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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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PORT OF PITTSBURGH. prayer, by compliance with which the inhabitants near Cape Coast Castle would be able to single-handed; but, on the contrary, such was i the confidence in our naval superiority, and in the hero who commanded, that every heart would have exulted at the thought of such an encoun- Rt Daatar saw that if he commenced PITTSBURGH, JULY 56, 1836. SMITHSONIAN BEQUEST. We understand that the Hen. Richard Rush has been selected by the President, to attend to the bequesfbf Mr.

Smithson, of England, made to the United States for the purpose of establish- PRESIDENTHL ELECTION. The election ot President and Vice President of the United States, for the term of four years, commencing March 4th, 1837, will be made on Wednesday the 'tb day of December, 1836, the Electors meeting at the Capitals of the respec i i if 1 ,1 RIVER 3 fEKT ABOVE LOW WATER MARK. save one-fourth ot the present cosi ui b-brought by the free traders from Bristol and Liverpool. It was well worthy the consideration of the House, and he moved that the petition lie on the table. The Scotch Thistle.

Different nations have usually adopted some emblem of distinction, which is engraved upon the coins, or painted nnn thfir nsio-ns. Thus the eagle is the em ing a University ior me mnusion oi Knowledge among men." The amount of the legacy is large; its object is ot mucn prospective im an engagement with the would hardly be decided before the other ships would arrive, and deteiiuine the result against him. The chase contiuued fresh and animated until after sunset, when the enemy's ship having arrived within guushot, began to pour in a well directed fire. At this moment, Decatur conceived a plan, which, with his characteristic de portance, and the matter is every way wormy tive States in which they are chosen, lhe choice of Eleators must be made within thirty-four days of the said first Wednesday of December. The following shows the number of votes to which each State i3 entitled, with the The Deposit Bill.

The Van Buren editors sometimes claim credit for the passage of this bill, and yet it is manifest they all regret that it was not defeated. We have heretofore given extracts from Van Buren papers bitterly condemning the bill. The following is from the Globe, the official paper at Washington. "We willingly yield tothe Whig majority all thn MPilit which can be rained by the passage of immediate attention. I he choice ot Mr.

Rush for this trust is both an appropriate com ARRIVALS. July 25. Wabash, Pitts, Wheeling; 44 Hunter, Stone, Louisville laden with cotton, wool, cordage, tea, coffee, sugar, and sundry boxes and packages of merchandise 81 caLiii, 64 deck passengers. DEPARTURES. time of election.

Yhen held. pliment to him, and a selection which will be approved of by all parties. He is eminently Qualified for it; and such a mission could not be blem of the United States, the lion of England, The Scottish emblem is the thistle, and there is a curious story connected with its adop- -i t-. l.l if cision, he determined to carry, if possible, into execution. It was no less than to run the Pre States.

Maine, New Hampshire. better placed than in the hands of a gentleman, July 25. Lee Roy, Woodward, Louisville; sident alongside of the Endymion, carry her by do. 2b. iUhcuuiDia, iMoore, tion.

vvnen me uanes luvaucu uwnuuv, was deemed unwarlike to attack an enemy in the thick darkness of night, instead of a pitched battle by day: but on cue occasion the inva- boarding, escape by her superior sailing, and leave his own crippled vessel a prey to the Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, who is himself an accomplished scholar, wnn the advantage of having passed years on the spot to which he is called by the duty confided to him. He will probably proceed to England in the course of the coming month. ders resolved to avail themselves oi uns siraia- of the distribution bill, and ichtc toe believe will re long be viewed us one of the most odious acts of legislation by the people." It is very manifest that the "mercenary pan-deiV regret greatly the loss of the control of this money. Who is the Bishoo Bute referred to in the The conception was worthy ot the hero, and 4 was hailed with three enthusiastic cheers by the gem, and order to prevem uey umH ftr4n-f I itoorrt tiicr rrm rrnffl Dill tiuuicu. mty crew, when communicated to them thus neared the Scottish force unobserved, when a Dane unluckily stepped with his naked foot I.N PORT.

