Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 13, 1894 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 13, 1894
Page 4
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John Gray's "CORNER" ON SOMETHING NEW, VIZ: SHEB PS AND PILLOW CASES. A FULL LINE OF THE ABOVE GOODS, WELL MADE, OF GOOD MUSLIN, JUST AT WHAT THE GOODS COST IN THE PIECE. P. S—COME AND SEE THEM. NO HUMBUG, NO WALKER STOCK, NO DECEPTION—NOTHING BUT SQUARE BUSINESS AND r GOODS. •AILY JOURNAL r-nbltibeU tntj U»T to the *<** (except MondM by the LOGANBTOKT JOUBNU, Co. Price per Annum . , - $6.00 Price per_Month • • • • BO THE OFFICIAL PATER OF THE CITV. [ Filtered us wcona-class matter at tli« Lognns- •pott I'ust OtUct), Februarys, 1888-1 TUESDAY MORNING, MARCH 13 i.innderson&Sons Of FURNITURE, rtND UPHOLSTERS. tfo. 320 Fourth Street, IOGANSPORT, IND. *HS 5.- ? ana 9 Film street, FREE READING ROOM, Opfifl Daily and Evening, 616 Broadway. Welcome to All. f. M. BOZER, D. D. S, DENTIST. fie "Hale Painless Method" used In tbe filling or teetli. Mfloe Over Stare National Bank •rner Fourth and and Broadway TIME TABLE •Mill CMRYIIO PASSEDOEII3 lUK LOGAN8POR1 •ifT BOD1ID1 AMI York Ixpnw, lUil) ............. 3Jl«m «roe(x»i>..«ip (M W1 <t ToMo Br. wopt Bontei 11 15 a m tUtntlc Ktpteu, d«llf ................ f 67 p m A«eommadMlon for lut ..... — ......... 1:16 p m WOT BOBHU, 10iJ3ain .................... .»K'U m Can CUT li., raoept Bundiij .............. 8:48 pm xprvM, dmv ttfttliui for WMt Rlouta *•! Hirer »!»., Locanipurt, WcM aide, ii«««w««u Kiocmn«por< «iid Chill. •AFT BOtniD. McoBo<l«tiofl.L«««. axocpt Saadir. 10 at » m Muraiodttlon, I<««TC '• " 130 P m Mcomodatlcra, KRlre, txetpt Sundaj, »:10 a n, Tho FennsylTonla Station. ennsulvania Lines.; Trains Run by Central Time AH I-OI.LOWH: • Pally, t Dally, •iwi>t Sunday. nan UWIAWMPOBTTO Liiv» iiuirre Itora nod Colombo!. *liK am* 3.00 * m lldtlptil* and N«w Vork...«USO a m • 8.0U * m apolli and Looltft £>U,40 a m • 2,'u • » Fotnt ud Cbtatfo • S.16 » m »11!» a m ~iod Olndnn«U....t d.«»ni tllJOgm .a\ N>d Cblo*(0 t &1G d m t 7.B P In ud Colnmbu } 6.00 am I i.« p m and (Oner —t B.3I • m f 1.10 p m Ul«..>a»pm *l.»p» A SUPRBMK COURT EPISODE. Some weeks ago tbe Caas Circuit Cuurt enjoined the Logansport Natural Gaa Company from charging more than ordinance meter rates. That tr.junctlon is still binding and in force. About a month ago an affidavit for contempt was fllod, and on a hearing the court defined tho ordinance schedule and warned tlie e&* company that it was departing from it and that any future departure would be pun ished. Under tbo ordinary practice, the schedule, not having been constru od In tho original Injunction suit, could be tested only In a court of original jurisdiction, but this would not euit tho purpose of the gas company and so an allldavit for an Injunction WHS filed in the Supreme Court and its Chief Justice, Timothy O. Howard, granted a temporary restraining order restraining tbe lower court (rom enforcing its inunction by punishment lor contempt and enjoining tbe citizens of Lofaasport from making complaint Under this restraining order tho gas company has continued to charge the rate which, the lower court declared illegal and extortionate. Tbo temporary restraining order was granted on tho affidavit of Pros- idontS. P. Shoerin that he feared that ho would bo in jail wltliln ten days If the restraining order was not granted. Wbat interest tbe Supremo Court had in this fact does not appear. There id nothing in the Constitution of tho State of Irdlana showing that the court was constituted to keep President Sheorin out of jail. The allegation shows either that President Sheorin Jolt that his body was sacred in tbe court or that he baa grossly Insulted the court by an appeal to them to protect him. It was the duty of the court