Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 11, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 11, 1894
Page 3
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A YOUNG GIRL'S. FORTUNE, AN INTERESTING SKETCH. Nothing nppenJs so strongly to n mother's nUrotioii iw her dnuglitec Just building Into ivotnAnhood. Kol lowing Is UQ liutanw : "Our <]«UKh'i!f. Blencho, now lj ycsra of «nc, hHil been terribly ftfillctcU with uervouHnea*, ftnil hsil [aft tho cotlro nso of her right arm. She vfi\9 tn such ft condition that wo lucl to kocp her ffonj school «nd abandon UCT inuelc lea- sous. In fact, ivo fuatvtl St. Vitun dunce, nud (in 1 rxuitlvo hut fof nn tnvaliublo remedy shu would Imvo had that terrible affliction. Wo bail employed ijhj«lelftQ8, but "lie lecclvt-cl no b«in;nt from thoni. TMo first of lost August sbo " . but "5 pounds, und althoush she IIIIH t*Iiun only three bottles of Nervine sliu now weighs 106 pouuils ; her norvomnow and syiup- lom» of St. Vllus daoco ore entirely gone, slio sttends school icpilarly, anil ituJies with com- fotl and eme. She has rccoTert'd complete lisa of her arm, her oppetllo it splendid, and ni> money could procure for our daughter the health lit. Miles' Nervine has brougbi her. When my brother recommended the remedy I hud no tilth In patent medicines, und wiiuld not listen to him, but ad a last resort he sent us a txittle, we begun «ivlnR it to Blanche, and the effect wan alnubt innnediatc."— Mrs K. K. Bullcxik, lirtghtnn. N. Y. l>r Miles' Itestomilive Nervine i» sold liy all druL'trbaaoo » pooltlve fruaranti'c. or scut direct by tlic Dr. Milt* Medical Co., Kltharl. Ind.,oti receipt of price. SI per bottle, six bullies for J5, oxprciw pri'iinid, It la positively free from opiums ur (inuKerous drugs. We can't tell you what life is but -we can say ihut the amount of it in a person clependi upon the condition > of the nerves. Without good, healthy ntrves, life is feeble and miserable, and liable to leave the body entirely, but with nerves braced up by Dr. WHEELER'S NERVE VITALIZER life is vigorous nnd athletic. The Vital- Mfr prevents over-exertion, unusual fa< tfgttc and extreme excitement from weakening the nerves and cures all nerve disorders like Prostration, Debility i Sleeplessness, Headache etc, PRICt. tl.OO A BOTTLE Inquire of druggist§ for free wmple. If not found, write us enclosing five cent* Otamps) for postage. The doctor givei - -- - - — i free advice to anv nerve "»'-"**•'«•"" disease sufferert. All welcome. The J.W. Brant Co. We offer $500 »«BiTPliy»l<:l»nor !h«mlat who can ^tbat (fill renwdy oontalna norphlnt, opium ocklne. or ftnr ALBION. MICH. Awl 41 0«y «. Sold by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth St. It's the Part of Wisdom. b« hard «id money eloiw tat tk«M »lng« h»»« «helr compensation. W« Can ( d jo« watcbei *nd will, at »erj clow ftimrei to «« w* MOiey. fom»and««« what you can do oftkllUto money. I am anxlotu to Mil net «aly *»»che(i but other goodt. Dl»mond», ClocXi, Uwnui Speotacles and NorelUM. I »» «»JBT f»r the LytM 9,ife and LocK Co., Clndnutt «kl*. C«U and lee a ironll sample. D.A. HAUK, JEWELER AND OPTICAH. . . IN ILKOAMT i* N PUttonan Buffet Sleeping Cars, WITHOUT OHANQr, IL,oa .. San IRON MOUNTAIN ROUTE, PACIFIC AND SOUTHERN PACIFIC HY'3 fullman Touriit Unplug Car. St. lailtt to Lot Angtltt. daily, via M/f //"». ILV Tmmo TMt SOUTHHRH DAILY JOURNAL SUNDAY MORNING. MARCH 11. oBtry t«»» !« O of « . GMATLT REDUCED BATE8 BOW IN VIA THC MOVI LINC, AND •HMrre on «AI.C »T ALL IWFOIITANT omen ^^.rTMl UNITtD »TATC» AUD CAMABA. w.st. oopomooi. H. G -, TO *?" lt T«T Dl Mr JOSEPH CIILOTTS STEEL PENS No*. 