Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 5, 1954 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 5, 1954
Page 9
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!»,- t "?s |f§*, M ',JS'&'""', <*l f i* <'•??"',, " i ,/• I^Li^Ua^^^^^M^WriMtidB^MtftMBiiMMHiMMB^aWiBiiiaai "* ...*• liWii«P¥-^.''-^iiinfnirii<r~^iiinrciiirr- J ^^ '— PRESCOTTNEWS *W * i^^ 7 ^ f -^.l^^-tYip-n-T-- -—^ im;ffh--rft^ T --^ 3 1r/ jr -"'"'^ %-Mu 1 ' TV* ;-;„ V ' MOM IT A * * H 0 M i A M AR Ml constantly develop' HHd of trfeat- • fe',wiUi«hlrfl to . stock iefpuon drugs ffictiuWM ad- vailability; L - " . s pa- 'yt»U,.im- benefit, Jled to ipedicfltion distant B nd St. =.. ~pen House l! Iftelttllh" fiChoofand Jtr, High SefcdW m fhursday, NoV. 11, from Its W. - 3 D. m. The P. T. A. will meet iH the High School auditorium fll SlpO p. m. instead of in the Park Elementary School. Special music by both the Junior and Senior Bands will be pre- iefited at the P. T. A, meeting. Mr. tiefold Smith, principal of the High Schoolt cordially invites all citizen interested in the schools, non-parents as well as parents, to Visit the -class rofinis and inspect the ifr eilitles at thJS time. Mra. Jim Nelson Hostess To Preibyterfati Circle 1 Mrs. Jim Nelson was hostess 'io Circle 1 of the Women of the Presbyterian .Church at her home ,on Monday aiiernoon WIMI ** .,.,;...--•and the president, Mrs. T. E. Lo^ _ D. L. Me* Ra*eTSr.","presided and voiced the opening prayer. The minutes were read by the secretary, Mrs. D. L. McRae Jr., and approved. The Bible study on "The Appeal To Caesar" was given by Mrs. McRae Sr., Mrs. O. W. Watkins led the convention period ort "Lets Talk About Financing Faith." . The meeting jclosed with prayer by the chairman, A tasteful salad course was served. homc on Monday afternoon Mrs. Adam Guthrie, chairman, presided over the business. Mrs. 3. W. teeter gave the devotional talk on "In Quest of Happiness'* based on the sixth beatitude afid led in prayer. She alstt gave art article on "John Wesley. an afid the fctifters of Japan.'* Mrs. J. T. Worthlngton spoke. 6h "NaVajo and the Methodist Church" The meeting dismissed with the Lord's Pr'ayer repeated in unison. Selectable refreshments wefe enjoyed by the 11 members. Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Scott __ Little Rock have been the guests of Mrs. Vick Scott and Miss Carpi Scott. MARKETS LlttLfe ROCK 1*1 Arkansas daily fought rice report: Market quiet. Prices generally unchanged oh the light volume sold yesterday. Demand unchanged. Offerings light. No harvesting yes?- terday. Prices paid for No. 1 or 2 rough rice for the 24 hours ending at B 1 u ebonnet 4.22 no ; Dallis Atkins was sitor In Hope. a Monday vi< 10 a. m. today: Northern Section: dry, no estimate, u; 2enit hgreen, no ' estimate, ,22« cwt, 1.45 bu; Southern Pearl reen no estimate, 3.33 cwt, 1.50 u; Century Patna dry, no mate, 3.66 cwt, 1.05 bu. poultry steady oil hens; barely steady 1 oh young stock; receipts 763 coops (yesterday 901 coops, 188,211 Ib); f.o.b. paying pi-ices unchanged; heavy hens 16-18; light hehr. 12-14; fryers and broilers 2325 ;old roosters 12-12.5; caponettes 28-30; young hen turkeys 34-35; geese 23. . Butter steady to firm; receipts for corn harvesting and for wheat growing. Soybeans gave up several cents at limes but lard was strong. Export business was scant in both grains and beans and Thursday's purchase by West Germany cf Russian and Canadian rye had a pronouncedly depressing effect in that grain. Wheat closed ce n ts lower, December $2.23>.'a-%. corn . Was - wee . . of, December $1.57,44, ' oats to 1 cent less, Decemboi 1 &0 444,934; whllesale buying prices Uh Mr. and Mrs. Guss McCaskilll and Mr. and Mrs. Faye Gordon attended the Airshow in Texarkana on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs., Don Cavanoh and daughter of Magnolia