Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 9, 1954 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 9, 1954
Page 11
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1 '-!','• A'sf.'^y «,#"*• 5k S&C ;•. 1*1:'^ £frj; MOM STAR, HOPE, AftKANSAS I-JWMIM"- .;,}', . fe>? #> |C» '•/ , j. <;,? • • • • ire ™-fe\- s .™jtW \ < * t. Credited with SflejStfra tnatch __._lal'All«l $7. ItnjttMrtl m is Wtt. MARKETS Ho \\\ elides i fhe tullding # 3t M*' M& tk£ outs'Md W "1 jbre- t An .an at- tWWWtOlA'* K«S • to think against lha >'Ugh widows |« at ,$100,000, said s Had", Been afcumu- iri6r,s>veral days, structure Me ?W»* •f&sr , r : " smmmn^'^i * fe4^ * t"-,H> *,* J JAfc-B-Q tT A jJ J ',"'*S^. '. ( . *_^ Ff*^ r °< <" W&ii s 12,060; lower; liSO-75; about a hoke Nd. Is and 2s 19.85! ISO- Ib Iflf&.SOOO; 225-240 Ih 1900); 246-260 Ib W.tS«i&.$${ sdWs 400 down tt.2S-?3j fdW at 18.00; iei"* POV/S 15.50-17,2,'}! b6ars 3XW-J5.00, , Cattle 6,000; calves 1,700: about ady but little ddndj tltillty and commercial cow* 85CM2.06; can- and citttSfs e.00-d.5(5: llsht iitlly c a n ft e r s 1&0-?0; bulls ItJtfdyJ Utility arid commercial l.OO'llOO; cfttlner and cutte* btilU .OO-lO.SOi vpnldrs steady: good nd choice 17,06-23.00; few at 500! commercial art dloW good 2.00-IO.OO; slaughter calves slow; orrtrnerclal arid goad 11,00-15.00; Hilly and low commercial 8.000.00, heep 1,700; wool lambs weak to I lower; icveral lots good to rime 1800-19.50; early top 19.50; fend not fully established; a«ed hecp steady; ."laughter ewes 3.00 .00. POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO' W) Live poul tr toady ort Hens; barely stendy on •oung stock; receipts 971 coops 66,425 Ib; F O.B. paying prices un- hangedt Hoavy hens 16-19; light lens 12-14; fryers and broilers 235! old roosters 12-12.5; caponette young hert turkeys 34-5(5; gecsc 23. Butter firm; receint s 017,814; vholcsale buylrig prices I'A lower o 1 "higher; 93 score AA 58.5; 92 A 68.25-5; 90 B 57.5; 89 C 56 cnrn 90 B-8; 89 C 6. Eggs mixed; receipt s 10,552 wholesale buying prices 1 lower to higher; U.S. large white 34.5 mixed 35.5; U. S. mediums 27; US ttandards 2 ; current receipts none; dirties 20; checks 20 NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORJC 1<P) The sto ck m ar <et developed a certain amount o hesitancy today following its sen satkmal post-qlection surge aheac On .balance, , the market w o barely higher. Gains of 1 to points were found in several sec tions of the list, but most advance small. Losses appeared fre guently, sometimes passing a poln* 1 ^Business maintained a swift par at-'around the highest levels of th .GRAIN ! ' Wheat: Noric. Corn: No. 2 ye low 4 1.51; No. 3 yellow 1.47-1.49 No 4 137'/ 4 -1.43'/ 2 ; No.. 5 129-135 M>; sa mole -grade yellow 1.2 Oats: Sample gr^'de white 87. _ Bareley ,nomin,ai :MalJ>ng .ehoic 1.31-52; feed 1.10-22. explosion," \.said Dale "Plunk, 18 year-old high school junior. "It wa terrible." j|y^H%«Mlay, November 11,1954 S^S : k4!iwfT-.i^i- • n A V rmgti jgitffirf? ; /||^ill-'n9,t be ppen for business feffife-above 'date, being a legal jFj«3j ( 8fl • ' , J?$'v' ; v • •• 'itizens National Bank First National Bank m&fk''*' it^rr" ®«v ' "*i~ -. ' ' HOPE Three Mental Escapees Still ot Large LITTLE ates of the cfimiftal i'ouf ward Governors of South Divided on Segregation feOCA BATON, Fla. t*) Sdtilhern states, divided as they are on their approach to the explosive school :sFiie, may find 9 'com- either on the conference floor, or away. Three states Gccrpia, Louisiana end South Caroline, have taken action to put themselves in a por.ition • to keep Negroes out of white schools. Georgia adopted a constitutional rmendmeht Nov. 2 permitting the legislature to abolish the public system tion. Louisiana rather than end segrega- approved an amend- ap- out- Er- , - , ,. .... ftiori ground approach to the prob- mont at thc sam -^ time permitting l«rr. at the annual Southern Cover- 1 ' he state tc invoke police powers afiod frcfn the State hdspital herd st night .after threatening four ttohdants. Deitt Tatum, 27, of Parogould, hargcd v/ith staying his wife, gaV<3 rhself up a few, minutes. after he escape which occurred about 40 p. m. The other three still were at arge today. State police Identified them as ohnhie areen, 37, an ex-convict ho