Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on March 31, 1929 · Page 34
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 34

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 31, 1929
Page 34
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SUNDAY Da&Ian& Crffiune MARCH 31, 1929 I MT ON FHUITVflLE I. NOW OPEN Today marks the opening of a plendld new apartment at the morthwest corner of Fruitvale ave nue and East 23rd street. This new building. Old English in de- Uign, Is modern in every reaped and will be known as I'inK uamea. It is equipped with the Williams OlI-O-Matlo OH burner for steam I beat, roll away wall beds, electric ranges and genuine Frlgldalre. A (description reads: "The structure comprises six three room and nine 'two room apartments, and is a itately structure, four stories high, located right in the heart of the IFruitvale district, and is in the .warm belt. The apartments will be 'furnished or unfurnished, as ten-iants desire. A feature of these apartments is that every unit of the building is a corner location with the exception of three, and these three are on the sunny side of' the building, making all very light and aunny. The Individual apartments are richly decorated In Velous of various colors, and har monize with the wall paper. Another attractive feature Is the large mount of cabinet space through out tn buiiaing. "The location is convenient to I trans-bay transportation and local cars. All apartments are available at prices reasonable. Lighting fixtures of pleasing de Ign were Installed bv Griff itts snd jUarding, and interior painting was uuno oy jee oconyers, r misn lhardware Is by Maxwell. Ready for Occupancy This attractive building, known as Pink Gables, is located at the corner of Fruitvale avenue and East Twenty-third street. The structure is modern throughout, and is equipped with genuine Frigidaire and all conveniences. APARTMENTS Urch Home in Oaklawn Manor E.' W. Urch is building a group of homes of unusuajtype on Rose street in the Oaklawn Manor tract, off Chabot road. The first hom 's onen for lnr.oection today. M y& iJ. 4 4, MA I ft5TV' mm, OPEN T Marshall A. Dean, architect and owner of the Maradena at 209X California street In Berkeley, announces the opening of the structure. Comprised In It are thirty-six apartments of two rooms and six of three rooms. Apartment will he available both furnished and unfurnished. In the selections of furniture and draperies new features for the moderate priced apartment have been introduced. The endeavor has been, states Dean, to got away from the sterotype apartment houne style In decoration, so that practically every apartment Is individual in both the grouping and design of the furniture pieces. Draperies are of sun-fast velours, In varying colors, to harmonize with the decorative scheme in each unit. t The building Is equipped with genuine Frlgldalre, has steam heat and hot water, with twenty-four hour service, an Incinerator system, garages, etorago space and ,T 0 ESTABLISH HEADQUARTERS v Presaging another new industry for Alameda county, b. f . master, i president, accompanied by H. F, Moeller, vice president, of the Diatom Insulating Products Inc., of Yerlngton, Nevada, arrived in this city thia week for the purpose of locating a site for distribution of their products a new material for road building, bridge and culvert construction in California. . They state that: "Diatom," as their product la known, eliminates the hazard of cracking of any paved surface, giving strength to coverings and body of materials used In construction, Maintenance upkeep la greatly lessened, it is declared. Road engineers ot several eastern states are now investigating the possibilities of the product, It is stated. I . Blazier announced yesterday that Maradena Apartments Open This structure is located at 2091 California streetBerkeley. Marshall A. Dean is architect and ner. In the equipment are genuine Frigidaire. and Spark ranges in colors. Inspection is invited. t r " - 1 . r , ' V ' ' rri- J- ll "I ' - .' - It ' : lfd HAND BIG DE FOR BUILDING LOANS NOTED I -f' -riiffii-ii,"iiii)X lin 1 f imiti ii "r f ami 1' " ' irr 1 1 m n r1 f 1 1 - lxl- it was the Intention of his com pany to locate a branch headquarters for coast distribution In this