303-404-170-804, Ann e««r ««/« to nit •« *"** IBB MOST 2EBFZCT OF PUTS. . • Lasaea" making Is tbe order o f the day no* with thoie that have camps .... March came in like a lamb and has been eo nice that it has lured tbe blue birds, robins, larks, red birds and many other spring birds from their winter quarters in the Sunny South.. ..Mr. Cofb Adams is about done sawing on the fnrm of Amos Holvie He will thon move bis mill on his own farm near the Wabaah river.. . .Mr. J. T. Harrison has received notice from Hoko Smith to oppoar bo'ore the board of examiners to show cause, if he can, why his pension shall not bo stopped, Oaobyone the old soldiers are falling victims to tho hatred and malice of those who are conducting the government now Mr. Robert Dean i* moving to hla farm one mile oast of hero Rev. Mr. Spitler closed his series of revival meetings at Sevonmlle last week, Tho results of the meeting was very satisfactory, 26 having professed conversion, and united with the church Mrs. James G. McGrew, of Minnesota, has been vlslllag friends here tho last week.. ..Rev. Mr. Hoi. fin, of the Newlifrht or Chrlntlan church, is conducting a aeries of meetings nt Buckwheat church s Delia NovlDfer is teaching a ton weeks term jf subscription school at ho Woodllng school house to the number of 25 or 30.., .The neighbors and friends of Mr*. A. B, McMnney ailed on her in a pleasant surprise ast Tuesday. A splendid dinner and a general good time was enjoyed by !, WIDBA.WAKB. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Now capes and jackets, latoit out, I the Trade I'alaco, Have you seen the new hats at Pat- orson'B now hat store/. Tbo beat, baking powder in the rorld at Ben Fisher's drug store. For silks, dree§ goods and sattines; eauti'ul. See them at tho Trade 'alace. Bead advertisement this mornihg. Jo sure not to miss us when out hopping.—Bee Hive. Money to loa» at the Cass County luildinp & Loan oftloo, over Mrs. iarahairs book store. Why,you must have plenty o( money f you pam »h« A. G. Jonklnel as* ijnment sals and pay regular itoree egular pricel. It is not whs! its proprletori say,but what Hood'i Sarsaparilla does, that tells tho itory ol Us merit. Hood'i 9»reapftrila Curei. The Horn* for th« Friendless will ppraclate ytur laving tho dlf erence tetween a pair of shoos bought at the mlgntmenl »»!• and regular itores. Wanted »t once— Goo* German amlly who understand! gardening. House furnished and Rood w»ge§ paid o right family. Addreii Burrow* Broi., Marlom, Int. Mora il«ka«n li due to» dls«Med ••rvoni lyiMm, than all other eauiei •omblnad. Dr. «fheeler'i JTerve Tl- t»ll*er acti dirtolly «n th* n«rve tyi- tem to r«ilor» ••rfeot hwltk. »«ld Be* Flitter. Tho Baby'i Beit Frl«»d—MeLlnn'i Onion 8yr»f flrei Immediate relief and oral cr««p, aoldi, oollo, and par- M«ularly T»»Ulnf of aurdled milk. For vale ty B. P. Keaillnr. O 4* 2fl •••ti par fcattU. Tha prlnolpal a»uie of Okto tx iu§' failura wai hit Mtnu for buying bl(f itopki of Ino good*. Ho wat the orljrinator of Ino footwear in till olty^and bll talior-nada clothing aro at well knowa ai hit Bimo. We hava hoard men My "I would (ve |500 to havo thli approaohing baldnen arroited and a healthy gro w th of hair produoad." Thli desirable result will saroly ba broaght ahout at trifling axpoita by Aa ui« of tha l*oel»lor Sofclp Curer and Hair Pro, duoer to ba wld by aganti in thli elty. Major If. M. Gordon raporta two good pentloni allowed. Sanual ». Fennel of Now W»T«ly. lod., late a private of Co. 04S lad. Tol. hai kU panilou Inoroaiad fvom $8 to ISO per month to dato from May 17, U93. Tlroutn Haikott of this olty, late prl rate of Co. F, 151 Ind. Vol. has an original pension granted at |8 par month from Jan. SO, 18J1 and $12 par month from Deo. 4, 1891. Oldeit Inhabitant has been ai toai ilnoe la*t fall trying to keep trace of the numerous variations In thli glori out climate of Indiana. What wtth tho mild itreak alonsr during the winter when according to all calculation! 