was arrested at Fort Smith n a charge of burglary; Char'es rice, 23, Litild Rock, charged with urglor, and L. B. Veach (address nknown,) charged wilh l&rceny. All but Veach Were undergoing 30- ay sanity tests at the hospital, Officers said Veach waa from nother ward at the hospital and nly recently had been transferred i the criminal ward section. Tntum told Little Rock detectives hot Green and Price •"abandoned s" (Tntum and Veach) after ctt- isting their aid to oscapa. . • Green and Price were'; believed o be together with a third^person n an automobile which Tatum aid was -waiting"' for them when hey made the break. Tatum told .officers, the braak wan planned by Price.. It was the second escape of four nrtiates of the ward sir.ce'. May. t also was-the second time that attendant C. H. : Ahart had' been hreatened with a sharp instrument. '•-''.Ahart said he was standing near he door to Ihe fire escape when 3recn approached, 'drew, a knife, arid ordered • him to - unlock the dcor. Ahavt said that 'another "attendant, Charles Copeland, shouted to him to stop scirffling with Green. Other attendents, A. H. Williams and W. N. .Leach,, were threatened by Tatum and Veach, Ahart said. Tatum told officers Price had planned to head for Mexico or California. Attendants said they didn't know where Green .got the knife. ftor's Conference Thursday. opening here to maintain segregation m the public schools. The conference meeting date falls less thfen a month from the lime the IT. S. Supreme Court cptns arguments Dec. 0 on how end when it should order Into effect its May 17 edict that segregated public shhools must end. There's no mention of scgregrt- tion matters as such on the official conference program, but there's South Carolina's Legislature already has authority to abolish t'rw school system. A fourth state, Mississippi, voles Dec. 2l on a proposition to empower the Legislature to abolish public schools ns a means of retaining segregation. Some of the oth?r southern states have indicated they thought the cient time. A possible' middle ground proach in the Florida plan lined by Ally. Gen. Richard v'in of that state in a Supreme Court brief in' which he pleads for time and for a large, degree of local determination as to when segregated schools should be ended. The FloHd'a plan provides that in cases where suits are brought to gain admittance to segregated schools, thc trial courts should- be given wide discretion to hold hear ings, and to determine on the basis of local conditions whether the petition should be granted. In cases where schools author- ties and thn trial courts detcrmin cd thc races shouldn't be integrated, new hearings could be held at a later datd to determine whether conditions may change. little doubt the subject Will be one problem could , the most lively.'to come Up'the Supreme Court Arkansans to Arrive in U, S. SEATTLE, USS Gen. G-. Wash. (UP) Th-2 M. Randall will ar Do: ado; SFC Boy E Schnarr, tie Rock; Airman Will.am R. Sm- ngton, Attica; Cpl. Ernest S. oul Ivan; Rosiej PFC Hartzell Watson, Gregory; ^and Pvt. Johnny Whittle, Piggott. Women have had a lower death rive at the Army port of embarka Sion here Wednesday v/ith 2,269 pasrengers from the Far East. Among them will be tire following Arkansas servicemen: Cpl. Collier Anders. Jr., Auvergne; Sgt. John R. Anthony Bearden; S-Sgt. James L. Besly, Hazen; PFC Rofus Cobb, Jr. Au- susta; Capt. John C. Freeman, Crt-ssett; Airman 3-. W. Harper, Wilmar; Cpl. Charles G. Harwell, Okay; Airman Winsley Henry, Mar'ianna-; Cpl. Claudie- L. Higgins, Fort Smith. Cpl. Carl Hudson, Rudy; Airman Albert E.'Jankins, Truman; Cpl. Willard G. Lawson, Rogers; Pvt. Melvir. C. Locke, Camdcn; rale than men for many years andiCp!. Jessie M. Martin, Okean; Air- since 1930 the lives of women have, Iman William J.'Moore, Jr., Wynne Mr. Fulbrighf Has Problems WASHINGTON W) If the McCarthy censure debate runs on to* any great length, Sen. Fulbright (D-Ark) may have 'to become A New York commuter. Fulbright while greatly interested in the censure proceedings, also is a U. S. delegate to the-United Nation's session now.; going on in New York. He said today he will stay in Washington for a time to see how' the censure matter proceeds in the Senate but that he wants to return to the U. N. Sessions. . •Fulbright'was 1 one .of the original group of senators urging adoption of the resolution by , Sen. Flanders (R-Vt) calling for censure of Sen. McCarthy (R-Wis). The Flanders resolution war submitted to •'• a special committee which recommended censure. Fulbright told a Reporter it 's. his present inclination to take. little, or no part in,the debate. It, would appear better stratgey, he said, to let the Watkins cprnmittee present the case and then permit McCarthy and his supporters to do the talking. » ,,.'