Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 11, 1894 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 11, 1894
Page 1
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®he •;Pf • MAKCH Ji, 1894. WORLD'S FAIR _ART PORTFOLIO COUPON. ™" 6 cooponi of dUtaront data* Mid 10 cento Mom* the current number of Alt PortM- loi. See advertisement. LOGANSPORT, INDIANA. SUNDAY MOKNING, MARCH 11.1894. NO. 61. VOL. XIX. SPRING GARMENTS TOMORROW, A spring showing of an elegant line of Ladies' Jackets, Capes and Coats. The handsomest flowers of this spring's fashions, at the BEE HIVE'S Great Cloak Room. And you'll find that here is the place to come for Spring Garments that are stylish and at the right prices as in former seasons. THE PKOBE. Senator Peffer Wants It Applied to Senatorial Suspects, Jn a faint" lie soon rallied and the sheriff escorted him to jail The day of sentence has not been tixed. QUEEN LIL PLOTTING. MOKE ACTIVE. TOMORROW A convention of exclusive novelties, The first glimpse of the new arrivals, That all ladies will want to see, The lines in their freshness, The lines in their entirety, The new "Millta Cape," The new "Walknee Cape," The new "Niobe Jacket," Pretty Gallatia Blazers. The Kansas Statesman's Resolution Favoring an Inquiry Into Charges of Sugar Speculation. Children's Short Jackets, two years up. in all colors, from LAUNDRIED SHIRT WAISTS. The early choice novelties for the season, •an White and Colors at the usual low prices. BEE HIVE. Still at the Old Stand. The Keeley Institute, MfVRION, IND. For the cure of the Liquor, Morphine.Tobacco, and all other drug addictions. Absolute Freedom, No Suffering, No Sore Arms, No Impairment of the Health. The Institute at Marion, Ind., is authorized by Dr. Leslie E. Keeley, and the treatment is identical with that given by him at Dwight, Ills. Write for terms of treatment and other information. All correspondence strictly confidential. THE KEELEY INSTITUTE CO.. Marion, Ind. WA.STS A TnoBOUon IJTVESTIOATIO.V WASHINGTON, March 10.—The following is the text of the resolution introduced by Senator Peffer to investigate the rumors and allegations regarding the tariff: "Whereas, It Is cburged In many of the mo»l influential and widely circulated noweptpera of tho country and from thorn copied In thn rural pr0*n that some oao or moro mombari of this bod; worn tctlvoly participating la re- win t lr»Q5»ctlon» on tb« New York stock ex- olianne relating to tho purchasing atid soiling or ihares of stock In an organization known as liiosujar tru«t; and "Wicreas, It Is alleged In said nownpapcr3, and it ta Uolng so copfod In tbe rural preaR, that tbe mild members or thin body. ID their own neraonal luwrext and for thoir own selfish purposoH, made urto of knowlodgo and Information procured tnrouKa untl by th(;lr ofnoiat re- latlona as senatorn to Influence prices of aburea In the augur trust on tun stock M. change In tbe tran.i»ctloi)3 nfornsuld; and '•Whereas, It Is alleged further, In tho manner before mentioned, and 18 being; 30 circuit)ted amon? the people, that tho £u!d xeautorg did by reasons of tbe transaction)) arjovu referred to BUI) Ihelr connection iheroivll)!. acQuiroJ»rge galna and profits: ana "Wbor<a.i, Tho ffravltp ot theno charges and allegation* Is sufficient to rOQulro that they be fully, Impartially and pron:pt]y Investigated to the end that the truth coDoornlnc them be ascertained and made known and the honor and dignity of the senate be preserved; therefore be it "Resolved, That n select committee of Bve members of the senate bo appointed by the presiding otUcor, whose duly It shall be to pro- oeed without unnecessary delay to make a thorough Investigation of said clurgei and all .of thorn, and report the tentlmony and evidence with thoir conclusions thereon at as early a data a« practicable. Tho said commit too or subcommittee thereof shall havo power to administer oaths and perform all other duties usually Intrusted to committees of like character, and to employ a clerk, a xietnenger dud stenographer. The mMtlDH ot s»ld oommluee »htll b« held In one of lliecomfniltee-roctnn ot tn« oniXtol boJMIng or In some other suitable room In a building bolocgintf to tha gorftrnment to be nei apart temporarily for tbls purpoM and propvrly BU[> piled wlttyfurnlturo, autlonery aud other oon- roolenooa by the sflrgeant-at-arnis. "ProTldBd, ti»l In MMO the commit!