Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 13, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 13, 1894
Page 2
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Col. Wm SillQwaye, Whom Secretary Stanton Called the Greatest Hero of the War, Cured by Dr. Greene's Nervura Blood and Nerve Remedy. Tbero never was a time when n> many of our eren.1 and prom • Inoct p o r tons huve been cuiv d by one and tho ?nmo remedy, a* cinvo been rc- 1 ported in lie papers of late, cured by thai discovery, Dr. NVrvnra nlond and nerve ronv-'iv -'>n Kx-Sp'-nkt-r C'harlcs J. No} i.- i' ' h " Miis-iachu^ottfl Sonaic and Hi>i'-"uf Hi-prosentiilives has been cured liy this rum.-irkubio modicini-, and now we report tho extraordinary cure of the illintrioux Col. Wm. A. H. SlHowH.vo one ol tho meat noted Officer* of tho war, of whom Secretary wonderf (}rc<."i'.-« r LINCOLN, medical vura blood and nerve remedy. 1 botiRht a bottle and when 1 had taken two-thirds o' it I began 10 improve. ' "i i< e pt on taking it, improving all tho time. I now weifjb 130 pounds nr.d feel llko my own self iiRaln. You can put it in >our paper that I at- U'lbtito my soi'd health to nothing but Dr. GreeDiAs Norvjra. r am perfectly satisfied that it saved my life. 1 am 75 years of iipo, but, as you can eoe for yourself, I am (is active aa a man of 40 and can do a good day's work, as people hi rt« well know. My fricndij In Hoston, Now York and other places nre surprised at my recovery. Indeed, [ a m Huq.rUrd iu.v»eH to bo so well. I advice anybody LfUicled to buy and trv Dr. (rre(>no'<) Norvurn blood and uervu remedy at once." Such an astounding euro us this in so prominent a personage as Col. Sill- ownyo, tho personal friend of tho IVesldont of tho United Suites, Sec- T^ n r ^ !!• "Lf^ y-f COL. WM. A. H. SILLOWAYE. Stanton and Secretary Welles said in conference with President Lincoln: ••Col. Slllowaj-e saved President Lin coin's life, and wo consider him as fre»l » hero as Hoy in tho service." Col. Sillowaye resides at 8 Pine St., Botton, Ma*B., where in an interview with him he talked very interestingly: "On the 19th of-April, 1861, I enllned In the army of the North. I weighed 162 pounds, After serving four years and eight months in the Army and Navy, and suffering from wounds and rheumatism. I was discharged. 1 weighed the day I was discharged 109 pounds. Every year I had attacks of nervous prostration; shortness of breath and the loan of appetite we--e not the least of my misfortunes. I tried numberless things. Nothing did me uny good. "While employed In Boston I was compelled to resign my position on account of ill-health. I consulted several eminent physicians, and took their medicines. No use—I. grew worse day after day. Ttey told mo I could not live. I could not walk alone in the street without falling or clinging to the railings. At times I would lhake and twitch. Had spells of falling down lo tha oHIce and on the •treet. "In the bouse I had to lie down or drop down; several time* I believed 1 was at death's door. I had been commander of throe different O. A. K. Posts, and my comrades advised me to try Dr. Greene's Nor- retary Stanton and Secretary Welles, of President Lincoln's cabinet, Is the highest and strongest lecommenda- tion which any n medy could possibly have. It ia a fact that thii wonderful medicine is doing nore good all over the land than any other known remedy. Everybody wbo has usoci It speaks In the highest terms of it- It Is strengthening the weak, building up broken constitutions and curing the sick and -"ffnring