Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on November 6, 1927 · Page 24
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 24

Oakland, California
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Sunday, November 6, 1927
Page 24
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ii-f. SUNDAY rvi&Tnith- trrfhim Tcrwrvumvr 1097 ', DaklanD Crf&une NOVEMBER 6, 1927 iNBWS OF eREAOTER CALIFORNIA": GROWTH-CITED flMAimTiniii Paper Drive Spurs Energy Fupils of the fifth and sixth .grades of thr Lafayette grammar school are bring led in their current paper drixe. by JOHN WAD-DCl.L, upper. The youngster is credited with having gathered a ton of p.iner. R low, mmler of the two grades. Garden City's Recent Bride MRS. DONALD PARKER, who until her recent marriage In San Jose was Miss Miriam Blanchard. Mr. and Mrs. Parker are both popular members of the San Jose social set. They are spending their honeymoon in the south and will reside in the Garden City on their return. Photo bit Tucker, San lone. n ii in l n 1 1 u 11 AT HID' TO E WEEKFOfi SALINAS mm m PLANS TOLD IN BUILDING HE THRESHEK s v f!('mnimllii,,' Prepare to Aujt-HKiit K1N of AM Nirictv. 5" Annual Observance to Take Bank Clearings Also Pointed to as Barometer of City ( Prosperity. Surrounding Territory Asked to Attetnd Meeting Set for Nov. 1 6. 3 Place Nov. 21 to 26: Display Mapped. ' - flOLL- CULL- OF RED CROSS TO nrnisi mm 11- 1 n ulu r it'uu. ii n.i : I 1 ! ; t'.e !:''!! i'. T i ' . rinu.i Ti V, a C-O.-.- has I.. A. St. H- n a In' rcae t ! tenaKy. 1 J a li 1 i :r-. Mrs. iK-n of -i.' ; ma - u -- J. Ks( t M 1 1 :i" M I. JAl 1S".. N' . f, -I ol Ii i!i!.U7!'i,i. i inrui of liif L-. i : of ..:pervi-..rs. has ntv-.td Hie np-. Jjnin'.mf hi H c t, ; i r iti;i I ef tt-elevcnm aiMiual IU d Cms mil Call for An,adr i .i'.iniy rli.'i pter ltam.i.-zotrl has been an active riif-mi t of the executive c nuiiil't-e of Die chapter p 1' s organization In 1917. The coal ufcf h IMfcmnzzoftr haj set 1 Tan mrirn !.. The i.n-nual ineptinp w i i 1 !e h-.d November 21 at :S0 p. m. at the ceuntv courthouse. HAVW AHII .or, i.-no. HAY WARD. Nov. 5. With 'the quota set at li'irn. the annual K.'d Cross roll call for the Haiard district v 111 begin Noven, her 12 an i ' end No ember "5. The following officers have been eoi,-,1 and will ! direct the drive: Mrs. 1. li. parsons, president; Mrs. P. .T. 'roshv, vice-president; Mrs.-C K. Moliar-ron,- wT-i.irj Jlar.s Henninpwn. treasu'er. Judce vhienb Harder Jr. has bet-n named tempurary chairman. Tables at. which collections can be made nre to be placed in centralized positions throughout the city. Representatives in local organizations have- ali eady been selected as follo'.vsr l.ton. J fans llen-ninpsen; Uotaiians, J, I', Arm- strong; Hill and Valley club, Mrs. R. M. JIanson; Tarenl-Teaeher Rt soclatlons, Mrs. P. J. Crosby; American Legion, Dr. Nels Clemens: Mt. Eden P.-T. A.." Mrs. 'Henry Oliverf Hay ward Hiehlands P.-T. A., Mrs C, F. McBarron; Pan Lorenzo P.T A., Mrs. Robert Kins; Business and Professional Women's club, Mrs. Hugo Frank; Legion Auxiliary, lira. Bertha Clemens. RAX JOSK, Nov. 5. The annual Santa Clara County Prune Week " til be observed here and in neieh li'iYrlner cities and towns from November "1 tn,;8, necordinp to announcement made ly W. F. Poir. ars, chairman of the Santa Clara Count Consolidated Prune Week committee. Soliciting ' has already started to ascertain just what displays will be made in stoics and business houses .and how many boxes of I prunes for local sale and shipment to I. astern cities nre to be prepared. Hnoh box of prunes sold this year during Prune. WeeU will have at-:ached to it a recipe book- tellinff housewives of the numerous ways n which prunes maybe prepared." The S.in Joso City Prune .Week committee consists of' Powars, chairman; Dwicht Needham, J. A. Caivin, II. A. Harms. C, W. Dore, Henry Pprimr. J. Calice, E. CV Moli-tor. Wendell C. Thomas and Russell I'ettit. Tue countv committee consists of the following: A . F. lwars, chairman: l;av A . Smith, Palo Aito: Harrv.Uucklev. (jjlrov: Clem 1-,-pad.sliaw, Sunnvva:e: G. Farlev, Campbell. .. - 75,900 Population Seen for San Jose BAN JOSE. Nov. 5.