Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 28, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 28, 1896
Page 8
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Champion Sale > The greatest of all great sales that has ever been held'inJLogans- port is now going on at THE GOLDEN RULE. The semi-annual]^? &asion on which we throw down the-gauntlet .and defy all competition to watch our prices. You will find this store is full of plain and^convincing proofs that here your Dollar buys most everything in wearing apparel for woman or child at unapproachably low«priees. For Prices see Large Posters. . Golden Rule. You Don't Have to be Rich Look at these two •j* wear jrood Slioes-that is it'you trade with us. Money Savers. Men's Satin Calf, Congress or Lace - -•• - = p8c. (Ladies' Tan Oxfords -------- / - .6pc. AVe have otlicr "Good Things." One ot tbciu, a Ladies'Kid Button for $1.3O, well-made and glove iitlliiff. Then there is our JHIgh Grade lino of Ladies' Low Shoes iu latest Colors and on raxor and needle too lasts. They cost :i little more and they are worth it. E. M. Walden & Co. 315 Fourth Street. HATS NOT THE BALL GAME Is what we wish to call your attention to. Most of tbe nobbiest and swcllest hats scon iu Logansport have conic from our store, where the stock was never so replete with novelties as now! All the newest styles to suit any taste are here in profusion, and the golfers, tennis players, bicyclers, or all-round athlete can suit his fancy from the most fanciful. Our new straws are dandies. flORRIS FISHER - THE HATTER. wHliL^TAL^r Thi5 Watch AND CHAIN. Free! Free! Free! The -latest invention for the benefit of aicycle riders Is tlio vulcanlzer. The Talcanizer is a machine in which, through a certain process, worn and Sursted tires 'that have bero-to-torc ibeen beyond repair, can be made good OB new. This is done by vulcanizing v»w rubber into the defective parts. In 3ie. past when blcyclo tires became -torn or burstod, they had to be thrown jsidc and new tires substituted, necessitating one of the greatest expenses of •iSo bicycle. This, however, is done siy with the invention of the vul- The Burgntan Cycle Co. lately rsceived such a machine and .are in •.-ppsFtion to mend any rubber goods that •frave been considered beyond repair. We. vulcanize every day. Call at our »tor,c and seo us do it. j-u our repair shop the brazer is u rory useful tool. We are so equipped that we can do the very Quest of work *n. this particular line. When yon journey on your wheel carry .1 kodak with you. For sale only iy. trie Burgma,n Cycle Co. Sotice to the Ladies. jtliave- established my odice in the St. jHtno building and ladies who are suf-/ •.Jerlntf from eczema, wrinkles, freckles, tetter and excess redness -of skin, to :liose 'who purchase one bottle of Ma- dtm Strir.gliain'i? face bleach are cnt'tfef: to ODD free treatment for face for •ihe next two weeks. Superfluous hair .-iiid biriti marks are treated successfully. All Indies and fentlomen are in- 'Uw? Jo cull and see one. atteine StiiDgham. DERMATOLOGIST. This Watch and Chain FREE with Men's Boys' and Children's Suits and Shoes or . . . the WATCH With Suit. The CHAIN With Shoes. Otto Kfaus "Of Course" PALMSTRY Past. Present. Future. N'o Cards. Correct Delineations. PROF. ROSCOE Roomn 1 4 2.- Over Boo Elvo Stcro. - CULVER- CADEJTS WIN. 'An ahtletlc team from Culver. M. A. at Lake Maxlnkuckee defeated the South Bend .high school .team-Saturday by a score of G2Vi to '12%, • •'. .:., ' THREE HUNDRED A Tornado Sweeps,East St. Louis •-Many Lives are Sacrificed. FIRE AgDS TO HORROR Meager Reports of a Most Terrible Disaster. St. Louis, May iif^Bix-ial.—East St, V, 1 ;-. Louis wus laid in ruins -this evening at 7 o' clock by a tornado.- At least three hundred lives have been lost and property .destroyed amounting .to millions of dollars. v i- Tiie storm swept flown shortly heforo 7 o'clock and doslrpyeil everything In Its palh. Numerous-rivov craft woru sunk and one boat which was known to have had n law nutr.ber of people on board was blown over and sunk and wry soul on board drowned. A 1 Chicago & .Alton Irahi which was pulling across i he railroad bridge was blow)) over and many people were killed. The wreck took fire i'muicdiatcly, and it is impossible 1 to'tell how many people perished. . : The Vandalia roundhouse and freight ollices were demolished and so far-as learned but.four men out of. the forcc..:it work in the .two buildings escaped 1 with their lives. A thousand freight cars 1 In the yards were blown from the-trai;k and catching' fin. 1 , were destroyed. Many dwellings were blown down and lire is completing the work of. .destruction. ' . All the wires'0111 of the city are down and what news It is possible to send out must bo sent by messenger to an outlying station, several miles from the city. The extent of the disaster caunot' even be estimated at. fliisYtime, but at 'least three hundred people-are killed, and ir is probable that i:ho number will reac'i live hundred or evcn'oHoro.. 