Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on February 3, 1929 · Page 55
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 55

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 3, 1929
Page 55
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' r 2-M SUNDAY .0a&lan& Ctl&une FEBRUARY 3, 1929 I' T New Country Club Building Completed Bungalow Court Completed The structure is located at 2867 Hopkins street and comprises sixteen three-room units. is the owner and builder. Furnished by Breuner's. . E. T. Moore This atructure, the new home o'f the Claiemont Country club, has just been completed and will be ready for occupancy in the near future. The builders are'Taylbr and Ja ckson of San Francisco. -"Grading ' and excavating was done by the Ariss-Knapp company, scaping by Floyd Herbert Mick, landscape architect nd land- TO Structure Is of English TuJor Type, Finished in Brown Stucco. KLHIN NT OPEN 11, - . Xv Jr XV M V If I I .... ' . , t - . ,na ansa vx'fji. y j a--, ;.. A NX; At V V ..... , .... A' Si f A-.l f " ; f ; i- ;: r 'I I i; . te7 to? p-zj i iwaiWiaiMtti ii ,.,- --r-'- ' 11 ,.,.-.. GUI ,'iPI OPENTO PILIC Oil HOPKINS ST. Announcement la mart by E. T. Moor. local contractor, of the completion and opening: for Innprctlon f a, buniralow court at 2867 and 2JT1 Hopkins, the building; comprising; elxteen three-room unll, Is of typical Spanish arclilleelure finished In white stucco, bluo trim and rad tile. The patio or court reaches the entire lenRlh or tne building; and haa been nicely land- acapad containing aien a iounimn and fiah pond. A dencrlptlon rends: "Each bungalow consists of three rooma, living room, dlnettn end kitchen downatalra and bedroom and bath on the upper floor. Kach haa both a front and rear entrance. Conveniences include Htenm hent in very" room, Electro-KoM refrln-ratlon by the Bcott-Buttner company. Incinerator, gne rnfiees, radio plugs In the living; roonifc an1 a fireproof, reinforced concrete parage. Hardwood floor are of maple: steel window aneh haa been ueed. In the living; room cloeetw i a wall bed of folding: type making Travel Firm Opens Its New Office in S.F: The Entire HARDWARE in the new MOORE APTS. furnished hy CtsUiIuuh vo.'&t1 WahlngUn, JStli and -1 Itli SIh. Raymond & 'Whitcoijil) Now EalabliBbed at 230 Post, in 'Business Area. "Opening; of the Raymond . Wliltcomb company's new travel office Jn San Franciaco afforda a Krealer convenience and aervlce to patrons," according to Lincoln S. Wllaon, manager; The firm la now eatahllahed at 280 Post atreet In the heart of the ahopplng district and the office ia open for public inspection. After half a century of travel service, Kaymond & Whltcomb are now running cruises to all parts of tho world, Wilson slates that trips to Africa, the Mediterranean and the Went Indies are In course of preparation. "It. wuh nt Boston In 187! that the firm was establinhed by Walter Raymond and .T. ArWhltcomb," nald Wilson. 'ZM$ primary purpose wbh to run tourists to" California. Aiiioiir the earlier eervlces Instituted by the organization was (ho running of the flrt train from C.'hlnago to California with both diner and rullmaiv rara. Hince tho start 50 yearn ago we have branched out, until our trips touch every limn." BUG s- TILING For the E. T. Mooic Apis. SUPERIOR Tile & Products Co. 3743 Broadway Piedmont 2468, two bedrooma available for each apartment. Complete furnishings, including the Wedgewood ranges, were supplied by Brenner's. "The bathrooms are wainscoted In colored tile and are especially commended. There la a stairway leading from each living room to the second floor. , "Transportation la convenient, the Hopkins street line passing the door, nemhborhoort stores and shopping district but half a block dletant and the grammar acnooi but three blocka. A high school Is under construction directly - op posite." WASHINGTON. 