city if satisfactory arrangements for same can be necured. i L5xxnixyixiiinxiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiixxxxxi: Ready: for Occupancy, Pink Gables . Apts. Fruitvale Ave. Corner Eaat 23rd St. In Sunny Fruitvale Fifteen Apartments of Two and Three Rooms A beautiful building of English architecture, thoroughly 'modern in construction. The individual apartments are artistically decorated and furnishings are high grade throughout. a . '. ' ' --4 in conveniences include Genuine. Frigidaire, steam heat, hot water, poll-away beds, electric ranges, electric laundry and garage. All apartments are spacious and sunny, and 80 per cent of them are corners. Rentals range from J50 to J65 Fruitvale Ave., Cor. East 23rd St. AIRPLANE LANDINGS. ' The usual Increase of approximately 100 per cent in the number of landings made at the Oakland airport was again registered lust month, They wflre BOH landings, against 2667 the year before. tradenmen lockers. A feature Is the wall bed Insinuation ot . the new closing-door type. There are tile baths and showers, dressing tables and mirrors, screened windows, radio wiring, heated bathrooms, Kpark ranges enameled in colors, etc. The laundry is electrically equipped with the Reliable tray The upper apartments have type washing machine, manufactured by the Kellabl Mfg. Co. of Berkeley. view of the Bay and hills, and the" corner location affords a maximum of sunlight. Both San Francisco transportation systems are within two blocks and local within one block. The high school, univer sity and main Berkeley business d&trlct are within easy walk. NHL RI 1 REPORTED Bi NORTHERN LIE Wall Papers Imported and Domestic Pattern ' See them in the URCH HOMES Supplied by MARCUS and MERRICK 1325 JEFFERSON ST. OAkland 4681 Successful execution of decorative ideas has made our craftsmanship Welcome on any type of interior or exterior Work. for Painting URCH HOMES hy Jaintwo Decorating 2665 HAROLD ST. t FRuilvale 3577 Model Kitchens Peerless built-in furniture was selected to equip the kitchens of the Model Homes built bv E. W. Urch in Oaklawn Manor. They represent everything that a Woman who loves her kitchen wants in the way of design, color and convenience. Wouldn't you like to have such a kitchen . . . with all its built-in conveniences? Modernizing your old kitchen to make it as attractive and convenient as if you had built it new is ' easily done with Peerless built-in furniture. You will be surprised at the lpw cojt. RLESS Built-in Fixture Co. 2608 Smi I'nhlo Avenue, Hrrkclrj, California ' A large volume of business Is re ported by W. L. Miller, manager of the Oakland branch of . the Northern Life Insurance Company, with offices at 1803 Franklin. Miller etates; "The Oakland office Is doing a rapidly increasing business and will close the month of March with approximately 100,000.00 new business." Miller states that ho has Junt received word from Seattle of the opening of the magnificent new home of the Northern Life Insurance Company In the Northern Life Tower, a twenty-seven story building at Third and TJnlverHlty street In thnt city. A recent announcement by the company rends: "The company now has far more than $120,000,000 inlnsuranoe In tprce, of which some $80,000,000 tS life insurance alone. Its assets this year are expected to run to $10,000,000. "Officers of the company are: D. B. Morgan, president; F. K. Struve, D. M. Margan and Arthur P. Johnson, vice presidents;-J. H. Sargent, seoretary; S. J. Rice, man ager investment department; O. A.J tinrenciou, actuary, and ju. b. uam-pau, agency mipervisor. "The Board of Trustees -consists of J. W. Maxwell. M. A. ArnodI, Moritz Thomson, Reginald H. Par sons, D. B. Morgan, A. P. Johnson, J. V. Bailey, V. K. Rtruve. Ilemv A. Kycr and D. B. Morgan. WASHINGTON, V). The rif-PHrtment of commerce announces that, according to data collected nt the biennial census of manufactures taken In 1928, the establishments engaged primarily In the manufacture of adding mechlnes, calcu lating machines, cash registers and related products in 1927 reported products valued as follows: Adding (listing) machines and llttting-add-ing-hookkeeplng machines, -$33,- 02R.642 ; calculating machines, $10,. 