Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on August 14, 1927 · Page 55
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 55

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 14, 1927
Page 55
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i f afelanU Criotme SUNDAY 4-M JGUSTT4, 1927 iThe New Lowell Jr. High School . . r- . .1 .1 J . 1 M 1 "! ' .... .1 ...1. LI......J iThe Long Home in Requa Highlands Rcqua Highlands centers around the residence of'Mrs. O..F. Long, of the Requa family, who retains this part of the property. The balance of this exclusive Piedmont tract is being marketed by Ralph A Knapp, local realtor. The sites are graced by rare trees and shrubbery. The jract is fully improved. " ' Howard Schroder, notei arekltMt, tT .! m1h -itrt 9f nnvtppntll flue imnwctiva ctriirtnr builder, is carrying out the work. now nearins? completion and will open its doors to students soon . r-i iti 1 f 1 1 11 1 1 I designed the structure. IS afer the first ot the vear. K. w. utrifpeia, weu-Known local Structure Will Open, Soon After the first of Year; Contains 35 Classrooms. NEW LOWELL JR. 1 SCHOOL IS NOW READY i r t t I -J h n :t v If I itl .J 1 J;-' I I l;Jt j j j -o a 111 I iimii ....'!!!:, - .iiamai-n,- i I I I - -"'-- lomg Up Fast Rapid strides are being made in the erection f massive above-around temple of entombment, part Sunset Mausoleum. According to officials of the unit will be ready next month. )f thi 4 1 " ! -efflf J01F1 Suit I BUYS STOCK Announcpment was made today by the Golden State Milk Products company of the purchase of the capital stock of the National Dairy eompany of San Francisco. By the acquisition of this busl- bulCDLS ft fx Ali' ' -1 1U Jt' r.iw LJBSLasES EMM I n ii i nit r n IHAU NAUTILU ness, the Golden State company is following the natural progressive evolution . ot its business as producer, manufacturer and distribu tor of milk and Us products, which has resulted in Its becominif tne largest concern of its kind west of the Rocky mountains, It is pointed out. This 'is in line with the announced policy of the Golden State company of using Its many plants, field operations and selling forces to the fullest extent. The National Dairy company Is one of the old established dailies of San Francisco, "having been formed by an amalgamation of certain pioneer milk concerns in 1912. It has a substantial distribution of milk and cream in San Francisco. ore convenient and adjacent to OAKMORE HIGHLANDS (Convenience to schools and . popping centers is one "jcluty that every man owes J hi family in selecting . a;hbrnesite. r i Oakmore ; Highlands i 4 jvithin easy and convenient 'I ccess of six schools s (This and . other outstanding advantages make Oak-' more Highlands the preferred East "Bay res'iden-'fa'al district j ; ( Drive across the bridge nd make Oakmdre High- lands a stopping point on yowr - Sunday outing you'll enjoy the view and you'll be impressed with its home and profit possibilities. , m Walter HfT T rrk propertr take or follow Kik Bolr rr dtrtel o trmrt. A. W. Kitchen Co. Erecting Plant ,A.,W. Kitchen company, which was recently Awarded a contract for extensions to the sewerage system of the City of Oakland, has started the erection of a plant on the Pier line of the Key System, according to H. P. Bell, engineering executive of the Key System. Dump cars have been brought in, tracks built and all equipment used in the manufacture of concrete for the sewers have been assembled and work will commence within a short time. All materials, including the rock, will be brought in by barge to their plant on the pier to be worked up and distributed from that point. During each year for the past several years there has been an Increase of about 15 per cent in the use of electric signs throughout this country. Construction Work Is On Schedule The work of constructing Sunset Mausoleum is on schedule, accord ing to Fred A. Purner. general manager of this temple of entomb ment. "All - concrete work for Lawn Terrace will be finished this month and then the reinforced floor for Sunset Terrace will be poured. The placing of the marble finish in Lawn Terrace will begin the first part of next month and sections will be completed in a couple of weeks," said Purner. "Those who have visited the big mausoleums pf the European countries and who have seen Sunset Mausoleum under construction declare that this above-ground temple will compare favorably with the European mausolelms, , for beauty," continued Purner. "Another terrace is yet to be erected which will make the building about forty feet higher fhan it is at the present stage of construction." KEW INVENTION TO AID WAI- KERN OIL WORTH MILLIONS A new Kern County oil field that probably will be worth many millions when fully developed, now is being brought in. The new field is on Round Mountain, sixteen miles northeast