ever) where. Everybody re. quires a spring medicine and this is just what you need. Thousands of people, while not exactly eick irti out ot order, .verk. nervous, run down or ailing In 9KCTETAKV sT*NTON riomo way. Many people at this seiifcon do not eat or sloop well, wake morn nya tired, with bad taste in the mouth, dull fooling head and without strength or ecergy to take hold of th< ir work, Dr Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy will cure nil this; it will make you well ft is the discovery of Dr. Greene of 35 West 14th street, New Vork City, the most successful specialist in curing nervous and chronic dUoaset. Ho can be consulted free, personally or by letter. 4 Skli OlntM»< Ii a certain iure for Chronic Sort Bye». Granulated Eye Lids, Sore Nip plM, Piles, Eczema, Tetter, Sali Rheum and Scald Head, 96 cents pe> bos. For sale by B. F. Keesling, W 10B8I For putting a hone In a fine health) condition try Dr. Cady'g Condition Powders. They tone up the system, aid digestion, cure loss of appetite relieve constipation, correct kldne) disorders and destroy worms, giving new life to an old overworked horse 26 cents per package. Jor sale bj B. F. KeeiHng, 4ru«glst. MMfthlu* «,<v«il» to O««i!i*npU»*. Kemp'B Bftlsun will stop the ooue? •tone* ttbeumaliim Quick!} Oared. Three days l.-t a very short time In wbicn to euro a bud cane of rheumatism; but It oin be done, if the proper treatment is adopted, ai will be seen bythe following from James Lambert, of N.'W Brunswick. 111. "I was badly afflicted with rheumatism In the hips nd legs, when I bought a bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balm. It cured me in three days. I am all right te- day; and would insist ou everyone who is afflicted with that terrible disease to ubo Chamberlain's Pain Balm and get well at once." Fifty cent bottles for sale by B. F. Keesling, druggist Quaker headache capsuls give re. lief In ten minutes. HIS POLICY. Gladstone's Successor Will Stiok to Homo Kule. He Intimates That the Plans of the "Grand Old Man" Will Be Carried Out— Attack on tlio Lords. iioMiiiKiiv't, I'osrno.v. LOMIII.N, ^inruli 1'i. — Tho opening of parliament, was accompanied by n, declaration irora hord Kosebery which s«ts at rest nil suspicion of his attitude toward home ruin imd IQO house. of lords. At a meeting of liberals In the foivipti ottico at noon thu premier outlim-il in terms of preiit enriiestue.--s ;ind directness a policy with regard to Ireland whicn will satisfy the mobt exacting home ruler, while hib ehuraeteriniition of tlio house of lords was snrliuiently hostile to disabuse the minds of the chamber of nil hope of a reconciliation between comuionH and peers. l,ilnTn)« I'lpniecl. Tho declaration i» received on u.ll sides iiniuii^ llui liberals with unbounded enthusiasm. This fear Mint Lord liosobi-ry would lay aside the home rule bill and mala: terms with thu peers wus not confined to the, radicals. It existed throughout the liberal riijilis and \vas heiffhtened by the ffood natured aud rather hope- hil reception accorded to Lord Ilo.se- boi'V bv the unionist newspaper*. No nlluaio'ii wns madu to tho home rule bill in thu speech from the throne, but the omission was mure thu.n atoned foi- by the address in tlie foreign office. llol Mint fur (llu l.or(ls. Lord Kosebury was wildly applauded. His opening remarks were in reverential allusion to Mr. Gladstone, lie declared that no assertion of policy WHS needed. "\Ve utand where we diil," ho said. The liberal party was bound to home rule by ties of h.'