555,068; card punching, sorting and tabulating machines, ' $4,8.fr,291 ; cash registers. $40,183:284: change- making machines, taxlcab meters HONOR TRUW The Truman Undertaking company of this city, has Just been selected by the Order of the Golden Rule, well-known national organization of funeral directors, as the local member. It Is announced. Only one funeral director In each community is eligible of being the local ''mefhber of this order, members of which are personally selected by representatives from headquarters, It Is stated. Xhls order, Charles H. J. Truman states, Is composed of pro gressive funeral directors, who hove as their motto "service measured not by gold but by the golden rule." This motto is Incorporated in the emblem of the order. Particular strews is laid by Truman upon the fact that funeral directors who nsplro to fellowship In the order of the Golden Rule must render complete and modern service, governing their conduct by the highest ethical standards developed within tho profession, a.nd must also render this service at a moderate price within the reach of all. RETURNS FROM TOUR H. A. Craig, general sales manager of the Rheem Manufacturing company, local maniii&MsfcS'rera of service station supplies and, equipment, recently. ' returned from an extended business trip throughout the country. During the trip ii district agent was eata bllhetl at Spokane, and In addition the Oil Products Appliance company of New York and Chicago .were selected as eastern representatives for tho new Rheem Gear Case Cleaner. The return trip was made by way of Phoenix, Arizona and Los Angeles. At Los Angeles Craig met L. T. Bacher, president of the United States Air Compressor company of Cleveland, who was making survey of Pacific Coast conditions. The Rheem Manufacturing company are also western representa tives for the United States Air Compressors. FRIGIDAIRE Electric Wiring Completed and Lighting Fixtures Installed in PINK GABLES APTS. GRIFFITTS & HARDING 1323 Fruitvale Ave. Phona FRuitvale 6990 iiinniiimmrmm TtTTXITTTTTIXTTIXITT 1 Interior Painting of PINK GABLES APTS. h G. L. SCONYERS L 1817 41st "Ave. FRuilval 0939J zzxzzzxzxxzzx I he healing plantT of the PINK GABLES APART- MLN IS is equipped with "Williams" Oil-O-matic-Oil Burner. Distributed by Walter S. Leland Co. 4124 BROADWAY millllllTTtHMTTTTTy. I , - .m.s COMPLIMENTS OF A . FRIEND immiiinmntTTi SATISFACTION can only be obtained with GENUINE FRIGIDAIRK Chosen by Experienced Builders Open for inspection today ALTADONIA APTS. , .--2451 he GonterBerkeley7 PINK GABLES APTS. Fruitvale Ave. and E. 23rd St., Oak. MARADENA APTS. 2091 California St., Berkeley Frigidaire Corporation 1962 Broadway , LAke. S63L .t. Oaklawn M anor a picturesque, residential subdivison east of College Avenue, on Chabot ' Road, presents the last opportunity to purchase a close-in nomesite amid ideal surroundings This scenic, highly restricted, conservatively priced tract is but twelve minutes from the city center of either Oakland or Berkeley, close to both local and San Francisco transportation andchools -of all grades. Visit Oaklawn Manor Inspect the Model Home Now on Display GEO. H. SCOTT, Sales Ageut Tract Office: 5679 CoIIegeAve OAKLANb Telephone Ill'mboldt 1278 IN II DM Seven dwellings are In different Mages of construction In Oaklawn Manor, the new residential tract east of College avenue, on Chabot road, K. W. Urch, for many years In charge of construction for R. C. HIJlen in the latter'g Normandle Gardens and other .tracts, Is the flrnt to complete- a' Chouse. Thla Is No. 5824 Ross street, and commencing today It will be open to visitors daily as an exhibition home. Urch describes this model home as representing In detail the old English farm architecture. While the structure is modern in convenience of arrangement and appointments, the craftman's art is apparent in the artlflcal "ageing" of details. Carmel .etone, combined with Valley-of-the-Moon stone, together with two-tone color stucco and sand-blasted heavy timbers, have -beerr Used on both exterior and Interior in a very effective way. The roof Is heavily thatched with shingles with blended colons, suggestive of age, with layers of moss. In the painting and decorating Chas. Matthews hHs created artlntio efforts ot unusual Interest throughout the home. "The stucco in living room, dining room