Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 11, 1954 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, November 11, 1954
Page 6
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**^«*.' 'Wft?' •W 4* y '<«-«%• <* re-'/"' HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, November 11, 1$54 Harris, Others Off on Another Tour tdfOtf (ft Rrp. 6rem itJ-Afk) flies from New today on a House crmmit- of oil potentialities ,- frtnt the i* brie of 14 members of tho Itotfse cdmmefde committee making the trip. While the group H Scheduled to return about Dec. 17, rJfcFris expects to come back earlier to keep an engagement in Ai- , fcu'ds aft-- IGtRS INGS "V,,;*, < i r iadq /'', bm6bi!e , t Another gioup of ecmimiltee frterftbei*g recently returned from 6 ritnllSr inspection lilp to South Ajnerida. MARKETS ft X-rays showed a 2 5-8-:nch needle hl-d penetraU-d hiri h»art bo twi-en the fourth and fifth rib.;. Df. Frederick D. Ncwhatr, chiof Plitopsy surgeon for Los Angelii.-; Couhty, said he found another puncture, "undoubtedly by tho same instrument'' between the seventh and eighth ribs. Police said Pivaicffs wife told them her husband had been drinking heavily for the last two weeks. She caid he denied to h--r that he hrtd engaged in a flpht and that he died thinking he was the victim of a heart attack. Police Detective Lt. Fred Laughlin has ordered an microscopic examination of the needle's eye. He said he wanted to deter/nine if the eye had bei»n held by pliers or eorrfe other instrument mod to stab the needle in Pivnroff's chest. Mrs. Pivaroff's 10-y ear- old daughter Di&na identified the darning needle as one shi; had bor* rowed UK sew a Halloween cos- hime. The girl said it had since disappeared. -, Lt. .Laughljn said that investign- ,Uon sc far has produced no evidence of "-rcpponsibility of any per- sOn" for Pivaroffs wound. He said he Relieves 'the wounds may have been self-infjicted. ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK NAllONAt STOCKYARDS, 111. (* ttogs 4,000; higher; bulk choice 130-220 Ib 17.50-20.PO; uniform Under 200 Ib, mostly chrice No 1 and 2 170-?20 Ib 20.2,". one tot 20.'C; 150-l?p Ib 20.50-75; 230- 200 Ib 18.75-17;5d; sows 400 Ib down 17K5-18.00; heavier sows 1550' JVOO; boars 13.00-15.00. Cattle 1,200, calves 3.CO,' about cteady; commercial and gootl uteers 20.0C-2.CO; cutter and ittlV ity offerings 11.00-15.00; commet*> cialand good heifer's anci mixed yearlings IO.OO-2'.OO; utility and commercial cows .50-11.50; m&d- crrte showing to 12.00; eanncrs and cv.tters largely 600-8.50; light -u 'i i h" ite Sliced sm&Ku ^' gal. 25c ihe'.ls 5.00-50; bulls utility and coYnmercinl 11.00-1'.00; canners and cutters 8.00-10.50; heavy fat bulls '1050-1.00; prime} Vealers 2500-20.00: good and choice 18.0024.00; commercial and. low good 12.00-17.00; commercial and good slaughter calves 1100-16.00; utility end-low commercial 8.00-10.00; cull veaJers and calves down to 500. hcep 600; lambs active, fully rtcndy; choice to.prime wooled lambs 1S.50-20.00; good and choice lots 1800- 1!) .50; cull and utility rorts largely 14.00-1500; ewes 3.00-4.00 POULTRY AND PRODUCE. Buler firm; receipts unavailable un'.il tomorrow, wholesale buying prices unchanged to 2'/ 2 Ivigher;- 03 rcore A A 59; 92 A 58.75; 90 B 48 • Eisenhowers in Tribute to Parents By JOHN L. CUttER •ABILENE, ,Kan. (tJP) President Elsenhower and his yourtijost brother, Milton, tjaJd- solemn trib- Vtc tc 'their .God-fearing parents todny as they participated in dedicating a musetirn' at the!)' boy- hond home. : •'.-••-"' The modern museum, housing family mementocc' ari'dfthe Pros)' dent's priceless collection ? 