July 26. Oswego, Stcrrett; 44 Juniata, Getty; 44 Detroit, Blake; 44 Visiter, Mason; 44 Wabash, Pitts; Hunter, Stone; Pioneer, Crawford; 44 Salem, Camac; 44 Rufus Putnam, IiicLs; 44 Powlu tan, Young; 44 Mountaineer, Wells; Washingtc Fenuell; 44 Fame, Lyon; upon a superbly prickled thistle, ana wsiiutiue-ly uttered a cry of pain, which discovered the assault to the Scots, who ran the and defeated th; fie with terrible slaughter. The following paragraph? The name is one of evil omen to the cause of Liberty. "Bishop Bute and 19 Catholic Ecclesiastics came passengers in the Fiancis Depau. They are all bound for the west" 10 November 7 7 do 7 14 do 17 4 do 23 8 do 7 7 do 15 42 do 7 8 do 7 30 do 4 3 do 7 10 do 14 23 do 7 15 do 17 11 11 do 7 15 do 7 15 do 17 21 do 4 3 do 7 4 do 7 5 do 7 7 do 17 4 do 7 5 do 8 3 3 294 thistle was immediately adopted as the emblem General Scott arrived in Washington on Wednesday, and had a lengthened audience that day with the acting Secretary of War.

He left the same evening for New York, with the hope, it was said, of overtaking the Secretary of War, in which we are Borry he will be disappointed. It is rumored that this distinguished officer has applied for a Court of Inquiry, to investigate the circumstances attending his late command in Florida, and it is likewise said that his demand will be granted, though it is not probable that the court will be held until the return of the Secretary of War. Metropolitan. of Scotland. New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, Mississippi, 1 III oi3, Alabama, Missouri, Louisiana, Michigan, Arkansas, were promptly given to wear ship for that purpose, but the enemy took the alarm, and stood off, thus frustrating the intrepid manoeuvre.

No alternative was now left but to fight the Endymion at her own distance, and matters soon wore a very terrific aspect. A running fire commenced on both sides, which was fatal to many of the officers of the President Mr. Bab-hit, the first lieutenant, was killed early in the action, and Lieutenant Hamilton was soon after cut in two by an eighteen-pound shot. This amiable officer shook hands and took leave of a friend, as he was dt parting to his station, and in a few minutes, when that friend was hastening to the quarter-deck to make a report to the Commodore, he met his faithful servant, who ex The Port Yine Trade. The following is a Ezekiel Birdseye.

In publishing the testimony of this gentleman, a few days ago, we return of the quantity of wine exported from Oporto in the year 1835, with the names of the I 44 Fljra, I arter; 4 Philadelphia, Rogers; 44 ntucky, Clarkson; 44 Cuba, Moore; 44 Lady Marshall, Leonard. intended to make some remarks explanatory of different nations: To Great Britain, those passages in his testimony which might not be altogether intelligible to common readers. This, however, we neglected to do at the time, but our attention has been called to it by It is evidently going to be an up hill business with the spoils party this fall. Col. Johnson's LIST OF ARRIVALS TUP: FOLLOWING HOTKLS, IN THIS CITV, FOR claimed, in a tone of anguish, "Oh, sir, poor Mr.

Hamilton is just killed." Daraprauh in a New York paper, which we Meanwhile, the contest which had raged fierce tour to the north has not had the anticipated effect. Mr. Van Buren's reception in Philadelphia was any t'iing but encouraging. Silas Wrigh', the groat protagauist of the party from this State in the United States Senate, has been per Total. 24 iiol'rs ending this 7 o'clock.

Exchange Hotel James Cross v. George Kerr, Torodc, St Louis; Cur ly for more than an hour began to abate, on the i I will directly submit to our readers. Mr. Birdseye states, that on the day when part of thJ enemy, and it was very evident tnat All the States choose by General Ticket, South Carolina, which chooses by the Legislature. It will be seen that Pennsylvania and they were unable to continue it much longer.

tis and lady, Cleveland; Dicks, Natchez; 52,536 pipes 620 743 135 46'J 2,745 192 133 36 316 44 22 1-2 1 11 42 1-2 34 44 3 1 44 332 Brazil, Hamburg, Holland, Sweden, United States, Denmark, Newfoundland, Guernsey and Jersey, Russia, France, Genoa, Leghorn, Bremen, Quebec, Spain, Azores, Fmnr, SarIW trial was to some on. he went mitted to travel from aslnngton to Saratoga unnoticed and unchronicled. And lastly, the As their fire ceased, Lieutenant Howell observ Krakamy, Italy; II I'ipler, Howard and 2 Ohio open the poll three days in advance of any of the other States. These great States, if they ed to a midshipmin, who was standing by his Old Roman" himself, who left Washington I WW daughters, Easton; and Lisle, Mrs Lisle and daughter, Lindsay, Philadelphia; Fe- side, "Well, we have flogged that fellow after go against Mr. Van Buren, as it is confidently some lime since on a visit to the Hermitage, all; he can right no longer." He had hardly ut will defeat bis election.

