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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, November 5, 1954
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MOM ITAfc, to. , thetnfe was car* fe'lflums table. Pumpkin* vantage •Mrs, Ellis Ste- _tg business, Flans for a Christmas assisted by " "the pro- :!ellgtit and coffee was i i eeKiy, luncneun meeting jficott'Lions Club on JLawsoh Hotel;, ^ ^.Joduced Walter ,^otttl6eUo who'Is'with servatioti Department, 5>leave" an Informative ,r!cMturV» ,, hl,»"'lm . . jjte *nd Mrs. Howard tusby and ^hV*r M TMkoftftftt *ere the we«Rend Quests of Mrs, Fannie tfeWth, ..-I--. jkMM&teu^u^k Mf .and Mrs. J, M, tngrftm have tettirued from * motor tflp to points in Kentucky, Missouri-and Ohio, * _„* i^««^"^^^^^ ™ ..... ' • ' GOPs Use Fat Pthe m N. Y. Governorship Mist jaekte MdMahen'has re. turned.to Little Rock after a visit with her mother, Mrs, Christine McMahen, Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Gee, Mary Ethel and Bobby of Hot Springs visited Mr. and Mrs. Imon Gee and other relatives Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Thoma* Dewoody and Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Dewoody spent Sunday at Narrows Dam. Mr .and Mrs. Ed I. Rcphan of Hot Springs were the guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Gee. Mr. and "Mrs. Fred J, White had as their weekend guests, Mr. and Mrs. Frank ' Gunther and Miss Marilyn • Gunther of • Okmulgee, Okla. By RUSSELL WASHINGTON W) Democrats grabbed the fat political prize of New York's governorship and turn* <»d the Republicans out of at least six other Statehouses across the nation yesterday, With some races situ not settled early today. The Democrats had clinched 18 governorships, with the Repubicans winning 12, out of 34 races. Eight Democratic, governors ^f #Jt&*\». t /.' six Republican* wer6 overs. The OOP led substantially, in Massachusetts and by J] 8 *™*?* margins in Nevada and Wyomitig. Democrats appeared sure of winning in Minnesota. Aveiell Harriman, multimillionaire financier and former Democratic ambassador, broke the 12- year GOP rule of New York With a' paper-thin victory over Sett. Irving M. Ives. Harriman won by about an 11. 000-vote plurality in a total Vote of more than five million. Ives had been picked to succeed Gov. Thomas E. Dewey as the GOP standard. bearer when Dewey decided to re- ifornift Which lia§. _— est bloc of effectoril' vote! v Khight, whtfE* was, Richsrrd R. 1 , . ing Ws first bid 4t tti*' «, --the governor's chair, «i«»ted <li|t year by Chief Justice Eart Wtf* vote* teh. . . Democrat Gfeorge> M. Leitt*r- ttk set Republican coixteJl ift {KH*«fftj Pennsylvania by * 200,000 tflte *a vantage over Lloyd H. ,W6oa. It was the first Democratic wifl.tH In 20 years. ' < . . The berhocr'ats also 4 took otef Arizona, Col6radb,,( Colui*6|ictrt, *as Ohio. .. in the state's his- > -RepHibUdang went into the 1 " ~ 2^19 advantage ftMttr D.f*«* •,: : in Olftfef IS! ra Ohio •.*••"- ^v,-|»*i. Bender will sirv*\tf*;-tlr^ of the uwexplffcd i*>tR'M**4, Sen. Robert A.-T|It;^ :;,£;•. jl ; , Sender' nosed, ^^tte^KMAl T>.._i.ii svij.'ViafcjCifc t' jrhtftth krfMBt A. Burkfe, named. to' the. I $£!N**jjJjj r«UfH9 from; the flfejta'« s . in C ebja act ups^t tit - G'6*i Frank 3 t „ _fcas'M<i to- a history ^ftttb-.ter.*!! victory. itt'tdtfWN REELING \ •."/LfctiS, Wash., (UPi Men'. rtTBeeottd Army division erect-.' : JllM* psrt'b* a traffic cam" «• pedestrians. It rend:! ' " J " •'• ••-• that family of Mrs. oyed a^re-union on i€V*homo 'of Mr, and bneiuin Rosston. 1ding.^were: Mr. and E8irst,>DVancl Mts. O. £SjebU{" w*t and Mrs. nj D. C., Mr. and Mrs. Gene Lee were the weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Cummings-ln Gladewater, Texas. Mr. Lee and Mr. Cummings saw the Arkansas-Texas A&M game at College Station on Saturday evening. ' and 'Adams', Mri and ,' s Dr.