Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on December 31, 1927 · Page 9
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 9

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 31, 1927
Page 9
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SATURDAY EVENING aftlanO Crfftune DECEMBER 31, 1927 B 9 Wells Will Tell of Trip To Orient Two special programs of worship r New Year Sunday have been ranged by Dr. Edgar A. Lowtner. pastor of the First Methodist church. In the evening at the 7:30 o'clock hour Key. Charles A. ;"Chuck") Wells, Just returned' from a tour of Japan, Korea, China and Manchuria, will speak pn ' The Christ in umnas neis. Jtv"ells resigned his position last fall hn the staff or First cnurcn xu bake a tour of the Orient, propar-Mory to entering on an lndepen- ient pastorate. His sermon Will be oasea on nis merlerices in China and illus trated by interpretative cartoons! I'or many years Wells was a newspaper cartoonist. The Scottish Rite male chorus will furnish a twenty minute musical program I tinder the direction of Henry F. i Edson. In the morning at 11 o ciock Dr. ;'A. Ray Moore, executive secretary lot the Southern California Conference of the Methodist"hurch, who has been attending the Epwortli League Western Conference held at First church, Oakland, will preach on "The New Year and the New Life." Dr. Moore was for several years an area secretary under Bishop Adna W. Leonard. The vested choir under the direction of Edgar A. Thorpe will sing at the morning service "Sing Alle- (lula Forth," by Buck, and "A Christmas Carol from Lapland," Traditional. At the evening service the special choir number will be "There Were Shepherds" by Foster. Mrs. JL, Bossell, guest soprano, will sing: "The Home Land," by Shelley. Mrs. Frances B. Jones will sine a nest contralto at both services. Kidnaper To Be Topic of wRev. Dawson i - "When little girls are snatched Out of our homes and schools by brutal criminals, a serious situation Is presented to the commu- jnity. A real remedy must be I found. So says Rev. Dawson, of the Melrose Baptist church, who is ito preach, on the recent kidnaping leases, tomorrow night, in a Gospel The Melrose church Is to have 5 W-U 'll, - , -1 . i parting at 8 o'clock, 'Health and Breath' to Be Ochs' Theme A new course of lectures on -"Health and Breath" will be given j before the Mazdaznan society by Dr. Agnes OThs, starting at the public meeting next Tuesday night at the Business and Professional Woman's club, 1608 Webster 'street. "Before the Individual can conquer the various limitations which .surround him and hold him down. , It is necessary for him to free hlm- self from the mother breath and declares Dr. Ochs. "He may do by establishing his own Indi um Dream, tnus Decomine a law unto himself. "In this course of lectures we Will attempt to show how this Treat work can be accomplished fj However, we simply point the way lor it is only possible for the in dividual to save 'himself by himself. He must do his own breathing." Hickman Case to "Kidnapped and Murdered" will be the subject of a sermon by Rev. It- H. Moon at the Oakland Evangelistic association tabernacle to-ijnorrow night. He will draw his 9lifMti.at1nna. from lb a Hlplrmfln case. 'Going On With Christ Will Be Hanley Theme -pOING ON WITH CHRIST" will be the subject of Dr. Elijah A. Hanley tomorrow morn. ing at the First Baptist church of Berkeley. A New Year fellowship meeting will be held tomorrow afternoon from 5 to 7:50 o'clock, followed In Thirty-seventh Year Although the Christian and Missionary Alliance was organized hi Oakland in 1891, it was not until four years ago that the congregation moved into the church pictured below. Rev. H. F. Meltzer is the pastor. TRIBUNE photo. , , j I Rev. H. F. Meltzer CHRISTIAN MISSIONARY ALLIANCE The Christian and Missionary Alliance was established In Oakland In 1891 when the first Alliance branch was organized under the leadership of Mrs. Carrie Judd Montg-omory. Mrs. Montgomery continued as superintendent of the work for seven years. At that time the movement was known as the Christian