an, Mobile; A Jiowman, Averv, Day does not, as he was wont to do, excite the spe ex peeled uiey ww, tered these words, when a gun flashed, and he Cincinnati; Wilson, Wheeling; Duncan. rious Yerrons. cial wonder of any of the citizens of the towns exclaimed, "No, he is firing yet." The mid and villages through which he has passed. As Skinner, ass i Hon; II Crawford, Crawfords-villc; Wm Standcford, Sarnutl, Shelhyville; shipman moved to look as he spoke, but hear into court with his counsel, and observed that I the Jurors iu the box were principally members I of the lodge. He also says: "Most of the regularly empannellcd jurors had been permitted to return to their homes, which gave the sheriff an opportunity to select the remainder of the jury as talesmen." This was a cunningly devised Masonic manoeuvre.

The judge of the court, our readers recollect, was a Mason, and a friend of the coming events cast their shadows before, so LATE FROM FLORIDA. The Savannah Georgian of July 14th says: ing a groan at the moment, he turned round, Merrill, Covington; 1 Wallace, Frankfort: these signs may be taken as an index of what To Ports in Portugal, and the gallant Howell was lying on the deck By the steam packet John Stoney, Captain Fre- Wm Hoffman, Wm Crumpton, Attica; Wm will be public opinion in November next. Albany Journal. in the convulsions of death. That very flash land, arrived yesterday afternoon from (jrary Minlh, fchclbyville: Ilatfic d.

Covimrton: Wm Total, 13,469 was but the precursor of the fatal shot which Canan, Pittsburgh; Coates. Erie; Ferry, Black creek, we learn that Captain JVler- 1 .1 I'. This return shows that England has, within struck him while he was speakings. The mid Wiltum, Canton, 111; A Havniond. Morimnt'n: Mr.

Farm. Many anecdotes, the cnaii', uie comiiiaiiuiiig uuiuti m. aijr icnj, (which post, Captain M. named on the 4th inst. the year, consumed more than five sixths of the shipman found that he had himself narrowly I Cohen, Attica; Murray, jr, Oakley, Hon scenes of which are laid on this farm, were related to us, illustrating the genuine democracy Manstealer Fitten; the sheriff was also a Mason, whole of this staple produce of Portugal.

escaped the same shot, it having carried away Fort Heileman,) had received orders trom Jla- Camhrtlene and lady. Samuels and la. jor Kirby to proceed to foit Drane, and break up and a member of the lodge. The regularly cm of his character. They fully proved what 1 al dy.New York; Miss Harvey, Frankfort; Nutt, part of the hilt of his own dirk, which was hang ing by his side.

ways believed, that Mr. Webster has a heart pannelled jurors were permitted to return home, that post, agreeably to instructions trom trover nor Call. Captain M. was to leave Fort Heile By this time the Pomone and Tencdos frigates dedU of the Duke Gordon, Ku8stI, Mississippi; A St CNiehols', the dukedom has become extinct. A great New Ymk; Hoge, Michigan cily; Law part of property goes to the Duke of Rich- rencc, Memphis; Wm Lazear and son, Grif- which beats in unison and sympathy with all man on the 13th (yesterday) with the company classes of the community with the whole peo having come up, had taken their positions to pour in ur on the President their murderous and then the cause was called.

Then, there not being regular jurors sufficient, the sheriff was fill, Morgantown; Sanks, Louisville; ple. As he was one day at work upon his farm, under his command, and a detachment ot Capt. Curry's mounted (Florida) volunteers, with a broadsides, and further resistance to such une- the common costume of a larmer, an elderly Kowlanu, incier, Detroit; Robert Williams, New Lisbon. 1 error, filtin2r out at qual odds seemed madness. Painful as the ne- His Majesty's ship directed to summon enough from the persons convenient to the court.

He being a Mason, provision train, and expected to remove the offi gentleman came up, who wished to cross a cessitv was. it now seemed iniDerious. and De- 1 Chatham, will sail in a few days to convoy brook or rivulet in the neighborhood, and which cers and men to the nearest neaitny spot, contiguous to Fort Drane, (probably to Micanopy, Mansion Housf. B. Wf.avkr.