to act according to law and a statement of the result* of such an acl on the body of the president of the gas company wag Incompetent, irrevalent and wholly immaterial There woro other allegations in the affidavit which however did not cover up the fact that tho real issue waa original and had no legal existence in the Supreme Court of tbe State of Indians. There was a general feeling that the court had committed a grievous wrong. The action was unprecedented, unless perhaps a precedent could be found in the dark ages when courts were willing tools of tyranny, but the sentiment was that the court had simply erred and as the court had previously given evidence of ita ability ID this direction public indignation was quieted. A hearing was set for February S2d. On that day the court gave the parties until the following Monday to file briefs and on that Monday the brlefa were filed. Thai was two weeks ago yet t'he court has taken no action. Tho Natural Gas Company by custom c»lloct» its revenues between the 1st and tho 10th of each month, and tho 10th of tho present month has just passed. Under thin Supreme court restraining order the gaa company was again permitted to collect Its illegal rate and the Supreme court cannot wonder that the matter is being vigorously discussed by indignant citizens. BALKAN STATES. How and by Whom They Governed at Present ecollur Condition "' AlT»lr. in Berrla and nulffkrla—Why Iinul» !• Intereited ID WMtktiPlnff Hin <;ov«rnnicnt» of tho Toy States. Tho various )>finci|«ilities known to tho average ivii.loi'as tho llalkan states iniK'it. with sli-ikins,'aptness,b« termed the witt.'hi's' caldron of liuropi.-an politics. ll:ini!y a tluy BOOS by without bringing news of .soino startlinff di- nouement at lielsr.'ule or Sophia or Duclmrcst. Tbe i!o\inU-y north of the Balkans, from Montonejj-ro to the IJlaolc Kc;i, including- Snrviu and Roumaniu, lias played a most important part in tho history of the world. Omitting all reference to tlu> period before Christ, we find that the Rom:in leg-ions wcro kept busy for many decades to subdiio the Itocians—u ta^U. whicn WHS at least partially uccoinplislied by Marcus Ul- pius Trujautis, the most illustrious emperor of toltt'rinjf Hoiim. The Oaeians revolted time and iiffuin, and finally Emperor Trajan built liis famous wall, which extends east from the Ilauube at Tscbernawoda to Kustendji on the Black seu. Tliis wall, a perfect hijfh- way, is still in existence, ft is a double, in sonic parts triple, eiirih- ivork on the south side of a natural moat leading through a narrou-, marshy valley. The Roman soldiers liked tbe climate and resources of the Hluck sou. country anil established a sti-on;| colony in tbe territory now known as Romania, or Roumania. Wliun the (ireelf empire was finally destroyed by Mohammed II.,. the Turks conquered tbe many tribesjnlmbitinp the Haitian eountry, but it required constant warfare to keep the warlike descendants of the Romans and the depressive Slavonians in subjection. It has been stated by eminent historians that nothing- saved western Europe from Turkish invasion but the patriotism and relifrious fervor of the IVulfjarians, Servians nnd their less numerous, but equally brave, allies. Servia was a prosperous and independent kinp-dom at the close of tho middle np-es, but in 1SS5 it was subjugated by tho Moslems and its people persecuted most shamefully. But, de- spito their miserable condition, the Servians made frequent attempts to throw off the palling- yoke of slavery. They cooperated with the Germans and Poles in the great wars against the. Mohammedans. They suffered invasions from friends and foes, but through it all reiriuined true to their laitb. In 1814, Milosch, tho g r <' a test of Servian patriots, led a well-arranged rising which resulted in tbe establishment