Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on February 8, 1929 · Page 15
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 15

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 8, 1929
Page 15
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..... ., .... "FRIDAY EtENING7 ?! i' .x f e 't m 16 aklaniT Crf&une FEBRUARY 8, 1929 PHONE CHIEFS LIS TO COST MILLIONS ,Company Authorizes Expan-! sion Program of. $82,000,- ' ' NEW - YOttK. Feb. 8j UP) T. , i ti. Miller, general manager of the : Ion, lines department of the American Telephone and Tele. praph company, announced today c 'that the company had authorized ..; construction program calling for xpendtture ot -nearly I 8 2.000,009 ien new .long- distance telephone ... -facilities in 19Z. ; He wild the expanalon vm nece-. ettated by Increasing public use of . long distance service. There had teen an 18 per cent increase In 1928 over the previous year. -i Part of the moneja will go to Ward construction of three ad dltional short wave transoceanic telephone systems to take" cttre of , the Increasing volumeit overseas Ca,ble construction, projects Jur Jng J928 will Include the construe itlon of relief cables on more than 90 per cent of the . New York Chicago route via Pittsburgh and Cleveland, , thereby affording , additional facilities between the eastern seaboard and the midwest. I One Important aerial - wire pro-IjAct contemplated for 1929 la the ifculldlng of a tie line connecting ;the central and , northern trans-! Continental routes. ' This will be 'Good OV Liz'; : Fails to Perk r, For Burglars Runs True to Form, Develops "Internal Pains" Just At the Crucial Moment. r NAV A ll Ml y: PIONEER WILL m E SOON Accomplished by ' building new i Circuits xrom Bait Lake city to jllelena, Mont., via Pocatello, J Idaho and Butte. ' . '.. fieirs of Pioneer . ' I ' Sue for $25700 tXTBA CITY. Feb. 8. Stilt for 126,700 damages has been filed in he Sacramento county superior pourt by the heirs of W. J. Wilbur, IDloneer . resident of West Butte, yrho waa. killed recently In a Hao-jfamento auto accident. The complaint names Adele Gllmore of Kae rameato as defendant.- Hhe was She driver of the car which sfftu-k $Vllbur, causing Injuries which re-Mulled In hie death a few hours Hater. -.. HAYWARD, Feb, 8. The rusty and pleblan snout of Old Lizzie is today being fondly Jjiarressed by Manuel Avllla and Joseph Caspar, j proprietor tl a nercnanai wore) on Jackson street." And- Lizzie Is quivering with' delight under the gentle ministrations. : , - Living up to a general reputa tion and running pretty much to form, Lizfcie developed Internal pains Just y. hen a thief or two was ready to-drive away with a iou of canned goods valued at more than $800. The full load was discovered early In -the morning by the partners when they came to open up. Glass ot a rear door was cut away to provide entrance. Only choice goods had been loaded on the machine. Kvideneo of frantic efforts of tha thieves to start the stalwart old gal was seen, "Good,, ol' LIz." crooned ., the owners,' as they fed tier 11 bera 1 portions of extra heavy oil with cup grease canapes. ''You came through, didn't you?" Lizzie took -her . honors - quite modestly. BAY POINT BAY POINT. Feb. 8. A din ner pary was given by Mr. and Mrs. V. W. Pacini for Mr. and Mrs. R. Moffat. Other guests Included Dr. and Mrs. Bel by Marks of Pittsburg. Dr. and Mrs. H. D. Neufeld,' ac companied by Mr.; and Mrs. Jack Pacini of Clyde, spend twolday at Yosemlte thia, week,. . Mr.-: and Mrs. Jamee O'Brian of San Franelscb visited hare. Tvlth Mr. and' My. Sture Larson. " - - Mr. and Mrs. . Henry Gustafson have returned 'from a ' -visit at Tracy with Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Clark). , , Mrs, J. a! Priest entertained with "BOO" party at her home with Mr. and Mrs. S. Utz of Pittsburg, Mr. and Mre. Tom Burns of Home-acres and others as guests. . , , Capt. Holden C. Rirhardson, Aviator, and Designer, to Quit in April,.: Verses Written By Girl Free Her From Jail Guard Reads Poem and Starts Movement to Get . Author Released. ' ' ." WASHINGTON. Feb. .