- 'and' Mrs.', Wil- .. ancl "children- of Cam . Dick" Purdue of . and 'Mrs. Char- astrop, -l.ft ( , 'Mr. and ^Pfuitt.and children __ eyj La.) Mr r and Mrs. I6hea:of El Dorado, • &«&' . fH/Bemis-and *'spent Ffiday Alfred E. Smiih III has returned to 'Baton Rouge, La., after a visit with "Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Hamby. Mrs. Smith, Irene and Randolph remained for a weeks visit.' • ' • Mr. v and Mrs. Dick Bright were the Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Parham in Camden. * Mr. and Mrs, Watson 'Wilson and Mr '.and Mrs. Owen Wilson attended the Arkansas-Texas AfcM game at College Station, Texas oa Saturday evening. , ,6n and . her rand*Mrs. J ;Dentdn Roband(Dennie Sue were ^.. lfueit5bf f Mrf and Mrsi Ntgro Wins Spa Council Seat \ ,HOT, SPRINGS A Negr , stimate Your " ,, candidate defeated 'two .white men including the veteran .incumben today , ' to win a seat on the Ho Spring* .City Council. Independent Fred W. Martin wi TJ* the fjrst 5 - .Negro t«;sit on th cfiuncil 'in -modern political ' .hi tpry. ' \ On the 'bagia of complete, uno ficial returns ,lrom y,ester,day election , in the Second Ward, < Ma tin > got 2,834' votes io 2,558 tor incumbent, Aldrman O . O . Miles, and 2,2*4 for Ralph Wright, All three men' ran 'as independents. 3 'Another 'N««ro, Raymond Tweedie, loet by more than 2-to-l to AI- derman Bonnie ' Freeman' in • 'the fifth Ward, Freeman got 6,282 votes; Twe^dle 2,350,, ystema* ssed Heating +. ±r « ~ 1 ,, Negro residents predominate in both the Second and Fifth Wards. GUEST " •" ( .OAKLAND, Calit.. (UP) Wil ii?m'J.! Swift, 38, admitted in court y^sterdar he failed' to bced 12 traffic tickets. He paid $480 ball. ' As he walked irom th* courtrooom' he was handed '16'mor* warrants Jrom nearby S%n- Francisco/ Swift paid another 90. As he sta-rted to leave the sec g time Police Officer William MestrpvJch handed him a $5 warrant 'from Al'ameda', then suddenly took it, back, my guest,? Mestrpvich said. APPLES *" , \yhp|«i*ie or BLACKS • BEAUTY • .GPLDEN »TAYMSN CAGE EGGS &M/S CURB MARKET • Phon« 7-W3I EU CONSTRUCTION m BwWns w Industrial Pulldings to Industrial Pulldings . Can b« information, ' PIT STEEL & CO, _ m h»v« y m Jtisiw JMiflnW fit W To City Subscribers: If you fail to gfet your Star please telephone 7-3431 by 6 p. m. and a special carrier will deliver your paper. Star fiafl this hours, fenfllng at 6 a. 1 Hlgli S4, ,„_ thftn 130 ships iftish Ahnada which at- in 1588. , New Mexico and ; M*in*; The, Main* ' ' elections were hftld S«'pt.-)&. . Forjuer Rep. Abtahalrri • A.1.-H1W Republican Gov. Goodwin K. coff turned out 11 : -. •- 'm i^li^^^^^.' %«•• ^^.^ji^sS "'""-—*-i( low .Manager! Sale, prjeep»** t ••• - i^m^mmmi-^ HENS ^fPWPffiP-L^ ; -/---vr^ H •$'wteTfvjfe- '""; -.•-•.•.-•-• i • Vif. t i..v»»^../ : r.yv.i/J'-,"•>'•. -.»;.".-",•'•- •'- ' ; ORDER YOUR THANKSGIVING BIRD EARLY ,,,-, ^ Ililllllldiiifi^:^K.^ - : ' m^mimm-" FRESH GRO • . ii .-- ' ' f -V - •-» ' \- f BRISKEfSTEW WOODBURY HAND LOTION -• • . :; -..*. '*'..-,v .•: A'.v.P '<.V''' J "':"* "/•'"'':• ''.-' '''*"-:•'!-Jf: •'••'•,»'••.'•.* .',,:- !„'--•:. •ik-^-'-n -"/."y^BjWi'i.^ijJi-iy*''.*--- r'^'-^f 18 ^ 1 ' 1 '"**"•;^•'.-"•r-'j'^yyj''''•''"• EL: MONfe^^P^^^lPP WOODBURY '-' SHAMPOO BETTY CROCKER CAKE MIXES GOLD MEDAL FLOUR 49c PET pr CARNATION 49 C MILK DIAMOND Large Box ZVC BISQUICK TIDE V T ^~™c^- ! i -' -''.Tr\~ ;r. ,.^r^v^i " . •,•* , jt-^^^B' '^{^^ 56TH YEAR- VOL. 56 — NO. 20 Stor of Hope 1899, Press Consolidated Jan. 18, 1929 HOI»I, ARKANSAS, FRI&AY, NOVEMIIR 5, 1954 Memotr: the Associated Pr««s A Audlf tuKHnt ttf Cfrcol««Ioni Av. Net Paid Clfel. * Mo*. Indlnft Stpi. 30, 19M.