Pittsburgh Weekly Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on October 13, 1829 · Page 4
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Pittsburgh Weekly Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 13, 1829
Page 4
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SJortn?. O THE HOURS. CHROSOLOGV OF FASHlO!. ' TwbIvb" ptrikci the ilvr-longaed pendole, The charit at the door is waiting; The belle, all roses, lace, and tulle, Her brilliant eye with hope dilating, Thti last look in the rnirrer glance?, Then, lightly as a midnight elve, In triumph from her toilet dances: m Away the chariot wheels; ti -'Twelve. The ball-roora'B entered, thq salain la made. the circle reconnoitered; The CendrilloD, Qnadrille des damea. Are round the rooms sublimely loiter d; The Dowagers to whist are seated, The young no ti-dansanls to vingt-un, My lord's best bon mot just repeated. The silver-tongued pendule stnkes One. The dull quadrille has grows still duller, That antidote to all flirtation; The rooms are every Moment fuller. The stairs are AWanley's old station: The heat's intense; Monsieur Chabert Himself mijht in it bake or brew; AH die for supper and for air, The silver-tongued pendule striken " Two " The so pper signal has bcea bowed; No time for dancing then or wooing; Like tigers rush the hungry crowd, Life's first, best instinct nil pursuing. O'er turtle, pines, and chambertin, The feeding elfjanles agree Wit's wittier, beauty more divine: The silver-tongued pendule strikes ' Three." The Dowagers are in their coachea Leaving their characters behind; Now younger brothers make approaches. The cold grow warm, the cruel kind; Trie lovers in the waltz are whirling. We hear the whisper'd "I adore." Love scorns pounds, penceandskillings sterling; The eilver-tougued pendule strikes " Four." But now the sadden glimpse of morning Shows the dear rnidaight's depredations; The belles, like frighted doves, take warning. No lime for love and long orations. The carls are down, the ronge is brown, Out buzz the swarm of fashion's hive; The shawl is thrown, the chariot flown; The silvor-toagaed pendale strikes "Five.' out, perspirmg profusely, and bringing with ! him the steaks, which w ere perfectly done, and the thermometer raised to 340 deg. This certaiuly would show a degree of heat very great for a man to bear, but some persons were inclined to suppose, that while M. Chabert was shut in the oven he might have taken the liberty of placing the thermometer beside the beef steaks namely, on the burning cinders. It is also to be observed, that he did not breathe the at mosphere of the oven, but a long tin tube conducted to him the fresh and cooling air of the room. But, whatever doubt may exist with respect to the heat of the oven, we certainly feel it to be nothing but jus tice to M. Chabert to state, that as far as we could observe, and we watched him pretty sharply, he did actually swallow the phosphorus which was given him . This certaialy is a most extraordinary circum stance, and will, doubtless, lead to much inquiry in the medical world. Reflection on Divine Providence. Those unforeseen accidents which so often .fHscellanj?. THE "FIRE KING." Last Saturday we saw M. Chaberf, the ' Fire Kinp," as he styles himsefi, exhibit his various and wonderful experiments at the Argyll Rooms. On entering the apartment where he performs, wo found him busily employed in warming the oven in which he was to be shut up during the time necessary for some dishes of beefsteaks being cooked in it. The oven is built of oricks, tias a large iron odor, ZvA ' enough for a full-grown man to stand upright in it, and is about two or three yards wide. It is raised from the floor by pillars, nd is heated by means of lighted faggots tnit Ar anon as thf9 fan wots 1,14 a T w were consumed, M. Chabert, raked out the ashes as f?r as the door, and then invited 4hj spectators to mount a ladder and be themselves convinced of the heat of the oven; but it will be easily conceived, that while a large quantity of red-hot cinders was burning t the mouth, the heat felt under such circumstances was very intense. After those of the company who chose had ascended the Udder, with a view to obtain personal experience of the heat of the oven, M. Chabert removed the cinders away, casting, however, a small portion of them back again into the oven, as it were, accidentally, but, as we thought, purposely. Then, leaving the oven to cool, h proceeded