Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 11, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 11, 1894
Page 2
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U6EO BOTH INTERNALLY AND EXTERNALLY. POND'S EXTRACT nation. Checks Hemorrhages. Fac-slmilo of bo!:!a (enclosed l.i Buff Wrapper). Price 50 Cents. / TESTIMONIALS: Piles. . New York City. — "It r.cts li '« '« opl » —'* I strongly U1 ' ommcnd Pond 1 - fnrl; for sore eves."—Rev. M. JA3 Lameness. ness and use it constantly."— MICHAKI DONOVAN, N. Y. Alo'.ctic Club. . Bruises. —"Pond's Extract li.is been used with ii>ir!:t-ii benefit by our inir.nl;:-. in many cases of bruises, ant'. h;is alw.-iys proved very beneficial."— LITTf.K SLATERS OF THE POOR, New York tit.. —" Had my lefth.ind tr-vcrrly burned, and lost the us-_- - ' it completely. Secure,! i. lief by use of Pond's Extract in t-vilvt hours."-Mrs. A. SHERMAN. Nrw Vo/, ; Hemorrhages. —"Am troubled with Hcmorrli.'.^rr. hinf?*, and find Pond's Kxtrncl d- ••!-.' remedy that win control them." — •<• !'-<- % W. WARNBR, Scr.tnton, Pa. The Hon. JOHN C. SPENCER, ].-.<,- tary of the Treasury. It is a remedy pcrtt.-t. . . , (aryof War and Secretary of the Treasury s tar back as 1848 : valuable. our Book (maiM free), li mill Ml you all about it. USE NO PREPARATION but THE GENUINE with OUR DIRECTiCv HAKUPlCTDRJtD ONLY UY POHD'S EXTRACT COMPANY, 76 FHih A\ivnu«, Hew York. YANKEE INGENUITY. It Ooei A-norrnwliiy from Its Neighbor*, the Dutch. Even in Connecticut wus tho skill of the Knickerbockers admired. A new invention or Improvement was said to "beat the Dutch." The Delft tilos on the hearth, the crockery on the dressor, the bine tiles lining 1 tho front of the fireplaces in the best houses, show how '• tho Dutch had a part In the evolution •- of the Now England house. Hundreds of open fireplaces In New England were decorated with these tiles after the Dutch fashion, and contained not only "proverbs in porcelain," but abundant Biblical Illustration. From the evidences of relics, nearly as much of the Imported fine furniture in the northern colonies came from Holland as from FJrifrland. Not a few of the old teapots and other table service, which followed upon the introduction of those oriental hot drinks which drove out the beer »nd tankards, did indeed come over from Holland, thong-h not on the Mayflower, as so often anachronistical!}' alleged. When, too, the open fireplace gradually gave wa y to supposed improvement, it was to a Dutch thing with, a Dntcli name—the stove. Sot only in Plymouth, but elsewhere, numerous houses had what can be occasionally seen throughout New England to-day .(nor by this do ive mean the later substitute of tin) —a Dutch oven. It was under this | spacious doae of brick and clay that those famous articles of Yankee diet, the pumpkin-pic, brown bread, baked beans, and flshball.i, had their evolution. No smoker of tobacco in tho •now-whito meerschaum rejoiced moro In his coloring of the sea-foam clay than did tho rosy housewives of Massachusetts bay in tho rich hues of bean, bread, and fish. The browning clubs of early days met in the hitchen rather than in the parlor or vendomo. The donghnnt may havo bcon too cosmopolitan an article to claim invention at the hands of any one people; yet what fankee "fried cake" or d'oughnut ever •quailed an olekoek? Was not cruller, whose dnrivation confounds the die- tionary-rnakora. who call it "a Iciml of" donjfhn^ut, first brought to perfection by Capt Kroli (pronounced and sometimes spoiled crull), the whilom commander and Dutch church elder at Port Orango?. To this day tho "cookey" (koekje), noodles, hodgepodge, smear- case, nillichies, .cold-slaw, and other dishes that survive in New England farm-houses, arc, despite their changed pronunciation and spelling-, proofs that the Yankcea enriched their monotonous menu of curly colonial days by .borrowing the more varied fare of their Dutch neighbors In the wu.st, and south. As for the popular American winter breakfast luxury, the buckwheat cake, it was introduced from Control Asia by the Hollanders. ncuHmated, cultivated, named "beechmast" (bockwelt), and in the form associated with heat. sweets, aroma, and p-ood-cheer is a Dutch invention.