Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on December 21, 1926 · Page 43
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 43

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 21, 1926
Page 43
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T Combined Wire Mew Service, Associated Press, United Press, and Consolidated Press . " PAGE 44 TUESDAY, DEC 21, 1926 lOTHERSHIT 'fll I - NIP,HT' flLL II UN I DICE KAILS Contra Costa Revel? That Last Until Dawn, Draw .tl n( A 1 omA a frmntv- $coreL Says P.-T. Protest 80,000 Yule Trees Used Here 75 To15 Turkeys Will Feed Oaklanders Tent-Grown Grapes Aid Feast MARTINEZ. Der. 21. Charpes ' that the youth of Alameda co-unty T hre belnp drawn away from their . homes on aH-nipht parties at Contra Costa public dances, which ara operating in violation of a ."county ordinance, -were filed with the board of supervisors here ttv flay. The charges are contained in . a resolution sipned by Mrs. T. C. Kendall, president of -the Orinda Parent-Teachers' Association, and ' Mrs. E. M. Good, chairman of the Juvenile protection committee, both of the Mi. Diablo Federation Of Parent-Teachers' Associations. 'The charpes are the outprowth ; f a complaint filed with the coun-ctl of the Mt. Diablo federation, according' to word received here, by mothers of Alameda county boys and girls, who have charged that their- children, not satisfied with - dancing until midnipht in Alameda ounty dance halls, are driving on to Contra Costa county, where .- dances are conducted until 3 o'clock in the morning. k After considerable discussion at' St recent meeting Mrs. Kendall and ' Mrs. E. M. Good drafted a resolu- tiori which charpes that the dances ' are violating an ordinance which prohibits dances after 1 o'clock in ' the morning when supper is nerved and after midnipht where no- supper is offered by the management of the dance. The dances are conducted until such a late hour, the women charpe. that the youns ioiks ait auwui nviii Lue-ii homes during the entire night. J. H. Wells, county clerk of Contra Costa county, to whom the resolution was mailed, said today that the women are acting under a misunderstanding as to the Lrue facts of the case. "There is no ordinance prohibiting dances after 1 o'clock in ,. the morning," Wells said. "Any person who conducts a well-managed dance hall is permitted to have dancing after 1 o'clock; in fact, until 3 o'clock if the per- f mission of the board of supervisors is-obtained. Otherwise the dances : may be held until 1 o'clock. There , is nothing in the ordinance about suppers or 12 o'clock closinp." . No particular dance hall was named in the discussion before the women's meeting, it was learned today, nor would the club officials reveal the source of the reports or the mothers who complained con- , cerning their children's attendance at the dances. . II' D C ax II.'II r tr A jJCUil VV III DC Buried Thursday funeral services will be held in Oakland Thursday at 2:30 p. m. for j XV. R. Scott, president of the South- ; era Pacific lines in Texas and Louisiana,' who died in Los Angeles yesterday while on his way to Berkeley to spend Christmas with relatives. The services will take place at Allston avenue, which was 8cott's home address during his -residence in Oakland. Interment ' will be in Mountain View Ceme- '. tery- Scott collapsed in the Los Angeles offices of the Southern Pacific and was taken to a hospital. He - .--was pronounced dead on arrival. He was 66 years old. A son. George i .:'. Scott, a sister, Mrs. Joseph Beamer i and a sister-in-law. Mrs. Mary Cojt-, page, all of Berkeley, survive him Down in Oakland's produce market, where men with pockets filled with sharp lead pencils are forever dipglnig, strange facts out of piles of figures, it was learned today that Oakland hasn unheard-of number of Christmas' trees. Thirty-one carloads, besides those shipped in by motor truck, have been received. With this total of nearly 80,000 trees, divMed into the. estimated populatiWf 307.000, it appears that one out of every four persons has a Christmas tree. San Francisco, being a place populated more heavily by apartment dwellers, received only 2 6 carloads of trees. Four carloads of wreaths catnip to Oakland, while, another stranpe feature of the holi- day produce was the abundance of luscious fresh grapes. The grapes, several carloads of them, .came fiom Fresno county where they are grown under canvas, an innovation in viniculture started by