Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 10, 1954 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, November 10, 1954
Page 4
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?"if?V ri - H0!pt STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS f u£*day, November 9, 1954 B r Kill* Deer, I Heart Attack Welt «fid a teart at* , 66, a druggist, Kiwitn a group of staffd 14 miles north' '»# Highway 84. His iafd when he shot c,he suffered the at- dled imme-. tli*iday *Bre Preseoit Musical Coterie ill ttieet on Tuesday evening, instead of Wednesday evening as brevloilsly anrtdunced, In the home of itfs, C. C. Thomas at 7 o'clock with Mrs* W. P. Cummlngs co-hos^ tess. • to the g Dale Mai' Fphoned lor att , Old ir, Tex, UP) Walter ^, , 'the oldest of four ^veterans still living, will I'W 112th, birthday annlver- " l" A 6< Confederate veteran, health., . Civil War veter- A. Lundy, 108. Fla., and John Stall- Slant, Va, of the Confed- and J Albcrt W oolson, ., of the Union PRESCOH NEWS : . ..,.„.,-„.. Wednesday November- 10 Mrs. Saxon Regan will be hostess to the Wednesday Bridge Club at her home on. Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. >lants decorated the home of Mrs. 3. V. Fore on f rielay afternoon when she was hostess to the 1950 lanasta Club. High score honors were, held by Mrs. Jim Yancey. At the close of the games! a de- ectable salad and sandwich course was served to members Mrs. Fred Powell, Mrs. H. J. Wilson, Mrs. J. B. Hesterly, Mrs. C, G. Gordon, Mrs. Homer Ward, Mrs. ilmon Gee, Vtrs. Yancey and a guest Mrs. W. P. Cunnings. The men of the Presbyterian Church will have the monthly dinner and program at the church Wednesday evening at 6:30. Haskell Jones of Hope will be the guest speaker. Thursday November 11 National Educational week will be celebrated with an Open House at the High School and Junior High School on Thursday from 1:00 to 3 p. m. The P. T. A. will meet in the High School auditorium at 3 p. m. instead of in the Park Elementary School. arlie by"Vic"Cobb Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Bryson and daughter Sarah Janet, Mrs. J. V. McMahen and daughter, Betsy Jane, attended the Shriners Circus in Little Rock Thursday. Mrs. Edgar Andrews and Miss Carolyn Andrews motored to Texarkana Thursday for the day. Defense Hints New Issue in Ohio Slaying By H. 0. QUIOQ CLEVELAND, O. (UP) Samuel H. Sheppard's defense hint el today that his wife's murderer might have had a woman accom- pliace, ' Sheppard, 30, an osteopath-surgeon, is accused by the state of savagely beating his wife to death last July 4 after a quarrel about his attentions to other women. Cross-examining the pathologist who made the post-mortem examination of the body, Chief Defense Counsel William J. Corrlgan sud- 3 SUSPECTS KILLED MEXICO CITY ,/P) In a blaz ing gun« battle federal police yesterday killed three men wanted for questioning in connection with ah $80,000 robbery at the home of former Mexican Finance Minister Ramon Beteta. Two police agents also were slain. Officials said the men. led by t)r. JMarciano Vazquez, opened fire on the officers trying to make the arrest. Marilyn Sheppard died of suffo'ca- lion from her own blood. The state charges that Sheppard, 30-year-old osteopath-surgeon, bludgeoned his wife to death with repeated savage blows oh the head after the two had quarreled over Sheppard's attentions to other women during the nine-year mar- p,yv ; '\ • ~ rley/oll you need is one fietnew T. V. sets sold MMfeobb'-cind you can Yeat;jng~the glasses. 'S 7-2598 " ' W. C. T. V. Haa November Meeting The W. C. T. V. met on Thursday afternoon in the home of the president, Mrs, J. T. McRae for the November meeting with Mrs. Theo Elgin and Mrs, A. L. Turner co- hostesses. Beautiful arrangements of roses decorated the rooms and the dining table held a Thanksgiving centerpiece designed with a horn of plenty, persimmons and turkey pine cones. - Mrs. McRae presided and the meeting was opened with prayer and the song "Go Ye Forth and [Seed be Sowing." Reports of the 75th convention held in Little Rock were given'by Mrs. Burke Shelton, Mrs. S. O. Logan and Mrs. McRae. Highlights of the 80th National Convention held in Lexington, Ky., in September Were given by Mrs. J. B. Hesterly. Mrs. J.,W. Teeter gave the devotional on "Power of Strength" based on the 6th beatitude, Mrs: Joe R. Hamilton reviewed a chapter of the study. The meeting closed with the Aar- onic benediction. Miss Sue Marshall of Little Rock was a guest. : A delectable dessert course was served. Mrs. N. N. Daniel accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Crit Stuart Jr., of Hope to Hot Springs on Thursday. Miss Mary Jewell Herring .spent Thursday in Little Rock. Miss Martha Mitchell has returned to Henderson State Teachers College, Arkadelphia after a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Mitchell. Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Hirst who have been the guests of Dr. and Mrs. O. G. Hirst and other relatives, left Friday for a visit with their daughter, Mrs. Ralph Scott and family in Little Rock before returning to their home in Washington, D. C. Mrs. T. R. Moberg, Misses Freddie and Barbara Moberg, Mrs. Bill Call and Miss Wyonda Dail have returned from Memphis where they were the guests of relatives. •Mr. and Mrs, Carl White spent a part of last week in Denton, Texas with their daughter Miss June White, who attends T. S. C. W. denly asked: Was there called to hour attention a woman's fo'otstep in the ?and after the murder?" The Witness, Dr. Lester Adelson, deputy coroner, said after a pause: I was shown a woman's footprint in thf> sand." The defense attorney did not pursue that line of questioning. He indicated later, however, that a woman accomplice mipht be part of the defense strategy. Dr. Sheppard is on trial for his life. During a morning of testimony by Dr. Adolson abou thow he picked .into Marilyn Sheppard's brain in the autopsy, Dr. Sheppard at times closed his eyes, clasped his hands and seemed abcut to break down. At other times he whispered medical advise to the cross examining attorney. Corrigan made much of what he contends was "bugling" of the autopsy. He also brought out that after the autcpsy Dr. Adelson had heard some of the rumors that swept, Cleveland about the killing. riage. 7 . Chief Defense Counsel William J. Corigan also made every effort to bring out hi.3 contention that Dr. Adelson was negligent in the atuopsy and in the report he wrote about it. Friends of Mrs. L. L. Mitchell' will be glad to know she has returned to her home.after under going major surgery at the Texarkana Hospital, Texarkana. ' ' EHPERT serusce WHH - jUALITY and NDABILITY ut fill thos« -Druggist on duty * Call l PR 7-3*24 from 7 liitfPrug By H. D. QUIGG CLEVELAND, O. UP) Dr. Samuel H. Sheppard sat in an attitude of prayer today while a medical examiner told in minute detail how he picked into Sheppard's beaten wife's brain in a lp,0sf -mortem examination. In a prolonged cross-examination of Dr. Lester Adelson, county deputy coroner, the defense in the Sheppard murder trial seemed to be trying to establish that Mrs. Like Having Clinic's Special Prescription FOR YOUR PILES Of course, when you get an ointment for shrinking piles, you'd like a special prescription, from a clinic, for your case. That's virtually what you get, in Thornton Minor Clinic's ointment. AH the experience of not one doctor but a full medical as well as surgical staff is behind it; it results from study of more than 75,000 cases seen in the clinic. So, it is not iust a "modified skin salve" but a specialized pile prescription designed to deal with specific problems o£ itching, bleeding, swelling, pain. If you want an aid to reduce piles the non-surgical way, use a clinicnUy- approved prescription—Thornton Minor. Oiittment or suppository form —$1.00 at all druggists'. We're Really Excited !! !! ! WHAT YOU DREAMED COUIDN T HAPPEN- DID! ANOTHER FORD FIRST Wai* and Watch for Thursday's Hope Star. Make plans now to be in Hope All Day Friday, November 12th ... and go to the .... CO, Your Ford Dealer for Over 30 Years Phone 7-2341 HOPE, ARK. 220 W. Second St. • 1 , Carolyn Andrews Chose 'Homecoming Queen The Prescott Curley Wolves have chosen Miss Carolyn Andrews, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Andrews, to reign as queen at the Homecoming game at Cummins Field'Friday night, November 19th when they meet the Hope Bobcats. Miss Mary Jewell Herring, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hansel Herring will serve as maid of honor. Maids in the Hoyal Court will be:' Miss Rebecca Lynn Gary, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. V. S. Gary; Miss Simone Golden, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. W. D. Golden; Miss Genevieve King, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Karl King Jr., and Miss Marta Ligon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Ligon. Mrs. J. V. Fore, Hostess To Canasta Club Arrangements of roses and pot Completely THE STORY: Greg Seaver, a yoi'na man who wants tp do things on his... own, leaves the relative security of working for his stepfather to chauffeur a y/ealthy invalid, Wade Daggett. "Dagdett is paralyzed and this has left his face disfigured. They Have picked up Rupert Landusky, an alien Illegally in the country, as they travel In Daggett's car and trailer. Reaching no decision about what do do with Landusky, who suffered from exhaustion and near starvation when they found him, they dine at a tavern. Rupert In nocen T ly precipitates trouble with some young hoodlums who are botherin'g a girl, In retalllatlon the hoodlums ridicule Daggett, SfOPsiMPLE DIARRHEA Qaf Fair, Soothing Relief with PIRCY MEDICINE APPLES if.'p 1 -*' Pfi, Pure Ribbon Cane Syrup ji;|t Plenty of Good Sorghum |^i ; ; Best Country Eggs in Town liSELL'S CURB MARKET Phone 7-9933 XIV CONSTRUCTION , Farm Buildings and Industrial Buildings Qccpr.ding to specifications. Can be con- t'low cost, CAU . . , PR 7-4W3 for complete informotipn, KETT STEEL & EQUIPMENT CO, ALLEN C CO. Sam blundered to his feet. "La dies and gents," he began like a sideshow barker, "for 10 cents, one dime, the tenth part of a dollar, you can see old Push in the face, the only man in captivity" Greg's chair fell over with a crash and his whole weight was behind his arm as his fist smashed