** ihUl bo of tho opinion that It would b« conduclTe to amorooompletti and xutlifactory aiamlnatlon of any rolovaut or material matter connected with IB* transactions out of which the lurtatl- gatlon ha» grown, thin tho full commttt** or a subcommittee thereof should rtiit theoltyof New York, auch visit may bo mada. Tt» nic- oMAry cxpcnio ot uuld oommlttsa uall be paid out of tbe contlncwt fund »t tha uuate ea lit* usual Tovohors." Alleged Scheme tii Kenlore llnwoll'l Diuky Kuler Co Hii- Tliroue. SAN FRANCISCO, March 10. — Tho i Bteamcr Auatralia, six and one-half days from Honolulu, brought the following Hawaiian advices, under date ot March 8; It has berfl reported to the jrovernment and on seemingly jrood authority that the agents of Liliuokalani have been recruiting men in both tbe United States and British Columbia, principally the latter. For home time tho povernment refused to believe suoh rumors, but of late suspicion has been aroused and active steps '\> taken to nip in the bud any plot that tho royalists may have of restoring the queen by force. It is claimed a number of these men ha e enlisted in the army and are ready at the first sign of any trouble to join tho royalists in a.n attack upon tho goveinmunt. Signs of Further Improvement in General Business, Confidence in the Future Is Still Weak, Howaver—The Outlook in the West F»vor«bie. ALL FLEE BUT BENHAM. The Amnrleiin AOmlrnl j»lun« races Yellow Fcvor Hi Itto. Eio JANKIKO, March 10.-—The American admiral, Benlmra, alone of all the foreig-n commanders, rem-ninn on <!nty in the Imrbor here. The 'Herman squadron has gone to Montevideo to escape tho fever, and tlio warships of Great Britain and other powers, except tho United Stutes, arc cruising outside to escape the contagion of yellow fever. The starving insurgents stole from j the side of vhc steamer Catania 11 lighter flying the German flay and freighted with bacon and machine oil belonging' to Levering A Co., of Baltimore. The firm's agents here appealed to Admiral Benham to recover the stolen goods, but tbo American commander said he could only protect property nnder the American flag 1 . CARRIED OVER A DAM. lit Ferl Ferry, SUCCESS AT LAST! The World Moves; Science is Triumphant! But it* f raatoii triumph It in the cure of dlaoMa. *nd Its-ffreatest sue, cans li APOSLOLI'S treatment for Diseases of Women But to be lucoeiaful it muat be applied by tho skillful hand of the SPECIALIST. The Pky«iclani of The Logansport Medical And Surgical Institute Hare been using: this treatment with the GRBATBST SUCCESS and by it* use hare, ia this ricluitj', reatorod hundred* of suffering women to heilth and happiness after physicians had failed. It is not painful and no exposure ia necessary. They also treat all Chronic and Private Dlieasei. CONSULTATION FREE. CALL AND SBE THBU at 417 Market St, WORLD'S FAIR PALACES. lUdder* Offer » Total »r Sl3,«0l fur Twenty Uulldlugn. GmcAao, March 10. —Proposals for tlie purchase of the world's fair build- lugs were opened in the. rooui* of th« South pork oommissionors at noon. Nineteen bids were recoiv'ed by tk« board, SOTOB of which wore rejected beoauso not accompanied with tfae roquuvd 91,000 oarUrfed uheolc. Tbo largest bid recelrad was that of tho World's Fair Wraok- injr, Salvage and Warehousing company, which, iu the total for twenty building* bid upon, amountud to $14,601. If the coinrals*lon«rn would »ell the entire twenty buildings to this company it offered to raise its bid 100 per cent, on tbo condition that it should receive 110,000 for removing the Manufactures build- intf. The bid would then amount to $91,101. The bid (fenerally considered most favorable was that of the Globe Wrecking and Salvage company, which was $15,100 for ten bulldla([s. The highest general bid was that ot tha Block Pollak Iron company ol $18,025 for tho Agricultural, Transportation, Electricity and Mint* and .Mining buildings and machldcry hall. Dion Qoraldine bid for the Ifaaufaaturo* building $10,000, Phil Armouc'e Qeneriwltr. SAM FRANOOCO, Maroh 10.