Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 11, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 11, 1894
Page 5
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DUNLAFS Celebrated Hats. Stiff, Soft and Silk. SPRING STYLES! DEWENT THE HATTER. Our New Spring Goods are neat and tasty. They are ready for inspection. Our prices are within the reach of of all. Suits made to order from $20 to $60. Special Attention is called to our $20 and $25 Suits made to order. You should have one. Call early and avoid the rush. Tucker & Young, The Pearl St. Tailors. CLIMAX BAKING POWDER IS ON TOP BECAUSE N ,°.T'Good No ether IB to Cheap Costs leisthan Half •nil plaasas much bstta than tha ovar-prleed an ovar-"«ndorMd" kinds. —s=s=t^=?' a Judge for yourself, n Cans. At your Grocer' DAILY JOURNAL SUNDAY MORNING. MARCH 11. ••Such nobby neokwear; where did you get such nice froodd?" was heard on everybody's lips when looking at Patterson's neckwear yesterday. A $1 corset for59 cants, just opened yesterday—£5 dozen. Oh auch lovely goods, Qnfj fitting; try one, uomethlng pew, improved.—Trade Palace. Come one and all and be enter, talned for an hour and a half by list •nin? *o the old fashioned jubilee singers and plantation melodies Monday night at the A. M. E. ohuroh. One lady bought two pairs of the celebrated Otto Kraus shoes for $3. the same shoes cost her ten dollars before the assignment to A. (V. Jen- klnea. Bead the Bee Hive's advertisement tbli morning. We are talking spring wrapi only, <*e can fevote equally large tpaoe to our dress goods and trimming*. Logansport fisherman, and of that class they ara not a few In this city, will be greatly interested in knowing that by the order* of the U. S. Fish Commission executed through the State Fish Commit sioner, Lake Max- iokuckee wa» last week bountifully stocked with trout. By order of the Stata thirty thousand trout were placed in this beautiful lake. With the natural Increase of this stock, protected a* they should be, there will be fishing "out of sight" In that popular lake. The Temperauce netting*. Tho down to *n temperance meetings called out one of the largest audiences of the series last evening. The room was filled to its utmost capacity and around the door and on the outside there was gathered a crowd eager to hear the words of the temperance orator. Mr. Stanley's subject last evening was upon the theme of "Robbery, and who are the Real Rob bers?" from which he delivered a most pointed talk, and one which clearly Impressed hie large audience. Among the pledge signers last evening was Capt. Horn, the talented aad versatile school teacher, of Clinton township, who also placed his name on the roll of membership Of the Good Templars order There were many more who signed for the right and donned the little bit of blue. Today at S o'clock Mr. Stanley will comduot a meeting at which the wripture will be cited as an argument for total ab- stinenoe and it is believed that he will have a large audience. At 7:30 o'clock this evening hi* usual evening lecture will be delivered on the sub- jeotof "The Saloon Tree of Logans port, and the Fruit it Bears " From this significant subject there IB a promise of many pertinent remarks which will surely have their weight in the good work accomplished during Jhls series of temperance talks. The meetings will close tomorrow evening at which time Mr. Stanley will deliver his lecture upon his sensational cap ture of the notorious Bill and Amer Green, and at which a small admission fee will be charged at the door, Mr. Stanley will go Tuesday to Tuscola 111,, to open a series of meetings and his time Is engaged ahead until In June. The Ool»r of Virtu*. Indianapolis Newt: The Glassman Steinberg criminal libel suit was on trial before acting Police Judge Brad, bur? this afternoon. One of the wit nesse* with great empha*l* *wore that Gla*sman's reputation for virtue was rery bad. -You know the meaning of virtue, do you?" asked W. W. Herod, one of Classman's lawyer*. "Of course," retorted the witness. ••Will you tell the jury whether it purple or sky blue?', ••It is sky blue," answered the witness. Judge Bradbury told the witness he could "stop aside." Peru Journal: Mr*. Alice Razella Ryan True Blue Maxey, "the Hoorinr Yap of Peru," has been discharged from the Logansport Insane asylum and will arrive home tomorrow. Try Ben Fisher's Double Extract of Vanilla, and you will use no other. YOCB NAME IN Item* of • Pentual Character Con* Friend* Dewltt C. Justice is at Toledo. C. W Garrett Is visiting relatives at Paris, Ohio. Mr and Mrf. Polk Conrad are visiting at Peru. Mr. H, H. Grlswold of Peru was in ,bo city yesterday. Hon. Chas. B. Stuart of Lafayette, was in the city yesterday. Prof, Geo. B. Davis of Gnlveston, was in the cltv yesterday. Dr, J. H. Allen and wife have returned from a visit at