Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 13, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 13, 1894
Page 3
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P AINT cracks—It often costs more to prepare a house for repainting that IKIS been puinU'd in the first place \vitli elicrip ready-mixed paints, than it v/oiilc! to have painted it twice with slrict- )y pure \vhito lead, ground ;;i nur- linseed ull. S - , tnctly jure White 1 >:•/-<:•;: - i ; ' in- ... :!'l:e\rr h.. . t'.' be '••; " '• :,cra|/v;! off n:i acco;:::! c: ' or cr.icki:!". :t is a!w;:v:. : :' , :iiul c!'.-a:i.'" To be ^-' ol ;.'. . strictly pun- white l:-ad, ;>.::'. . .my of i!:j i'jllov.-injj biar.U.:; "Anchor," "Eckstein," " "Kentucky," '' CWiLv." I'm; COLOR!'..—National I.i-.v' f\>' Send ns .'i jK><;t:il rruil nml rt-l <>i:r 1 •• |i;uii!s nsitl co'ur-cnril, 1'rcc; il \vill j m.":.!-.. you aijuoct uiany ilol!:irs. NATION'.U. I.HAD CO., NV" 1 V' y Cincinnati Branch, Seventh and I'reemun Avenue, L'n.vjinttj We can't tell you what life is .but we can say tli.it the amount of it in a person depends upon tliL- condition > of the nerves. Without good, healthy nerves, life is feeble nud tuis- crable, and liable to leave the body entirely, but with nerves braced up by Dr. WHEELER'S NERVE VITALIZER life is vigorous aud athletic. The Vital- iacr prevents over-exertion, unusual fa- Mgnu and extreme excitement from weakening the nerves and cures all nerve disorders like Prostration, Debility. Sleeplessness, Headache etc. PRICE. $1.00 A BOTTLE Inquire of druggists for free sample. If not found, write us enclosing five cents (stamps) for postage. The doctor gives —-i free ad vice to any nerve disease sufferers. All welcome. The J.W. Brant Co. Mtker. ALBION, MICH. H.. NnrVwk We offer $500 to Any physician or chemlftt who cnn •how bvanftlyftlnor Dthtrwlae.tliMtbli rtmcdy coutatna morphine, opium ocfttne, or »nj drug. Sold by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth St. It's tie Part of Wisdom. TUnemiar b« bard and monej close bnl thMt thing* hare their compensation. W« eon •*H you watonei and will, at rery cloo figures to <p| th* naier. Come and see what 7014 cun do irttb little money. I am anilons to sell not «o)j watched but other goods. Diamond!, Clock*. eawwaN, Speotaclea aad Novelties. I 8tn •f»t far IhB Lrtla Safe and Lock Co., Cincinnati 4klt. Call and lee B mnall sample. D. A. HAUK, JKWELER AUD OPTICAN. JOSEPH ci uons STEEL PENS No*. 303-404-1 7O-C04, A»t other itgltt to lalt all tantt. THS MOST DEFECT OF PENS. DAILY JOURNAL TUESDAY MORNING, MARCH 13. Imported dre*o patterni just In.— Golden Rule. Ore»t stock of new Easter dress goods, silks, capes and jackets, at the Trade Palace. Entire flat 3d floor, over store for rent, tn whole or In part.—Harry Frank, 313 Fourth street. Don't forget the Fortnight ReTeler's ball at Kreuzberger'B Hall this evening. Good music will be furnished and a grand time Is assured. Bring joo Invitations. More sickness Is duo to a diseased nervous system, than all other causes combined. Dr. vVheeler's Nerve VI. tallxer acts directly on the nerve sys. tern to restore perfect health. Sold by Ben Fisher. The Baby'a Best Friend—MoLlno's Onion Syrup gives Immediate relief and cures croup, colds, collo, and particularly vomiting of ourdled milk. For sale by B. F. Keesllng. Only 26 «onts per bottle. We havo heard men aay "I would give |600 to havo this approaching baldness arrested and a healthy growth of hair produced." This desirable result nlll surely be brought about at trifling expense by the use of the Excelsior Scalp Curer and Hair Pro. to ba sold by agents In this city. Mike Courtney, telegraph operator at the Pan Handle round house ofllce, spool Sunday in Chicago. Pan Handle machinists Henry Voas and Kobl Weaver spent Sunday ut Kngll^h Lake hunting ducks. Frank Duckworth who for eome