.nor and attention. The policy would be definitely pursued: As for the lords, he was becoming- convinced that "with the democratic suffrage which we now enjoy, a second" chamber constituted like the house of lords is an anomiily." It had become a "great tory organization at the tcck aud call of a Kindle party leader." Cllcerl (or Hosobory. Lord Kosebery drove from Whitehall to the house of lords shortly before noon. His appearance was greeted with a torrent of true British cheers, and the enthusiasm was kept up like a, fusillade as the carriage passed do ,vn Varliameut street across Uridgo street and entered the new palace yard. Here the enthusiasm was redoubled, and it was amid n veritable ovation that t*e n«vv premier descended from the vehicle and entered the precincts of the upper chamber. Only a few peers were present in tho house of lords.* The United States ambassador, Thomas F. liayard, waa iu the dipldmates' gallery. •1 lie Quemi'» Speech. Tho speech from tho throne was much shorter than usual. The queen said: "Negoiiuliona uro m progi-esa with the United Btiit»« lor the purpono or exeouvinir tho awurd ot (he court o( arbltrutloa In the (IUM- tlon ot the soul Hnhorlea ot tho Behrlnf 80*. "Two collisions, nooonjpanleil by lunientn- 61e lo«a ot Hte, lately occurred with tho French colonial forces In Wnsi Atricu I »w»lt the roBUlt ot tho Inaulry la regurd to vhetio deplorable occurruuccs with full confldeiico that Ihey will bo exummocl tn a calm ftnd dlgDltted temper, at bollts two great nations npoasuch . '•Gentlemen ot tho houflft ot commons, tha estimuteii tor tho public service will be laid be- foru you. Tlioy will bo found to make full and miuQiwtu pi-ovlalon tor tho ilefenio of the empire. "My lords and gentlemen, tho recent Improvement 111 the BUM ot Ireland has been continuous uml imirUed, Agrarian crime ham been reduced under the udmtniitratlon or or- dlnury luw to the lowest point Ui»l hag heenri'uuhcd for tliolaut fltteon yearn. The condition, however, ot u considerable body of tliu cvitted tunuuta ot t*at country requires cuviy uttention. A meuturo will bo submitted to you with Hie viow of a reasonable »eule- nieni ut this question, deeply tttteoUng the well- tuinK ot irtluii'l. "Uills wlil bosubmlttod for tho amendment ol Hit' rui.'l.i 11 '^ 1 ' 0 "! thouDolltlon o: plural vutj in" dculii'.!,' with the t'cclosluailoai establlsh- m"i.t« 01 Wiilos ami ticotluuU, tho equulliation ot r;ilr« in l.oadon, local govefntncnt for Scot- l-.niM on Hie sumu bants as recently accorded to Ki.(,'i;iii'l mid Wstiun uml tho exercise of direct loc;il eontrul uf the liquor traniu. "Von w.ll bi> :t^lct:d tn congW.er mouBures for the proniiiilon "f ounelll:Ulon In labor dulputDH, Tor tlio ;iini!iiUmeiit ul tlio factory uud mines act ;uul ft'T tlie ruturm ol the motliod of con- (luwtljig ir.QVilnea iulo futal ucculentfl in Scot- hind " ____ _ _ ___ Appt'lll DiHlltlKNOll. WASIIISOTON, March 1'J.— The appeal of the bi,ale of Michigan from tho decision of the supreme court of that state, in the case where it souffht to recover something over 6,000 aerea of the lands granted to 'the Flint & Pere Marquetto Railroad company in that stiiU-, was dismissed in the supreme court of tun United States to-day by Chief Justice Fuller for want of jurisdiction. __ _^___ Mtlnoukeepor Shoot* Two Men. CLEVELAND, 0., March 13. — John CumminRa and James MeNnmara entered Michael Kennedy's saloon here but were refused liquor because they were drunk and disorderly. This BO enraged them thn* they started to demolish tlie bar and flxturea. Kennedy drew a revolver and fired three shots at the men. They both received probably fatal wounds. Kennedy is in jail. IX>utli of a Floue«r. DENVER, Col., March IB.