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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 9

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 9

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
Issue Date:

MONDAY EVENING afeltinO Ctlbunc DECEMBER 11, 1925 0 Central hospital, TOblH was put bed. 1. 1. My i.rv, bov POLICEMAN. THUG AM LUIS 0 i-ior t'i off i ntii; in at bis Ia-t 1 ii re (inrl Turk fur -1 -t II from bis h'llstor, dis- 'rr 1 i 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 ji t. lie if Ming Quong Home for Girls Is Opened Scenes at dedication of the Ming Quong Home for Chinese Girls at Bculah, near Mills College, Saturday aftertioon. Upper view shows facade of building and entrance court with throngs witnessing the dedication. Lower view shows, left to right, MISS WU and MISS LEE posed in front of one of the statues guarding the entrance to the building. $125,1 HOME DEDIGATED FOR CHINESE GIRLS 1111 Buy Calinut for its Rood taste-use it for its exceptional economy. Calinut is nature's own product. It is made front nutritious cocoanut, peanuts, salt and pure milk. These rivc it the natural richness and pleasing taste that makes it better spread for bread. 7Kt- irit frmlui'eri olrientirHdrme in Cdliia-na. CHICAGO, Dec. 14. (A) A robbrr and a policeman were killed, and other pistol injuries Incurred In a cun ficht last nlpht. in a road-house where policemen from several suburbs cornered tho robbers. Tho robbers, who had staged a scries of holdups went to itv Mannheim Inn In Forest 1'nrk, whore pursui'riK suburban poli'-i'-mrn found thrm. Knterlnc the Inn when a larne. erowd was nt. dinner, the policemen rlemanderi to know the owner of the automobile parked outside. "It's mi'ri." one of the robbers replied, rising to his feet pistol in hand. lie fired three shots into the body of one poliremnn, but another officer rautfht the bandit as his comrade fell, and pullinfr him close, fired two shots Into his body, kill-inp hlrn Instantly. A second robber than opened fire and wounded another policeman, but escaped after bcinpr wounded. All Hnrtsook studios open till ft o'fbx'k rvonlTiK" during December. Advertisement. For RentVo apply timit svu idi: IN VOLCAWO. 'i't )K -Three Japanese women threw themselves Into thf AMIM vnbaiin because they had passed the usual rm'e for marring. such a distinctive 45TD AVE. AT CLEMENT Your Head?" 0 BLAST KILLS 1 PAN" IXIS ree. 11 The prand openinfT la1' i It, e.f the new-' Milestone "Hotel" billed yesterday when a r-: plosion resulted in the ib-'iMi or.c of nnd fatal inluiie.s to his wife. When Mr. and Ilet ocrmjiyinj; one (if the i a. returned hon.e -'hv iJ-'ht, they a ni-Ne runnitiK in the I ia struck match and the followed. Invest ir-nMon rbowed a lea lev ass pipe had filled the wiib ias They were taken to the S'ar sn ti 1 1 or i in, where Ia di'il yest onlay. Mrs. Davy also in.i expected to live. Policeman Shot in Leg By Own Pistol SAX KitAXCISCO. )oc. T'ni a 'ieorce T'ibin, "'J, of 3M 'lwuiMeih nt'c iicl to tho It'lsb stC'-et was sioit in the ri.slit icit early I one month in the evenl at utff sr DOES YOUR ROOF LEAK? OLD ROOFS RE-COVERED AND GUARANTEED Terms If You Wish Mnlti-Colorpd and Fireproof Laid Over Old Shingle A. K. G00DMUNDS0N OJ pucjrasc ja.icr Accountant Will Address Ad Club Arthur M. Loomls, certified pub-lie accountant of Los Angeles, will address the Oakland Advertising club at its luncheon at lintel Oakland tomorrow noon on "Business Mortality Causes and Remedies." Ray Krerher, Oakfander who pitched for the champion Pittsburgh Pirates In tho re-cent, world series, also will be a speaker. Clara A. Copinus, will ship, accompanied by Charles William Warner. riuTr- 4433 VALK "What's Over ore miles to the San Pablo Guild to Entertain Knights SAX PAP.I.t Dec. 1 council, Knij-hls of Columbus v.iil be i i a i 1 1 1 1 ben. Hiis at Sr. I' nil The pro- in will o'lci of da in a -lie! re ri "il up Pa Kiivo Kreetinps, and Ko Liang Yip. Chinese consul general, spoke. At the unveiliiiK of the tablet and presentation of flatus, the drum and hiiKlo corps of the ChuiiK Mel Home for Chinese Roys led the march. Captain Robert Dollar, surrounded by the children of the home, unveiled the tablet. Ilr Krank M. Silsley, pastor of the First Presbyterian church of Oakland, gave the prayer, which was followed by presentation of