«» $ t S3 Intervention in Ark-La Sale by PSG Possible LITTLE ROCK W 1 )—Stale McCarthy Keeps Battling Army By HERBERT FOSTER WASHINGTON (UP) F en . Joseph R. McCarthy kepi up his running battle with the Army over the"Pcrcss case today and fired a nev blast at Ihe special Senate committee that recommended his censure. McCarthy demanded lhat Army Atty. Secretary Robert T. Stevens identi- Gcn. Tom Genlry said loday lhal ly the "secrcl masler. ... in tho would formally intervene in pentagon" \vho promoted and hon support of Ihe proposed purchase Arkansas Louisiana Gas Co. stock if a formal tk oppose the deal. Xiltle Rock City Ally. O.D. Long- sarelh has asked Ihe slale Public orabiy discharged former Maj Irving Percss, a New York dentist U.S. Ready to Talk Atom Pool, Lodge Tells UN By FRANCIS W. CARPENTER UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. -tff> Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. told tho U. N. today the United States Is reatfy to start talks with other move is made described by McCarthy as a "Fifth countries on vilalcral agreements 1 J - to furnish alomic materials for re- Amendment Communist." Simultaneously, he termed the special Senate session which opens soach reactors oveseas cf a program tc share as pat atomic know-how for peace The chief American delegate to Stupid^ the Fire Clown Service Commission to intervene at Monday on 1he censure issue a a Securilics and Excanuc Com-l"lvnch parly" and demanded lhat ---- ----- -- . . „,„>,„__,, mission hearing in Washington on censure commiltee Chairman Ar- ^e^U. N.Announced to^the.Gene ; W. R. Stephens Invcslmenl Co.'s thur V.. Walkins (R-Ulah) explain applicalion lo buy conlrolling in-Jan "imbecilic ruling" before debate begins. Diplomat Is Called Home for 'Risk' Talk By WARREN ROGERS JR. WASHINGTON (if) — John Paton Davies, a controversial career diplomat for a decade, has been called home lo be on hand for Secre- lary of State Dulles' decision on whether lie is a security risk. The 46-year-old Davies was recalled from his post as counselor at the U. S. Embassy in Limn, Peru. Technically, Slale Department officials called it "routine orders for reassignment." However, there would be no reassignment if Dulles should decide against him. On Ihe otherhand, fhould the decision- be ir. his favor as have eight other loyalty- securily investigations cf. Davies — he probably would be in the terest in Ihe gas company. Genry claimed' loday that Arkansas customers arc helping support Wall Street holding companies. ^Tnc gas company last year paid| out $1,301,000 in dividends. More than one-half this amount went to the Wall Streel holding company, Cilics Service." Genlry said in a prepared statement. Gentry pointed o'ut that an intervention by Ihe PSC did no necessarily mean opposition to the sale. The SEC hearing is scheduled next week. jLongslrolh acled under authority giTinted by Ihe Lilllc Rock Cily Council whnn hc petilioncd for in- lervenlion yeslerday. As Longslrelh moved lo further the investigation of the proposed $25,000,000 sole, there was some speculation as to whal possible interest Ihe Reynolds Mclnls .Co. might have had ir. the initial transaction. During a special meeting of Ihe Lillle Rock Cily Council Wcdncs- nighl, when Longslrelh asked, - .-,,-,,, ,v, for and was qr.-mted permission io'^r a more important job than the intervene in ' the case, Stephens [™e he Iwd held at Lima for the told councilrr.cn lhat Reynolds rep-[l iast y° ar an '? a . nau> ... . . „. , n roswitatives had tried lo buy: the Davies arrived in Wash n^on gas company. v Tuesday. He was not availaule- ; for Stephens even inferred that Reynolds might be behind Longstrelh's action, hoping In block lh? planned purchase. Longslrelh denied, however, Ihnt the metal company had anything to do with the. preparation of his E^itcmpnt opposing the purchase by Stephens. ... .-. - •* PSC Chairman Lev/is .Robinson said yesterday lhal Longstreth had comment. There was some indication that hc would get a post within Ihe State Department here pending a decision. . ..'"