BEANS FIRMi MiPIUM SIZE HIAPS _ _ FRESH CABBAGE Lbs, Lb. U. S. No. 1 reds. Vi'-.JJ r^iASfctf?^! 1 ^ ./.'MS 4* Lb$, Thursday, November 11, 19S4 tt 0 M S f A ft/ M 6 f t, A .ft It AM $ A i 3LONDIE Oitek -I DARE YOU TO COME OUT HERE AMD SAY THAT /, it" J REMEMBER THAT ( POSITION!--I'LL BE \RIGHT BACK AFTER v 1 LUNCH f. . ^ Armistice Day Answer to Previous Puxzle ACROSS 1,8,9 Armistice Day comes from —*— 12 Get up 13 Mineral rock 14 Scottish "' sheepfold 15 Exploit 16 One (Fr.) 17 Split pea 18 Society of Automotive f Engineers ' (ab.) 19 Operated 21 Looks askance 23 Arid 25 Augment I: 27 Short-napped fabric 28 Armistice terms were ; at ; Versailles, France 30 Division of the calyx 32 Permit 34 Bitter vetch 35 Gibbon 36 Female rabbit ty 37 Water wheel 39 Craft 41 Church compartment 42 Priority (prefix) 44 Silencing admonishments 46 Wave top 48 The First World War was brought to A an on this ' date in 1918 50 Rebel (coll.) 52 Youth 53 Possess CARNIVAL 55 Musical drama 57 Consumed 58 Beverage 59 Phase 60 Masculine nickname 61 Editors (ab.) 62 Diner DOWN I'Shakes, as a clog's tail 2 Mountain nymph 3 Stair parts 4 Type of boat 5 Forest creature 6 Many soldiers died of their 7 Scottish alder tree 8 Stagger 9 Trying experience 10 Approaches 11 Lampreys 20 Rough lava 22 Expungers 24 Jaundice, as animals 2B Accomplishment 29 Rip - 3l , 31 Canoe 33 Journey 37 Required 38 Amphitheaters 40 Coercion 41 Prattle 43 Half-eni 45 Type of cloth 46 Social group of47 Carry (coll.) 49 Medicinal portion 51 American artist of 1860 54 Marry 56 School group (ab.) 23 Z8 31 35 20 <tt 8 31- bl 17 By Dick Turner T. M. R>[. U. 8- P't- Off. Copr. 1954 by NEA Suylce, Inc. "I counted calories for a while but I never did have a -. head for figuresl"/ ' SIDE GLANCES By Golbroith T, M. R«. U. 8. P«t. Off. \ pr. ,1954 by NEA SirVfcl. life. y. **| shswldn't have hired a good,|ooKIng man forMi jjut"I didn't think you'd get engaged fo the mailvffn ' girl in th? pffipeJ" f ' <l , * ' ,, , T j*' ' OUT OUR WA* MCULDIM6 IT OWTO HIM.L MAM IM , HEROES ARE MAPE-NOT BORKl OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoopla 66AO, MR. IBRAR.Y DOESN'T SHAKES PEARE UMWRAP6 PICTURED USUALLY FAMCY RSURES-'-HAR-K'U/uPH LET'A PUBLIC LIKE A WAV T06ET (?ICH = FUNMY BUSINESS By HersKbergef ^-^; '"-ritt f -&-£ T.M.R«.u.s.p« //-/I Ccpr. |95<b>NtAS«rrln. Inc. {'It's a trick slab my husband installed for doorbell leanersr PIE By Nadine Selzar ' : -»*Yoy «P«et t<? g^t.f'j^t «jl9) t'A'jdJMr' THAT? 1 * OtARK IK1 ,,,AN V YOU F6UNS& QUt WEWUZJN AN 1 SENT STORM T' THT , , RESCUE/Jv By J. R. William! V«C FLINt . T. M. Rtfr 1 U. S. P«I. OIL, Copt. 1954 by NEA S»r»lt», tn« WASH TUBBS PHdNBHOpEiMJl? VWE "TWVn'EVERV 1 AFTER- WASH ANP E^y DRWE OFF FROM THE PRIIAK HOUSE, NE1SHBOR STROLLS &/„. ^ ry ,.&»;" y ?;,...3 ?'.~—-••; / 'j^t^^i^V^tTWMia! ***"*^**T*^^^^^^r^ B> ^ a ^^^^ g ^ PUGS BUNNY '"WSVi YA > ( PLEASE A ADOLHD .)) . OOb4>T I ALIiBV'CATi'/CdNC.ERN t WHERE // VOURSEUF, ' MERELY OSSI ; (?Sj;/y\Q(?ill ALLEY OOP WHAT A TIME TO BE CAUGHT WITHOLfr MY AX.- THAT afl KNJQVV SHE-WAS ^SOT HERE FRISOILLA'S P0j> P£, ,isgar4*>j* •:\;,.V; .'«tAI^ FATHER ANXIOUS THINGS WITH ME ON WYJPAPER RO THS STORY OF MARTHA WAYNI

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