—It k learned that Philip D. Armour will give $SOO,Q00 to the San Francisco publlo schools for the entabliihmenfc of a manual training school for boya Tho «nly condition Mr. Armour makM U that the kchool shall be carried on under the nchool department and thall bo open to anyone eligible to the public school*. This generous endowment of a trade •chool la intended by Mr, Armour to serve as a memorial of his sucoeas in California in the pioneer dayi when ha made money, which served as the nucleus of bis fortune. Dlwiiter »o » Ferryboat Pn.—On* Life Irfint. , PITTSBUMU, Pa., March 10.—The ferryman at Port Perry, on the Monongahela river near Kraddock, started across the river with Jacob Brown and- Thomas Orr, workmen tit Duquosne, as passengers. A very heavy fog prevailed and the ferryman lost his bear-, ings. The boat with its occupant* was aarried over dam No. 2, just below Port Perry. The ferryman, whose name ia-oot- known, was-drowned. Brown and Orr clung to the over- turntd boat and wore rescued at \ Braddoek, half a mils down. They wers almost exhausted and are in a vsry critical condition. KILLED IN THE MOUNTAINS. SaowlUde Overtakn Two California Travel*!-* Near Etna UlUf. IA* r«A«ci«x>, March 10.—Johu Pe- Urs, a packer of Etna Mills, and Kudolph .lankins, a miner of Weurerrill*, Trinity eoun^y, were CiiUfht and killed in a unowdllde near tha lummit of Salmon mountain, on a trail between Bawyvr's Bar and this place. John Harris, a mail-carrier who accompanied them, barely escaped with LIB life. lie brought the news, and a rescuing party was sent out and tha bodies were recovered. Oolleje for Veterans' Daughter*. WAgHnrarox, March 10.—A bill Introduced in the house by Mr. Doolittle (Wash.), by request, seta aside »1,000,000 as a loan for twenty years, the interest of whioh ia to be applied to the support of a college for the education of the daughters of soldiers and sailors who served in the armies and navies of the United States and tho late so-called confederate states. The loan is to be returned to the treasury less the interest The college i& to bo located in Whatcom county, Wash. Guilty of Murder. WAUPACA, Wis., March 10.—James Chrine, who has been on trial for the murder of Hobert Murphy, was found guilty of murder in the first degree by • Jury Friday afternoon. They had been out about two hours. He timed death\v oale and fell to the Hook- on hi* f««« I ' Aiiotlier \\'v«i«rn Cftuul Fropofled. WASiiiseTOS, March 10.—Tho most important project submitted at Friday's meeting of the river and harbor committee was a new one urged by Eepresentative Keifer,of Minnesota,for the survey of a caual route connecting Lake Superior with the Mississippi river. It ia proposed by this plan to utilize tha small streams at tho source of the Mississippi as connecting links in a canal joining the gulf of St. Lawrence with tbe Mississippi. The projected canal is to have a width of 120 feet and a depth of 20 feet. Bonds Tbtkt Were Hot Taken. WAMUNGTOJT, liarch 10.—Two hundred thousand dollars of the fifty million loan has not yet been taken up, the subscribers defaulting and failing to make the necessary deposit within the time named. The treasury department has received on account of the bond issue K8,£85.512, all but about 1950,000 of tbe total principal and premium for which the bonds were sold. Of the money paid for the new issue of bonds $88,395,000 was in gold and $10,880,000 was in legal tenders. His Beadle** Body Pound. RACINE, Wis., March 10,—A party of section hands found the headless body of a man lying on the track* near the villas' 8 °* Franksville, The body wa» identified as that of James Duffey, of Caledonia. Be was a farmer, 40 years of age. He was deaf, and it is supposed that a train struck him while be was walking on tbe track. Will AwnrneAprll I. Mn.WAnElE, March 10.