Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 4, 1954 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 4, 1954
Page 8
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HOM STAR, HOM, ARKANSAS Thursday, November 4, 1954 1 .'„ IW is constantly ned»of the develop^ .drugs and of fient'rfcraisVaie. iStrrffjLi _•. f .tf * ;e With' him to t, Vte StOCk IW v.s«5«="ii"-s«"lW l . fon drugs rfSwm'iaSKihaiiufactUrers ad- •ftttt their availability. •/ means e cj-'reseriye 'prompt- rteV<ineaication that , his pa- you fm* -benefit, mg compelled to new. medication Phone 7-2292 < '"^^ «,' u&Oii Mt tti.68.lt „ SftOcKVAfcOS, 8,580; active, un . =,«.,« «vfife ISO lb fully 25 higher »aft yeesttatiay's average; lighter Vis, 25 to 30 or more higher; UW3 Steady to 2S hleher; cholee fifl-260 lb bat-rows and gilts 19.25* ),* largely 16 56 down; mostly Dolce NO. 1 and 2 190-225 lb 19.65- S< most 150-1«0 !H 19.SO-V5; sows M Ifa dcwrl 117S-18 25; heavier i^OO-llf.SOj bdars 12.50'1.00. ^r>*l& 2,800, calves 800; demand ood for good end choice steers ri»d> butcher yearlings v/lth hoice 26'23-i626; high choice arid Aiders attd hettera 25-50.....„, little done oh lower grades; eafcness in bids on lightweight s; cows slow; some initial aie»> steady but mairtly on utility nd eomrnerclal grades at 9.00- 2.CO; \ bulls and vealers un- inngcfi 1 , utility and commcriilfll mils 1^00-13.00; canncr and cuter bUlls\B.60-10.60; good and choke eealers \ 1100*23.00; high choice id fcrlm*' 24.00-25.00; commercial id low 'g'ood vealers 12.00-10.00; ttle ,done '(On slaughter calves, hcep l,30b ( : lambs opening teady; earl\v sales choice and rime 20.50-iM.OO; only (relattvey kia'part of.' run sod; scattered ? g P ood a«a choice 1« 50-2010; ;aughtor ewds 3.00-4.00, uck 3.00 , INSURANCE.. AT A SAVINGS • Fire ^ • Torno'do • Automobile VOftK StOCKS NfiW ¥6RK (A The Stock jtfafket advafftred moderately today, adding additional gains to the btrong fdrWard surge triggered by election results yesterday. Many major divisions had substantial gains today running to between 1 and 2 points. Losses were small, and no section of the list was depressed. the sieel section displayed a lot of bounce With gains going to bd- tWeeh 1 and 2 points. Motors were mixed. Rubbers had large gains of between 1 and 2 points, but they were quiet. Aircraft were higher. NEW Y6RK COTTON NEW YORK Wi Cottoti futures were lower today under moderate pressure of hedging and liquidation. Higher crop ideas and a slower than expected movement of cotton into the government loan influenced selling. Late afternoon prices were 10 to 45 cents a bale lower than the previous close. Dec. S4.32. March 24.70 and May 34.98. Coopef May Be Named WASHINGTON m s"efi. John Shermari Cooper, Kentucky Republican defeated for re-election by former Vice Presideht Alb on Bstkley, is being discussed in dip* Ibmatic circles as a possible U. S. ambassador to India. The name of Mrs. PranWin D. Roosevelt also has bobbed up in speculation. Most guessing, however, is that the post will go to a Recublican. The present ambassador, careet" diplomat George V. Allen, is en' route back to New Delhi after consultations at the State Dapattment where he. was informed he is to be reassigned. Lion Earnings Show Increase • Casualty\ LEONARD ELLIS Insurance, Agency , 108' last Second \ -Phone 7-2221 \ POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO W Llvepottltry tteody on hens; barely steady on young stock; receipts 901 coops (yesterday 1.348 coops; 278,324 Ib; FO.B. paying prices unchanged; heayy hens 16-19; light hens 12-14. fryers and broilers 23-25; old roosters 12-12.5; caponettes 28-30; young hen turkeys 34-35. Butter steady; receipts 541,050: wholesale -buying prices unchanged to >/ 2 higher; 93 snore AA 57.5; 92 A 57.25; 90 B 50.25; 89 C 55.2; cars ;90 B7; 8 C 5.75. Eggs w'cak; receipts 8,270; •wholesale buying prices .unchanged to 2>/ 2 lower, U.S. large whites J40.; . mixed 37.5; U.S. mediums 1235; U.S. standards 28; current receipits 235; dirties 19; checks receipts 23.5; dirties 19; ch e cks 18.5. . .EL DORADO, Ark. (UP) Lion Oil company officials today 'announced earnings for the first nine months of 1954 at $7,587,825* or $2.45 per share, up $137,5)15 and