6f trophies from an illustrious military end political career, stands rtoar the modest-homfr in which the Ei' senhower family was reared, The museum officially' is dedicated to the promotion of citizenship and to honor the veterans of American' wars/ ' But in the formul dedicatory speech, Dr. Milt&n S, Eisenhower, said he and his 'brothers associate he spot with mf>m&ry of their i&rcnts who helped.the boys "learn he lessons of honesty, frugality, independence, freedom, responsibility, love of Gp d the simple Meat Prices Shade Higher, Report Shows By The Associated Prers The missus who goes a-shoppin* is likely to find pricrs of rnoy meals a shade higher • at her favorite food store this week. Sirkin steaks and rib roasts oi beef are up a few cents ;i pound in major cities; also slightly higher arc poultry, lamb and veal. Fork is probably the outstanding buy. • Also tagged for thrifty buying are smoked picnic hams frying chickens and fowl. Although fryers are a little higher than last weok in some areas, • prices are still pretty close to rock bottom. Poultry producers continue to, grumblo Veterans Day Observed rhout a market glut. Egg prices are Sor.ie brands of ' falling again, vacuum-packed 75; C56. 89 C 58.25) cars 90 B58;89 Eggs '. firm ; receipts unavailable until "tomorrow; unchanged to. 1 higher; U. S. large whites 38.5; jT.ixed 36.5: ( U. S mediums 29."j; U S .standards . 30; current ro" ceipts none; dirties '20; ahecks 20 Lcfsons of free America." Before the dedication cere- 2 Rolls CORN MAYF1ELD 303 Can DONALD DUCK Orange Juice NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK UP) Steels and rail- roeds Were strong today, but the Stock Market as a whole ma.1e Only moderate progress. Gains went, to around 2 points. Lessen wore small. Then: were a number of instances of wide movement in either direction Steels and railroads did quite well yesterday, and that 'strength and activity carried on today. mor.ie's, Mr. Eisenhowftr and two cf hi? 'brothers/ Mlltan 'and .Earl, visited the craves of'theh parents in Abilene cpmetcry. They wero accompanied -by the _ President':! son, John and his three children The grave's were freshly deeo- rated with baskets of red, white and rusk baby 'chrysanthemums, cent by 'he family. > While at the ceremony they also stopped *.o view the grave of Tom Mv Smith, first marshal of Abilene and reputed V> be one pf the greatest law enforcement officers cf the pioneer West. coffee 'are down a nickel a- pound In Fele'cted cities. Prices cf frozen orange juice' already off substantially from a year ago are expected to go lower still. Outrtanding buys on vegetable counters arc such staples as cabbage, turnips, potatoes and winter rquash. Classed as "good" buys arc swoet potatoes, tomatoes, •cucumbers,''egg plant and lottucB, while beans, celery, cauliflower*? carrots and peppers are tagged 'as moderately priced. &y The Associated Prfess The natioti pays tribute to the living and dead veterans of its nine wars today in a day of respect newly designated as Veterans Day. As in previous years, when Nov. 11 was named Armistice Day, the national tribute centered at the Arlington Nation*! Cemetery, just across the Po tomac River from Washington, D. C. There, Secretary of the Air Force Harold E. Talbott, as the designated representative of President Eisenhower, arranged to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Veterans' organizations planned a mass tribute to the nameless fallen soldier of World .War I and to all the naion's warriors. The President himself planned to dedicate the Eisenhower Memorial Museum at Veterans Day ceremonies in his boyhood Some, Abilene, Kan. The $325,000 museum, built 'voluntary contributions, will house the President's mementoes of war and peace. Clarksville May Get Did! System LITTLE ROCK «P> — Western Arkansas Telephone Co. has ap- vious construction expenses, plied to the Arkansas Public Serv- $192,000, Western Arkansas also asked permission to borrow $308,000 to be used for retirement of indebtedness and to repay its treasury for pre- Hiurscfay, November 11,1954 HOPES TAR, MOPE,, ARK ** * -* - * * TsSFSiJl* 1 ^'S3g/ <&^ - o^p^^Kja :'-.H ^&M>3Jm ' ~'/>u?