have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Atkinson. IT'S NEW-— Butt's Burger Hickory Smoked Bar-B-(S oh , toasted bun with slaw salad 25c Each < < BURT'S BAR-B-Q Rear A&P and Kroaer Storei ' Presbyterian, Circle 2 Entertained By Mrs. C. H. Moore . Circle 2 of the Women of the Presbyterian Church was entertained on Monday afternoon by Mrs. C. H» Moore at her home on East Elm St. Mrs. S. O. Logan, chairman, opened the meeting with the poem 'The Greatest Thanksgiving" that Was followed with silent prayer of The October minutes were read I R/S. Hamilton and-relatives by the secretary, Mrs. Allen Gee, Washington, and approved. • ' It was announced that the Wor-1 Mr. and Mrs. A. C. EzeU have Id Mission Institute of Ouachita had as their guest, > Mrs. Carlisle Presbytery would meet'here Nov- Mitchell. of Little" ember 18th, ' Mr. and Mrs. Rodney H. Hamil ton returned to Fayettevllle Mon day after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. in PPLES Wholesale or Retail. BLACKS • ROME BEAUTY • GOLDEN • 8TAYMEN WINESAP CAGE EGGS ILL'S CURB MARKET Phone 7-9933 moer loini •—- ; . , Ah interesting study on "The Ap- Miss Emily Vaughan Mitchell peal To Caesar" was given by Mrs. has returned, to Ldttle; Rock aite J. V. Fore and she closed with pra- a visit with her mother;.Mrs. Oma yer, Thomas. Mrs. T. C. McRae Jr., gave the —. program on' "A Financing Faith." Mr. and Mrs. Cam McGuire hav The meeting adjourned with returned from Walaut Ridge^wher sentence prayer after which the they were the guests of their dau- hostess served a dainty dessert ghter Mrs. Obert Henderson and course to 13 members and Mrs. W. family. G. Bensberg. es- 8T. LOUIS STOCKYARDS NATIONAL STOCKYARD, 111. Hogs 10,000; moderately ac- ivc, 220 Ib down steady to 25 low- r; heavier weights 25-50 lower; ows 25 lower; choice HIO-240 Ib 9.({0-25; choice No. 1 and 2 12500 Ib 19.5060; 150-180 Ib 19.50; 50-280 Ib 18.30-17.00; sov/s 400 Ib down 1750-18.00; heavier sows 5.75-17.25; boars 12.50-15.00 Cettle 1,000, calves 500; commercial and good mixed butcher year- ings and heifers 1700-22.00; odd head choice heifers 24.00; light- Jit cutter and utility kinds 10.00-14.00; cows opening about steady; utility and commercin 7.00-12.00; canners and cutlers 6.00550; bulls and vealers steady; gooc' and choice vealers 17.00-23.00; commercial aiid low good 12.0016.00; odd head prime 25.00, salughter calves slew, commercia and good 11.00-16.00; utility and low commercial 8.00-10.00.' Sheep 1,000; lambs steady t weak, spots lower; bulk earb sales good to prime lan;bs 19.00 20.50; several small lots 21.00; ut ity and good kinds 16.50-18.50; in eluding two large lots utility grad 1...50; culls 10.0C-14.00; slaughte ewes 300-4.00. > changed to 55.; cars 90 B 7; 89 C 6. Eggs irregular-; receip t.-s 10,10; wholesale buying prices 1 lower to Y-, higher; U S. large whites 39.5; mixed 37; U. S. mediums 24,' U.S andards 2,8; current recejpts one; dirties. 19; checks 185. NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK ' W> - The Stock mar- et declined in a modest manner liONSTRUCTION i?itfiW«s ond Industrial' Buildings j to specifications. Can be con' . ..: PR 7-4683, ,^ ^for complete .information. STlEL & W.-S. C. S. Circle 1 Meets In Yarbrough Home The monthly meeting of Circle 1 of the W. S. C. S. of the First Methodist Church was held on Monday afternoon in the home of Mrs. R. F. Yarbrough with 14 members and a guest, Mrs. J. S. Crane of Ozan, attending. ,. The chairman, Mrs. S. V. Scott, called the meeting to order with prayer and conducted the business Mrs. W. F. Spears gave the 'de votional ori "In Quest of Happi ness" from the sixth Beatitude. Mrs. J. B. .Hesterly spoke on "John Wesley an and The Miners :Of Japan" and "Navajo And the I Methodist Church." . • ' Cake and coffee were enjoyed at the close of the'meeting. Health officials . estimates. there are about 2V4 million cases of tuberculosis in India. POULTRY AND PRODUCE fi2i/ 4 -i/ g , and rye was 4-6% lower were 31/4 cents lower to 1'A higher November $2.88-2.88!