to perform the astonishing feat of swallowing poison, which it stems he possesses , by the use of antidotes, the faculty of taking without injury to himself. A gentleman of the company requested him to take oxalic acid, which he excused himself from, on the plea that he had not prepared himself against poisons of that class. He was prepared, however, to take any quantity whatever of phosphorus. Ac cordingly phosphorus was given him, the Genuineness ol which was made manliest by its igniting by friction a piece of paper, and by burning on water, lie held his hinds behind him while the phosphorus v:i nmirp.d down his throat like a jzh'ss of water. In this there appeared to be no de ccption, and the "Fire King, m order to show that the phosphorus remained no vhre ronrealed about his teeth or under his tongue, submitted his mouth, in which he held a filming bit of link, to the exatm nation of the company. This experiment, we are bound to say, appeared to be fairly performed. The next thing which M. Chabert did was to drink some oil heated to 320 degrees, lu swallowing tne til lie took car that the spoon which contained ! it uhould not touch his tongue or his lip?, by holding it firmly between his teeth. The spoon had been made so hot, by contract with the oil, as to prevent any person handling; it. The experimentalist then amused the company by exposing the tricks reported to by common conjurors to deceive their spectators, to practice which he declared himself to h.3 above. His, ho declared, was no ordinary exhibition: what he did, no one else could do! At length the time came for going into the oven, and cooking tho beefsteaks, and he left the room to put on his anti-caloric dress. In this manner about an hour had been spent, durit!" all which time the oven was cool ing by the help of great draughts of air, which rushed into the room from every window. M. Chabert soon relumed, muffled up in a loose great coat, and taking the covered dishes ,vvhich contained the beefs ieaks, he put them into the ovn, pla- conlrol the lot of men, constitute a super stratum in the system of human affairs, wherein, peculiarly, the Divine Providence holds empire for the accomplishment of its special purrwses. It is from this hidden and me.Yiiausumo nunc ot chances, chan ces, as wc must call thern, that the gover nor cf the world draws, with unfathomable skill, the materials of his dispensations towards each individual of mankind. The world of nature ailbrds no instances of com plicated and exact contrivance comparable to that which so arranges the vast chacs of contingencies as to produce, with unerring precision, a special order of events to every individual of the human family. Amid the whirl of myriads of fortuities, the means are selected and combined for con structing as many independent machine ris of moral discipline as there are moral agents in the world ; and each apparatus is at once complete in itself, and complete as a part of a universal movement. If the special intentions of Providence towards individuals be effected by the aid of supernatural interpositions, the power and presence of the Supreme Disposer might, indeed, be more strikingly displayed.buthis skill much less. And herein especially is manifested the perfection of the divine wisdom, that the most surprising conjunctions of events are brought about by the simplest means, and in a manner that is perfectly in harmony with the ordinary course of human affair.1?. This is, in fact, the meat miracle of Providence that no miracles are need ed to accomplish its purposes. Countless series of events are travelling on from re mote quarters towards the same point, and each series moves in the beaten track of ordinary occurrences ; but their intersection at the very moment in which they meet, shall serve, perhaps, to give a new direction to the affairs of an empire. The materials of the machinery of Providence are all of ordinary quality; but their combination displays nothing less than infinite skill. History of Enthusiasm. E. 2 AJ1HOIT AS the honor respectfully to inform the public of Pittsburgh and its vicinity, that he ha3 just arrived in this city, aad is the bearer ef the celebrated and invaluable LOADSTONE FILES for the radical care of warts and corns on the feet. This instrument is sanctioned by the mest emi nent Medieal men on the Continent, invented by the celebrated Dr. Waller, physician le the King ef Sweden. This highly approved of instrument