—William Elliot Gi-if- fis, ! .n llurper's Magazine. Are You "Dotty T" Slang 1 , like love, is a curious thing. It comes, and then it goes. Hut why it comes and why it goes no human creuttire knows. There is the word "Dotty." Four years ago, in the Eva Hamilton trial, it transpired that that unspeakable woman had a hulf-witted ) lover who called himself "Dotty." I Charles Cooto was then playing in the ; Ilifou theater in "Niobo." and said of a ! man on the stage who did a particularly ; foolish thing that he was petting dotty. Tbo word caught the fancy of a small circle and took place in the dictionary of current Tenderloin slang 1 . It traveled across the ocean and was used in tho London music hulls as a characteristic American expression. Then no more was heard of it until within a week or two. Now it drops from tho lips of thousands of New Yorkers. If in the evening you indulge too freely in tho cup that cheers you're "dotty." If in the morning you wonder where you're nt, you're "dotty." If you are in love and know it and the girl doesn't, you're "dotty." In short, if you do anything- Knowing temporary aberration of intellect,you are "dotty." I may add that if you use this word in casual conversation, you're "dotty." and none more so.—N, Y. Press. BOTH ARE DEAD. Relieves PAIN A Young Lady in Ohio Dies After Taking a Dose of Medicine. Her Mother, Suspected of HavJng Poisoned Her, Swallows Some of It to Prove Her Innocence. Invaluable for Catarrh, Rheumatism, Weura.'gia, Piles, Chilblains, Sore Throat, inflamed Eyes, Toothache, Earache, Wounds, Burns, Scalds, Old Sores, Grip, Colds, Hoarseness, Bruises, Female Complaints, Etc. SOLD ONLY IN BOTTLES WITH BUFF WRAPPERS. TT rAl'Si'S HKIl DEATH, ALSO. Po.MKiii'Y.O., March lo.—Mrs. Thomas H. Hclnn-c, who took a largo dose o( cxtractof colocynth to prove that sho had not poibooed her daughter, died Friday night. Tho daughter died from poison and the mother was accused of having administered the fatal dose. Sho denied the charge, claiming tho medicine was for liver trouble. To demonstrate that she was acting in good faith she took two spoonfuls of tho dreadful stuff, Sho lived a woek. It is believed now. that poison was placed in the medicine by an unknown person. DIED TO SAVE OTHERS. la — " I have lonpf known its V;I|IIL" in bleeding pijcs. It JMheprmtc of remedies in ull forms ol hemorrhoids."— Dr. A, M. COLLINS, Cameron, Mo. f* n4- _ „ ^-t_ — " Have been .1 cm- catarrh . •«* »*«< ^- licad and throat. Tried mos: rw,-rv known remedy. Pond's Extract iclicm! me wonderfully. and hascflecreil alrm»[ .. radical curt."— FREDERIC Ji, !?1NX'K. Heroic Soir-Siicrlllro of Two l.nbo it Ocitirltt lillii. KINGSTON-, N. Y., March 10,—Through a heroic attempt to save the lives of fellow workmen, Thomas Uunleavy and Ed^ar von Uasiteck lost their lives nt Hickory Hush, a few miles from this city, late Friday afternoon. Tho Lawrence Cement company's kiln wus lighted, and cement-rock had been dumped on tho burning coal. Patrick Unrke injudiciously \vcnt flown about 11 feet into th« kiln lo level oft' the stone through which the coal gas was percolating, and ho ha;l hardly got into tho kiln when lie was overcome. W. A. Vamk'inurk, engineer of tlie hoialor at this top of tho kiln, saw Burltefall, and with a rope he climbed down a ladclor into tlio kiln to assist .Burke. A/tor 13'- ing tlie rnpe around liurke, Engineer Vandnmarlc was also overcome, and : Henry 