Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 6, 1954 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 6, 1954
Page 7
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H6PI STAft, M6Pt> ARKANSAS latuftlay, , 19S4 at the filrst and the _1<DOS3 ol De- utfe&tS of .the society dj will give reports on the Fay- tu*e Conference which they attended in Cleveland, Ohio, in October. , A . A< love differing will be taken for the Isabelte Thoburn hospital as a result of tWe society's recent study oh India. Bach member is urged td attend. vThe ttebeccra Sunday School Clasa 'ot the First Baptist Church will hieet at the Jttme of Mrs. Jack IJogg, 412 East 14th, Monday, November 8, at 7:310. Co-hostessps arp MrS. George YoUrig ahd Mrs. C. H. SangallL ' Rlmkd in Thrilling .COtOW T YOUNG , U .^M r »Cnapmoir ifittess" Tuesday Nov«hber.9 Members of thte Lilac Garden Tells Why'Old Man and Sea' Was Written By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD i/P Producer Leland Hayward today disclosed how ErhPst Hemingway happened to publish 'The Old Man ?nd the Sea," the br.'ok which helped him win a Nobel Prize last week. ft was on the set of "Mister Club of DeAnn meet in the club room Tuesday, November 9, at 4 D. tn. for their November mppt- Ing. Hostesses will be Mrs. Elston Willis and Mrs. Lylfe Arnold. Arrangements will be & Thanksgiving table centerpiece.' The Business Woman's Circle 6f the First Baptist Chuhch will meet Tuesday, November 9, at 7:45 p. m". in the Clyde Osburn, 405 home of Mrs. S. Greening. All' members are. urged to attend. , The Golden Circle Class of the First Baptist Church will meet Tuesday, November 9, at 7:30 p, m. in the home of Mrs. Phinis Herring, 320 East 13th, for their monthly business and social meeting. Mrs. Glert Seaver will be co-hostess. Roberts," which Hayward is producing for films. He will also produce "The Old Man and the Sea' a year from next spring with Spencer Tracy as star. Naturally, Hay ward was jubilant about the Nobel Prize for his friend Hemingway. I expressed surptise that the author had said he would need part of :lhe $35,000,prize money to pay off his debts. Hemingway is perhaps America's most succcssfu: writer and has had a dozen of his works purchased for films, many of them at top prices. 'Oh, papa is often broke," said HayWard, using the affectionate hahdle Hemingway's friends have given him. "He has always been making bad deals for his books and flim sales. I "Ho was broke when my wife and I visited him in Cuba some lime ago. I asked him what he was writing and he said it was a big book with four parts and a coda (concluding passage). He had finished two of the parts, but he didn't like them and was doing them over again. He v/as satisfied with the coda, and said 'you want read?' He talks in a kind of shorthand. Big Revival to Open Hem MbndayNight Evangelist G. P. Comer of Dallas and his party will opeh a big revival. The meeting will be in- ter«deitominational and the servic- services will be held in Hope City es wjll be held in Hope City Mail. This revival will not be sponsored by any church, but by all the people . in . and surrounding Game night will be held at the Elope Country Club at 7:45 p. m. Tuesday, November 9. Hosts will be Mr. and Mrs. George P. Newbern and Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Stewart. Wednesday November 10 The John Cain Chapter of the p. A.' R. will meet in the home of Mrs. B. L. Rettig. 