time hiid boon tiring an engine on tho W abash has boon laid off and returned to iho city. Goo. Strahlo baa roturod to his labors at the Tun Handle round houeo after an absence of several wook caused by an Injury. Pan Handle engine 138 will loavo tho shops today having received third class repairs. Engine 352 tho same that was in tho Winamac wreck a week ago, wll go In to be repaired Tho Chicago & Erie has abolished the running of all Sunday passenger trains exeopting throuL'b trains and such local trains as carry mall. Of freight only live stock and perishable goods will be moved on Sundays. Columbia. Pa,, is a point on tho Pennsylvania whore more cars aro handled dally than at any other point on tho road, and tho official report shows that but 82,980 cars passed that point in February, which was 17,890 fewer than in February, 1893. Arrangements havo boon made to at onco begfln the construction of the Chicago, Paducah & Memphis, which' really an extension of the Wabash from Allamont to Paducah, which will give tho Wabash a direct line from Chicafio to Memphis. Tho ten engineers who wore discharged t;ro weeks ago on tho liig Four on account of their wages being garclsheod to pay whisky bills nro to ho reinstated on tbo promise of oboy- Ing- tho rules of thecompiny hereafter as regard.-) visiting soloons. OQ account of the reduction of coal and iron rates out of Pittsburp freight business on the Pan Handle h&s increased somewhat. Several western mills contemplate starting up again soon and aro taking advantage of the reduction to have their coal and material transported ae cheaply as possible. The employes of the Pan Handle company will be well represented in the way of candidates for the dlffersnt offices in the coming cily conventlohs. Chas. H Starr and J. D. Allison will be candidates for the offices of Mayor and Treasurer respectively at tho republican convention, and Chae. E. Kllcck has announced himself as a candidate for Clerk subject to the will of the democratic contention. In commenting on the economies the railways are introducing the Terre Haute Gazette says: "It has been many years since the railroad people began to realize dally in the oiling ol trains. It was thought necessary to oil the journals of a passenger coach a half dozen times or more between New York and St. Louis. Recently, however, this has changed. Tests hare shown, that, with good waste, trains will run many days without oil. The Pennsylvania now runs its trains from New York to Pittsburg without oil. Commencing a few days ago the the Vandalla began run- nlng its trains from Indianapolis to St. Louis without oil They were formerly oiled at several of tb.6 Intermediate stations. Not only does the change save a waste of oil, but it Savon a groat amount of nuisance, especially about depots, where the oil drips on the ties and makes a great deal of work for tho- station men. Under the old system enough oil was wasted at the Terra' Haute depot to run the trains the entire trip. Tho reduotion of 10 per cent. In th« wages of engineers, firemen and trainmen of the C. * K. I. ordered by th« management, is now being voted on by the men along the Una. Had the road not declared a quarterly dividend of 1} per cent, only a few days ago, the employes say, tha reduction would have be«n looked on as more necessary; but coming immediately alter the declaration of a dividend they feel that the tidal wave of retrenchment now so general throughout the country has struck the C. & E. I, and th» out is unjust. The poll- lot of the road commenced Wednesday and will be completed today. A meeting has been held in Danville and one conference has taken plao«. Em. ployes express the belief that the men will vote almost solid to oppose any reduction. It takes a two-third vote to decide on whether a reduotion shall go into effect, and both engineer! and firemen