consists of a chemical preparation fram a asineral substance, Jeuad in the Alps ot Switzerland, wiu which any one can remove, with aase and safety, the most inveterate corn, by tke simple process of a slight rubbing, according to tbe dirsaUons, which will afford instantaneous relief to sufferers, however great may be their pains, and saptisede the necsiuity ot cutting, its construction is 1 a rats re that no fear need be apprehended for the surrounding flesh, but may be freely used on the softest skin, without ever feeling the slightest pain er inconvenience. If Mr. Aaroa was the possessor of the files only, he could not warrant the cure, bit as it has never failed to effect a cure, wherever it has been tried, by being applied according to the directioss, it may be warranted with the utmost confidence. As Mr. Aaron's stay in this city will be limited, he has appointed Messrs. Avery & Co. corners of V ood and becond, and Market and i ourth streets, his general agents, and empowered them to treat with other persons desireus of vending the same, who will be supplied by the agents, free of postage. Price of each file, 50 cU.; 4 per dozen, and $42 per gross. October 9, 1629. 6t BUILDING LOTS PROCLAMATION. ! gene kUr m and bv an act of the gercrl ai. LAMATlor. - hig gta ed on the 2d t:i y 0 and by an act of the oene u J . ,:lrcted that ;t Ail 4 . 1 Assembly of the Co e duty of the sheriff or coroner, as th, Llvania. entitled "an act to refeui" , . . everv county witlaiti tliis "r - - 1 ... - mnna,'PH 1 1. f lliov wv-m vy - . rl elections within tniscuuM.-.. - .m-aUh. toir.ve rublio notice nt " . Mthll THILILL VI . V " T57 HEREAb, in Pennsy wtr t sr.t.T. a number t n re ort;n;rw.iT mv late residence in the JL .wi"vj""'"6 J HS&SA ft is enjoined on me tgive P te in saroe tlme, nd in the fame manner, nd of BUILDING suca election to be held, 8"d 1 ekcted-ln der the tame penalty, that he is now reqt to give nctifce of any general or special elec. . Mn.rn i-ti er. ail nnin r j oiinii jm aj i V Kiir.h nonce w am vuvw.- - . r T AY L.L,lAtfi l vicinity of Pittsburgn-A plan oi u.c --- pursuance v . heny. do there- tion, teat ev, may be seen, and terms made known by call- sheriir of the count Jf .eg notice cffice or pp0lr.trnent o - ' . m., r .f ll.rl-l onrt t rODt r..- rraVp TtHflVl'n SHU K1c l"'"" I . ..mur.l (if the 1 si .w I""-: r ! ..h.nii COUDl iu-- the un. ured mg street BOAKDZITG SCHOOI., No. 18, HANOVER STREET, BALTDIORE. "BIRS. ALEXANDER M'KIM'S Academy ISM. will be re-opened for the recepuon of Pu pils, on I hursday the first of September. In addition to a comprehensive coarse of English Education, (including needle-work, plain and ornamental,) French, Drawing, Music, and Dancing, will be taught, at the usual charges, by masters of acknowledged reputation. A faithful attention will be paid to the more important interests of morality, and the experience acquired by Mrs. M'Kim and her daughters, during several years assiduous and successful employment in the business of in struction, will lend its aid m the cultivation ot tne minds, and in forming the manners of the pupils. TEKIIS. For Board and Tuition, Bed, Bedding, and Washing included, 250 per annum, paid quarterly in advance, with a deduction for the vacation from the first of August to the first of September. uay ocnoiars, nrst ana 6econd classes. 0; third class, 15. Preparatory School, first class, $10; seeond class, $5 per quarter in advance. Books and Stationary furnished, if required, at me ordinary prices. REFERENCES. Rev. Dr. Wyatt, Rev. Mr. Finley, Rev. Mr. Duncan, Judge Dorsey, Judge Archer, Dr. Cha-tard, Edward Gray, Joha Gibson, and J. P. Kennedy, Esqre. September 22, 1820 tf SECOND lETimQ OF TBI Extension of the Kanawha Turnjnkc to Big Sandy. AN invitation to take contracts is now offered to persons disposed to become Road or Bridge makers, for exeeating the remainder of the line of Turnpike from Charleston, on Kanawha, to the mouth of Big Sand river; a distance of about sixty miles. Tbe appropriation of FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS will be disbursed to undertakers as fast as the pro-grass of the work will authorize it. All the work upon the Road and Bridges will be required to be esecuted according to the designs, plans, and specifications of the Principal Engineer: and for the information of the bidders, they will be submitted for their inspection at the time of letting. The location will be as near a horizontal