/ 4 . Wheat: Nohe Co r n: No. 2 yel low 1.58'/4-'/o: No. 3 1.50>/4! No. 4 ]43!'-.-45; No 5 1.341/2-39'/a; Bam pie grsdc yellow 112; No. 3 White 1.53?. Oats: No. 1 heavy white 8!). Soybeans: None. Barley nominal: Malting choic 131-52; feed 1.10-25. oday after being hit by a hard 'ave of Selling. Prices were down around a point t 1he most in the early afternoon, nd there were scattered gainers hat added, as much. Leading is- ues displayed m in or changes ither way. Most • prices' were down '- from heir best and many leading issues ivere lower. .The market as a vhole, however; remained higher despite the selling inroads.. NEW YORK COTTON NEW .YORK Wl; Cotton -futures turned steady today, following I an irregular- opening. Hedging was active initially and then' slackened. Trade and New^ Orleans buying lent, support to the m.arket. Late . afternoon prices were 5 to 20 cents a .bale - higher than -the previous close. Dec.' 34.31, March 34.67 and. May .34.97 GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO Wi Prices cased on grains on the Chicago Board . oi LOST LOVE . SANTA MONICA, Calif. UP) Th divorce suit of Love vs. Love wa filed yesterday. Mrs. Patricia Love, 26, accuse Gerald Love, TO MAKE FLIGHT LOS ANGELES UP) - lected Gov. Goodwin J. Knight and is bride Virginia have applied for assports for the inaugural polar light to Copenhagen of P Scan- linavian Airlines plane Nov. la. INSURANCE,. At A SAVINGS • Fire • Tornado • Automobile ' , •. Liability • Casualty LEONARD ELLIS Insurance Agency 108 East Second Phone 7-2221 cruelty. CHICAGO, Nov. 5WPI Vi 1/4 Live'Trade today as eathor improved ALLEN ELECTRIC CO. ANNOUNCES A NEW POLICY! Now you con have your Home Rewired to mee 4 ! modern conveniences and new fixtures. AH on 12 Easy Payments No Carrying Chargc-10% Down Payment Balance Monthly new with Chevrolet? •• •:. : < ever 8 Mrs. Glenn Halrston Hostess Jo ' W. S. C. S. Circle 2 Mrs. Glenn Hairstpn was hostess to Circle 2 of the W: S. C. S. of the First Methodist • j Ch^ch at' her iteiiiiefrotcction For AH ^<'>">\' • ;«> r- * ' • •'• • ; -- .. ; &PP??' Wonderful new Glide- Ride Front Suspensiqn 6 Spherical joints flex freely to cushion all roaid shocks. You glfa 9vcj tlie" buujps! New Anti- Dive ?rakidg Control, exclusive with . Chevrolet, asB.ureg . "heads up" ' Great new V8—two new 6's New "Turbo-Fire V8" delivers 163 b.p. with an ultra-high compression ratio of 8 to 1. Two new 6's, too—the new "Blue-Flame 136" with Power- glide (optional at extra cost) and the new "Blue-Flame 123." 'And look what,you,gee from / the driver's seat New: Sweep-Sight Windshield curves around to vertical corner pillars, giving you a wide, full view of the rond ahead; And you can see all four fenders from the driver's seat! BLUE CROSS - 7 Easier steering, stopping, clutching The new Chevrolet steers with ball- bearing case, thanks to new friction- cutting Ball-Race Steering. New Swing-Type Brake and Clutch Pedals pivot at the top, swing downward with a light pressure of your toe. New Outrigger Rear Springs Rear springs are longer— ( and they're attached at the outside of the frame. This ' means they're spaced wider • apart, outrigger-fashion, to • give you greater stability in cornering. OVERDRIVE CONVENTIONAL DRIVE A ventilating system that really works Chevrolet's new liigh-Level Ventilating System takes in air at hood- high level, away from road heat, ' fumes and dust. K' P^f &*.'