full against the jeering mouth. Sam, taken by surprise, sat on the floor, dabbing at the blood that.ocfeed from his cut lip. The waitress set down her tray, shak ing too much to serve the meal. Sam struggled to his feet and his head rocked as Greg Struck him again. The third man seized Greg's arm. "Hold it, Bud. I'll get this bunch out of here. We don't want no trouble. You'd better look after Ihe old gentleman." Greg turned around. Daggett, see ing his savage anger, managed a faint smile. Gre lifted him to his feet and took his good arm while Rupeit followed them, carrying Daggett's walking stigk as though it were a drawn sword. No one spoke or moved as they made their slow progress through the dining room and the lobby and Greg lifted Daggett into the car. When they reached the trailer camp, Daggett lay down, on his bed. Rupert looked curiously at Greg, "I didn't knew you had it in you." Seeing Greg's expression h i s brows arched expressively and he wheeled and went put of the trailer. At last Daggett said, "Don't take it so hard, Greg. Things like that happen to the handicapped. It's a kind of instinct. It gives e weak person a feeling of power to turn on a weaker, That's all the. persecution of minorities .is, really. There is no pportmanship in nature. Kindness is a thing one learns." his way into a crowd in front of one o'f the booths. When he realized that Greg was in pursuit he began to run in earnest,., heading for the unlighted ar?a behind the laooths. He turned and tw'Isted like an eel If. he. had not stumbled over a Ipose plank lying, on the ground and lost his balance, he would have go't away. Before he could regain his stride, Greg tackled him and he fell headlong with Greg sprawling on top. The thief lifted his knee and Greg, threw himself tp' /one- side to avoid the blow. There were running footsteps and a girl- paused beside them. "My handbag," she panted. "He stole it. Where is it?" She was the girl whom Greg had seen once before that day, laughing on the edge of the crowd. In his surprise at recognizing her. he relaxed his hold and his captive squirmed away, got to his feet, and dashed for the sheltering darkness. Greg stood up, brushing off his tro'users. "Sorry I messed that up. Was there much money in your bag?" Her face was drained of color. With a mechanical ' gesture sho brushed back the fair hair that whipped across her .cheeks. "All I have in the world," Greg whistled. Seeing her dazed expression he said, "You had better get a -?op. Report it right away." When she did not move, he touched her arm. "I'll go along if you like." Ifour everyday driving Now—Gulf refines out the "dirty-burning tail-end" of gasoline—the No.l troublemaker in high-compression engines. Then Gulf specially blends new Super-Refined No-Nox for top economy in the kind of driving motorists do most. -j-jj^vw jjmr-nj-jr. j. l.'. j. L .'. U.J.JA iLUjlMM-.yXrS'^ & rfffffftfrf^y***"** ffffff • "• •»•"*»•« ff 'f/f" " f {* fnt •"'" "" ppy mr""'", (^vw-^v.yvw. VI• • Wjgf• V£ •£&£ >X»J JftJf^S^ * ,-• *> \ fy,S ' * " tf'-^vMk'-'V' & * ANNOUNCES A NIW P0U$Y! New yw f«in h?vf yswr Horn* te mft t Mm ^U p new fo < ,.i>. *i ,« 12 Easy Payments arfl«-10%DownPoym«i Creg did not like Daggett's color and the faint blue line avound his mouth; he was uneasy about leaving the old man alpne, but ho understopd that tonight his presence would merely be «n irritation. He drove as near the carnival grounds as, he could, parked the cay, and walked Pfl slowly, thrusting his way thvpugh tho crowd. U was pot wntil a man ran hard intp him. knocking him o« bal that he was jevred '"*' She looked at him as though she had not seen him before. "There's no reason svhy you should bother." "That's okay. We had better get a move on, before the guy leaves the fair grounds." "We won't find him,' she said in a tone of quiet despair. "That's the kind of day it has been. Everything has gone wrong." "Then it is time for your luck to change." Hearing his own voice Greg thought, If anyone said that to me under the same circumstances I'd haul off and sock him. The girl let him lead her around the booth and back into the lighted area. It was not easy to find a policeman in the crowd but Greg succeeded at last. He was a young policeman, with red cheeks and o prominent Adam's apple, watching the men who operated the shell- game in a bemused sort of way. Greg tpld him what had i hao- pened and the policeman ' shook his head. "One of the carnival people, probably. I don't suppose there is much chance pf laying hands on him. They all fctick together," He pulled out .a notebook. "Can you describe him?" "He was wearing a light gray suit and he had a green turtleneck sweater under his jacket," Greg said. . . (To P« Qpntjnued)-' The "gunk" that takes the "go" out of your engine! 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What's more, besides giving your engine more complete protection, new Super-Refined Gulf NO- NOX gives you extra gas mileage in the short-trip, fctop-and-go driving motorists do most... no knock, no pre-ignition ,.. stall'proof smoothness .. .plus instant starts andfast,fuel'Saving warm-up* /&$.">" \* 'K &f «/,?