1 ' ALMOSTSHUTOUT Page Fencer* Try Hard for White Coat. SAVED BY ONE RUN Four- Hundred 'People' Saw a Pretty Game of Ball. Those. 1 fellows from Tiiaokvir.e line their whHuwash brushes wiih iliom yos terd.-iy, ami they fully intended to use them too. .The only thing that prevent oil was an unforeseen streak oC luck that allowed tl'.o Ottos to steal one rni in the eighth inning. With the base: .full in this inning tlioir urack pitcher Taylor, a sou of limn who has all kinds of sjieoil and more curves ilian weix cvoL 1 thohglit oi', sent Stalls out;'for i walk, forcing the otic single, lonely run which appears on the score credited to the Ottos. And even then the nn 1 wpii-ld-. uu.t.-.have bcea gained had the eoachors not talked Taylor into giving COULDN'T STEAL IT. Stills :i base. It. was a case of "jui;|" of the first watxT, and that's where ;o(>d coaching pays. The dusky gentlc- inuii had .their minds made up to make t a shut-out, for that's the game tltey .lave been pulling up everywhere. They used their whitewash outfit on the Bloomi'ugtou, 111., (cam with good effect, and have "cleaned" some of the best amateur teams in the country- They go to South Bend today and will .play flu-re this and tomorrow afternoon. As the South Bend team is to play here Saturday and Sunday, the result of the games will be watched with interest. Lyen was a little more effective than Fisher, but the Giants touched him up for n to:al of twelve base hits and two ANOTHER GOLDEN WEDDING fir. and Mrs. James Atwood Celebrate Their Anniversary. James anil Mary 'Atwood, residing three miles South of th'e city, celebrated their golden wedding anniversary Sunday at their hq,mc. One hundred a.nd seventy guests sat. down to a dinner which might properly be termed a feast, and the day was spent with the host ami hostess in a social way. .Many handsome presents wore received by Jfr, and Mrs. Atwood from ttieir. friends, in remembrance of the occasion. Mr. aucl Mrs. Atwood were married In Cass county fifty years ngo last Sunday, near where the hamlet/of Georgetown now is. Nine children 'blessed their nu- ion, of whom three are now-living, two sons, Alfred and George, and a daughter Mrs: Margaret Caldwcll, of Deer Creole, Carroll county. Mr. Atwood is in his seventy-sixth year and his wife seventy- three, and both are hale , and hearty. Miss Nora Bitter, of Danville, 111., was the only guest from abroad. The Journal hopes to chronicle the event of the diamond wedding anniversary of Mr.- and Mrs.^Hwood, twenty -flvo years hence.--'"'" - .--.• ^ •" SA'ND AND GRAVEL FREE. Come everybody.. I. have stripped the dirt away from two -thousand yards of gravel and building -sand. Tb.e teams that come first can hav.e It without cost, as I desire to finish iip Hie 'streets -In front of my;. $400 . • terrace lots. Tho houses that-WTII be bujlt.'iipon the lots now sold' will cost .f 1.200 to ?1..5CO. . '. WELDON WEBSTER;' Today in addition :to Dresden parasols wo have-100 fine twilled 'gloria, congo handle's.worth. 1?2,00 only .$1.18.—' Trade.Palace.' • '•-.- •• :"•>'•.;'••.'.'•'. '; ' , ,'' =O= North and E.-ifrt, South ami West, Living now in Peace and Rest; To the Stars and Stripes we bow, 'G.-Hust all foes united now. Today, Tomorrow and Saturday May 28, 29 and 30 Any Lady making a purchase at our store, wi'l be presented with a beautiful Souvenier, appropriate for Decoration Day. HARRY FRANK V 313 Fourth Street. I Am Showing = the Finest line of Spring Suitings That Was Ever Seen in This City. P. J. HOOLEY. 418 Market Street Inuter; lime of game, 1 hour, Ju mln- ites. Umpire Johnston. Attendance four hundred. CINCINNATI STILL LEADS. c Spiders Win and so do the Reds, Leaving the Clubs jji (he Same Positions. I.PULLED 'EM t)OWX. t wj-basgurs. '-There's no'use talking," snid a. disconsolate rooter, "those fellows would bit any pitcher that ever went in the box." And lie said what is probably erne, for there are at least six men on the team who will hit the ball and hit it hard. Lyen's support was far better than that which was accorded Fisher, the men playing with more snap and doing cleaner work all around. Following Is 'be official score: OTTOS AB R H PO A Stemler, .of 3 0 0 1 Hunter, rf 3 0 0 0 Statts,2b ?' 