*^iilb ACTRESS TO WED HOI,LYWOOD, ( UP) Film Star-Olivia De Havillsnd said to day she plans to marry next Fob ruary Pierre Galante, a write for Match magazine in Paris. The 'actress- said they would b married in Paris ce Commission for permission to onvert the Clarksville exchange to . dial system. The company estiipents were not considered pracU mates cost of the conversion atcal until "the 1880's. Although the first U. S. fountain pen patent was issued in 1830, suet CIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Attt-rrtitcnitni From where I sit... Joe Marsh Al "Soft-Soaps" His Customers Talk about' dependability, Al's Garage gets my vote. With Al's new system, things get done and get done right. "When a car comes in for repairs," says Al, "we look it over to see how big a job it is. Then we write the time'we promise the car on the windshield with soap powder." "That way," Al goes on, "a customer gets his car back when we tell hint he will—and with a clean windshield, too. It's just good business. We've got all the work we can handle, now." From where 1 sit, planning and hard work are about two of the most important ingredients in any successful business. Take our beer retailers, for instance. They co-operate voluntarily with the Self-Regulation Program sponsored by the Brewing Industry. And like Al, they use plenty of soap powder and elbow grease. You can depend on it—their places' are always spick-and-span and running smoothly. Calendar Thursday November 11 Ladies. of the Eastern Star will sponsor- a spaghetti supper Thurs- November 11, at .6:30 at the JffSsonic Hall. The public is invit ed. Adults, $1.00; children, 50 cents. . - . . • *•" • A (Copyright, Arkansas Division, United States Brewers Foundation, 1954) * GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO (tf) Corn had a,f- irm tone on the Board of Trade tody vhile other • cereals fluctuated close -to previous finishing prices. Wheat and tats were ahead most of the day. Buying in corn was based on a New Policy to Spur Narrows Activity , VICKSBUKG, Miss. —.Army Engineers today-announced a hew policy aimed at spurring development of-public fishing; swimming and f loaf ing centers on Mississippi and Arkansas reservoirs.-.' Commercial concession leases for 50 years will igo, riot • to *the highest bidder, but to ttiose who promose to spend the most money developing recreational facilities on the lake shores. ''. In the past, said J. L. Roselle, Buying in corn was uusea on H ... - , i i j- .• <„.. tr;«b. e government crop reOort slightlyre- chief of real estate division, Vicks- due-ing esimated production from burg division of tM.USI. Corps Can*' .vCURRP K *l;k. ,ii , EXTRA FANCY TOMATOES "• 19c FRESH GREEN CABBAGE 3 Lbs ' 10c a motith ago, plus small export sales to Great Britain. Soybeans had a ncrvoxis tone. Sinking below the previous close oeveral times, fcllowing the government estimate of a larger crop than forecast a month ago. Wheat closed -I'/s higher, December $2.27 a 6-Vi- corn 3 to 1 cent higher, December $1.57-1.57, oats higl er, December 84, ry. -2'/a higher, Decembei $1.29-1.29'-' 4 tmd soybeans '/2-2'/ 2 higher, November $2.82'/ 4 -. Wheat: No ne. Corn: No 2 ye) low $1.53; Np. 3 $1.47-48; No 4 39'/ 3 -44J4; N-o , 5 $l..V2'/ 2 -i)7 1 /i, Oats: No, 1 heavy white SI cents Barley nominal; malting choipe 131-52; feed 1.10-22. When Congress is in session flags are flown over the Capitol even at night when most flags are lower ed, of Engineers, leases wei;e limited ;o 25 years and went to private investors on a pid basis. "The new lease program., may close the door to the smaU'investor aut it should attract big operators with sufficient' capital to erect lakeside ' concessions of a ( more permanent nature," he $ai4., The 50-year leases w»U be available 'on the shores of Sa,rdis, Arka- bu^la, En^d'and Grenada reservoirs in Mississippi, and Lake OuacWta and. Lake Greeson in" west central Arkansas. Dulles Warns Nod to Asian Pact Is Must By JOHN W. FINNEY