• /vfl Tubeleas tires as standard equipment Vow gelt tbia great tire; advance at po.citira co8|t Proved tubeless tires give you greater! protection a blowout.. .deflate more punctured, Even Air Conditioning, if you wish Air is-beated or cooled by- a single highly efficient unit that requires no trunk space! (V8 models only.) It's just one of the. wonderful extra-cost options Chevrolet offers! POWERGIIDE Three drives, including Overdrive Powerglid.e—wilh the new V8 or the new "Blue-Flame 136." New Overdrive with the new V8 or the new "Blue-Flame 123." (Powerglide and Overdrive are extra-cost options.) New. standard transmission, too! Friday, November S> 1954 HO ft StAt, MOM, .. .^,>t:fl ¥• *; v T *ftt f t3* Radio waves are millions of times longer than light rays and x- Although tarantulas are poisonous, they are not usually danger- -yuico .tuilgci man .1.151*1. i t» j o mi** *v uua, m*.j »»* *- ••«- •> — rays are about 1,000th the length of jous and have sometimes been made light. lP ets - SA.EKGER if TODAY AND SATURDAY * BIG TRIPLE PROGRAM • ALSO « A STORY OF SUSPENSE AND DEFIANT LOVE! * ROBERT YOUNG • * MARGUERITE CHAPMAN "RELENTLESS 7 ' IN TECHNICOLOR! • PLUS • >,}• CHAPTER 9 OF SERIAL "MANHUNT IN THE AFRICAN JUNGLE 1 ; & "Claws For Alarm" Color Cattoon SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 ietiMBeh 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Calendar Monday November'8 The Beacon Class of the First Baptist Church will meet Monday, November 8, at 7:30 p. -m. with Mrs. Russell McClain, 502 East 14th street, for a business and social meeting. Mrs. Bob Massingill will be co-hostess. same time. The 'Woman's Society of Christian Service of the First Methodist Church will meet Monday, November 8, at 2 p. m. in the sanctuary Of the church. Mrs. J. C. 'Carlton will give the devotional and the Rev. and Mrs. Alfred Doss of De- Queen will be guests of the society and will give reports on the Family Life Conference which they attended in Cleveland, Ohio, in October. A love offering will be taken for the Isabelle Thoburn hospital as a result of the society's recent study on India. Each member is urged to attend. read by the recording secretary. Dorothy Norvell. A resume of tha W. 0. \V, convention held in Texarkana last week was given by Charlene Wiggins. A free will offering was taken, and Ruth Ellis, chaplain, closed tho meeting with prayer. The Monthly social will be held November 16, at 7:30 in the homo of Mrs. Hartsfield. Hope Youths and Soonsors Attend Youth Fellowship Convention Those from Hope who are attending the Christian Church Youth Fellowship Convention in Littlp Rock, November 4 throueh the 6. •Tuesday November 9 Members of the Lilac Garden Club of DeAnn will meet in the club room Tuesday, November 9, at 2 D. m. for their November meeting. Hostesses will be Mrs. Elston Willis and Mrs. Lyle Arnold. Arran- Judy Franks, Charles Beck, Skippy Bryan, Rex Easter. Jo Bfith Rettig, Coe Ardith Harrie, Betty Jo Cox, Judy Kay Wright. Judy Ro bins, the Rev. Edmund Pendleton Luther Hollamon, Carolyn Story Carolyn Lou Ellen and Irene Thorn ton. BLUE SHIELD know the ' MCiof mlnd u ,.. hw «v«r been c*HCfH«f:l>y be««e of old age, y««r Mt. )OIN NOW! ••« Mr 4-DoorS9<iaa-'i>nt of 14 new'fWier Body beou(/e» fn »fcr»B new i*rf«l Chevrolet a»4 General Motors have started a w^ole new age of low-cost motoring taWng « whol* l»ew look at the low-cost car, new ifcjM, yPWg ideas , . . «nd pome of toinorrow's ideas, tool A»d they're all rolled up m tho n»6§t |Uxmm>vt package *h»t ever wore a»y. thing Uk* »(^eyrolet price tag! Tliis is the car that began with a great idea^the idea that a low-priced car could be built that would have the 8tyle» the perforisiaoce, the comfort aiid cpnvpnience JCpatwres, «»4 thp fine quality "feel" of higb«priced care, Lots Qf cfl r buy W have wished for ewch a car. £>Qtl P| automotive epgineers have dreamed about U« But plenty of reasons why it couldn't be done, Then. Chevrolet, and Qeneral Motors deBJgned and built a car to fit tlie dre»n}<—the jVfotorswic Chevrolet! Come in and see how the Mptorainic Chevrolet for '55 is far more than a completely new ear, It's a whole new idea about cars! in end meet motommic than OF MOTORINQ YOUNG^HEVRbTET^CO, HOPt, Phont 7-Z354 *" -f ^ ' ' , ' & ,. STARTSSUNDAY GREATER THAN EVER ON WIDE SCREEN! FULL LENGTH! 