Alliance. In 1897 it was consolidated with the Missionary Alliance and the Present name of the society was adopted. Rev. H. C. Waddell ministered for a brief period, and Rev. Hiram Hill succeeded him. Rev. James A Frazer of Hebron home Oakland, was assisted by Mrs. M. C. Jones. Being of an Interdenominational character Its growth was necessarily slow. In the year 1905, Rev. J. E. Jaderqulst came from New York to assume charge of the work In this center. The services were held In a small hotel on Fourteenth street on Sunday afternoons. Latfcr the services were held in a Swedish church on Twentieth street. Prayer meetings and Bible study classes were held in the home of Rev. Jaderqulst. The attendance and interest had Increased to such an extent that In 1908 a large hall was rented on Telegraph avenue and fitted up as a place of worship. Here regular services and revival meetings were held. Open air services drew may In from the streets. A regular course of Bible study was now conducted two evenings each week with many young people In attendance. BOUGHT SMALL CHURCH. In 1909 the branch purchased the small Baptist church on Twenty-first street near San Pablo avenue. At this time the society was organized into a local Independent church. About this time also a Bible training school was organized and from this school many of the students went on to the Missionary Training Institute at Nyack, N. Y. Twenty-five of these young people are now engaged In Christian work In the home-land and In foreign fields. Rev. Herbert Dyke succeeded Rev. Jaderqulst as pastor and continued in that capacity for ten years. The lot where the present church stands was purchased during his ministry. Rev. R. H. Moon followed Rev. Dyke and remained for a little more than two years. The present church building was erected during his pastorate. ReV Hardy W. Mitchell was the next pastor remaining only one year. Rev. H. F. Meltzer, the present pastor, took charge of the work In August, 1926. The church has a well organized Sunday school and a strong Young People's work. A pipe organ has Just been Installed coming in the furm of a gift from friends of the church. Tonight Special service at 8 o'clock. The theme for the sermon Is "Last Lord's Prayer In 1927." REV. EDWIN MOLL will preach on Sunday morning at 11 o'clock, on "Your Resolutions, Opportunities, Duties and Your Foundation for 1928." Luther League at 6 and 7 o'clock. No evening services Sunday, FIRST ENGLISH LUTHERAN CHURCH Sixteenth and Grove Streets. Ijggjg j Assistant Pastor To Preach At the Presbyterian church tomorrow Rev. Robert T. MacFar-lane, assistant pastor, will preach at both services, In the absence of Dr. Frank M. Silsley, who is still unable to fill his pulpit on account of Illness.. The evening subject will be "The New Outlook," and the following questions will be considered: Is the mora) order of the universe good? Ifi a world of human and physical calamities has the soul firm ground for faith? What should be the Christian's outlook? Commencing at 7": 3D there will be the Big Son Festival, with the singing of the inspiring songs of the church. The Temple Choir will sing "All Praise to Thee, My God, This This Night," "Ascribe Unto the Lord" High Blair; "Seek Him That Maketh the Seven Stars and Orion" Jas. H. Rogers and a surprise number. Walter B. Kennedy will give an organ recital at 7 o'clock. Rev. MacFarlane will speak on "Forward March," at the morning service. At the same hour the Junior church will be held in the lecture room, with B. F. Edwards in charge. Bible school will meet at the First church, Lakeshore and Thorn road. Christian Endeavor services will be at the First Church and Lake-shore Bible school. Farewell For Rev. 0. Williams The church contributes about 87500 annually for foreign missions. Mills Terrace Christian Cor. Brann and Morcom Sts. (Same as 3000 54th Ave). J. A SHOPTAUGH, Minister. 11 A. M. "LET ALL MEN KNOW ASSUREDLY" 7:45 P. M. 'LOOKING BACKWARD AND FORWARD." 