WASHINGTON (UP) — Secretary of State John Foster Dulles today urged approval of a new free nation Southeast Asian pact because the Chinese Reds still display "aggressive tendencies" despite "protestations of peace." Dulles delivered the warning to the Senate Foreign Relations committee. He asked Senate approval of the Southeast Asia treaty Organization (SEATO) negotiated by eight nations in Manila. The pact is designed to curb further Communist aggression or subversion in Southeast Asia. It was learned that the United States is quietly trying to persuade several members of -th so-called Asian "neutralist" bloc to join SEATO. Since conclusion of the Geneva .Truce ending the Indochina war, Dulles said, the Communist have shown continuing aggressive tendencies in Southeast Asia. Communist : military forces in ARKANSAN HONORED ST, LOUIS W Mr.s. Lpvu>'K. Hundly'eof Pjnp Bluff, Ark. was installed as president and' , Mrs, John J. O'Cpnnel 9! suburban Overland, Mo,., was name?} president-elect of the Woman's, Au.xi)l- rry of the Southern' Medical Asso- Northern Viet Nam taken over by. 4he Reds under the Indochina truce. have "almost doubled," he $aid. In the Indochina country of Laos, two of the provinces are "largely dominated" by the Communists. FOR BETTER SELECTIONS, EASIER BUDGET1NJ SMALL DOWN PAYMENT HOLDS YOUR CHRISTMAS BUYS! Childrens last-Effectively with STOP LOOK COMPARE STEW *t MEAT 4 Ibs. 98c CHUCK ROAST Ib. 35c SIRUQIN, T-BONE & RIB STEAKS Ib. 49e w^a^^> i*!!B''wj>J 1 *jMiwT™'' =w ""»'" > •.•.--YW-W -- - ngredients ore in, Set , JF»r ytMf Thonfci 5 young Something new has been added. DID YOU KNQW HAVE YOU THOUGHT There is a saving in Insurance Car Liability $5,000 - $10,000 $10,000 As Low as .,.;,.. 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A. will meet in the high school auditorium Thursday. November 11, at 7 p. m. A special program is planned and all parents and patrons are urged to bo present. Jack Wilson, H. O. Kyler. Jr., and Miss Mary Anita Laseter as co-hostesses. The program entitled "New Nations Shall Turn to the Lord" will be led by Mrs. Virgil Keeley and assisted by Miss Carolyn Mann and Mrs. Hinton Davis. Jeep Track. D ear Miss Dix: A year ago iny stories will be presented by Mrs. SOI1i (| ien 23, met a girl the same Lloyd Guerin, and Mrs. Sam Harts«i agev she'seemed such a fine, con- field will give the devotional. Mem-| s | ( j era f e person, that I encouraged DOROTHY DIX Debts and Ex-Husband •"K dence, and that Torn'interviews. bers are asked to bring your yearbooks, also, birthday and weight pennies for the Life Membership Fund. Thursday November 18 Mrs. John Vesey and Mrs. R. T. While will be hostess to the ladies bridge-luncheon at the Hope Country Club on Thursday, November 18, at 12:30. Notice Hope B & PW Club will celebrate The Country Club "open house" its 30th birthday anniversary on I scheduled for Friday night has Thursday November 11, at 7 been canceled, p. m. with a banquet at the Hotel Barlow. Every member is urged to be present. Guernsey P. T. A. will meet Thursday, November. 11, at 7:30 p. m. Guest speaker will be Lex Helms Jr., Open house will be held by the faculty members. All parents and interested persons are urged to attend this meeting. Refreshments will be served during the social hour. Saturday November 13 The Music Makers will meet at 10 'o'clock Saturday morning at the home o£ Mary Jean Sparks. Golden Circle Class Meet's In Herring Home the budding romance. However, as time went by I was to learn that my first impression was quite wrong. She had been married, for one thing, and ddn't tell my son for six months. • Her ex-husband pays her alimony and she sees him occasionally. Then we learned «he was in debt for a considerable sum. Yet when my son went to buy the engagement ring, she insisted on an expensive one. She has a good job, but apparently spends more than she earns. After the engagement was official, her manner toward me