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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 41

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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SUNDAY MIanO Crffmne DECEMBER 20, 1925 Bf-ff E-TYPE Normandie Place, New Home Architecture Normandie Place, a recent project of Mrs. Robert D. Jackson, well-known in Society, ii now ready for pre-view. This is the first group of homes of Normanesque type in the Bay district to be shown the public. The location is at Nineteenth avenue and East Twenty-third street, Oakland.

Better Homes Unit Model home now being shovn on East Fourteenth street at High, by Better Homes Corp. E5 OFFER STATEMENT NOMUl COMMISSIONER GABBERT ISSUES T0011! PWWIIWWIIIiJlUJU.Ill.lWJLJ.l PRE-VIEW -I Wv I Us'-; 0-'- js' 'vvV1 jf 1 i I- Si 4- wt-mmfrl tmi State Real Estate Commissioner J. H. Gabbert has set forth the following Information of Interest to brokers engaged In selling; real estate "New application blanks for licensing real estate brokers have heen printed by the State Printing Office. They are on blue paper this year to distinguish them from those of other years.

The licenses for brokers are made more conspicuous this coming year by the use of an attractive gold seal, while a green seal Is used for the salesmen's license. This makes a contrast which Is readily noticeable to nil persons who may be Interested. There has heen considerable discussion among brokers relative to the fee charged by bonding companies for their broker license bonds which are required with applications the first of the year. It is Interesting to note that, the rate of 1 per cent on such bonds Is legal and cannot be successfully disputed until after the first bond of this kind Issued on behalf of the state has run for four years. After the expiration of that time It Is estimated that the statisticians will begin to receive sufficient data regarding the expenses of this particular kind of bond and will be able, according to the established rules, to fix the proper fee.

"I believe trio biggest menace In the real estate profession lies In the practice of payment of commissions by brokers or sellers, to people who are not licensed In any way. I have secured Information on numerous real estate transactions which were spoiled for the brokers because they refused to jepordlze their licenses" by splitting commissions with non-licensed persons. Noted Society Leader Enters Horne-Huildinp; Field With Unique Croup. Mrs. 'Rnbcrt D.

Jackson, prominent society wnmnn of Urrkrley, well known for lier rt-llof activities during tho A-nt-Ii war, has entered thp loml homn building field. The first project, Known a.s Kormandle I'hice, a group of true Norma neque type homes with the typical la of old Normandy, consists of ten five-room rottaufs locate! at Nineteenth Rvenue and K. Twenty-third siren, In what was formerly known hh the Caheji eslnlo. Advantage has been taken of the (riant palms, magnolias, and Norway pines, which with lilies and fountains formerly graced the old homestead. In the.

development of this project Mrs. has expressed her Intention as "an attempt to create homes of artistry and beauty within the resources of the great mass of home buyers of limited moans." She adds: "The Norman style wax chosen because of Its extreme individuality, and because of Its different charm, as contrasted with the prevalent Spanish types; 1 believe that the genuine home lovers, in their pro-view of this, the first group of its kind to be completed in the bay region, will realise the homelike appeal nnd atmosphere of the adaptation." The homes are a combination of the most modern ideas in home convenience, embellished with the art of the chateau and cathedral architecture of the Trench province. Hearm-d ceilings, large French windows and doors, fix-Miros and hardware of wrought iron, decorative corbels and plaques in celings and walls, gabled roofs in vari-colorid thatch effects, flagstones, intertwined with moss. Ii' i' 1 1 1 1 i. -m- nTn t.

arrange the date so as to b' convenient to realtors generally. The matter will proceed through the district vice president, Stephen Uarnson of San Diego. It is proposed to have the main conference at hi Centro. but a visit will be paid to Calexico under invitation of President H. H.

Clark of the chamber of commerce, and a trip to the Colorado river, and a dip into Mexico to see the development of farm lands below the border will be included. im i yiiiimw willnilliiimillllllwlHMlPiiiPi mill II MmmininnOTmmrilimwTiTffTnMliiiiiiiiiwilllli MPERIAL VALLEY BETTER HOMES Savings Club HAS MODEL East Ray 'Hater company has been granted permission bv the Railroad Commission to grant to the Bay Municipal UUIltv district an easement for a tunnel in Lot 1 of the Kanoho Kb Sobrante, in Contra Costa county. This Xmas Pays Exactly the same convenience and fame method of handling accounts as other Christmas a v-ing Clubs PLUS this advantage We pay 59 more profit to you. Your earnings In other Christmas clubs are based on 4 interest while we pay 67.. i j-Afes'X.

