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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 26

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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1H it 2-M DECEMBER 30, 1928 VISTA GRANDE Vista Grande Apartments Open H. L. RoberUon ha just completed the Virta Grande at Brooklyn and Hanover trects, above the lake. Among it modem facilities it Electro-Kold refrigeration installed by Scott Buttner company. The building ii open for inspection.

New Caporgno-Lewis Mortuary This structure has just been completed at Eighteenth and Grove streets by M. E. Valente, builder. BUILDING WILL Harris Allen was the architecf. Its installation- include a Johnson oil burner, and Acoustic eiOH tile has been used in the ceilings The formal is set for January 5.

JTH APARTMENTS ARE IIOW OPEN A OPEN 1 1 WW' I Trhe appropriately named Vista jrand apartments at Brookljn avenue and Hanover street. Just east of Lake Merritt, are now open and ready for occupancy, accord inr to an announcement by H. L. Robertson, builder. The structure comprises 27 apartments of two Announcement is made of the opening on Saturday.

January 6, of the new "Central Mortuary" building designed for Caporgna and Lewis by Harris Allen, architect, and erected by M. E. Valente, general contractor, at Eighteenth and Grove streets, Oakland. The structure has many special features which lend a noteworthy distinction. According to the architect, It Is the first building of consequence in which hollow tile has been used for architectural effect aa well as structural.

The surface is hard burned, to a fairly rough brick texture. In vargffig shades of a warm Venetian red. By using alternate wide and narrow courses. and tbree rooms, and Is of the English type of architecture. Lo 'ft, ,1 if i ff VS' -H i ZT'mmZW'''''XVS'', '4, Itfillf fdFsf, 't cated on a hilltop on Brooklyn ave nue.

the building commands sweeping and unsurpassed view of Lake Merritt, Oakland ana tnc bny. A description reads: "The exterior of the building -is brown stucco presenting a very handsome appears ire. A massive concrete base set below the three stories provides garage space for accented by wide, slightly projecting puolns and raked out Joints, an effect of vigorous scale and unity Is secured which Is an Important tenants. The lower hall is fin element in the design. Allen states: tuned In three-tone texture, while the upper halls and individual apartments are papered.

No -inspired by early Italian Romanesque models, the facade de fort has been spared to add every convenience, which include wall beda, electric-range. Incinerator service, steam heat and Electro pends upon good proportions and a richly ornamental for Its architectural effectiveness. The lunette over the entrance Is particularly In terestlng, being a cement fresco Kold refrigeration from Scott Butt-tier, Living rooms are large and handsomely furnished with two- executed in the manner of the Ital lan primitives by Simeon Pelenc, piece chesterfield sets, occasional and it. is In excellent accord with the spirit of the architectural de Jim sign. This artist has also contrlb California, with lta 330,000 square feet of floor space spread over a 30-acre tract on East Fourteenth street, was his 'second great contribution to the prosperity of the Eastbay, points out Norman De V'aux, vice-president and general uted another very beautiful cement $80,000, thus giving $283,991.18, or more than a quarter of a million dollars profit for the first seven months of the calendar year.

"With all the natural advantages a great metropolis nust have, ideal climatic conditions for the employer and the employee, educational advantages second to fresco which is the "piece-de-re1 FINANCING THE leten ce" of the main chapel; i large panel, six feet by ten feet, chair, center table, floor lamps, drapes and curtains. Dining rooms are separated from breakfast nook by opaque French doors. Here also are rich draperies, and the dining set and buffet are of a spleaslng walnut finish. "Bathrooms contain both tub and shower bath and a departure from the usual is the onyxite flooring, an innovation of striking beauty. Kitchens and breakfast nooks are combined and conveniently ar- REPORTED BUSINESS KEEPS IIP WITH PACE showing a vista of landscape and sky which has a nlaivete of treat ment and a charm of coloring ex HOME, tremely well suited to the room and 21 Cars Burned By Key System Twenty-one street cars, representing an original Investment of more than $260,000, recently relegated to the Junk pile and declared unfit for service by A.

J. Lund-berg, president of the Key System Transit company, were burned this week In one huge bonfire by the transit company on the Key System pier fill on the Oakland estuary. The funeral pile of the old street cars was touched off by Joseph Gilman, veteran carpenter and manager of the western Durant organization. "Since 1922, when the Durant factory commenced operations, more than 100,000 Durant automobiles have been produced by this unit," he slates. "All of these cars have been distributed in the Pa Purpose, CO.

This panel Is richly framed decorative plaster modeled by ranged. Ginks and sink boards are of onyxite and ample built-in cup IN OFFICE SPACE Frank Lunardi. who ako executed other fine examples In plaster and OF BOOKLET cific coast region, the Hawaiian board space has been provided cement throughout tne building Contributing greatly toward tho In the public portion of the Plastering of the entire structure was by J. 8. Perkins.

