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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 43

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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M-3 NOVEMBER 13, 1927 SUNDAY gaitenr-CtfTutt nii three-Darty-agreement In "Seaver has agreed to do the volving the. city, the Parr Terminal interests. Seaver ll necessary dredging on tne ouiei harbor turning basin at his own expense now and let the city pity for It out of the monthly rental of $1000. NEW HEARTS New Boulton Apts. This offer was made wnen it wan learned that the city did" not have Immediately available funds necessary for the dredging work.

BOULTDN APTS. ON WARFIELD 12,000,000 INVESTMEHT FOR RIGHMOND Potrero. The largest portion of the John H. Nicholl estate. "An investment of $2,000,000 Is contemplated immediately it is understood.

This Includes the construction of a tank farm on the hillslopes back of Point Potrero, the building of an extensive pipe line-system the construction of a barrel apd can factory, and a splendid office building, as well as a 600-foot pier for the use of the big tankers. T.T. "The office building will be located on a part of approximately two and one-halt acres of municipally owned land under lease, to the Parr Terminal corporation, adjoining the outer harbor facility. Ephraim Field. "architect and manager of construction, has just completed this modern apartment structure at 827 Warfield avenue.

Mrs Elizabeth B. Ferguson is owner" and manager. Equipment includes Frigidaire, Johnson Oil Burners, Spark Lid-top ranges and said he wanted all the cards on the table, the matter given careful con-slderation and, the public fully informed of theIntents and purposes of the Doheny Interests coming to Richmond." Its advantages have again won a notable Industry, for Richmond. Again the fine spirit of cooperation between the city council, the Parr Terminal corporation," the citizens at large, outside' interests and the chamber of commerce has been exemplified for the good of Richmond. "The costs' or constructing um pier would be born entirely by the Dohenv interests.

While, under the present 50-year Pnrr Terminal Cor USING JOHNSON BURNER SYSTEM iirinir Marshall Stearns wall beds poration! according to City Attorney AiUt Urtn mv iiiiiihiui yaiiiyimnmnwiiiiiMMiwrMnw T. M. Carlson, has tne privilege sub-lease any or all portions of lands under lease from the city, Seaver took It upon himself to RICHMOND. Nov. The E.

L. The Boulton Apartment 12 units are heated by a John Doheny oil interests are coming to Richmond, it Is announced by son Automatic Rotary Oil Burner the Richmond Chamber or com Epliraim Field Completes Well-Located, Up-to-date Structure. VS. installed in connection wun hlpuiu merce. boiler, the fuel oil being supplied outside tank.

Through Frank K. seaver, p- The hot water system for the build sonal representative of uoneny, the Richmond Chamber of Com ing is also operated irum mc burner. rrv, a rv Tniinnnn Pn manufac merce is informed tnat tne nrill Invent 12.000.000 In a great distribution and storage turers of the Johnson btirner state, APARTMENT OWNERS equip your building with GENUINE FRIGIDAIRE "The oil burner operates entirely by thermostatic and automatic control, which means that a constant, uniform temperature is maintained throughout the Duiiaing. "Whenever heat is required, a thermostat, set at the temperature iaDiAi in, nn thn burner auto Modern Heating Comfort demands the convenience of. Automatic Oil Heat The Boulton Apartments Selected the JOHNSON AUTOMATIC ROTARY OIL BURNER 1A.

in Oakland for 22 years for clean, self -regulating economical heat. plant nere ana enter -competition with the Standard Oil and other oil companies operating in this section of California. The Richmond city council has approved the leasing of municipally owned land at the outer harbor Parr Terminal and the permit for the Doheny company to construct a 600-foot pier as the terminus of us pipe lines and for the unloading and loading of its fleet of oil tankers at the outer harbor. The contract is in form of a sublease from -n rrmlnal nnrnnrfl.tion. matically, so that the temperature of all rooms can be kept to within a variation of one degree.