...- •..•..• Six European nations, Luxembourg, Andorra, Liechtenstein, San j Marino, Monaco arid Vatican City have a total area smalled than that o fthe King Ranch in Texas. 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OC r Can w«Jv« 73< PALMOLIVE SOAP 2 32 23c IMPERIAL SUPER SUDS Large Pkg. 29c AIR WICK UNDERWOOD DEVILEp HAM SALAD BOWL SALAD DRESSING CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP BEST PRODUCE IN TOWN! Potatoes IB .:^ipP W ^ ^^^B ^W^ ^^r- 5i Oz - AOr Bottle Q^C Reg. 9| r Can <6 1C 1602. -Oft- Jar 4»TV 2 Large 1 "T- Par 5 I/C Cashmere Bpyquet SOAP 2 Reg- 17« Bgrs I /- V W Bouquet SOAP Large Pkg. 29c VEL Tuetday, November 9, 1954 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS * IV SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. ilendar Tuesday November 9 fhe Business Woman's Circle I the First Baptist Chuhch will sday, November 9, at . in the home of Mrs. |de Osburn, 405 S. Greening. members are urged to attend. let Tuesd E p. m. i the Golden Circle Class of the 1st Baplist Church will meet 1'sday, November 9, at 7:30 p. (in the home of Mrs. Phinis Her- 320 East 13th, for their month- Ibusiness and social meeting. Glen Seaver It will be co-hos IriJtt Same night wil! be held at tha Ipe Country Club at 7:45 p. m. jsday, Npvember 9. Hosts will |jMr. and Mrs. George P. New- and Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Steh. . hapter AE of the P. E. O. Sis- lood will meet Tuesday, Novem- 9, at 3 p. m. with Mrs. Mack Stuart. The Iris Garden Club meets at 2:30 Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Claud Sutton, with Mrs. C. M. Agee as associate hostess. Arrangements for the afternoon will be chrysanthemums. ' Mrs. Claud Sutton will entertain the Builders Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church on Tuesday night at 7:30 at her home on the Rosston road. ference held in Prescott on Thursday, October 28. Reports were given by the Bodcaw P. T. A. along with the reports from other P. T. A.'s represented. In the afternoon, a short skit on "Leadership Training" was pre* sented by seven of the Bodcaw re* presentatives: Mrs. Carl Lewis, Mrs. Chester Whittert, Mrs. Jr. Goodwin, Mrs. Bill Jones, Mrs. J. D. Allen, Mrs. Ray Martin and Mrs. K. K. Mitchell. Others from Bodcaw who attended the conference were Mrs. Herman May, Mrs. Teddy May, Mrs. Otha Mullins, Mrs. Enoch Benson, Mrs. Clarence Dunn, Mrs. E. D. Downs, Mrs. Earl May, Mrs. Alex Boswell, Mrs. Cliff Butler, Mrs. Ben Trahan and Mrs. E, D. Spen. cer. ._«-.i The Ambassador Class of Garrell Memorial Baplist Church will meet Tuesday, November 9, at 7:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. Wade Warren, wilh Mrs. Clifton Billings as co-hostess. Wednesday November 10 The John 'Cain Chapter of the D. A. R. will meet in Ihe home of Mrs. B. L. Reltig, 420 Wesl Avenue ndia, Ceylon and Pakistan. U was nnouneed that "Korea Day" would 16 Sunday, November 14, The meeting was closed with the V. S. C. S. benediction. Refreshments were served to 50 members and two guests, the Rev. and Mrs. Doss. Hope Jr.-Sr. High P. T. A. To Meet "Team Work for Better Schools" will be the theme of the program when the Hope Junior-Senior High School P. T. A. meets Thursday, November 11, at 3:30 p. m. in the auditorium of the Junior High School. "What do we want of our schools" and "Is Yours a Good School" discussed by Mrs. P. L. Perkins, ei faculty member, and Mrs. Dick jviia. u, oj. jn.i:LLi£, i^v vvtiM- rtvuuut: , ~ ------- " ,,, , t 11 ,«^ B .on Wednesday, November 10, at 1 Watkins, a parent, will be followed 12 noon. Mrs. R. L. Searcy of , a buzz session. Ihe Glee Club * SAENGER * LAST DAY • • • FEATURE TIMES • . . . . - wisville. Mrs. Dick Watkins and ' " nder the direction of Mrs. B. C. Hyatt will sing, and n speech stu- 'd ent w111 brm 8 the na tlonal P resl ' dent's message. The aim of the National Congress of Parents and Teachers is to give Garland P. T. A. will meet Wed- every generation a chance to serve esday, November 10, at 3 p. m. children and youth and the aim of 2:56 - 7:11 ! FULL LENGTH -' lO SllMI'S ' il U1U1H HIOUl'S !i,f,ii»ioui>nii~; OgNE WITHJHE WIND : GUUBIE • VIVIQUtlGH • lESUEHOWRO OUVlAdeHAVIlUND • .TECHNICOLOR! 