line as the inequalities of the ground will permit; but in ino place to exceed 5 deg. of acclivity or declivity, The law contemplates the Road to be opened sixty-six feet wide, with a carriage way in the centre of twenty-two feet width, perfectly graded and thrown up, or a convexity forming an elevation in the middle of one twenty-fourth part of its width, except along steep hill side cuttings, where the road will be required to incline inward to the hill, without any convexity. Where the ground approaches a level, tho sido or Sum-aur Roads will fe required to be well smoothed, and all the small timber grubbed at lent eighteen feet wide on each ?ui? of the carnage way. To pursuits familiar with that description of labor required for die construction afearih Turnpikes, the present line holds out flattering prospects. Tbe character of the ground over which it passes id well adapted for the easy operation of the Plough aud Scraper, and it is believed (with the exception of a short piece of Road near Charleston) very halt1, ifany blasting will be le-quircd. Individuals wishing to contract for erecting the Bridges, or making the whole or part of the Road, are invited to eiaminc the lice of location, with the several Bridge sites, previous to thu first Monday in November next. To give every facility of information to bidders, the Superintendent will meet them at the month of Big Pandy, on Friday, tho 20th of October, and show the line eestward as far as the location may extend. At Barbuursville, the Seat of Justice for Cabell county, Va., the Superintendent will attend on Monday, tiic second day of November, when end where sealed proposals vviil be received for the exeeutiou of tbe entire work, and if approved, contracts entered into with the successful bidders. P. SCALES, Superintendent E. K. T. October.-) ot. "Land. ox Sale. A PLANTATION and tract of 180 acres,3 miles North of the Ohio river, 2 miles S. of Johnston's mills, 4 miles E. of Economy, and 16 miles N. W. ot Pittsburgh: Is a good stand Jor a JSlacksmtth shop, having been occupied as such for several years. ALSO SEVERAL TRACTS and parts ot tracts, in the same quarter of the country, and some in Beaver county. ALSO A TRACT oflMPROVED LAND, situate on both sides of the Greensburgh, i urnpiKe ttoaa Detween y and ly miles trom Pittsburgh; abounds with coal, and partly with limestone. ALSO Land in Armstrong and Indiana counties, North of Penn. Canal, also in Mercer and Crawford counties, Apply to A. Way & Co. Pittsburgh, or to the subscriber, Sewickly Bottom, Beaver road. DAVID SHIELDS. Feb. 13, 1829 wtf. CITIZENS' CANAL LINE 4 O' F STEAM BOATS AND BARGES is now running DAILY, (Sunday excepted) between Philadelphia and Baltimore, by way of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal; through which, Passengers are conveyed in the elegant Barges, drawn by six horses, in two hours. The comfort and convenience to passengers of a water to a land conveyance, (to say nothing of the novel ty and grandeur of the Canal, which is the greatest work of the age) make this the most desirable route between the two cities. The Proprietors of this Lino, thankful for the liberal patronage already bestowed on them,are de termined to merit the continuance of it by rendering every facility, accommodation and comfort to their Passengers. Tho Philadelphia, Captain Crocker, leaves the intersection of Light and Pratt street, at six o'clock, A. AI. I are as usual. HENRY WRIGHT, Agent, No. 3 Light-street Wharf. All baggage at the risk of the owners thereof. Oct. 2. St TO RENT, A BRICK HOUSE in Third, between Wood and Market Streets. Inquro of CIIAS. II. ISRAELL, Sept. 1. tf. Puterson's Mow. cin them on the cinders which, as ha3 al read v been mentioned, had been previously t-ent occupied by by Mr. Joseph Barcj Tk,.. .u.. t l Also, LOT No. 12, Browns pl Kit uigic. mua il WUU1U dipped I 11141 iii. Chabert was not subject to the same de-greo'of heat as the steaks. The heat of xthe ovsn indeed might be much less than it wa3,T and still the steaks being placed where they; were, would be cooked. He t ien entered the oven himself, taking with . him Ierrhdmeter; which in the room was at 70'degr and promised that in eight mi-tttiteS the steaks should be ready. After Ternainin? tn the oven' that time h cam MANAGERS' OFFICE, PITTSBURGH. te, Union tjana "Lottery Or PUNNSYIVILIZJIL CLASS NUMBER 12, FOR 1829. To be drawn at Philadelptua, On SATURDAY, October 17, 1829. 