11 should have been good, old faihioned winter weather, with an occasional "unprecedented bllizard" to vary the monotomy and now with March weathor like unto the balmy breath of May with the robins chirp and tha awallowb return all bit former oalou latlona are set at naught and be wll cease to revive old memorlei of former winters ami iprlng* of a time gono by AH BBS TO 0 glorloui Bride, with honored bum* And decked with gems that darkness light, Inip'rlng all with charmed dellwht, For whom the King of Glory came. •Whose temple rears Its stately spire So beautlfu ly toward the akr; By Humes destructive It may He; Adversity may close Its lyte. Xby sons und daught>rs nllod wllh zeal, Inspired by Him who guards tlif>lr«uU«s, iccppt the gift their h ipe iiwulls And with iht.'lr labor faith illd seal. Anew, thy courts, august, ap|i«ir; hUid son^N urise troni Itapi.y uouls; The cheerful anthem awcetlj rolls. Which /Jon's tliiu Is pleusi'd to h«ir. In Mowers arrayml; thy altars shim- In gracoful Beauty's nMRlc stiwn As wroughtby 'Ov^ In /Ion se«n. Led by the mind of One, divine. Thy aged nnd younz, thy rich nn<l poor- All rich In hope unit faith and love, Huve showers of blt'sslnes from above, To Heaven, they Iliul the opi'u do T. Now, loving Pastor, faithful, true, And Hock by lire nil refined, By prace cemented In one mind, Ma? their glad pllRrlroage renew. — y. MCGCIHB. Church s«rvli;«» 'r<i-*a}>. CHURCH OK CHRIST—Services will be hold in their now rooms In the Magee block, corner of Sixth and Broadway, preaching at 10:80 Sunday morning. Sabbath school at 11:30. All aro cordially invited to attend. A. M. E CnuitCH.--U.iw. L. W. ttat ifT.pastor. Preaching at 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p.m. by tho pastor. Sunday school at 3 p. m. Morning subject, "W'T/aro between sin aid righteousness " Evening subject. The Graces of the Church." THINITY EPISCOPAL CHURCH—Rev. Douglas I. Hobbs, rector. Services today as follows: 9:-J5 a. m., Sunday School. 11 a. m, morning prayer holy communion and sermon, Subject 'Have you anything to eat?" 7p.m., evtning prayer and »ormon. A hearty welcome will be given to all. UNIVEKSAI.IST CHUUCH—Rev. T. S. juthrio pastor. Sorvlces today at bis church at 11 a. m. and 7:00 p. m. by the pastor. Morning subject. 'The multitudes astonishment." In ho evening, "The time, place and ibject of the divine judgment. Sun- lay School at 16 a. m. All are cor- lially invited to those services. BKOAJJWAr PjiESUTTKHIAN CHURCH. -Rev. E. S. Scott pastor. There will bo no preaching eorvico In thla church tomorrow In order that all may unite in tho dedicatory service at he First Presbyterian church. Sunday School at 9:30 a. ro, Y. P. S. E. service at 6:30 p. m. Como and welcome to these services. CHRISTIAN CIIUHCH—Corner Nlntk and Spear streets. Rov. T. S. Freeman, pastor. Services at 11 o'clock a. ro., and 7 p. m. by the pastor. Morning subject, "Glorying in the Iroii." Sunday School at 9:30 a. m., G, N. Berry, Supt. T. P. S. C. E. at 5:45. Subject, ' Systematic Jenencence." All are cordially in. vlted to attend. MARKET STBEET M. E. CHDBOB— Rev. W. R. Wones, pastor. Preaob.- ing at 10:45 a. m,, by Rev. W. T. Murphy of Kansas. Class meetings at 11:41 and I. 9- »• Junior League at 1:»0 p.«». Epworth League at 6 p. m. 7 p. «• the pastor will deliver an address to the K. of H. who will attend In a body. Sabbath School at :39 a, m. All will be welcome to these services. BAPTIST CHUBCH—Rev. W. H. •• Marsh, pastor. Services to-day at 10:30 a. m. and 7 p. m., preaching by the pastor. Mornl»g subjeot, "Tho Rraoe of God In Character and Con. duct." Evening subject, "Repentance that Confirms Condemnation." Sunday school at 1 J. Meeting of the T. P. U. tn the lecture room at Leader, Miss Dottle Denbo. Subject, "Tho Suffering Savior." Mark 15, 8». BBOADWAT M. E. CHOBCH.