3 hours atad 40 minutes of thrills! DAVID O.SELZNICK'S Production of MARGARET MITCHELL'S Story of Old South GONE WITH THE WIND gcments wiE be table centerpiece. a Thanksgiving 7:45 p. m. in the Clyde Osburn, 405 The Business Woman's Circle of the First Baptist Chuhch will meet Tuesday, November 9; at home of Mrs. _.„_._ __ S. Greening. All members are urged to attend. The Golden Circle Class of tho First Baptist Church will meet Tuesday, November 9, at 7:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. Phinis Herring, 320 East 13th, for their monthly business and social meeting. Mrs! Glen Seaver will be co-hostess. UTECHNtCQLOR Game night will be held at the Hope Country Club at .7:45 p. m Tuesday, November 9. Hosts will e Mr. and' Mrs. George P.. New- jern and Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Stewart. r SEE! I... Atlanta in flames! f. .The frantic flight • refuge! »"..The Yankee raider* ; assault Tar a Hall! f ...The screen's most .fascinating • : . • . love slpry! , : *;f . M SUninc CURKGftBLE VIVIEN LEIGH LESLIE HOWARD OLIVIA deHAVILLfND A SELZNICK INTERNATIONAL PICTURED FULL LENGTH! UNCUT! REGULAR PRICES! FEATURE TIMES: 1:00 - 5:01 - 9:02 EXTRA:!. LATE NEWS EVENTS 2 DROOPY COLOR CARTOON U. D. C. Chapter Meets Thursday On Thursday afternoon, Novem- bor 4, Mrs. Graydon Anthony, assisted by Mrs. Sam Strong and Mrs. Jack Hogg, entertained the Pat Cleburne Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy in the Anthony home. The salutes and rituals were led by Mrs. A. E. Slusscr, and the president, Mrs. J. M. O'Neal, presided over the business session. Mrs. O'Neal and Mrs. Slussor reported on the convention held in El Dorado last week. ; Mrs. Leonard Ellis, program chairman for the afternoon, presen led Miss Carolyn Strong, who reac an interesting paper on Davic O'Dodd, and Miss Mary Margarn Daniels, who gave a piano solo. A quiz was held, the answers being the names of members. The hostesses served a desser slate with cofloc to 16 member and the two guests, Miss Strong and Miss Daniels. , Plymouth Is Planning Big Sales Volume Plymouth Motor Corporation is planning on the greatest sales vol- ime in its history during 1955, and s getting off to a fast start by scheduling all-time high production, wording to Leo Ray. Vice- President of B. R. Marnni Motor Com- Dany. He recently returned from a preview of the 1955 line of Plymouth cars at Memphis. With a line of cars featuring all new styling, new high horsepower engines, and many luxury • features formerly found only in the most expensive cars, Plymouth has retooled its factory and by mid-November will be producing more than 3.000 cars per day. They arc longer, lower and wider than previous models, and the most powerful cars Plymouth has ever built. By the end of December, Plymouth cxpetts to have built 160,000 of the new models. That is some 60,000 more than were built during November and December in the peak year of 1-953. Plymouth of- icials' pointed out that a week be- ore the first of the new cars came down the assembly line, enthusia- ;tic dealers had ordered more than 50,000 without having seen a single II IIC unit-. i "It's a smart propaganda move on their- part." said Vt-nderbiH. "I'm curious to see just what will happen.' . The handsome, boyish-faced multimillionaire who tor so long ,eh joyed his cateer ns a ^.c.^... ..