1). C The de-psrtment of commerce announces that, according to data collected at the biennial census of manufactures taken In liil'8, the establishments engaged primarily in the niHniifciiire of ic refrigerators and related product In J27 re ported du on I put valued at 158, lti3.ilFi4. an. Increase of nine-tenths nf 1 per cent as compared with Sii7.06ri,M2 for JH2G, tho lust preceding census your. K,X I'll I0SS Ml II'M 10 NTS, The niinibfrv of express pnekngea shipped In uinJ (Hit, (iC Oak land reg-Istcrod a sniiill decrenio of. .6 v'r I'i'ul, lo.vevrr, I lie shipments were Imikci' and Din lonnnge was 15 per rent lilKlicr when ' compnrcd with I lecember of 1 !ll!7. F OLD ENGLAND A prominent feature of tha new Claremont Country club building la the atmosphere created by the landscape design. This atmosphere la reminiscent of tha old English period- in keeping with the English design of the atructure. The visitor la greeted by a spa-clous lawn In the foreground, presenting; a pleasing appearance thfet haa been greatly augmented by the planting of mature trees and shrubs. The entrance of the building assumes a dominating attraction with Its sides flanked with giant yew trees, typically English In effect. A description from the offices of Floyd Herbert Mick, landscape architect, reads: "The major feature In the clubhouse development Includes a main terrace and a tea terrace. These elements, extending the length of the entire building, from a. large terraced lawn designed to be used as a. putting green, it IS from the tea terrace that guests will obtain the most attractive view of the golf course and the . surrounding piedmont hills. The waiting terrace marks the transition point between the clubhous development and golf course. "The greenhouse coneervatory, entered through a large annual flower garden, commands Interest of no little importance. The clubhouse will be abundantly decorated with flowers at all times from these two source. . "One of the features of the de. veiopmant recently under execution la the formal garden which comprises an area 100 by 200 feet. A broad central lawn, bordered by Wide flower beds, and walks. Is terminated by an elaborate stone terrace and fountain feature. The genial end of a walk through the club grounds la due to .Die apparent directness and ease of circulation and to the simplicity of the landscaped architectural design." BUNGALOW COURT Just Completed at 2867-7 1 Hopkins Street 3-room units. Living room, kitchen, dinette downstairs. Bedroom and full tiled bath upstairs. Steam heat, electric refrigeration, radio plugs, maple floors, incinerator, fireproof garage. -''Iv"' "" ..'?' Rentals $5(H'nd $55 ' , Furnished . E. T. MOORE, Owner arid Builder rfWrfaMVWaeVKeeVSefeSeeSeleAeeeeSe- Home Furnishers The E- T. Moore Apartments "completely furnished including Wedgewood Stoves I 111.- nl I.' Ill OAKLAND Oak. 0400 MILL CONCERN HAS BIG YEAR The awarding of the mill work cm the Claremont Country club to I, milium Bros, nuirked the ronrlu-Mrni of a' very aucceasful year for Hint company, according to a statement from officials ot the concern. "Thl hulldlnff Is conceded to be tha most beautiful struntureof its type In this vicinity, vis., finglieh Tudor," they state. "Special machinery was Installed to rive age and expression to the half-timberlns on the exterior of tha bulldtnr, an antiquated Appear ance resulting In much favorable comment. Particular attention was Riven to the selection ot special cuta of vertical -grained redwood for l?oth Interior and exterior worli, The cabinet work Installed was of the finest quality and workman ship. Unusual care waa used. in the matohlntr of tha train and veneerlngr of the panel anOUio Interior Clothlc arches. The typi cal heavy Unellah beams and earv-i Iniis of the dining room and the unrnoin ere examples of those which were used in the Tudor period, l.annom Bros, have recent ly Installed -new machinery and added new personnel to teke care of increased business in the East- nay. ' Announcement Is made of the opening In the near future of the newly completed club building at the Claremont Country club. This masrnlflcent structure 1s tlte work of Taylor & Jackson, bulldlnpr 'eefn- tractors of Ban Francisco, who have to their credit the construction of many high class residences and rlubhousea on both sides of the bay. For beauty of line and con venience of design this new build- In? ranks aa an outstanding achievement In Its class. A description reads: "The atructure-is of the TCnelldi Tudor type of architecture, finished In brown stucco with the tvplcsl English gabledroof and consists of a. main building with four angled wings, giving the maximums of outside exposure. Just within the main entrance Is the reception or great hall .extending across tho building, to the grand staircase. Thin hell Is featured bv n. stone mental- and" a typical orftamenturr English celling. JWAIN-IOUMGE. "The south Wing Is entirely oc cupied by the main lounge, a room of surprising proportions, the height from floor to ceiling being soma JO feet. ! The celling Is arched and heavily beamed. From this room one has exit to a tiled terrace overlooking golf