1'in, Thomas Dunleavy and Kd- I CURRENT EVENTS. Daring a boxing match in Chicago A. W. Crane struck Mike Sullivan a probably fatal blow, A decision of the pope is expected taking the ban from the order of odd fellows and pythians. Mounted policemen are scouring the swamps near New Orleans for a jfang of negro highwaymen. Big men of each party will speak during tho congressional campaign in the Third Ohio district. (jov. Altgttld has declared a quarantine, by proclamation against sections where Texas fever exists. The ordnance bureau is determined the sailors shall bo provided with small arms equal to those of the soldiers. Gen. Howard reported to the war de- mrtmont that Atlantic port cities are without modern means of defense. Grant locomotive works, Chicago, idle and in tlio hands of assignees, will irobably resume early this summer, Edward Foreman, a tallboy on the Missouri, Kansas it Texas road, was run over and killed at 1'arsons, Kan. Opening of the Cherokee strip has riven cattlemen to tho grass lands of >."e\v Mexico or the Wyoming 1 ranges. Maj. William Nevans, a well-known bandmaster, died at Chicago. He was 1 years old and a native of Brooklyn. llvv. Charles Machiii died at his aughter's Chicago residence, lie was a Congregational clergyman for sixty years. Over .000,000 acres of the Itound Val Icy Indian reservation in Mcndociiio comity, Cal., will be sold at the San Francisco land oilico April 1(1. DOUBTFUL TITLES. of » Nutcd MlMll. CHATMNOOOA, Tenn., ifirah ?o.— Maj. Graorga Cooper Connor, aged 59, ;' died Friday morning. He wait an i Irishman, went to Canada when 14, and came to Tennessee in 185s; was jnadea mason at Atlanta in 1S07. U« i waa the most complete master of ; masonic ritual work, etiquette and administration in the United States. Thouimiuli of Acru* iu L'ppcr Michigan Involved. WASIIIXQTOX, March la. — Commissioner Lamoreux of the general laud office, after examining' into the question of approvals of land grants in tho upper pciuinsula of Michigan to the Portage Lake & Lake Superior _Ship Caual company, has decided company, has decided that gar von («nsbeclc, who were at the top, I nearly (ifl.OOO acres Of land wure went into the kiln and attempted to ' erroneously approved to that company in 1808. These lands were listed as "mineral" prior to the act making the grant to the company. As the granting act expressly excluded from its terms lands which had formerly been classed as rescue their fellow workmen- The coal gas was, dense and the men worked heroically and ISurke and Vandemark were gotten out safely. l}uu- leavy and Von Gasbeck, however, wero not so fortunate in getting out, for before they could reach tho top of the ladder they fell back dead. Henry Pin was carried into tho air and to his home, and it is thought he will die. Dunleavy and Von Gasbeck wero unmarried. CHANGE THE HOMESTEAD LAW. Comtnltt«« on TndlHU AfJiiirB MalcnH tho Period of Itaatdence Xhrev Ytiara. WASHINOTOS, March 10.—The house committee on Indian affairs has adopted a new policy of opening to settlement tho remainder of the Indian lands. Tho plan is that these lands shall be opened to settlement under the homestead laws and that the settler shall occupy the land three yearn before a title can be obtained. Heretofore a settler could obtain title in fourteen months. Thia system made the lands subject to much speculation, as settlers would occupy the land for tho required tlm? and then sell it to an advantage. It was also decided that hereafter the goverument should not pay orer 4 per cent interest on money due Indians in land purchases. DIDN'T KEEP HIS WORD. Hwear Tb»t .Col. Br«ckinrl(ls*« to Wad Mill Pollard, WASHINGTON, March 10.—In the Pollard-Breckinridge -breach of promise trial on Friday, after Mrs. Blackburn, j !?"