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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 29

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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MARCH 17, 1929 2-M SUNDAY LAKESHOH INVESTMENT Economics Class Started By Oakland Real Estate Board Inspection of Home Invited Thia home by the Lapham Building company, at 927 Larkspur road in LakeshoreWigHlandt, is open to public inspection. Among its feature it an automatic heating installation, accomplished through the use of Ray oil-burning- The installation is by the Pollard Seagrave company. Board of Directors i To Meet in Stockton The board of directors of the CaUtornWeaj will hold its regular quartei ly meeting at Stockton, March 30, President J. Bradley the 6hGeorge A. Turner, president, and Francis Cutting, state director, of the Stockton Realtor' association, are in charge of loca, arrangements for the HIGHLANDS FEATURE By RALPH A.

KNAPP, President Oakland Real Estate Board The Oakland Real Kstate Boardfor the simple and obvious reason I POINTED OUT that all past benefit have expired Is starting" a class In economics as applied to real estate appraisals. The course will take approximately fifteen months, at one les 'Spanish house of special i had a vlfttor from th tereet in the Lakehore highlands son a week, and will be 'conducted district, constructed by the Lap outh In our office lately," state Fred T. Wood, (president of the iPred T. Wood company, "and we by' Loring 'O. McCormlck.

The ham building cbmpany, I open for took him out to see our EaHt Oak Inspection today. The home is lo class will be limited to brokers or salesmen of five years' standing cated on a lot of double frontage 2 (land and Han Leandro pro pert I To av that lie was Interested. he science of land economics is concerned with problems of this sort, and through research work human knowledge is being advanced. We are finding, out what cause Increase and decrease of exchange ratios, and from these studies, appraisal procedure is being involved which allows for very close estimates of value. What specific factors cause increase in values, and -what factors cause decline values, are studied, and analyzed, and from the results of this work, a field is being created in the financial world for appraisers and consultant for investment purposes.

The time Is rapidly passing where the person -who velies solely on his own experience can taken by those who, through the medium of study and research, can adequately advise the buying and lending public as to the desirability of purchase and loans. As the science of economics advances, it causes a revision in appraisal procedure, and all appraisal procedure must be considered, merely the result of the study of economics. It is axiomatic that the effect can not be greater than the cause, and it behooves every one dealing in properties and in loans tn advance thir knowledge of this at 927 Larkspur rond, with the and to bank officials. touttln? it mlldlv. He compared th rear on HHlcroft Circle.

Both Larkspur road and Hillcroft circle Annllration for membership in location. Its proximity to a "grea lty: )lt8 acenlo advantage. an the class may be made at the Oak sre reached by Sunnynius road from Trestle Glen. A description land Real Estate Board rooms. its prices, and ventured the If asked for a definition or an of the horn opinion that hero win the bent op arinraiaal.

the average realtor "This Spanish dwelling contains jortunlty for an-inveatment In th atate of California. i "More than that, he backed his 11 rooms comprising four bedrooms, living room, dining room, library, social hall, maid's room, would answer that it Is an estimate ot the price a property would bring in the market where the buyer is under no compulsion to buy and the seller under no compulsion mbject so that they may more aa- squately serve those with enuatelv Idea with eaah, purchaHing aom lota in lvatudillo Estates which kitchen, breakfast room, and three thnv are in contact and responsl- nom me neia as an appraiser and baths. There is a large double, consultant, and this field is being ble to. paid he would hold "merely for an Investment. to sell.

"There 1 no doubt that this An estimate or tnis cnaracier "as repeatedly been defined by our cmirts as an extirpate of market reinforced concrete garage. The Spanfsn architecture is evidenced in the hand-made tile roof, in the patio with bird pool, rock garden, fountain and waterfall, In the wrought-lron gates and grill, In the man judgment was correct. San JLeandro today offers a wonderful value. For practical and legal pur- chance for those who are fore lalehted noueh to purchase prop rty, It is actually trio lowest in Oaklawn Sonomo stepping stones and in-tne poses, this detinition win suiuce, but from an economist's standpoint It Is only a partial concept, and a dangerous one as well. The follow ing discussion of value, or values, tiled entrance way with its heavy price, of any available (property, with anything like it advantages.