changed radically. One day, in the presence of my son, she threw a tantrum and called me some nasty names. My son told her that Marriage Is Out Avows Clark Gable (Editor's Note: Clark Gabla is still recognized as the king of Hollyword. Now a free-lancer after 23' ye.nrs at one studio, he has given one ef his rare interviews. Two articles \vill present a picture of the king today, plus his reflections on the past and future. if it happend everything „.,__. . . ii- 11 iiauuunu <j.guiii t:vui jr uiiug Mrs. Phims Herring was hostess wouW be ^ bclwecn them . sho to the Golden Circle Sunday School can>t akmg Jth hcr Qwn nlQ _ n c reierrea 10 nis lourm wuu, Class of the First Baptist Church jhp) . tn whnm6 ehp r( , fpr<! in vprv , Lady Sylvia Ashley who has been By BOB THOMAS .HOLLYWOOD VPI Ir Clark Ga ble poing to get married again? "Nope, ' he replied. "1 Ihink i will be a aord idea for mo to stay jingle a while. I got out of one marriage not long ago. He referred to his fourth wife, pet, it was tiniisual for him to tain .o a repofteY' at all. In recent vears he haf enjoyed liir indepen- mopns frtcdim He was getting ready t oloave to 6UtLt)!No tJYFSS i/fi ' tjte" high scll66i' riculttire bu:ldin| irt tftlsi sippi County town was ty fire yesterday. „ * J Damage was estimated at $10," the fire was not day for Hor.g Kor.s?, v.here he will [00 origin of' U film his first frcc-lnncv picture in , nown , 23 years, "Soldier of Fortune." Sfl ~- ± ~__. L ^___ ,.......M,.^..^ L,iass oi me rirsi oapi.si. ^.uu.^ th tQ wh(jm ghe re£ors - n i,aay ayivia . for its monthly business and social j vul ] anguage . : can say ih all reported on meeting, Tuesday evening at 7:30, honest than j t lh marriage. K with Mrs. Glen Seaver as co-hos- . Batons tvoe of mother but I pn "' revealing that such an act Tn_.. 41 ;„„ 4l,n TTr.vi.lnn S1VC, JCaiOUS type OI mOUlCl, OUl i u . ,,„,,,lj l,,t |,l,_ ~fp «V.« al ;»-..•>»» the verge of her 'fifth Je flashed his 'famous tess. For the occasion the Herring home was decorated with arrangements of red roses. The president, Mrs. Herring, called, the meeting to order, and conducted a short business session. Mrs. A. D. Brannan led in the op- my boy convinced that • this girl is not suited to him. MRS. D. All That, And A Bad Temper Answer: I agree that the girl is not destined to make anyone happy. She has already failed with Popular Grove 196 Junior members will meet at 10 a. m. Saturday, November 13, at the W. O. W. a Hall for a business meeting. Monday November 15 The American Legion Auxiliary will meet Monday, November 15, ening prayer. Mrs. Charles Gough £; — mother anT one husband! had charge of the program on your however sec m s to have "Bap si.andI Other Denomina- g and rm aurc - he . u rea . tions " Mrs. Billy Rae Seale gave Jjze h(M . u . ue ch . u . acter bel she the devotional using as her subject w to thc weddinc ring stage . a "Thanksgiving Feather' by Vic- Ov ... pnnfi .,_,.-„ witl . ovpntllfaallv * hp ginia Whitman. During the social hour the ' i Overconfidence will • eventually be I her destruction. So sure is she of man ,that she feels no neces- ~ . , , , „_ . „-. t MH.-I intiii ,iuai s>iiu luuis IK; iiuu^j*- ^ e l'^ ai8 ^^ y ^ S -.^'^^ to keep up appearances dm- ved calcc, coffee and salted nuts to Mrs. P. L. Perkins, teacher; at 7:45 in the home of Mrs. Victor'Mrs. A. D. Brannan, associate su- Cobb with Mrs. Leon Bundy and Mrs. Clyde Coffee as co-hostesses. All members are urged to be present. The following circles of the First Baptist Church will meet Monday,, November 15: The Martha 'Hairston Circle vyill meet in the home of Mrs. Harry Shiver, 309 North Main; Hazel Sorrels Circle in the home of Mrs. Hervey Holt, West 16th street; Annie Hoover Circle in the home of Mrs. Joe Rider, 1103 South Main; • , The Amanda Tinkle Circle will meet at the home of Mrs. Hoyce Smith, 520 S. Main; The Catherine Hattpn Circle will meet in the home of Mrs. Ed Nutt, 300 North