/->>•" ^j-«3 &£>: ^yrtl To City Subscribers: If you fail to get your Star please telephone 7-3431 by 6 p. m. and a special carrier will deliver your paper. 42"t"^i v* ^ VtJLX 56TH YEAR: VOL. 56 — NO. 24 Star of Hope 1899, Pttsi 1927 Consolidated Jan. 18, 1.929 HOPE, ARKANSAS, WE£HESt>AY, NOVEMBER 10,19S4 Member: the Atioetated Prfcit & Audi* Bureau «» AY. Net Paid Clfcl. ft Met. Ehdlnft Sept. 30, 19S| Club Folks Told of Tremendous U. S. Fire Loss Quake Hits Areas in California UKIAH, Caif. (UP) A sharp earthquake shook parts of Mendocino and Lake counties in northern California to'day, first reports indicated there was no serious damage. The tremblor.was felt here and at Lakeport about 10:07 a. m. PST. Ukiah residents flooded newspaper and police switchboards with phone calls reportng the shake. Residents said they felt tha quake, which had a "slow, rolling motion," for about five seconds. Senate Asked to Ratify Asian Security Pact WASHINGTON President Accidents, Hunting Take Toll in State / By The Associated Press At least nine Arkansans died in traffic and hunting accidents during the first two days pf the state's Emmet E. T. Cox T. Cox, field officer. deer season. Accidental shooting have claimed three lives, an arm, a toe an;l indirectly resulted in; a traffi c death. . . . Thomas Blalock, 17, of Dyess, Eircnhowar today asked the Senate to ratify the Southeast Asia collective security pact as "an important link" in the free world's defense against any Communist ag- jgrersion In a special message submitting the treaty, the President said it is designed "to promote security and peace in Southeast Asia and the Southwest Pacific by deterrin- Communists and other aggression in that area.'' He. added: "The Southeast Asia collective defense treaty complements our other security treaties in the Pacific and cc-nstitutes an important link in the collective security of the free nations of Southeast Asia and the Pacific." The Pacific pact was signed at Manila Sept. 8 by the.... United States, Australia, France. New ealand. Pakistan, the Phillipines, 14-Year-Old Hunte With Men Ark., died yesterday after he was shot accidentally by his father, \vith whom he was hunting west of Water Valley in -Randolph County. Western Acturial Bureau of Chicago, told a joint meeting of Hope civic clubs today that fire loss in the U. S. today is much greater than the loss in England during the bombing by Germany. And he cited figures which revealed that the American loss by flflrp. was $300 million more than tho loss in England during a 24-month period. He took a larger city as an example. In this city in a single year S3 persons burned to death and 200 were injured in fires. Of this number 47 died in home fires and 121 Thailand and the United Kingdom. The President, asked the Senate to "give early and favorable consideration" to gratification of the were Injured. Chief cause of fires is burning rubbish. Next comes smoking, followed by electricity (40 fires per jfrjday are caused by leaving electric *'irons on), flame liquids, lightning "" and television," Mr." Cox"'said. "."' Then he told the group that television sets are absolutely safe when properly cared for. Loave the set at least six inches from a wall and If it should catch fire, pull the plus, call.the fire department and wrap the set in a. blanket but never try to move it. "Remember they are safe whejj properly ventilated and grounded." ytfjhe reminded. Getting back to the cost of fires in America he made the following comparison: Fires in Italy per capita loss total 30c; in France, 74c; in England 96c; and hi the United The season's first reported death from an accidental shooting was Buddy Hamilton about 30, of La Crosse. lard county, Hamilton's shotgun disiharged as he was removing it from an automobile. He was hunting in the Bandmill area, 15 rr.'iJes west ot Melbourne Edgar L. Gipson, a 41-year-old Newton County farmer, t was killed en route to a desr hunt. Coroner Otis Davis said the Run pointing into the rear seat of the car in which Gipson was seated fired when another hunter brushed it. Eight-year-old Bobby Joe Denton of Center, Sharp County, was killed in an ambulance-car crash in Trumann. The boy was being rushed to a Memphis hospital with head injuries when the trafiic ac- c-ident occurred. The boys father said the youngster was shot when a .22 caliber rifle accidentally .discharged on a squirrel hunt. Warren Wood, 36, of Siloam Springs-lost.,an ll a,rr^,,,a;f.tei- v he.