43 NC3IBEII IOTTERT T DRAWS BALLOTS. Yates and M'Intyre, Managers. SCHEME. GEORGE MILTENBERGER. Pittsburgh, Nov. 23 tf. COTTON AND WOOLLEN rwrt HV. snhsr.rihers. manufacturers of Cotton JL 'and Woollen Machinery, respectfully inform the nublic that they have commenced the nhnvi. business at No. 24, Water street, be tween Market and Ferry streets, where they have filted up their shop in a superior stne j with the most aDDroved tools; and that they i are now readv to receive any order in their line. Also TURNING LATHES, cf various descriptions, and many other kinds of tools, will be made and hnisnea to oraer. V. A.Bemis recently came from Massachu setts, and has been for many years engaged in the buildiner of Cotton and Woollen Machine ry, and has had access to the principal shops in the eastern States where he has acquired a . iwripnv i ..i M,r,l flection will Deneiu m i saiu, w.ai fa-- said county on iOF OCTOBER N r f a l i prom ur trust uj iser Jnited States, whe 'her a commissioned cflicer or otherwise, a co vi . n'b"-v - -. . . . commissioned cliicer or omerwise, a u scr- :iekS?ONli TUESDAY dSS officer or agent who is, or shall be cm. the. SECONu iurY rOnvrl under the ee s htive, executive oj u. EXT,atthe crerdc.ee nJorxhenhf:d State., & :tion districts therein. . .... p;ks .lr, tht every rr.cmber cf congress is by law lectors ot tnat part oi u. ---- , - hf,vir!i or exercisin? 8t the , a . i-r. t i nionon-1 lncauiiuit o . burgh, west ci vvoou o ; t-wr,fi Utme-time theoihee or appointment oijj. :ger The e i-.st of Wood Street, tn where the street inters frnm thence nortl V.'. woch-.no-tnn Streets, are to nieti at tbe court house in saia Kaueia c' . r " north to Liberty inspector Liberty aireei, firp to met 8tate or clerk of any election in this And the return judges cf the rcspa it ore required to meu c r- .t f trlrts aforesaid, are required to meu t at The elector, ci f R "-nr,0llt of the court-house, in the city ot P'tuburga on Pittsourgn east, oi . n tVe th Fli Jay neXt alter the secona i uescs v ,.. I,; mouth of Washington Street, and running up said river to the mouth by Given under my hand at Pittsburgh, tl,is 7th day of September, one thousand e: gi t hundred and twenty nine, and of tht in. dependence of the United States tht fifty-fourth. 3 VM. CAVEN.SAmJ September II. i n)ri w in t.., MiIp Hun. tnence up u VI iwu ' . , U.,-o Roup's Mill to Henry ruiton-s tain. ..uU, on the Four Mile Run to the Monongalia, .u- ,iii-n Hip said river to tbe city r,n. (vrPnt so much thereof as is cor.Uined .:.u: Kr,,i,i9rips of the Ncrthern Lib knowledge cf the most approved machinery fa - of Pittsburgh.' are also to -o4- OUca WnVbl now in use. We solicit a share of public pa- ""V-Vthe court house in tbe city of Pitts- . Yott Tltt IjlaSS tronage, ana nuiiiiiig nai uc miiuug u w part to give perfect satisfaction. Appiscaiion can oe ii.auc iut i.jav.nm. Shop, or to Messrs. L. & P. Peterson, on ... t0M0Vvinr boundaries, viz . i . , , I L UUCU niwiai- f , . m t the rnmer of Penn and Yvssn ington Streets, oa Alexander Laughlin's land, thr,rP filonjr the line ot tne city ci rms bureh. to the middle of the Allegheny river, . " ! tiia -.riu t.f the said river up tne Uieilt-C uj - ,j sam Jos the corner of Market and Front streets. F. A. BEM1S &, CO. ITTHavincr a contract for cotton machinery new on hand, persons desirous of examining the work, can have an opportunity by calling at the machine shop. F. A.B. & Co. Pittsburgh, Feb. 13, 1829 eptf. hrtrh , rEIHE subscribers respecuuuy uuor.vr iv cir The electors ot tne Doruugu ui '- jj trienas ana me puum, m fc..ov ern noeriies ci o-- i uiey nave me. auvs , will continue the Manufactory oi FLINT GLASS, CUT AND PLAIN, Of various descriptions and patterns; and have appointed L. &. P. PETERSON, (cornel u Market and front streets,; Ageius ia ujjosc pr Job I 1- ,k rr.rr.a n-Viort a irpiiprsl flSMrt mpfit VVll! e to the point opposite jonn m - - " ' ; nlc 'A V enh Patterson's line, adjoining u uara s always bc te n uu .u.u. . onVrtv thence southeastward to miu ers win uc immsucu uu w,u,j,... b n M'Donald s and fatterson s mie, u ah uiuua icn h..w -... .. . - I. I f 1 1 ' J 1 . ll.T ,n.iltf;l i :a ri tl,ot nt nv e li win. to m iuiiv receiveu anu prom miv "ctunu. aiuut; am u:'i: o. ' W H C IT1JT IMP. & SnXS. auutiitasitin tj i or near tne loot oi me uui uuinv"iy v. rirjint'a HU1. thence to the southeas ern cor thTBo okjtote of II. Hold- nor of tfe Me,hdls.bUIyinggr0u,,d, , hece e course the city of Fittsburgh, on fllonday aiong iuc amuc.u ---- nd. and bv a line pursuing tne 2 prizes of S10.00is 20,000 . 