But It will not atay so oak The interior finish consists of walls in compo decoration on canvas with 'woodwork of ma might serve, to verity tnis state frjyjir low very long. In ess- in both ur Durant Manor and Eatudillo hogany, floors throughout are of heavy-eak-witha dewled plank Manor ment: Tn-an-economic sense, value is the ratio in whjoh commodities exchange one for the other, and uch Instates is Increasing very rapidly, Sioth In the sale of homes and lots, Si iV crrect in the living room. "An" excellent view is obtained the total of the past few weeks ratio of exchange is usuany ex-nrexsed in terms of money. The from the win do we of the living room, dining room, the-bedrooms iproves mat people have awakened to the fact that here is an invent- merit that gives promise of big "It Is demand that increae market value of a commodity is the ratio of exchange for the present (fnd from the eunporch located on I ho upper floor. The view Is across Trestle Olen towards the Pled moment of time, it is quite odvioub that the value expressed for the mont and Oakland hills.

An at Values, and the present demand for the lots and homes will soon SIN fibtllN FOOD SHOP IS tractive feature in the large recep Open New Building The public is invited to attend the Grand Opening of, the new home of the Piedmont French Cleaning and Dye Works, at 1167 Sixty-fifth street, Oakland, on Saturday evening, March 23. Executives of the concern are, right, A. Creysscls; center, G. Gardner, and left. F.

Calmette. teault in a raise in price of both present moment of time is subject to -fluctuation, and the property which has a ratio of exchange of $1000 today might have ratio of exchange five years from! date of tlon hall with Its arched entrance to the living room and the heavy double doors opening Into the dining room. The living room, slx- $4000, with intermediate ratios or ACTIVITY IN teen by twenty-eight, has an 'interesting fireplace in cast cement exehunge between the lower and and a rough beamed ceiling un a picturesque, residential subdivision east of College Avenue, on Chabot Road. 'j IS NOW ON SALE This scenic, hirrlyVestricted, conservatively priced tract is but twelve minutes from the city center of either Oakland or Berkeley, close to both local and San Francisco transportation and schools of all grades. higher amount, as nerein From a.

consideration of thfy, it-is NOW OPEN that we have- three usual its treatment. "The kitchen Ut tiled In green, with built-in features In cream values: 1 First: A present flay value of enamel. Bathrooms vary In color 1 000. as exemplified by llie nrst schemes, the one connected with Marking another step In It ex exchange. Secondly; A value of $4000 as exemplified- by tho second ratio of pansion plans the firm of.

Swan the muster bedroom being in yellow and black, another in pink and another in blue. Jn tho master bath Is a fully tiled cabinet ehower and Gerwlrt announce the opening exchange; and street work In Oak lawn Manor, the exclusive reslden Third: A value for the five-year fifth Swan "and Clerwln food shop and a double lavatory. tlal tract on Chabcit road east of The outstanding convenience In located at 1222-24 Washington period, wWch would he the average ratio ot exchange for the period iColIege avenue wa only corn street, the dwelling the heating system which is fired by a Ray oil burner installation from the I'ollard Sea- Ipleted 60, days ago, tMs tract Is already the scene ofactlve bulld- Involved. From this if is evident that values are -ratios of exchange The food ship houses depart Visit Oaklawn Manor Today which must bo considered entirely ments for the sale of meats, poul- grave companyi The Ray burner is fnljy automatic in Its operation, On Ivanhoe rond the home for ST. It.

Sorensen Is far enough ad ry, ruin, delicatessen goods, bakery Keeping every room in the home goods, creamery, fruit, vegetables, teas and coffees. H. Scott, Sales Agent Tract Office: 5679 College Ave. In relation to a period, or periods, of There' Is a fourth concept of value which appears at this point which has to do with the ratios of exchange of a. particular property for the sum total of its vanced to appreciate itiHgnlri- (cent setting of three seres of trees nd shrubbery.