The apartments throughout are richly development of the Eastbay, W. C. building, covering most of the main none, and room for 10,000,000 people, the growth of the Eastbay has just commenced," Durant stated on his last visit to Oakland. He predicts that it is Inevitable that the Eastbay section will become the most populous and the most prosperous community In the west. Output of Rubber Goods Shows Gain The department of commerce announces that, according to data collected at the biennial census of manufacturers taken in 1928, the establishments engaged primarily in the manufacture of rubber goods other than rubber tires and Inner tubes snd rubber boots and shoes, in 1927 reported products valued floor, the treatment Is In accord Durant and his associates are cred and neaviiy carpeted as are all the and Philippine Islands, and Japan.

"We are now enjoying the greatest demand for Durant products in the entire history of the company. The factory Is operating at capacity; more than S50 employees are on the payroll, and the net profits for the first six months Hundreds of thousands of fam with the spirit of exterior, avoid- shop employee of the Key System, who had built 10 of the 21 cars destroyed. Of the 21 care burned. ited with bringing to Oakland a number of the Pacific coast's larg Hies who set out to own their lng extensive meaningless orna Hallways and stairs. Abundan closet space la a feature of al apartments." homes each year find flnanolng the mnt- but.

eled out in the best 10 were Ttnown as the Kelly type Rentals are announced at $66 and were recently withrirom rrnm oi maternais ana wun warm out est Industrial institutions. Two of the most Important of these are the mammoth Durant and Chevrolet plants. A statement reads: service when the Alameda-San i nvJl lry 10 hulet col The main en- of 1928 totalled $213,742. 15 after all deductions for depreciation. Jose avenue No.

lino was die tip, which Includes furnishings and all conveniences except garage. Management of the building will be In the hands of Mrs. Belmsen, who uj iiiuuiu, 10 ine uivision I irnnce currjuor nai a gruineu nf huiiiin vaii.i. k. 1 arched ceiling of soft blue plaster, "It was W.

C. Durant who In Although many millions of square feet of new office space has been added during the recent years of the building boom, the business of the nation has kept fair pace with the great boom, according to a survey Just completed by the National Association of Building Owners and Manag. rs. The association, representing more than $7,000,000,000 worth of commercial properties in the metropolitan centers of the United States and Canada over a long history of periodic surveys has federal, slate and local taxes had been made. The month of July rv.

springing from square pilasters of will be on the premises today to 1616, as head of the vast General Motors organization, selected the Eastbay for his first Pacific coast was another record breaking month from the standpoint of Dro- travertine stucco resting on a pave-Just Issued the 1 a "Present ment of marble terrazio tiles. At receive visitors. continued. These cars, named after W. F.

Kelly, who was general manager of the Oakland Traction company in 1808, at the time they were built, created much comment for their novel construction. Their center entrances on the sides of dKictlon and sales and despite the ar 23u.643.&2. an increase of t. factory, the Chevrolet plant. He made the statement then that the Kick-lM'u-Tui Toy and Novelty per cent as compared with S21 Home Financing Methods." This the end of he corridor a fernery is built up In an alcove, around an booklet, which has been prepared ova, MMvpwv Tnlg oorrlaor leads with the cooperation of leading to the three principal chapels, the Bastbay district was to become the raci mat a federal tax of 116.000 was paid during the month, the net profits for the month reached SHSJS9 for 1925, the last precMi company has leu.ed apace at tin Cast Fourteenth street for the manufacture and wholesaling of Industrial capital of the west and me cars brought street rallwav ex.

uflnnug year. come to a conclusion that a vacan home financing agencies, is writ- offices, rest rooms and reception ten to assist home buyers and home room, and the minor chapel, stairs toys. The products include rock gave as his reason the fact that the continent ends on this side of San Francisco bay. perts from all parts of the country to view them. It was thought that they would revolutionize atreet cy of ten par cent of the available rt ers, chairs, duck-cars and various office specs Is the normal condi tion.

The survey which reflects con other toys. "Within a few weeks after I car construction The burning of the old street dltlone in forty leading cities, shows ground had been broken for the new factory, other plants were builders who have to borrow, and and elevator, side and garage en- also for persons and organizations trances, through large side and who are interested in Improving lo- rear corridors, cal home financing facilities. "The chapels ace of various sizes Choosing a helpful home financ- to accommodate from 250 persons lng agency and a good plan of fl- down. Each is finished with Latin that the present vacancy Is 11.77 Seven persons are employed at the present time. The territory now being served Includes the entire store of California.