420 West Avenue B ,on Wednesday, November 10, at 12 noon. Mrs. R. L. Searcy of Lewisville, Mrs. Dick Watkins and Mrs. Richard' How.ards of Hope are associate hostesses. Members please note place. change in meeting TH lHitRHMIONHPIClUR Hospital Notes Julia Chester (AdmittedT Mrs. S. A. Westbrook. Rf. 4, Hope, Little Miss Wanda Gbldcn, Rt. 1, Hope. Dorothy Po- W^ll, Hope. Discharged: Brenda Hamm, Hope, Mrs. J. D. Young and daughter, Rt. 2, Hope, Arthur Pickens, Ri 3, Hope, Mr. E. P, Martin, Fulton, ClemmSe Stuart and daughter Rt. 1, Hop } e. "I sat down and read the whole thing in 20 minutes. I ar,i a very fast reader, and Hemingway's cony is typewritten in capitals with large spaces between the lines for revisions. "He watched my face throughout the services. G. P. Cower ••• community who want a reviya and are interested in" the salvation of the lost. He will have associated with hirr in this campaign .Mr. and Mrs. H H. Spencer and their two sons Bobby and Henry; and Mrs. Nan Frazier. Mrs. Spencer will presid at the piano, and Mrs. Frazier a the organ console, with Mr. Spence having charge of the music,' whic will be an outstanding feature o the time I was reading. When I finished, the tears were streaming down my face.' I told him it was the greatest-thing he had written." Hnyward took the manuscript to the Hotel National and there it was vead by his wife, the cnetime model "Slim" Hawlts. She finished it in the morning, and her eyes were filled with tears. Hayward ed to Hemingway's home. "Papa, you've got 'to publish this," the producer urged. "No," said the author. "It is This is a strdng evangelist! team, and for the next few week the people will hear some grea music and preaching. The Spencer are among the finest singers in th nation, and Mrs. Frazier is an ar tist at the organ. Evangelist Comer has held evan s were gelistic meetings in 28 states of th return- Cation. He was pastor of the; Firs Methodist Church in Waco befor entering the evangelistic field eigl these has ng eviyal campaig ' n people joining the churches, ove 3,000 individuals pledging to tithe and over' 6,000 family' altars bein erected. He has held revivals i roopy Colo* Cartoon Clubs B'jevln* , The Blevins Home Demonstration Club 'rftet" for' its October meeting at ' the Home Economics Cottage Friday, October 29, with Mrs. Carl Brown and Mrs. T. 'J. Stewart as hostesses. Thoste present were Mmes. Clarence Leverott, D. A. Morris, O. L. Daniels, Hugh Crouch ,J. V. Hampton, D. Gorham, Irvin Brooks. Bussell Stephens, Cecil Sewell, Ralph Boyce, C. F. Goodlett. and the hos tesses, ' .. , Mi's,' Cjpuch, president; presided . Mrs. Raymond Honea, Mrs. Irvin Brooks, and Mrs. W. D. Gorham were appointed as a nominating committee to select new officer for the ensuing year. The November meeting date wa changed to Tuesday, November 23 TWO KILLED SEOUL (ffl Two South Koreans were killed and a third woundec >y an exploding mine while work ng a safe lane through an ult mine field near the Korean demil tarizcd zone ' yesterday. RE-OPENING & SUNDAY « FEATURE book"" t0 b ° a C0da> M ' POrt ° f a with".over-7.dOO conversions, 2,30 "That's all right. You can put it in the book when it is all finished No one will mind. You need the mone'y." Then he reached into left field. "Supposing I could get it published in Life magazine complete in one issue without ads to brteak