Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on December 19, 1926 · Page 27
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 27

Oakland, California
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Sunday, December 19, 1926
Page 27
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Da&IanD Crftiune DECEMBER 1 i aid FM SUNDAY Alll AKG EIGHTH GRADE lii HOOP SEMI - FINALS Cleveland . and - Sequoia. LWilL Clash forEastsIdc t .Championship of Class C; Dewey , Loses All But One. : ByJANEGRE. Not ill the close scores and thrilling moments of the game were cohfified to the" junior high basketball circuit during the closing week of school Both the sixth and eighth schools .provided their share of. exciting contests in several sectional and semifinal games. . jThe' AV B and Cf teams from Cleveland won those three aeries in spectacular performances from Bella Vista and Mc-Chesney which gave them the sectional leadership. The A and;B teams will play Hawthorne and the C team will play Sequoia -for eastside .championship. Vinton Stratton and Kenneth Jones of the class B Cleveland team, playing Bella Vista, de spite their very tew years and mini ature height, showed as players or first-caliber. The game was Tea tured by their shrewd team work, and Vinton via .high score man with eight points, TSnd Kenneth four. The score was 12-2, Sixth Grade Hoop, Finals Eliminated All city final ames this aea-' eon have been eliminated from the sixth rrada circuit and teams win Ding sectional games will be rivals for east fr west aide titles, and the ." winners or'sucn games wm o awarded their, championship cards. ' Great won two notable victories early in the week in the first round at the series, one from the Invincible Lafayette class K quintet and one from the Cole class B team. The' lead, however.' faded later in the week when the losing rival ! teams turned the tables and cap-tured the second and third games whieh gave Cole the sections! honors in the A and C series and La- ' fayette the lead -in the B and D ; classes! 5"'.-' : Sequoia' t'qok' a much harder j game than the score indicate from I Hawthorne in the second round of the '. series In which Rudolph Almasy and Lino Piccardo scored ! an 8-1 victory for their team. They ' then took the third game from. ; Dewey, thereby taking the class C ; series in that section and, as previ- ' ouely mentioned, will oppose Cleve- 1 land for east side championship. 5 Dewey Class D':.' $(yl. f I Only Team to Win : Dewey lost in all but the class D S series; which they captured from ; Hawthorne by" an overwhelming J score. They will play Bella Vista - or Jefferson for the, east side title I when the tournament restarts after . the holidavs... a ' rt Lafayette: administered "one of ; the two defeats that Emerson suf-i , fered in any series in the tourney to ' date by snatching a 4-0 riqtory on the t-UisB VT-circuit," but 'tha. series i .went to'Bmersoir by-rirtoe of; a I 6-0 triumph over Washington and f also same -that; waa forfeited by the same school. The -only other defeat that marred the - Emerson record was Jn the class A series' when they lost to. Peralta,-sB-2, and incidentally; dropped tha series tq ; that school.; Emerson holds the B. C and D sectional victories, and Kill oppose Cole and Lafayette for west side supremacy. . , The series of rival contests between 1 the west side eighth grade ' schools provided., keen competition X throughout! the ? week. Probably 5 ,; among no other schools in the elty ; does there exist a greater friendll-' ness of spirit than between these t four groups, of playground athletes. ! To meet on the field of .battle is but to resume play In an atmosphere ' that radiates tha real Joy of com- bat. Like all young America at I play, they take their game seriously i but they not only, think, they know, ' ! that clean fcportemanship is the best pollcty, ahd furthermore they pro-! ceed'to. do a very) thorough job, of , 1 . practicing- ..;;., V- Durant Wins Class A Westside Title On the . courts at Durant 'the , home boys in all classifications op- . posed Lincoln. Piedmont Avenue ( and Longfellow. Everett O'Brien I and Maynard Gooby, assisted by ex- I eellent .work -on the part of the I whoie team, gave the. Durant class I A hoops t ere a- 10-4 victory over t v Longfellow in the first game of the I series.'. . Susuma Takura, the- Uny ; whirlwind pivot man for the Mar- j ket street boys, shot the two goals for the losing side. Durant also J eaptred the second game of the j same series from Lincoln. 114. which gave them the west side title in, the class A series. They likewise won the west side class F series. Uocoln took the B, C D and E classifications, and for the first time in several seasons Longfellow failed to qualify for the city finals.' Tet .these selfsame players, -defeated. In the race for city titles, won tie most thrilling victory of the week over Durant in the class D series when Mario Bussa in the last half minute of play scored the Winning point an a foul goal. - The wore was 14-12 and both, teams had criss-crossed in the scoring column throughout the game. Karli quarter ended in a tie and no. two teams ever were more evenly matched in knowledge of the finer roints et the game. ' Before the game was its If over It was apparent tout only break could give either ride the victory. ' It came, when Durant was penalized in that lust moment and Mario's lm registered true to form. iilelvlrr-Hunt, Eus-tlce Ferguson and William Linn featured for' Durant; and Mario, Andrew Bundy and Lilian MeMn in red for the winner's. t - Lincoln Bs Stand Chance for Pennant 'Tha Lincoln claea B team expects to repeat their rltychampionshlp victory of last season. . 