Koreans, produce mer'.. chants say. The varieties are known as Kmperors, Muscats and Fresno Beauties. But prapes and Christmas trees alone do not make a Christmas. Oakland requires, besides, 275 tons of 'turkey, between 20 and 25 tons of pee.s'e and ducks, 15 tons of chickens, five tons of suckling pigs and a few hundred odd tons of other viands. But the number of Christmas trees is more than double received here at any previous Yuletide, it is decla red. Beverly Hills Film Stars Welcome His Honor, Mayor Will Rogers LOS ANGELES. Dec. 21. The Who's Who" of filmdom went on parade todav to welcome home "His Honor" Will Ropers, the newly elected mayor of Beverly-Hills. Headed by Doug Fairbanks and other heavy taxpayers of the aristocratic movie town. Rogers' cor-stituency gathered at the Santa Fe station here to greet the "rope twistin' wise cracker" as he alighted from his train. The firemen's 40-piece band was on hand also, together with officials of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, who have demanded a statement of policy from the lecturing gum chewer before allowing him to be officially inaugurated. Promminent among the greetert. was Raoul Walsh, famous film director, who carried in his pockets a batch of recall petitions which he planned to circulate immediately after the inauguration ceremonies. Walsh took exception to Ropers' telegraphic declaration he would enforce in Beverly Hills the age-old California blue laws, which forbid such things as Sunday golf and pinochle. The cowboy politician also wired his constituency while en route here that he would not go ahead with the inauguration until guaran teed a certain salary, which he will donate to "the poor people in Beverly who haven't got a bridle path or a swimming pool." This only affects one resident, however, it was pointed out by Rogers' backers, and a nwaere saiarj m be sufficient to cover his wants. Rogers urged that any star unable to attend the inauguration send his double. 'If Charlie Chaplin can't come, send one of his boys." the lasso expert wired. "And don't po in with Los An-peks until you hear from me." he added, referring to agitation to annex Los Angeles to Beverly Hills. S. F. Woman to Adopt Baby Left With Millionaire Child, on Tay Back to Idaho, Expected to Return to Home Here, ,-. Mrs. W. A. Kendall. 175 West-wood drive, San Francisco, is preparing today to adopt two-year-old Lucille Oberlander, who was abandoned in the home of H. H. Hart of Berkeley- last Wednesday and later claimed by Mrs. Ethel Sheldon. Mrs. Kendall yesterday informed the Berkeley police that she contemplated adoption of the deserted baby. Mrs. Sheldon has returned to her home at Twin Falls, Idaho, with the child, where Mrs. Kendall hopes to communicate with her. Mellett Case Informer Branded as 'Judas' COURTHOUSE, CANTON. Ohio , Dec, 21. Steve Kascholk. state river in Humboldt and Siskiyou OO trial for the reprisal murder of Don R. Mellett, was branded- a "Judaa". today by the defense. ;'. Kascholk tried to sacrifice the life of McDermott, the chum of his boynoocMn Nanty Glo, Pa., for a share in the rich reward offered for conviction of the assassins of the crusading editor, Harry J Pettit, who occupied an adjoining cell in the workhouse here, testi- lied today for the defense. You Stop at Mulkey's If you want to save time ... and make your money go a long ways put your Christmas buying problems right up to us. We have the goods carefully chosen, rightly priced, iust waitir.p for your stamp of approval. Make yourself at home as long as you likes come in. Company to W ork Placers on Klamath SACRAMENTO. Dec-. 20. Development of 140 acres of placer mining clainis on the Klamath rivej tn Humboldt and Siskivou counties is contemplated by the Orleans Gold Mining 'Jompany. Jnc. of Los Angeles, according to a report to Clifford .1. MacMillan, "r- poratten com: iw-ioiier, in asking .. permit to i.sv a part of i s f-api-tu stock. The mining claims now are owned by William Jj. McK nl-rlck, but will be ex -iingt'i by him in return for $2."i.ijoo worth "f iht company stork. The claims .r- said to be Jocated near producing prop- . erUer. Plenty of Parking Space for Your Car No parking limit near our main store . . . leisurely look over our lovely spreads, pillows, blankets, comforters, robes, pictures, mirrors, lamps and bric-a-brac. You will be delighted. Open Evenings Until Christmas CREDIT FOR THE ASKING MulkeyMhttress (o ''California's W ide-Awake Sleep House" E. 12th