E. C. English cars was supervised by H. P. Bell, established here, 'as industry be per cent, or only 1.8S per cent vice-president to oharge of engl neering for the Key Kvstem.

An, above normal. gets Industry, until at present approximately 1 300 factories are lo is owner. nandng may save a family from stucco or tapestry papered walls, Whether thla condition will be cording to Bell, newer equipment cated In the Eastbay. much unnecessary expense, or even oak woodwork, and beamed or long maintained is open to question wm repmee me cars destroyed. The Durant Motor Company of the success of the under- vaulted ceilings paneled with according to John T.

Redmond, of Chicago, chairman of the commit taking. In order to avoid costly Acoustl Celotex tiles, a product of mistakes family, particularly if It the Western Asbestos Magnesia flying for those who are eontem tee -on renting of the National As sociation of Building Owners and has to borrow more than can be ob- company. talned on a first mortgage, needs to Extreme care was taken In struc know something about the sources tural methods and in planning ar Managers. "In the forty cities covered In Plating me construction Of large buildings in cities where thore is already a larger than normal vacancy. The fact that there was the survey which we have Juet com pleted." said Redmond, there are of home loans, and the types of rangemcnt of the Various parts to services furnished by the agencies provide for the comfort and con-supplying them.

venlence of all persons visiting the oniy a .03 increase in the percentage of vacancy during the past five ninety new buildings under con Complete Electrical Itutalfatwn for the Mita Grande' Apts. ZARWELL ELECTRICAL CO. 2622 Central Ave. struction, with a total area of 177.676 square foet. of office space.

"Present Home Financing Moth- building. The heating Is supplied ode" describes the services rendered by a quiet and well regulated oil by building and loan associations, burning system using the well mmuim a wnoiesome indication that the business of the nation expanding and that there are many establishments which are beginning to realize that adequate quarters Lighting Fixtures Eipccially Designed by VOORHEES MASCHIO 41 21. BROADWAY PIEDMONT 0115 Of that total 2,678,141 square feet will have been completed and will be on the market for tenants be life insurance companies, savings known Johnson oil burner. fee banks, trust companies, and other ture of special note is the Interlock agencies which lend to home seek- lng roof tile, a product that la mak fore January 1. ur ewentiaj lor nigner working er ficlency." However.

I do not sae anything ers, and also takes up second and lng great strides in the Bastbay. third mortgages and the land coo- This tile Is said to be unusually In the situation that can be con AlameJa 3942W strued as alarming lo the owner of tract method of purchase. It points durable, presents a very handsome out various pitfalls to be avoided, appearance and Is guaranteed for and gives much practical Informs- a lifetime of service. It 1 the pro- wen located buildings already constructed, but I do see danger signals The survey is the most comprehensive that hae ever been made by the National Association of Building Owners and Managers. The total floor area reported of square feet, is equal to 3983 non, sucn as suggestions for use In I duct or tne improved interlocking Roof Tile company, of NUes.

applying for loans, ui omce space. The discussion of the second VISTA GRANDE mortgage, a subject of vital Interest to thousands of home seekers, deals with the methods and practices of Acousti Celotex Tiles CHAIN secona mortgage lenders, and the effect of discounts and commissions on the interest rate paid by the bor and installed on all ceiling pat rower. Since the borrower is usually furnishc in required to curtail the loan perl You Are Invited to Visit the New Home of CAPORGNO LEWIS Funeral Directors i Complete Modern Beautiful NAMED odlcally, and therefore, does not have the use of the wtvple amount APARTMENTS Brooklyn and Hanover Ave. Overlooking Lake Merritt Just completed, beautifully furnished and ready for occupancy. Sunny two and three-room apartments with all modern conveniences, such as wall beds, electric ranges, Electro Kold refrigeration, steam heat, incinerr, etc.

Fireproof garage optional. lor the entire loan periou. the discount rates of 4 to 10 pex cent a year, wnicn are common lr many localities, actually work outMo be Walter I. Brown of the Tndimirln) considerably higher. in lact.

unaer the usual teen larly amortized loan and the real discount rate la approximately Hear and Machine Company announce his appointment as Oakland distributor for Whitney silent chain drives, manufactured hy the Whitney Manufacturing Company of Hartford, Conn. Brown Rtatee: "I.on life la gouDie me nominal rate, on a typical second mortgage loan, for example, running for three years on the monthly payment plan, and at Chapels 2 and 3 of the VIRGIL G. CAPORGNO FUNERAL PARLORS according to plans and specifications of Harris AJlen, Architect WESTERN ASBESTOS MAGNESIA CO. Acoustical Engineers and Contractors nuut into Whitney silent chain with i per cent nominal Interest rate Ren Range from $55 See manager on premises today us notinie concentric bearing Joint in Its operation this Joint construc and with a 15 per cent discount (5 tion presents almost double the per cent anuuaily, so called), the actual rate of interest paid by the borrower on his outstandinc bal ances Is approximately IS per cent a year. The appendix of the booklet kt.