Hully and lady, Buffalo; Marthen. Hun catur r-ave orders for the fiaff to be struck. Captain Back to the Arctic regions, with the and the Masons, no doubt, having a hint to be near at band, the jury was completed in a very though shallow, there were no means to pass, except by wading. The man seeing Mr. Web view of ascertaining correctly the geography of Thoujrh it was the latter part of January, the tingdon; Whclpley, Ohio city; Stevtrp.

where Captain Lee is at present in command.) The James Boatwiight, with the three compa SI Payne, Waterhurgh. Conn; WoodlilT ster, with whom he was unacquainted, and sun rose the next morning with a mild and vivi- those parts of North-Lastern America, over fying radiance. The hostile attitude of the par- which the mist of obscurity still hangs so hea-ties been changed by the result into the vy, and to which his own late discoveries and from his robust appearance, supposing him to nies of the United States troops from the North, via Charleston, was at Jacksonville on Monday satisfactory manner. Ten of them were in the habit of attending the lodge of which Fitten was master, and several of these ten had signed be quite able to perform the task, requested him and lady, Godericb; Lynd, Toronto; Ii Taylor, Noblestown; Bighum, Mississippi; Emery. Mrs and Miss I nier Cannrchnriih- the voyage of Sir J.

Ross have given an addi night last, on her way to Gary Ferry. No In relation of victors and vanquished, it now only remained to the victors to make the necessary to take him upon his back and carry him across the stieam. Mr. Webster promptly complied. tional interest.

He takes, as his first Lieutenant, Mrs M'Coy, Pittsburgh; II I Trust. the certificate in his favor. dians had been seen lor some tune in the vicinity of St. John's. Two Indians, part of a small Mr.

Smyth, who last aulu.nn returned from the preparations to transport their prize to Bermuda. and toted the man over the brook in as gallant Fortunately, however, for Emory Sadler, Mr completion of a journey from Lyma to Tarma, party which Lieutenant Tyner (of Capt. Ward's On Commodore Decatur, however, and the sur a style as ever he made a speech in the Senate Comm and lady, Italy; Messrs Girardeau, Florence; Mr Margzzi, Italy; Vollad, lady and servant, Hill, Letchburirb: Pitts. Birdseye was as firm as he was honest, and he Company ot lorida volunteers,) tell in with be down the Am azon, and who accompanied Capt. vivors, was devolved the sad duty of consign The traveler was grateful, and offeied a handsome reward, which was unconditionally de tween Newmansville and Suvvanee- Old Town ing: to their graves the remains of those who lieechy in the JJlossom a lew years ago thro at once made the necessary affidavit, which Mr Garc'enigh, Seiota; A Westget, Bred ford and lady, Philadelphia; on the 4th instant, were killed by Lieutenant had fallen in the bloody contest.

The bodies of Behring's Straits, in the hope of meeting Capt clined. The reader may better imagine, than compelled the judge to grant a change of venue Sir John Franklin. The ship will make for Wa- "Ps, party lheothcrs escaped. Lieutenants Babbit, Hamilton, and Howell, uuoa; a iioliuav, aidtn. xM II that is, to send the cause to another county to rap.wnl in tarry sheets, were borne to the ship ger iay, wnere sue will re laia up, and parties Back Lancaster; Orland'i and I the astonishment of the man, when upon inquiry he was informed, that the one who Irid rendered him such signal kindness was Daniel.

Webster. Old Colony Whig The Globe says, "it appears to be forgotten be tried. side, and prepared to be consigned to the depths will proceed westward across the neck of land and famiK. )nn. I Jl 1 1 1 I 1 11 UJ1U that the Government is bound to make its dis which is supposed to separate that inlet from A case somewhat similar recently occurred below.

Around stood the silent group, attended by a detachment of British marines, who were bursements in specie, or notes commanding spe tamily, Louisville; Iii.ll and lady, Salem; Mrs M'Farland, Nelson, Cinn. the Folar feea, or Gulf of Bothea as Sir J. Ross in New York: we mean as to the selection of cie at the place of disbursement." On this the calls it: for the navication and exploration of deputed to pay them the closing honors of war. The Episcopal burial service was read, in an Journal of Commerce remarks talesmen, not meaning to insinuate any mis which they will carry with them light boats al Mulberries. It is a maxim with silk-growers, that the silk worm will do well where its natural food thrives.

If this be true, this place Pittsburgh IIotf.l C. Ritenour, Stoney Creek; Mahaffey, II Hagans, Somcrficld; A Robertson. "It seems that the Globe and the government ready built for that purpose. Capt. Back and impressive manner, by Decatur, and as he pro management.

The pannel in the case of Jewell nounced the words, "We commit these bodies his gallant companions are expected to return have yet to learn that it is customary to pay cash at all. We ought to put the gentleman to was exhausted by peremptory challenges, which New Orleans; Wm xMcad, Philadelphia; Mr M'-Culloch, Wheeling; M'Cormick. Great Isl to the deep, the marines fired their funeral within two years. is admirably adapted to the silk culture; for a few Chinese mulberry trees, (Morus Multicaul-is,) which the editor planted the first week in May then one year old are flourishing be knell, and they were simultaneously launched and; Vanlear, Paoli; Vanlear, Philadel into the ocean. Navigation of the Danube.