() Captain Holden C. Richardson, one of the navy's pioneer aviators and aircraft designers, will retire In April and return to" his bojne in Shamokln, Ps. , , ' ; Widely known as an' aircraft de. signer, his- last accomplishment was the drafting of plans' for the hull of the navy's latest hue -flying boat. He also has been .ccedlt-ed with designing the flret navy seaplane in. 1815. The naval ,. academy graduated Captain; Richardson io.iilOl, and he was detailed to the nlr ecMn in 18J2.- -The- thirteenth . man to receive a.naitaravlatot's lrtSTme, he wa the first secxetrtry of the national advisory committee for aero nautics. - He developed the first succeHHim cmapuu in i.jfiz. In 4918 Captain Richardson was amigned . as superintending con structor at the .Curtles -plant In Buffalo, N. Y and while there aid ed in designing the three NO planes wmcn attempted a transatlantic flight the next year. He piloted one 'of the olahes. ;but was forced down off the Azores islands after 15 hours In the air. One of the other planes also wa fprced down, but the third.' the NC4. cdmD eted the flight. to Europe after stopping at the Azores, captain Richardson Waa awarded the navy mobs for hie pan m .tne, venture.-- ' , Open Evea. j Boty Stores I BETTA-TONE RADIO COMPANY COME EARLY POPULAR DEMAND FORCES US TO EXTEND FOR ONE WEEK ONLY THESE STUPENDOUS VALUES 10 45-Volt Urr Batteries I"1 "tfrtfl Pff. tl TI. JLj) ' Oa ' Oalj !0 M ' ' thil rle. 'fill Kennedy Power Cone SPEAKER '. win improve any set. NOW Mat. 18.. II S Milt IlM 111,! i xni Tro " j $1.19 III I BCA t'XlOO Dt , FA RM BUREAU TO HOLD MEET 0, 11 1 M EXTRA SPECIAL! , BEAVY DVTt it-T Nstlcnsllr Knaira. New $1.99 tut. txix ' lip; KESTER Eosln Core SOLDER ...19c A Bl? MORS TUBE VALUES jjXWSCEiectriVjQS UX227C EiecW$aT75 sHeTded Grid I Type 4T9"S Raytheon BH type $2.95 Tungar 2-amp. type 8395 WDU and WD12 type l.i5 LOOK 1 LOOK I LOOK I 6-VOLT RUBBER CASE -v,: Storage "A -Batteries TUNGARI ,3-Rate Trickle Charger You Need One Trtcklt Ckiriv . X Complete with fenn-lne-44 Tunirar Bnfb, tlVpRMORe. eb. S. Agrlctil. turlsts of the county are being urged to attend a meeting: of the Llvermore farm bureau at Foresters' , hall there tonight to hear talks by Enos Lee, president of the New York State Farm bureau and a director of the American Farm Bureau Federation, and A. Ahlf, president of the California Farm Bureau. i Because of the confusion that resulted from garbled reports on the meeting;, many farmers and ranchers believe the meeting has been either cancelled or postponed, it Is being explained by T. CV Morrison, local farm adviser. The belief Is erroneous and the session will proceed as scheduled, he said. Both speakers will outline the work accomplished by the organizations they represent and will, tell Of possibilities for this year's farm activities. Morrison is aid I tie Walter Block dlreotor of the Llvermore center, and Herman Huter, director of the stttte organization and a resident of that community, in preparation for a, garnering of more than 200 per sons. ..;,,.' BAN FRANCISCO, eb. 8. Jail- house rhyme is the, latest, thing among the violators of the prohibition laws now held at the San Francisco Jail. j 1 One of ' ih latest offender, fo enter the cell block is . Leonora (.Mickey) Alii lone, arrested in a raid on the Telegraph Hill tavern, resort of Han Fra nclaco's. intelligentsia, Tuesday night. Unable -to furnish bail she remained In the Jail, while her pent-up . emotions swelled and flowed wlthln her. Yesterday she could stand it no -longer, so she poured out her soul in measured verse. ) Hhe fdiowed her verse to a guard, who promptly started a movement to release her. edited States Commissioner Francis Krull ruled that she wits oftly a, visitor at the , place, and, freed her. Dorothy. Sawvelle, "M.yrto" .to the trade, and George Vernon, proprietor and waiter, were held in default of $1000 bail. Petaluma Legion Host at Program . PETALUMA, Feb. At the American Legion hall Wednesday night the E?g City Minstrels presented a program of entertainment for the Legionnaires and Women from Napa, Marin,, Solano and Sonoma counties. Ijrefreshments and dancing foIlowelT the' program. ALAMEDA HPS UP PAYMENT FOB TUBE FETE Expenses Said to Have Run $888 Over Amount Author-" ized by Councfl. "V"-: j ;:; ' ': - ' ' .. ALAMEDA, Feb. 8. Payment of $888 in expenses incurred in celebrating the opening of the. Posey tube has been