1. "DROOPY" CARTOON 2. LATE NEWS EVENTS e guest speaker. Executive committee will meet at 2:30. t WED.-THURS. • Up Front on the West's deadly Twenty-Mile run! to show their appreciation for this fine spirit by enlisting and working in this important organization whi Wednesday November 10 ch tends to bring closer togethe Patmos P. T. A. will have a sup- the home, the school and the chur er in the school lunchroom Wed- ch. esday night, November 10, at 7:30. [ Believing that fathers and emplo- Each family is asked to bring a yed mothers are interested in be- overed dish. coming better acquainted with their child's school and teachers the P. T. A. had a very successful SHOKRIN A WAINIKIIOS. PICTUIE avneMORRIS ^PRESCRIPTION' MEANS PROTECTION 1 Wore often than you might sup)se, we hear the question: Vhy do I need a prescription to ly the medicine the doctor has dered to make me well? It st seems to make the cost go i," It's easy to see why some ople ask this, and the answer just as 'simple. Your doctor's •escription is written for y9ur p'im. It is his explicit der by us, your pharmacists., e are'trained by years of col- ge and practical experience to low his scientific instructions the letter. We are also the final check- int before the medicine aches you. We double-check 1 prescriptions. It's our duty see that there are no mistakes id to call the doctor if there is y question about his orders. [So, "prescription" really earif ^"protection" . . . your •otec'flon. We're happy to pro- de it. ! IWard & Son DRUGGIST Phone 7-2292 102 W. Second St. Irs. Richard Howards of Hope •c associate hostesses. Members lease note change in meeting , , a . . he executive board will meet at 1 the Hope school unit is to have 15. The meeting will be dismissed | every mother and father or guar . • .. ° . . .. - ' j:«« rt f T,,Mir*»._C!e,«ir»t' TTicrVi Rr»hnn n time for the members to attend ic Fire Prevention Parade. Hope Federation of Garden Clubs ill meet in the home of Mds. Ha£Id M. Brents, Oakhaven, on Wed- esday,' November 10, at 10 a. m. dian of Junior-Senior High Schoo: students belonging to and attend ing when possible the Parent Teacher Association. If parents expect their children to be interested in their books, then they should show an interest in the school the chil ed. -au.a.y, iiuveiiiucj. au, at AU ct. in- * -. . acn club is urged to be represen- dren attend, and the teachers who train them. Never in a school P T. A. have the teachers been more congenial and cooperative than those in the Hope Junior-Senioi Paisley P. T. A. will meet Wed- esclay, November 10, at 3 p. m. cauetj, .i.'iu vtuuuti j.u,cii.up. iii. -_. „, i j t the school. Charles Gough will High School, so parents are asked Mrs. Bob MasslngUI Entertains Business Womans Circle No. 2 The Business Woman's Circle No. 2 of the First Baptist Church met Monday evening in the home of Mrs. Bob Massingill. After a brief business session, Mrs. P. J, Holt gave the devotional. The program was presented by he following special guests, Mrs. Basil York, Mrs. C. C. Collins, VIrs. Frank Douglas, Mrs. W. H. Gurtter, Sr., and Mrs. A .D. Brannan, Sr. The title of the program was "African Missions". Senior Ladles Auxiliary Has Thanksgiving Program Court Docket Municipal Court of Hope, Arkansas, November 8, 1954. City Docket Herman Williams, improper lights on car, Forfeited $1.00 cash bond. Herman Williams. No State Car license, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. Herman Williams, Fictitious car license, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. Arthur Jackson. Running Stop sign, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond Daniel Huddleston, Frank Adams, Speeding, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond, Kennie Atkins, Berlin Fuller, Hazardous driving, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond, Charlie Lee