8PECIAL MUSIC. First Christian Church Grand Ave. & Webster St. HARVEY O. BKEEDEN, Minister 11:00 A. M. "THE PRIZE OF THE HIGH CALLING" A messlirBe for the New Year. 7:30 P. M. "THE OLD SONGS" Illustrated and In pictures by the Minister, the choir and the congregation. The ten years' pastorate of Rev. O. R. Williams at the Welsh Presbyterian rhtirrh will , hrmht a close tomorrow. Rev. Williams win taxe up his new duties as pastor of the Welsh Presbyterian church of Philadelphia early next month. Farwell services .will begin at 11 a. m. with a Welsh communion service. In the evening the minister will preach his farewell sermon In English. During his ten years in Oakland, Rev. Williams has been Identified with the work of the Oakland Ministerial society, serving two VAUM ita nrorl.lnnt XT . . i.vDiuciii, nu tiiraije-; ments have yet been completed for ms successor in uaKiana. Rev. Petersen to Tell of Past Year "What did the Word Profit Us In ;1927?" will be the theme of the sermon by Rev. P. Peterson at the Danish-Norwegian Baptist church tomorrow morning. The evening topic will . be "The Race Before Us In 1928." Significant Message for the New Year by . Rev. Galen Lee Rose 11 A. M. "BIDDING THE PAST GOOD-BYE" (At this service officers for 1928 will be installed) 7:45 P. M. "PAYING OUR DEBT TO YESTERDAY" (There's always good music at Frultvale) Fruitvale Christian Church Frultvale Ave. at E. 17th St. " 1 I " Lutheran Church Directory 3tj (MISSOURI SYNOD) 7TOre Twelfth and Myrtle Mleger, pastor. German Service, 10:00. English Service, 11:18. Topic: "A Christian's Motto tor the New Year." Sunday School, 10 a. m. No evening service New Year's Day. New Year's Eve service at 8:00 p. m. tonight. TR TNlTY Th Church with 1 rvilll l l christian Parish School. East 15th St. and 17th Ave. Rev. H. Hase-rpdt, pastor. Service on New Tear's Ere, I p. m. Service on New Year's Day, 10:30 a. m., "The Name of the Lord Is a Strong Tower." Central Lutheran Church ... ... ,,,,v, c, r TJ-T7 t rr oruri .tnr n-il- 9ini 8:45 A. M., Sunday School, Graded From Primary to Adults. 11:00 A. M. New Year's Service Sermon Theme, "The Open Door of 1928" Special Music, No Evening Service. i 1 nr jrT TTV MDRWFT.l AM I I THFRAN THI RTH . .. . . - m . e:eu- . . . J c. n. bl. 825 Atnens Avenue, near iweuLj-uun oucci mm aa.ii raum ti, TjEvir n T PHAJinrjmi Pimtitr Phnna Oakland 8004 Knells)! Service next Sunday, New Year's Day, 11.00 A. M. Sermon Topic "THE BARREN FIG TREE" fiunday School and Bible Class-'- 8:45 A. M. Norwegian Young People's Society next Tuesday.. 8 P. M. T.riiesrAid next Thursday 2:00 P. M. Annual business meeting of the congregation next Thursday :oo f. M. The Young People's Convention Held Dec. 31, Jan. 1, 2 at The Church of God Cor. 40th Ave. & Mera St. n Invites the Attention and Attendance of One and AH A Genuine Pleasure A Spiritual Boon A Lasting Benefit In Hearing Rev. John A. Morrison Convention's Speaker ., Come! Bring Someone Pres. John A. Morrison of Anderson Bible School and Seminary Anderson, Indiana Annual Watch Night Services At Fruitvale ANNUAL Watch Night itrvices will be held this evening by meiribers snd friends of the Fruitvale Presbyterian church at the new church building, Hopkins street and Peralta avenue. Several organizations of the rburch will assist, each taking an hour of the eight to twelve o'clock urogram- Welsh Will Hold Annual Eisteddfod The tenth annual 'VTelsh Eisteddfod will be held next Monday In Ebell hall. There will be two meetings. One at 2 and the other at 7 p. m. There will he choral music by the Welsh singers. The program will include competition by various choirs, with the special attraction this year, a contest between mixed choirs from Oakland and San Francisco. Women's choirB and children's ensembles, also male choirs have entered the lists. During the day a contest will be staked for the best soloist in the entire bay region. There will also be contests In literary and art sections. 