express themselves as certain that after the poll of tho road is announced tho order will be withdrawn. Handle •'•etory Wood for Halo. Handle factory wood delivered to any part of the city. Mall orders to Hillock & Pittman, Handle Factory, on Toledo 5t., or P. J. Klmmer. Health not so good at present Wm. Tyner is putting in some very fine picket fences... .Cornelius Kenney has quite an amount of polo up to saw.. ..Smith Hubbard i* clearing some ground.. . .There will be quite a number of new voters bore ut the next general election... .John Carney Is throwlne up his hat and holloing \Vm. McKlnloy for President... .Ail tho schools closed In this township last woek with qulto a success.,.. Preaching nt Georgetown and Pisga next Sunday afternoon an 3:30 ... Some farmers aro sowing... .John Drummond U straightening up tho croek on his place.... Soarltf nt Bros are preparing to put up about 90 rods of wire fouce this spring Those who have sugar orcharas i re making lota of sweets.... Mr. Wobuior moved from those parts lust weok to Loganeport Mr. James Bull from Burnetts Creek will movo hero the last of this month Jonas Michaels has been getting out material for ft chicken hatching and will dovoto time and attention henceforth to that Industry... .John Banta, trustee, in around taking the enumeration of scholars.. . .The now roads that were opened last year aro progressing towards completion aa speedily as means will permit.,. .Mr. George Willys' school cloned last F.-iduy at No. 2 Clinton township ft-UIi a l&r attendance. A bountiful repast was spread and all partook of it to satis- fnctlon. The literary exercise of the afternoon was a sploudid occasion and wo wore glad that we had the pleasure of visiting and casually observing tho many Monde George has made In hi* now fiold of labor. As one said that day it waa tho best school that had been taught there for quite awhile, Wo write this to congratulate George, ho was raised In theso parts. SCAT. CANDIDATE*. FOli THKASUHKH. 1 will bp ii candidate for Trrasurnr ot tliti city ot Louansport. fiiibjoct to Mm will of th« Kepuli.l cun City Nominating Convention . 0. B. SAHCBST. LominsixKt, Ind., F«bni;try 13, 1SI-1. I will be .1 ciimllilntn fur Trrtisiitw ol the city ot Loisinsnort, subjejt to thu will ol tlie Iteiinbll- cuii City NommaUiiB Convention. A. Los'J. Logansport, Ind., February 10, 18S-1. I wlU be » cnn'lliliito To? nnmlnii'.lon for the ofllc« of City Trwourur subject to tlie will of tlie Keiiiibllcarj Convention, J. l>. ALLISON. Losiinsport, lucl., February 19, 131M. I will l>e n ramllilHtf'for Truasim-r of tlio city r Lotci'iPiiort, subject to tlicwlll of the HcpubllcanCliyfcoinmul.nl: Convention.^ ^^ Logansport, Tncl., March 5, ISM. Mnrd«rcr QivM UlmsiU I'p. LINCOLN. Nob., March VJ. -~ A. S. Jones, the Missouri Pacific sta-tioa agent who shot and killed J. 'V. Peolc, the section boss at Kprajz-ue, in Lancaster county, pave himself up to the polio* Sunday morning, .lonos has not b««n Buffering, apparently, as he is in (rood health. JJe »ays h« was tired of hiding out, and is now ready to stand Orathid by » Landilld*. -, Ind.. March 12.— Hawkins Btwkina, a prominent road contractor ol thi* city. WM f»t»lly injured while working und« an embankment. A heavy fftll of dirt crushed him to th« , mMhlng him horribly. CesnOY«.ur. Mioh., H»rcb W.— Th« ,tr»lu ar* clear of lo» »• far •* the ey« can »•«. This ii °no ot the earliest opening* ol navigation on record. Th« h«mvy wind drove the lc« out. Johnttovn «• toie » Ml« PUnt. JOHUSTOWN, P«., March '2--works covering »00 »cre« of Und employing 8,000 men will b« removed this i>l»ce to Cleveland, v 1, March 11—Th« senate by «. vote of 83 to 97 laid upon the table Senator Peffer'* reiolutlou calling tor an investigation ot the itatement that »«nator» had b«en interested pecuniar- lly in Btigar speculation pending ae- tlon on the tariff bill. Republican I.