&: Girl Killed in Batesville Wrecks eral Assembly's GO-nalion Political Commillee lhat this would be a gigantic forward step for 19.i5 in President Eisenhower's plans for an international • pool of atomic energy for peaceful purposes. Outlining a program oi action for the next year even before a proposed international agency is created to oversee the atoms for peace program — Lodge said the United SUtcs is ready to train persons lo operale nuclear reactors, to cffer courses in nuclear Fafety, and to invite 15C foreign cancer experts to visit American cancer research facilities and swap views with U. S. doctors. Lodge also announced the United Stales'is ready to give to the prrincipal technical libraries of cooperating natons 10 Ibrarics of data on nuclear energy plus sets of cards abslracling 50,T)00 scientific and technical books and reports published in all cqunlries. . :GOP Officials' Certain to Be Probed WASHINGTON W! The searchlight of congressional investigations during the next two ycafs, under the guidance of Democrats, is certain to pry inquisitively into the private life of the Eisenhower administration. Some Democrats said today they want no "oolitical, circuis traditionally, opposition-controllcc BUNGLER—One of the principal characters of the Fire-Safety Stage Presentation of the Arkansas State Fire Prevention Association is "Stupid Carelessness," 'blundering, mischievous clown, portrayed by Henry A. Ritgerod, CPCU, Public Relations Director for the Association. Here Stupid and Secretary;Smalley, who MC's the show, engage In a bit of by-play Involving a-JIghter candle which<Smalley uses during the show. George W- Hawbecker is tage director. Morse Is Even With GOP for Ousting Him WASHINGTON W) Sen. Mors Ind-Orc) appeared a likely win-, ner tctiay in his two-year feud wiihi Senate Republicans over their action in ousting him from two major committees after he quit the OP. Four Democratic senators said in separate interviews they expect Morse to be restored to places on the ArrrVed Services nncl Labor committees which he lost in January 1953. • They noted that Morse had played a .-dual role in giving the Democrats the apparent strength to organize the new Senate which meets next Jan. 5. He campaigned vigorously for Richard L. Neuiberger, Oregon Democrat who defeated GOP Sen Guy Cordon to give the Democrats their 48th seat in the new Senate. And, well before the election, Morse had announced he would' Vote with Party Le of Both Si lied in Foreign •BATESVILLE, (UP NoVma asked that the commission - join Sue Pankey 16, daughter of Mr. him in intervention, of the transae- and Mrs. \V. L Pankey of Oil lion al Washington Nov. 12. The Through, was killed instantly and Securities Exchange Commission two other girls seriously injured has set that date for consideration of applications for transfer terest in the gas company. of in- ne Officer Not Connected With Schools HOT SPRINGS (/P) — There's on important officer of the Arkansas Education Association's annual cnn- \£ation hero who has no official connection with s c hools and hasn't had the past three years or £0. He is Lee Reaves, who when he Jinally quit the profession after many years as a schoolmaster was retained by the association as its parliamentarian. Reaves, who this year also voluntarily quit the State Senate after many years in that body, became hospital superintendent after uitting school administration. He now is aonpral manager of Radio Station KWR Fat Warren He uaid the AEA pays his ox penses at the convention, but th< parliamentarian's job has no othei in the collision of a pickup truck and bread delivery truck near Oil Through (Independence County) late yestday. Lorretta Huff and Jeanie Tuck- er,er, both 16, were broght to a hospital here in serious condition. Conway Cook, driver of the pickup was silently injured. The three girls were students t Oil Through High school, and vcrc cnroute home after having lad their photographs made here or their high school year book. Elmer Cochran, Jr., driver of the ire ad truck, was questioned by talc police about the accident. He s the son of the owner of Ihe lakcry. Miss Pankey's survivors, in ad- diliun to her .parents, include twa asters, Mrs. Geneva Sheffield and Mrs. Don Bailey, bolh of Lillle Rock. Congresses, ^vith an eye v .- t ^.