005 Bolan, c * 0 Bruton,'£$•••' 4 ° Stokes, 3b '.A 0 Haekcttvlb- 3 1 Shaver, if 3 0 Lyeu, p , 3 0 ' Totals ..... 30 GIANTS AB Taylor, Ib ; ...... 0 BInga,3b :..'..... 3, Johnson, ss- ...... 5 Burns, c . ........ 5 Wilson, p ....... .6 Grant; 2b'-.. ...... C Graham, rf . . . ; . .0 Holland,: If ....... 4 Miller, cf. .' ....... 5 27 0 PO A 10 0 1 2 2 3 1 1 1 0 1 1 Totals 44 12 12 27 0 2 Score by innings: ' Transport 000000010—1 Pago Fence''. ..•. .001013 0 1 0-12 Earned runs—Fage Fence C; two-bcso lilts—Taylor; Binga; base on.balls—off Wilson 3,-.off'Lj-en 7; . struck out—by Wilson K by fry en. 3; left on base—Ottos 6,! Pago Fence 12;",hit by pitched ball- Cleveland won from New York yester- lay. But while the Spiders were de- 'cating the Giants, Cincini iti was a-king- a piece out of Washington, aafl he. result is that the leaders are in ul- no.st the same position as on Tuesday. incinnari now loads by twelve points, ^ollowiiig arc the scores.of yesterday's •amos: At Philadelphia—Chicago 5, Puiladol: bin S. At Brooklyn—Louisville 7, Brook- yu S. At Baltimore-St. Louis 0, Bulti- lore 0. • . At Washington—Cincinnati 10, Wash-. igton G. At New York—Cleveland 11, New ork 5. At Boston—Piftsburg 14, Boston 15. STANDING OF THE CLUBS. Clubs Won Lost Per Ct. Cincinnati 22 Cleveland 10 Boston 10 Baltimore 10 Filtsburtf I'! Philadelphia IS Chicago .17 Washington 14 Brooklyn J4 New York , 12 St. Louis U Ixsiiisvillo 7 A NEW FAD. A Novelty iu Watch Guards Made of the Now Shades in Leather. 11 .10 12 IS 1C 17 17 20 21 .0(57 .035 .013 .50-1 .071 .451 .451 .373 .34-1. .219 One of the very latest things in gentlemen's watcb chains of guards Is made of leather. They are rery band- tome and unique. They are made !n many different colors, embracing all the new shades. That they are a great favorite with the gentlemen goes without saying; and especially Is It so with the bicycling public. A little nickle-platcd buckle is used to attach them to the clothing and also to the watch and thereby, avoiding the dajiger of losing your watch while on the wheel. These guards arc being presented to Line Filling's customers with shoes. Pilling the up-to-date shoe man makes it a special point to always do as much, if not a little more for bis customers than does any of his competitors. Free watch guards and free siiines with every pair oC shoes.—Pilling, the Shoo man, 412 Broadway, Logausport, led. Columbia bicycles are the best To ride a Columbia is to buy one. They ' sell themselves.—Line Pilling, agent, 412 Broadway. To The Ladies MARCO AND MUSIC. Entertainment at flcCaffrey's Hall Pleases Hany. Tho 'musical entertainment given last night at McCaffrey's hall by Prof. Claud-Marco- under the auspices of. the K. & L. .of H., was well attended, and was enjoyed greatly by all present. Misses .Maud Patrick and Sadie Grace rendered a piano duet in excellent stylo. Frof. Marco played a violin solo iu his artistic way, Miss Daisy Grace gave a piano solo in excellent style and was heartily applauded. Miss VTashburu pave a recitation which was very pleasing. The vocal duct by Messrs. Marco and McKee proved those gentlemen to be vocalists of ability. After the musi- cnl program was completed refreshments were served and danc-iu? was participated in until ft late hour. IN HONOR OF A GUEST. Miss. Dfiisy. StVecker enl.crtr.ined the Eastern Star club Tlmrsdny afternoon, in honor of her sucst, Miss .Nona Broa- zeu. ' Today, is parasol day at the Trade. Palace... . ••' . . >- : ' This is the season of the year when the unpleasant but necessary work of house-cleaning claims the attention of the housekeeper and uot a little de» pends on the appearance of your lace curtains as poorly dono-up curtains spoil the effect of a well-furnished home quicker than anything else. We bave experienced help In this class of work wno <3o nothing else and we know we can give you perfect satisfaction. We are also making a.specialty this year of laundering shirt waists, being the . only .firm in the city using machinery exclusively for the purpose. We will appreciate your patronage. Campbell Bros. 429 Market St. STOP! READ. LOTS FOR SALE, Tn Highland Purk. Ofmer's Addition; In .1o)m n. Johnson's tnstEntl Addition: In Minlo (irovo P. M. K'icnro Addition; In DrittK Addition;-In. McDowI:'* Addition; In Woodland Addition; ln : Addition. . ' M. M. GORDON. Office No. 1 Spry .Block,. Pearl 8t

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