2 5,000 10,000 1 3,908 3,908 10 1,000 10,000 20 500 10,000 41 100 4,100 41 60 2,460 82 50 4,100 82 40 3,280 82 30 - 2,460 5oJ 20 10,660 5740 10 57,400 The Pittsburgh and Coal Hill Turnpike Road. "0)TJPLIC notice is hereby given, that books EL will be opened at ship & fcon, in t'.a f.,r ihn StL- in n ,nmn.,nv tn h Pnl it .fid tliereot. tO trie line CI llic Illy VI luiauuifc.., " The President, Managers and Company of the thence oy sard line to tne place oi Deguiiiing, Pittsburgh and Coal Hill Turnpike Xoad;" in- are to meet at ine bouse formerly occupied dj tpnrlp.d for the nurnose of makin? an artificial Road John Tsvlor in said borough frnm the citv of Pittsburgh, to a noint at or near The electors of Pitt township, excepting the house ol'Wm. Farrow, in Pitt township, at I so much thereof as goes to constitute part of which time and place one or more ot the under- the eastern election ward ot tne city or t ius- mrtrh. and the Northern Liberties ot Pitts- burgh,are to meet at the office of the East Li berty Steam Mill, in the town of East Liberty, in said townsh'p. The electors of Wilkins township are to meet at the house now occupied by Francis Wilson on the Frankstown road, in said town ship The electors of Plum township are to meet at the house of Jobn Little in said township. The electors ot Versailles township are to September 18, 1829. tf siened will attend. WM. WILKINS, HENRY IIOLDSHIP, WM. B. FOSTER, PETER MOWRY, WM. PORTER, WM. ARTHURS, JAMES BROWN, Feb. 22, 1823. tf. Commis'nrs. OMAIS'CES OF REAL LIFE. In tv.v, volumes. " For a liirht, free, flowing, and truly feminine style, we know not where to lotik for Mrs. Charles Gore's equal among living female writers, or her superior among dead ones, feha is a charming writer, and one who will not easily find a rival, except in herself. In other wordu, she, and she only, is the writer who can make ns forget the pleasure which we have received from these 'Romances of Real Life.' " Cowrf Jour. Just received and for sals by IIOLDSHIP &. SON. Sept. IS. tf. Pittsburgh and Philadelphia CL.OTHING STORE. XUST received tJ Johnson U Son, and News INK, for fall and summer use, in kegs from 13 to 28 pounds. II. HOLDSHIP & SON June 6wwvtf meet at the house of Jobn King- in said town ship. St. Clare's Siiniina.i: . 0Wyyt - l.'. r it, i :..: u A r i mr, vcm.u.isoi ui.s iu.muuui. uavc lCr- The electors of that part cf st c, t t"El P"?i!: -Mp within the following bounds, to wit: Be , . VT- "1 i . "7 ? ginning on the Monongahela river at the picica; aiiuiupoiiuoiwiuoii. HCiuu.e (h - f Street', run, thence down said ri . ... , c ' . ., c I ver to the mouth 01 Chartier s creek, on the health and comfort of the Pupils as far as these n. ... , . ' . ..,.. .,;D;e LoA. ,k. , Ohio river, thence up the said creek to m r.K-,- rr.j n..:i i elude John Bells farm, thence up to Wil- t tu -. - -n c . I lett s on Street s run (including the farms of Schoolrooms, &c expressly for the purpose has been paid to whatever might promote ha bits of neatness and order, indispensable in the Education of Ladies. The domestic rules of tbe school are no other than those established in every well regulated family, and tend all to emulate in the Pupils, politeness of manners, desire of improvement, an j preservation of good morals. When it is considered that from 12 to 15 experienced persons are permanently, and almost exclusively, engaged in contributing their share to the-comfort or edu GEORGE C. MORGAN. No. 132, Wood-street, (next door to Dr. Sneer's,) has just furnished his FASHIONABLE CLOTHING- STORE with a supply of articles in bis line, sni- ing seasons, and to the last eastern natterns. His stock comnnsps the jrrpntpet vnwctv Him n i.it uuujj, ui ,ii unz.a- anu nas oeen seiecipn with miicn rsro n tn ti,c betbtown. anahtv of the roods. The electors ot Mifflin township are to meet rrrCloths, Vestinss. Trimmings, and Fancv at the house of John II. Neel in said township. Articles, will be disposed of on the most reascna- me electors oi jenerson lownsoip are loi Die terms. MINTING IJsT. from the Manufactory of meet at lbe white house lately occupied by table for the present and approach , a fresh supply of Book ThJ?s eel' m SP; h- t conforming in style and fashion, tc ,r fn 6nrt .,rnmir ...,, in 1 he electors of hzabeth township are to patterns. His stock comprises the