Vienna, May 16. phia; and Barry, Eaton. Boston: News has been received to day that the Ftr- yond any thing we ever saw of the tree kind. and Backus, Columbus; Vittum, Il One sudden plunge the scene was o'er; The sea roll'd on as it roll'd before. diuand steam boat, Captain J.

T. Everson, (an linois; rratt, M'ConncIl. Lughsnman,) the first of those belonging to the It is a remarkable circumstance, that when Austrian Danube Steam Navigation Company, Dravo, Miss Ellen Bales, Philadelphia; Senior, Cincinnati; Hopkins, St Louis; Bromley, Richland; II Johnston. the prize crew was sent on board the President having left Constantinople on the 7th of this from the squadron, inquiry was immediately month, had safely arrived at Galacz on the 10th at three in the afternoon, and was to set out on ville; Talmadge, Columbus; A Stout, Mansfield; Speers, Bellevernon: fine. made, by a British officer, if Lieutenant Babbit was on board, and well.

When told of his death, are allowed liberally in capital cases. The sheriff was then directed to summon such talesmen as were standing about. The New York American then proceeds as follows: "In the case of Jewell, for instance, the pannel was exhausted immediately, by the joint operation of the peremptory challenge, and the non-attendance of the jurors summoned. A resort was then had to tales men, or in plain English such men as were at hand. Now it is clear that on a trial like that, the accomplices, the companions, the friends of the prisoner, are the persons most likely to throng the court and its environs, and tcilk the utmost care on the part of the sheriff, it would be difficult from among these to pitch upon impartial persons.

In the particu rights at Washington on this subject. Be it known then, that every obligation payable at any bank in the city or state of New York or at any bank in any other city or state in these U. States, is absolutely payable in specie, gold, silver, copper, real cash; and if they are not so paid, it is because the creditors prefer not to take it. That will be, and has been, the case with government payments. They will be no more payable in specie hereafter, than heretofore.

Every man who has a deposit in a bank, has it in specie. Why does not General Jackson, when his salary is paid, order up the bags of precious metals to the white house? Because when theory becomes practice, he perceives at once that the despised rags are more convenient for his use than the eulogized specie. So it is with all our specie legislators. They talk of the glories of gold, but the 12th, in the morning, to return to Contan- he was greatly affected, and observed that he Norfolk, Yough; William Furber, New Hampshire. had been, a few months before, a prisoner of war tinople.

It will now perform the voyage between the two places regularly twice a month, and thus complete a direct intercourse between in the United States, and stationed in the village where the family resided with whom Mr. Bab I rcsburgh and Constantinople. It performed VALUABLE LOT FOR SALE. Some of the shoots of the present season are already four feet in length, and some lateral shoots from these are nearly two feet lonjj, and still growing very rapidly. One leaf is 14a in.

in length by 12 in breadth, and many are upwards of 12 by 10, which exceeds any recorded size we have met with. Kenrick's American Orchardist, speaking of the size of the leaves, says "Their breadth is stated to be six inches and their length tight; but in rich soils they are sometimes eight inches in breadth and ten in length, or even more." This proves that our soil and climate are eminently adapted to the culture of this invaluable tree or shrub. The soil in which they grow is a rich sandy loam. We thought, when we planted them, that they had room enough for two years, but their foliage is already more crowded than we could wish. They are very beautiful full of leaves of a deep, shining green.

Kittannig Gazette, July 20. bit expected to be allied by marriage, and that its voyage in sixty-four hours, having stopped he had given them a pledge, at his departure, tor a few hours at erona and feulina. at the THE subscribers offer for sale a very valuable piece of Ground, adioinino- th that it ever the chances of war should place Mr mouth of the Danube, where the Captain was B. withiu his reach, he would do all in his power treated with the greatest civilitv and kindness Allegheny, fronting 160 feet on the high bank above the canal, and runnino- hnrU -in r. to alleviate the misery ot such servitude by the Kussian authorities.

lar case referred to, even this poor security of Notwithstanding the favorable opportunity af for their own pockets prefer the convenience of 5() feet street bounded by North Canal street, bst lane. Liberty street, and property of Judges Irwin and Greer. Tf n.t paper. Increased Speed of Steam Engines. A New forded by the weather to repair the President, and put her in condition to reach Bermuda in cautious selection on the part of the sheriff was omitted for it came out on the cross-examination of Win.