— Oscar Lehon, a. Denver pioneer, died Sunday aged 05 years. He was worth 8500,000, made in tho real estate business. He was a prominent mason, and the first masonic meeting ever held in the state was held in his cabin. Tim" ll'lnjdn Convicted- jlLNNF.APOMs, Minn., March 12.— Tho trial of Louis and Frank Floyd, oh»r(red with aiding in the robbery of the bank of Minneapolis, of which Philip M. Schiejf, recently convicted » n <1 Mmtencad to »t»te'» orison for seven years, was principal, ended Saturday evening- with a verdict of (f uilty. Mrs. Eleanor B. Floyd, mother of tho boys, refused to leave the prisoners, and was permitted to g-o to jail with them. SHORT SPECIALS. A fl;-e at Cygnet, a u oil town in Ohio, caused a loss of 8100,000. W. Evans, a fanner living near Grinnell, la., fell from his wagon and broke hifl neck. i John T. Hiler, who had married and deserted seven wives, has been arrested . iu Chicago. j At Atchison, TCan., the Missouri river • is cutting a now channel, endanger! ng ' property valued at $1,500,000. An increase in deposits of $2,.'iOO,000 is shown by reports of Illinois banks. Average cash reserve, 43 pur cent. A vast increase in tho gold production of America is predicted. Millions are being invested ill Colorado mines. Vice President Stevenson denies the truth of the report, thut bis niece is engaged to marry Senator David I!. Hill. Emma Manners, of Raymond, 111., aged IS), swallowed strychnine while in a lit of despondency and killed herself. Feeling at the Chicago banks is more cheerful in view of Hie improvement in business shown during the last few dnys. A decrease in thu surplus reserve of H.4!5,!iv!.l and in speck- of SHW,400 was bhown by tlie New Ycrk bank statement. Mihvaiiheec proposes to license chattel mortgage sharks, limit tbeirnhargcs ! and compel tho keeping: of an official record. Ihick llunt, pastor of an Alabama church, is found to be an escaped con- viut who wo* sentenced for lifo fox- a murder. Recent assays prove that the great sand hills in the vicinity of Uuvan, Col., contain from 51 to ISO worth of gold per ton. Rev. B. P. Ilepp, of Waterford, W'is., has been exonerated from blame, in connection with the death of his servant girl. Mexican bandits attacked a ranch near Daningo, Col., but were driven off with a loss of four dead and 1 five wounded. Mrs, Lease told a Boston audience thai the women would solve the business depression if the men would mind the babies. Her name appearing- on the voting list, Jliss M. E. Farson was summoned to act as a juror in Judge Uurke's court at Chicago. Mathias Ludatschka, who shot his wife and her daughter near Prairie du, | Chien, Wis., escaped lynching by kill- j ing himself. Commissioner Lamoreaux's decision regarding- land grants affecl.s vast private .interests in the Lake Superior mining- region. George Hoover, TU years old, was found dead in bed at Moweaqua, 111. Heart disease is supposed to have been the cause The Fifth Avenue theater in New York was crowded Sunday with people who attended the George W.. Childs memorial (service.'.. Antone Turk, an Austrian, about S!i years old, blew out tha go* in the St. Nicholas hotel in Joliet, 111., »nd •was asphyxiated. Martin Miller was captured at Omaha, Neb. He is charged with killing and robbing F. J. Ribak, a grocer, last Monday night Capt. Evans' life saving crew at Louisville, Ky., rescued three medical students from death just as their boat was about to go over the falls. The New lirunswick, N. J., rubber factory and the Meyer Rubber company's plant at Milltown will close, throwing out about, 1.000 men. Two Hoy* Drowned. ' B*LLEVUB, Ta., March 13.