of tin) prcsentklufrdomof Servia. As the power of the Porte declined, the disaffection among- tho patriotic Balkan tribes became strong 1 er... i 'Dho people of tho northern provinces of Moldavia ivnd Wallachia, aided by Russian influence, united and formed the kingdom of Komnunia in 18C1, establishing 1 their capital at Bucharest nnd electing- Col. Con/a to rule over them. A senate and chamber of deputies were elected to exorcise legislative power under a very liberal c-;>n- Ktitntion. Col. Cmi/.a. known in history as 1'rince Alexander .lohn I., was forced to abdicate in JSO», am! \va.i succeeded by Prince Charles of Hoben- zollern, who was prorlaimed king- of Roumania in 18S1. The treaty of Berlin, which was ratified in 1878, may properly be terraeil tbe death warrant of Turkish power in European affairs. It took away the piper, and Austria anu others aw the dancinff and ate the feast. In international politics fcj.-ch tracks ore wrmi; ; Mb!'\ but ihe.y arc neither forgotten nor forgiven by the ajf;;Tievcd party. As soon as thi; delegates to the Uerlin cunfrruM had ooereed Russia Into a«e«ptinff their t.^rms, Muscovite emissaries, pr<.>p:iy;ui<iisls ;in( j spies were wut to Bueh;uvs' v , Sophia., Ilcl- yradu and (A'ttinjo lo foment trouble and dissatisfaction. 'J'Un Servians, ma.K- furriiliar with in- t'.-iyue. by centuries o[ practice-, responded to the; offers uf Russian and An.sti-iiui niilil the kingdom was divided into two equally slryng factions. When tin; ilissointi-. Milan \vas"Uin[j Uclffratli' was for a time nothing more than a Russian provincial town; but when th;it mon.-ireii became tired of his beautiful consort. Queen \atlialie, who is tho daughter of a Russian colonel, Austria's minister directed the politics of the kingdom. A few years ug-o Milan became so disreputable that he had to abdicate. For a time the affairs of state were administered by three repents who acted in the name of the boy king, Alexander. This youth, who is not yet eighteen years of ape, seems to be endowed with remarkable confidence in himself, if the coup d'etat of last year can be considered a fair sample of his enterprise. One. evening in April youup Ale-faiKlci 1 sent soldiers to the housos of his regents and ministers while they were taking dinner :it the royul palace-. H-nd tlu-.n informed them that their services were no longer needed. The regents made the best Highest of all !• Letveatnff Power.—L«t«t U. S. Gov't Report.; Baking Powder ABSOULTTELY PURE ,sian or Austrian partisans in hcrv.'a "r ' other Balkan states, but the great w;ir itself will not be fought until t.heprin- ' cipol combatants lire ready for tbe I fray. Russia is determined to annex tiie lialkan country and Constiinti- i nople, and nothing but ignominious [ defeat iu fiercest war will keep her from carrying out the groat ambition nursed by the Romanoffs since the i days of Peter the Great. | 0. W. \\ "Eiri'IEKT. THE SOCIAL PROBLEM. 1m Trump Life SlUl nn CHAHLKS I., KINO OF ROUMAXIA. they could of the announcement, and Alexander has ruled the country without them ever since. ReeontJy he has permitted his father, ex-King-Milan, to return to lielgrade, and it is claimed that the old prodigal is onco more tho virtual ruler of Servia. Russian agents are again busily at work at Belgrade, and Austrian influence is being under- rained systematically. Koratimc these intrigues may not amount to much, because Servia cannot exist without Austria. Its staple product is pork, for which it finds ita only market in the dual empire. An increase in the Austrian duty on pork products would ruin Servia financially, and its politicians are notyct ready to provoke retaliatory legislation. It would require but little agitation, however, to bring about a riot between the Russian and Austrian elements in the kingdom,.and such an Upon Opru yueHtloli. Jnjil ivliat to do with the trump has been and donl'tless will continue to be a question of vi(«l iinport.aiiee. Many solutions of the tr-.unp problem have bcun offered, but almost all of them Ji.