Lafayette. Mr. H. F. Jox of the Journal is at Kansas City tor a ceuple of days. Miss Anna Wey of Peru is vlsitlrg Mrs. Godfrey Twells of COS Lincoln Avenue. Mr. A, G. Jonklnoa departed yesterday for New York on a ten days' business trip. Mrs. Herrof South Bond is visiting n the city the cueet of Mrs. Kmil F. Keller it the Murdock. Mrp, W. E. Clark returned to her home in St. Louis yesterday after a visit with her eistors hero. Mrs H. H. B Moore and daughter Jarrie of East High street, are visiting friends In Cincinnati. Mrs Washington Wilson of Laportr, isthoguost of Mr. and Mrs. I. N. Wilson of 1119 Broadway. Mrs Isaac Grlflln and Miss Kate Brough of Delphi were guests yester,. day of Mrs Joseph Patterson. Mr and Mrs. H E Cilley and little son are spending Suaday at Mrs. Cllley's former homo at Wlnamac John R. Gourley, of Terre Haute, a termer Loganspnrter, Is spending Sunday with old home friends here. Judge and Mrs. D. P. Baldwin do- parted yesterday for Asbville, N. C. to remain at.that pleasant resort a few weeks. Mrs. Henry Kraut and Master Otto Kraut, her grandson, have leturned from a visit with her daughter at Wabash. • Frank B. Megahan, clerk at Bus. j-.hn Bro. drug store, is at Winamac, called there yesterday by the death of his father. Delphi Citizen: John Wolf, the Brlnghurst harness maker, has moved i.o Logansport and win open a harness repair shop in that < Ity. Mr Mllo R. Smith of Rochester, Ind.. is In the city the guest of his brother, r o dge Anthony F. Smith who is reported quite ill again. Mr. John Kllnck and family of east Broadway departed yesterday for Michigan, called there by the very serious illness of Mr. Klinck's aged father. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Uhl celebrated the 30th anniversary of their wedding In a very pleasant manner yesterday. The day was signalized by a family (fathering which was greatly enjoyed by all the participants. Remington Press: Ml«s Josephine O'Connor, accompanied by her cousin, Mis Magg e Dean, came out from Lo- gabsport last week for a ehnrt visit with Remington friends, returning home Monday.. ..Mr. Humphreys, of the flrm of Wlleon & Humphreys, of Logansport. publishers of the History of Remington, was in town on business connected with tho publication of aame last Tuesday.... Dan Mahoney is now werklcg in the Pan Handle yards at Lbgansport, and If the work Is satisfactory to him, will move to that city about the flrat of April. The Wwt«» of Sin U Deavb. Anent the tensational doings of a couple of women, both of whom were born in i,ogan*port, the philosopher of the Kokomo Dispatch moralizes as follows: "fhe wretched story of a Kokomo womanr once noted for her rare beauty, who was but a few years ago a happy wife and the center of a large circle of admiring friend-in this city, makes a fitting companion tale to the overwrought picture of Zella Lytle.Nicolaus' adventures. It should be remembered . that one is the plain, harrowing, revolting truth, the other largely the exaggeraed fanoies of industrious newspaper reporters and Bpace wriwr*. But conceding the Nlcolaus girl every sensational achievement in the field of disgraceful adventure that has been claimed for her, just as surely as night follow* day the denouement of the Btory of the two misspent liveVwlil be the same—the fading of phjiloal charm, desertion by roues whose playthings they were, swifi decline into the wretchedness of self- fear and self abhorrence, a wreck of mind, body tnd soul, a grave un- watered by human tear*, and for an epitaph the ringing word* of Je hovah's warning— "The wages «f tin jp death." T Admission to the Gr»nd Jubilee concert at the A, M. E. church Moo- daynjirhtlsonly *0 oenta. ASSIGNEE SALE OF RESERVED STOCK, The entire reserve stock of Shoes and Rubbers, including spring goods ordered before the assignment and stored on the second and) third floors of the Otto Kraus Clothing Store, making the line Agaiit Complete, IS NO WON SALE in the Shoe Store adjoining the Clothing Store. EVERY BODY CAN BE FITTED. The stock is much the largest in the city and the quality and variety the best. ALL ODDS AND ENDS have been sold, leaving, best Shoes unsold. 