—'Michael Altlfllish and John Kegler, 15-year-old boys, were drowned while crossing the river here. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with 'less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best producte to the needs of physical being, will attest 'the Trine'to Vieilth-of the pure.liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup ot Figs. . Its excellence is due to its presenting hi the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, d spelling colds, headaches and fevers anl permanently curing constipation. It hafgiven satisfaction to millions and met^ftUhe approval of the medical .^fi™lnn because it acts on the Kid- £7!TuverTd Bowels without weak. "nfng them and it U perfectly free from ever? objectionable substance. for sale by all drug- Kn(tncer Vt, March 12. —Sunday night's express from Boston to Montreal via Concord, over the Central Vermont railroad, ran into two Urge bowlders in Rock Cut, about 3 miles south of Montpelier, completely wrecking the engina, bagg-ago and mill oars and killing Engineer McKcnna, The fireman, W. R. Simpson, had his shoulder dislocated, and two mail clerks were seriously but not fatally bruiaed. Killed by nTTij-'Ve»rT«jl,i noj. KNOXVliLK. Tenn., March li — Pat Patterson and T. C. Cardwell wt-re fighting in the lutter's nU>r<, und Arthur Cardwell, aged 12 years, ran behind the counter, seized a revolver and fired, shooting Patterson throxigh th* heart, causing instant death. Th« fight wus over the Uouk-Gibkon election. THE MARK.KTS. Grain, ProvlkloD*. Kto, CHICAQO, March i" Fl,ot:n— Mode-rule dcmum! rilR.idy :vs follows: Wlntcr-Paiunls, K,W>ai IS; svraiKlu*, l-Zioa iOu: clears, l;.<M9i30; seconds, H.80a.l.vO: low (trades, si.6UOl.7u. Spring— I'sitcnta, I3.W »3,tJ); straights, !2.;:0ii«->.60: Bakers', 11.750 S.O): low trades, M.Wiil.W: Red Dot;, fl.iBQ l.tt): Kyo, !±4fl«t2.SO. WHEAT— Quiet anJ unsettled. CMU, iS\A r>7\;c: Muy. r>3i060c; July, COJIN— MmiurutL-iy aetlva uml llrmer. No. 2 ami No. - Ydlow 2c under May; No. 3. :ic under and No 3 Yellow '.'He under May, 37!iaS!"-;c; July, SH'/iBMSc. OATS-?Xr!y active und unsettled. NA a cash, aOH«SO*ic; May. SOfctfcSlWc: July, as' 7 ;® 1H1J4C. Samples in KOQd denffiml anil higl.cr, No. It, SOiijautSc: No. :) White, di<3,Wic; No. 2, 3lia3i?;i-; NO. I wwic, a!V4as»«c, MKSS Po)iK--TrudlUK fairly anivc and prfcnfl lower. Quomllons rnngeil at Itl.l5ffill.<2',> (or cusU regular; HI. I5d*ll.»7!» lor May, »»J »ll.l"'/4ail.<& Tor July. LAKB— Mur'KPt ino(li?raK^ly active and lower. Quotations ranKcci at <a72!iOfl.W for ousli: W.fl7H''40.7& for May, unrt «O.C7'/44i0.70 for July. .. LlVK PDUI.THV— Per Dound: Cnlclifiin, SWc: Turkeys. 3ffi7',ic; Uucks, affllOo; Geese, §3.00(56.00 pel- dozen. BL'TTKK— Creamery, laaCOc: Dairy, lOaMc; Picking Stock. 8@10o. OILS— WtcconsiP Trimo Whitf, T'.ie; Water "VVhlto, "Vt£; Michlffau 1'rlmo Whlto, «(ic; Water Wlilto, 9c; Indiana Prlmo Wbiie, !"4c: Water While. to%c: HeuiillKh', 175 test. 6V4c; Gus- ollne, 87dc«'», lliic; 7« dcn'B, 9c; Napbtha, 03 dog's, 81ic, LiQL'Oiis— Distilled spirits steady on th» basis of U.16 per gal. for nnisfced coods. NKW YORK, Murch li WHEAT— No. 3 rod active at opening; shorts were vigorous buyer* May, IWV303 7-10c; July, OS'^aO.'' ll-18o: December. 