of Bakersfield. One well brought in has 482 barrels daily, sixteen gravity prouction, it i stated. -.. . VISIT THE SITE "CASAdelViSTA" in OAK KNOLL This beautiful Oak Knoll Gift House is to be built on one-of the hillsides, overlooking the new Oak Knoll Country Club, with an expansive view of the sunny hills and wooded dales stretching eastward, and San Leandro Bay to the west. - ' ' This Little Trip May Be Worth i $ 1 0,000.00 to You ! "Casa del Vista" the wondrous Spanish home, designed by one of California's finest architects, may become yours,' without cost, or any other obligation, guessing or contest. Someone who visits the site of "Casa del Vista," Oak Knoll, today, 'or any day during its construction, will become the owner of this house, lot, title and deed. Drive out today follow the signs. ' DIRECTIONS TO OAK KNOLL ' - By auto: Foothill Boulevard, to Jones Avenue (98th ave.), follow Oak Knoll road signs direct to "Casa del Vista" site. Moraga Road to Mountain Boulevard to Oak Knoll, following road signs to site of "Casa dervista." By train: Southern Pacific 7th St.' line to Jones Ave. (JSth Ave)., meeting free Oak Knoll bug direct U "Casa del Vista" site. E. B. FIELD CO. - 13th and Harrison Streets Oakland 1391 Oak Knoll Office, Elmhurst 4824 "SEE THE SITES OF OAK KNOLLn tj w T.miflfield. we'll known lo- i hniirlop rpnnrts creat proeress toward the' completion of the new Lowell Jr. high scliooi, me mam front of which is on Myrtle street at 14th.' Howard Schroeder, noted Oakland architect, has furnished the design for the impressive structure. . The newt school will contain Sb class rooms, an assembly hall, gym- - ' rr,A VinVB nasium, uum iui suw cafeteria, etc. The cost win oe S270.O0O. It Is scheduled to be completed by the Spring term, when It will be placed in use. A description of the Structure reads: "The design of the Lowell Jr., High school, is TudofHs one of the best examples of that type of arch-itti,rA nseii for school buildings nn he Pacific Coast. There has been careful thought given to the combination of materials, which ha BDOTi Viv fhe lavman. as the building is nearing completion. The choice of materials is me suuem part of all architectural design, he visualized by the architect or someone skilled in that art. The average person win oiten condemn a masterpiece ui muu-tAntna nr. nnnpr hut when the building is constructed and careful ly followed by the arcnueci aur-ing its construction, much surprise will be expressed at he beauty of the building, due to the blending of materials and tneir texture. On the Lowell 'School, a remarkable, combination of color was obtained by the combination of what is Jcnown to the Building Trades aseommon brick and cast stone. The new Lowell Jr. High replaces the old historic frame build ing which has stooa on istn aim Morbo Mtrppta sinrp. Oakland has made rapid strides toward the goal which now seems to oe wimin ner h. Manv fathers and mothers can remember when they proudly hailed tneir new scnooi wt.n nu less feeling than the studentsof the new Lowell will display when they march Into their new quarters goon after, the llrst 01 .me year. Modern fathers are giving more consideration to the requirements of their families in the matter of selecting homesites and less to their own personal needs, in the opinion of J. A. Scofield, of the Walter H. Leimert company, developers of Oakmore Highlands, and one of the pioneers in the ranks ol i.astDay realtors. "In the olden days a man, In selecting a homesite, would exhibit great concern about the location with, relation to his place of business or employment," explained Scofield. "In other words, he was very apt to fix the desirability of a homesite by its proximity to his work. "Today this haa all changed. Invariably the first question asked by a prospective purchaser of a home-site concerns the location of the property" With reference to schools. Following this he asks about hop-plng centers and districts. "Oakmore Highlands Is fortunately within easy access of six schools and this one factor, I believe, has been responsible for a majorlty,of the sales In the tract which have now passed the half million dollar mark." Another factor which prospective home owners take Into consideration, according to Scofield Is the matter of scenic environment. "Today, people who are locating In the Eastbay district seem to realize as never before that they are living In one of the beauty spots of California," he explains. "Realizing this, they seem to feel that there is no particular advantage in living in such a section unless they utilize some of this beauty and make it on ef the assets of their homesite." Mt. Vernon Park Homes To Be Built INDIVIDUALITY OF HOMES IS fill; FACTOR "In many instances the character of the homes being built in a subdivision ia the deciding factor which makes or prevents the sale of