50 CENTS Reserved Spring Negligee Shirts worth $1 and $1.50, Choice of all for 50 CENTS '""The sale of OVERCOATS on a six month's credit at HALF' FORMER PRICE will continue until all are sold. The Hats and Furnishing Goods stock and Trunks are still complete and seasonable, being composed largely of Reserved! Stock held back in order to first close out all strictly winter goods. A. G. JENKINES. Assignee Return of idorrUon'* Fault. Of the theatrical masterpiece which will be seen on a return engagement at Dolsn'a opera house next Wednes- day'eYening the St! Louis Globe Democrat saw Morrison's "Faust" has held sublime control over the emotions of large audiences this week. Truly enough it would seem the deril is not BB bad aa he has been painted. Hl» followers have been many and from all ranks and conditions of life. The evil one i» only evil in disguise; he ii the embodiment of mlrthfulness and hilarity, suiting himself to thedispo- iilion of each and all. He li'ln his own diplomatic way all things to all men, so that by any means he may gain some. Who would be led away from the path of righteousness by a morose, ungainly, disagreeable personage? To those dissatisfied with the livery of Mephlbto. is their not full compem- satlon in the moral developed in every instance of temptationP Does the tempter permit Faust to onjoy|longthe pleasures of sin? Does he not always ordain that they shall he bitter sweets In the end? , The scenic effect where church and aaloon exist in such close proximity are admirably suggestive of tho truth that "Whereter God erects a kouseot prayer The cleTll always fculldn a chapel there." They Haw ilie lilfplmnt. Annually about this season of tho year there appear In the newspapers of the State strange stories of the antics of the elephants, lions, tigers, glraffs, etc., belonging to Wallaces' menagerie at Peru. These stories have ID former years been lifted down to moan nothing more nor less than schemes to call attention to the circus which is preparing to open the season. One of the stories afloat this year goes thus: "Two young Germans, just from the Fatherland, accompanied by their best girls, visited Wallace's circus winter quarters Monday, and wnile looking ut the elephants, Jeanette, one of the omallest of the animals, thrust her trunk into one of the visitor's pockets and pulled out a wallet containing a five-dollar bill and a silver quarter. As she pulled the purso out the tllvor quarter dropped In the floor with a ring und the owner looked ground just in time to see hie pocket book and tne flvo dollar bill disappear dewn Jeanette's capacious maw. Thej had B een the elephants, but one of the party paid pretty well for their entertainment. Tho closing song at ihe juMloo CDU. cert Mond-y is "My Old Kentucky Home." Indl.inuppolls News. Self,dependence is tho co-operation of courage and ability. Moral courage is the ability to ac. knowledge your own mistakes. There are very fow reformers who are willing to begin with themselves. Before you undertake to "get even" with tho world, just pause to consider how much experience the world has had in similar cases. It is hard for some to realize that their best or their worst U ol mighty little consequence to anyone except themselves. you can't please everybody, and you are lucky if you can please anyone without discommoding yourself so as not to make it worth while. The difference between life and existence is, to some extent, a question of the point of view; when we look down on tho less fortunate we feel that we live, but when wo look up at the more fortunate mere existence goems to be our lot. The modern War Commends itself to the well-informed, to do pleasantly and effectually what was formerly done in the crudest manner and disagreeably as well. To cleanse the s stem and break up colds, headaches and fevers without unpleasant after effects, use the delightful liquid laxative remedy, Syrup of Figs. Wm. Van Arsdel, the Rlonon saloonkeeper, who has just finished his term of service in the northern penitentiary for killing a woman to whom be bad sold intoxicants, is now an applicant before the White cnunty board of commissions for a license to sell liquors. LOOK HERE! If you want to buy or sell a house mx&l lot, If you want to buy or sell a farm, If you want to buy or sell a store. If you want to trade city property faz- a farm. If you have any cheap bouses for 8aV.% Call on M. M.GORDON, Boom So. 1 and '2 Spry Block, Logan* port, Inc.-, !• T1B»». On and after Sunday, March 11 tk Pennsylvania trains will arrive andi depart as follows: Leave for Chicago, 8.15 am, 6 a n> v . I :)0 p m, 2:10 p m. Arrive from Chicago, 12:20 a IE.-. 12:40 p m, 2:15 p m, 7:15 p m. To Wlnamae, 4 p tn; from- Wina— mac, 5:45 p m. Leave for Bradford, 12:3« a m, 8 is> m, 2:20 pm. Arrive from Bradford, 3am, 1:25 pin, 5:20 p. m. To Marion, 5:50p m; from Marion 9:40 a or. Leave forEffner, 8:20 am, t:20 p tt- Arrive from Etfcer, 7:4,Va m, 32:$C-p m. Leave for Richmond, 12:50 a IE-,,. 5:l- r > a m, 12:50 p m, 2:SO p m. Arrive from Richmond, 2:50 » re, II a m, 1:55 p m, 11:20 p no. Leave for Indianapolis, 12:40 arc.. 12:45 pm. Arrive from Indianapolis, 2:15 a m... 1:50 p m. Genuine Brussels Injraln carpels »t the Trade Palace. Omll and tee tht BS . GENTLEMEN. We want your trade for anything in our line. OUR NEW GOODS For spring' and summer are ready for your inspection. For STYLE, | WORKMANSHIP, j AND PRICES, I We are at the FRONT. CARL W. KELLER & CO.

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