-t-Approxl-jnate population of San Jose is placed at 75,900 In estimates given out here this week by the Polk Directory company, which has Just completed a canvass of the city for the purpose of putting ut a new directory on January 1. Actual number of names to be contained In the directory la 32,750 which multiplied by two and one-quarter, which has been found to give a nearly accurate figure on population, gives San Jose a pop-. ulatlon of 75,900, according to H. P. Stephens, in charge of the di: rectorycanvass here. Total population of San Jose was estimated by the directory company last year at 78,687. Petaluma Boasts Building Record PETALUMA, Nov. 5. During lh month of October City Clerk kliss Gladys Roberta Issued 25 fcullding permits which aggregate the sum of $225,000. This Is re-fnarkable for a city of this size at this season of the year and from Vhlch It Is estimated that 1927 Will beat all records In the building 11ns In this city. Weather conditions have been most, favorable - lor building operations me lata In the season, and with the half-jilllion dollar street work now near-ng completion, Petaluma la proud of Its Improvements and progress Inade during the past ten months jf this year. i Calistogan's Kin Is Named Art Teacher CALISTOGA, Nor. 5. Miss Ly-. dla F. Fuller, a former teacher of art In the Napa city schools, has been appointed assistant director of ' sirt In the San Francisco schools, : and has entire charge of art teach- Ing In the schools of that city. She 'Is a niece of Mrs. Ruth Fuller ; Field of Calistoga and pays fre-: ouent visits to this section. ..is'' ' i ' x ! 1 r . frjtf --V '? WW - ..... -l r r i .... i i HH ' FJ I 1 I , , t rr PAPER DRIVE TURN DARK R M SAGE TEA it If Mixed With Sulphur Darkens So Naturally Nobody Can Tell. The old-time mixture of Sage Tea and Sulphur for darkening irray, streaked and faded hair is c-ronrtmother's recipe, and folks r eain using it to keep their hair a good, even color, which Is oulte sensible, as we are living in an age when a youthful appearance is of the greatest advantage, Kowadavs. though. . we don't v,,r tbe troublesome tasK .in Va.thering the sage and the mussy pilxing at home. All drug stores jell the ready-to-use product for only- 75 cents, improved by the addition of other ingredients, called "Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Compound." It is very popular because nobody can discover it has been applied. Simply moisten your eomb or a toft brush with it and draw this through your hair, taking one Email strand at a time; by. morning the pray hair disappears, but what delights the la- j dies with Wyeth's- Sage and Sulphur Compound, is that, besides beautifully darkening the hair after a, few applications, it also produces that soft, lustre and appearance of abundance which Is attractive. Advertisement. 0 DPILS "Sick Friend" Excuse Of 5pegjer5 Har(l to fetgti SALINAS, Nov. 5. Industrial surveys in the surrounding vallevs have disclosed that Salinas, in addition to increasing its holdings in live stock, and the various branches of the dairy industry, is also rapldlv becoming one of California's Important small cities, according to Fred S. McCarger, secretary of the Salinas Chamber of Commerce. In-addition to building in the nearby suburbs, which are not recorded In the buildlmr nermlta l. sued by the city officials. Snlinnt proper has continued its bunding program through October, and the permits for last month totaled $77,-731. This Is almost double that if October, I92G, which totaled 40-000. , ' Secretary McCaresr noint. ... that when it comes to real prosperity, buJlding permits are a. fine indication of substantial rmwiu but that bank clearings are the real barometer by which a town mo,, k,. absolutely judged. Salinas banks naa clearings of J11.7J4?t i. This shows an actual Increase of $2,040,000 over October, 1920. Past Presidents of N.D.G.W. Form Unit CII.C.0, Nov- B ' An organization or Mutte county past presidents of the Native Daughters of the Golden-West was formed at a meeting held at the Colonial when 22 of the officers were enrolled as charter ueiuuers.