An au tomatic control stops tne Durner in I I 1: i the same manner, witn tne rami that there can be no overheating of rooms, with its consequent dis comfort and waste of fuel. tne ran- -lessees of Richmond'g waterfront i nnmHAe fnr nerlod Of I.T3. Allmlnattnff thp tlPffll for ay personal supervision the- Johnson BECAUSE Frigidaire fills vacancies Frigidaire holds tenants Frigidaire modernizes your apartments Easily installed in either new or old apartments Burner operates wnn greater economy and Infinitely greater com fort than woum oe uoskiuib uuu hiimon firtntrnl." 50 years. A statement by the Richmond Chamber of Commerce invasion of the Doheny interests mark the second great step In the development and building-up of Richmond's industrial area on its waterfront following the leasing of its waterfront to the Parr interests. This Doheny development as nlanned Is second only to the Johnson Rotary Oil Burners have been manufactured for over no Hi, tho Johnson Co.

fjfiis modem Kt man aJbonce-wilkJiigilahe mJOu ot iteyt always S. T. JOHNSON CO. of this city who were one of the Announcement Is made today of the openlns of the Boulton Apartments at 827 Warfield avenue Just north of Mandana Boulevard. Ephraim Field is the.

architect and mumiRer of construction for the building of which Mrs. Elizabeth B. Ferguson will be the owner and manager. A description of the partments reads as follows: "Conveniently situated on a commanding eminence within two blocks of- San Francisco and local transportation, close to the busy shopping district Of Grand Avenue, the structure enjoys every advantage of location with a fine view. "All apartments are deadened between each other with two layers of Cabot's Quilt and they have separate ceiling construction having double air pockets and lined with deadening quilt.

"The buildlirg Is three stories high with a complete basement. The exterior of Mission stucco Is finished in a simple tetured plaster of Spanish style set off witn dark sash and Spanish tile parapets. The rustic stone jointed entrance is of smooth finish cement plaster in contrast to the rough textured exterior. Gum, French entrance doors lead to a lobby panelled with wall paper and floored with soft, padded carpets. The public halls and stairs are in gum finish, with rough textured Spanish wall paper in colors and have solid carpeted floor.

"Each of the twelve three-room apartments has an entrance doorway from which opens a coat closet and an ample bath completely furnished, and shining with aligtu treen enamel that sets off the whiteness of the fixtures. Living rooms are large with Guardian radiant fires in each mantel. Living rooms are finished in warm gray enamel which is the keynote in the finish of all apartments with attractive but subdued wall papers furnishing an excellent background for practically any furniture or drapery. Marshall and Stearns wall beds hive been Installed Kitchens pioneers in the making or. equip ment for burning fuel oil.

Engin -nrVin tinvo nhserved the John OIL BURNERS 1 Mnin Office and Factoryl 040-950 Arlington Ave. Oakland, Calif, laotory Branch Of fleet: San FrnncUco, Sacrameato, Philadelphia Dlrlhtnor and Dealer throughout the Cnlted States and In Foreign Conntrlea. Frigidaire Corporation Product ol General Motors. Telephone oco 1 1962 Broadway Oakland, California 000,000 Ford plant whlcn is located on 73 acres of inner harbor waterfront industrial land sold to the motor magnate by the Parr Terminal corporation. "Doheny, through Seaver, has purchased outright more than 175 acres of waterfront land lying along and back of Point Potrero and extending from the Los Angeles pressed bricks works near the outer wharf to the San Francisco Bridge son have declared it the most scientifically constructed burner on the market." Tosemite Vallfty Railroad company, operating from Merced to El Portal, reports to the Railroad Commission its 1926 operating revenue at $851,330.10, as compared with $1,409.13 for The operating expenses, excluding taxes for 1926, are reported at liUKCdlUb 'l MinrrrTrrfHt company's holdings norm ui jtmu.i I' 'I" "1" "i'V'i mi II MM II II II.

Mil NiMMI IjJIIiMI 11 jy towillt TIM MllWIIlWnWl'lUVIUI' I Formal Opening of the AD-A-ROOM BEDS, from Marshall Steams Co. WALLBED MANUFACTURERS 411 19th St. Oakland 1236 BOULTON APTS 827 WARFIELD AVE. fj Just north of Mandana Blvd. Survey Made of Year Oneration of mm I rathe Viv inenprhm of these modem three-rooi are completed witn oiim-m "t-ldaires, coolers, shelves, cases, drawers, tile sinks, wash trays and breakfast mok.