—Tha Plankinton packing house, which lias been idlo since it was vacated by the Cud- ahys in October-last, will be reopened April 1 by a company made up of William Plankinton, George B. Vannorman and two Cintinnati packers. To Honor Lincoln* WASHINGTON, March 10.—The bill introduced by Representative Bartholdt making Lincoln's birthday a legal holi <ja,y is now considered by the house com« njittoe on judiciary and will probably be reported favorably. REVIEW OP THA DR. Jfsw YOKK. March 10.—ft. G. Dun & Co.'s weekly review ot trade says: "Evidences of present improvement in business multiply, but confidence In future improvement does not seem to increase. There Is. more business and a larger production by In. dugtries, for tbe season has arrived when greater activity ia necessary if dealers' stocks are to be replen (shed, and those who cannot mako calculations beyond a few months are tbe more anxious to crowd as mucb trade as the/ safely can into those months. C'onrtdene* Not Strong. "In somft branches of distribution, however, there are indications of a diminishing demand for goods and the evident preference for medium and low-priced articles, with tb6 known re ductlon iu wu^-s and family axpcndtlures, leads many to fee! nomen-nai less coclldeai that business will soon recover ita former volume. Un- dertaliin.T.s reaching beyond a short time are not tnudi: with greater freedom and in npito of a Ifirtft-r ;>rf»ect demand prices of mauufac turod goods tend downward. "Tho most giiin Is In iron mill steel lllnou- tiic-turc. The output of pip Irna increased 19 percent., though it Is still ;IT 8 per ceut, less lb;in -,i year »KO. hlpnjcius of boots rtiid [••.hoes from tho cast ,-i.rc H.N per eont, sm.iller thau a ycurapofor thi. siuiie weeks, aud purchases are still mainly of rr.i'dt'.irn or low-priced Koodn, Aetltlty In IVxtllr Manufacture*. In textile niamifiicture* uurt dry Roods there art- iiHTOiised activity ;ind replenishment of siccl;s, as is natural :it this sc:i*on. Hut tbo dmruml Uni.-j fur rivals much short of exuecta- lions und its cli:ir;»cter indicates great economy in cocmuir.jnlon. In woolous also manufacturers ure incrciisinff production mainly In a tentative way, or on orders which are little more than sufficient to test tbe market. "Hreiulstuffs and oils have been su-onger, provisions weaker and cotton hesitates. Wheat udvauceu liitlf a cent :itid corn rose nearly a cant. Lard and hogs both declined, nevertheless. Sules of cotton were larger at first with HOQJC flct-llrm, which w;is aftertvards recovered Uy thn Kecovery of Sllv«r'e l*rlce. "Tbo recovery in tho price of hamUver which fell to S7d but recovered to?7,31d, bos affected prices. Tbo volume of domestic trade shown by clearings decreases for tbe week only 1T.« per cent, ouwlde New York and 3J.0perc«nL here compared with last year. In foreign trade changes ure alto for tl.c better-, eiporu havifl^ been large, and for four weeks 14 per cent larger limn last year, while tbo decrease ia imports for February was 37 per cent The Failure Record. "Failures arc growing less important and •omewbac fewer also. For the week ending March 8 the liabilities thus far reported were only K.937,8&, and for four weeks ia February 114,880,091, ol which K,7K,eif> were of manufacturing and I7,0J7,I27 of trading coneerns. The number of failures during tbo lost week have been 349 in tho United States, ogsuist 183 last year, and Win Canada, against a last year." Retail Business Improves. Bradstreet's says: 'The comparatively less favorable report as to tbo volume of sales and distributes of fen- em! merchandise emphasized last week >e- males, with somo exceptions, practically