7U;i<as71c. COKN— No, 2 stronger, hinder, In sympathy wiihwuc*!. May, 43xaw«c: July, H'ife^^e. OATS— No. 2 quiot but stronger. May, KicX .15>ic; track white Stale, 3flia42Mc: Irack whito Western. 39 •! 42 lie. PROVISIONS— Heef — Quiet: family, S11.00(3 4.00; extra musa. J8.«0. Pork— Qtiiot: new mess, mow M; fumlly, I14.00ig,n^0; ehort clear. Jll.50i1«5U. I.»m-Kisj; priroo Western stean), 17.21; nominal. TOLKUO, <)., March 12. WHEAT— Dull, lower. No. 2 cash, bfcc: Mfty, COc: July, 61?ia Cons— Dull, I'.rm. Cash. 37; ic. OATS-Qniot. Xa 2. MlSc; No. 3 whlio, 13c. EVK-«iiici. Cash, «Hc. ' CI.OVEHSKP.D — Steiidy. Prlmo «osh and March, 1532 !•',: April. 5^25. Llvn St»«k. ClllCAC.O, March 12. HOGS— Market active and -weaker. Prices were saiOc lower. Sales r»DRCd at W. -10*4.1*0 for pigs: !4.T»'{t6,oa for light: H.40iM..V> for rough packUif; «.7U<»4.W for mixed, and H. CO 0iWfnr heavy packing and Hblpplnp lok>. CATTLB— Mamct »low and itcidy. Quota- tlon.t ranged at K85w«.l» for choice to eitr» uhlpping Steers; KOOffliW for good (o choice do.; ts.«534.00 for f»lr to good; I2.8S«.1» for oommon to medlirm do. ; 12.8003.30 for butch- em' Steers; M.46i»aiO for Slooker«: l3.IOf<»a(B for Feeden; ll.50»*»tot Cow»; l£.6*!»8.l» for Heifers: IL«OOaflO for Bulls: 12.5008 TS (or TeiKa SU'ori, and li»ij«.«0 lor Vi»l CalTCS. Hminl.dt A banntod hon»e In tne§« »t«tlcal and on- romantic dan 1« something ot a rariti, but an IndlYlUual haunted with Uie Idea that hi • ailment Is Incurable l« a penonage frc<ja-ntlT met »ltb. Plsbellef in the ability of medlclno to cnre isonljamlld form of monomante. althocghln jomecaiei repeateC tnllnret to rttaln »1 ef from manj dlflerent louros would almoit se»m to lustlfr tne doubt. Hortrtter 1 * Stomach Bitter* has demonstrated Its ability to owrcomedrspep- sla, oonittpatlon, llv« and kldiw troubK malarial complaint and nerrousneM, and lt» recorded achleTementlntnecurallwllne ought at Ifctf t to warrant Its trial by anyone tronW«d with either of the above ailments, even alt> onjU his pre»loi;8 (.fforf. to obtain reme^lBl aid have been tiultlesa. Ised with perel tence, the Bllteri will conquer tlie most obitlnate casM^ A Forty ille Bide. E. R. S*otnam, of Fairfax Station, Virginia, says: "A party came forty miles to my store for Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and bought a dozen bottloa. Tno remedy is a great favorite In this vicinity and ha§ performed some wonderful cures here. ' Ilia Intended especially for coupb.6 colds, croup and whooping cough, and is a favorite wherever known. For sale by B F. Keealinff, drujrglsv. •mire FoiiditioM DlMOTtnd. Chicago citizens in their desire to excel, have lately accomplished a big feat, namely: in discovering by actual measurements that there are come lady residents who can wear shoo* twelve inches long. Your blood needs regulating In spring. -Lafeld Cabinet Port" 1« nature's own blood purlflw. Mild and mellow. Price, quartt, $1; pints, 60 cents. For sale by W. H. Porter, pre- .orlptlon druggist, 326 Market street Logansport, Ind- Tker W»nl tke Beet. • •The people of this vicinity insist on having Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and do not irant any Other," says JohnV. Blebop. of Portland Mills. Indiana. That is right. They know it to be superior to any other for colds, and as a preventive and cure for croup, and why should they not insist upon having it. Fifty cent bottle* for sale by B. F. KeeDing, dru R - glst. Catarrh Is Caused 1 1 by Impure Blood! Hood's 8ar«aparllia Mak«» Pure Blood [And P«rm«n«ntlyCure« Jfr, J. V. Oarnahan Tatton, IIL "C. T. Hood & Co., Lowtll, MMI.: - j " Gentlemen: — I