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Pittsburgh Weekly Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 2

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Isaac iiAiiwift WILL cmirtie to rece.w NOTES and IK KITS, h.tU 5m him, in pajrtitnt tor COOL'S- un ,1 VCd JMtinAY, JULY IB, 1317. a spirit of wisdom and 'moderation." TU'S cry is of course echoed hy the Coutier: hut we doubt not this pusillanimous transaction will be properly recorded in the page of history; where it may he said, that a descendant of Charles V. dared not to repel an insult from a ruined country, with a ruii-away' king, but was forced to throw himself for protection on the courts which formerly tiembled even at the ol his illustrious ancestor. to their infernal piracies, which, through the rivalries and jealousies of the great European powers, have till lately been in a manner licenced for many aes. Nor is it a little gratifying that the navy did firsfset the "example in this glorious votk.

Con. Cuur. tke Analectic Magazine for May Port ait of Henbt Chhistophe King of IIa.yt1 The king is daily occupied with military inspections, and always mounts his horse HE H4B OV HATCH IX Coarse Cloths anil for which he v.iii receive TN( 4. JANiv-NOTES, in pavnem. oon HE HAS ALSO FOn TUESDAYS AA" FRIDAYS, liY JOHN I.

SCULL, to rent Street, nearly opposite tlx Fobt-Ofice. CONDITIONS. Theft. Doimm a year, paid half yearly in advance or Three Dollars and Firrr CtKTs, at the cid of the year. If ti Subscriber docs not order a discontinuance of his paper at the espir on of the year, it will he tf ruddered new engagement.

ApvT.KTisEWfcATs inserted in a neat and conspi-uotis lunu, at One Dollar per for the first hert ions, and Twenty-five Cents per square for eah continuance. Mail 2. Couriers for the foreign 10 blls crood aldv i 1 Ml. old Cherrv-bt'-nnce. is 1 do.

Soanish fSrandr 10 Jioxes bv 10 Sc 10 by 13 1000 qrs of Staunton Aurs 5000-of Nelsons do. S'artvj 100 Spr'ffs assorted iso- 1 AND A CiLXKUAL ASiUKlMtNVV' Dry oois, Ambassadors arrive daily in tins city it is certain that there is in agitation at this moment some highly important question, in which a very active part is taken hj our cabinet. People do not cease to talk of the American fleet which appeared lately in the waters of Naples They give it different destinations but no one seems to have any con ect knowledge on the subject. DOWNFALL OF THri PERNAMBU- COENS Extract of a letter from rernawbuco, da-ted Jlaij 25th to a gentleman in Liostun. at sun-rise.

He is a remarKaoie nanu some, well built man with a broad chest, square shoulders, and an appearance of great muscular strength and activity. As a soldier he has certainly shown himself to be both valorous and skilful in council he is shrewd and judicious. Moderation and a desire to keep aloof from the affairs of neighboring states, are the peculiar characteristics "of his administration. His conversation is familiar, condescending and calculated to leave the most favorable impressions on the minds of. those who arc admitted to his presence.

ith tiie penetrating eve of a physiognomist, he appears to read the characters of men and he is said to be remarkable accurate in the opinion he forms of them. HU indt-fatiuahle attention to business, makes him acquainted with every transaction in bis LUCIEN UONAPAU'IK. "Gf.xeva, April 25. i send you a copy of the document which contains the determination of the Allied Powers, to prevent the escape of Lucien Bonaparte to the United States of America, and those ulte rior plans which the discontented refugees' 44 Since my last by the way of St. Barts, I have done nothing of business as nearly all the inhabitants deserted the city, which of course caused atonal stagnation of business.