- iurs i.eah Williams of I j"."""'1"' Bna W1'8- "iae Edwards of Oakl.ni.1 t,no ;. - Mrs. Myrtle Bernardo, were honor guests at the meetine. Officers of the new organization r.?Mree Lu"1' past resident; -My I tie Bernardo, president; Florence irue, first vice-president; lillce . j v, ui'jime, secona vice-president; Margaret Hudspeth, third vice-president; Alta Baldivln of Oroville, recording secretary; Lois Heberlie. financial secretary; Dr Nellie Allen, treasurer; Irene Henr organist; Sophia Pendergast, marshal; Mary Woodall of Oroyille inside sentinel and Mattie Kesseirinc HATWARD, Nov. 8. "There are more autoisti going to see sick friends In a hurry than office boys planning to attend funerals of their grandmothers during baseball season." This Is the declaration of Norman Vadnals, state traffic officer for southern Alameda county, who asserts that the sick friend alibi runs a close second to the broken speedometer excuse when an auto-lst Is arrested for speeding. LAFAYETTE, Nov. . More than three tons of paper has been collected by the hoys of the fifth and sixth grades In the local grammar schools here In the annual paper drive. The goal Is set for seven tons and It la In sight, according to Mrs. Clara Christian, principal, who Is loud In her praises of the energy of the youths In the school In soliciting and gathering paper. Few schools, even !n the more populous "' communities, ' have 9f-ceeded the Lafayette school In amount of paper gathered. Several of the boys have brought their wagons to school, and no distance has been too great for them to call when nearby housewives have phoned that bundles of paper are ready for them. Although the boys ef the fifth I MARTINEZ, Nor. I. The Octo-and sixth grades have done out-br ,eport cf Ju(nc, ct the Peace "In isolated Instances autosists really are rushing to the bedside of a sick friend or relative, and In variably trie detaining" officer can tell when the story Is true," Vatf-nais added. "Real concern can seldom be acted." The broken speedometer eon tlnues to be a popular one, al though It receives no consideration from either the officer or the Jur ist, according to v adnals. M tBT I HF.7J nil15 CYPkBEJ IIIII 111 I II LLIuilBlU Lil Lll I U I 70 SUSPECTSTDIED standing work. John Waddell Is re celvlng distinguished mention lor his outstanding work. ST. HELENA' BT. HELENA, Oct. 8. Mr. and Mrs. Bruno Pagendarm visited this week In the bay cities. Misses Martha Van de Leuer .and Celia .Dwyer were hostesses at the church benefit whist party and social given at the Community hall in Tountvllle. ; Rohert Boyd visited In Oakland yesterday. Harry Hollseher and Maugerute Amoto, both of Oakland, were married in St. Helena during the week by Justice Louis D. Vasconl. William" B. Bell has returned to San Francisco after a visit here with friends. Bell Is a former St. Helena resident. George B.- Anderson returned here today, after a stay of several months in Modoc county, where he' visited with1 Tom Smith of Alturus. He was accompanied home by Mr. and Mrs. Smith, who will remain here for several days. LODI LODI, Nov. B. Women members of the Woodhridge Golf and Country club sponsored an informal dance given. In the clubhouse on Friday evening. The study group of the Delphian club met at the home of Mrs U. II. Moore on Wednesday afternoon. Members of the Lodl Odd Fel lows and Rebekah lodges attended a housew arming given at the new home or wr, ana mrs. turner Mills. ' ' Miss Verda Hobson of Oakland; house guest of Mrs. W. J. Coffieid, was honored at an Informal briugy affair at which Mrs. Coffieid presided on Wednesday afternoon. Frank Glass reveals that 61 criminal eases Involving TJ defendants were disposed of during the month. Twenty-two persons filed civil ac tions and fifteen were settled through the Justice court. Justice Glass fined it defendants In the criminal department, Issued 12 commitments and dismissed seven. actions. Nineteen are pending. Two persons were held to the superior court and two commitments were Withheld. Eighteen of the cases tried were for liquor possession, " 12 were for violations Of motor laws, nine were on felony complaints and 21 were for miscellaneous offenses. CROCKETT CROCKETT, Nov. 8. Marvin Shea of Sacramento visited friends here this week. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Boucke had as their guests Mr. and Mrs. J. Johnson of San Francisco. Miss Margaret Hammond of Oakland spent a day at the E. W. Pe-tee home. Mrs. Eleanor King and son Raymond of Colfax motored to Crockett to visit at the Arthur Anderson home. Mrs. Catherine Dryer held "open house" on the occasion of her birthday anniversary. Mrs. Dryer's daughters. Mrs. E. Fugitt and Mrs. Ella MacNelll of San Francisco, Mrs. K. Freeman of Santa Cruz and Mrs. E. Saunders of Crockett assisted. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Andrewson had as their guests this ,week Mr. and Mrs. Vic Marshall and son Donald of . Piedmont, Mrs. Catherine' Brock and William McKowan of San Francisco. Mr.and Mrs. Karl Kather and Loraine Coveney of Berkeley were entertained this week at the J. J. Lewis hom TO VISIT TEXAS COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE, DA-VIS. Nov. 6. -E. J. Stlrnaman headeitil Division of Agricultural EngineerHTgL will go with a group of experts including Professor J W. Gllmore frbn Davis to Texas where they wIlT""investigate the sledding method of harvesting cot ton. This method Is much cheaper and faster than the old style of picking cotton, but yields a much lower grade of cotton, since leaves, bolls, and other material adhering to the stem, are gathered with the textile. Also there is another disadvantage in that the season Is shortened, elnce the cotton cannot be harvested until the frost breaks the bolls and causes the foliage to drop. There will be seven men on this commission. Including W. B. Camp of Shafter and several government officials from Washington, D. C, The Davis men will leave here about November 7, and will spend the time until November 20 - at Lubbuck, after which Stlrnaman will return here, and Gilmore will continue on his way to Chicago where he will attend the meetings of the National Association of Agronomy. At this meeting, Professor Gilmore will deliver a paper. HERCULES i, HERCULES, Nov. B. John Shaw, superintendent of the powder plant at Wilmington, Del., is at the Hercules plant on business. JTe was the dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sill on Thursday, ... - Agnes Glenn of Richmond visited relatives in Hercules for a day. Mrs. Manning and son Harold have moved into -the house recently vacated by the Waters family. Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Congdon have moved into the Rich house on Bay ..View Heights. Airs. .rJicn is planning to visit Europe after the holidays. Mr. and Mrs. Gerrish entertained a number of friends at bridge at their home. Guests present were: Mr. and Mrs. R. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Fred 6111 and Mr. and Mrs. F. Maye. v Scout Training Cuts Hallowe'en Damage HATWARD, Nov. 5 The thrift instinct development taught Boy Scouts of the county has proved a decided factor in cutting down Hallowe'en damage,- according to Henry L. Hopkins, field executive for this district. "In checking up on things in general before Hallowe'en I discovered that many of the scouts had pledged themselves to behave decorously on Hallowe'en," Hopkins explained today. "Naturally I wafs Interested and sought to determine why, And it was the'thrift idea entirely. As one of the boys explained it: 'It Is plain waste to destroy things on Hallowe'en,, and it really isn't fun.' " Ashland Library Growth Is Shown ASHLAND, Nov. 5. The Ashland - Public library continues to show a remarkable growth, according to Mrs. Rose Lopes, librarian. There are on the rolls 225 pa trons. Following are a few of the new books Just received, Rainy week, Abbott; Wallflower, Bailey; Heading North, Barbour; Pedro of the Black Death, Bennett; Adams Chasers, Bosher; Treading of'Wine Press, Connor; When la Always, Dawson; Alma, Fuller; Spirit ' of the Border, Grey; Hopkins, Scientific American Reference Book; Children of Divorce, Johnson; New Nationalism, Roosevelt; 'wonder Smith an3 His SonToung: Get-Jem Mayfleld, Seamen, ana World Almanac, 1927. Canyon Road Closing For Winter Possible HATWARD, Nov. 8. With winter rains having definitely mads their appearance, closing of - the Dublin Canyon road for the larger part of the winter, and some of the spring, is Indicated, according to local traffic officials. The road Is undergoing an Intensive repairing program, which will not be completed until late next summer. Widening, grading and repavlng Is being accomplished, under county order. When completed the. road will be one of the finest in the state. Concerts to be Given at Stanford Pavilion PALO ALTO, Nov. 5. Two concerts for young . people will be given In the Stanford Pavilion by the San Francisco Symphony orchestra in accordance with a plan worked out by a committee representing the Associated Students of Stanford University, the Palo Alto Merchants' Association, the Palo Alto Parent-Teacher Association and the local public schools. The financial backing necessary is to be secured from local business men by