-&. next elections,'-probe more closclj inlo executive : .branch doings, than when their own party holds " the White House. Sen. Gore of Tennessee was one Democrat who told an intcrviewei he opposes the "political circuis o investigations." He said: "We don't want that, but I hop that we will ferret out for all to see the influences that .have helpec shape the policies of the Eisen hower administralinn resulting in inordinate favoritsm to vested in leresls." financial compensation. He likes it, though: "It me a chance to come here and seo his llv what's going on." Reaves more than earned "pay" at today's session of A.EA's policy-body, Ihe Council 01 Emicalion, when h e was called on lo rule on several knotty nrpb lems involving substitute motion amendments to i^roposed^ amend menls nnd Ihe like. 8~Year-Old Shot to Death Playing 'Attorney May Win 'The Actor 1 Title Heavy Damage in Accident Here Automobiles driven by B. M. Mouser and O. W. Cox collided yesterday at the Shover and Third street curve with considerable damage resulting. Autice Cox, riding By H. D. QUIGG Cleveland, O. (UP) A eel ebrated criminal once was dubbe "WilJie the 1 Cleveland's actor," but todaj celebrated criml.na with O. W. Cox, suffered a head injury. The left side, fender, wheel and windshield of' the Cox auto was smashed while the Mouser vehicle 'sustained fender damage. City Police charged Mouser with failure cise, clinical lo yield Ihe right-of-way. 'in a medical, . lawyer, William J. Corrigan, too: the title away from him. Corrigan IE chief defense attoi ney for Dr. Samuel H. Shepparc the 30-year-old osteopath who i accused of beating his pregnan wife to death after a quarrel ove his attentions to "other women. The 67-year-old, white-haired a torney put on his act in startin to cross-examined a learned stat witness. The man in the witnes c-hair was DF., Lester Adelson, uty coroner and pathologist. Adelson yesterday shocked the courtroom by projecting on a screen grusome color slides of the hacked head of pretty Marilyn Sheppard. He had performed the customary autopsy or, the body. His state's testimony was precise, clinical and highly technical Film, 'What Mak|s Fi^e Burn/ to Be Shown to Students as a Part of Town Inspection 7 As part of the three-day firo afcty "Town Inspection" carh- iaign of the Hope Chamber of Com- •nerce, a unique hour-long audito- iym show on "What Makes Firo iurn" wjll be presented before all Jope school children. The show is staged by Carl S. mallcy, Executive Secretary, Arkansas State Fire Prevention Association, and featuring "Stupid larelessriess, the Fir.e Clown" as Mi Smalley's "blundering helper" who attempts to assist the Association Secretary in demonstrating the 'do's" and "don'ts" of good fue labits. To stage the presentation, the Association has brought with it a load of equipment m its .especially designed white trailer, fly more ttian 50,000 Arkansas school children and .in. the Fall of 1952 during Fire -'Prevention Week appeared on four major TV networks in NeW York City. A short TV film of Smalley and Stupid has been pro-* duced and distributed by the National Board of Fire Underwriters. In anticipation of this "Town Inspection" program, all grade school children are preparing essays and posters which will be judgec by the local Fire prevention Committee of the Chamber of Commerce, Winners will be announc- ed.at a later date. On Tuesday, Wednesday, anc Thursday fire drills will be held in each school under the. supervisior of the Public Buildings Committee of the Fire Prevention Association Wayne S. Hanes, Little Rock is chairman of this committee and is assisted by R. W. Moore arid Garvin Myhand, also of Little Rock. Tiiis same committee will also make a survey of the school premises for fire hazards. Man Arrested, 72 Gallons Moonshine Liquor Destroyed AJHempslead man was arreslec indil?'gallons of moonshine liquoi and-j.200 gallons of mash were des troyed in a raid by Alcoholic Tax officeis and Sheriff Jimmy ; Cook yesterday. Auested al Ihe siie was Jef AarSn He was to be 'arraigned be foi<| Federal Court in Texarkana today. His arrcsl some 12 mile goui,n of Hope between Palmos am HjgbWay 29, climaxed a long searcl by |he Sheuff's Deparlment. • Adenauer Bows to Revolt Over Soar Proposal By JOSEPH W. GFHGG BONN, Germany (UP)' Chan cw Senate. .That is the vital 49th otc Ihey need. Sen. Kcfauver.D-Term), who