held up here by City Auditor F. J. Croll on orders from City. Attorney William 3. Locke-'- "Locke maintains that the council Is without authority . to order the payment. " " The council . appropriated $500 for the celebration. A committee of the .chamber of commerce superintended the celebration, it is said, and advertising and publicity expenses ran $888 above the $500 aoDroorlated. When the bill was presented t.3 the council the latter body split on the matter of Its payment. Some of the-councllmen maintained that the extra expense had not been authorized. ' : A compromise was effected Several days later by which the council decided to pay $288 of th amount and debate further on th remaining $600. Mrs. Alice Caton, president of the Alameda House wives' league, protested this action and City Attorney Locke's inetruc tlons followed. - Dog Race Champion Boosts Sierra ion Olympic Sports TRUCKEE, Feb. 8. California, for all , its claims to sunshine, is th (rlpfll nnnt fnr nrtntai. cmnta and particularly the winter sport schedule of the Olymplo games of This Is the ODlnlon of Sr-nttv 11. Ian, 1 famous Alaskan- "musher," fi.nd .Manlv K Parria r-il sportsman, In charge of the Slenra dog derby to be, run from here to Tahoe tavern February 10, 11 and 12. Inclusive. o"iii mm wba .ok oe6iaa.wi )af aojf tv&m facing in ' Alaska gg " aeeniy anticipating the Sierra races and declares thai it is thi best example of the"-'king of winter sports." He has entered his team of Alaskan maJamutes in the event. "If the races mean nothing more, Harris said In complement of Allan's eulogy, "thy will be a means through which California mav attract the attention" of the world to the unusual .conditions that exist in our high Sierra, which exceeds in snow depth and season any other area flfi the' American continent or in Europe. "It seems to me that it Is the duty of the people to develop our natural resources. If we want to attract the winter sports feature of the Olympic games, then we must certainly 'tell the world' f -the conditions in our very front yard. ' : . . "Propaganda is being spread in the east (hat California is not prepared for or interested 'n the Olymplo winter sports, and atr teinpta are toeing mafls to bring these cold weather events, such as dog-team racing, to the east. To offset jitch a condition, we must immediately popularize our winter sport, opportunities both nationally and internationally." ARTISTS FREE.' BRELIN C4) Germans who are members of the federal associa tion of artists are henceforth entitled to free admission to all mu seums and puMlcly owned castles within the Reich. ' .. i COLLEGE S ITE LOCATION OPEN HAYWARP, Feb. 8. -- While Hayward i vitally Interested in establishing a .1un;ovonlleKolnsoulh-ern Alameda county and is " ln f special meeting of count educators and school trustees Monday nlKht" for a discuwion of the plan, it is not partlculhtly desirous of having the Institution placed in or immediately near the community. ..J ... ' ' Tfitr tpa.9 Mv JsrriMn nwi'iin day by chamber ot commerce officials" sponsoring the meeting on bell that the tmnression ic abroad that Hayward's motive is PurelV selfish and tr.at every effort will be made to bring the college to this, community. . Representatives from Eden. Murray. Pleasanton and Washington townships have been sent pet-taJ: invitations to the- meeting in or-de that the entire southern, coun-tv district will have a voice. in the proceedings. - . Mare Island Man ' Talks at Petaluma TPETALUMA'. Feb. . !. At the weekly luncheon- meeting " of the- Petaluma Lions club the nrlnclnnl speaker. Captain Charles Willis Fisher, U, S. . Navy, stationed at Mnre Island, ga'va a talk on divers and the salvage of sunken vessels. DANVILLE on vor mm cic J).y3l S33f Ml fK t t III i ffii 31 A cranlne SI-10 Bmtrrr Meter I I r mi " til J Ik with (Terr Storage Bat'rr I I l HERE IS THE IDEAL I fly i ALL-ELECTRIC Tki wave raarl III J 1 .Mil -mm : h, Dnbiller K f ljl Aerlai Wire a Uont. It's mu-fl tl . . i ai.L-KLl!.tTRIC Sfc T let er mere it a-' m i t 31 , HS1NO A. G TIIBM tl.n. t . " R 'if ma PESSSft T Fr.