—Sev H. J. Norris, pastor. Servioei today this church at 11 a.m. and 7:80 p. m. at which time several applicants will be received into, full fellowship. Morning theme, "Opportunities Afforded for Doing Good." Sunday School at»:«. a. m. Epworth League «:30 p. m. Topic, "The First Great Missionary." Please take notice that the evening services will begin a half hour later from this forward. A welcome for all. f 100 B«w*rd, »180. The reader of this p»per will b« pleSMd to I*4rathfttthereI» »t least one dreaded dl«6Me« that science hw be"" able to cure In all Its itacea ind that Is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure lithe SIT noil tlTecure *nown to the medical f mternltr. Surra being a, MMtltaUenm dl.emw, require. » Mnrtltottonil treatment. Hall's Catarrh core to Uken Internallj, acting dlreotlr on the blood and rnueSs snrfacM of the njstera, therobr destfOjlng thA fomidation of the disease, and Hiving the pa- ffi sttingtb 1>7 bnllding up the constitution and uuiitiru nature In doing Its work. The proprle- iJSrSSe so mueh faltn in Its onratlre powers, tn?t they offer One Bmi dr«d Dollars for any me »*.•* it fill* to oure. Send for list of testimonials. AddrSs T. .1. CHIOTSY 4CO., Toledo, 0. ardoW bj droglats. After tie ball Is orer, nfto the break, of morn, Alter ttsdanoert tearing, after the stars an U-Malwadliachliw, Hjou bat knew It all, T-k-Smith's BUe B«IM on retiring after the IWU. Ask lor SMALL ilie. ' The excitement Mused by the A. G. Jenklnes assignment sale of the Kraus stock continues unabated. at f, A. Note*. Tho Wabasb R. R. Co., for trains arriving at Chi' cago Saturday nights and Sundays, sells tickets ^ at one regular faro for the round trip, limiting same good to return not later than by tbe first train leavlog Chicago Monday morning following date of sale, and for trains arriving at St. Louis Saturday nights and Sundays. Tickets are sold at one fare fur round trip, limiting e:mo good to return not later than by the Urst train leaving St. Louis Monday morning following dato of sale. Poet A, Missouri Division, has just shown what can bo done in a gcod cause by co-operative work. Mueh distress and want Is prevailing In all cities on account of lack of em- p'oymeut. That post has just given a grand charity concert at Exposition Music Hall, St. Louis, which attracted an audienee of nearly 4 000 people. Many bought tickets who did not attend, and the net result will exceed two thousand dollars, which will be divided among tho Protestant, Catholic and .Hebrew Raliof Associations of St. Louis. Tho Bu'-lington. Odar Kapld" it Northern railroad company, has on sale between stations and some paln- clpal points regular round trip tickets which aro Stood until used at reduced rates. Those Instances oncur all along that'ine and the lino has from points south of Iowa Falls excursion 'ickots on salo good for thirty days bntwoen points in Northwestern town, Minnesota and South Dakota at special ow rates. Tho line states that if this service le not satisfactory to commer- clal travelers it will try to accommodate them if possible. Members inquire whether a now certificate is to bo issued at the end of each six or twelve months. Tho nn- Boweriu "No!" fora member's certificate stands good as n contract between the member and the A'socsatJon as onfj as tho member Is In good stand- ,ng. Wten dues aro paid in the iituro a renewal Card will bu sent lontinulng iho policy or membership certificate In force. The Chicago. Rock Island & Pacific R.R.Co. wlllS'ill week-end tickets from ocal points on the Illinois division within one hundred miles of Chicago only on Saturdays at a single fare for the round trip, limited to return Mondays up to and including a train which leaves Chicago Mondays at 4:59 p. m. Tho Hannibal * St. Joseph R. R. !o. has several sets of local rates which apply from