- .. socialite M,V, ,;,.,.o.i still loves his hotses as „ _ much as ever. But he hss also| pn d w ill "suppcnt a tftity national defense, For his pprt, ftAftte Leader Lyndon B, ised that h* Mrtfr for the safce trf found he likes playing ar. import pnt role in a race more vital to civilization than who winr at Hialeah or Qelrrtonl. Foreign Policy Continued from Page One ic leaders "at ah early period." HP said no detailed plans had been made for the meeting, nor had a date been set. Knowiand assumed that Mr. Eisenhower would confer With the congressional leaders of both parties before the new session of Congress meets in Jan- san foreign policy." fcut hft model. The backlog of orders is expected to bo more than doubled by the time all dealers have seen ;he cars. Plymouth, traditionally the , world's third largest producer of passenger cars, expects to double ;ts 1954 sales during 1955 and to sell nearly 20 por-cent more cars than the record 635,000 units. which were sold during 1953. . Officials pointed out that Plymouth has had the new car under development for three years, and at the same time has been "Tooling up" its man-power in pointing for a big sales year in 1955... Dur- the past year the Pymoulh field or uary. •Knowland paid he knew of no precedent for regular conferences between a President and leaders of his political opposition in Con gross. However, he said that the Ho publican leaders of both houses arc now studying the history of toohi comparable situations in tho Congress. Knowland was confident that tho bi-partisan<ship approach to basic foreign policy would continue and he was hopeful '. of achieving degree of cooperation \viih Democrats on domestic policy. However, key Democrats have, begun to whoop, it up for a new look at government spending, tax- in?, farm, and power programs. More of that is to come. Any one in or out of the White House who expects during the next two wrestle for partism votes in 195R is likely to be wounded with ells appointment. The honeymoon, if any, between the Eisenhower administration- am the G4th Congress will be mic o" ftrange bed fellows and it wtl . not uile o\it clashes on domestic ssues. The Demoeintic Senate majority mmc a state ft mind fh act so far as flition ott 1he ate floor is concerned. A alvisitfH 61 48 Democrats, 4? Republiea%art<l >iif independent, whose vote ,., 'Will enable the Democrats to 6f|8ni*e this Senate, IS not eortttol IH^fftCt. The Demociatic total Could, «fo 49 if Clifford P, Case, Jh, Mean, Should lose a New ipcount to Charles It. r Democrat. ' With a House fcotmt of 232 ciats to 203 Republicans, is considerably firmer. • f *< dne drop- of otf m control . tho . t . Democrats, Hkt* UcpubHcanS, are not ot one mind. Rep. Howftrn n tlw Notice The Country Club "open house" cheduled following the football game on Friday night has been cancelled. ' , Coming rind Going Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Beard are visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Bright, and Grady- Beard. ganization has increased Its number of field representatives from 103 to 291 and has concentrated its sales effort by re-arranging its geographical coverage of the country. Regional offices have been increased from 12 to 19 to better serve the more than 10,000 dealers who sell Plymouths in the U. S. Monday November 8 The Rebecca Sunday School Clasf of the First Baptist Church wil meet at the home of Mrs. Jack Hogg, 412 East 14th, Monday, No- yem'ber"8, at 7130, Co-hostesses arc Mrs. George Young and Mrs. C. H. Sangalli.' Poplar Grove 196 Members Have Business Meeting ' Members of Poplar Grove 190.- Woodmen Circle, met Tuesday night at the'W, O. W. Hall for. the regular monthly business meeting. All officers were at their stations Charlene Wiggins, president, opened the meeting, and the attendant presented the U. S; flag. Tha aledge of allegiance was repeated i unison. A note of thanks from Mrs. terman, a former member, Mrs. R. H. Tipton and daughters, Barbara Nan and Cathy Lynn, o£ Savannah, Georgia, and G. L. Williams III of Little Rock, are the guests of Mrs. Glen L. Williams, Sr. Jerry O'Neal, student at Arkansas State Teachers College, is spending EJ, few- days; at home.. — : Boyle Hospital Notes *.