«««tu« to Meet. DEUVKB, Col., March 18.— The seventh annual convention of the National Be- pnblican league will commono* here June '38, Trin«». 'You seem excited, dear. What has happened?" "Poor Jack Murray! I hare just rejected him." "Oh, don't mind a little thing like that. Why, I reject him every nix months!"—Life. Husband—I'm sorry I ever married. Wife—I don't think that you have any reoeon to be. Am I not your very echo in everything? Husband—And, like the echo, yon always have the last word.—Hallo, f 100 Rowsrd, 1100. The reader of tbis paper will b* plowed to earn thattliereI» at Itxwt one dreaded dlsouoi hitsetaneeb W be«n nble to cure la all Ita utajro ,ndItnatteCaturrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure IB the Snly posltlw corei known to tha medical fraternltj. StorJnbBingaconstltntlcnaldloenso, requires a »n«fltnnonaltrentraen«. Hall's Catarrh Cnre Is Sken InternaUr. iwttng directly on th8 blood and nuoui sarkoes ot the wstem. therebj dentro/lng hefoundattonol the disease, and giving the p&- lelit strength t,j building up the conetitutlon and ffini nature la doing Its work. The proprle- orlhave"omiifib faith In Its curative powers, : hS?h» offer One Hundred Dollars for any case hS it rAll« to cure. Send for list of testimonials. AddreSs ™ .ifcHENEr * CO., Toledo, O. —-dold by druggists. Karl's Clover Root, the new blood purifier, gives freshness and olearnesi ;o the complexion and oures constlpa- ilon; 25o,, SOo. and $x Sold by B. F.Keesllng. WOBTB A ODINBA A. BOX. SICK ! Disordered LSver, They Acl Ijku Millie ^n tlic Vil:il Orv 1 ;:'.,« Kcgulalinf; Ilic Sircrrlions, fi-storim; lon.H '.CM Complexion, bnn;;ir.;.- b:n-k the K..HI. Kilu-c of Appc-tilc, iiiul :in.usiii.; with ihi.-^ RDSEBUDOF HEALTH "••• wll "'- ; P ; >p''-' ! ;! tr.ur^y of Ihi^ l;iirn;U! fr::n:e. I I.—;" r.l':.:.|j ,-iri: ;i;lniiUcil by tliousur.d-i, in :ill i 1 !:!:,-.^:, o( <, Society. |..\rj;csl SJUIMII tin: Worlil. J Covered with a Tasteless & Soluble Coating, t Of, all ilruttKis'.s. PriixSo ccnlsii llo-'i- ? New Yurk Oc|X)l, ;/,; C.m:il Special Notice. As 1 am desirous of relieving and curing suffering humanity of catarrh, liver complaint, rheumatism, dyspep ela, and all diseases of a nervous and debilitated nature in either sex, until March 25th, I will treat all afflicted with the above diseases free of charge with tho exception of a very feo in certain cases for medicine J do thi? for tbo banufit of many poor sufferers who are in coed of treatment and aro not able to pay my former prices. J. W, MKKHOI.L, M. D., D. M. & As D 't, 411 Broadway. Logansport, lod. Tho breath of a chronic catarrh patient is often so offensive that he becoma an object of disguat. After a time ulcoration sots in, the spongy bonce are attacked, and frequently destroyed. A constant source of die- comfort is the dripping of tho purulent secretions Into the throul, sometimes producing inveterate bronchitis 1 , which is usually the oxcitlnp cause of pulmonary disease. Tho brilliant results by Us use for years past properly designate Kiy'e Cream Jislm as by far the best and only remedy. Call upon your druggist for it. Tbo llldu-lutor Fair Excursion tickets via Pennsylvania lines good returning until July 15th. The epoclal low rate excursion tickets to San Francisco, San Diego, Lof Angeles, San Bernardino, and other California points, now for sale via Pennsylvania lines will bo good returning until July 16, 189-t, Excursionists can seloot any route from Chicago. For particulars apply to J. A. McCullough, Ticket Agent, Lo- ganaport, Ind. Vandalla Line Hxeuriloua. On March 13th and 14th, round trip tickota will be eold, Losransport to Indianapolis, at rate of $2.35, good to reiurn to and Including Ma,roh If th. Alao on March 27th. 28th and 29th, round trip tickets will be Bold, Lo- Kansport to Indianapolis, at