Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 4, 1954 · Page 18
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 18

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 4, 1954
Page 18
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tfitiftday, Novefnbe* 4, 1954 a- " y • • , * - ' iman Is », m P) — 'ftew Deaief jia'ri wrested the gov- r ot tfew Vofk from the today probably the St ,tt>a?glh In the state's Congratulations to Winner in a Political Race Is a Lot of Bunk the Loser Doesn't Feel I* 1 In the groat j xh af politics there is nn old tra state's 10,436 k stffl to be counted, ambassador to Moscow tery bf commerce led M. Ives, his GOP oppo- 11,671 votes. efe that these districts, i6rmally Republican up- ork, would leave Harria winning margin of 0 ->- a plurality • of of one per cent among flve tti&ion votes cast, will have to deal with s '6 still firmly in control *<30P in both houses as the ' flection, ;ftnkiln D. Roosevelt 'Jr., dcratlc-Liberal candidate iey general, went down , tjefore Rep. Jacob K. l.GOP nominee, of the state's 10,486 dismissing, the,tally was: Jar- 16 \ and Roosevelt 2,412," p( , 0 p) e know it. It fools no. Why. then do the politicians. that the defeated candidates j election after election, go through must show himself a cheerful loser. t) nc; ; e empty meaningless gestures Thus, following protocol, several of oriental politeness: Most defeated candidates I have to were lonely, angry, embittered mem A man who has lost a political hundred candidates beaten in the elections today, will dry their j known u . hctller tncy asp i re d tears tomorrow morning and send or to t the following telegram to the winners: "The people have spoken. Con- graulalions on your splendid victory/' , And to complete the phony atmosphere of Fpcrtsmanship, the Winner? or one of their camp followers will send back the fol lowing reply: "Greatly appreciate your cordial message. The great tasks thai lie ahead require us all to think in terms of muttil performance rather than past partisanship." This is all pure guff and nonsense. Both candidates know it. ' Govt Thomas ,E. did. mil seek re-ejec- rlered a .police guard placed all voting machines pending Ifdal public recanvass of the •""•$> , V ' , ' t ' „ jiester and, Nassau > coun- suburbs of New York m € u i" and less synthetic sweetness and light from defeated candidates. What v/e need is more sour losers who retain the strength of their campaign convictions. Here are a few sample telegrams candidates with real gumption might send to their successful rivals: "I said you'd try to buy th? election. Congratulations on a suc- cesr.ful purchase." "Now that you won the election you are an even more famous creek than before.' "If the responribilily of public office educates you in any way, four-year lease on the great" white j America's illiteracy rate will be doe-house in Washington. D. C., cut in half." "When bums arc put or thrones, the people will soc-n wear ras;s. "Since your new post gives you election is in terms of fury, the! ac <-'oss to the public treasury, don't male equivalent of scorned in love. Almost invariably he feels lost because of two reason;;: 1. His own parly friends knifed him by failing to carry out their procarrpaign pledges. 2. His opponent bought Hie election. In fuch circumstances he is only fooling himself bytrying to appear a checiful loser, whtn he a womaniy° u think you'd be wkc to hire n defense attorney now?" he "Your incredible victory proves that democracy, like a broken slot machine, sometimes makes a confusing payoff.' "The office sought the man, but found a maiionctte." "Your triumph will rank in American history right along with the Jamestown flood and Hurricane Hazel.' "A new f;runt echoes at the public trough.'' "VVeli, you won/ and have given us a new motto: 'In God we must trust even more than ever. " "You may regard your election as a vindication. I choose to think of it as an epidemic n mass outbreak of voter near-sightedness." Postelection messages such as these might put some needed realism into politics. People may praise a good loser, but they ad- Probe of Vote Fraud in N. Y* Under Study ALBANY, N. Y. Wi New York State Atty. Gen. Nathaniel Goldstein today launched a sweeping statewide investigation of reported voting frauds in Tuesday's gover- natorial election as Averell Harriman's fragile margin of victory dipped and bobbed with unofficial recanvass reports. A vcte check in Nassau County yesterday gave the Democratic- mire even more a good fighter who never quits or compromises, but goes on belling forever for what he believes in. Liberal nominee 4.319 more votes, but a similar