•' . widow of the late Oov. Blackburn, of ' tae CMme Kentucky, had testified that lirookin- rldge had promised in her presence to marry Madeline Pollard, Maj. Moore, chief of police of the District of Columbia, told how in hisofilcoin his presence Col. Brockinridge had dramatically clasped Mits» Pollard by the hand and promised to marry her on May 81. That was on May 17 of last year, and, according to tho promise which Col. IJreckin- ridge made to Miss Pollard in the presence o[ Maj. Moore, the marriage was to take place just two weeks later. "jiineral," Commissioner Lamorcux holds that the approval was without authority of law. He recommends to Secretary Smith that suit be instituted to set aside the titla of tho company. Illown ThrouKh tlie Itool. PiTTSiHiKGir, Pn., March JO.—Low wntrr in si boiler caused an explosion at the machine shop of Fancy & Faller Friday evening. Engine Otto Kelleher was instantly killed and Frank Faller, a member of the firm, w,as fatally injured. Both men were blown through the roof of the building, ' Miller for Mayor of Cincinnati. CINCINNATI, March 10.—Isaac ,1. Miller has been nominated for mayor by the democrats. The first ballot resulted as follows: Isaac J. Miller, 3§4; Cass Hopple, 115; James J. Faran, y4. Four Hunrlrrd Are Killed. MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay, March 10.— In the battle near Savandia, in llrazil, the rebels were routed with great loss. Moro than 400 were killed, including manv officer*, M* rder to Coiicral Shame, CJRCLEVIU-B, 0., March 10.—The dead body of an infant was found here Friday with its skull crushed. The police have arrested Miss Ora Black, mother of tbe child, on a charge of murder. It is believed she committed to shield herself from disgrace. Many Coke O»rin Fired. PITTSBURGH, 1'a., March 10.—In the official report of the week's output of coke from the Connellsville region it i» said 000 ovens, owned by the Southwest Coke company and which had been idle since June last, were fired to furnish coke for tho Illinois Steel company. Tho order calls for fifty cars a day, __^_ \8mHil lor Vongrtni. NASIIVIM.E, Tenn., March 10, —\V. C. Anderson, of Newport, lias been nominated for congress by tlu- republican convention of the First district, at Morriston'ti, The nomination was made on the 114th ballot, Anderson's opponents being W. I'. liroivnlow and W. E. F. Mllburn. \Vnnt ii HrUlHh iiilvtir Dollar. LONDON, March 10.—A dispatch to tlie Times from .Singapore says that in coa- seqncnce of the scarcity of Mexican dollars there is urgent local demand for tliccoinafro of a liritish dollar. The banks and merchants aro almost nnau- iuioii-sly in favor of the proposal. I'ourli liuils All Kl|,-hl. HKXTO.N ll.uuior., Mich., March 10.— Growers of pcachrs in l!ns vicinity deny the reported killing of buds, by reccui frosts. j V. M. C. .». IV'orllcrn. KI.KHAKT, 1ml., March 10.—The north- ! era Indiana district Y. M. C. A. convention be^fiin its annual session hore Friday evening with about lifty cicle- g-ates present. K\mllo%vi.(l ii .Vpoon. LAFAYKTTK, lud., March JO.—Charles noffattian committed suicide at the county asylum in this city by swallowing 1 fin iron spoon. KAI.AMA/.OO, Mich., March 10.—John N. Curtis, tt.c principal hardware dealer of Vaiulalia, Cass comity, has failed for $12,000. lie had borrowed money from his friends to speculate on. it is Kikl, and Ion it. i if How Well You Look" Frl«nds Surprised at th« Wonderful Improvement. • "C. I. Hood «: Co.. Lowell, Mass.: i "jDear Sirs: — I take ple.osurc in writing tfl» good I bivo received from taking Hood's Sana- psrilla. Every sprluj,- and summer for six years or more, my lienHii lix< been so poor from heart trouble ami general debility that at times iliro wai a burden. 