cation i-f the Pupils, it may be inferred that Heeat the house of Audley M'Farland m said by no other. The Classes are conducted by a ..Sf ,ectorJ Moon township are to meet sufficient number of competent teachers, athe house of Adrian Aton, ,n said township, whose Qualifications to teach the branches L"!ecfo of Findlay towr.shipare to meet they profess, can stand the test of strict exa- Z. nouse oi Joftn Charles, now occupie mination. lEFVork inaJe to ordsr, on the shortest notics. Sept. 25. tf. O. BUCKLES, LOUISVILLE, KY. IS prepared to Receive, Sell, and Forwardevery description of GOODS. December 21, 1S27 tf. GREAT CURIOSITIES. AT LAMBDIN'S MUSEUM. IN addition to the asaal attractions f this institution, a great number of additional enrinsitipq have been added during the last two days: amongst wich are Two living White Crows; the Emvr, or South American Ostrich, 5 feet 6 inches high; Brown tng rorcxipmes; rorcuptne Fish; Lobster, 3 feet long; Shells, Corals, Sfc. c. The Museum is open every day, and brilliantly illuminated every evening. Admittance 25 cents, children 12 1Q. August IS, 1829.- Robert Hays and James Bryson) and thence having been constructed downtheiw run t0 a lace of beginning irpose, the strictest regard .. , - . " 6V batever mirht nromote ha- (being made a 8eparateelectiond.stnct) are to meet at tne nouse ot JJommic O Conner, in Birmingham, in said township. The electors of the residue of St. Clair township, south and west of the aforesaid di vision line, are to meet at the house of Tho mas M'Culley in said township. The electors of Fayette township are to meet at the house, formerly Mathew M'Cov's in ioDiesourgu, in saia townsuip A Jbni.7i.d- Boarding and Tuition, including English and French language, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Grammar, Geography, His tory, per annum, glOO CO Music, vocal and instrumental, do. 20 00 Drawing and painting, do. 10 00 Embroidery and all kinds of fan cy needle work, do. 10 00 Use cf bed and bedding, do. 7 00 Physician's salary do. 3 00 Apothecary's bill at thu charge of the parents. Payment to be made h&lf yeaily in advance. Dress is uniform, consisting of two black bombazette frocks and one white one: two black capes and two white ones; two black by Mr. Mitchell, on the errcat road lea.l nr- r i-.. , . i . " . : o iruiuriusuurgQ to ueorgetown, in said town snip. iuc cictiurs oi unio rowr.sDiD are to nipp! at the nouse ot John Mocre, in said townshin Tl . . en.. . - . ' tie cictiuis, oi noss, tow nship, exceptii g those resident in the borough of Allegheny, and within the bounds of the reserved tract opposite Pittsburgh, are to rntet at the hous ui unduj n. uraram, tormerly Samuel Al ien s, in saia township. l ne electors ot the borcugh of Allegheny, a,,u vuutc icsiuenr witnm tne bounds of the reservea tract, onnosiie p;hi,,v, - n -vtji,j, faiv, meet at me house ot Robert Cs.mnbe!l in said .. ..... . .. UUIUUlI. I he electors of Pine townshin sre to Tree at the house of William Cochran in said town- snip. -tf. ALLEGHENY OUT LOTS, TOR SALE. TO OUR ACRES of LAND, which wiil be Jl sold in four separate Lots, to suit purchasers, or tne whole together. This ground is handsoae-ly situated it is one of the most eligible situation j tor a country residence; it is but one mile from the Allegheny Bridge, adjoining land of the Rev. John JL Hopkins. It is unnecessary to rive a farther description, as purchasers will have an opportunity ol examining for themselves. For terms of sale inquire of Robert Park on the premises John E. Park at the Drug Store of Joha nannen.Lsq or of Dr. Charles L. Armstrong, A o. tl front street. Pittsburgh, July 28, 1820. ' The electors of Deer townshin. residing east of thf fn!!nn-im 1 ; . i- . 0 combs brushes, fcc.-to be provided by the near the house of Joseph Lawsonin said . iuwns un. and trr.m I lino. o Parents or friends can visit the Punil everv to -,nirV. .1.- ".. ," . " lu urse lav. frnm one nVWin throe,,' .l i ."iy "e, are to , , ,v ..i.u,, '"cci ui me nouse Ot Uenramin T.,- me eiecrors or lie fr tnwnA bombazette aprons; handkerchiefs, towels. five, Sundays excepted. Application can be made, either in oerson west f th. C " L :T"S np' reltll"S oroy letter, to tne nev. Charles 15. Maguire. at the housp lt nf n": . , September 25, 1829. lm. meet at the house of Samuel Kwk. J w And the township THAT well known TAVERN STAND in Union street, at pre- d by by Mr. Joseph Barclay. iy xo. il u llara street, uediora aney ana Drown street: 28 feet in front, by 123 $ feet deep. For further particulars please apply to the subscriber, coiner of Water street and Cherry alley. JAMES SCOTT. Pittsburgh, June 23. 