UDfihanfced. Bright and warmer weather ^ias stimulated retail linos at a nutt- ber of cities. Eastern shoe rnanuloeturers report a slightly Improved demand, and at a numc«i of lugei distributing centers Jobbers In groceries, dry goods, hardware, hats, shoes and millinery report a steadily maintained tn- Quiry, yet, with exceptions, mimtrous orders for small amounts for Immediate wants conUne the rule. -While wheat, Indian corn and onui advanced ?io, lo and 5£oin prlco respectively this week, and cotton and sugar remained unchanged, domestic fleeces havo again been shiuled, cutting Australian wools out of tbe market so far At competition as to price is concerned. Pig and flbaped iron, steel billots, and rails and irou oro huve also been sftaded again In somo instances, tuairfug new low records, and pork has gone o£t Ufc cents und lard 15 Chicago adt'isos lhat loftae of national banks there have increased C,000,000 and total deposits fl3,OJO,uOO since December. Situation at Many Point*. "Favojablo trado conditions center at CUca. KO and dt, Louis, tbo former reporting the best week's sale of dry goods for months, bringing the total for tha year into favorable cempu- Ison with that in the Ilka portion of lost year. Jobbers In bats, millinery and dry goods at Hu Louis also report continued provnment, with a favorable comparison tsus far during tbo year with last year. Milwaukee bankers report increased demand for accommodation and other evidences of Improvevasal in trade, wbtle at Si Paul spring trade, at- though modetaW, Is In full swing, ""usimn City and Omabn make reports which suff «sl a strong underlying demand. At OinoiiuuU manufacturers do not report an Improvement, although some jobbers do. A fair trade Is ev* perlenced In a few lines at Cleveland, allhenfh a better outloolc la manufacturing lines i* en- nounced at Louisville, Detroit and Indianapolis. There l« more Jnaulry for'lumber st Minneapolis, and tbe production of Sour is increasing. Increased activity Is also reported from Dulutaand Portland, Ore. Reduction! In Railroad Enrnlnrs. "Gross earnings of el(hty-\nrce railroads in February reported to Braditreet's sbow a loss of lie per cent compared -with February, IBM, that being a little (raster than Jo January, when It woe 'A4 por cent, less tban In that month the year before. Southern and southwestern roads present heavier proportionate losses, the grauf er lines doing better thsa ID January." STATE TELEWUMS. News Flashed Over the Wires from Indiana Cities and Towns. Depauw Wine Oratorical Conceit. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., March 10.— Ths> state collegiate oratorical contest waa held here Friday night to select a representative to the interstate contest, which will be held this ycarin this city. College students from JDepaiuv, J'ur- due, Butler, Wabash, Indiana university, Franklin. Hanover and Karlhanx took the town by storm. At the close) of the speeches the judges awarded first place to L. F. Dimmitt, of liepauw university, his subject being "The Humane Spirit in Modern Civilization." Silvan VV. Kahn, of Indiana university, got second. ' y. Sh« Hail Truited Him Again. t*^ INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Ma-rch 10.—A breach of promise suit was filed Friday by Madeline G. Boyle, the divorced wife of George A. Jtoekling, a wealthy real esta.to dealer and promoter, against her ex-husband. They were raarric-d in 1889 and divorced in 1891. The divorce allege* that some months afro Hoeklmg- cams to see her and obtained her consent to* a remarriage. A day for the weddlfcft wfts set, but he postponed it from Una to time, and finally declined to carry out the engagement She asks $[0,»00 damages. Impnrti a Wife from Germany. £A PORTE, Ind., March 1(1— Chattel Knoll and Mary Mettenthin were romantically married in this city Friday by Kev. Esslinger, of the German M. E. church. About » year ago Knoll came here from Germany and secured employment as a brick mason. Shortly afterwai* •ome friends showed him a photograpk of Miss Mitltenthin, then residing la too fatherland, and he wa» taken with her looks. Correspondence ensued taut in obedience to hia summons the brMe- to-bs immigrated to this city. GOT. Ifatthews to Aid Glllett. liDii-NAPom, Ind., March 10.