-,vas severely injured. Wood/ hunting in Madison County, dropped his shot- gur and the weapon fired. Thomas Kervin, 16, of Fordyce lost a too. Kervin was crawling through n fence when his shotgun went off. At least three Arkanscns have died from apparent heart attacks while deer hunting and another person, killed in a traffic accident, was on his way to a hunting camp. Little Rock's deathless traffic Star photo Ken (Buckshot) Bobo, 14, was In this successful Spring Hill deer-hunting party which posed for their; picture In front of The 8Va -building late Mor^y. Behind the; Mm deer in the truck are Jake Momon, left, and Hoyt Archer. • The deer were killed Bois d'Arc bottoms. ' • '* • _ • in treaty. ' ' / • The White House said however the new 84th Congress convenes ' in January. He wants the Senate Foreign Relations committee to study the treaty between now and then, so that there can be an early vote on it next year. "It is a treaty," Eisenhower said, "for -defense, against both open armed attack and internal subversion." He went on to say that deluded in the treaty is an understanding on hehalf of the United States "that the only armed attack in the treaty area which the United States would regarn as necessarily dangerous to our peace and security would be a Communist armed attack." ' • The treaty calls, the President said, "for economic cooperation to enable the free countries of this area .to give strength and vigor pot only militarily;: but fclso so•--•-"-- and/ecbnomicay." Futile Fight toiLbwe'r;- IncomeTax By CHARLES ,F. BARRETT WASHINGTON Wl Key Democrats who led a lutile fight earlier this year for a big individual income tax cut held out little hope cr escorts to protect American I today for any substantial laxpayei nilitary- planes on proper missions relief ; in 1955, even '•; .'though the Escorts Are Necessary, President Says By CHARLES CORDDRY WASHINGTON (UP) President Eisenhower saici today the United States should provide flght- Move to Block Power Contract Is Defeated WASHINGTON UP. Tho Senate House Atomic Energy Committee today dcfcp.ted a Democratic attempt to block immediate signing of the Dixon-Yates .contract. The committee acted shortly aft or President Eisenhower said at his news conference he still favored the controversial proposal. The vote was 10-8 along strict party lines. The 10 .Republicans on the committee voted 'to table 1 resolution by Sen. Pastore (D-RI) which would have called on the Atomic Energy Commission not to gn the contract to feed private owcr into Tennessee Valley Au- writy lines. After the vote the committee do ded to resume immediately its ublic hearings on the contract. Fastore's resolution, amended bare the vote was taken, would ave told the AEC to delay .sign- ng the agreement until the com- liltee "shall have had a further pportunity to study the ques- on , . . after/the convening of he 84th Congress" Congress meets again next Jan' Shoulders 1 Appeal j Before Court- ] ST. LOUIS iff) — The U. S. Court of Appeals has under submission appeals of former St. Louis Police Lt Louis Shoulders and suspended Patrolman Elmer Bolah who are serving prison terms for perjury* in the GreenleasP ransom case. The action came afte? attorneys for the two men presented argil' rrents to the court yesterday. Merle L. Silvcrstein, Dolnn's at" totney, argued that a throe-judge" panel which heard the trial In federal district court at Karisas City was ordered to disregard a statement by FBI Agent Frank Staab that Dolan wanted to change his grand jury testimony. States $5.09. We are not trying to scare any one, merely trying to make you conscious of the needless hazards days ended at 185 when Mrs. Clausel Roby Haydem, 60, of Little Reck died last night. 'She was struck by a car Monday as she war, crossing a Little Rock street. A traffic accident also caused 1he death of 11-year-old Charles Ray and correct eluded.. them. Mr. Cox con- Public Invited to See Film Operation Ivy "Operation Ivy," is the title o£ a thrilling film made by the armed ,f'forces showing the devestating destructiveness of the Hydrogen 1 Sc ^ l] Yy"'g^ J "pJ li Ya d ' c ]p h i a "" an d New bomb, which will be shown here Vork banker. Born in Pittsburgh. Wednesday night at 7:30 at the r)ied Mom j sy . Bailey of near McCrory. The boy was injured in a highway mishap near Bald Knob Saturday. He died at a Little Rock hospital. icar risky areas. Mr. Eisenhower told his. news conference that he personally approved the stiff American protest to-: Moscow on the shooting down of an American B-29 "off Northern Japan by two Russian fighter planes. ' - ; . •' "••••• "•"•'•' •.'^''". : :'-' i '' ; He said the United States believes the nlsr.e had -a right to' fly Asked about fighter escorts, "Mr. Eisenhov. ei said that when they aie necessaiy, and when American planes aie whcie they have a light to go, then we should use fighter escoits. The Piesidents attitude on tone Democratic party will contro Cognress indicated a less favorable • They .indicated ; a less favorable budget situation may postpone a new individual income tax cut un til 1950, oi- at best permit a small er cut. than they advocated in the past Congressional session, All^O holdover Democrats on tin tax-writing House Ways and Mean CornrMttee were polled for thei viev/s£on a possible individual in come Stax cut next .year Of 'jhe nine who replied, fiv voicefl doubts about the yuospcct fpr such a cut, three declined t make? any foiecast and only Rep "'[ <D-Mich) said the outloo ight. Dmgell on Monday an Deaths Around the Natton By The Assocaited Press RICHMOND, Ind. I.T) Dr. D. J. McCarthy, 80, who served as personal surgeon to Queen Marie of Romania in World War I and was decorated by the Serbian government for his work during 1he war with a Red Cross unit in Serbia and Romania. Died Tuesday. PHILADELPHIA C. Allison City Hall, it was announced by Air Force, Reserve Plight commander William L. Hobbs. "Finally taken