Elm. perintendent; Mrs. Wallace Monroe, Mrs. Bobby Joe Lee, Mrs. T. J. Barber, Mrs': Buddy Sutton, Mrs. Charles Gough. ing the engagement period. Any man of sense could read the ha'cd- writing on the wall, and forsee just what a future with her holds, A good disposition will cover a multitude of faults, but a bad temper is an insurmountable abstacle to happy marriage. Viciousness, dishonesty, extravagance, rank selfishness and hot temper certain- I lion would K't him off the alimony hook. The 1952 divorce gave her O.por cent of his earnings for one car. 7 por cent for .the next four. I mpmtioned that the gossip columns seem : intent en marrying lim off. - - - •" " •', "I know it.' 1 ho .laughed. "Whenever things get dull, they try - to me up again. It- keeps them busy for a spell. Who's the girl tow?"' ••' • ."..-•'' I told him she was Kay Sprcck- els, with whom he has been seen lately;.'Does he intend to rriarry her? "I "h.avc Ihe king at S3. he looked grout He stripped to change from his p-'.-iure clothes into his own outft 1 . arid he slitl has his muscular build. His facu is as hafcd«ome as over, his mustache and hair becoming a distinguished gray. How does he feel about beini» f.wny from MGM after more.- thnn two decades? "Great," he said. "It was a struoijle. but'I'get one «(od picture.- before 1 got out of there •Mugambo.' I only wish I could have had a share of it. An cxo ctitive over there told inc. it \\a-3 headed for an 11-million-doUni \vorld gross! "SurOi they wanted me to stay. They oven offered' me a cut of the profits on my pictures. But by that time I was so fed up that it didn't interest tnc." 'That appears to be Ihe only thru MGM has offered anyone a share of the .profits, which shows how ja'dly tho studio wanted him to stay. Gable chose to 'remain indc pendent. He found his next twi vehicles himself and arranged to Personal Mention ,_ . , , ,, T-, , TT ( v, ly foreshadow a bleak future for Friends of Mrs. Frank Hutchens J, cnn lf ha elioiilrt mnm ., r hn ^ will regret to learn that she is ill your son- if he should marry her. at her home on East Division street. Coming and Going Dear Miss Dix: The boy I like is 19 and, as he is attending"college' and working too, he can't afford to date' often. My mother sug- . ,. „ „ , , j gested that we go "dutch" but this L-. and Mrs. Horace- .Hubbard.f. . , n , t .^ v vr . (prf flnwn bv •Mi- have as their guests, Mr. J. Hub- Monday November 15 . > W. S: C. S. Circle 5 of the First Methodist'Church will meet Monday, November 15, at 7:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. James Meyers, SPECIAL! Wool Felt Houseshoes • Real Value! • Sizes 4 to 9! • Come Early! 1.00 Pr. THOSE FAMOUS TOWNCRAFT BROADCLOTH PAJAMAS • High Count Broadcloth! • Truly pine Fit and Style! f Comfortable Quality Wear! • Men's Sizes A, B,. C, D! 2.98 m IL^^' m&&fr^£saMito£ ADDED ATTRACTION! BETTER FABRICS t From HiQhest Prices! tChrorrvspunTaffetas! • Nylons! Challis! t Rayon§! Cottons! Yd. ANOTHiR Piq GROUPl 80 SQUARE PERCALE f Ir§,ngl Npw ,-, ^ ^*&lj4v& Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Mr. Kelly -Walton, idea was instantly voted down by the boy. I'm afraid without dates we'll eventually stop seeing each other altogether. How can this ho avoided? N. N. Answer: It's odd, isn't it, that when conditions sanction "dutch 1 dating, one boy is too proud to take advantage pf it, wjhile anothel youth, perfectly able to afford en- Hope, Mrs. Gladys Erwin. Wash- tertainmeht, is only to eager to ington. have his young lady pay her share Discharged Mrs. Owen G. Hol- and sometimes his. ( no plans Gosh. -I've lit* <•. {f A make them at 20th-Fo\ on n percentage basis, 6 fcourse "Soldier cif Fortune" is from thc Sir- iicrt K. • Gaitn bert selVer ,u>ri fen- turcs the actor In an old-time'"Guble driver role" an ex-GI and tfuck who smuggles in -n\d out , <nown Kay 15 years; slip's -an- old friend.' She dates 'other- people and sc do I." . . . Gable Safin his dressing room t -20lh Century-Fox Stadios and talked with . unusual frankness. In of- Red China oh a junk. His noxt film will be '"The Tall Men," a Western, v • ••.'