stations within eighty-five miles from St. Louis. There is ft Saturday rate and a Sunday rate and a three day rate. They are graded from less than one fare to a [are and a third for the round trip. Our Fort Wayne correspondent inform* us that F. E. Hash a prominent Member of Post A 1s improving and makes the suggestion that a few weeks of nice spring weather will usdoubt' edly make him as good as new. Rev. Alonio Monk, natioial chaplain, has changed his residence and his address now Is 717 Mulberry street Uaooi, Georgia. He is arranging to establish a post In that city. B. D. Hudgel of Fort Wayne kiown here as "Dan" has withdrawn bis name as a candidate for Mayoralty honors of that elty. Post A of Fort Wayne will hold a ipeoial meeting tonight. CANDIDATBH. TOR TRU9UBIR. j will b»»«aa<lluate for Treasurer of the •Itj of Loransport, subject to the will of the Kepnbll- can Cujr Nominating ConTuntlon. Loransport, Ind,, February >'• i®i- I will be » oindUatfl for Treasurer of. the cltr of Logansport, sobjest to the will of the BepaWl- COB CUT Nominating Uoiuentlon. ^^ Logauiport, Ind., February 18,1894. I will be a candldnte for nomination for the oaeTof at/ Treasurer subject to the «lllofth« Republican Contention. J. D. AILWW. Loguisport, Ind., FeDraarT 19,1891, for Treasurer of tbe city to thfiwlll of the Bepub- Lojaniport, Ind., March B. Anybody that paj a full price In preference to half price, when variety and Duality li equal, must be loaded with money. The Jenklnes assignment will not net over forty cents on the dollar. Handle Fuetorr Wood for Male. Handle factory wood delivered to any part of the olty. Mail orders to Hillock & Pittman, Handle Factory, on Toledo 3t., or P. J. Kimmer. Karl's Clover Root, the now blood purifier, gives freshness and clearness to the complexion and oures constipation; S5o., fiOo. and $1 SoW by B. p.Keesllng. OonghlB* I*M«r*TcoMUI»tlM. Kemp's Balsam will stop the oougl tt onoe New curtains, draperies and dra. pery materials of all kinds just opened. at the Trade Palace. Fursuant to a call of tbe Republl can State Committee, th* Republicans of Indiana and those who desire to co- opearto with them, will meet in delegate convention in Indianapolis on Wednesday, April 25th at ten o'clock a. m. for the purpose of adopting ft platform and nominating candidates for the various offices. Tbo convention w.ll bo composed of 1,709 delegates, apportioned among tho several counties on the basis of one delegate and one alternate delegate for each 150 votes and each fraction of tjtvuDty.fivo- or over, cast for first Republican presidential elector In 1832, and are as follow*: TKMTH UlSTltlCT. dirroll 2.1SW 1" Cuss WW1 a \Vlilt« l.W)7 12 KUHIIII ^<{W ] j Newton ..1,-' J 1 s Jasper 1.864 CLANDESTINE SCHOOLS. Porter 2.187 CONQKESSIONAL CONVKNTIONS. The Kepubl'.cans of the Tenth congressional t'litrict will meet In delegate convention at Hammond, Lake county, Indiana, on Tburgdny, May 24th at one o'clock p. m., forlne purpose of nuniiuutiug a candidate for representative in Congress. Tho basle of representation in the congressional convention will be one delegate and one alternate delegate for every one hundred vr-ir° and f pr o'ich additional fifty or fractional one hundred votm over fifty cast for first elector on Republican ticket in 1892 The several . counties will be entitled to representation ^ follow*: ftirnll -? C:u.s Knltou I.nko Ni-lM.iMl I'orii-r 21 M :in 12 t>i _ ^n '"" 10 '"..'.'.'..',...w Wiiltc Tim (.11 > MB i.;.' iMioiniiteeS in the eev- ;i! uDuiitiii.-. of tho clirlrict will ap- nui-iion ;i> ti-"-'r --vi'i-Bl townships the ri'-prasontitlion id ivnk'h they are fcn- Itid in tiii'so conventions on tbe sl3 frivi-n .