it up." Hemingway said that would be impossible. By . Haywerd remembered 'how the New Yorker had published John Hersey's "Hiroshima" in one issue. He got the author's permisfion to try. • .; Hay ware! convinced the Life editors and also sold "The Old Man and the Sea" to' the Book of the Month Club. The book was acclaimed by the critics. Hemmgway on the Pulitzer Prize and became ic fifth American to win the No el. Mount Pleasant, Boston, Dekalb, and Hughe springs, and'is looking .forward t eeing his many friends again. All churches and pastors , in an he surrounding communities ar ;ordially invited. The Rev. Mr. Comer will alsb.b heard,daily over KXAR from 4:3 Public School Menus for Next Week Hope Public Schools Menus for iveek of November 8. Elementary Monday — Blackeye Peas, But- ered Corn, Hamburger Slaw, Cor- Bread, Apple Pie, Milk. Tuesday — Navy Beans, Buttered abbage, Cheese Wedge, Corn Muf- in. Cake Square, Milk. Wednesday — Tamale Pie, Peach nd Cheese Salad, Bread and But- ered Sandwich, Jpllo t Milk. Thursday — Barbecued Beef on Buttered Bun, Apple, Celery and :abbage Salad, Ginger Bread, Milk. Friday J— Vegetable Soup, Crac- ters, Peanut Butter and Honey andwich'j Fresh Apple,' Milk. Junior - Senior . . . Monday — Blackeye Peas, But- etred Corn, Hamburger Slaw, Cheese Wedges, Corn Bread, Apple Pie, Milk. Tuesday — Navy Beans and Ham lock, Buttered Cabbage, Cheese Wedge, Corn Muffin, Cake Square, Milk. Wednesday — Tamale Pie, Buttered Spinach, Peach and Cheese Salad, Bread and Butter Sandsvich, Jello, Milk. Thursday — Barbecued Beef on Buttered Bun, Apple, Celery and Cabbage Salad, Ginger Bread, Milk." Friday — Beef Spaghetti, Fluffed Sweet Potatoes, Blue Lake Green Beans, Enriched Bread, Prune Plums, Milk. Extra items daily, such as, Soup, Sandwiches, Pie, Cake and Milk. PRESCOTT NEWS Mrs. J. 6. VSfoedul HosteSS tb ] W; S. C. Si ClrelS 3 Mrs. J. C. Woodul was hostess to Circle 3' of the W. S. C. S. of. the First Methodist Church at her homo on Monday afternoon. The chairman, Mrs. J. V. Mc- Mahcn, presided and conducted the business. Mrs. Wallace Sage presented the devotional oh "In Quest of Happiness." An interesting article on "Navajo and the Methodist Church" was given by Mrs. B. A. DeLamar. During the social hour Mrs. Adr.m Guthrie Jr. was honored with a surprise pink ahd blue shower. Little Miss Betsy Jane McMahen presented the gifts in a baby buggy. A delectable dessert course was nerved to 12 members and 2 visitors. ed by the hostess during the social lour ahd Make cr Grom gifts were exchanged. Mrs. Charles Thomas will be hostess at the next meeting which wii' be held Monday, December 61 h. It will be pot luck and there will also be an exchange of Christmas gifts. LOOK YOUR LOVELIEST THE BEAUTY BOX Open 6 days a week After 5 appointments for the working girls Latest Hair Styling Phone 7-5850 Ruth Hoelscher Has Water Flouridation Banned by Vote . By The Associated Press Communities in scattered areas from coast to coast overwhelmingly turned down proposals to add ilouoride to their drinking water systems, the election reuits show. Proponents have claimed fluoride in the .drinking water helps tomcat tooth decay, while opponents say the chemical has not been proved absolutely .safe. In returns on the issue to date, six communities have voted down flouridation while one has voted in favor. Only at Mountain Home, Ark., did the voter support