re- ailed that he 'was among tho 'cmocrats . who. sought to have /totsc retored to his old commit- ees early in 1953, said the Oregon enator was "a very effective cam- aigner and he did our party a reot deal of good" "He will be a valuable member f his old committees," Kefauver aid. ~ "I would assume "that- Lyndon . nd the Steering Committee of the Demqcratic party will do a better ob than the Republicans did." District 4-H ClubWirmers Announced : LITTLE ROCK, (UP) District .vinncrs in leadership and achievement, IS in all, will be honored at the ninth, annual' Arkansas 4-H congress/here today and Saturday. Winners : of > the four highest if/e Doctor d With Sale otics Here Armstrong, 71-yerir- physician, has been violating the Federal In Federal Court waived a" hearing missioner Thelma ay and was re- 00 bond. with selling mor- to a Hope woman mbcr 11, The wo- id by Hope City equesl of a Nar- was making sev- ,s here at ihe r released, as convicted ,for on in 1037 and ballon tot five Is Like! Chief . By LYLE dent Elsenhower ocrntic and R/ in' foreign adjourned' in^August The - White!' 7_"r" senhoWer's, ihvitatij tlsan his ing leaders^ . years, Teachers in Arkansas Are 'Recruited' By LEON HATCH HOT SPRINGS The pr os idcnt of the national Education Association raid here to'day that "teachers recruit people for every profession execot' their own." And, said Miss Waurine Walker of Waco, Tex., she thinks it about time that the situaion changed. on foreign Secretary of . Dulles will participate* ing. ' Asked would meet later 'with-*, ~ cratie leaders 1>n, «luesU6 ing over that Secretary James "That, 4s al I',j at this time." . Earlier, the',Ptesiden. Senate^GOP- Le Knowlandl"- The'-l the JPreslde^l % ,hbpelJ a "working,, ---- Miss Walker the morning was a speaker at session of the , De awards, b'e announced ar the cellor Konrad Adenauer today bov ed to a revolt in his own goven rnent against the Franco-Germa Saar agreement and told his ca! inet he will ask France to reope negotiations on the bitterly dlspu ed issue, Adenauer yielded tq pressui from the' moderate rightist free Democrats (FDP) who share in his coalition .government. He promised to ask French Premier Pierre Mendes-France to send his cabinet chief, Jean-Marie Soutou, to Bonn to reopen Saar talks with German officials. Dixon-Yates Hearing Speedup Unlikely By JOHN A. GOLDSMITH WASHINGTON (UP) San, Vanderbilt Has Interest Other Than Horse Racing-Rebuilding Unhappy, Broken War Vets By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK .I/PI For 20 years SPRINGS Of} An 8-year- Negro boy was shot to death while scuffling with a playmate over , a gun. Carl Bells, the son of Henry Bells, died shortly after the acci-r Alfred Glenn Vanderbilt, owner eration in this country. His friends have been nmazctl at the vigor with which "Al 1 of one of America's greatest rao plunged nto the work. In the two Clinton P. Anderson expressed doubl today that the House-Senato Atomic Energy committee will an- Condition of Actress Critical HOLLYWOOD, (/P! Movie Actress Gail Russell has been hospitalized more than a week, suffering from hepatitis. Dr. J.. Howard Payne, her physician, said last night that the annual banquet tonight. Five 'of last year's district winners arc eligible for, this year's top award, although they were not permitted to compete for district championships. The district winners as announced by C.^ A. Vines, associate director of .the Arkansas Agricultural Extension service: Northeast Ja,mes Isaacs of Nettleton and Peggy Jean Reddell of Co'tton Plant, for leadership; Charles J.. Peacock III of McCrory and Pat Morris of Bondsville, for achievement. Southwest Eddie Ray Pickle of Taylor and Mprilyn Milam of Maul, for lecderehip; Charles Berry of Donaldson and Bonnie Liddick of McNeill'for achievernent. Northwest Billy Sosebee of Enterprise, land Ila Treene Jtelley of Ozark, for leadership; .Bobby Bet- terlon of Mountain View and Carol Carter of Lucky Clover, for achi- vemeht. Southeast James Ray Raines of Farmville, and Ruthye Dobson of Grndy, for leadership; Clark Crum of Alcorn and Betty Edwards of Pine Bluff, for achieve- Jment. partment of Classroom'Teachers, of the Arkansas Education 'Association, which was winding r up,, i|s 86)ih annual convention" here' today. * i attractive operation" \ congressional" majprltj and discusst'" Elsenhower). I ._ T , v - ) —_„, ;The. Presidentfalsofs'cli .!