Harrington, a witness for, and a friend of the prisoner, and who bailed him out engine, built by Evans Thompson, Haigh We desire to give the prospectus of the War L-, mgiurci Minima few days, it will be laid off in small lots, to suit purchasers. For terms, to M. foundry, Wigan, is now running on the Liver safety, not a shot-hole was stopped up the next day, and she remained as she was when the last ren, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh Railroad, which pool and Manchester Railway, which is said to gun was fired. That night the spirit of the at the Office of the Pittsburgh Gazclte. possess greater power than any other emrine on will be found in our columns to-day, all the circulation in our power, and Jo lend to the project M.

the line. She leaves Manchester for Liverpool M. GRANT, DAWSON. storm was visible on the face of the waters, and ere midnight the winds and waves seemed to vie with each other in an effort to complete the July 26 R. wiui a neavy load of goods at 5 o'clock every morning, and returns again to Manchester by Now that Pennsylvania finances are fairly set on a prosperous footing, would it not be well to repeal the collateral inheritance and the shop taxes; the former prevents the rich from settling among us or even owning our stocks, and the when originally arrested, that the sheriff asked him to be a juror, and that, excusing himself on the ground of his being a witness, he pointed out other men whom the sheriff could take.

For all that appears to the contrary, the sheriff may have followed his direction, and then, if the parties selected would only swear to their own impartiality if challenged tee should have the edifying spectacle of a friend of the prisoner se work of destruction. A tempest of the most ap all the influence we may possess. I Philadelphia in particular it is important. A scheme which will connect a system of internal improvements with lake Erie, at Cleveland, which will open to us the trade of the lakes five weeks ear LOST, 10 clock, thus traversing the distance between palling description sprang up, to which the ter the two towns twice over, besides the dclavs of i i- reioauing, in me snort space ot bve hours. Nat.

rors of the battle were as nothing. The ship rolled and plunged, and every succeeding plunge was supposed to be the last. The idea that latter is annoying and of very little comparative benefit, as well as unequal in its operation. Nat. ON the 2oth in walking from the Steamboat Detroit to John Li.

Fadden's Store through Ferry, Third and Market streets, Thir' ty three Dollars in notes, one Ten of whirh ner, ana by a nricn snorter rout inan is enjoy uaz. ed by New York, which is to give to Philadel Gaz. phia, already the natural sea-board of the west, such a shattered vessel, piereed by a hundred balls, and leaking dreadfully, could survive the on the New Orleans Bank in 'e x- the benefits ot the western trade to an almost A number of directors of the Bank of the U. From the Essex Gazette. RUINS OF EGYPTIAN THEBES.

Thebes! what a glory on thy temples sate. om, one on the Cincinnati fury of such a storm, seemed to all incredible States are now on their way to Erie, with a view unlimited extent must attract the attention and command the co-operation of the capitalists Merchant's Mechanic's Rank in The American officers were placed in the ward room, where they remained the whole night in of making preparations to open a branch at that of Philadelphia. A million of dollars is all that When monarchs, hardly less than gods, were one on the Bank of the Valley of Virginia, the respective denominations of which are not rrcollect- Uirivinsr place. ia. Gaz.

thine that state of exciting and fearful suspense which is required for this great undertaking Nat, Gaz. ui.u one inree Uo nr nnli- nn iU the danger ot their Sacke-t's ituation was likely to pro- Though mystery and darkness shroud thy fate, .1 tl. The Harrisburgh TVan Burenl Chronicle uaruor Jiank. The finder, bv duce. The word passed repeatedly from one to i nng it at this a ne glimpse imagination gives us is divine! says "The Van Buren men had no celebration uttice, will suitably rewarded.

another, that she was gone, and all immediately juiy dJt Through the long vista, as we gaze, half hid. in Lancaster on the 4th: we are sorry for this, inasmuch as it shows a spirit of apathy that is prepared themselves to meet their impending fate as soon as possible. But Providence had Distinct though distant, graceful though aus Dy no means favorable to the cause- ordained otherwise; and with the return of the tere, Palace and pillar, fame and pyramid, Pan. Pan was the first person who struck morning came new hope. The violence of the gale did not abate, however, until evening, and 1 a i i In awlul grandeur and repose appear.