Inlaid linoleum has been used on the floors. bpark Lid-top Gas stoves, due to their popularity, have been' installed. "All windows in the front apartments are equipped with steel sash. Rear apartments have a wonderful view of Oakland and San Francisco, some overlook the Lake while others overlook Trestle Glen. "Steam heat and hot water are furnished at all hours from a basement plant equipped with steam boiler and Johnson automatic oil burning system.

Locker rooms for each apartment are also provided; ample garage space and a laundry room are among the facilities, with space for clothes lines on the roof. Apartments which are unfurnished will average about 7u per montn including steam heat, hot water, Frigidaire, etc. Export Duties Levied By Many Countries ttvnort duties are levied by ap Signals In City of Oakland WALL PAPER furnished by MARCUS MERRICK Jobbers in FOREIGN and DOMESTIC WALL PAPERS Also Jobbers In Sunset Paint Products Oakland 4t)8t In commenting upon this record, to the traffic de Bullard. president or tne tu partment of. Oakland, plans are itwallv completed for enlarg T).

Bullard company, distributors GAS STOVES ing the downtown area controlled and Installators of Essco Traffic Signals, said, "While tne past rec by automatic miuu: also for placing signals at uptown ctroets where there is a ord Of this type SlglUU jumiura painting a rosy service picture nrmr tn in.qtn Ha tlon. it has been a Made in Oakland heavy flow of traffic." Thus reads Corner 1 4th and Jefferson Sts. gratification to us to see every one nf nnr claims lor tne jiisscu cjjaicin a recent statement uy me -Bullard Co. It is added that: "During the year or-so that tne Essco Automatic Signals have been nnt nnlv substantiated, but fat and nii.c-ir ovfp ipri tn nntuai oueratiuii. in operation in uaKianu proximately fifty -countries and an equal number of colonies or territories, a compilation of these lm- tnflnv hv the Com- "While plans nave not, oeen nt the tlmeiS)f this writing just where the newly in- ment on their efficacy by traffic officers, motorists and pedestrians nonnrtment reveals.

In tne Marking Another Worthy Achievement by FIELD atnlldf signals Will BO, It la ueiiii- Itelv known that those corners on it. fi-inwo of heavv traffic zone alike. The tranic uiv a decrease in the number of downtown accidents, accompanied by a now controlled will be the first to majority of cases these taxes apply to a limited number of commodities, but some countries tax all or nearly all their exports. This system of general export taxation is in i tmnnrhnt eXDOl'ting receive attention. Ana alter tnai, freedom from tranic jiini.

-cars and morlsts not to mention finrf that nroeress jD tn nnv nnrticular at tention to outlying corners where Mi) heartiest congratulations PAINTING AND DECORATING by D. W. Howard Son's CONTRACTORS 427BurkSt. Holliday 7756 from one edge of the downtown vogue in uuj countries as China, Argentina and the traffic is neaviest aim wmui, at present are often the scenes of Brazil, although in the last namea hv thn several section to anouier io and that a large proportion pf the harrowing "narrow escapes aie the most serious acciueius. etate rather than by the federal povernment.

In Portugal, Rumania, Bulgaria and Egypt, taxation of oiort mnre or less gen- and good toishes for continued success. CLEVELAND things of tne past. The selection of such a satisfactory type of signal by Oakland worthy of commendation. There are scores of varied makes of traffic signals in current use, many of On the other hand, a number apartments is invited. Two; blocks from S.

F. and local transportation convenient to the Grand-Lake business district, on an emi- nence commanding wonderful view. Beautifully decorated and excellently arranged. Every convenience has been installed. Frigidaire, steam heat, radiant fireplaces, wonderful baths, Spark Lid-Top ranges, etc.

Thoroughly sound proofed. Average Rental $75.00 Rentals and Leasing in Charge of T. M. CHRISTIE, 319 14th St. EphrAim Field Architect, Manager of Construction 6 1 4 American Bank Building Lakeside 193.

of nations, including tne unueu TTnitod Tfimrdom. Ger- which are serving large ciuea and Holland, place no tax any kind upon exports, but this is not true of the respective British Plumbing and A great variety of commodities Heating Installations entering worm iraue io oujvw nrt taxation, tne discloses. Raw materials l. nmo.iitiea most common LUG naA aithhiierh not infrequently Nowhere to go But UP No realty purchase is good investment unless it is based on fair prke and assurance of increased value. The appraisal and re-imburse-mcnt features of Land Value Insurance guarantee right price and give you assurance that value of your property has nowhere to go but UP.