the flouri- dation plan, an by a margin of 290-209. The town will appropriate $2,500 to put the proposal into effect. ••••'•• Ministerial Alliance Monthly Breakfast The Prescott Ministerial Alliance held their monthly breakfast at Herman's Cafe Monday, November 1. Members present were: W. D. Golden, president, W. G. Bchsbcrg, Secretary-Treasurer, W. A. Lindsey, and L. O. Lee. Mr. Ltadsey offered the opening prayer. Community .Thanksgiving services wtre planned for November 25th at the First Methodist Church at 9:00 a. in., with the sermon by the Rev. W. A. Lindsey and special inxisic by the Girl's Chorus of the High School, directed by Clive McClelland. An offering for the charity fund will be received. Loyalty Sunday was set for March 27 and simultaneous revival service in each cf the churches the week of March 27 to April 3. A Christmas dinner for the ministers and their wives was planned, to be held at Herman's Cafe. Mrs. C. M. Hirst Complimented Mrs. O. G. Hirst complimented her house guest, Mrs. C. M. Hirst of Washington, D. C., with a seated lea on Tuesday ,afternoon. .Artistic arrangements of roses and chrysanthemums decorated the party rooms. Danity delicacies were served from the coffee table in the living room. Guests included Mrs. W. R. White, Mrs. W. T. Hart, Mrs. Wallace Pemberton, Mrs. J. W. Teeter, Mrs. J. B. Hesterly, Mrs. Waller Hirst, Mrs. Dan Pittman, Mrs. C. P. Arnold, Mrs. Clarke White, Mrs. Joe R. Hamilton and Mrs. T. C. McRae Jr. Pole*frame construct cuts farm building costs Mrs. R. L. Loudermilk, v.'ho has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Gordon, .\s the guest of relatives n Hope before returning to her lome in Idabel, Oklahoma. Mrs. Archie Johnson and Mrs. •larold Parker spent Tuesday in Pexarkana, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Mcore, V;in and Larry of Hope were Tuesday guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Gordon. Dr. and Mrs. O. G. Hirst have as their guests, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Hirst of Washington, D. C. The Welland Ganal between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie is 27.V& miles long." to 5 p. m. and from 2:30 to 3 p. m. Sundays. He will also appear on KCMC.-TV.frdm' 11 a. in. to 12 noon on .Siihday. •,.••'• • . • - • ••*'-.. .. ; -V,—....:..'... — — Mrs. Lcla Hays Hostess To Wesleyan Guild The Wesleyan Service Guild of .the First Methodist Church mot at the home of Mrs. Lela Hays Monday evening with 21 members and three guests, Mrs. J. W. Teeter, Miss Sue Martin and Mrs. DanPittman. Mrs A. L. Green was welcomed as a nev, member. 'The meeting was opened with the Guild Ritual. Mrs. L. O. Lee, presi dent, presided at the business meet ing at which time the Conference and Local Treasurer reported on their collections. A good Social Ser vicu report was read and the var ions committee chairmen gave theii reports. Mrs. Charles • Thomas tolr of her visit to The Prayer Retrea at Aldergate on October 24th. It was voted to have the n'ex Study Course on Monday night, Nov ember 22nd at 7:30 p. ni. at the church. Mrs: L. O. Lee gave an 'in spiring devotional assisted by Mrs Green, Mrs. John Eagle and Mrs Electa Wells. • Mrs. Lcla Hays had charge of the Study and gave a most inform ative talk tin "Economics on For eign Policy." Delicious refreshments were scry Mrs. H. B. DeLamar, Mrs. B. A. DeLamar nr.d Mrs. Martin Guthrie spent