four cents per share over the same period last year. Net -income- after taxes for the third quarter of 1954 was $1.521,525, cr 49 cents per share, as against $2,204,052 or 71 cents per share for the same quarter last year. Company spokesmen said Lion's new chemical installation in New Orleans was not reflected in the quarterly, earnings, .since it manufactures seasonal agricultural chemicals now being stored for fall and spring sale. . GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO Stren g th in wheat and corn took the play away from soybeans on the.Chicago Board of Trade today. '." Discouraging planting prospects in the 1 sdft winter wheat area and' cohtinued-dryneSs - in the Southwest aided <the bread crop. A gov- ernment'report on corn conSump- ion indications in the new feed ng season was. encouraging in .that crop. Wheat closed lVz-2 cents high er, ' December $2.23-, corn was 1 i/ 4 -l bettor,. D • e Member : $1.58 1 /.\1/8, oats were •'%-% higher, December 82, and rye was Va to 1 cent lower, December $1.35V4. Soybeans were l'/4 to' 3 cents lower, November $2.19'/4-$2.91. Wheat: None. Corn: No. 1 yellow lake 1.55; No 2 yiillow 1:56; No. 3 1.48-54%; No 4 1.41J/4-48 l A; No. 5 1.34i/ 4 -40'/2; No 3 White 1.52 Soy beans: No. 3 yellow 2.80-83^ track Chicago. Oats: No. 1 heavy white' 88Yz'< No 4 heavy 85>/ 2 ' ' Barley : nbminal :Maltirig choice 131-52; feed 1.10-25.' Madison in Complete Party Switch HUNTSVII.LE Iff) Democrats made a clean sweep in Madison County the home of Democrat Orval Faubus but normally Republican territory. In complete unofficial returns, the Democrats wrested control ol seven county offices from the Re- publicaijs while putting back in. office the only incumbent Democrat. An incumbent Republican also lost ih the race for state represents live. Governor-elect Faubv.s piled up a big majority over Republican nominee Pratt fiemmel as expect ed, getting 3,474 votes to Remmol'i 1,462. * But the surprising Democratic Victories in county races were gained generally by slam majori- "iCs. The largest majority was at- ;ained by the Only incumbent Democrat, Assessor J. B. Haythorn, who polled 2.987 votes to 1,934 fof J. C." Ewing. Here are the results from otho Madison .races, with Democrats winning in every case where Republicans had occupied the positions previously: County representative to the state legislature: Roy Pettit 2,585. incumbent N. D. Keathamn 2,227. County Judge; W. J. Ledford, 2,- C84, Ewell E. Boys 2.263 Sheriff: Noah Leatham 2,702, incumbent W. F..Parsons 2,201. Treasurer: J O Fowler 2,4|79, »» ^itJiAA*! ^« .•.•>-* i» *»-•» / x^-*.ni-j HI1U Illicit Lilt- *_VJJ 111 t*^. V crats called on the administration j can't stop it anyway. :oday to back water on the Dixon- Change Dixon, Yates Deal, Democrats Ask WASHINGTON (UP) Demo- would then vote tc waive a legal requirement which otherwise would delay signing the contract until it has lain before the new Coiv gress nor 30 days. Cole rejected Democratic complaints against the contract, terming it in "the public interest. He said no good can come of delay and that the contract's opponents Yatos deal in light of the election retut ns. The contract, ready and wait ing for signature, calls for . the Dixon-Yatcs power combine com- COL.LISION FATAL TO MAN FAYETTEVJLLE G. Brown, 67. died last l Walter night aft- at an er a collision of two can intersection here. Brown was a passenger in- a tar driven by Carl Y. Appcll of Fayetteville. Appell, his wife, anJ Brown's wife were uninjured. #s was the driver of the other car, Mrs. Maxine Neal of Spnngdale, Ark. . .*....». .uixon-iaics power i;umuinc- i.w»n- Otherwise, th?y warned, the con- [prosing Middle South Utilities, Inc.. oververfial power contract will and the Southern Co. to build a w and the Southern Co. to build a be "thoroughly ventilated' 1 when |s.i07. 