the merchants' association. ill v 1 JM ' s , ' i "Jv iAi!!' f4 f silt' -j HATWARD, Nov. 5. Community interest has been aroused over proposal of the city council to hold an Informal meeting of presidents of the several improvement clubs of the district with the "council members for discussion of proposed annexation of portions of the. large surrounding territory. The meeting has been set for the night of November 16, following a short, regular council session. The annexation projects here Is not new, but has been considered for several years. About -three years ago tentative efforts of consolidation, were started, but were abandoned when it was found the time was not prSpitlous. Council members are unanimous in the belief that the, time Is ripe for the annexation, with the residents of the outside territories welcoming the change if it can be definitely shown that it will be to their advantage to do so. If the improvement club representatives Indicate approval of the move, it. is probable that an early election will be called for that purpose. A unified, expanded Hayward will produce a community and district that should grow by leaps and bounds in the next few years, officials hold. OAS POISONING-DANGERS TOLD ASHLAND 2 ASHLAND, Nov. 8. A son was born to the wife of Joe Miller. WMlliam -Gray and William. Jr., have returned from their ranch In Lake county. Mr. and Mrs. George Allen were hosts at a social gathering at their home last night. Henry Hitchcock la recovering from an operation for. appendicitis in an Oakland hospital. SACRAMENTO, Nov. . B. With the arrival of colder weather and the increased .use of heating appliances, the state department of pub-lio ealth . has -Issued a warning te residents of California to guard against poisoning by carbon monoxide gas, which each year costs many lives. Dr. Walter P. Dickey, director ef the department, announced yesterday that there have already been reported to his office two deaths In August and six In September, all due to carbon monoxide gas. Most of the deaths were accidental and due to faulty connections In gas appliances and the fact that these appliances were not connected to flues. FIRE LOSS IN BUTTE. S21 M OROVILLE, Nov. 8. Loss to hay, range and grain lands and Improvements on property In Butte county during the 1927 fire season Just ended amounts to . $21,633,. It Is revealed In the annual report compiled by Forest Ranger A. A. Miller. A total ef 18,793 acres were burned over, as compared to 13,659 of last year. The total covers losses from 125 fires and does not Include the loss sustained by the burning of the Feather River Pine Mills, Inc., near Oroville last month. The exact amount of this loss, esti mated at $2,000,000, has not been determined, the report says. Napa Choir Gives Farewell to Woman NAPA, Nov. 5. Members of the Methodist Episcopal church choir gave a farewall party to Mrs. J. Fickaa at the home of Miss Inez Treadways on Franklin street last evening. Mrs. Fic.kas leaves Napa very shortly to -make her home in Martinez, where Fickas is in business. Present were: Mr. and Mrs. E. I. LaRue, Mr, and Mrs.' A. Huddnrt, Mr. and Mrs. F. Schalow. Mr. and Mrs. H. Cudaback. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Atkihson. Mr. and Mr. Arnold Maupin, Mr..and Mrs. James Green, Mr. and Mrsr A. C. Umhalt. .Mr. and "Mrs. J. Fickaa: Mlssea Claudine Swain. Marini-lo Ci-nnrinli Gertrude Lamdin and Georga-A-t uinauii, . . , i Stdl Raid Prompts Suit for Hog Pay HAYWARD, Nov.. B. Echoea of the huge still raid and subsequent explosion at Russell City near here resulting In the arrest of four men and the issuance of a warrant for the fifth, were heard at the local court when J. Baer, hog dealer, entered suit . for recovery of $250 from Orestl SantuccI, the missing man. SantuccI, a hog rancher, was owner of the ranch on which the still was located. Rmr M that shortly before the raid and de- ! structlon of the still and buildings surrounding It, he had sold a number of hogs to the rancher. A hearing has been postponed until December 7. IIOOFeetof New Oakdale Sewer Laid OAKDALE, Nov. 8. Work was started this week on laying 1100 reet or twelve inch sewer main to handle the waste water from the milk condensery plant on Fourth avenue. The water will be emptied into the thirty-six inch Irrigation pipe thaf runs through the city There has been some difficulty for the past year in