«..4.t.i.^>.t 0 jj <a y'- «5,l»t<i<CSfsS ! S 4ng,surp.i;isiugly young «to K ',head' an o'fgariiz^tion pf .102,000 .'rnemb'ei's, said' she' thinks classroom teachers ought to start "izing up their pupil with a viesv to deciding which £nes svould make good teachers. And these ought to be encouraged to at least consider leaching as a profession, Miss Walker said They definitely should be given a "sales talk." according to the NEA president; Miss Walker tossed of spme sta- lislics in support of her conlention that the replacement rate- in the teaching profession was far too low. prove an administration-requested actress, recently divorced by ae- speedup for the controversial Dixon-Yates' contract. The New Mexico Democrat, who is expected to become chairman of tor Guy Madison, was in critical condition when she entered the hospital and alhough "still a very tick girl' is showing signs of re- the committee when the Democrats I covery. said she would, have to .'assume control of Congress in'remain in the hospital for a long January; said he believes some'lime. Republicans are shying away from the contract after reading Tuesday's election results. He said the contract was a "great political issue" in the campaign. The four winners will get two- week expense paid trips to, Washington, Arkansas Weather For the period NOV. 5-0: Arkansas: Temperatures 2-0 degrees below normal. Normal minimums 66-73. A, little \yarmer north- wesl Saturday and Southeast Sunday. Litlle change theieafter. Little or no precipitation indicated. Pilot Killed in Seaplane Test By VERN HAUGLAND 'SAN DIEGO, Calif. |/P The'Cpn- vair YF2Y Sea-Dart the 'world's fastest seaplane, broke apart, burst into flames and plunged into San Diego harbor yesterday. Its pilot, Charles E, Richbourg, rode the fore part .of the doltawlnj?,- needle-nosed jet fighter to ]M$ death before the shocked eyes of hundreds' of spectators, among them his wife Margaret. , > Mrs. Richbourg, mother of their two small children, only last Saturday helped her husband celebrate his 31st birthday. The of the burning, crumbling' plan? disintegrating before her left her dazed, and a friend led hep quickly to an automobile. 'There is- a greatCde that relationship? 1 ' ccutive and ' are close T> -' structive in'tK working out' a ^ land said, KnoVvland other,'GOP P(r --*•-•'•hope to ,meet i Continued' pniii: /,, -, : 1-^^ Remmel to Take Tour of Germany LITTLE ROCK Mayor Pratt ing stables, has spent most of his time amiably improving the breed of thoroughbred horses. His world has been a race Irack, and he. has loved that world. at 42, Vanderbilt, who in- , dent yesterday. Police suid Bulls | nei .; tec ) 20 million dollars by the and were 11-year-old .Aaron Blackwell t i mc " ne was 35 j s deeply corn- lighting over a .22 caliber ' ' ' -..._, rifle when it discharged and b.il the boy in the stomach. Methodists to Hear Convention Report jiiitted to a more serious interest the rehabilitation of war veterans in the free world. Vanderbilt served as a naval lieutenant in World War II. a »'i won a Silver Star for Gallantry as e. PT boat commander in the Pacific. Two ycavs ago hc became interested in the youn g\Voilcl Vet- The Rev and Mrs Alfred Doss erans Federalipn, an organization will be guest speakeis at First which works closely with the Umt- Methodist Church, Monday Nov- td Nalions in trying to allevwtc ember at 2 p m. They will ie- the conditions which lead to war. nort on Ihe Nalional Methodist The toughest job collecting w*.. . . _* ...u.