out of wraps by .the scientists and armed forces," said Maj. Hobbs, "the film should be seen by every one so that they might know about the power con., tained in the bomb and its ettec- tiveness on the world outlook," Hobbs said that the public has been invited to' view this color film and has urged all former U. S. Air Force Personnel to be present along with their neighbors. Hobbs has urged again that all FT. LEONARD WOOD, Mo. Maj Gen. A. C Lieber, 59, former post and division commander at Ft Leonard Wood and veteran of both world wars. Born in Boston. Died Tuesday, Nine New Polio Cases in State LITTLE ROCK UPi Nine new cases of polio were reported to the State. Health Deoartment last week, bringing to 335 the total number of cases so far this year, com- former Air Force personnel contact pared to 290 'by the same date in him to learn more concerning the 1953. new "earn while you learn" phase Three cases were reported from Public to Support Hope C of C Tuesday, November 16, is the scheduled starting date for the 10 55 Hope Chamber of Commerce Membership Drive. Drive Chairman Harrell Hall states that 70 workers have volunteered time and work to completely cover the city in giving every business and individual an oppor' tunity to participate in this great community effort. The entire army of workers wu) breakfast Tuesday morning. November 16 and kick the 1955 Membership Drive off to a great start. There are many things that, a Chamber of Commerce is called upon and exepected to do. Its activities affect the entire community life, as well as the life of every individual citizen in the community. The work and responsibilites of. operating the Chamber of Commerce is 'a community-wide program and deserves the support of the citizenry- both in terms of finances and working time on the part of the individuals. You owe it to yourself and your fellow citizen to cooperate in the activities of your Chamber of Commerce to make Hope, Arkansas a better place to live and a more prosperous community, Mr. Hall said. In issuing his statements regarding the beginning of the Membership Drive, Chairman Hall stated "It is certainly heartening to work with so many interested and energetic citizens who have pledged themselves to put this drive over and I am convinced that every prospective Chamber Membei will be contacted and that the fine people of this town will cooperate in giving our Chamber of Comm erce a new breath of life and in puting this drive over the top. It air-ffferi^sur one died was very calm. The President said there was a dispute between Russia and the United States over the area where he plane was attacked. The plane was on a mapping nission over the northern most Japanese island of Hokkaido. The :lane was near. Hanasaki peninsu- a. The Russians occupy the Haob- omai island group which is only hree miles from the tip of the peninsul and is in the southern end of the Kurile island chain. Mr. Eisenhower said a wartime agreement gave the Kurile islands to Russia, but did not definitely define the. Hoabomai island group The President also said the general Soviet attitude on this incident seems to be more conciliatory than in some other insances in the past. He indicated that the Russians may have sent a new note. Russia's first note said the B-29 opened fire first. Other news conference remarks: 1. He said he was not t'.oing to say that Charles E Bohlen, U. S. Ambassador to Moscow., v/as wrong for attending a Soviet reception just after he had received preliminary repo'rts Sunday evening about the plane incident The President said' Bohlen got the bare news of the incident 30 minutes before the reception and he had to make up his mind on the spur of the moment. 2. He denied reports that the United States had ordered Gener- alisMmo Chiang Kai-shek to bar Nationalist attacks on the Chinese mainland. He said the United States do'es; not give orders to its partners. ^mMn. he will introduce a early in the new Congies*! to foot) individual exemptions for e'ac taxpayer and dependent by $10' Wonders Where Escort Fighters Were By ELTON C. FAY WASHINGTON UP) Pentago Challei By kins Sett. —, today, and rah m1jL;a1 challenge 1 ™* you ere they Me, M '"j$j Soviets Rush Plans for a Space Ship By JOHN ORMONDE , SANTA, MONICA, Calif, (UP) The Soviet Union is rushing planes for an inter-planetary, space ship, anrt unless Amreica awakes to this real danger, the West may ose its margin of power, an head o£ t ».