1829. wtf. S3IIT1IS' VICES. AVERY superior article of the above, just received, and for sale by S. P. DARLINGTON A, Co. Corner of Faurth and Woad-alrecta. Anjust 11. 3rao 6,6.36 Prize. 10.6W Planks. S 17,2'JS Tickets. S138.r,68. Whole Ticket.', 10; Halves, g5; Quarters, S3. 50.- Eighths, gl,25. Orders from abroad (post paid) enclosing cash, or prize tickets in former lotteries, will be promptly attended to. The Register containing au official statement of tho drawing will be sent to each adventurer. Apply to, or address GEO. A. COOK, Agent for Yates & M'Intyre, No. 63 Wood st. Pittsburgh Managers' Office, Sept. 29, 1S29. MACHINE COTTON CARDS, No.$3. CO-Yil'LLTL SETS, 24 9jr Inches. 100 Bales Prima ALABAMA COTTON. For Sale bv ADAMS, ALLEN, & Co. ,3ept. 11, le-i9.-if FORMATION IS WANTED respecting RICHARD COLVLV, who has been electors CI Indiana to meet at the house cf David Stewart. i said At which time and places the qualified electors as afor-uid will elect by ballot One person for GOVERNOR, of the Con monwealth of Pennsylvania. r our persons tor Members cf the II,.,,.- THE Kiskeminetas Salt De-posit, on the Canal in Allegheny Town, near the Outlet Locks, is just opened for the sale ol tealt in barrels or in bulk me1 barreTlowir9,hf &f wiI1 be 25 cents I'er nj tianei lower than t ip r.r n ; i 1 'PI U J " uailCiS. fre. or SiT "u"'8 11,9 Allfehy m be mad. are to in said esq, INFORMATION WANTED. INFORMATION IS .1 absent from nome lor some time pact, and ha9 not lately been heard of. He is supposed 1 . n. in tKa fi, rrK K.xl, .1 C r'. iuuu i" nit uuiiuuiuuuu oi vincinuati or V tK,irnrl u'lriitlit. K c . r t. . fnnl Ppnn. Hnvincr ripn hfro 5r. )h xir . I R?breseniatiiea oFthf r(,rr .r,,. , J ern country he is known to many persons from s"an,a- the circumstance of his being in a state of men- f Un Person for county COMMISSIONER tal derangement. He is a man of ordinary size three years, and one person IVji.. ' a.uuu.v itu,u j iMv.uc uiu; very peacea-J . ' iouiu oi aonn fatterson "iciu ma viupuaiiiuii ma oioium? consisted I o vu ollu of a blue cloth coat two pair of fine brown drilling pantaloons; linen shirts two spotted bulT waistcoats; a pair of yellow buckskin shoes, and a straw hat. A reward of Tldrty Dollars will be given for such information as may lead to his recovery by his family, or for intelligence of him should he be deceased. It is particularly requested that he be treat-ed wiih attention and humanity, by any person under whose care he may have placed himself, and to whom a liberal compensation will be given for his trouble, and all charges paid. 6 Communications to be immediately addressed to Robert A. Dobbin, Seil- 'J-Jt Baltimore. "Sept. 13. Imo JOHN ECKY. assem- ot One person for AUDITOR. And in and b V an net of tho . My of this state, passed on the lrih dav March. 1SQ0 ;f,.:..j .v.. . ?ay en I0' K U8a,d gCnera1 eleCtl0n S sen by ballot, on the Friday next nrPrlt election districts; and the election for s?,rn inspectors shall be held by the reVrS constables who are required to one week's previous notice of such eferf assisted by two qualified citizens cho 'ft" such citizens qualified to vote, as shll Y be present, and the inspectors fl in the" required to beat the places of A'n-re on th a t ..- ' P'fce? ot their districts. ovww : '.C. ".6V'C" election, j...:. ,H V,c rning, to do aJ n?rf. . ZZ istricts. at nine A aluable Property for Sale. HE subscriber oiTera for sale that valuable to-n nr Vf Wn ProPerty. adjoining tbe FwrntW! ,e?uUi anddista"t twelve miles trom the city of Pittsburgh. oflh-? 6re thistract Hand 500 acres, 175 Sol t eontC-e8re 8nd under Sood cultiva-lentAonli n T 5 ?ne mesdoff. excel-and tPn f"har besides valuable ccal banks a stock Sim ? ? EIrS f Z0d water- As a stock iarm, ,t has but few ?qUa!s. lowintreK,nerereCted on th,s Property the fol- countrv R,Pnmr 01 French Bu and pair of nanctCea'r for d? "hh M lar-e w! I r d,0,nS merchant work on DwUinrr proptlle by water power; three fMm is Str8 The above Sf1' b)' ?d roads for tnsport. merP or .5 pm" ehher the Ohio neTghb" iood.,ttSbUrgh' U in 8 belfdivhide??ertbe nl8oU1 together.it will particular? 1 T , For further PiSurgh.aPP t0 thC 8Ubscrib" VS" AW7.i, JCl,DDER HART.

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