^u tv,o,, j-noney-fell to YandgrbUt as pres- years he has traveled mere than 50,000 miles en a job that pays off only-in the feelirg he lias helped doing something that needed doing. "Last yez\r we met Pur gpal half a million dollars," he said. "But 'we could have used five limes lhal amount. "The money isn't contributed di- recliy lo individuals. We send rehabilitation teams into Ihe various countries. They show the governments the need for programs to help disabled veterans and how to organize the programs." The WVF now has 118 men-ber organizations representing 18 million veteran^ in 25 countries. "To give you an idea pf the size of ihe problem," said Vandeibilt, "there aie some seven million war disabled on these countries, and R-emmel, the recently deealed publican candidate for governor will join seven other municipal leaders in Ihe counlrly on a four- week lour of Germany. Rmemel said he would heve gone whether or not he \vas elected governor. The tour is part o uu ex- • Ail Around the Town By Tht tt*r 8t*ff Henipstead Game Wardens Dale Bonds, and Lester Wade have returned from New Orleans where they attended" an .association meeting of wardens from all over the South at the famous Jung Hotel. Mrs. A. E. Slusser, Arkansas Division of the'UDC president, left loday .fo.r Rpanpke, Virginia lo attend" the 60th General Convention Her pages are Roberta How. change program. Last summer a'ard of Hope who is attending Hoi- businessmen i lins College in Roanoke and Lenore group visited of German Little Rock. Remel leaves here tomorrow night on Ihe first leg of his trip Scales of Hot Springs. Poultry Industry was Ihe sub- He will fly to Germany from Newjject Thursday night at a meeting York. He expected to return here Dec. 8. • HE STAYLED THERE ATLANTA (UP) th e Family Life conference which they than half have r.ad to. go ceiling of a classroom at a downtown school collapsed just bcfoic the 'pupils were to match in yesterday the fivjp tons of plaster an 1 ! metal lathjflg jarred aH but one picture from th,e wall. It wa,s a pic- Uivu of Huinpty in Texarkana which featured Dr. D. F. King, poultry husbandry department of Alabama Polytechnic Institute. . , . attending from Hope were Thomas Hays and Syd Me- Math of Jhe First National Bank; paver Adorns, County Agent; Mr. Self p| the Faimeis Asso ; Bill Watson an4 Lloyd SmUUe of Corn Belt Hatcheries. e n,W students are enrolled v ington Vniversity, St. Louis, for the current semester. ... in that 'T- Four Airmen Die in Crash number ,is Doyle Edward Whltten who is a freshnien in the school of engineering. . . .' a Hope High graduate, Doyle is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Newburn Whitten of Hope, Marine Pvts. Philip D. Gilbert, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Gilbert of Hope 3 and Donald E. Lauterbach, spn of Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Lauterbach of lippe 4, are visiting their parents on a ten 4ay leave. .' . Gilbert will return ,to Camp Pgndleton, Calif., and Lauter* bach will report to Treasure Island TUCSON, Ariz. W) A crippled Air Force plane crashed while trying to make an emergoncy land* ing at Tucson Municipal Airport last night, killing four airmen and injuring 11 others. ' The plane, based at Ellington Air Force B.ase, Houston, Tex,, had just taken pff when it developer! pngine trouble. While trying to i turn, it struck power Ijines, smashed into the ground shott of the runway and broke into fiamoa, Three of the injured were Jn serious but not critical condition . in stated jnjhl the Sen on the ' at San Franciscp. D.avid, , Hill pf Hope recently graduated from th? 8th Ai'W Driver Schpol in Seoul, Ito^ea, , been in 'the Far fJegt ember of 1853, Pima County Hospital. Name? of the d,ead Ueld, wjth» soon he e Abel (Ii (B,Neb), fp O'Mahoney sgion -vvjiU''beJ party" wfien, $* lion Pf v 'hj5 < PiXp«sQte 5 4 v th.e,; ; time and-f" ed, two' wei PWfSl- Ssni,^? 0) Missing 2 Years, Writes Utter Hor^e ST. PAUL, *Mmn. nesota families been missing since a B28 was Two sons have two year? o;own has Coaph Sowden of will be awarded jh,g JJarry "Genera^ Spor award at 5:45 Hfti? from them ygstwday, Sat, Howard M. Brqw ' l ' • »

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