I is ii i ii i ii MORE PROFIT You Start with any amount you you may open and carry on your account by mail. Do Not Discount tha Earning Power of Your Savings, will be pleased to have you urttc, phone or call for details. Wo TO The Imperial Valley has enjoyed one of Its most prosperous years, probably the best since the war, according to reports brought back to the California Real Estate Association by state officers who were visitors in the valley over the Thanksgiving week-end. Plans were laid by the El Centro Realty Roard, which Is celebrating its fourth anniversary, to hold the third annual farm land conference at the Barbara Worth hotel late in January or February. The conference will be a two-day affair, under auspices of the Imperial Valley district of the Real Estate Association, according to the state secretary, Glenn D.

Willaman, who was charged by the El Centro board to FARM LAND MEET ff "I Wm 'lit m(W 3 20th Cosmopolitan ul In Business in Oakland for 47 Years. 357 12th St. and Webster. Phone Lakeside 842. READY FOR PRE 1 iSSk This, the first group of homes of Norman adaptation in the Eastbay, will be open for public inspection starting today.

If you are seeking variance from the stereotyped bungalow, you will find in these Normanesque types a welcome change from conventional designs. oo, ii' i i i 1 1 1 1 nil carry the Norman while the efficiency of modern heating, lighting, Is evidenced by AVard furnaces, complete kitchens, up-to-date bathiooms, hardwood floors, effective lighting arrangement, garages, etc. It is announced that the Nnr-mandie 1'lace cottage will be open for pre-vlew, starting today, and that opening sale prices will range from CI) Otl upward. The location is on a slight eminence, with excellent school and transportation facilities. SPECIAL OFFER A new departure In Melrose Highlands Is announced this week In the offer to accept a down payment of five dollars for the privilege of reserving a lot and one of the now houses In the tract.

This proposition Is offered by C. P. Murriock. Incorporated, developers of the property, as a Christmas greeting to the working people of this city who would like to have a place to call their own but who so far have not been In a position to select one of the Melrose Highlands homes. C.

I'. Murdock. president of the company, states: "Melrose Highlands Is particularly suitable for worklnpmen. not only because of Its convenient location near the Industrial district of Kiist Oakland but also because It simplifies the purchase of a home by financing the purchase of a lot and the con-Btructlon of a completely finished house. Its popularity with wage earners is shown by the fact that ales last week totaled $54,000, a new high point by several thousand dollars over sales which have been averaging close to the fifty thousand mark for the last two months.

"Many families In Oakland who really need homes of their own are not In position to meet the usual requirement of $100 down. "Experience has taught us however that the steadily employed man can be depended upon. For that reason, we decided upon a special arrangement during Christmas week whereby every worthy family will have the Bame opportunity to select one of these popular homes." The California Real Estate Association is cooperating with banks, chambers of commerce and other organizations in Ios Angeles county with a view of obtaining a crop reporter who will wprk In conjunction with the horticultural commissioner's office. A farm lands survey by the association now under way has revealed the necessity for such a statistical expert In many counties. Dr.

George P. Clements, agricultural expert with the Los Angeles ChamberxQfCommcrce, presided at a luncheon at which this problem was discussed by representatives of several groups, Including the Los Angeles Kealty Board and banks. ft FOB MELROSE. U0SI0E CROP REPORTER FOR COUNTIES Borrowing from cathedral architecture, and from th distinctive artistry developed In the chateaux of old Nor mandy have heen blended with the ingenuities of mod ern housekeeping. Beamed and gabled ceilings, largo Fjpench windows and doors, wrought iron hardware and fixtures, decorative corbels and plaques in walls and ceilings, multi-colored roofs, bird pools, moss entwined flagstones, trees and shrubbery, satisfy the aesthetic taste; while complete conveniences throughout the Jkjtchens, baths, bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms', all Ward heated appeal to the desire for Price Range and Upward Generous Terms FIVE ROOMS AND GARAGE ISI In its recently completed model home, located on East Fourteenth f-treet at High, the Better Homes Corporation has presented to prospective home builders of the city a distinctive extremely attractive residence of the moderate priced class.

Since it was opened for Inspection some two weeks ago several thousand people have seen It, it is stated. A description reads: "The home Is English in architecture with high peaked gables supported by exposed beams. The exterior walls are of sturco. The large yard Is made attractive by artistic gardening. That portion back of the house contains two decorative fountains which add to the richness of the surroundings.