On Ross street a A convenient entrance way at the at. nn even temperature without attention. Pollard Seagrave company state that this installation ha proven highly successful in many Kastbay homes and has a sound rear of the, food shop connects It. lelx-room residence of English with the main store: thus maklmc Telephone HUmboldt 1278 OAKLAND bungalow type for the areotint of future existence. 1t possible to purchase practically Any estimate of value of present background of performance to rec.

ny need under one roof. The worth, present ratio of ex ommend It. The house Is also A. Kelley of l.odi is practically rrompleted, and here aleo are four ther homes la different stage of (construction by well-known builders. E.

W. Urch.fon many years change for purposes of sale or con- wired for heavy duty electricltv. Swan and Gerwln food shop was formerly known as the New City Market and while title was actu mnatlon is predicated on a sup A -'1 ally acquired early in position that future ra-tios Aof exchange will be the same as exem pub to announcement of the new permitting the use of electric range or auxiliary electric heating units. The latter feature- is particularly desirable In the summer If heat In any one room tthould be desired for a few minutes when the oil burner plified at the time the estimate Is wnershlp withheld for th in merer ot construction for n. Hlllsjn of.

Kormandle Gardens ame, has about completed ft hand-jaoni" story and a half residence riade. purpose of loans, a completion of alteration and Improvements undertaken by the new management. ef English design, little more is taken into consideration, and factors which might affect exchange ratios in the future io nui iij operation. Geo, H. Boott, siilei agent for ror some months.

past Hwan and waKlawn Manor reports one-third WASHINGTON. IX The de Gerwln have operated a grocer during the life of the loan are analyzed. Inf the tract already sold, and that lerla in th. downstairs section of cantruotton will be started on In its very nature, an appraisal. their main building, The- acqui partment of commerce announces that, according to data collected at the biennial census of manufactures taken in 1928, the establish ivanhoe road of a two-story home sition of.

the New City Market and or estimate, of the value of property is an estimate. of the exchange Mpanisn design, tor ji. h. Tenny, Its re-organization as the Swan and resident of the Kola Gerwln food hop was, according In discussing this subdivision of ratios as Drought about by the future benefits of ownership. When to K.

Louie, its manager, with the ments engaged primarily in the manufacture of lard substitutes, cooking fats, an vegetable cook-Ing oils In 1927 reported products valued at $148,468,076. he famous old Butter estate Scott aya that little sales resistance is view of extending to it custo a property is purchased, the rights to future benefit are. the onjy thing which passes with the deed, lnw enoountered becauser of the mer th convenience of a complete quality food shopping canter under one roof. 'avorable location of the tract, its Food Shop Opens Announcement ha been made of the opening of the Swan arid Gerwin Food Hor at 1 222-24 Washington itreet. convenience, perfect building eon- Quality food in complete assort lltlons, restrictions, scenlo setting ment, cold as low as they be, 1 th promise of Swan and Gerwln.

na the excellence of 1U street lm- movements. Electric Station Signs Installed Installation work on th 'new TfltXa WASHINGTON. D. Th d-partment of commerce announoes that, according to data collected at the biennial census of manufacture taken in 1028, the establish ments engaged primarily in and. blank -book making in 13 reported a total for the year mounting to $87,327,193, mad up pt receipt for work done and the Illuminated station algns for forty- six Key System Htatlon and Waiting Rooms is practically complete.

It was announced today by A. J. Lundberg, president of the tran- iiy my im jjpWTyi ftlwwwiWMWim niw iwrf surf tht Miiiwmiiiwn innnnrl He who Hesitates PayVanother monthstfent! Drjiveout toJiiUy. Move company. According to rvalue of commodities made for ale.

Thi total represents on In RA Voti Ca crease of 7 per cent flu compared tomorrow. Pay thismoney to yotWlf. Ttcse homes are complete, II a (with 181,600,302 for 1 025, the last nmUmiinii.iSi, jireceaing census year. SWAN-OB RVV I IN uev Pes1 l'Of)D and waiting jor you. r- la 11 Lundberg, Key System, engineers, after exhaustive experimentation, hav perfected en Illuminated elgn that will be a material aid to the traveler, at night In locating train stops and at the same' time fur'nli'lv considers hi light for th adjoining territory.