disposing of the- excess water from this plant; but It is thought that the new sewer will be adequate for drainage. Vallejo Elks t o -Dance at Crockett VALLEJO, Nov. 5. A number of the Vallejo Elks and their wives will go to Crockett on November 19 to attend' a dinner dance given by the Crockett Elks. The affair this month promises to be one of the best in the history of the Elks. Watsonville Girl Weds; on Honeymoon ' WATSONVILLE, Nov. '8. Miss Winona Sans, daughter of City Attorney and Mrs. A. W. Sans, was married to Elmer J. Dethlefsen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Nis Dethlefsen. The ceremony was performed, hv the Rev. Charles L. Thackery of" Paso Robles, formerly rector of All Saints Episcopal church of this city. Miss Doris Allbrlght of Gil--roy was the bridesmaid and J. Stanley Thompson. of San Francisco was best man. The bride was given away by her father. Following a honeymoon tour of northern California the couple will reside here. Funeral Held for Sacramento Doctor SACRAMENTO,' Nor. 5. Fu neral services for Dr. John .uuimt, ii, reniueni oi Dacrameniu for many years, who died here Thursday,, were held today from St. Stephen's church with Interment in St. Joseph's cemetery. The deceased was a native of Illinois but had resided in California for the past 82 years. He la survived by a widow, Mrs. Mabel L. Moffltt, and the following children: James H. Moffltt of Riverside; Emma Moffitt of Winnagan, Mo.; Walter Moffltt of Rock Ford, Colo.; Warren Moffitt of Louisville, Ky.; Mrs. Alzada Clarl? of Washington; Sis-, ter Mary Silesia of Notre Dame community, and Eletha M., Elwood C. and John Phillip Mof fit of this city. MERCHANTS TO MEET. ' VALLEJO, Nov. 5. The chamber of commerce directors will meet with the members of the Exchange club on Tuesday evening at the Y. W. C. A. to discuss "Do the Merchants of Vallejo wish a Merchants' associatibn under the chamber cf commerce?" IP NILES NILES, Nov. B. Mr. and Mrs. Ray McLaren expect to move to Oakland soon. John Howarth contemplates a trip soon to his old home in New Jersey. i Mrs. Peter J. Scott has returned from a stay in Fresno. M. Flores and family have re turned from.a trip to Eureka. Mrs. Ed Rose visited friends In San Jose this week. Mrs. Frances Halm has returned to her home here after an extended visit with friends and relatives in the east. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Matrenstein were recent visitors at the home of friends in Oakland. Mrs. Alex Booras entertained 20 children at her home this week, the occasion being the birthday of her son.Billy. W ; U If Care of Babies Captain Fred Therkelsen has returned from a cruise to Honolulu. After a week's rest he will sail for meeting in Odd Fellows hall Tues- J,ew York, day night Washington Township post of the American Legion will entertain the Boy Scouts of the community at its Why do so many, many babies of today escape all the little irettui spells and infantile aliments that used to worry mothers through the day, and keep them up half the night; If you don't know the answer, you haven't discovered Dure, harm less Castoria. It is -sweet to the taste, and sweet in the little stomach. And Its gentle influence seems felt all through the tiny sys tern. Not even a distasteful dose of castor ell does so much good. And it is so pleasant to take. Taste It yourself, and you'll know why "Children. Cry for It.".' Fletcher's Castoria Is purely vegetable, so you may give It freely, at first sign of colic; or when you even suspect the approach of constipation; or diarrhea. Or those many times when you Just don't know what In the matter. For real sickness, call the doctor, always. At other -times, a few drops of Fletcher's Castoria. See how quickly all fretfulness or wakefulness will ceasel .Only one word of warning: the above advice Is true of genuine Castoria. The kind called Fletcher's, bearing Fletcher's sig nature genulao and does no contain opiates or any other drug that can harm your babyi Other preparations may be just as free from harm;- the writer does not know as to that, but does know one family whose children will never make the experiment! SFUUIAL, NOTE: W ith every bottle of genuine- Fletcher's Castoria is wrapped a book on "Care and Feeding of Babies" worth its weight In gold to every mother or prospective mother. Children Cry for

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