Howard, No drivers license, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. B. M. Mouser, Robert E. Lee, Failure to yield right of way, Plea gulity, fined $5.00. Lela Bell Jones, Hershel Ward, Shirk Conway, Drunkenness, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. Th n QO«;«,. Tn^' A, -r * Calvin McPherson, Assault & Bat- The Senior Ladies Auxiliary of torv Vnrfo u^ «. ln ' nn „„„*, ,— A the Unity Baptist Church met Monday afternoon, November 8, at 2 o'clock, in the home of Mrs. E. L. Lane. Songs were led'by Elder White, who also led in prayer. Mrs. Barney Gaines, president of the auxiliary, presented the Thanksgiving program, assisted by Mrs. Tom Anderson, Mrs. Lane and Mrs. Howard Collier. Mrs. Jesse Sinclair gave the devotional from the 100th Psalm. A report of the previous meeting was given by Mrs. Sinclair, and Mrs. Anderson dismissed the group. The hostess served refreshments to 11 members. tery, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. Eugene Gill, Clarence Chipps, Gaming, Plea guilty, fined $10.00. James Wilbert, W. L. Holbert, Willie Malone, Gaming, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. State Docket James D. Welch, Operating a motor vehicle vvthout a driver's license, Plea guilty, fined $5.00. E. F. Simmons, Passing in a "No Passing" zone, Plea guilty, JEined $5.00. Continued from *»flge Ofl* Mayfair quivered with gossip. Margaret had been to church. And because it was Remembrance Sunday, she had been dowri in Whitehall to stand by reverently while her sister, Queen Elizabeth, honored the men and women who had lost their lives in wars. Then in the afternoon she went to thc movies. Theater managers Were interviewed, and they 'said: "Tradition- shattering," "what a surprise," it must have been unofficial" and "tut-tut and tch-tchl" The objection to royalty's going to movies on Sunday is inspired largely by the conservative elements among English churchmen, Whose influence Is great. The population is being reminded constantly that the sovereign is the defender of the faith, and that the Lord's Day must be respected. But curiously while Margaret is being talked about lor breaking tradition, thc Church of England itself is being sniped at by persons whose moral indignation gets stirred up easily. The church, which lately turned its financial affairs over to a committee of experts, made a handsome cleaning in the stock exchange. It's gambling, say critics, and natibn simmers. Louis and Ernest Wyndor of New York, and by Dr. Mortoti L. Levin and associates of Albany. N.Y. A British study just a bit later Some folks think they are a s6- ctol success when they master the art of sayf ng nasty things th a hke way. ' J^Mi F. JtjSnkfel, Robert W. Hansetl that m itt a false fkc fiiilrM wanted to be Wcked.lip Arrives." / * Hansen said "I -*ould punish you most by case and letting you „_. ydu another chance* I'll t months in the ' ion." ' '•".' by Dr. Richard Doll and Prof. A. Bradford Hill, ptjinling to an association between cigarettes and lung cancer, also was published by American newspapers. But these and other reports coming still loiter seemed to find l'tt.1 Deaths Over the Nation Brookvvood P. T. A. will meet Wednesday in the school auditorium j night meeting in October and will t 3 p. m. The executive board will have another such meeting in the All members are spring. Yard of Month Winners Announced The Hope Garden Clubs announce the following as "Yard-of-the- Month" winners for November: Ward 1-Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Hanegan, 606 East Second; Ward 2-Mr. and Mrs. Sam Warmack, 616 South Washington; Ward 3-Mr. and Mrs. J. M. O'Neal, 621 West Avenue C; Ward 4-Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Jones,, 420 North Elm; Oakhaven and Beverly Hills-Mr, and Mrs. Jack Carnahan, Oak- naven. Notice The party planned for the Intermediate MYF of the First Metl> dist Church will not be held as lanned. The date will be announc- d later. By. The Associated Press San Francisco Charles B. Henderson, 81, U.S. senator from Nebada from 191? to 1921 and . a former chairman of' the Board of the Reconstruction Finance Corp. Died Monday. • Glen Head,' N. Y. ' Julian Starkweather Ma'spn, 78, .'former edito'r-in-chief of the New York Evening Post, who held ..editorial