St at 6th Ave. 3320 E. 14th St. ! -' Tribune Thanked By Bay Teachers Editor TRIBUNE: " We wish to thank you most cordially for the bileiiiii publicity Which you have given to the 1-if-teenth Annual Institute of the California Teachers' AsooiU-iion fbay fiction), which closed on Lin -n -fcer 16th. It was a splendid piece of fork. Very cordiaHv,, vours, ' E. G G RIDLEY, , Bay secret jl ry. . Your Eye Bother You? Lett need changing. ion dak, 58 or Appointment CriAS. H.Wood V Stvn Tmc Winkino Eve - HEADQUARTERS FOR XMAS SLIPPERS 0 I n i Double GREEN STAMPS ALL DAV WEDNESDAY, DEC. 22ND WITH EVEKV PCRC&ASE ROYAL SHOE CO. Corner Washington and 13th St$., Oakland c t. y. Largest Stock of for DANIEL GREEN COMFY SLIPPERS ri OLD CHAflOT SITE ASKED AS NEW PARK Board Proposes to Raze Building if Title Is Vested in Them; Would Oust Quarters of School Heads If the Oakland Park Board has title to the old Chabot Observa tory building' in Lafayette Park, Eleventh and Grove street, the buildingr will be razed and the site parked. This is the answer Riven to the Board of Education, which recently characterized the old building as unsiphtly in a demand that the park authorities paint the build-inp. In the event the building: is wrecked the school board, which has used it as headquarters since moving the observatory to' Leona Heights, will have to find other quarters. Drinker Spurns Freedom When ; Pledge Asked JDICHMOND, Dec. 21. John Evancich, of Humboldt county would rather go to jail for thirty days than' take the pledge. He demonstrated this yesterday in Police Judge , Odell's court where he was arraigned on a charge of intoxication. "Promise to stop drinking and I will discharge you," eaid the court. "Not as long as tftey grow grapes in California," said Evan-rich. . "Thirty days," said the court. PLANS FOR J HIGH III PASSED Saratoga Woman Accidentally Shot SARATOGA, Dec. 21. Mrs. E. F. Valdez, 3B, was badly wouVided In the left hand when the revolver she was cleaning was accidentally discharged at her home ner here yesterday. The bullet entered the palm of the hand and ranged outward, injuring the thumb. Mrs. Vald'-z was removed to the Santa Clara County hospital for treatment. Barring the possibility of infection in the wound, sh is in no danger. Preliminary Draft' of Golden Gate School Specifications Approved as Old Building Held Dangerous The second unit of the new Golden Gate Junior high school was among the four sets of preliminary plans approved this morning by the board of education, along lines suggested by Construction Superintendent W. E. Whalin. The other plans included those for the two structures which will replace the present Grant school on Broadway, and an addition to Rock Ridge school. The arrival of the Golden Gate plans comes close on the heels of last week's protest by residents of the Golden Gate district, who complained that the old school is now, so rickety that it is becoming dangerous. Cough Costs Bootleg Joint Buyer $1500 TMCHMOND, Dec.. 21. Local . 7' police are investigating a coaghing fit which cost John Maricivich $1500. Maricivich was to invest- $1500 in the purchase of a prosperous "bootlegging joint'' in Richmond. He -entrusted the money to one of the men. Immediately the stranger was taken with a terrific cough and excused himself to go into a drug store to pro-core some cough drops. The other man made an excuse to leave for a minute also. Maricivich is stiH waiting for them to return. Argentina Plans to Boycott U. 5. Goods BUENOS AIRES, Dec. 21. A campaign aimed at eventually plac ing a boycott upon American merchandise in Argentine in retailia- tion against the American tariff barrier ftas been started here. The newspaper La Naclon published today a bitter attack on the United States in -an editorial with the sarcastic headline "Pan-American ism." CITY HARBOR! FTS.Sim mm a if w a ska RICHMOND, Dec. 2l.-ShOwinsj the first profit in a lor serial operation of the municipal wnfTe under the management of the Parr Terminal corporation netted tha city and Ihe Parr firm $1372.18 during November. The sum will be divided equally,, under the termor of the lease recently granted by the city. Terminal Agent C. H. Engle's report to the city council listed 86S0 tonnage handled at .Richmond wharf No. 1 during .the months bringing a gross revenue qi $4574.17. ' Expense amounted to $3202.04. Los Gatos C. of C, Delegate Returns LOS GATOS, Dec. 21. Ms..I. L. 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