'Ministry of Intercession' Kring Topic The sixth unrt in his series on t"The Ministry of in .m i-usaiun win oe preacnea tomorrow morning and evening by Rev. J. A. Krlng at the East Oak -Church of the Nazarene. Some of the questions that the pastor will seek to answer are the following: Does history, observation and experience prove that prayer is a fundamental fact In the history of the human race? Is prayer a law and are we sure of Its operation between God and the human soul? Is it higher than any "natural law" and have we any proof that some times it does actually set aside "natural law." Is it true that this law of prayer will move God to do things that otherwise He would not do? How far are we safe In saying that prayer and faith can go? Where Is the limit? 'Meaning of Life' to Be Reed Theme Rev. Clarence Reed announces a series of sermons beginning tomorrow at 11 a. m. at the First Unitarian church. The general theme will be "The Meaning of Life." He says of this series: "This series Is the most important undertaking in which I have engaged as a minister. The great unsolved problem of the ages Is the meaning of life. Tho questions that the Babylonians and Egyptians asked In ancient times are being repeated today. Is life worth living? What are the. elements Of supreme value in life? What Is the meaning of life? My texts will be the answers to the.-e questions that may be found in the masterpieces of architecture, sculpture and literature, as well as in the creeds, rituals and sacred Scriptures of the great re- ngiuiis ui manKina. His subject tomorrow at 11 a. m. will be "The Egyptian View of Life." The texts will fife the Pyramids, the Sphinx and the Book of the Dead. 'Christmas Afterglow' To Be Topic Tnmnrrnm mAMtMa nil Congregational church, the pastor, Rev, Charles H. Cleaves, will speak On "Th Phr-lctmoa AM...1M.iimL. - - i JllLCIglUW. X JIO sacrament of the Lord's Supper will K a X I I - M ml . . auiiiuusierea. xne cnorus choir under the direction of Mrs. S. A. Larsson, will sing an anthem, with Mrs. Aleo Hutchinson at the organ-There will be no evening service New, Tear's night, but the evening serviced will be resumed the following Sunday. BIBLES Religious Books and Tracts Western Book & Tract Co. 1730 Telegraph Ave. Phone Oakland 478S n Salvation Baptism of Spirit Oakland Temple Church Thirteenth and Market Streets Rev. Elmer G. Copley Evangelist and Acting Pastor Wtch Night Service S:00 P. M- Saturday Morning, 11:00 Communion Service Evening, 7:30 Evangelistic Service Sunday School 9:45 A. M. Young People's Meeting 6:15 P. M. Midweek Services Wednesday and Friday 7:45 P. M. Young People's Meeting Thursday, 7:45 P. M. Divine Healing Soon Coming Lord First Unitarian Church Fourteenth Street, three blocks west of the City Hall REV. CLARENCE REED Announces a Series of Sermons on The Meaning of Life Sundays at 11 A. M. Plan to Hear All the Series January I THE EGYPTIAN VIEW OF LIFE Texts THE PYRAMIDS AND THE SPHINX THE BOOK OF THE DEAD January 8 THE BABYLONIAN VIEW OF LIFE Texts THE TEMPLE OP NIPPUR THE CODE OP HAMMURABI January 15 THE GREEK VIEW OF LIFE Texts THE PARTHENON SL THE DIALOGUES OF PLATO January 22 THE ROMAN VIEW OF LIFE Texts THE PANTHEON THE MEDITATIONS OF MARCUS AURELIUS January 29 THE HINDU VIEW OF LIFE Texts BENARES THE HOLY CITY THE BHAOAVAD QITA . .: February 5 THE BUDDHIST VIEW OF LIFE Texts THE DAIBUTSU AT KAMAKURA THE TRIPITAKA February 12 THE CONFUCIAN VIEW OF LIFE Texts THE TEMPLE OF HEAVEN THE ANALECTS OF CONFUCIU February 19 THE SHINTO VIEW OF LIFE Texts THE ISE SHRINES MOUNT FUJI February 26 THE JEWISH VIEW OF LIFE Texts THE TEMPLE OF JERUSALEM THE TALMUD March 4 The MOHAMMEDAN VIEW OF LIFE Texts THE MOSQUE OF OMAR THE KSRAN March 11 THE SIKH VIEW OF LIFE Texts THE GOLDEN TEMFLE OF AMRITSAR THE GRANTH March 18 THE ROMAN CATHOLIC VIEW OF LIFE Texts THE CFJRTOSA DI PAVIA DANTE'S "DIVINE COMEDY" March 25 THE GREEK CATHOLIC VIEW OF LIFE Texts THE KREMLIN OF MOSCOW DOSTOEVSKY'S "THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD " April 1 THE PROTESTANT VIEW OF LIFE Texts THORVALDSEN'S "THE CHRIST" TH"E BIBLE April 8 THE MODERNIST VIEW OF LIFE Texts RODIN'S "THE -MAN OF THE BRONZE AGE" DARWIN'S "THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES" School Leader REV. JOHN A. MORRISON, president of the Anderson Bible school and seminary, who will speak at Church