re-examinatio in Onondaga County netted 1,493 more for U.S. Sen. Irving M. Ives, the Republican hopeful. With all cf the state's 10.436 districts reported, the'unofficial total was 2,554,185 for Harriman and 2,544,523 for Ives a 9,657 edge for the former New Deal-Fair Deal diplomat. The Harriman total included 261,266 Liberal party vo.tcs. Republicans are pinning their hopes of upsetting his hairbreadth election on the official recanvass. The recanvass began today in some upstate localities and will start Tuesday in New York City. Election boards must make their final reports by Nov. 27. As GOP ioices waited tensely for the first recanvass returns. Goldstein's investigators moved to subpoena voting books and records Tenth Fireman Is Explosion Victim PHILADELPHIA I/PI A 10th fireman has died as the lesult ot injuries suffered in the explosion of a tank container a textile solvent. , ,. ,. Bernard Junrod, 32, who dit'd yesterday, had been under treatment for inhalation of fumes released in the explosion Oct. 28. About 53 per cent of Brazil's people are under 20 years old. ; 1914 HOM IfAft, MOPE, ARKANSAS MrtrS than a fifth of trie coal nil- 1 nia in the United States comes, from 6iin6s owned by steel, railroad, uti- tj And 6th6f consuming companies , tod moves directly into their oper- in districts where the alleged frauds occurred. The state's attorney general ordered the investigation last nit-ht after, he said, his office had received complaints of alleged fraudulent registrations and other irregularities. City, came in with heavy Rcpubli- fceis in bis benrl he was let down can majorities after it appeared by his pals and jobbed by the ras- can majorities Harriman had been elected by a comfortable margin. The election appeared to be ov.n- midway through the counting la';t night when Harriman and his running- mates leading by around 200.090 votes. Harriman claimed victory and Ives conceded defeat. Then the gap began to shrink It was reduced to 100,000, to 35,000 to 26,000, to 10,00 Oand for a time it looked as though it might disappear altogether. cally enemy. Then why not put a little move forlhripht truth in these postelec- tion statements? Does it show real sportsmanship for a.losiritr candidate to send congratulations In a viclom whom for weeks he has denounced as a bungler, a corrupt puppet, a threat to the people, and a guy who benl- his mother when no one is looking? Hardly. Let's have more rugged sincerity VALUEHt/NT/NG? till i i' V ALLEY OLEO >, . 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Greg brings the man, half frozen, back to the trailer. might be. • Daggett offered the stranger * cigaret, ivhich he refused. "I do not know what my status is here. Whether I am a guest of Attend the Special Demonstrations Friday and Saturday, November 5th .and Register for $25.00 in beautiful Fall and Winter Piece Goods to be awarded as Door Prizes. Nothing to buy — presence not required to win. ONLY AUTOMATIC NECCHI HAS ALL THESE ADVANTAGES Without attachments . . . sews straight and zig-zag, forward and reverse -fr Overcasts seam it Blindstitcheshems •& Hemstitches ^r Mends and darns -sir Sews on buttons -fr Makes buttonholes IV Appliques ^ Monograms -^ Embroiders. The exclusive Necchi Wonder Wheel makes dozens of beautiful embroidery stitches automatically. ONLY AUTOMATIC NECCHI HAS AMAZING ONE-FINGER LIFT Why lift 80 pounds? 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He was so emnciatcd that tho skin pulled tight over his cheekbones, his nose was unduly prominent, and there were hollows at his temples. The long, finely shaped hand that dangled over the ride of the couch was Hko lhal of a skeleton and the wrislbone protruded ....... Daggett considered him. "He looks half starved to me. Make some cotec, Greg, nnd boil a couple of eggs, Ever, you can't spofl those, See, what else we've got handy. Before doing that, you had better cover him up. He must have got chilled out there." Greg threw a blanket ever the recumbent figure and got busy in the kitchenette. When the food was ready he touched a gaunt shoulder. The stranger sat up, alert, startled and his hand crept to his throat. For a moment the three men regarded one another with mutual •curiosity. The foreigner looked from Greg to Daggett and then at the trailer, his dark ' brow's drawn together in perplexity. '•What is this?' he asked !in careful English, his voice rasping. "A kind of. portable house, Daggett explained. "Who are you?" "Go ahead and .cat,'. Daggett advised him. "You can ask ques tions later.' | The man 'nodded and began to eat as though he had no other in terest in" the 'world, as though noth ing mattered but the