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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 28

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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Combined Wire News Service, Associated Press, United Press, and Consolidated Press PAGE 2S MONDAY, NOV. 14, 1927 i mi niinmiil ished a large knife and' told her he was going to stab her and himself to death. Mrs. Smith struggled with Ramirez, etleavoi'lng to divert the slashings ofsthe knife. Overpow Wedding Plans Of Oakland Pair Learned Brought Aid to Wounded J.MISS..

LILLIAN Nicaragua's Red Cross girl, daughter of one of the wealthiest coffee planters in distributed cigarettes and candies and helped care for the wounded during the height of hostilities between tlie U. S. marines and the rebels. She is here shown on her arrival in San Francisco aboard the ered, she fellXo the floor as her DHIY gULN I 111 BANDMASTER to the street, pursued by Ramirez-'Meanwhile Mrs. Smith had recovered sufficiently from the stunning effect of Ramirez's blow to drag herself to a telephone and put in a call for police.

Patrolman F. Kerr captured Ramlrea in the neighborhood and booked him at the Southern Police Station on a charge of assiuilt with a deadly weapon. Unused cribs, buggies, can be turned into cash through a classified ad. son entered BO! BATTLES SLASHER TO SAVE MOTHER WASHWOMAN OF QUENTIN ASKS PAROLE Frank seized Kamirez from be hind. Outwelghd, the lad was forced to release Nils hold as Ra Howard Gilkey, Landscape Architect, to Wed Miss Mary Gaston.

liner Coiinto with her two pet paraquets. mirez swung around and slashed at Seeing the knife, the boy fled LOSES PLEA Wise Christmas Buys One Iu- Silent Chona Amlradc, of Last of Difter F. Youth, 14, Finds Knife Wielder Attacking Parent, Tackles Him Unarmed and Averts Possible Murder Fourth Attempt of Prison Musician, Slayer of Oakland Pawnbroker, to Gain His Liberty Fails at dians, Seeks Freedom Afler Eleven-Year Term An attempt to escape publicity and keep their marriage intentions a secret failed today when it was revealed that Howard Gilkey, Hind-scape architect, and Miss Mary Gaston, both of Oakland, had declared their intention in San Jose Saturday. The marriage, which will be performed quietly in San Jose sometime during the month, will climax romance that began when Gilkey was supervising the landscaping of the Mills college campus, where Miss Gaston is secretary to Dr. Aurelia Uoinhardt, president of the girls' college.

Gilkey, student of Luther Burbanla and a graduate of the University of California, was landscape engineer for the city of Oakland from 1920 to He was de Mulkey's Eleven yen rs of "washing" the trim walls uf San nn(l Chona the "silent woman" of that prison. faces the i)i ison hoard wild an For the fourth time Damascus 01. Ciallur, Oakland murderer and San Quentin bandmaster, has been denied parole, according to despatches today from lie prison where the parole board met yesterday to consider 422 requests" for clemency. Known as "the professor" at the prison, where he has been for 12 years since sentenced for the kill signer of Duck island and the city ing of Augustine Hotchkiss, Oak- plaza. lantl' money-lender, the denial of Gilkey and his bride will reside in Fruitvale, in a new home set in two acres of garden.

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 14. Braving an older antagonist armed with a threatening knife, 14-year-old Frank Smith curly today saved his rfiotner from possible murder at the hands of Andres Ramirez, 30, held by the police after a chase through the streets. Tlio mother, Mr.l -Mary Smith, 32, was at the mercy of Ramirez when the boy entered their home at. 436 Third street, and himself escaped by fleeing to the street and summoning police when Ramirez turned on him.

Young Smith appeared on the scene, after Ramirez had struck the, woman down with a blow to the jaw following a struggle in which Mrs. Smith had vainly attempted to disarm him. She had entered her home shortly after midnight and declares she encountered Ramirez, who lives at 1242-B Howard street. In the doorway. 1 The mother says Ramirez brand Easy Credit Terms San Mateo Man Fined r( Joy -k $100 in Booze Case Tor Christmas give a lovely blanket, a silk comforter or a wool robe.