„ at ,, committee >wWd censure/1 In ,dry t 'i He , task withduupias !j ever "wlsdom* courage might ' Asked if the vote Have a clue to he probable result of another vote 11 whether to waive a. 30-day lay- ver period required by lew, the committee - c to a i r m a n, Rep. N. Sterling Cole (R-NY) said: 'It.has every indication of that eventual outcome." Challenges Reds to for Peace UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. (UP) Brig. Gen Carlos P RomuJo ef the Philippines challcrged Bus Fia tcday to make, a positive con Uibution towards conveiting tnr atom to peaceful Use warnoi v ,, thai Woildwirte atomic conhols ma be irhnossible. Romulo spoke in the "atoms for-peace" debate by the genera assembly's political and security ircraft company executive oday. said officials 'professed puzzlement t day over why a jet fighter esco oid not go along with a photo bomb er shot down by Soviet Ml Gs off northern Japan last weekend. Spokesmen, said the 'Far East Command long has had authority to provide "cover" for mapping and weather planes on rmssioris where trouble could arise. Such escorts are used frequen tly, they added. But military sources said they were unable to explain why jet fighters did not accompany the RB 29 : assigned to at 1 , aerial map ping job over northern Japan close to Russian-held Sakhalin Island and the'Kuriles'. Fighter protection subsequently was provided for a second photo bomber which completed the mission. committee. He noted Russia's recent an nouncement that it has an.electric power plant run by atomic energy, and recalled that a Soviet delegate once told the U. N. of atomic projects for razing mountains and irrigating deserts. "It does seem that this is the opportune time for tho Soviet Union to make some more concrete reports and to offer some more explicit contributions for ..the greater inowledge o* man in the peaceful Benefits of atomic energy," Romu "Building of a space ship by the Russians would 'have a far-rcach- ng effect on the West," said Wiliam P. Lear, head of Lear,'*Inc, 'We know they're working' hard at it, too." Lar said the Russians 'recruited;, several top German /_ scientists', chiefly from the Nazi missile sta ; ion at Pecnemunde,' after World War II, for the express purpose of exploiing the possibilities ,of inter-planetary waif are f \ >,<*»'*' "The Germans were thinkings Jn teams of space ships as early as ... It will be possible to a a space ship within a.nothe ._;•," he added, -,\,f • - t "H Lear, whose three manufacturing plants produce 1 airplane parts'); estimated the building of a space chip by America would cost about $1,000,000,000. , If we' are r willing, t9 spend that kind " '"" would then scientists tell mo , ^ , fectly feasible to priced with the spaceship ''-project. 'We'a > itfeed the same scientists.' who helped make the atom bomb, because ,th9 materials required for, bulling the space ship are essentially the same.' 1 , Lear gave two reasons for f his 939 build year of money, and I think it be in the national intc&est) QUITE A THRILL SAN FRANCISCO, (UP) Wil* Ham. R. Ditch, 23, of Oakland,.roared across the Golden Gate bridge and downtown San Francisco at CO '.niles an hour yesterday. "I was just trying to give you a thrill" 1 iie' told police who. finally caught him and booked him on charges of speeding, reckless driving and attempting to evade arrest. All Around the Town By The *tar Stiff of the new Air Reserve. He said Benton County. One case each was, ^ surprising if on the op- that it was now possible for assign- reported from Arkansas, Asmey - » Tuesday November 16 ed members to attend weekly class- Crittenden. Independence, Missis- e ™§ day Tuesday, Novembei «,, Many local business houses will close. Armistice Day (Veterans Day) including the local banks, the Draft Board office and all ot- fices in the City Hall. ) MAN ,»-^w^^ DEQUEEN, I*' ' D< > Y ^ e Leard, S3, pf Mineral Springs community near here was kille<J yesterday when the car'he was driving went cut of oooSvol and crashed off the highway a,bj?ut three miles north of G}Ua.m jji PP* Cpgpjy, NEW! SUPER'W3FINED N THE ' , « , ' »"' t » - es and receive a full day's pay for attending only two hour sessions, during which they have a wonderful opportunity to learn some course while receiving pay. "Everyone in the city," said Hobbs, "should be present Wednesday night to view this amazing film, "Operation Ivy." Postoffice to Close Thursday Hope Postoffice will be closed Yeteians Day with no city oy rural deliveues or window services. Special delivery service will be mantdined and mail placed in boxes and dispatched as usual. Stamps be pm-phased f rom a lobby ma- sippi and Ouschita counties. Heart Attack Is Fatal to Hunter STUTTGART 1*1 Lee Jones, 62, a grocer at the Cassacoe Community near heie, appaienlly died of a heart attack yesterday as he was preparing to begin a day of deer hunting. Deputy Coroner Howard Morph- e'w said the man was found near the edge of a hunting camp by two companions. SURPRISE 'FEATURE' SAN FRANCISCO, (UP) Of- ficmls at the new $14,000,000 ai- povt terminal here d^sccvojed a pew leature in the lavish stiuctuv &ftcr Die fiist rain of the season. 