am ttrj happy to write to you th*t I have b«»n taking Hood's Sar- laparllla for c»t»rrh with great •access. I hate been troubled wllli Dili complaint for j over ten years, with dull headache nearly all the time. Alter taking three bottles o* Hood's Sarsaparilla, I an cured o( catarrh and clear ol the he.idaclio. I was also troubled with a «ealp disease, which was very Hood's^Curesi annoying, four or CTO years. Since taking' Hood's Sarjiparilla I do not have any trac» ot this trouble. I sleep well, bare a good aopetltc and feel strong, qultolncontrasttrt my feeling before l bcuaato tako this good medicine* J. M. CAKNAHAN, Fatlon, 111. Hood's Pills are prompt and efficient, yet: euy in action. Sold by all druggi>U. a&c. i Tlie Trouble Over. A prominent man in town exclaimed the other day: "My wife has been wearinp out her life from tb^ rffoctE of dyspepsia, liver complaint and indigestion. Her case baflled the skill of our best physicians. Aftrr using- three packages of Bacon's Celery King for the ne'ves she is almost entirely well." Keep your blood in a hca'thy condition by the use of this great vegetable compound. Call on Ben Fisher. 811 Fourth street, sole agent, and pet a trial package free. Large* size 50 centB. Children Cry for Pitcher'* Castorla. For Over Fifty Vo»r» Mrs. Winelow's Soothing Syrup bw been used for over fifty years by millions of mothers for iheir children while teething, with perfect success. It soothed the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and la the best remedy for diarrhoea, its will relieve the poor little sufferer Immediately. Sold by drutrglcw In every part of the world. Twenty-fire, cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for •Mrs. Window's Soothing Syrup" »nfl' take no other kind. Children Cry for Pitcher* Castor la. A Horrible Kallre>»« Accident Is a daily chronicle In our papers; alec- the death of some dear friend, who has died wHh consumption, whereas, if he or ehe had taken Otto's Cure for * throat and lung diseases in time, life would have been rendered happier a»d perhaps saved. Heed the warning: If you have a cough or any affection of the throat and lungs call at Be* Fisher'*, 311 Fourth street, sole agent, and get a trial bottle free. Large 8i>;& 50 cents. When B»by WM tick, we g»« nor O«*orta. When she wa. » Child, »ho criod for OnstorU. When «he became Miss, «ho ching to O««oria. When «he had Children, aha *»~th«m Cawirla. California Fruit Laxative is nature 1 ! own true remedy. It combines the medicinal virtues of California fruits and plants which are known to have a beneficial effect on the human *yetem. Although harmless to the most delicate constitution it is thorough and effective, and will afford a peimanenl our* for habitual constipation and the many disorders arising from a weak or Inactive condition of the kidney*, llTer. stomach and howele. For «hla by all druggets at 50 cento a rattle. Children Cry for Pitcher'* Catterta. . »Bml *•-?•» F-rt WIM. If you are reduced In vitality or strength by Illness or any otfcer cause, we recommend the uie ef this Old Port Wine, the very blood of the grape. A grand tonle for nursing mothers, and those reduced by wasting disease. It creates strength; Improves the appetite; mature'* own remedy, much preferable to drugs; guaranteed absolutely pure and over ; five years of age. Young wi»« ordinarily sold it not fit to use. Insist oa having this standard braad, It oosto no more. «1 In *uart bottles. Bottled by Royal Wlno o Cbioag* | >r ale ton

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