posts on several Chicago newspapers before becoming managing editor of the Naw York Herald Tribune in 1922. Born in Chicago. DiedMonday. ! Baltimore Dr. Francis S. neet at 2:15. urged to attend. Oglesby P. T. A. will meet Wednesday, November 10, at 3 p._m. .'he executive meeting will be held at 2:30. ' Planned projects for this year include a donation to the Junior and Senior libraries, records and films for visual education, supplies for first aid rooms for both schools, and contributions to the school cafeteria, Girl Scouts, and the youth The Bodcaw P. T. A. will meet at center. The only methods of raising he high school at 7 p. m. on Wed- j funds to carry out these projects nesday, November 10. After the are the annual membership drive •egular program, a short skit will' and talent program. The talent be presented and then coffee and program will not be given until doughnuts will be served in chool cafeteria. tfce Thursday November 11 Hope Junior-Senior High School sometime in December but the membership drive has been in full sway for four weeks now and will close this week. The goal for this year is 850 members but to date P. T. A. will meet Thursday at 3:30 I there are only 300. Parents who D. m. in the Junior High auditor- 1 haven't sent their dues of only fif- Him. The executive board will meet ty cents per member per year, to ' at 3 p. m. school by their child are asked to do so tomorrow. Or, contact the Ladies of the Eastern Star will membership chairmen, Mrs. sponsor a spaghetti supper Thurs-j Franklin Horton or Mrs. ' Jim day, November 11, at 6:30 at the. Cole. In the definite pageant of the Masonic H^ll. The public is invit- parent-teacher movement there is ed. Adults, $1.00; children, 50 cents.;need for all: there is work for all. Parents, teachers and all community citizens interested in the Junior- Senior High School are invited to Thursday November 11 The Adult Fellowship of the First Methodist Church will meet Thurs-j join the P. T. A. to make this the day at 7 o. m. for a pot luck sup-1 best year it has ever had. per. Guest speaker will be the Rev. | All members and prospective ~~ " • ~ ' "" — members are urged to make a special effort to attend the meeting Thursday and all interested persons are extended a cordial invitation to visit. Edmund Pendleton. Baby will be provided. sitters The Blevins P. T. A. will meet in Ihe high school auditorium Thursday, November 11, at 7 p. m. A special program is planned and all parents and patrons are urged to be present. Beacon Sunday School Class Meets Monday On Monday evening, November 8 , , , members of the Beacon Sunday Hope B & PW Club will celebrate School class of the First Baptis its 30th birthday anniversary on church.met in the home of Mrs Thursday November 11, ^ 7 Russell McClain for a" combination p. m. with a ban( l ue ^___ a ^kejlotel business and social meeting. Moving pictures were taken o those present, following a shot- business session. Mrs, Fred Bar Barlow. Every member is urged to be present. Bodcaw P. T. A. Members Attend District Conference The Bodcaw P. T. A. was represented at the District Con- gave the devotional. Refreshments were served t Red Hot Wednesday SPECIALS IXTRA SPECIAL All I ET Cf*^C ULLtT EGGS Doz, 29c Births The Rev. and Mrs. Joe W. Huner of Emmet, announce the birth )f a daughter, Vicki Lynne, on Dctober 29, at the Cora Donnell lospital in Prescott. Cigarette Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bales of Stamps, Announced the arrival of a on, John Robert, on Saturday, November 6. The paternal grand- >arents are Mr. and Mrs. Ross Jales. The maternal grand parents' are Mr. and Mrs. Roy Harrion of Locksborg. Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Hasky, VIr. and Mrs. Bob Magness, and . and Mrs. W. E. McFarland of Smmet, attended the Arkansas- Rice game in Little Rock on Saturday afternoon. Schwentker, 50, •, nationally known child specialist,"professor"of pediatrics at Johns s ;Hopkins Medical School and pediamciah : in' chief at Johns Hopkins''Hospital. Born in Schenectady, N.y. Died Monday. Elizabeth N. J. John J. Mc- Gbvvan, 7, G, press representative for the late President Woodrow Wilron, treasurer of the Democratic State Committee and former newspaperman r Borh iri Charlottes- town, P.E.I., Canada. Died Sunday. JTt Be?voir, Va Maj Gen Arthur W. Penqje, 56, commanding general of the Army Engineer Center at Ft. Belvoir. Died Monday. Great Falls, Mont. George W. Hey, 79, who made his violin debut at 3 with the Syracuse, N Y., symphony orchestra, 'former manager of a Billings, Mont, opera house orphestra, and founder of Ihe Great Falls Conservatory of Music. Died Monday. ' Saginaw, Mich. Chelsea Curtis Fraser, 78, violin maker and author. Born in New Sarum, Died Sunday. Continued rrom Page One mo'st big public issues, didn't spring forth overnight. Some 15 years ago, Dr. Alton Ochsner, famous New Orleans surgeon, was reporting observations which led him to :believe that cigarette smoking .was a cause of lung cancer. Just yesterday Dr. Ochsner published a bo'ok, "Smoking and Cancer, a Doctor's Report" Julian messner, Inc.) which reviews all the evidence used to indict cigarettes as a cause cf lung cancer and heart disease. In 1939, an Argentine physician Dr. A. H. Rcffo; reported that tars obtained from tobacco often could produce cancer in the:skin of rabbits. the American public only mildly interested. Perhaps many missed 'the rtories. Perhaps it takes time and repetition in the absence of rtark drama to get rapt attention. Or perhaps many people wanted stronger evidence. No doubt some dismissed the reports as another instance of crying "wolf" at cigarettes. For tobacco has been accused of many Sins in the past of leading to poverty, of creating mustaches on women, making men sterile, poisoning the,unborn babies of smoking mothers, contributing to tuberculosis. Smoking has been banned at some times in a lew countries. In Denmark smokers and snuffers Help Wa 2 waitresses, penw ent empoy income. Apply" i ^ son* f . - Barlow HolSl Ho Phone Colls/ Please DODGE has done 1 it t jv* >•*• These and other reports were mentioned in the news through the were once publicly whipped. In Turkey, King Amuralh once decreed beheading for anyone, who smoked. Not until about two years ai?o did the long-smouldering controversy over cigarettes really start to build up into the public consciousness. Evidence was being discovered and rediscovered to blame' cigarettes for sickness and untimely death.- ,So also was evidence to question that evidence, or to blame dther factors for the troubles being attribxited to cigarettes. The public was to become > the jury. As such, the public was to hear a good deal, from ' both newspapers headlined years., In 1D50, stories from a cancer; congress in Paris reporting three separate studies, mostly statistical,- which linked cigarettes with at least part betted wait! Flair- Fashionefi of increase in lung amoh{< Americans. ,, The cancer studies were made by ; Dr. Ochsner, by Doctors Evarts Graham of St. Out. Mrs. Katherine Webb of Harbor Seach, Michigan, is visiting her sister, Mrs, E. G. Coop, and other relatives. Mrs. Anna Judson hs returned from a week's visit with her daughter, Mrs. Jewel Tolley, Mr. Tolley and family in Beaumont, Texas. Mrs. E. G. Coop and Mrs. Ka- Harmony in Congress Hits a Sour Note By EDWIN B. HAAKINSON WASHINGTON (ff) . The post- election theme of harmony between President Eisenhower and the Democratic 4th Congresse echoed some dissonant notes tpday in the wake of. an exchange be- therine Webb have returned from! tween party chairmen and new a visit with Mrs. Coop's daughter, sibie;'-public interest" coming at a time when, Hall said, responsible leaders in Congress, are pledging cooperation. Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas who will be majority floor leader when the .Democrats organize the new Senate in January publicly criticized some of President Eisenhower's campaign remarks at a news conference Saturday. He also set out certain, conditions for coop eration on democratic congressional leaders during the next two years. :..