Key System engineers believe that the new electric signs are a distinct advance over the old aver-ap type of Illuminated sign, both as to construction and i r- (o) a tV I I 1 LAP RICE There is Sunshine Health Room and Transportation at Melrose Highlands1. WASHINGTON. P. 0.The rte. pnrtnient of commerce announce that, according? to data eolleoted at the biennial tensile of manufactures taken in 1A28, the total value of product made by planing mllto In 11127 was $1,116,412,118, Of this total, which represents a decrease of 11.5 per cent aa compared with 118,020 reported for 1925, the last preceding census year, win contributed by Irtanlng mill not operated in con-Junction with sawmills and by planing mills operated in conjunction with sawmills.

WN Tf By Auto. feecwon Iiliifii C. D. Veicy A Son will build a dormitory building at 2971 Derby street for th California State Blind school. Drive out E.

14th or Foothill Blvd. and turn north ea Seminary Ave, to Mountain then east to Mel. roic Highland. Our laleunen at our new branch tract offic at 3158 Seminary Ave will gladly direct you. By Street Can Take number 16 car on 12th or E.

14th Street and ask conductor where to tranifer to Melrose Highland! bin. C. P. Murdock, Incorporated 77943 Mountain Blvd. Phone TO inidad 5580 New Branch Office, 3158 Seminary Avenue Phone us and we will gladly call for you and take you home again.

You WiU Find an Automatic Ray Oil Burner IN THE LAPHAM HOME (Pictured on this page) A Ray Oil Burner in the home you buy is the best assurance of quality throughout that you can get. When the builder recognizes the im-' portarice of selecting such a heating plant, you may he has not neglected installing everything a fine" home should contain; 50,000 Owners Can't 3Ze Wrong More than 50,000 home owners have installed the Ray Oil Burner are enjoying economically and comfortably heated homes. We can refer you to scores of owners in the East Bay-region. Phone, or write for further information. Sunset" tJWausoleum Beautiful and Enduring Marble Memorial in Bcrkflcy Hills Respect, Security and of Above -Ground Implaccmcnt xctptionaf Low fatt Crypts Priced froir.

1 60 Doubk Crypts from $2 Children Crypts from JG0 term an svaiUhU ALSO COLUMBARltJM Marble Niches from $60 Bronze Urns from $20 Consider Advaougei of 2nd far Mutual Booklet Sunset LMzusolcum Association BtRKT.Ll CALIFORNIA rfurphuni AiHBt f.R 3 7 04 3 70 One of the Gems ot the Tract Charnwood A home of charm and distinction Furnhhcd and draped by BARKERS' Frcpttona! beauty and tlior-urIi rmntrurtion. The lat-et in fixtures inrt interior ili'omation, Woodwork in solid roimis and' breakfast room, rlrrtrir refrigeration, linili with nrparate r.ehower, oid and wood fur-. rement bane-ment, "''double grfrage. Open for Inspection Daily '0 a. m.

to p. in. 1814 Moreland Dr. in, i rnlle D. O.

COLEGROVE Kanlii Clara Avenue' rhODe AI'SMtaa S2a Your flret lmprcselona of this Beautiful' enhanced a soon aa you step inside and see how carefully' it has been built and planned, from the. spacious living oom, with Its Oarmel stone fireplace, to the attractive combination 'dining room and breakfast room, and tiie denehtrul kitchen, where ther ar all the modern built-in features. Upstairs 'are btdroom and njirscry. Complete laundry in base ment and large double garage. The House priced at $6250 and may be purchased with a down payment of only $600.

The lawns and shrubs are in which adds to the attractiveness of the snow-white stucco exterior, with Its dark-brown trimmmgs. Tlin In KI.X tvrry Thurnrtn vveiiln hrtnpra null llvar the Kred T. Wond Co. I'rujf mm. AA fc1 POLLARD-SEAGRAVE CO.

'Vli Ui FRED T. WOOD INC. Urlir out to Dbran( A.VJ.., orth' Trlrphonc: Trinidad 8191(1, Slain Olfirri 1M01 Jfranklln turret. Oaklaitd. Telephone Lukeslde 320 13th Street J'hone OH14 Kairs Representative S.

KAY CO. Trrt 1 f- i 1.

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