property to the individual." Luck is the opinion of the F. F. Porter Company, exclusive selling agents for Le Bon Park, a new home center located one block be yond the junction of Foothill and Hollywood Boulevards, in san leandro. "The high quality of the homes being built by Kenneth C. Martin for sale in Le Bon Park have aided sales here remendously," Robert M. Saylor, treasurer of the Porter Company, said yesterday. "Martin has been building in Le Bon Park since it was first placed on sale a little over a year ago and he has found a ready demand for the homes he has. built. " . "One reason, for that, of -course, is that Martin has built homes ihat are distinctly and individually charming homes that depart obn- sidet-abiy from iHrttattajra.'suTu-' ban bungalow. Some of his homes are Spanish and some are English and Colonial, but there is individ uality about all of them tha. makes them appeal very strongly to those who love beautiful homes. "Many person who have bought property have told us that they were first favorably impressed with '.he high character of the homes they saw being built. They saw how well Le Bon Park lends itself to homes that are out of the ordinary and when they considered these facta and learned that large lots are selling here at much lower prices than are being asked for property without all improvements much farther out, they bought, naturally." CALIFORNIA BUILDING THIRD California ranked third In building during April, being exceeded only by New York and Chicago. I- -fl' (-' -. 1 r-- l mWJ: W1 Geo Thousands of Roses Bl kurGarden rgeCRoeding Motorists and travelers generally are now enjoying one of the most beautiful and remarkable sights of Alameda county the great rose fields at Niles where at this sea-, son of the year millions of blooms afford a profusion of brilliant color. One of the important industries of Alameda county, the nursery business, at' no season of the year attracts more attention frora the sightseer than it does during the height of the blooming period of roses. This year, follow-roses are exceptionally beautiful ing the unusually moist winter, the and are blooming with unusual profusion. In the Niles fields will be found several hundred varieties, ranging from the dwarf Polyantha roses to the strong-growing Hybrid Tea and Hybrid- Perpetuals. While many of these plants being grown and strengthened by modern nursery methods will ultimately find thfitr,.,,, way, ..into ,..Ui.gariefi -of California honres, a large population of them also will go east. The demaftd for quality California roses has each year increased and experience has shown that nowhere, are conditions more favorable to their production than at Niles. From Niles alone more than a quarter of a million two-year old budded rose plants will be marketed this year, and many of them will go in carload lots to various communities in the east. ' Among the finest of the roses now to be seen at Niles are a number of novelties such as the beautiful gojden yellow rose, "Rev. F. Page Roberts," which has bat recently leapt into such great jsopu-larity, the charming Hybrid Tea of brilliant coppery hue known as "Padre," and the attractive "Golden Emblem," the California origination known as "Los Angeles," one of the most beautiful of roses, a flaming pink springing from a Can One Be Too Careful of Their Own Interest? Have you, In seeking the large things, aeglarted the smaller mim? No doubt you have thought, that old' bSMSf Vf sequen, w. .uh p " '"J10 a moJern "at or apartment. We specialize in General Alterations, Additions, Store Fronts Garages, Foundations and Difficult Constructions. W can turn your loss Into profit. Free estimates and advioe. Satisfaction guarantetd. THE ACME BUILDERS Four homes axe being planned and are to be Immediately constructed In Mount Vernon Park. Charles Wilson, secretary of the York Co.. Inc., stated: "Approximately thirty days ago we announced the opening of Mount Vernon Park, and have had a most satisfactory response. We have sold every lot on the West Side of McKiflop road and have just a few remaining on Sheffield street. We till have some choice lots on the east side of McKillop road. "The tract has particularly appealed to the homeseeker who desires to be close In and at the tame time enjoys seclusion. Most of Mount Vernon Park lots are view lota and are being sold on terms." , , Reconstruction Will Commence The reconstruction of a large portion of the trolley on the Pier line of the Key . System , Transit company will commence immediately, according to H. P. Bell, engineering executive of the eompany. Nearly 8000 feet of trolley wire and fixtures for ita installation will be replaced with a new type of material which will be of bronze composition in order to resist the corrosion on ferrous metals caused by the salt air of this section. The reconstruction of the trolley