3 would become so Emaciated and Weak and Pale that my friends tiious'it I would not livei long. I could do scarcely any work sit all and had to lie down every few Tnimii'-s. I bc^an getting •worse In January, losing my flesh and frattng to tired. I thought I would Iry Hood's Sars»p»- rilla and I ani happy to say 1 am in ln'tu-r health Hood's 5 ?>Cures than I have been for a number ol years. My friends remark to me: ' Why how well you toot' I tell ihcra li is Hood's Sarsaparilla tliat h»» dono tho work. I would have all suffering humanity give this medicine a trial and to convinced. This statement is Trne la the I<«|» i«r." MHS. Jr.KMK DKCKF.II, Wntseka, IB. • Plotted to Kill the Frlnn*. YOKOHAMA, March 10.—Advices received from Corea say that a plot has been discovered to kill Prince Li Tchok, the heir to tho throne, as well as all the ministers. A thousand arrests have been made in connection with the con* ntnracv. M'KANE £200,000 SHORT. tho Pl- Slightly Twittea. "Won't you hand mo the nutcracker, please, my dear?" blandly remarked Mr. FewBtnltb. to hi* wife at tho dinner table. "With pleasure," was tho answer, '-but I am gorry to see you so addicted to the nut-eating habit. I have hoard that Darwin or some other great man has said that nuts were never intended for human consumption because they are so well protected in their natural covering; that they are intended by nature only for germination." "What I should like to know," responded Fewsmith with his best company manner, ''is how they can bo more appropriate for tbe German nation than :or free and independent Americans." N. Y. Tribune. Serlou* Irroffularltlac Reported in nunco* or Uraveflend. UiiooKr-Y.v, March 10.—A committee of citizens of Gravesend, which for the last ten days lias been examioin^ the accounts of the town, is s«ld to havo found many irregularities. Bonds amounting 1 to 1600,000, which were in the possession of "Boss" John Y. McKane, who is now in Sinff tiing, it is rumored havo been hypothecated with various financial institutions in Brooklyn. Jufct how much the town will lose is not known. So far, it is said, the committee has found a shortag-e of'1300,000 in McKane's accounts. THE MABKKTA Grilll, l'rovl«lau«, Klc. CHICAGO, Mtri.li lu. FI.OUR—Domr-itti; ami locnl iraJo '.Mr. but eipon cull Hiihv. Print's steady an follows: Winter—raicni.N !'J.*).'t3 Ifl; str:ii k -bi-,, t;i60i» -flu; clears, f;.(JJi2fc'J.30; secondK, fl.80(dLl.W: Jow eradof, fl.M«tl.7(i. Spring—PHtenM. »3L20 »8.00; straight, S'J SCKpi^.aO: Hftkcrs', tl.75a 2.30; low grades. ilMOt*l.&0; Red l>op, rl.SJiift 1.60; Hyp, tL > .4Da-.- r '0. WHKAT—Quint and slcs<ly. C».ili, Sr^Sj.Vii;,- Muy. S9\4w59'ic; July, til!i&4l>/ic. C'oitN—MoUor.itt'ly at'in'O ;IDI| Urm Ko, 2 »rad No. 2 Yellow l!o under Muy, 351ic; No. 3 So under »nd Nu 3 Yellow il^o under. Murcb :."<i) under Muy. May, 37Q37H& July, .njifflStiXc. OATS—Fulriy active anJ nieatly. Na 3 p; May, 3U|i#3o.>o; July, » In ffood doiniwd ami steady. No. 3, No. 3 Whit/', Hl>id*!!ic; No. -, 31® S14L 1 ; No. i WhH«, lS«i.S3«o. Muss Poiin—TruJluK fmriy active and prices lower. Quouitloni ranged at (11.26311.47^ for casti regular; tll.&tt&ll.ii^/i for May, ftud 111.40311.40 for July. LABO—Mitrket modrrxrly sctJro ami lower. Quotations ranged at i&tu&d.ffi tor cash; W724 tt«.7T!< for May, and ;««7Xit«.W for July. LrvB POUUTBT—Per. pounili Cblvkens. 9« HHo: Turkeys, 8O?!ic: Ouoke, 8*10c; Gceic, fd.OOO8.00 per dozen. UuTTKB—Creamerr, iSQSOc; Dairy, Iftjjaoc,- Picking Stock, 8Q10c. OILS—Wifconnln frtroe White, "Xo; WBtfir White, 7He: Mlohl»»n Prime WblM, B)jo; Water White, 9c; Indiana Prime White, 8J<o; Wa. let White. 65ic; Homdlliht. 