Rock. Mrs. Brice Stewart and Mrs. Ray Woolcy attended the Hair-dressers Convention in Little Rock, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Denman'Jr. spent several days this week in Little Rock. ' . ' Friends of Miss Faye Loomis will be; glad to know she has ro- turned to her home after under going manor surgery at the Texarkana Hospital, Only about a quarter of the world production of platinum is used for jewelry. The rest is used by industry. .... •SPECIAL RE-OPENING PRICES! hildrin lOc 4- Adults 25e (Anytime) Sid DOUBLE FEATURE Joel McCrea &f, . *« THi PAMBppl Veronica Lake Cfisp DtFora "RAMROD" because the regular meeting dat fell on Thanksgiving day. | Mrs. Hampton led in the recreation. Refreshments were served. McCaskill The McCaskill Home Demonstration Club met at the clubhouse Monday afternoon, October 25. with Mrs. Gordon Prescott, president, presiding.: After praying in unison, the song, 'The More We Get Together" was sung. Roll call was answered by 12 members. Also present were two visitors, Mrs. Carrie Long of Hope and Mrs. Unice Long of Little Hock, and Mrs. Lorraine B. Wyliu home demonstration agent. Mrs. Ottis Harris gave the devotional from John 13:34-35 and prayer was led by Mrs. Sanders Moses. Mrs. R. G. Shuffield, health leader, gave a talk on cancer and passed out some literature that she had obtained from the cancer clinic held at the Hotel Barlow on October 4. Mrs. Wylie gave a demonstration on how to make book shelves, spice racks, bookends, and several other useful items for the home. The club members have a cedar chest on display at Stevens' Store and it will be given away at the Christmas meeting. Refreshments were served by the hostesses, Mrs. Cloid Bittie and Mrs. Unice Sweat. STOP LISTEN — TV — KCMC SUNDAY 11 A .M REV. AND MRS. H. H. SPENCER Singers MRS. H. H. SPENCER — Pianist Dallas, Texas • ALSO t • UUCILLE BALL (TV'S "I WVI LUCY") & EDPIE ALBERT in ^HE FULLER IRUSH GIRL" INSURANCE,.. AT A SAVINGS Fire Tornado Automobile Liability Casualty LEONARD ELLIS Insurance Agency 108 Eos* Second Phpne MR§, NAN FRA^IER Or 9a nl?t Palls*, Texai K-LISTE CITY-WIDE REVIVAL OPENS MONDAY P.M. IN HOPE City Hall Auditorium All Denominations and Pastors Invited to Attend This Revival will be nominational and sponsored by all the people in Hope and vicinity who wont a Revival and interested in the salvation of the lost. DAILY BROADCAST PIR1CT FROM THI AUDITORIUM, OVIR KXAR 5UNeAY2;30T03;WP,M v SEE OUT TV SIRYICI (KCMC-TY) SUNOAY 11 A t M, TO 12 NOON LISTEN ^* TV "— KCftC SUNDAY ~? -^>jff^, •~#$K*m$i8>g , > . -^><« -'>«4, , \ -s y%#«jv*f v ji< '> j?f "* HOM STAR, MOf I, ARKANSAS ._,_ ._,_y=. ««-t_A_. «-*. . *,*,,,=«*.,.«- _^*-^S-iai? S MB.^* -MtJt- .**. ,. - ... & **. a. •*. _,»-,-=-»* jfca 02ARKIKI ll'C OH, BOY- I'VE GOT TME^Sii iiust A MINUTE/ ruu HUMBUY HOUSE ALL TO MYSELF WHAT A I. CANT SLEEP- IT'S ItO QUiET ARCXiND !-'ER£ ORPORTUNITYTQ. TAKE A NAP ~ 112 S. Main Janell Roberts Bv M»cho«l O'Mallfty OUT OUR WAY By J. ft. Willlomt rf 1 LL BE TH' SAME WITH THE RABBITS/ TH' FIF5ST MILE WILL BE ALL ^ HMTHUSlASM, AN 1 J NOT MUCH 01^ A DENT IM TH' RABBIT POPULATION; /•* THIS IS WHAT VOUR PA ANC7 HIS RABBIT HUNTING PALS COOKEP UP IN THEIR OVER- ENTHUSIASM FOR A BIS DAY—THEY DIDN'T MAKE MUCH OF A DENT IN tT, DID THEV f VIC, I'P HAVE <SONB 18 TUB Answer to Previous Punle Visit to Poland TO) AUL THAT, VIC. PiWt? VOU HERE, sirriw© HO^E AN