^^« ? "^fc.« »~^. •»" ,-^^^^.«»-«fc^>'«».«»-^.«»-^fc»»-^-«' Branch Admitted: Mr. J. A. Williamson, Hope. Discharged: Ezell Burton, Rt. 1, Fulton. Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Fred J. Mouser, Hope, Lee Essie West, Rt. 4, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Thomas L. Webb and son, Ozan, Lula Bell Johnson Hope. waa More than 40,000 .American men under 65 are killed in accidents each year. Continued from Page One without adequate medical treat ment or vocational training. "You. cari imagine how bitter they sometimes. get. . . so many years a^fter the war is over . ; and so litt'le dori^'-to help them. The benefits ,ttie.,American veteran gets are unique You don't find them in other lands." He .and other WVF leaders feel it ....... ;i$f>^taJ, that Veterans-bf free world countres work toge ther dcmo'dratiSally to solve postwar problems. Responsible vet groups from fbVrher 'enemy n&tions, such as Germany and Italy, have been welcomed,, into the organization. "In , the past' the Communists were able to exploit the disablec in a I6"t 1 fer these -countries because Ihey weren't getting a fair .break,' said .Vanderbilt. He i. will attend the 'fifth annual General Assembly cf the WVF "in Vienna,"later this month. A Communist-front group, the European federation of Resistance Fighters", cul- the be brief; To meet such situations was th purpose of tho meeting botwcci VIr. Eisenhower and Knowland. Knowland was booked along wit! Maj. Gen. Wilton B. Persons, M Eisenhower's legislative liaisi) chief. Poisons will have his hand ull during the ne:jt two years trj ng to keep administration polic moving in the Democratic Hous and Senate. Knowland .{mid .the division political leadership for the ne> Lwo years presents a "very dift LOOK YOUR LOVELIES* THE BEAUTY BOX f*' Open 0 days 6 wfeek V After 5 appointments lor tlie workin|t Blris 'f , Latest Hair Styling ',• Phone 7 r 5850 112 S. Maitt Ruth Hoelscher Janell Roo&rtS ;, . ^ , ,-. i .rl.t.L— in Pole-flame construct!** cuts fob building cosh 'X 1 ' «*— -** • You can save lip to hull &»$*J jot erecting and mnintwmrt y^tj" 1 * poultry housw/mRchiW *«*«•,.,»»• Pole-type far«tt bwmwg*. supported by Koppert J cYeOsoted OPole*, ftwd ji* tion, rtgulre tab lutabM, * inote the need tor cMtly "ft* m tatobry MormatoWit J grtKa^^fe — frti*ti$ta< ; ;*W 1 1 insfep : a disco" 11M «'|arly Shopper" Tabloid has announced it will liolti a tural conference" •< there , at GALA RE-OPENING SATURDAY & SUNDAY« BIG DOUBLE FEATURE RI ALTO SPECIAL. RlE-QPIENING PRICES! Children lOc — Adults 25c (Anytime) BIG DOUBLE FEATURE Joel McCrea as THE RAMROD! Veronica Lake at THE DECEIVERl Donald Crisp as THE LAW! Don DeFore a? THE KIUUER? RAMROD" » AUO f i .1' J iV /v 7F& t'lvtb'-'X* t LUCILLE BALL (TV'S "1 tOVI tUCY") fcfPPIE ALBERT in "THE FULLER BRUSH GIRL" . DO THE DEAD RETURN! HOUDINI SAID "NO" THE MAD DOCTOR MARQUIS SAYS "COME AND SEE... I'LL SHOW YOU" IN PERSON THf AMAZING "PR, MARQUIS "WILU "BRING ALIVI" A TONIGHT SAVE MHIIlimnnmii mw/uM FROM THE CHAINIO COFFIN NOW IX, HIPITiP IN THB THIATRI WHY, BE SURE TO EXAM- INI THE COFFIN ASYOUiNTfRTHI THIATRi , f , AND ON THE SCREEN • GORCEY •ANP'THI BOWERY BOYS N "SPOOK BUSTERS" SAENGER • ALL SEATS 50e » NO PAS5IS BE WISE.,, Now's the time to buy thtt new appliance! Make a list of you^ need. Pocket $1,50 in MercJW Certificates for every $15.00 worth ing this Sale! • SHOP NOW ,, , and, save enough $o all your Christmas shopping!' FOR CHRISTMAS . ., Make Se§r§ Christmas .Catalog, "the book," your shppping eeater mail order prices PUJ8 Mei Certificates, s V y You don't need nl! cq*h .,» SEARS Easy Payment ,f10n •>, AOYANCl TICKiTS ON SAU.AUJPAY .,_„_ AFTIR THI WAITING IN UNi! AIN IN THi SHOW, NO <UlbutK A N 0 CO CATALOG

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