176 test, «Hc; Gu- ollne, STdeg'K, ll»o; 74deg's, »o; Naphtha, <W dog's, «Jia LiQDOKS—DlstlUed spirits »t*nAy on tht t»sl» of II. 15 per gsl for nnlshed gootln. ^ N»w YORK, tiarch 10. WHIAT—No. I! rod opCMd-weak, toward noon prlcea 8tetilled a little. May, 93«i«»3 11-lOc; July, t»9»Oft»o; December, 71 ^a . COHN — OpeneO weaker; later market itrenrAened on unfavorablo rumort about KOV- ornmeni report. May, 4ivtt<~ i-ltv; July, 443 H6-100. OATS—No. S opened dull and easier, but (tined strength later; May, fM^QKc; truck white State, W4<2Ho; track w&lto Western, * Hood's Pills wirft liver ills, f ss. jaundice, sick headache, indigestion* Tilt Tcoiiblc O»'<T. A prominoat inan ia to*n exclaimed the other day: --.My wife has be«c woarinp out her life from tbo effects of dyspepsia, liver complaint and in. digestion. Her case balll«d tho skill of our b<?st physicians. After using three packages of Bacon's Colery King- for the no'-viis sho is ulmoet' entirely well." Keep your blood in a healthy condition by the use of thia irroat vep;etab)6 compound. Call on Bee Fisher, .'Jll Fourth street, solo a^ent, and get a trial package free. Large size 50 cents. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. Kor over Fiar Ve»ra Mrs. Winslow'g Soothing Syrup ha* been used for over fifty years by millions of mothers for their chlldreo while teething, with perfect su«oe«s. It soothes the child, softens the gums. allays all pain, cures wind colic, and la the best remedy for diarrhoea. 16 will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately. Sold by druggists lu every part of the world. Twenty-five cents a bottle. Be sure and aek for- Mrs. Window's Soothing Syrup 1 ' and take no other kind. Children Cry for Pitcher'* Cattor la. PROVISIONS—Beef — Dull; family, f!1.00& 14.00: extra mcM, 18,00, Pork—Dull; new meag, US00^1360; family, IH.003H.W; <ihort clear, H4.WiJI460. Lard—Easj; prime Wcat. cm tteam, tl.30; nomiaal A Horrible Kallr«»« Is a dallj ctironlolo in our paper*; also the death of some dear friend, who- has died with consumption, wbereas, if be or she bad taken Otto's Core for throat and lung diseases in time, life would have been rendered happier and perhaps saved. Heed the warning.' If you have a cough or any affection of the throat and lungs call at Ben Fisher's, 311 Fourth street, sole agent,. and get a trial bottle free. Large size 50 cents. TOJ,K»O, O.. March ia WHEAT—Quiet. No. 2 cash anil March, 58Hc| May, 00?,c, July, Cl.itU COBN-Stcady. No. 2 cash, 37e; Muy, 3T(ic. OATS-Firin. No 2 cuab. 31>ic; Way, S2o bid. KYI—Steady. Omh, We. OLQVEuaBKD—Easy. Prime o»«b and Marcs, IB.30; April, »5.SH4; October. H.T5. Mistreia—Did you learn how Mrs. Upton was? Servant—Please, mum, I pulled at the door-bell half an hour and couldn't make anybody hear. I think thu bell had been muffled. ilistress—The idea! How is the poor invalid to know that all her friends are anxious about her, if her heartless relatives have muffled the door-bell?—N, Y. Weekly. A flood Matoh. Little Ethel—I dess ^'11 marry Qeor- #le Sweet w'en he grows up. Mother—You like him, do you? LUtl« Ethel—N-o, notmuoh; but he'« jus' a* fond of chocolate* »s 1 am.— Good New*. Two Mon Killed by a Bomb. MJLDKID, March 10. — A dynamite cartridge was exploded at Funte-Rebollo, province of Segovia, Old Castile, kill- log the alcalde, or local judge, and »lio killing 1 tbo sacriatan of the local church. The explosion is believed to bo the work of anarchists. No arrests have been made. Ht. Lonl* to Floe Cljrantto Selling. ST. Louis, March 10. — A bill has been introduced in the city council making it an offense punishable by a fin* of not less than HO nor more than 8100 to sell cigarettes or wrappers to minors, Her Ilottrt WM LOUISVILLK, Ky,, March 10.— During a fire at Warsaw, Ky., which destroyed the Crown flouring mills and a granary, Mrs. E. A. Allen died from paralysis of the heart _ _ Mixed Up th« Speoormi. WA«HINOTO», March 10.