rate ol $3:15, good to retarn and including March 81, 1894. For any farther par- Honiara as to trains, etc., apply to J. C. EDGKWOBTH, To ludlanipoll* at one Fare For round trip, via Pennsylvania lines. On March 18th and 14th, the round trip rate to Indianapolis will -be one lowest first-olaes fare from any ticket station on the Penusylvanla lines in Indiana account the Prohibition State Convention. Tickets will be good to return until March 16th. Apply to any Pennsylvania line ticket agent for details. The wun o You have often wished for some* thing to take the place of pills. Now try a 25 cent package Simmons' Liver Regulator powder. Take it dry on the tongue or make it Into a tea. It is pleasant to take, and gives quick relief—two good recommendations. La Grippe Vanauished. DUCT P'Q 4 C I-' tt SURE SPECI- 1 rlCLr O T-v^ KIC to this dreaded disease, u* most any resldeni of Arkansas City can testify. Santa Fe Railroad Boys Heard From. ifai R R PEKLPS: DKAB Sm.-I tike «eat pleasire In recommending your Four-C for coughs and wilds Having K'ven It a trial, I could recom- niond no better medicine for my friends. Very truly, L. W. KKNNKDT, Station Baggageman. , Santa Fe Engineer's Story I contracted n bad cold; was so hoarse I could only speak above a whisper; the cough wMTety dlstreastne; »urch(ised a bottle of jour trour-C; It cured almost from the utart. I take izrrtat pleasure la recommondlnn (t to ray Mends. J. II. 7x>HN, 7 Engineer, Santa Fe Railroad. r Is sold under » gnar- ^-L B ntec to give perfect mtlsfactlon or money always returned by BEN FISHER. If Christ: Ready In ...a few days... Came to Chicago JOURNAL READERS LOOK OUT FOR IT- Greatest Sensation OF THE NINETEENTH CENTURY. THE FAMOUS EDITOR OF THE REVIEW OF REVIEWS WM. T. STEAD OF LONDON The most remarkable figure of reform in modern civilization, whose books have been sold u.11 over the Euglish-i-pettking world BY MILLIONS. Has Written this Book for America SELECTING CHICAGO A3 TH£ TYPICAL CITY OF CORRUPTION AND OF GREATNESS Truths are told a« they havo not been told since CM HIST CAMK TO PALESTINE. And tlie evils known t» modern life are sketched like vipers and thtiir chief ubuttors are uamed openly without regard to perBon or eontifiqtiencop. Supply yourself at once with tliM sreat book. Send in your order at once, as this will be the most advert iscil book, by the denunciation* and liuulatioii.s ot the prens, that haa been issued in this country. STRIKINGLY ILLUSTRATED SPLENDIDLY BOUND NEARLY 500 PAGES The Journal is ulciised to announce that it ha* secured a larjje number of jopics of the lirst edition of this wonderful book, which will be Chipped as it is off the press, and will be sold to Journal readeri iu as low u price as possible, together with ojie coupon clipped from this paper. No one should miss reading this great book which contains startling facts never before presented in such a graphic; uniuuer. WuteU for the coupon which will be started as foon as the book* arrive. HELPS OVER HARD PLACES Solace For Tired Spirits Are All Afforded In the Superb WORLD'S ART FAIR PORTFOLIOS THEY ARE WELL SPRINGS - A E M D U u S c E AT!SS AND A PERPETUAL DELIGHT. Don'i To Clip Every Coupon To Secure.— "— wl To Secure. 256 MAGNIFICENT ART REPRODUCTIONS, 256 COVERING EVERY FEATURE OF THE FAIR. These Views are the Most ARTISTIC, AUTHENTIC, AOO¥- RATE, and In Every Way THE BEST. FART 4 NOW READY HOW TO SECURE THESE SPLENDID PORTFOLIOS Bring or send 6 coupons of different dates, from page one, with 10 cents, to the Portfolio- Department of the Journal, and you can secure any Portfolio the week after the issue of each number. In sending do not include any other business in your letter but state particularly the number of Portfolio wanted. Address, PORTFOLIO DEPARTMENT JOURNAL, LO&ANSPORT, INDIANA.

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