-iliovo 'or oaeh, and will publish acall to ibn Republicans and others thuroo' wltuing to co-operate with tboin, to rjeot in such primaries or convention UP may bo by said com- miltee dutermi-iud Such call .will bo for the ejection of delegates to the etiile convention at a date not later than Monday, April 23, and for trie congressional convenUon not later than Saturday. May 19, and will be published in tbe Republican press of tbe county for at lea»t two weeks Immediately preceding tho dato of the meeting or meetings, at which such delegates are to be chosen. CHARLET HARLOT, Chairman Tenth District. •wtlft FoBmUUoni Dlicorered. Chicago citizens In their desire to excel, have lately accomplished a big feat, namely: in discovering by actual measurements that there are some lady residents who can wear shoe* twelve inches long. Your blood needs regulating IB spring. "Lafeld Cabinet Port" Is nature's own blood purifier. Mild and mellow. Price, quarts, $1; pints. 60 oents. For sale by W. H. Porter, prescription druggist, 328 Market street. Logansport, Ind. Vudalla bine Bxeontona. On March 13th and 14th. round trip tickets will be sold, Logansport to Indianapolis, at rate of |2.S5, good to return to and Including March IIth. Also on March 27th. 18th and 99th, round trip tickets will be sold, Lo gaosport to Indianapolis, at rate of $3:15, good to return and inoludlng March 31, 1894. For any farther particulars as to trains, etc., apply to J. C. ED«EWOKTII, Ag't Is your head clear ? Have you a good grip on all your Interests and a boundless energy in your blood F Tou oan have both if you observe the pro- oautlon to take, when retiring for the aigkt, a dose of Smith's Bile Beans. By the time you get to work neit day you will feel as If you could u 1 a train of cars. Be oure to get the stsall olae. Four "C" Nothing in the -whole history of Medicine can compare with the BUO- oes8 of "POOR C." It i« the oirw KirowN speoifto for LA GRIPPE. It removes all Its DIUCADKD and BVIL effects, inducing restful, natural sleep. ONBDOSB will froqjiiently remove Pleurisy pains. ONB DOSK hag time and again relieved » child suffering with CROUP. Four "C" has cared Asthma, Bronchitis, Pnem- monia, and Ulcerated Tonsilitfs. I» composition it is DIFFERENT, Is MORE POWKBKUL and ACTIVE, iu fact it la as DIFFERENT from any other lune remedy as molasses is different from viuegar. It is a REVELATION; BUST or ALL TOP TAKK N« RISK ' The KSSKNCK of the contract is Four "C" MUST GIVE SATISFACTION or money will be refund* b7 BEN FISHER. How tbe Ne«ro«> W«r» Tune-tot .!• th» South lieforn tlin War. Perhaps it, may be well to call attention to and expliiin tho astonishing fact that after the war there could b« found a few, or, rather, for that early period, so many, colored men and women capable of betfinninpr the school work i-vi-n ;it the A 1! C^point This was due to many influence*, open and .secret Among 1 the favoring i Irfluoncos, first, was the fact that many ' liumane masters l;m£ht their slaves, und others \vIntel at the violation of the l:iw which forbinK; the, teaching of slaves :md pormiUi-il their childrcn-to in.-lniet a favm-ite slave to ivml aud ROHH'timi's to write. Men now hifrh in authority in eiiuualmnal matters taught their slaves to rvad and write, rendering themselves liiibli' to be puii- isiu-il as violator* of tin 1 law on tho slatuto bool;. 'J'ln; Christian instruction of the sliives was cnt'iAirajred and ilireeteil by many Christian bodies, in- <!ooil, ill the :«"•. iwrmittiiifr the introduction of slaves, (.'lirintiaii trainii 1 .^ was onj(i:iu;(i upon tlie slave Miasior,-v IU'v. C. C. .lone-, fatliur of tin.' late his- tori:iii Jones, ami ]{<•<•: .Uisiah J.atv. . botli among tin; innit distinguished I liiinisU'l-s of the staU', :vtr>: .