of God convention tonight. Rev. Fleenor To Welcome Delegates More than a hundred delegates from the Young People's societies nf vnrinnq ct . n "poo--, -; -. a ..0 . u & I Church of God throughout north-1 1 1 , . . cm aiiiuniia win atteno: a convention opening tonight at th Church of Mod, Fortieth avenue and Mera street, East Oakland. Rev. John A. Morrison, president of the Anderson Bible school and seminary, Anderson, Indiana, will be the main speaker at the convention which will continue through tomorrow and Monday. Tho flrar aarln. ,,t U. tlon will be a Watch Night service. mere win oe an an-day meeting tomorrow and the session will convene until 3 o'clock Monday afternoon. Rev. Morrison comes from Missouri where he was reared In the backwoods, becoming first a public school teacher, then preacher and finally president' of the divinity school of the Church of God. Lutherans to Conduct Final 1927 Services Special end-of-the-year services will be held t the First English Lutheran church at 8 o'clock to night. The pastor. Rev. Edwin Moll, will speak on the theme. "A Last Lord's Prayer in 1927." Tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock Rev. Moll will talk on the subject 'lour Resolutions, Your Opportunities, Your Duties. Tour Foundation for 1928." No services will be held in the evening. Luther League, the young people's organization, will meet at X o'clock for its social hour and et 7 o'clock for Its devotional hosnr and bible study under the direction of Rev, Moll. Presbyterian Welsh Choir ' 18th and Castro Ste. Minister1 Rev. O. R. Williams FAREWELL SERVICES 1 1 :00 A. M. Welsh Communion Service 7:30 English 'TheseTen Years' Members xt the congregation re urgent- requested to attend especially; the morning communion service. EISTEDDFOD New Year's Day Monday; January 2 EBELL HALL Two Meetings 2 P. M. and 7 P. M. Competitions in Music, Literature and Art Choir from San Francisco and East Bay Entries are the best ever. Judge of Music. GLENN H. WOODS Director of Music Oakland Schools. Admission, both meetings $1.00 THE Great Musical Event of the Year. ALL Invited to Come. First Presbyterian Church 26th and Broadway Oakland's Temple Beautiful DR. FRANK M. SILSLEY, Pastor Rev. Robert T. MacFarlane, Assistant Pastor, will preach Is the moral order of the universe good? In a world of human and physical calamities has the soul firm ground for faith? What should be the Christian's outlook? EVENING . SERVICE THE NEW OUTLOOK Big Song Festival 7:0 T. M. 7: SO P. M. "All praise to Thee, my God, this night." Ascribe Unto the Lord" t , Hugh, Blair "Seek Him That Maketh the Seven Stars and Orion".. Jas. H. Rogers SURPRISE NUMBER. TEMPLE CHOIR 7:00 P. M. ORGAN RECITAL, Walter B. Kennedy 7:00 P. M 11:00 A. M. MORNING SERVICE 11-00 A M "FORWARD MARCH" Junior Church in Lecture Room ' Mr. B. F. Edwards In chargre. Bible Schools, t:tS A. M. First Presbyterian. Lakeshore Avenue, Thorn Road. Christian Endeavor, t:i0 P. M. First Presbyterian, Lakeshore avenue. iimiiiimmimiiiiTiiMiiiiitii,,,Tiyi "NUMBERING OUR DAYS" 1 What has the New Year In store for you 2 What are you leaving behind "a nd what are you taking with you?' 3 What is the real valufe of time? There will be a special feature at the close of this-service 7:45 P. M. 11:00 A. M. 'TAKING STOCK" Junior Topic: "FURNISHING MY HOUSE" REV. R. A. VAN DEI'. LAS, D. D. Brooklyn Presbyterian ChurcK 12th Ave. and East 15th St. The Church of the Universal Christ Rose Room, Hotel Oakland. BERNARD C. RUGGLES, Minister GIVES A NEW YEAR SUNDAY MESSAGE: "THE HOPE OF THE UNFULFILLED" THE BEST OF MUSIC. A 'pIEW YEAR'S Message for everyone "NEW PATHS" At the Evening Service, 7:45 "NEAR TO THE HEART OF GOD" at 11 A. M. Her. Ross E. Stoddard, the pastor, to preach at both service High Street Presbyterian Church High Street, one block north of Foothill Blvd. MORNING SERVICE, 11:00 A. M. . "Laying Aside Every Weight" EVENING, 6:30 VESPER SERVICE "The Challenge of the New Year" Park Boulevard Presbyterian ChurcK REV. THOS. OLIVER, Pastor. Take "E" Car to Hampel.

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