•• Gable said he'd continue -to scout •film stories by 'himself. What is he looking for? "Good stories without a message," he 'tiaid. : "I', think pictures •j'i - e better now, and one oC the main rcatons is that producers have gotten back to llie-basic -th'eoiy of en tcrtainment.. People dcn't 'vanl to .c preached at. I'll never make a -picture with a message.'' which there is a nominal admission fee.'A li.ttle investigation and ingenuity will provide loads of places' for you .to go together.' Then, of course, there, is always home With games, records, TV (which offers a fine list of programs this .fall and winter), good friends arid conversation. Lack of money should never mean boredom 'in: a large city, and even a small town 'has quite an assortment of low-cost dale- suggestions. • VJO J-TJ-X-J Wi «3 j J_^i»H-ilMA tl *- *-* *'* * •J«^^n— •-•— * —•- -. t . •_ , Mesdames Us. Hope-, Little Wanda Golden. I Your boy friend is to be commen- Rt. 1, Hope, Mrs. James W. Stor- ded for his ambition as well as his ar, Lewisville, .Mildred Draper, Rt. 4, Hope, Jake Ogden, Washington. Pearl Miss Branch Admitted:. -Miss Minnie Stone, Texai-kana, Texas. Linda Faye Grumpier, Fulton. Discharged: Mrs. Sam Tefteller and baby boy, Hope. cerdviroy chenille robe in misses' qnd women's si?e§! Hepvy 3'rvee^le overlay in o bow Knot de^gn sweeps, Deer Hunter Dies of Heart Attack SHERIDAN Iff) A 7fi-year-old deer hunter died of a benrt attack here yesterday. The body of Ralph W...Hamilton, limbcrman ?;id retired fanner of Sheridan was found by ; his v/on. Le.o Hamilton, on a deer stand in the woods near here. Grant County Coroner Russell L. Newby said Hamilton died of natural causes, , - pride. Write to the Chamber pf Commerce in your- city and ask for a list of museums, concerts and any other free entertainment. I know there's quite a bit of it Make a habit of attending these, and dances, such as those at the "Y," for Help Wanted Dear Miss Dix: I .ani deeply in love \yith a,widower of 39; I am 37. He has a.n 11-year-old child. ^We get along very well, just like a family shouy, "Do you. think ma' riage would be successful? MRS. , Answer: As you have so successfully overcome the chief obstable to. becoming a stepmother '— .winning .the child's confidence-and affection' — there seems i»o reason why this should not' be a ,happy marriage. My own good Wishes are with you; . The Virgin Islands produce about l.pOO !to,ns of cane sugar, a year, LOOK YOUR LOVELIEST THE BEAUTY BOX Open 6 days a week After 5 appointments for the working girls Latest Hair Styling Plibnc 7 r 5850 » 112 S. Main Ruth Hoclscher Janell Roberts Pillow's Gift Shop Personalized Christmas Cards 305 S. Laurel WHITE SWAN u N i i»,o R.M ** ' < ^ Crisp and Lo TiUfdil SWING OUf GLADV\BEl,LES! . . - ' ..9 rwbtle of excUeiiaibnt, yo«'re a festive ...in JoCOl,LJNS jersey drop-shoulder bJou»e t>r«id trim and partner skirt tbsj sndi* i«» «Uro ning witb great flourish 7 ta 15, for,., $17,91 2 waitresses, permanent employment. Good income. Apply in person. BarlowHotel No Phone Calls, Please Reduce With Ayd? Candy 35;doy supply 98 MAGNESIA Quick V easy to cook! In just a few minutes you'll have whitei lender, fluffy ripe! Tempting .. . delicious! 79« JOHN P. (OX DRUG CO. DIAL 7-4616 or 7-4617 We Give Eagle Stamps Youj- Extra ON SALE THURSDAY, Agency DRUG STORE 25 C PAPER TOWELS 9 CfitJIine, ISQ'Shect Holts': ., (Um.i z>. . . . fc SACCHARIN TABLETS. U.S.P. '/<'GR. (Limit 1) :../ Colgate Toothpaste ECONOMY SIZE & HALO SHAMPOO , \ , .^OTH LUX TOILET SOAP Qo JUgw/ar SU« of SKiY^fl* •' • •« (L " ml 3) . • *' • »Hjr • PAHCEL TWINE «?S Jii BRISTLE BUYS! „..„,„,, Hair Brash & Comb in Zipper Cq^e JEWELITE BONNIE KIT I iV.'* 4?* f «t«r Bo

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