000,000 steam-operated It is 21,600 nautical miles around the earth at the equator. Thursday, November 4,1954 HOP! SfAt, MOM, AUKANSAI they take charge of the House and ating Senate on Jan. 5. The Democrats hinted they may try to block ii t if necessary, ty withholding funds. Republican backers of the contract said this woxild not be practical. Meanwhile, the Atomic Energy Commission, apparently damant, formally laid before Congress its recuiCEt for authority to sign the contract at once. The Joint Congres aional Atomic Energy committee was called into session today to consider the request. Chairman W.' Sterling Cole H- N.Y.) said he saw no reason why the committee should not wind up it study of the contract by tho end of the week. He predicted it gener- plant on the bank of the Mississippi ai West Memphis, Ark. The plant would reduce 600,000 kilowatts annually for delibery to the Tennessee Valley Authority as replacement for a like amount of of power which TVA would deliver to an aec plant at Paducah, MOTHERS .&SSEMS ot&nge fi. a " voted aspirin. Buy H today Buy H today. \j*n" . tn.-iA.»* World's Largest Selling Aspirin For jMore^ FRIDAY NIGHT 11:00 P.M. THE. STAGE incumbent Charles Samples 2415 Circuit Clerk and recorder: Rex Bowlin 2590 incumbent Ms. Norma Chancellor 2324. Probate clerk: Charles Whorton 2,776. Esse Barker 2,092m Coroner: Dr. Charles Beeby 2,757, Dillard Reeves 2,037. Surveyor: Sid Simmons 2,597 James Turner 1,879. Serving You Since 1896 FREE DELIVERY — DIAL 7-4431 BEST SELECTION OF MEATS IN TOWN '«SS83S atofci DELICIOUS STEAK C OUR RETAIL •; ;• , ,;« i: ,*i v ,'*'*'-., <i\ P T \it i, i •> r -<\ ferV" $c i ^ , "* A'llf 1 !/*'^ *'^ ^.1'ffe/^'i'yi—i^ j ( i ^4^ f^J J I r i? Mte| CU7 700D eOSTS onrAT sweer MILK MEATY Lbs. ON THE SCREEN • « • PURE GROUND Lbs. REPHAN'S Pricfes Good AH Week Lb. You'll won* to shop Rephan's this week-end for these and many other outstanding values. Things for. the entire family at prices you will like. Shop and_ save. ' .;> '%•• DELICIOUS Lb. RIB AND SHOULDER Lb. Lb, Lb. Lb. Dox. 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Mr. and Mrs. Earl Downs of Magnolia, announce the arrival of a son, Ben Davis, on November 2. Mrs. Downs is the former June Wilson of Hope and Spring Hill. The maternal grandmother is Mrs. Ben Wilson of Spring Hill. The paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Downs of Bodcaw. Pat Cleburne Chapter of the U. D. C. will meet Thursday, November 4, at 2:30 p.. m. in the home uf Mrs. Graydon Anthony. The Hope of the United Hospital Notes Big Triple Program! Filmed in Thrilling COLOR! Council of Church Women will meet | Friday, November 5, at 2:30 at the First Methodist Church. The' program theme. "Building Lasting Peace"' will be carried out in a pageant and panlomine which has been planned by Mrs. W. E. Tolleson. Mcsdames Crit Stuart, Jr.. and C. V. Nunn, Jr., will present the worship program, and special music will be rendered by Mrs. Haskell Jones. Women o£ all denominations are invited to attend and are asked to bring "Parcels of Peace" consisting of warm clothes for destitute children, and household linens and blankets for homeless people and refugees. LLOYD BRIDGES VERA MILES * ALSO » Life i'n the High Sierras! ROBERT YOUNG Marguerite Chapman "Relentless" Technicolor! Chapter 9 of Serial "MANHUNT IN THE AFRICAN JUNGLE" & Color Cartoon Tuesday November 9 Members o£ the Lilac Garden CJub of DeAnn will meet in the club room Tuesday, November 9, at 2 p. m. for 'their November meeting. Hostesses will be Mrs. Elslon is and Mrs. Lylc Arnold. Arrangements will be a Thanksgiving .able centerpiece. Feels Cancer Victim Should Be Told Fate The Business Woman's Circle of the First Baptist Chuhch will meet Tuesday, November 9, at 7:45 p. m. in the home of Mrs. Clyde Osburn, 405 S. Greening. All members are urged to attend. Friday November 5 The Kose Garden Club will meet Friday, November 5, at 3 p. m. in the home of Mrs. W. B. Mason, 311 North Pine. Co-hostesses are Mrs. Cecil Biddle and Mrs. Harry Shiver. Branch Discharged: Mrs. Harse Vines. Jr., Patmos, Mrs. Cecil Delaney and baby girl, Hope, Mr. Joe Hargis, Rt. 4, Hope, Mr. Doyle Jones. Emmet. Julia Chester Admitted: Mr. France Andres, Emmet. Clemmie Stuart, Rt. 1, Hope, Jake Ogden, Rt. 1, Hope. Discharged: Raymond J. Moates, Hope, Elizabeth Smith. Fulton. Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Sowards, McCaskill have a son born at 9:13 p. in. Tuesday. Severe and Clemmie Stuart, Rt. 1, Hope have a daughter born at 5:30 a. m. Wednesday. Miss Ray Hostess to Melody Maids The Melody Maids met in the home of Kay Ray on Saturday morning, with .the president, Sue Hicks, presiding. Marion McQueen gave the study on Rosemary Clooney, and presented the following program: vocal duet, Sue Cook and Mary Char- lenc Horton; piano solo, Kay Ray. The government of Chile has arranged for feeding school children with bread which is 10 per cent odorless fish flour. . WASHINGTON <^> A panel in- eluding three doctors, two clergymen and a lawyer Inclines to the view that at least a majority of pcrsonr should be told when they have cancer. The question was discussed at a symposium yerterday at the closing session of a joint meeting o! the District of Columbia and Virginia state medical societies. Here's a summary of the panel- sis' views: The Very Rev. Francis B. Sayre dean of Washington Episcopal Cathedral: Except for cases where there might bs a psychological complication, all patients should bo told because "there may be vast consolation in facing the truth, with God's help." Dr. Owen Wagcnstcen, professor of surgery, University of Minneso ta Medical School? Doctors- can - "contlnue to tilt at windmills — in this day and age we fail in oui 1 responsibility (as doctors) if we fail to tell a patient .if he ha cancer." Jeweler Kills One ef Two Holdup Men DF.TROlf I* A Detroit jeweler killed one holdup man and wounded another yesterdajr in a blazing gun battle on busy East Jefferson Avenue. Albert Blume, 46, the jeweler was wounded himself in the ex change of shots. He said the men had robbed his store and a customer of more than $300 and left him bound with tape n a back room. He broke his bonds, grabbed a gun from the store and started in >ursuit of the gut 1 men,, whom h ipicd darting around a corner. He opened fire when the surprise wounds. Wmiartk'tSb tmrbah DoSi-born, police prisoner ift tal $ith an arm t0 °T K HE V ®U^ Open 6 days A After 6 atn ttl6 VrtH««j>i* 1 JB**«j:; Latest Half Styilnj Phone ?-SBSO" Ruth Hoelstiheif Dr. Arthur M. Sutherland, psychiatrist of New Yotk's Me mortal Center tor Cancer ,and A led Diseases: "I'm or two mindsj People with cancer differ. To say that all should be told the truth presupposes a standard patient with a standard cancer, which isn't the case." He said he believed knowledge should be withheld from people who might possibly commit suicide, have feelings of "guilt," or who might be of the,type which "believes that surgery spreads can- Sleepless Ni ™* Often Due to fV IlKIt tklUIIf f AUllCblUIl HIU' foll.a complain of nntrttlritft fiches, dtelness and los* Oil Don't suiter restless night* comforts it reduced kUoSf ling you down-du<5 to VtfcH as stress nnd strata, oviir-fe«, sure to cold. Minor bUddtr, I to cold of wrong diet Mfty '* ntgliU or frequent luLisfiB* Don't ncgUet your klilat tlons bother you. Try D6« diuretic. Used aucceaifu!ly. oy. muii over BO years. It's amaittist hdtf MM Bonn's give huppy relief from thmC fortfl-hclptliclSmllesofkldneytUl* ten (lush out wtuto. CetDoan'a Va i / Several sung by Monday November 8 The Beacon Class of the First Baptist Church will meet Monday, November 8, at 7:30 p. m. with Mrs. Russell McClaih, 502 East 14th street, for a business and social meeting. Mrs. Bob Massingill will be co-hostess. group, accompanied by Mrs. B. C. Hyatt, the sponsor. Irene Thornton gave an item of musical interest. The hostess, assisted by her mother, Mrs. Leo Ray. served a Halloween plate to 22 members and two guests, Harriet Ann Story of Minclcn, La., and Saly Hardcgree, H»er member. The Woman's 'Society of Chris- ,lian Service of the First Methodist. ! Church will meet Monday, Novem- iber 8, at 2 p. m. in the sanctuary iof the church. Mrs. J. C. Carlton I will give, the devotional and the SUPER Notice The Country Club "open house" scheduled following the football game on Friday night has been cancelled. FRESH PORK C DELICIOUS SIRLOIN STEAKS DIAL 7-4616 or 7-4617 We Give Eagle Stamps Your Extra Savings ON SALE THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY . Three Big Money Saving Days Fri v Sat., Mon. - BOYS HEAVY UNIONS Regular $1.29 • MEN'S HEAVY JACKETS Regular $12.95 LADIES These 'ore 1 98c $9.88 DOUBLE BLANKETS Big Double 5% Wool S 1 C Lb. DELICIOUS STEAKS Lb. 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