— In the dit- tribution of tariff upeecnei Chairman Wilson's remarks were sent out under the title of Thomas B. Herd's »ddre«. i Brings comfort and improvement and tends to persona) enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live bet : tor than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more, promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical beliig, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in th« remedy, Syrup ot Fig«. Ita excellence is due to it» presenting In the form moat acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing;and truly beneficial properties of «perfect laxative; effectually cleansing thelaygtam; dispelling colds headaches and fever* BTid permanently curing constipation; It has given satisfaction to millionsand met with <he approval of the medical profession, becautw it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it ia perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Ffg« is for sale by all druggist* in Me aud II bottles, bat it i» manufactured by the California Fig Syrnp Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, aim the name, Syrup of Figs, andISing w«ll informed, yoa will not •ccopt any luhrtitiite li oflentf- I,lv« stock, CHICAGO, Miu-ch 10. HOGS—Market fairly active with ii).'ht tirades Arm and other Qualities weak at yeBterd&.v's closing prices. Salet rongod at f4.40tf4.tib for plfi-, t4.80a&OO for light; M.M£4.M for rough packlDB: H«»*j»s,uO lor mixed, and KT094.9& Cor heavy paokiDf and nhlpplciflotn. CATTIJ—Market dull find weak: |irko» favoring buyers. Quotations ranged at H.*/i5 15 for choice to «itra tbfpptnit Steera: »4,a>a<"5 for good to choice do.; 13.10^4.00 Jar fair 10 food; M'SMfttM for common (o BMdlum do ; IS.80O&80 tor butchert' St*eir*t.ll4WaiO for Stocktri: -WiflaiflS for Pceden: ltWJ2H for Cowt; IU 46 »3,M for Helforai ll.SO»a«a for Bulls: UW«t» for TulM Stetrf, and When Btbj WM rick, we gave her Oautort*. When she w«j * Child, she cried for Ostori*. When fthe became Him, aha cHrng lo Owtori*. When ahe bad Children, ah* m»* A haunted house In theie araeUcal andun- romsutl«.dsjili lomethlDRof a rarlOr, bat no lBdiTj(l4ai hanpted with the idM that hi Ml- ment It rocurable Is siwrsonage fwqu-ntlj me t with. Dftbeller In the ability of roedldDitlocure isonlramlld form of monomania, although In lomecuei rcpeatei: faltaret to obUIn rtl'ef from man/different lourc^a would almost socm to Justlfr the doubt. Hosteller's Stomach Bitten bai a*«onitnt«d Us abUJtj to ovrrcomedjtpop •la, w*«l»Uon, llrer arid kidney worth/, nmltr. W complaint and ntrfouorxvis. and lt§ recorded achievement hi the curatlte line ought at leant to warraotlta trial by aor one two Wed .wJtb either of the aboTeillrnents, «TOD altriowb bl> prerto. s «ffort« to obtain remeJInl aid hsre b««n Iniltletf. Lstid wim«rabteno>, tbe Bitten will COD«DW the most bbithuta MUM. ««»•• California Fruit Laxative Is nature'* own true remedy. It combine* th« . medicinal virtues of California fruit* and plants which aro known to have » beneficial effect on the human ryitan. Although harmless to th« moM delicate constitution it is thorough antf effective, and will afford « pm«Mi«c» oure for habitual oonstipaUoa and the many disorders arising ttam a weak or Inactive condition of th«-kWneys, liver, itomaob and *>owels,., For aal» by all drujrffutt at 60 oenU a tattle. Children Cry for Pitcher's Ca«tor*H» >>K«r«i moi^lrwrt WIM. If you are r«luoe«1):|B vitalit|- or strength by iUaeM or aay other cause, we reoottanond ' tbe uae of this Old ."ort Wine, the very blood of th« (fr&pe. A grand tonle for nuteiag- mothers, and those reduced by wasting disease. It creates strength; im« proves the appetite; nature'* own remedy, much preferable to drugs; guaranteed absolutely pure and ever five years of age. Young wine ordinarily sold it not fit to «se. Insist OB. having this standard brand, it oo«U> no more. 91 In «uart bottlea. Bottled by Royal Wine o .» ale \

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