-ivc been rejected ;is utterly impracticable. Tho, jii.il has no terrors for him, for ih!• re he is housed, fed and warmed without the necessity for labor. Aud us to avoid labor is Ills one grunt object .; in lilc.ueither the olliccr's warrant nor i tlie possibilities of incarceration bold I out anything but a welcome for him. j Tlie: road, the few accessible empty buil<linj*s :iud the farmers' hay-sl«eks j ;is winter lodging-houses, and the rather cold charity of the farmers' , kJtclien-door as commissary of sub- j sistence, are not specially enticing to i the u.'stlietie and fastidious taste of tin- ' average tramp, even when tbe iinan- j ciul situation of the country is at high- tide, and tlie (rood folk arc c.om'ortft- j bly liberal arid charitably disposed. | How much worse is it. Mien, wliuu , times are liani—vvoc'villy hard--ami even the moderately well-off people ;ire forced In look well to tlieir resources lest they. too. c.oine to want. In years like the present the tramp is badly off indeed. This state of things has enlisted the attention of thoughtful persons in various localities, and there have been many plans devised for elevating the tramp and improving 1 his condition or, perchance, reforming him altogether. Tbe constable ami tlio bulldog have heretofore been among tin; most, active and aggressive of these methods, liut it is a sad comment on the theory and practice of philanthropy that, up to date, tliese two instrumentalities have not )>o.en so brilliantly successful an tramp suppressors as to command the admiration of tbe world. Hot water is useful only at short range, an«l the broomstick is open to the same objection. The steel-trap, spring-gun and like protective appliances arc open to serious objection as menaces to the life and limb of the ubiquitous youngster, and were Jong 1 since abandoned its nnman- ](r!i<- of I lie Urvnlutlnn. A notable relic of rc.volutUiiiary times discovered :u. Lancaster, l';i.. it few days n(_'O i:> the tk-ld and e;nnp order book in which Uen. Sullivan made record of his march in lhc snmnv-r of l~7'.l from New Voi-k r<i Wyoming, and up the Susquehannn •valley. He wns in pursuit of the im-ies a;id Indians under llvant niui Cupt. Cutler, to avenge the iua«-s:iores at Korty Fort and Wyoming. This expedition resulted in the breaking up of the Six Nations. The book was. found ;>montf Borne papers tiiat had belonged to<-'apt. Meyer, who wa* Ucu. .Sullivan's orderly in that.<.-u,iupu<{,'u. <;i,i<l In u <'Hl>l>ii^i'. TVhilc entlinp: up a cabbage tbe oilior day an Klwoad (!nd,) hotisekocper claims to have revealed S!>." in goW. Dr. Kilmer's SWAMP-ROOT MUS. LEROY G. COVILLE. McDonougb, N. Y. CURES RHEUMATISM. A LETTER THAT CAN BB VBR- IFIED BY TWENTY GOOD RELIABLE PEOPLE! Well Again after Years of Suffering Mrs. Coville writes: "I had ••flered terribly from rtif unmtUm, «as confined U my bed, could scarcely move or »tir and wa* completely used up. Words cannot t«U wh»t T suffered. Hod doctored with physicians, but irrcw •vorfc all the time. As a lut remt 1 fociran to use your Swamp-Boot I only *ook . two boltlci and wiis completely rmrci. If this pWtement will l«ncflt you, you m»y use it, for I can prove it by more than twenty KOOd reliable people in tills vicinity. Wordf cannot t«U wnht 1 suffered." Mrs. L. G. Oovlile. oonleuto of ovent might possibly be equivalent to a dcelarittion of war between tho two i ageablc and cxtni hazardous. great powers and their formidable j It has remained for the great west— ... i Md MnM .1 1.'K t, m HIM « m nd Clnrtnn»tl...*U.B6pin •!.»»« bl* «nd Now Tork..