food in fron of him. No one spoke until he had linished. "I have not eaten like ,that fo years," he declared. -"Eaten unl I was not hungry any more. It i a pleasant sensation. Thank yo very much.' It was difficult to to by his accent what his nationalit know either,' Daggeit acknowledged. "1 take It you dont belong in his country.' "My name is Rupert Latidusk*. I am an alien and I have no entry permit.' Behind their ridiculously long lashes, the man's eyes looked amused rather than uneasy. Daggett introduced himself and Greg with punctilious courtesy. "What would you have done," he countered, "if we had not picked you up?' Landusky smiled. "I think It Is most likely that I would have died. 1 Greg set down the ' coffee pot with a bang, and the alien laughed, a croaking round. Daggett ignored both Greg's hos- "lily and Landusky's mockery. You probably would at that Nice /ay to get pneumonia. >: "Thnts what I thought.' There 'as a sardonic expression in' uskys eyes which Greg distrust d. "And with half a bottle of cogfr f. on an empty stomach it! was lot a disagreeable idea.!' He looked rom Greg to Daggett- and' Ingly lly. selected 'I hope the latter as -his I am not; an. "embarrassment to you. \ There • seems o be no room here for a third! icrson. • , : The fellow either took it; 'for ranted that they were • going ( to protect him or he was trying a bluff. f. "What is y9ur country?" !ctt asked. ' • 'There seems to bo considerable disagreement about that, Landusky said. "I am what they. call, a displaced person. I have no citizen- ihin anywhere." "What you hope to Jihd here? Irony gleamed in the Jong na'r row eyes. "One never learns not to hope. Landusky struggled with a yawn. "Fantastic ( as - ;lhe idea may be, I would like to put down roots somewhere." Dixon-Yates Hearing to Be Bitter By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON Ml Get ready for some real talking that may last till Christmas. The scorching campaign oratory, vHilch ended with yesterday's elections, may sound like giggles in a girls' finishing school when compared With what lies ahead. The Senate now plunges Into t«n of the bitterest, and perhaps the noisiest, wrangles of 1954. Starting tomorrow the Senate- House Atomic Energy Committee! begins hearings on the Dixon-Yatcs proposal to fed private power into the lines of the Tennessee Valley Authority. And on Monday the full Senate opens debate on the motion to cen- ture Sen. McCarthy (R-Wis). Sen. KMT (D-Okla) predicts the Senate may spend the rest of the year arguing that one. It's an argument which may ba interrupted for a full-blown debate on the power qucston, according to Sen. Langer (R-ND), chairman of a subcommittee which already has held some hearings on Dixon- Yales. In fact, Langer says the McCarthy censure problem may "shrink into Insigniflcation" when the Dix- bn-Yates dispute gets going. At this point most forecasts in- dcale McCarthy is going to be censured. No matter what the outcome, the debate will serve to pull McCarthy out of the comparative oblivion in which he retired, or was retircdj during most of the election campaign. It was pretty apparent this was one campaign which Republican party strategists wanted McCarthy ;o sit out. He had planned som.2 speeches but canceled them. .He could make good use of his time preparing for the debate ahead. • It looks like "a lulu. These past few weeks of McCarthy silence were the strangest in his life since that night in February 1930 when he first got a grip on the headlines with his charges of, Communists in the State .Department. Paramount Has Signed Up Jerry Lewis By BOB THOMAS ' HOLLYWOOD Wl J efry Lewis is back r.nd Paramount's got him. The studio may have expected fe more restrained Lewis after his lecent serious illness with virus pneumonia and jaundice. He was required to stay abed for 315 days if you can imagine the frenetic comic doing that. But that setback hasn't changed his exuberance. When I *ftw Mm fa* on the set of "Yotftc Young," he wa3 disguised dapper FfetithfnSfl,, 'with mustache and tfoatefi. SoTrte as . ra sa he looked Iik£ foliy Curtis, wacky Tony Curtis, rftaybe. Jerry Is the kind of fellow wtio can't be overlooked, tie carried on four conversations at once, pttnslhg in the middle of prie to gvyc/ftn imaginaty eye test to a passer-by. He disappeared behind a piece oi scenery and let out a bludcutd ling shriek. Ho reappeared and started stuffing huge camera len sos' in his shift. "1 can tlse these for my horne movies," he explained. Then ha looked pained and returned the . 