Our Grand Ave. store lias a remarkable collection of good looking India Rugs, specially priced $15.75 each. At our three stores jou will find lovely spreads, lamps, colorful fancy pillows, piano covers, table runners and scarfs. At Mulkey's you will find all things beautiful and practical and low in price. Galltir's parole was a double disappoint mept.

He hoped to marry if freedom was won. Miss Louise Courtenay Westeott, a talented young Santa Rosa musician, has often pleaded in behalf of Gallur. Their romance, un-dimmed by years of waiting, came to light a year ago when- Gallur made his third parole application. Besides organizing the prison's first band, Gallur has become a distinguished composer since his imprisonment began. His pieces are played all over the country.

Despite his talent, his pleas have met with no success. District Attorney Earl Warren opposed previous attempts of Gallur to obtain freedom on the grounds that he was "erratic and dangerous." Gallur killed Hotchkiss for hounding him for a debt, he said. application fur parole tlial will permit nor to po on but bevond the view of I liars anl hiirh walls that rut off the sunlight. Chona wont to San Quentin eleven years ago from Alameda county for the murder of her son-in-law, Jesns Kspinosa. at.

Kites. Evidence showed that she branded her son-in-law witli a. hot iron, poured kerosene over his body, and set it aflame. is one of the "last of the Fifffrer Indians." When the gates, of Quentin Closed for her eleven years prison officials found her a piiiiz.Ie. She could not read "or write, arid he was unqualified for even the simpler of prison tasks.

But finally the silent woman found her place over the wash tub, and for ten years of her sentence she has done the laundry of the matron and others. Her family are all dead except the husband, who is serving a sentence at Folsom for participation in the same murder. Another parole application before the prison board is that of Mrs. Jesusista D'Agostini, who is serving a sentence of one to ten years for killing her husband. Arnold Postel, an Alameda furniture merchant.

Mrs. Virginia Clark, serving a sentence of ten years to life for the murder of her husband, Oakland street car man, also is an applicant for parole. BERKELEY, Nov. 14. Rather than go to jail for twenty days on a.

liquor possession charge, VV, E. Brown, 29, a stevedore living in San Mateo, paid a fine ot $100 this morning in Judge Oliver Young's court. Brown was arrested Saturday at the California-Washington football game in the Memorial stadium. According to testimony in court it took three Berkeley policement to subdue him. Brown declared the spirit of the excitement of the.

game was respon sible for his condition. UHtHW' Jiii I. IMS The penetratins WT warmth of BAUME 8ENGUE goes right to the sore Park your car at our door as long as you like MuLKEYtylflTTRESS (5 spot, reduces the congestion and soothes the tissues. SaumeBengue E. 12th St.

at 6th Ave. 3320 E. Uth St. 631! Grand Ave. Kicaracua's Red Cross girl, Miss Lillian Wallace, is in San Fran i ANALGESIOUB (SAY BEN-GAY) i cisco, accompanied by hoi- pet para quets, having come here trom her native land on board the Panama Mail liner Corinto.

She arrived in the bay district on the Corinto's marines and the rebels. During the height of the hostilities she distributed cigarettes and candies, and aided in caring for the wounded soldiers. She has come to the United States to continue her education. She is a lover of pets, and she brought two trained paraquets with ht is her birthplace, buoBjreprefers to refer to San ELOPIXG WIFE WORTHLESS. DERBY, Eng.

Justice Spearman held In a divorce case here that a wife who eloped was "absolutely worthless." last trip north. Miss Wallace Is the daughter of one of the wealthiest coffee plant ers in Nicaragua. She saw the fighting between the United States FrsiRtisco as her "home city." Why is the Pan- Announcement! Ground Gripper Shoes OPEN For Business Tomorrow in Our NEW STORE AT 1606 San Pablo Ave. Am Motor Cleaning Machine Service TOOTHACHE ABOLISHED FOREVER Is the offer of modern dental science. Anyone who will have his teeth regularly attended to by a competent dentist need never suffer a toothache.

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