* 3,30 p m • 1.36 p m udChlnflo ...,t* 1-80 p m * H& p ft i Petal ud CbKuo—* 110 p m •!!.» D m i MdTuobmxpod 1180pm tll.00«» : !„::.._ .+ i.wnm i uu o» _ JM PBUborfh.. _t 4.80 p m tia.Hi * phla and New Iorlt.f 4.«0 p m fU.1B p tn «MM)PolMuidCblMCO t 4.80pm ¥J5BnUoinq Kttott..... .- 7.80pm 1. A. mCCIiUHWH, Ttotol AM . 7.46 in AMOt. Loganiport, Inl VANDALIA LINE. «ve L*nc»n§port, Itul rOB THI NOBTd. is. Ban. io,» A. U. tot at. JoMpb. »,« P. M. '• Bwth Bmi. TOE TIC HODTI. U, li. linn. 7,M A. M. Vot Twr* Rani* - IMP. M. , Tim* MM, glrtM 111 MUni Ud (all Information u to HIM ,, • dnu J. C. EDGE WORTH, Agent, IND THE attitude of the Donothlng party in Congress recalls an incident of a f 3W years ago. A local candidate courted the influence of a couple of friends in hie contest. Their friendship seemed earnest and they were put on the delegation from their ward. When the convention was held tbe candidate received no votes from that particular ward and, after the convention, culled around, to express his indignation. "John," *»ld he, "I thought you wore for me." , "I vai; I vorked for you." '. "But I got no votes in your ward." ••Veil, veil, me und Joe Belters can't do evorytings." This i» about the only excuse democratic members of Congress can offer to tbeir constituents. IF you want to vote at the city election do not move out of the ward in which you now reside. You must lire sixty days In the ward and thirty days In tbe preolnot. AT.EXA.NDKE, KINO OF 8EIIVIA. from the Ottoman empire not only the territory it, was compelled to cede to Russia, but established, at tho very door of Constantinople, the hostile and independent principality of. Bulgaria. Tho little country is under obligations to pay a nominal annual tribute to the Porte as Huzerain, but Turkish influence' at Sophia, tho capital, is practically nil, Bulgaria has passed through many storms since its creation as a state. It has already had several rulers, and wbeu Alexander of Dattenberg vras prince it waged, a successful warfare against .Sorvia, its inoro powerful neighbor. Poor Uattenberg was deposed shortly after bis victorious campaign, and died a few months ago in comparative ob- Hcurity. The present prince is Ferdinand, a scion of the house of Coburjr, Austria, which, at tbe close of the Bussc-Turklsh war of 1877, was extremely jealous of the czar's government, was ably represented at the Berlin, congress and, with the powerful aid of Bismarck and Disraeli, managed to secure possession of the rich provinces of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Montenegro, too, received n reward in the shape of Turkish territory. The position of Greece was strengthened by various concessions; and, on top of it all, Eastern Ronnie! ia was made a .semi-independent state, under a Christian prince. ' Russia, it will Vie seen, had fought a great and costly war, but was robbed of what It roost desired—possession of the Balkan States—by an international nnnrcrnux of. dinlomills. It had naid allies. The same condition oi affairs exists in Bulgaria. Russian offents control the public sentiment in many towns. When Prince Ferdinand assumed tho thron.e of the principality without the consent of the czar it was thought that such action would be considered casus belli ftt St. Petersburg. For some reason or other the prince has been allowed to maintain his position, however; although Russian influence is against him. The peculiar position of Bulgaria, which has shown wonderful vitality in the face of many attacks, is due to the patriotism of M. Stambou- loff; its talented premier. This wonderful man kept Alexander of Uatten- berg 1 on the throne long after Russia had demanded his abdication; he caused the election of Prince Ferdinand, and has, at least twice, defied his suzerain, Sultan Abdul-Hamid. By some M. Stamboulofl is