'f tifhost fcrnat tidf fe roaudtlo%M« Htftt te eibr bis arfft. and the 1 ? Bariced * mciMei*ieldfy as tftejr,. •* ,h6 'n4xi scfett& 3^!tfy :rt|} W$ sWHjWftfert Hfe — Into the scerte, Wftteh MflWt Spend, TftufoS and ah aide drag him bocfliy> before Ifw eam*ta. AfterwflW, Jerry SlrfWnefed down Ions Enough to talk seriously of the future. ttespHe his-lllness, he plans full steam ahead on his cSreef. "We've-got A lot' of enttltift* tt.8 to doV'xhe -resorted. . should have done two TV f Shows by now our x first will bjS fiec. S and w6 , full finly thirtg is Jh Mlwtfeh. SliUftg talldhg Is alf tignt tot ef 6hd gding nil AS if WS that hrttants fries. That will cation! , "Have you any friends; in this country? Daggett asked. ' Landusky shook his head, smH- ing. '.'The Canadian pilot who flew me over the border is, the only human being I know on-this side of the world and we have been "Early Shoppur" Tabloid Guaranteed by Good Housekeeping and certified by U. S. Testing Company. Parts and service available at 2,300 dealers in the U. S. See phone book for authorized dealer. EASY CONVENIENT CREDIT TERMS SEWING CIRCLE House of Values, We Clothe the Family for Less !• Merchandise Certificates" i 1 $1,50 C«rttff««t«f grv«n •very $15.00 wortfc from any of Sear* currint <*t» alogi. U»t 1k«m likt e«iM -Nothing that happened afterward until thix. fall kept him out of the headlines. He. practically mo : nopolized thiim last r spring at the public hearings \ on his fight with Army officials. Before those hearings ended. Sen. Flanders (R-Vt) demanded punishment for McCarthy. For a wtiile that was just Flanders talk- 5ri?i Eventually, others joined fo'rces with him. The Senate created a special committee to consider censure charges. McCarthy made the headlines again, although 'now he seemed subdued, during' the censure hearings. But when thosev hearings. ended and the special committee recommended censure, McCarthy retired into the background. Since his political life may be at f.take,'McCarthy can be expected to give the censure debate all he has. . . "i Under 'the Dixon-Yates contract Ordered by Eisenhower, the Atomic Energy Commission would buy power from that private utility group for delivery to the TVA at Memphis. ; This power, to be supplied by a 107-milHon-dollor plant built at West Memphis, Ark., would be used by TVA to replace a like amount of power TVA supplies to. atomic plants. Critics have contended the private power would cost the government more than the same electricity if supplied by TVA. They argue it may be an entering wedge administration.says the proposal is a reasonable and practical way ot supplying power to the area. • Top Radio Programs NEW YORK UB Selected Ra dio programs tonight: NBC 7:30 Bob Hone; 8:03 Joey Adams Quiz; 9:15 Great Gildersleeve. CB S 6 Tennessee Erme; 7:3U Night Watch; 8:30 Amos and Andy. ABC 8 Henry Jerome Music; 8:30 Ralph Flanagan Show. 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"You were mad to start out with so few as- '\ WOlbUCK ftNL; CO THURSDAY. FRIDAY • SATURDAY Nov. 4-5«6 € » l sr M B «#*v &*+• &* M ti B^ eT* J>*%, ir 1 hr" II *" IT* A If A L O G SALES OFFICE Landusky smiled with a flash of wliUe teeth. "Only desperate.". Again there was an undercurrent of mockery in his tone. Greg was beginning to recognize it as a kind pf covert defiance, as though Lan- ^usiy wqre saying: You, safe in your streamlined trailer, what do you feipw of the , jungle through \yh,ich I have come alive? The fel- Vjw yawned. He was shivering. ',"Qet out my gray sweeter, will you, Greg? Our friend is net dressed for this climate. Daggett watched while the-stranger pulled 041 the sweater. "You wouldn't last }pr»g Jn thi? -climate, dressed as ypu are, and no rnorjey.' Landusky nodded as though he fyrnp8thfee4 with OagfPtts (Ulenv ma<'Get some vest," cidecj "In the megnirne we'U -th,tnlt fit- PENNEYlS T SATURDAY, NOV. .cj ;: .u A L i T Y Extra savings wind up a week of Penney Day features as PENNEY'S SALUTES A PIONEERI Gift Assortment.. Imported Linens! Choose luncheon cloths, bridge sets, table cloths, pillow cases, scarfs, 4 pc vanity sets — all delicately embioidored, appll- qued or hand worked. All machine washable. Beautiful gifts! ALL OF THE NYLON HOSIERY (tacked In a cellophane envelop* CHOOSE: 60-GAUGE, T5-DEN1ER 51-GAUGE, 30-DENIER Stock up on nylons, now during Penney's once-a-year Founder's Day event t Choose 60'gauge, 15-denier hose for day or evening wear; 51* gauge,3Q?denier service for work, extra long wear, Find them in two got with-everything shade;, §&«§ tervicefortfl • 'added Printed Rpypnth'gl Novelty Co%ns! ^' Chromspun qhflrr^br Drapery Cretohnesf f w* W 1!W»iiipw Wr(9^ ^jIF-^BI^p _ ? t WP^r .-s Meo ' J |F"T T Hji ;^Jf ,irwj

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