system on the Pier line with this high grade material will greatly decrease the cost of maintenance and also the number of line breaks with the resulting interruptions to service, it is stated. ALFALFA HARVEST VALUABLE The second alfalfa cutting this season in Kern County's half-million dollar hay crop was harvested the last of May. It is estimated that approximately 40,000 tons of alfalfa, will be shipped to the outside Phone Merritt 7001137 East 14th Street, Oakland s. Come Out to Oxford Gardens Today and We Will Show You How You, Too, Can Own One of These Beautiful Homes!!! Modern methods of building and financing Have made the buying of a home almost at easy as buying a car, and have made it much more economical to OWN a Home, than to pay rent. t ' . Let us how you our beautiful English-Norman -r-and French homes, all built with every new idea known to the modern builder. r Studio ceilings with hand stenciled beams, sunken bookcaseg, hooded fireplace with a new kind of tile. Textured walls. Hand-carved woodwork. Tile kitchens done in dainty colors give beauty, while Concealo kitchen cabinets, Servel refrigera- . tors, and inlaid linoleum make them practical, : and entirely up-to-date. Bedrooms, light and gunny, papered and finished, with all the daintiness possible. r Bathrooms finished in colored tile with rubbey shower curtains to match. Heaters, furnaces, and many, many more features are included in these unusual homes. Prices $7250 to $950 ' Terms (Hose to schools, stores and San Francisco and local transportation." J. B. PEPPIN t)wner and Builder ... f By TO REACH OXFORD GARDENS : Drive out Foothill Blvd. to 55th Ave., up 55th Ava. 2 .1 Auto: blocks to Oxford Gardens. By Car: Take 7 car to end of line at Fleming and Madera Ave., walk down Fleming 1 block to 55th Ave, turn right 1 block to Oxford Gardens. 1 i ooming.at Niles golden setting; and the always popular "Mme. Edouard Herriof,'' frequently called "Daily Mall" because to it was awarded the famous gold cup offered by the London "Daily Mail" forjthe best new variety of rose So great is the variety of roses to. be seen at Niles, however, that opinions of. the sightseers vary as! to which is the most beautiful, the question of preference In such matters always being one of individual taste. ' The Impression carried away by those who have visited the rose fields Is one of a great, endless profusion of color stretching far toward the horizon with a most picturesque background of palms and rolling hills, with Mission Peak in the distance. The suggestion was recently mad that an official rose, or at least a characteristic color of rose, be adopted by the state of Califor-.Pja,., , J'GoIden.noses.'' owauthbrffy said, "would unquestionably be the most appropriate. In Portland Oregon, the sidewalks- are lined with Mme. Caroline Testout, and practically every garden has out or more bushes of this variety. This rose Is a beautiful shell pink, and It Is'largely due to this variety that Portland has become recognized as the Rose City. 'I would like Tery much to yellow roses made the outstanding color In the California rose gardens,.: thus coupling up the name of the Golden State with the golden t low er. In my opinion, there is nothing which will compare with th rose for this purpose." NEW ICE PLANT FOR FRESNO A new modern $40,000 Ice plant recently has been completed in Fresno. It. Is fully equipped' with electrical appliances for the manufacture of ice, and th first unit, capable of 'producing twenty tons of ice daily, was put In operation July 1. The second unit probably will be completed this winter Real Estate Loans OF VALUE New apu, flat, home. Ao Refinancing:. MAXIMUM LOANS, SUOO.OOO. Prompt service; liberal appraisals; . rates reasonable. Gix different elasses of loam to meet your requirements. Loans made In- all cities having' popu-itlon SO00 or over. . S( 1H. Uomm,' Mgtt Loan Dept. Tucker -McEMnney Co. 430 17th St. Lakeside S300. All Glass and Glazing for th Lowell Junior High School furnished by EAST BAY GLASS COMPANY 369 Fifth Street Vistrtbutors of Allison Steel Sash and Dexo Copper Construction Phone LakwWe 3004 HOWARD SCHRODER ARCHITECT on the Lowell Junior High School 354 Hobart Street. Oakland ... . .. Phone Clencourt 7852 Sheet Metal Work and Kalamien Doors for the Lowell Junior High School ' C" Installed by EDGAR W. ANDERSON v- Sfieef Metal Contractor 3103 San Pablo Avenue. Oakland Phone Piedmont 736$ Plumbing, Ventilating and Heating owell Junior High School Installed by ,.f GEO. A. SCHUSTER 21rt and Grove Streets, Oakland Phone Lakeside 2736 DOWN 'TOWN CORNER STORE - Tyialfth tod foank&j Streets " ' Open to lease at reasonably rental for right tenant. This busy corner suitable for drugs, bakery, radio, etc For further details tee A. J. SLAGHt. TRIBUNE TOWER market this year.

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