The port was blockaded without, also Jtrsx r.rcKivET large scpplt CYDER VLXKGAR, fit for immediate use, and will he put in any quantify, to suit purchasers. Pittsburgh. June 24. -tuGt propose tor the purpose making oi a theatre of revolutionary ideas, and a new field for ainbition and intrigue. 'The principles of justice, order legitimacy that govern the poweis of Lurope, will always disconcert the machinations of the seditious to disturb the peace, and will oppose a bar.

ier to their spirit of ra-iim. and their nlans of usurpation. The V'V V--X" 1 -Vrv- ard an embargo within, which left me no alternative but to wait till change of affairs. On the 18th of this -month the Patriots kingdom; and a retentive memory enables him to treasure them all up. In fine, he is master of ail details and persons or things, v.ith whom or with which he is once acquainted, he is never known to abaudoned the city and tied in all directions, some Of their leaders hanging them FOi SALE JiV J.

J. WAHK. selves and others shooting themselves and I'lttsfturn, du 11, 1317. 6 nJ first a i most effmacioiR information of this haziness was derived from the zeal and activity of the Spanish Government, well ini' nied of these plots by exact account received both in Knrope am! America. Thu Spain deserves the confidence Governments and the approbation 1 Notice.

A LL persons indebted to TMOVf 5 mvr; Lower Ferry) lor ferriage lor lie your- 161 the same dav the fortifications were taken possession of hy the inhabitants, or rather tiie Poituj.uese sailors from the merchant ships in the harbor. A scene of great confusion took place; but fortunately no lives were lost. Alter the admiral of the tleet came on shore, some kind of order wS restored. Nothing of busiuess has been done since, nor will be for or 7 days to come, as there will be days of feasting and rejoicing at the downfall of the Patriots. of II the people.

IHiD (. ibiO, ana nooi accounts, are req.njsit 1 1 py otTwithm twenty dajs, no iiuiu ience can be tiveu. July 11, H17. 3' i.e following document will be read ivith n.Uc Ji inlet it: PARIS. I'Tictt cr.l tf tl" nvfi mice of the FSthof March, Tnet 'l i Austria, Duke de Pirln-lifti, Duke of V1 Huston, Sir Charles Stuart, the Prussian Minister, Bridge forget, in his administration of public affairs, he appears to be governed by ireat caution; waiting, we suppose, till the independence of Hay i shall be recognized, by the various powers, before he executes those plans for tiie ameliorating the con dition of his people, which he is known to.

have in view. Hitherto bis task, has been arduous indeed and some allowance is to be made for his imperfections, when we consider the heterogenous nature of those materials which he has had to mould into order and subordination. If severity has sometimes armed the lash of punishment. I might urge, perhaps, as some es.tenua tion, the excuse of Queen Dido: lies duri et liegni nuvitas me talia cogunt DOCTOR SWIFT UPON THE ART OF POLPilCAL LYING. One of the essa)S of Dean Swift, in his il.rui.nnery was upm the art of Political Lying; and the following short extracts from it are worthy ot notice at the present day, if it were for nothing else but to learn 'VTOTICE is hereby veil lu Midi ot ti, Siof.

-iioidcr." as liv: not ijaii The via-very of the Christians at i a letter to a member of Parliament, due 011 u.eir suos rip. A lU s. the oi kuwii. I. 1 2 I.

I ft I Tk til Ti ronfrrence having been opened i by V. alter LroLer, the Koyai ra-liiisdav with their Exec liencie the l)ukfs vy, published in Loudon, lb I 6, there is the of Filclielieu and Wellington, to.take into following description of the treat- 4 I Uy order of viit: Bom-d of w-. ment. of the christian blaves cotv idernlion the demand made bv Lucien tiic xvige- JiJiiiN iiiAW, iVewuitr. Fittsborgh, July JL Dissolution of Paiiru fshi.

ffHE nai-incrship herelofbre h.n te for purports to conduct one of bis 'iis. to the United States, and the rine pirates. The bani, or bagnio, which is in one of the narrow streets of Algiers, has nothing remarkable in its outside appearance hut, inside, it is the most remarkable bouse of misery imagination can conceive. On en-teiTim the irate, there is a small square Minister having again laid down ih- thre Questions proposed at the Pro- tord or the 2d inst. relative to the same Atom-imp en ta)int whs ds nvd by nr conseai cif -rue or i lioe said or rrr are requested to oaviueat 'o ii ry tluhkhip, who ahne to object i' has been agreed.