90% of our work is down. Our workers are ready to go." Your live here, your family . is growing up here, if you are completely satisfied with everything then join in and help to keep it from sliding down hill, then jf you are not completely satisfied join in an help keep it from sliding. It is your town and you Chamber of Commerce, will you not help support it, Mr, Hall concluded. Defendant Wins in Circuit Court Case A Jury found for the defendant Mrs. Lillian Woods, sued by the General Contract Corp. in a, case involving the now defunct Luck Mptov Company in H.errm$t.ea'd Civ Austria Marine Pfc. Ellis V. RothweU, son of Mr. and Mrs. Han- 'Let Us put it clearly: This is a challenge to the Soviet Union, Thit, is a '•'competition. Let us have the Soviet Union take part for everybody's benefit, including its own." i ' , „ The United Nations meanwhile locked to the United States today for an explanation of whether it is possible to prevent atomic materials intended for peaceful purposes from being used for arms production, The question was raised by Swedish Delegate Rickard Sandier before the general assembly's main political committee. U. S. Ambas- saclor Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr, might give the explanation to- "sandler said the/ United States indicated in a previous debate that certain methods were known that would prevent production ot I'tomic materials in peaceful projects, that could be used for warlike purposes. conviction that whichever " side makes the first rpacc ship, will have a decided edge in the Ea^t- West cold war. "First, there's the tremendous psychological effect, knowing that an enemy can strike through qut- er spree, without your being able to combat him, v "Second, there's tho observatory effect, which would be quite enor- mcus. From a space ship, nn er\Q- my 'cotild televised anything '$ot could be perceived, and it \vould also be extremely useful for radar purposes,' r i*.j, Uurtl tained^VM fered-fe&ttifr? McCartfc^aa*' moire.r'ridiqJJi ™;iV,=,k>o: V*H< mittens; ciliic. |apt5.tttiari> n - * -"< Pass* Unions Approve Atomic Contract OAK RIDGE, Tenn. W America's atomic-hydro ge n w eapons production has been steadied lor Arrest Sought in Abduction HEBER SPRINGS :.fl < Sh erf ff Jess Badridge said he has issued, warrants for two persons whP t()ojc seven-year-old Leilani Gresbpjp from the Quitm^n community school about 10 miles" west of 'here today, , ' Bnldridge Kaid police are searching for the girl's mother, Mrs, Madge Gresham of Dallas, Tex., and Mrs. Greham's brother, • Jpo Love. Baldrldge said the Quitman. school principal told him the pie took the child from'the i yesterday morning over his protest. She was living with her grandfather, J. A, Greaham, - > State police said that after pick' ing up the girl the couple was last seen headed .south on Highway 33, driving a late-model gray' FprJ with a Texas license, number NN-1907, sengcrs t'of,; Airline "" pilot arii calm wl plane to •SCRptrV'i Qkla., '<> wp. ..<m* ff9r*»&& rold P. Duke of Hope and Other successful deer hunters ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^^ ------- _ checked at the Police Station » ere i rine pfc Richard C. Chism, son of were Verdo Powell, 4 pts. ; J o nn R g. c>hisp ^ O f Hpue. C. Weaver, Magnolia, 2 pts., "have arrived at Inchon harbor a- lam .Hatfield 2 pts.; and Jim Thompson, 4 pts. Mrs. Maxine White of the Fashion Shop attended spring fashion show and market in Dallas this week, Jewel M Jacques of the Shover SUcel School has been appointed as NCTE Liaison Officei for the english department of the ATA at a lecent meet in Little Rock • • • • Us a veiy high position in the State Negro Teacheis Association, Billy Hcmdon, son of Mr and son Rothwell of Hope and husband at least a year — alter seven of the former Nelda F. Bright of months of'chain-reacting Isoor un- Blevins . , .and Marine Pfc. Jesse I rest' with final approval of a M. Duke, son of Mr. and Mrs, Ha- package svage boost for 9,000 atom ic workers. Ratification by CIO and AFL. unions '.representing.".'.GOO work ers here nnd ,at Padugah, Ky., vir< tuolly ends for a year the recur? jing threat of crippling produption strikes;, hanging over, both places since wage 'talks first collapsed last April 15. The package deal provides (1) a C-cent hcuily increase retroac live to April 15; (2) a 4-cent in cieate elective Jan. 15. 1955; board the attack transport USS Pkkaway for duty with the First '• ' - Charles B. Division in Korea Matties,, mechanic second, USN, son of G. H. Matties of Hope Rt. Four and husband of the former Nancy Harrington of Phoenix, Ail- ona, recently icpoited to the Naval Air Station at Alameota, California, (3) an impr vcd holiday schedule, It lumps together two wage openers piovided lor each L. B. Kent who lives south of mpn ths m the unio.ii contracts Rope on Highway 2D brought in a| 9 nd 1$ a copromlse betweeo Coral si>ake this, moiniqg, the most po+sonious leptile m Ameiica Hs venom attacks the nerves Mrs. Billy Bob Hemdon oi Fones-t instead of the blood stream. . City, is scheduled to ship out this j and there is no known ewe . . , , week from a Now Juisey poit for .this &naHe measured 30 mpb.es, \vH£ the ftrnipd services here, CIO deman dot 15 ?ents and management offer of 6 cents. » It does away with, father pro,. Auction union negptifttlons until the, cuuent contract.* IS, when , ne#t Qot. Mayor Called in to Murder Trtol ful. what to tUt." m By H. D. . CLEVELAND, O. (UP) J Soencer Houk of Bay Village told on the witness itan4 today how Dr. Samuel H, Sheppard. haq pointed the finger of suspie^ & him as the bludgean.mu.rdare,r- pf; Shepard's pregnant ' wjle, }yn, Hpuk, who bad, b?en 9 o:o?e friend and. neighbor of the pards. before JN. July* p testified he had plead,ed wrtji husband tp dcme it," arpujid; t» ( Slight Dqmoge in Accident . •S^-j it r "• - 1 l < < » v'^v , , •, - - fi> /,u 4 ,$^iy^

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