- NOW TIUB STOPS l '' Q frfl ineramoui that. iu-m.. mJgL .7T1 Jackson-Bell rjw-J i3 AmriTi WLUm '1 ' ft THIS LOW rmiCB W R nil . ' ' 'if -'OMI-I.ETE AND C TD ) 99C Lgyg! TO BFTl 29 j "("TT"" (Si r . -i-yaa toon looBil ff Eri VERY VrnilO rtunm oo wh. Kic.il SSv TERMS - 25 w bye $3.49- S , ill M-W""1 np ta VI mllee er aierr i TfcJ1' 7, Sj Tent Veer H )' Serrlee R,. While the I ail VWJarjS: Bilrle 14 j 20c 99c y I f i " ",- THE Ny-WMOtitl-S ATWATKR-grST ARh Ht.Bg . I ' IAII. OKPFRS Ullril an fifflpl of T f. IHn. . order 'II JlpTSfWlFl) i ') II I II T A Tx iTI a"0-Virr AivTxr If .fir 1 HliT v "'r M xlf Sn Franclw Btorr j Own Sonday 1 OuMml Store 1A f Jpfr U 1050 Market St; J I 469 Twelfth St. Jj ; Betew riraBadm' Theater Frea. ta IS j Be, WaKh. and Broa1var T Ml H l M rket:, M I Both Stem rhona LAkeatde tw VI ( - iyaaoTO'i A j rnxu f " I- r.:lt. niVI AMD . Jtl eBtfat TlAlVVTT.f.Tn TTaV, e n.- John etuchell of lianville com munity church has recovered from his recent illness. Mrs, Bffio Hlllinger has returned to her home In Sun Francisco fol lowing a visit with her mother. Mra. Lillian Colllne.. . Manuel Ferrolra Is at his home In Ban Ramon suffering with an injured back. Slight damage was done to a room in'tha- home of Clarence Close, star, route mall carrier, when some papers behind a stove became ignited. . Neighbors . extinguished the blaze. Dollar Watch Handed Back By Holdup TJEftKEr-EY, Feb. 8. A hlgli--- wayman who had had his troubles with-a dollar watch last night, refused a victim's gift of his only timepiece. The victim was John M. Davis Jr. of I2S The Uplnnrfs. The robber waa waiting for Davis In his garage) when Davis roached- iioinr insc nigiic. no urovc tlie ear Into the 'garnge and snapped ont the light, the man stepped forward and thrust a gun In his fare. Pa vis handed over $2.35 and- a dollar tvatoh. The man handed the watch back. "I don't want this," he aald. "I hud one once." - Davis reported the robbery to Build Resistance To Prevent Coughs or Colds Take SCOTTS EMULSION Rich in Resistance-build ing Cod-liver Oil Vitamins Scott & town. Bkoinfiell K. 1. S-t " " ""The Oakland Shop I.MflGNIN &Ca - Corner Grarfd Avenue and Webster Street, Oakland "0 ressmaker" Touches in New Felt Hats A 'Paris Idea for Spring 1250 A Collection l 'Sucks, shirrings, pleats . . . these borrowed troui the dress designers, lend new chic to the soft relt hats notable Paris houses are creating for Spring wear in town . and for sports , Exact replicas in all the new shades. f The Oakland Shop i I.MflGNIN &Ca Corner Grand Avenue and Vebster Street, Oakland ngora . . . The Oakland I. Magnin & Co. Shop Presents Imported Cardigan Ensembles in Exquisite Colorings T3ypicALiY of the Riviera . . . unmistakably of European origin . . . this new sports ensemble for informal daytime wear. Cardi' gan and sleeveless jumper of imported angora ...with the finely pleated silk skirt to match exactly. An important factor in its chic is its coloring . . . a long list of the most glorious shades sanctioned ' for the new season. 65 m Corn jTSj) white yrsm''- Apricot Jfen v orcmd njri Mli1- Cornflower blue -j! - 'X Fervenche fl TM 111 1 -X Robin egg b-'ue .j I . i THE 1aFT:;P.SNNC)YE.1 .CCMPANY- 14th to 13th on Clay OAKLAND Just Arrived These Striking Teed Sppri Goats Mpst Exceptional Values This Season Extremely smart looking are these all- ' wool tweeds. ' Smart novelty cuffs , with fancy stitching and all silk crepe lined.- 'An ideal weight for travel, sports or general wear. A practical year-round coat -lip1, -' '-Also- Print 300 New Silk Frocks ' Misses 14 to 20 Women 36 to 48 Fashion Shops Second Floor 00 rth .' ; : much . morel Gorgeous, brilliant floral patterns in perfectly heavenly colors ... also several flat crepes anckgeorgettes in new shades . . . These are truly exceptional frocks at such a low price . . . and were specially purchased for, Saturday only! Tl 1 D Combination Arch Protection SHoes for Women In these days of modern living and ever-changing styles" fashionable women demand shoes for every occasion, styled to give the utmost comfort. They have rigid steer arch, that will hold the foot in proper , ;.' place, not allowing it to spread. They also have narrow back, making a snug-fitting heel, so essential to comfort. Marked surprisingly low for such " smart footwean . eln brqttm, or black K , ' " V1 First Floor " L

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