--. U. S. mints have turned out 4^4 billion nichols since 1866 when the coin was first issued, KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS WASTE NnwtinB backache, loss ot pep and energy, headaches and dizziness may be due to slowdown of kidney function. Doctors say good kidney function Is very important tp cottd health. When some everyday condition, such us stress and strain, causes this Important function to slow down,many folka suffer non- Sing backache—feel miserable, Minor bladder irritations due to cold or wrong diet may cause Betting up nights orf requentpassaged. Don't neglect your kidneys If these conditions bother you. Try Doan's Pills—a mild diuretic, Used successfully by millions for over 60 years. It's amazing how many time* Doan's give happy relief from these discomforts— help thelSmUcsof kidney tubes and filters flush out waste. Get Doan'a Fills todayl 207-E. Secbni Hope/ Ark;, ;?4 ^ ^t , i f«r, Mrs. V. A. Keth and Mr. Keith in Dallas, Texas. Mrs. George Sundstrom and son, George A., of Phoenix, Ariz., are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J, A. Davis, and other relatives. ^oodard Cox, Mrs. A. D. Glass, Ji Mrs. William Groves. Mrs. Horac Hubbard, Mrs, Jim James, Mrs Lloyd Leverett, Mrs. Orval Tayloi Mrs.' George Thompson; Mrs. Win die Thompson, the teacher; associate members, Mrs. C. M. Rogers, Jr., and Mrs. J. B. Martin. and the. special guest, Mrs. Fred Barr. ELICIOUS ROUND Lb. , WHITI, YELLOW SWANS DOWN Box AKE MIX The Rev. and Mrs. Doss Guest Speakers at W. S. C. S. Meeting The Woman's Society of Christian Service of the First Methodist Churi. ch met Monday, November 8, at' 2 p. m. church,. in the sanctuary of the The worship service opened with a song, "Happy the Home", and Mrs. J. C. Carlton gave the devotional using as her subject "The Dawn of a Soul", Mrs. C. D. Lester closed with prayer. Mrs. Johnny McCabe, a member of Circle Three, presented the Rev and Mrs. Alfred Doss of DeQueen, who gave reports of the National Family Life Conference held in Cleveland, Ohio, which they attended in October. Mrs. Albert Graves, president, presided over the business meeting. Repovts were made, and the circle count taken. Circle Five winning wjtlj 15 members present Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Annie Madlock, Hope, Mrs. Homer C. Gaines, Hope. Mr. Clyde Zinn, Hope, Mrs. Lucy Sipes, Columbus, Mrs. Sallie Collier, Hope, Mr. Edgar Lafferty, Patmos, Mrs. Nettie Butler, Hope, Paul Rawson, Cape Giradeau, Mo., Ruby Lee Briggs, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Dan Green, Hope, Mrs. Tom Gathright, Saratoga, Mr. Steve Atkins, Hope, Mrs. John S. Matthews, Hope, Mrs. Wendell Sowards and son, McCaskill, Sarah Jones, Fulton, Dorothy Powell and son, Hope. Mr .and Mrs. Homer C, Gaines. Hope, have a daughter, Mary Louise, born at 10:02 p. m. Friday. Branch Admitted: ,Mrs. W. A. Powell, Patmos, Mr. Steve Bader, Hope, Mrs. Inez Tefteller, Hope. Discharged: Ruby Lee Fleming, Hope, Mrs. Mpnrpe Samuels, Rt. 3, Hope, Mrs. H, L. Levins, Washington. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Tefteller of Hope, announce the arrival of a baby boy on November 6, 1954. statements by Democratic leaders. Democratic National Chairman Stpehen A. Mitchell said yesterday in a statement that Vice President Nixon snould "retract and apologize for his campaign excesses." If Nixon continues, Mitchell added, "I hope that the President will take the opportunity to dis-, associate himself from such character assassination by public disavowal." Republican National Chairman Leonard W. Hall replied of Mitchell's remarks: "This is in the worst possible taste and In the worst pos- LOOK YOUR LOVELIEST THE BEAUTY BOX Open 6 days a week After 5 appointments for the \yorking girls Latest Hair Styling Phone 7-5850 112 S. Main Ruth Hoelscher Janell Roberts ON SALE CLEAN UP MERCHANDISE FROM OUR HARVEST '; > l »r> ;.*m 3 ONLY MEN S TOPCOATS • • SMALL LOT -- BROKEN SIZES Program! YORK M Selected radio NE programs tonight: NBC 7 People Are Funny; 7:30 Dragnet; 8 Radio Theater, "My Man Godfrey." CBS — 7 Stop The Music; 3:30 Amos And Andy: 9:15 Dance Time, ABC 7 Jack Gregson Hour; 8 Town Meeting Discussion. MBS 7 Treasury ' Th,P ScEW-oh,. pole-frame cuts farm building costs • You pen s*v» wp to h*M the cost cl erecting an4 royfftflj" fog V oa * >WWi ole-type supported Creosoted CHILDREN* DRESSES.. $2.0(1 BROKEN SIZES AND COLORS LADIES HANSEN GLOVES I ONLY —SIZE 40 MAN S SUIT .., X**^ .,wt'? t *> Hr-f* ; I'v^V^ - $y# ^m u^! • • $8,95 RACK OF Fall Cott Reduced LADIES DRESSES MEN 5 NYLON SHORTS It 3 QNUY — $17,95 5T, MARYS •], . ., ALL WOOL BLANKETS $1 i'1 'IBIiKij^ I 5MAIL W)T JEAN SETS ItUE JIANS *&'

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