and reception hall 1 also blended in color to suggest age, as are the heavy, sand-blasted timbers supporting th Cathedral ceiling. All doors in these rooms are sand-blasted, are art-worked, and carry out the entire color scheme The floors in these rooms are quar ter-sawed oak In Old English planks laid in random widths held In place with dowels. The highest grade of embossed linoleum Is laid in kitchen,' breakfast room and pass nans and nns a rolled art base. The kitchen is replete with Peerless built-in furniture, and la equipped with Fiigklatro, electric ventilator fan, special sink for dlslnvashlng. and sanitary garbage chute," Urch states. "Steel sash has been used, together with bronze roller disappearing screens to Insure permanent ami practical weathering' and ventilation. Hardware fTom tilinon Hardware Co. is in keeping with the decorative treatments. The heat ing plant is a large steel furnace with oil burning equipment. "There are two large bedchambers and service bathroom on the main floor: on tho second floor Is a third bedroom with private lava tory ana snower Datn: on this f oor taiau ia irge aiuc space avauatue ror dancing, entertainment or bil liards. Artistic wall paper has been supplied by Marcus and Mer rick. The Western Loan anfl Building Company through C. H. McBntyre. ji-.-l.i noro,- ot man Broadway i A Oakland, announces an unusual n-.1 . . il knlMnni In th lereeu uiiiuhk i"-"' application for building loan for residential construction. This applies not only to the large apartment building, but to small homes as well.-states McEntyre. and it indicates that building activities or considerable importance locally are not far distant. McEntyre says: "According to the latest financial statement of the Western Loan and Building Company from the Salt Lake headquarters, the assets of the concern are well over $26,-000,000. The company was organized in 1892 and operates In several western states. At the present time over 18,000,000 of their cwltal Is loaned In California an tha operation of the companyJ6i-tb.i state Is under the supervision of the California Building and Loan 17nmmlHlnner. "The company features six per cent western loan thrift accounts for Investments and accepts accounts starting with as little as on dollar." V R. Madeon, manager of ths company, states: "The soundness of the company, us general plan and method of business, the fair and equal treatment oi its siock-hdlders, the fulfillment of its contracts and the effioiency of Its management are assured not only by Its, long record of achievement but through the permits) and licenses granted to and under which the company operates in the several states based upon a personal visit, inspection and audit by the following: The Building and Loan Commissioner of California; the State Examiner of Montana; The State Examiner, of Wyoming; Supervisor of Building and Loan of Washington; the Corporation Department of Oregon; the Bank Commlsisoner of the State ot Utaht E mm. GAS STOVES JMade in Oakland. ., Used all over the world! Builders' Hardware B. SIMON HARDWARE CO. 7th & Broadway LAke. 7816 RELIABLE TRAY WASHER installed in the MARADENA APTS. by the ' Reliable Mfg. Co. BERKELEY BErkeley 4996 i MARADENA APTS. 209 1 California St., Berkeley Ready for Occupancy , 2 and 3 rooms beautifully furnished, or unfur-. nished. Every convenience. Frigidaire; incinerator; closing door beds, etc. Apts. with view of bay or hills. S. F. and local cars 2 blocks. ' Twos from $40 to $47.50 .Threes from $55 to $60 Corner of California and Addison. THornwall 1026 PLUMBING for the MARADENA APTS. PLUMBING Ornamental Hardware for URCH HOMES from B. SIMON HARDWARE CO. 7TH & BROADWAY LAkeside 7816 Plumbing for the URCH HOMES hyj - J. A. Fazio 402 CASTRO ST. OAklandJ550 I l i-.i-tiviurivj forme- I i iviAruLiN a Aria. PLUMBING Phnnr OAk. 04(13 ' Minoggio Bros. I S Tel. Ave. .(l I HEATING' HEATING for tha MARADENA APTS by FRANK A. GOTTSTEIN Plumbing & Healing 226 EIGHTH ST. LAUsid 0575 - - Ii Lighting Futures . of Quality Installed in th " MARADENA ' h Robt. F. Norling ,; 5947 E. foth St. ' TRinidad 0638 ZARWELL ELECTRICAL CO. Electrical Contracts and Engineer for the- MARADENA APTS. 2622 Central Ave. ALAMEDA ALameda 39421V

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