lecting the jury, who were to try him for his life. However this be, a jury, made up by talesmen, will nine times out often be a jury where some minds are made up in advance for acquittal." The intelligent editor of the New York American thinks that there is little chance, generally, of impartiality, even when the sheriff may have been disinterested in the selection of talesmen, because the friends of the accused are most likely to be standing about the Court House. How much worse was the matter in the case of Emery Sadler! He was a slave, for the time being, and could have no friends on the jury. Fitten was the master of the Lodge, the judge was a Mason, the sheriff was a Mason, and Masons would not only take an interest in the case, and be present on that account alone, but the tyler ef the Lodge may have notified them to attend. The whole case of Emory Sadler exemplifies Masonry as it is, as it is designed to be, a contrivance to give Masons a dishonest advantage wnen suosiaea.

not one oi me otner snips was anywhere to be seen. A plan was therefore Nations since born have wept o'er thy decay; An article which we put forth last week respecting the proposed publication of the Anti-quitates by the Royd Society of Northern Antiquaries at Copenhagen, has been extensively copied, and has excited, very naturally, considerable attention. In confirmation of what was then stated, we received yesterday from the Secretary of the Society a detailed prospectus, together with one of a more extensive series of volumes, entitled 4Antiquitates Britannicse." Of the latter but three hundred copies will be printed, at 12, one half of which sum must be paid in advance. The work on American Antiquities has been in progress for several years, and will leave the press before the FOR SALE, A EXCELLENT GIG, in good repair, with ed set orilarness. Inquire at the Man-Hon House.

july 2G eodl LUMNI Rev. Jo-seph Kerr will deliver the Anniversary d. dress, before the Alumni Association of the "Western University of Pennsylvania, in the Hall of formed, by the prisoners, to rise upon the prize Science and art have flourished and have died; crew, and recapture the frigate, which was de- And glory, like a dream, has pass'd away feated only by the premature disclosure of it by et thine imperishaole fame doth yet abide a a run Ken marine. lieing ordered below, tor Some insolence, hfi muttered anmethinrr Inat I And Can it be that ft dnnrrnHpfl rnpo terror into the enemy's forces by the means of sagacity and stratagem. Some spies had informed Bacchus, who was stationed in the hollow of a wood, that an immense host of enemies were encamped against him.

Bacchns was terrified, while Pan was not. In the night, he instructed the followers of Bacchus to set up a prodigious shout The rocks reverberated the sound, and this being repeated from the hollow of the wood, made it appear to the enemy as produced by a vast multitude. Their adversaries fled in terror and confusion. From respect to the stratagem of Pan, Echo is represented as his beloved favorite, and the nocturnal terrors of armies (like the downfall of visionary speculations) are termed Panics. JVat.

Gaz. wv wiui. I 1.1 TT 1 4JLU11 ui alarmed the British officers, who exercised such Scorn'd of their fellows, fetter'd, bought and un'versity Buildings, on Thursday, the 2sftl sold, msiaiu, ai nan past 10 o'clock, A. M. vigilance afterwards that it was found impracticable to carry the scheme into execution with The public are respectfully invited to attend.

close of the present summer. It will consist of ere once the mighty rulers in that place? The master spirits, who the age control'd? any prospect of success. -pi committee of Arrangtment. of the association are no-ified that a meeting will be holden in the Hall of the Tilghman Society, at 9 o'clock, A. M.

on the From the New York American. The poor despised negro might look up, VARIETIES OF LATE ENGLISH JOUR- And smile to hear that Greece, that classic NALS. is re- Oreece, Refused not to partake the enticing cup, Cape Coast Castle. Sir Robert Teel, in the uay. ineir punctual atttendunce quested, july 2G 2t one royal quarto volume.

The price to subscribers is, in America, twelve dollars, the freight from Denmark to New York and Boston included. Subscribers are requested to transmit their names, written in a legible hand, to Charles F. Rafn, Copenhagen, either through the American Philosophical Society in Phihdelphia, the Rhode Island Historical Society in Providence, or the Massachusetts Historical Society in Boston, and the copies subscribed for will be forwarded through the medium of an agent in Boston or New York. The prospectus confirms House, presented a petition, which he described Which swarthy Egypt tendered with the arts as being ot a novel character. He had receiv ot peace: ed it through the Post Office, but had no doubt JUST RECEIVED.

1500 lbs. sunerinr over their fellow citizens. The murder of Morgan was an extraordinary occurrance, one that does not very often occur in the operations of Masonry, while the case of Emory Sadler, throughout, is every day Masonry Masonry reduced to practice according to its intent. of its genuineness: That the proud white man sought in aires back. Potash Tt .1.1 i tt r.