When You Invest in Properly See That It Is Insured With FEDERAL LAND VALUE INSURANCE COMPANY 904 Hunter Dulin Building San Francisco Write vs for Fret Booklet oh Land Value Insurance MILLWORK' Sash and Doors from Pacific Manufacturing Co. 353 HOBART ST. Clencourt 7850 foods, processed goods, and even manufactured articles can be exported only upon the payment of duties. Many unusual commodities are shown as taxable when to foreign countries. For by A.

M. POULSEN 354 Hobart St. ClencptirtlWfr satisfaction, orainpriiy, varied number from which to make a selection would confuse, but Oakland officials were 100o cognizant of the distinctly local problems and made their choice witn in mind. It is worthy of note that the method of operation of the Essco signals was chaned Dy the officials of the Electrical Department in co-operation with others to make the streets of the city safe for pedestrians. It is now looked to as one of the foremost traffic control systems in the coun- how good the choice of Essco signals was cannot he appreciated until it is understood that the replacement of two electric bulbs has been the maintenance cost to date of the signal system.

Out of the maze of controls, signals, electrical devices and the hundred and one other materials required to operate a system of this type, it is remarkable to think that the entire replacement cost to date has been two electric $mn to shin with tusks from Ceylon and five times that amount export a wnite rniiiouci Tha Province of Al- Member of Builders' Exchange herta, Canada, has a tax of 1100 a Of Alameda County i a iio uver ioxca, "iino i S3 on each fight .11 lPMves the country. The purpose of export duties is usually either to provide on niter-mate supply Of certain essential raw materials tor globes." exDorting countries UMMER LUMBER from Blackman-Anderson MILL and LUMBER COMPANY Main Office. Mill. Yard and Wharf. 305 High Street at Tidal Canal.

Phone Andover 460. BRICK and TILE MANTELS and CHIMNEYS A. B. McMURTRY BRICK CONTRACTOR 6326 Broadway Terrace Humboldt 2317 THF. LATEST ODORLESS HEATER All Builders' Hardware from B.

Simon Hdwe. Co. 631-639 Broadway Lakeside 7816 Wholesale and Retail Window Shades and Curtain Rods Metropolitan Window Shade Factory 4242 BROADWAY Piedmont 3916. FUMELESS Cement Work by J. DUNCKER 1203 COLLEGE AVE.

ALAMEDA Phone Alameda 1269W ACHIEVEMENT IN HEATING SCIENCE COMBINES Cheerful glow of fireplace Radiant and COLDAia IS WMIMEO 1 FUME5 GO UP CHIMNEY CIRCULATION lit I INTO WPM coriyection heat. Ln Til F. and 1 Screens from U. S. Screen Door Co.

77 O'FARRELL ST. San Francisco Fire Escapes and Grilles Geo. E. Zinslen Manufacturer 3130 CUTHBERT ST. Fruilvale 75 HW GUARDIAN Mission Stucco from ALHAMBRA-MISSION STUCCO Inc.

4054 HARLAN ST. Piedmont 2493 closed, odorless combustion chamber Circulating pure warm air. Summertime warmth all winter Minimum Sheet Metal Work by Li Witharm 2766 GROVE ST. Lakeside 1721. Cases and Built-in Fixtures ly Southwick Manufacturing Co.

1115 13th Ave. Fruitvale 2365. operating cost. Quick I1SD ht dm RADIANT FIRES by Superior Tile Products Co. 2725 Shattuck Ave.

BERKELEY ly installed in home, --m or ware- Hardvoood Floors fcy Bay City Hardwood Floor Co. 1837 BRIDGE AVE. PLASTERING by S. CALLARAFI Plastering Contractor 2083 BROADWAY- Lakeside 4882 room. All Wiring by Morgan Electric "In San Leandro Since 1 90S" 1102 E.

14TH ST. San Leandro. the PROGRESSIVE DISTRIBUTORS Phone Berkeley 3048 Fruiloale 2907 a a iu Minn Ainii ct Phone Oak. .4320 1410 Mad.sonoSt.pitf 77 san francisco.

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