uuai bearing area to carry the load and resist wear. Thise chain are noted for thelrhigh s-istained ef-fli'lency, roniant driven speeds. rteorPauM Journal friction economy of upace and reliability." The Inrfuntrlnl and Machine Company now occupies its news building at J5S Sixth street, where added pace hue permitted plains In simple terms how answers ORNAMENTAL IRON WORK Shaded by age-old trees and centrally located at Eighteenth and Grove streets. The I most beautiful and splendidly equipped funeral home in the West, combining all the features necessary for rendering sympathetic and considerate service. Contains one large chapel, appropriately decorated, and two smaller chapels, a large organ, private family and choir rooms.

(o similar problems may be found by prospective borrowers who wish to compare different loan Plans (or available to them. Vista Grande Apis. In many communities the hisb 21-29 South Park San Francisco Phone Donglas S860 16th and Poplar Ste. Oakland Phono Oakland 2237 rates charged for second mortgage funds have tended to discounts in inetaiianon or additional machinery and equiprornt. thereby in-creaving production nd speed up delivery.

Builders' Hardware ROIOH AND K1NISH VISTA GRANDE APTS. from B. Simon Hardware Co. holrwle nnii Hetait tli and Broadway 1 niiviMr TRIA home building, but Instances arc given of successful efforts by pub- uc-spiriiea local grouns to Imnrove such conditions. "Present Homo Financing Methods" Is deslened to F.

J. Iron Works Office. 125 Broadway Shop. 459 461 Second St. Telephone LaJcaitte 4424 fl cover the subject more fully than was possible in "How to Own Tour Home," a publication with a sale of more than 350,000 coDles to lf credit, which was put out several years ao by the Department of Commerce as of lis nrouvum Oakland will be the mxt convention city for the Feaee Officer' Association of California, according to a wire received hy the convention bureau from Burton F.

Rocker, sheriff of Alnmeda county. The thousand delegates expected will meet for a four-day period, probably beginning on (lie day, October 21, an 'the I 'allfornlit Mi er If fa" association becln their convention. Thin yeai eRion was held in Sun Bernardino. "ill Federal K. -serve 'I13-' tiicts in the t'nitcd States, four Mii'Wi an Increase aHfollns: fi' per cent: Dallas.

5.2 per cent; Richmond. .8 of 1 per cent; New Ytirk. 'a of 1 per cent. The Caporgno-Lewis Mortuary built by M. E.

VALENTE. CONTRACTOR BUILDER 5118 CLARK ST. HUMBOLDT 8551 promote borne ownership and to encourarc vnluntnrv local efforts to safeguard the Interests of families Opening Saturday and Sunday January 5th and 6th, 1929 CAPORGNO LEWIS MORTUARY Eighteenth and Grove Street who build or buy their homes. These publication? may be ob-t Dined from the Superintendent of Documents, fiovernment Printing Of lice, Hushinfrton. for 5 cents.

Remittances should not be made in etan-ps. Shc- Mdul Work lor thf VISTA GRANDE APTS. Christensen Grutsch fetal Contractors 4279 PIEDMONT AVE. Piedmont 7R91 Mill Work for the I tsti and Ipf.s. from GENERAL MILL LUMBER CO 600 34th Street Piedmont 8711 5 I The Caporgno-Lewis Mortuary features the Im proved Interlocking Roof Tile; provides a handsome, durable roof that is guaranteed for the life of the building.

MANUFACTURED BY THE IMPROVED INTERLOCKING ROOF TILE INC. Mechanically The Simplest Electric Refrigerator Installed By a Firm with an Earned Reputation for Reliable Installations and Integrity in Service. A Combination That Surpasses All Competition Scott-Buttner. Electric Co. EASTBAY- DISTRIBUTORS 19 Grajicl Oakland Clencourl 1542 Plastering in VISTA GRANDE APTS.

By J. B. PERKINS 509 EVELYN AVE. Berk. mO J.

Cement Work for the Vista Grande Apts. by P. BARALE CO. 123 L. I5TH ST.

CLetHoitrt S32I PLASTERING Caporgno-Leu)is Mortuary by WM. MARIETTA 1203 Stannage Ave. Berk. 2745 INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR CAST PLASTER Caporgno-Lewis Mortuary by Frank Lunardi 1715 12th St. fnnWe 4604 NILES.


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