I Tl. r- .1 i. i ii as uuuresseu iu me iiouse oi commons, i uc iiiiciiuciuai lire mal llgnis nis Drow. oy uertie Albenton, who styled himself King And iound it too, among a race as black Pearlash, Sal Eratus, Powdered Salep, Oat Meal, Arrow Root, of Cape Coast; and he signed it on behalf of As the poor slave he makes his victim now! himself and the native population, his subiects. The petitioner expressed the utmost gratitude for I The heir of Afric may not always be For sale bv Sago.

the part the House had taken in elevating the I The 'lowest link' in this our being's chain: 1 i tuaracier oi uie uiaca population uy ine aoon-i a nere is a magic power in liberty, HOLMES KIDD, corner of Wood and 3d ts. july 26 Uon ot JNegro slavery, and his reliance upon the I lo make the smother'd flame break out and House to afford him and his countrymen protec-1 blaze again. Collector's Office, wt Allegheny, July 23d, 1836. i Whole am't of tolls received ince 1st April, as per last re- APrt $17,814,98 Am't ree'd for the week euding Friday, 22d inst, 901,97 Whole am't ree'd to Saturday, 23d $18,716,95 tion. The particular object of the petition was 1 fefe Gals.

Sperm Oil, bleached, a beau-JL 9 PW tiful article, for family use. just re From the New York Journal of Commerce. NAVAL REMINISCENCE. The capture of the United States frigate President, by a British squadron, off Long Island, near the close of the last war, was marked by many interesting circumstances, which have been communicated to us by an eye witness. It is well known that the President sustained considerable injury by striking on the bar near Sandy Hook, on the night she put to sea, which greatly impeded her sailing.

This accident, and the delay occasioned by it, rendered it very doubtful whether she would be able to elude the enemy's vigilance, who were known to have a force of three frigates and a sixty-four gun ship cruising along the coast. As the day dawned, the apprehensions of Commodore Decatur were realized. The whole of the enemy's squadron was in sight, at no great distance, and in a brief interval their clouds of canvass were seen raised to the breeze in eager pursuit. The largest of the frigates, the Endymion, a ship of equal size and force with the President, took the lead in the chase, and it was very apparent that her superior sailing would render futile all hope of escape from her. Not that there was any disinclination to try the issue of brush with hex te secure to the inhabitants of Cape Coast the The native spirit may vet wake and live ceived and for sale bv SHINN SELEKRS.

nuciij auu amaiiiage oi purcnasmg mercnan- i and culture what have these not all that we before inserted respecting the alleged discovery of America long prior to the voyage of Columbus. There can be no doubt that many copies will be ordered from this country. The detailed prospectus may be seen at the Philadelphia Library. Nat. Gaz.

July 14. The Bank of the United States is making arrangements to establish three branches one at Pittsburgh, one at Beaver, and one at Erie. It has been solicited to establish agencies at aD. the principal cities of the Union, with many of which solicitations the directors have complied. The agency at Xew York is doing an immense business.

The Bank is said to be doing more business than ever it did under the old charter. If New York is the commercial emporium of the United States, Philadelphia is the cash emporium; but if some of our wise politicians had been suffered to have their own july 26 No. 4C, corner of Wood and 3d sts. aise irom me Bristol and Liverpool traders, and done?) to prevent merchants from acquiring an exclu- I And Ethiopia kindle and revive Like her own table when it felt the sue iraue mere, ana mereov esiauiisninir a Perfumery, sun. fTJLRSIAN Sweet Bag, Aromatic Salts, According to mythology, Ethiopia contained the 1 able of the Sun, which kindled whenever Whole am't of tonnage cleared at this office since 1st April, as per last report, 1 726,9 15 lbs.

Am cleared during the week eadimj Friday, 22d 1,505,812 Toilet Powder, Milk Roses, Superior Cologne, JL Hears Orease, Honey Water, Splendid Soaps, Spirit Roses, the rays of that great luminary shone upon it. complete monopoly. Sir Robert, of course, knew nothing of the facts, and he had not been able to hold any communication with the Colonial Department. The petitioner stated himself to be an ally of this country, who was desirous of cementing the existing bonds of friendship. He was sure the House would not be disposed to treat the petition with any degree of levity, and there was nothing unreasonable in the Hungary Water, and a general assortment of Perfumery constant JOB PKIXTirVG Whole am't of tonnage cleared to Saturday, 23d 19,032,727 lbs.

way last winter. New York would have NEATLY AND PROMPTLY EXECUTED en- ly on hand, and for sale by HOLMES KIDD, july 26 corner of Wood and 4th sts. grossed alL Kittanning Gaz. AT THE OFflCE OF THE GAZETTE..

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