This yard is reached by a walk of stepping stones. "There are five amply large, wi ll placed rooms In the home, arranged on two floor levels. The large living room, Into which you enter direct from the front porch is on one lovel, while the balance of the rooms are on a level two steps higher. This change of levels servos two purposes. First, and foremost, It makes an unusually attractive picture of the dining room, which Is on one side ami Is viewed through a broaif arch and of the den located in the rear and connected with the living room by a second but slightly narrower archway.

It also permits an unusually high ceiling In the major room. This ceiling follows tho line of the gable roof and is over 11 feet high ut the peak. Cross beams of wood contribute to the novel character of this room and support the English type of exterior. "The den Is one of the very appealing rooms. It not only furnishes a second and more private living room, bJt can be converted Into a bedroom when It is desirable to make use of a wall bed located back of the mirrored doors.

Either doors or drapes or both can be used to separate the den from the living room. "The bath room and kitchen a well as the breakfast room and dining room all are handsomely finished, well arranged rooms. The kitchen and bath room are tiled. "Attractive interest with the home itself are the furnishings and the decorations which were selected by decorators from the Jackson Furniture company." The Better Homes Corporation is a new organization, specializing in architecture, construction and financing. It Is building on lots already selected by its patrons.

The company is not dealing in real estate. World's Highest Aerial Railway In the Andes near the headwaters of the Amazon Is the highest aerial railway in the world. This tramway transports tin ore from the Caracoles mines to the mill some five miles away. The mines are up in the mountains about 6000 feet above the mill. An American made electric motor supplies the motive force which keeps the ore tramway operating.

General, business irosperlty and the prospect for a continuance of healthy conditions Is registering itself in the number of families who are in the market to purchase homes, according to members of the executive committee of the Home Builders and Subdlvlders Division of the National Association of Ileal Estate Boards. 45TH AVE. AT CLEMENT PLAY VIEW Mill and Cabinet Work by Clinton Mill Lumber Co. Foot of 4th Ave. Phone Merritt 4546 Cement, Rock and Gravtl by Rhodes Jamieson Co.

Broadway Water Phone Oakland 770 Plastering by W. E. Wilson 4100 Mayhelle Ave. 1 Phone Fruitvale 3894R Give Her a Home WHEN you think of Christmas, the joys of the candle-lit tree, Santa Claus, hanging up your stockings, don't you always think of home? How wonderful to think of a real Christmas around the fireside of your OWN Home! Why not start this year and pool your gifts for the beginning of the cozy place you have been dreaming of so long? The Better Homes Corporation will help make it easy for you with their new and unusual service. Excellent Transportation and School Facilities The builders wish to express appreciation of the following firms and individuals, for their hearty cooperation Lumber by Kiernan-Hubbard Lumber Co.

340 29th Ave. Phone Fruitvale 5239 Painting and Decorating by B. L. Walden 1807 24th St Phone Fruitvale 5048J Hardwood Floors by H. R.

Trengove 3261 Hyde St. Phone Fruitvale 908 Hardware by Maxwell Hardware Co. 13th, 14th Washing-ton Streets Phone Lakeside 8200 Ward Furnace 1410 Madison St. Phone Oakland 4320 Wirinn. and Fixtures by H.

H. Lowd 1534 29th Ave. Phone Fruitvale 5016 Free Architectural Service The usual worries involved, when building a home the ordinary way, are avoided when you take advantage of our new home building service. Our architectural designer, a'fter studying your lot, will work with you on the plans which best suit your own individual taste and the needs of your family. Dependable Financing Our guarantee, the reputation of our building experts, and the experience of our construction crew assures a well built, artistically finished home which will stand the test of time.

We are also prepared to help you finance. All you need to do is to "MAKE UP YOUR MIND." We do the rest and you pay us like rent. BETTER HOMES CORPORATION Designers and Builders of Distinctive Homes EAST 14th at HIGH DOES YOUR ROOF LEAK? OLD ROOFS RE-COVERED AND GUARANTEED Terms If You WUh Multi-Colored and fireproof Laid Over Old Shingle's A. K. G00DMUNDS0N NORMANDIE PLACE Nineteenth Avenue and East 23rd Street Visit Our Model Home Today East 14th Street at High Open Dally 9 to 5 Sunday to 7 P.

M. Tuuelay Eoening 7 to 9 P. M. FRUIT -VALIfl 4433 Over Your Head?" "I 4- IT".

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