—(tor. M at theiri WM greatly surprised at tibe failure of the Lake county graad jury to return indictments agaiBSt Hobj, and declared Friday that authorities would proceed aga the r»cs track on a new line, wb however, be declined to give. waiting 'or official coinmunicam from Judfo Qlllett before advising fur ther action, and it is probable judge and the governor will meet ane! _ arrange eome aew scheme to suppress winter racing; Four Tun tor • lllcarn lit. J BYAMVU.U, Ind., March 10.— At a late hour Friday night a jury returned a verdlet of guilty against James f?»a»- aesgy for btjrsmv and fixed his punishment at four year* in prison. Last fal Bhaunejsay, who came here from Canada, married Hits Lulu Grinstaff, a crtoria- ing ^ouug lady, and shortly afterwar4 be WB* arrested at Indianapolis whfio—. leaving the country, Shaunessy's first wife has done much in prosecntiag him. Tixe second wife has been gram ted a diroro*. JKeseeed from n Mob. Centrum/*, Ind., March HI. — *«a- 6 table DsDnison arrested George Sharo at Hope on a erlmioal charge, when a mob formed to take tho prisoner away from him. lie then sk en- Hied ten men to assist kirn with tho prisoner to the train. On the way the mob threw several stones at the officers but no ona was seriously injured. ' The privonar was then brought hero on the train and jailed. Spr«d Ordinance Commonable. HAMMOJTD, Ind., March W),—Jadge ' QUlett Friday f avo out his decision in. tbe sultof the city of Hammond agafest-*- the Chicago & Erie Railway company for violating the ordinance fixing tbe max- • imum speed of railway trains in tho «ity ai6 mile*an hour. ThecoirtkeVL that th» ordlnamoe was unrcoscmabR-. and found for the defendant. Am appeal will be takea to the supreme «Ottt. Bis; PaotMS; eiUtka Announced. TBERiHAun, Ind., Mareu 1».-*i»Terre Haute Bra wing company an- Bounoed Friday that it we ild guarantee a $5.000 stake for a 0:30 pacing roce- during the Vigo fair races, begiukfag; August IS, for which f^WO in stales and purses is already guaranteed by capitalists, and business men. KIDori His Wire and ll»by. Com A, Tenn., Maroh 10.—George Smith went home drunk, beat his infant child to death, following this with a brutal pounding of his wife, whoso throat he afterward cut. He then went to the house of his sister-in-law, whom he grasped by the hair; pulled out of bed, and began to beat She alarmed the neighbors. Smith fled to tbe Woods. He will be lynched if caught ^_________ Vl«e Pr«ild#nt In Worth Carolina. ABBEVILLE, N. C, Marcli 10.—Vice President Stevenson, accompanied by Mrs. Stevenson, arrived Friday from Washington, »nd they are at the Battery Park hotel, where they will remain perhaps » week. The vice president makes the trip for rest. Drownea In • Cistern. KOKOMO, Ind., March 10.—Mrs, Sparks was drowned 12 miles weak 'of" hero. During the absence of her daijfth- ter Mr*. Sparks, who is 78 years oki"M<^ feeble, attempted to draw a pal* ot water from an open ciateru. 8ho in. Her body was found by her ter several hours later. HLt D*«tdM of Married Ufc. JKFFKRSONVIIXX, Ind., March *».— Col. and Mrs. Sylvester Morgam, aaed »2 and 70 respectively, celebrated tfeir Rixtioth wedding anniversary Friday evening. There were 300 guesu preseat No Trace Voaod. JirrERSONTiLLJt, Ind., Ifarci W.— Ho trace has been discovered of the— murderer of Stephen Qeer in this elty. His daughter has found in the ho>ae a burglar sack made of ducking. Value of a Wife's Love. CAJU>O«IA, Ind., Maroh JO.—Jaoses A. Kerr, a wealthy merchant of thisplftee, has brought suit for 915,000 agata»V. Benjamin Simpson, charging him withe_ alienating his wife's afleetions.

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