Units and practice green. "The west wing constitutes the women's aectlon. containing recen- tlon rooms, locker rooms, rest rooma, showers and all conveni ences. To the left of the great hall is the main dining room seating over two hundred guests. Adjoining this Is the simroom, furnished with wicker furniture Willi walls textured and colored. Both these rooms are featured by columns and the characteristic beam ceiling. The east wine nrovtdea sunne for tea and breakfast rooms deli cately treated in appropriate color-lug. Carpels ore arranged for convenient, removal to arrange for dancing when required. SKKVICE VIf!., "Tha north wine Is devoted to the service portion of Die building. It consists of a perfectly appointed kitchen with tiled floor srul walls. electric refrigeration and .dairy storeroom. 'The lower or ground floor will be used almost exclusively lor the main members. Jt contains a large grill and csrd rooms, n lounge room, showers and a largo locker room containing 425 individual lockers. . An entirely Independent room Is given to the Junior members, with separate showers and dressing rooms. The upper floor will provide for isrmanent guests and their visitors. It contains 17 rooms, all provided with bath and dressing room, wall beds and clothese4(se.ts. The entire building is luxuriously furnished throughout, and no effort has been spared to provide for convenience and comfort of members and guests, . Washington, p. r. The department of commerce announces that, according to preliminary census figures. 35.264,046 cotlon spinning spindles were In place In the United Stales on December 31. of which 30,(122.172 were operated nt some time during the mont!vUj compared with 3O.!Sfli;,S40 for November. 3". 316. 01! for October, 2R.227.0!tft-for September. 2S.3I.V KflS for Augnsl, "S.I sn.iiTll rnr .lulv. and K1.722.27H for December, IH27. if ilS? dti A! Mi I J ! I St- e H, fl- fIIi ft Mi II I , L&$&t$ j Ill I SIMBTT"f!lmTi Tn ' ii ii i i i ii i iiwMiwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiWMiiiiii(iiiiM mn nimmiiii aisr ii'iwnritilortliitWhliYil"'---lif4-1 JE lt)STOFFICB RECEIITS. The seasonal Increase December, over November was 64.8 per cent in 1 028 ns compared with 62 per cent in 1927. The receipt for last month were 3 per cent less than they were in December of the year before. 'However, the total for the year 1!I28 was 1.7 per cent greater than 1927. The loss during the last twoimonths was due to tha decrease In postnl rates. TILING for the Claremont Country Club SUPERIOR Tile &r Products Co. 3743 BROADWAY Piedmont 2468. " m bewmg the Claremont Country Club lOhh Fresh Killed , Milk-Fed Poultry and Corn-Fed Turkeys Fred W. Diehl St. ; jVWWVWeWer mm r ; eVi-flwi en as- ' ' MECHANICALLY The Simplest Electric Refrigerator. INSTALLATION By a local firm with an Earned Reputation for Reliable Installations and Integrity in Service. A COMBINATION SURPASSING . ALL COMPETITION . . Refrigeration Wiring Fixtures - in the E. T. MOORE APTS. Scott -Buttner Electric Co. Electro-Kold DistributorM 19 Grand Ave., Oakland ' Glencourt 1S42 Serving the Claremont Country Club with BUTTER. EGGS FRUITS an J IMPORTED FANCY GROCERIES 0RSI BROS. 4054 Piedmont Ave. Piidmont 0110 Market & Delicatessen Congratulations to the Claremonl Country Club National Ice . & . . Cold Storage Co. Second and Market Oakand, Calif. 324-328 Franklin Oakland, Calif, liikcslile 0161 Out M. Eaniron Hirrr H. Quftndt Establ i $ h e d thirty-two years in Berkeley. The oldest Meat Market, in Alameda County. Purveyors to the Claremont Country Club for many years. SAMSON ; MARKET 2185 Shattuck Aye. Phone Berkeley 6300 Grading AND Excavating FOR Claremont Country BY AEISS-KNAPP 961 41st St. Piedmont 0436 WAI. H. JACKSON C1IAS. L. TAYLOR TAYLOR & JACKSON Building Construction Specializing in High-Class RESIDENTIAL and CLUBHOUSE Construction - 290 TEHAMA ST. San Francisco Douglas 0435 The Walnut Grove Creamery Com-panyextends congratulations to the Claremont Country Club upoifQc completion of their ' beautiful new Club Building. .,,',;.:,,,,. Insist on Dodge Food Products Painting and Decorating -. - - Claremont Country Club by J. A. Mohr & Son 433 11th St. San Francisco Market 4256 To Claremont Country Club' Our congratulations upon the completion-of your beautiful new clubhouse, and our wishes that the many pleasant associations and friendships of the old club may continue. 1 75 1 Broadway Oakland : 156 Geary St San Frandteo 1 i i

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