considered t, pyrotechnic fanatic, hut to us he appeals as a disinterested and devoted patriot who believes in his race and the cause of home rule. Tho government of -Roumania is more stable than those of Servia and Bulgaria. It is administered by a relative of the German emperor, and has the active support of Germany and Austria. Nevertheless, Rnssophobia is a well-developed disease in Wallachia and Moldavia and one which may be fanned into an epidemic almost any day. To sum up the eastern question, Bussia wants weak governments in the Balkan states and has spared no ex- penie to undermine every influence inimical to its interests. When, tbe proper time arrives, it wijl -.create a pretext for occupying either Bulgaria or Roumania, thereby precipitating tbe great European war of-which we have read so much. It IK, of course, possible that lesser hostilities may be " bv tho indiscretion, of .Pus- that territory that Hor.io.cOreelcy ever I held in high esteem— to produce a town that has evolved the most perfect tramp-suppressing or, more properly K»enkin<r, tra.inp-disp»«rsing device thus far made known to the public, With wisdom that deserves tho thanks of n grateful nation, the fivtliers of that city and the guardians of UK ponce have built a cell nnd provided it with numerous pipes directi.y bearing on all parts of the interior. After catching the tramp, they remove as inan.y of hie raus as possible, soap him thoroughly, then shut him in the ceil and turn on • the water. If there is one thinp above sinother tha.t fills the soul of the tramp with horror, it is water. Sonp is bad enough, but water is, metaphorically, the last straw. The tramp bowls, dances, shrieks :ind beats iitfainRt his prison bars and the walls of his cage. Hut water comes on, and heated with exercise and rag-e, it is only » question of time when the victim becomes at last approximately clean. , And when his liberty is restored to him, be makes a bee-line for some less painstaking looality, and chalks on tbo palings, as he passes, a warning 1 to his fellows that they and he may go there no more.—N. Y. Ledger. , Ttau.i<\ i' you >n> n<* bea«H«<l, fi-i will rotund to JIM IV prkn p«U. "InriiiM*' OrnUt U «nd tbou— c<i ot **« Dr. Kllmrr & Co., nngtiimioE. K. T. At DnwcUU, *•«. •»* •!.•• MM. Dr. Kilmer's PAKILLA LITER are the best. 42 pi la, 25 cento. STORAGE. For storage In large or &•»>; quantities, apply to W. D. PRATT. Pollard & Wileon warehouse- A Flnliliftd Kduutlou. Mr, Million—Well, our daughter graduated with thn highest honors at the Great American Female college, I see. Mrs. Million—Yes, and she mint now cross the Atlantic and finish her education. "Humph! At wh»t school?" "A t no school. Sbe must marryaom* foreign nobleman, and spend ft f«w years in European courts. By tk»t time her husband will c»»t her off, and she will come back fully equipped to take her place at the bead of American society."—N. Y. Weekly. Has made many friends. Why? Because it is the ; best and cheapest liniment sold. It kills pain I:: SBLY0TION OIL is sold by all dealers for 2JC; \ Substitute »re mostly ch«p irait*- lion« of (rood urticlfs. Don't Uk* thtm. Insist on geitine SALVATIOH i i OIL, or you will be disappointed. PUCUf LUNGE'S PLUGt. THt tltti Tl Unt W AMicott i-prio* to cu. «--;•' IKDNENRNTK. Mwjrded Highest Honors-World's _Falr. R Baking Powder: „ Th« only Pare Cr«m of £u«r fcw*r.-Mo Amman!.; Used fa ifijlSon* of — v " - D OLAN'B OPXtU HOD8R, WM. DOLtM. MJINAOKK. Wednesday, March 14 A Production Celebrated Throo«hout Ihc UK re Engiiish -peaking World, MORRISON'S HONKTKR OF ' FAUST Tons ot Munificent 8cen«n. Worlds or kltuirlcal SurprlK*. Oc«ans of Wonderful KffctW THE TREAT OK A LIFETIME. PrcMDtfd by a great com pun', MU3S ROSABEL MOHEISON ac M andK*.

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