APOUT 5 Entire e Removed obnoxious • You can save up to half the cost o{ erecting and maintaining your barna, ltry houses, machine sheds, etc pou , Pole-type farm buildings, solidly supported by Koppers Pressure- Creosoted Poles, need no foundation, require less lumber, and eliminate the need for costly skilled i. 15 Infant's toy 8 Indonesian pi labor! ; ,. , . See us for more information about pole-frome construction and Koppers Pressure-Crepsoted Poles. GUNTER RETAIL LUMBER CO. Ph. 7-3495 442 E. Div. WASH UBBS YOU'RE RIGHT. HOPE,..! CAN'T! THttS'NOT TRUE'. \PARPOM ME.TBLOISE, „ ,„*- .THERE'S WOTHIN6 POR MB TO V^yB • \ LIVE FOR ANY MORE,.;. MEVER IOVEPBUT IT& TIWB\ WU VOU foJD I DOUBT IF \FOR MY BU&i WNUTHI* THE ANGRY VOICED WE COOPERATE WITH YOUR DOCTOR HIW mi. VOU.FOUND TOWORRO NOW YOU'RE INSANEiy/^ J6MOU&— veteran (coll.) ,36 Shouted 38 Pilots 39 Littler 41 Peacock 44 Fish eggs 45 Medical suffix 48 Be persistent .51 Expunged A54 Tell Your physician is constantly being informed of the development of new drugs and of their application in the treatment of disease. OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople , "\ ^?K MOVING 10 THeJf WHGMl. ATTIC TO GSXm AW P<?RTRA\T TO THS LIBRARY,THE OF HOOPL& BE ADD5D WAS Art >-\O R5MB(?AhiDT, INSPIRATION.' SHARED TM& iAND VAM To cooperate with him to the fullest extent, we stock these new prescription drugs as soon as manufacturers advise s. of their availability. 56 Made amends J57 Term used in bowling (pi.) DOWN 1 Poland has endured many 1 AND HER BUDDIES To your physician this means that he can prescribe promptly any new medication that meets with his approval. To him and to you, his patient, it means that you immediately gain the benefit, without being compelled to wait until the new medication can be sent for from distant parts. 2 Brazilian macaws 3 Anatomical network 4 Drunkard "WES 7OV? P> Dick Turner CARNIVAL Ward & Son DRUGGIST Phone 7-2292 102 W. Second St. BUGS BUNNY AAAKE XHEV, THAT'S VOURSELPJ A SWELL SOMEPLACE FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershbergei TAR6ET.V( PUODSV.' WACKY WABBIT.'l T PRACTICE VOU'SE WUININS ALLEY OOP .THAT TAKES CARE OF V- -- \ - ...AND- NOW THAT eorvHie , MAYBE GET SOMSTHINS I DONt,YEZZIR/ OOP AND OOOLN NCW B£ FORE I SET ON WITH MV PROJECT, I'LL CHECK IN ON THE THIRD CENTURY 70 SEfe HOW DOC'S MAKING OUT WITH HIS COURTING. ' T. M. Reg. U. S. Pal. OH. Copt. 1954 by NEA Serviw. Ine "Let's see one not quite so beautiful—he said the last one was too beautiful to wear 1 ." By Galbraith SIDE GLANCES "fjree spi^nting training with each new hat—SQ you can '!_ ca^ch it When the wipd blowsjt off!' 1 " " PIE ByNadineSelw PPJSCJLLA'S POP <3EE, YOU'RE GOLLY STUART >WE-wWp» . K A I I e1*M * »B%.£lM:1$» STUPID! THE BEANS ARE FUL.L JUMP LIKE THAT? LOOK! MEXICAN JUMPING- )"%« BEANS ' *° THl STORY OF MARTA WAYNB AU. COMER, Evangelist C« f r. 1944 to NIA S»..le« ' 'JI buy « pipe for my husband If you have 0n$ with torn* '/'If this is homemade soup, Mom, how come you made it cans?*' like the factories use to eliminate tmgky ITS NEW — Burt's Burger Hickory Smoked Bar-B-Q toasted bun with slaw salad 25c Each BURT'S BAR-B-Q Rear A&P and Kroger Stores n ,»"&> *i. V i " ]t % V ,'t ^l'^^ , m , „ (. !i*o,, J.*. 1 m. r.?> " , ^i^jM's^^/^Ak^ fciji ,»' .ff° •: ^?^jK^rW !t f-^^^ , ,*. ^•yr?tfi&>i •vil^^flr^^* * « MSMfe kllSG

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