1. Tha' North America "having recciv- 1 4 1 A A 1 whether that art has been stationary the a.ccoU!iib. for tiie slaves to walk about in there they hundred years, or improving. oi reat number oi malcontents arm political lie ia sometimes born out of French refugees, the presence of Lucien are, on every Friday, locked up, and, as ViLLLi.r li. ii I' 4-1, k.r lint t-irlr oil (Inr 1 I il I .11 -Alt' ritthurgh, July 11,1 Slf.

3 Dcnanarte mine i unni cuus wuum uk nut till more dangeriius tlian it is in Europe, i lowed nothing but water from the Algerii eruie We tiien acenouu jrovern ment. TOBACCO, CIG.U), here ite can be better watched, ana mat 1 it- in consequence it. is to be desire'd- that tfe passjwrts he asked for should be 2. That crder to deprive him of all AND SnuiF iLtnuflictoiy. rSH Pub-icibcr respect iniiy i nfirai.i his trie-it uie public, if at he Uh e.

niuotitacuu ot 'i OHALCO, LIGAKS -A Having: provided experienced a best leaf, he liaUera hmised that the ai L.5u-s his wjll be found equal 'ui and as cheap as any offered. For the accommodation of coori.r ii and traders, he wdl receive in p.iyn 'ent moit tide; 01 conniry produce. Ail orders gratefully received and mom xecuted. 27.1817 v. stair-case, and, round toe galleries, were rooms with naked earthen floors and dtmp stone walls.

They have an irosi-grated window and a strong trcor; two of these rooms have, in each of them, twenty-tour, like cot frames. With twigs interwoven in the middle. These are hung up, one abcrve another, round the room, and those slaves, who are able to pay for the luxurv of such a bed, are alone admitted." ain happy in wanting a comparison, in any part ot the world vvheie 1 liave been, for this abominable prison, and those deadly cells but, if they had a little more light, think they' would most resemble a bouse where the negroes of the West-India islands keep their pigs. 1 must add, that the pestilential smell made Mr. Stan-bury so ill that he nearly fainted and Dr.

MConnel and myself were not much less affected. The food of tbe slaves consists of two black loaves of half a pound each, which is their daily bread; neither meat nor vegetables do they ever taste, those excepted who work at the Marino, who gettwd olives per day with their bread, and others at the Spanish hospital, which the Spanish government to this day supports, as well pcihapsas it is able. In visiting this hospital, the doors of which were covered with uimappy beings of every age aud either sex, 1 saw some men who looked almost sixty, and some children who could not be more than eiht years old: the THE bee leave to re' urn their fVien mid ili( niiWir t')T motives for soliciting the said paspoits, it would be equally desirable to refuse them to bis son Charles, whose journrv seems to be only a pretext for the plans of the father. f. hat the news received by different Titepns and from dilVerent countries, par-f'rcularlv from Naples, leave no doubt of be intriiiues and dangerous relations v'hirh Lucien Konoparfe keeps up in Italy considering, that Home is, perhaps, of all cities that in which superintendence js tl r.

most difficult to be exercised, and is exercised villi less severity, and that be mnv, not itbstamlino the refusal of jass-cits find means of deceiving the vigilance of the Roman government, and of escaping to proceed to America it would oe desirable that another abode be assigned him than Rome, and the Roman states, bv the high Allied Powers, and that he should be further removed from the coasts, ia order to rtpder the plans of escape which be may meditate more difficult. This opinion heinjr common to all the ir.embei of the Conference, it has been icH'lved to consign it in th protocol of the day, in order that it may be made known to the four and may a determination on their part upon this subject. (signed) Vincent, Hichctien, Wellington' C. Stucrt. I'ozzidi Jiorgo.