the Star HpanKk'd Rainier and the fhiR of the Chinese Re public by (he Daughters of the American Revolution. OPE CENSURES LLES FOR SPLIT Hv Till! AH K. MODKRWKLL. By Rnilio to Tim Oukland TRIBUNE anil the ClrrrRO Daily Itcws, Dec. I I. Pius In his allocution before the second consistory today startled his hearers by a clear statement of the Roman question, criticism the Italian trovermnont for suppress-in-t the liberty of Catholic citizens to join economic or social associations of their choice or obm-in them to join organizations to which they objected. The statement Is the more surprising inasmuch as the pope rarely refers to political questions-, especially the Roman question, which has been in a stale of complete suspension for 75 years. SYNDICALIST LAW SCORED. Ilia holiness said that various concessions granted the church recently by the r-nvernment constitute "only partial restitution for injuries and damages inflicted in the past." and added that holy year pilgrims could see for themselves that the situation of the head of the church was far from that proper and necessary to the supreme authority with which the Pope is divinely invested. This was interpreted by observers close to the Vatican as an absolute denial that the Pope will emerse from the present self-imposed Imprisonment in the Vatican until the Roman question has been settled by mutual agreement. The Popc'a reference to Internal poll-tics constitutes a direct crilicisin of the Fascist syndicalist laws, virtually fivi'n'f a trade union monopoly to the Fascists and under which thousands of members of the Catholic industrial ar-ricultural association will be "obliged to join the Fascist unions, ineludinp monks nnd nuns, outraged in social work. C'ALLKS SLAMMED. "Tho church must defend certain liberties, althouRh by Its divine institution it is equally distant from anry-chy toward which liberalism and socialism lead, and from political conception, which makes the nnd society end in themselves because Huch a conception fatally tends to suppress individual rights," the Pope declared. "Nothlnpr except the intervention of divine charity can. improve the religious situation In Mexico," the Pope said In his allocution. The pontiff made It clear that nothing can be hoped for from President Calles toward mitigation of what Catholics term tho savage persecution of the church In Mexico. The Pope added he was pray ing aaiiy ror divine intervention. (Otpriicbt, IMS, flUfff Dtllr Him.) IIS Capt. Robert Dollar and Ng Poon Cliew Take Leading Roles in Ceremony. The SI OilO Mlnp: Quouk' Home for Chinese nt lieulah station near Mills 'n'lleno, was dedicated unlay afi-riiiiii before live hundri il members of the Presbyterian church anil frh -eds. Cap-lain Robert lioliar ui'dled the tablet ami xr I'oon Chew, publicist, delivered the. ili-dkatory address. (Iround was broken for the building last spring. The full accommodations for girls are already arranged for, and It is planned to add cottages from time to time as rcqu i roil One of the first buildings to be added to the present unit will bo hospital building. MANY TAKK I'AltT. Mis. I T. White, member of i lie Presbyterian Hoard of National Missions, presided. After the 111.7 of America by the Chinese children, Kev. Jifo Yiel; Koq gave the invocation, Rev. Hobert K. Cooper, pastor of lsrooklyn Presbyterian church, read the scripture, followed by the introduction of Miss Emma Miss T. F. Yu ami Miss Ida Allen Lee, associate superintendents pf tho home. Miss Donaldina Cameron gavo nn historical setting forth the Inception of the idea, of a home for Chinese girls, such as is already in operation for Chinese boys in Berkeley, the Chung Mei Home. The presentation of the building wa.s made by D. B. Farquharson, the contractor, and Miss Edna R. Voss, secretary of the division of schools and hospitals of the Presbyterian Board of National Missions, accepted the building. Dr. Ng Poon Chew, in his brief dedicatory address, lauded the f-pirit of cooperation actuating Americans toward tho needs of the Chinese people. He declared that when American and Chinese people give of their time and their coney in such causes as the erection of homes for little Chinese girls there need be no fear that ihe world is not growing better every dav. HOYS BAM) AIDS. Rev. 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