•ni,'ajfe<l to j devote their time to this work. A'_ r :iin. it is known that, when negro shivery, at first, prohibited, w;is finally iiitnul'iio'ii into Ci-or^ia in 1 Mil, many of Ihi'M! slaves crime from Soutli Caro- liiKi. As in 171". n ne.Tro school was opciiuil in Charleston, it may be inferred that some of. these shuvh must have liroir.'lit wilh thom to (Joorpia 5,01111; Itiioivlii.liris of roiiilinfT :in '' wrrt- insr. 'I he I'harlesttm school was siill in a iiimrishin;,' coailition in 17:VJ. anil was taiiirlit by an i'(hn:ate«l negro, likely from Enffhtni). Altliouffh U was for free ne'.n-oes only, many s-laves, who even then hiroil ihcir time, sert, their cliiMrr;n to this sehool. In time other schools were openeil, anil :i n umber of colorcil persons from Savannali anil Aiiu'iista, (Ja.. sent their children to Charleston to be taiifflit Accordiu}" 1 to trailition some of these sf.ii'ieiits retiirneil and opened schools in Savannah and in Augusta. Ko one, however, was lawfully permitted to give book instruction to slaves, not even in any one of the three Ks. Whatever was done in this way was done clandestinely, and if discovered, was Miro to (rot, its nutbor into trouble. There were, nevertheless, several schools kept clandestinely iu AufT»B*a aud in Savannah. Another class of teachers wens the poor whites, who olied out a miserable living 1 by elanr destinely leachlup free uu^rocs aad slaves. Some of them mii^ht well bo ecnominateil, not "old field schools," tut "old chip schools." When some aped, impecunious white lady would apreo to teach th» children of sack fclaven us had hired thtir time, the children war* said te go to her house to '•pick up chips." Taey were busily engaged in tljia work wh«n an officer was likely to b» around. Tho roott uottd of tkeee elandestfa* M^oolt for colored children was tavght Xjy » colored m«ui in Savannah. Jtwa* •pen«il in 1»1« or 1119 by a colored Frrmuhman named Juliftii Frounxm*- aUa, from San Domingo. Op to MM thin school was taujfbt epcnly, tor Before that date th« l»ws of Georgia dUt 1 not forbid th« teiLching of a free P* 1 ^" of color. In referring to this pronJW- itory law, in Justice It cupht to b« a*milted that th* requirement* of ill* "inititutionsof il»Tery" wer»»neh Ui»t it would hav« b«en unwise tonnatr- take to rnutntalm the »y*tcm of BlaTW >nd run tbe rl<k of harin^ the SUM* read «uch liter»tur» M beffan th«d, >• . be circulated by the abolitioni»t* II k- prop«r. •Ito, to »dd that many f»ff»- holder* did not than thk f«n>, AM wer« willing, in tk«f»«* of il ~^ "- giT« thalr ularet el«m*nt«ry in reading and writinf. After December S3, 1KM, U wae : a penal oJrenee U teaeh a aegro or : pereoa e/ eelor to read or write. H- fron. tkat Mime all negfro achoote ' elandeitine. VroHmontaioe'e *fl however, flourUke* under him far 1 than fifteen yean It laid the foi tion of the edaoatlonal work *f-j-y the colored people of Georgia. StfW 11 of b i» pu pill clandestinely taught Ml >1 %o tbe beginning of the war.—B«Aw •f Atlanta Unirenitf. White of two e»f», e«p and e»e-Val< •nirar, tabie«po««if«l and on«-ttaU b«t- — ter, three tablMfOMrttl* •akiwrjow- i d«r three-fourtka euf »ilk anJ VWer, flour to tuiekem. B*k« In )ay«r pana. Tbt« ie extra fo*4. To. MM (after tfce propoeml)— *« »••«*•give «• tin«. ' Be— To «on«iderf v She— No. To break ott »f \** «n-,~ gageroent— Chl'-f'-o Ucoord- Quaker ke»o— o omptuli 1 1« r*. lief in ten minutes. B pedal ;N»tlee. As I am desiroui of relUTlnjf »n4 curing suffering humwltv of catarrh, liver complaint, rheumatUm, n eia, and all disewei of a nerTous •ebllitutod nature in either lex, *M March 25th, I will treat all affli»te* with the above diseases' free of char** with the exception of a Tory tmalU • fee in certain cases for medicine, t; do this for tbe benefit of many poor- sufferers who ero in need of treatment- and are not able to pay my former prices. J. W. MKWOLL, M. D.. D. II. A At»X' 411 Broadway. Lou»n$port, In*.

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