7 a discarded statesman's bead, and thence delivered to be nursed and dandled by the rabble. SoiuHutofcS it is produced a monster, and licked into sh tpe at other times comes into the world completely formed, and is spoiled in the licking. It is often born an infant in the regular, way, and requires time to matuteit; and oiten it sees the light in its fuil growth, but dwindles away by degrees." No wonder if an infant so miraculous in its birth should be destined for great ad-ventUi es" It cau sink a mountain to a molehill, and raise a molehill to a mountain hath piesided tor many years at committees of elections can wash a blackamoor white make a saint of an and a patriot-of a 1 his goddess lia with a huge looking-glass in her hands to dazzie the crowd and make them see, according as she turns it, their rum in their interest, and their interest in their ruin." "There is one essential point wherein a political liar differs from others of the faculty that be c.uju to have but a short memory, which is necessary according to the various occasions he meets with every hour of differing from himself, and sw earing to both sides of a contradiction, as be finds tiie persons disposed, with whom he hath to deal." Few lies carry the inventor's mark, the lo-'St prostitute enemy to truth may spread a thousand without being known for tbe author. Besides, a the vilest writer hath his readers, so 1 he greatest liar hath his believers; and it often happens, thai if a lie be believed only for an hour, it hath done its work, aud there is no further occasion for it. Falsehood flies, and truh comes limping after it so that when men come to be undeceived, it is too late; the jest is over, and the tale has had its effect." In another department of Swift's political writings, he thus describes a knot of able editors who figured in his day These factious undertakers of the press, write with great advantage thor I patronage and encouragement they vv' met, and hope asoidmn uvtetii.on u.

morals and literary ot tUeii to merit co-mtenane'e aiu! support. They still oecDc that iat-sje liou.e Fir1 opposite Vc rv bt-eet, jneriy tte ni'n factory Scully ran am wlnt-li tiie' ed up the nust con.inouious nvmner 1 reception of schclavs, where they leach reading, u'rit engl'li ry, geography, ftridimetjO, hot)k-It ip 1 a Lhe practical branches ot tr.autjnatiC!?. vr rri -kc vip vv itn arcai'i ness and despatch. Pittshurgh 8, 1817. whole' of them had their legs swelled and THEATRE.

rim mjixageus of the State Paper, relative to t.h- diiVeience between Spain and Portugal. In consequence of the Portuguese 1 resent i.ietr sf resptr'jui to the 'citizen of TNFOUM them that theComnaiv is troops in the hrails occupying a part of the Spanish territories on the River Plate, the Spanish government, instead of asserting their tight of forcible restitution or re- -li- pleLe, coiiiposcil of perlitrmei's ot iU1 talents, from the Theai res, cut in such a horrible manner, that we all thought they could not recover. There also we sa some young Sicilian and some women. One poor woman burst into teais told us that she was the mother of eijit children, and desired us to look at six. ol them, who had been slaves with her for thirteen years, We left these scehes of horror, and, in going into the country, 1 met 'the slaves" returning from their labour.

The clang of the chains ot those who were heavily ironed, called my attention to their extremeJiiiigua and ttieyi aie amended by Infidels with large whips' There is now a cheering prospect that within a few coining years, the dens of the Barbary pirates will be all broken up, or phia iiosum and Civirlesi 1 no. .1... 11 u-ff i ill in coy -win opcu uiz ui i I ously affiim a thousand falsehoods wkhout 1 LI Ull IUI llllllUl- pj to. the other continental governments. bifiv'addie'sel a note of remonstrance i Marrmis dAr -uhir.

wrrotm i- li. Y.LFA KN'TWIShb Pittsburgh, fr- mf.j 2Z0 Boxes best Spanisli Cig1 Tri ef tinl 'or S.l!f conscience, or knowledge and we, who an.vver the -must 'lie if the expense of an argument each afrer which in the very nexi pamphlet, we see the assertions produced again without the least of what haUi.e-said to disprove Ft tv the court of liiazil. The note is by tiie following names, Vin-o et. PiclTelmM, Stuart, Goltz, and P07.7.0 di iM, 'i bese ministers observe, that eoj.Juct c-J Spain has bten guided hy Pete L'Horton, ConkcU at the, tfaMj thiit entire slop will swt.

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