'They' carry an undefeated record to date, put for that matter so does Melrose, their opponents for the golden crown this ceaaon.' ' H has bnen' mentioned before on k!s pnge that very often' these di- 'nutive ; players display ; better ! m and keener knowledge of the fa-.te tlyin . many of the older The truth' of this state- 7'ifnt In manifest 'when, watching t'lis jnco cl5s B team perform. y.cry aiird tactic of the game is ) nu-in i them, and their meteoric -ru, ! llderlng passes andtriuey rate them phenomenal era .and their teani wortc as , A lets, . r- , j . . ,, : ; 1 j.imr.nt. -tike Longfellow, failed eke the-grade to the final ! altliouffh several exreptloo. f ne teams were contenders. VV.rT, x tery few zames School Fetes Soccer Champs Teachers Buy Beans for 75 Players When Title Is Won by Four Teams. "The faculty said they'd surprise us, hinted a, championship always pays. But now the faculty knows for certain that surprises work both ways." That, in truth, is what the wooa- row Wilson lads are chanting Just now. to the powers that govern by system and rule since tne scnooi exchequer has been "touched" for several eases of the ever delctable baked beans as full payment re ceived for four city championship titles captured in the recent soccer tournament. . The story runs thusly: At the opening of the fall semester Principal H. C. Petray and his corps of efficient assistants felt that inasmuch as the building 'of the new school deprived the. Wilson Athletes of . the use of their own playground and "that the sport schedule and,, incidentally, the excellent athletic record of the school 1 might materially suffer because of said deprivation, they offered by ; way of a little- inducement to keep the home fires burning, as it were, a genuine, all-one-could-eonsume bean feed generously garnished with cake and ice-cream to the team that could bring home the bacon via ' the city championship title route. BEAXS WERE 1 ; . ."" TEAM'S GOAL The assembled throng of brain, brawn and muscle heard the proclamation with shining eyes and beaming faces, and from that hour Coach Baldwin's warriors : went forth ..to Capture, not the golden fcrown of championship honors from worthy ivals, but a case of Heina's best from their anchorage on the grocer's shelf,--,.1 : They practiced anywhere and everywhere, six teams of bean- Inspired gridsters, and when the soccer; tournament opened, they ventured still further into alien fields, ; each team hoping theirs would land the lucky cargo. Js.very trail became a bean alley and the conversation of a hundred gridmen was reduced to terms of beans. The baU ceased to be a plaything, and became the elusive can that contained a glorious feast with all the trimmings. blATliJUV .EATERS , OX EACH SQUAD to tne rans who watched the? games., on the various fields, and who were not in on the secret, they were astonisned groups that listened, not to the old familiar phrase "atta boy, a goal," but a terrific boom from a thundering herd that urged in unison, "beans, boy, beans," and day after day the faithful ball sailed faster and faster beanward. As victories in quick succession began to fill the bulletin board the faculty began to count noses. One team, eleven regulars,, five subs. Sixteen was a nice number to feed, not too much of a strain on the resources. Then double sixteen loomed in sight. The faculty groaned. Then treble the number showed an unbeaten record. The faculty moaned. ' When the fourth team triumphantly called "beamj" Jhe faculty rose to the occasion like true sports in the overwhelming Joy of realizing that their miniature army of gridmen had broken all tournament records for any junior high school in the city. , Four city titles In one tournament, the master minds decided. were lost on a wide margin, but for the most part these teams went down to defeat by close scores. In the eighth grade schools on the east side, Melrose won the A and B series, the C and K remain unfinished, while Fruitvale carried the D and F classes. Horace Mann and Allendale have not reached the finals today, but nevertheless both schools have played a keen branrf of basketball, and both still have a chance at the C and E series. Allendale Leads - ' in Two-Classes .. Allendale won in the first round or tourney play from bdth Fruit-rale and Horace Mann in the C and D classes and lost to Horace' Mann in- the E series; ' In ' the second round of play Fruitvale won from Allendale and Horace Mann in the D and F series, which gave her the lead for city titles in those classes. Last . season Fruitvale On the eighth grade circuit and Glenvlew on the junior high were two schools relentlessly pursued by the famous Jinx, and while both fought valiantly throughout the season and each had an enviable coterie of star players Lady Luck deserted -them and they finished the season getting what solace there was in . the thought of what might have been, ' But therehas been no manifestation of the tantalizing hoodoo this season, tuid both schools have emerged from a, deptblesa slump to take their place as formidable contenders in every tourney. It is surprises of this kind that add snap and color to Junior sports and the seasonal comeback of formally defeated teams offers much in the way of interest and popularity, to say nothing ef (he loyalty and sup-' port amooe ew jreuLnxui athletes. kfil Wilson Faculty . 1 TI A AVTI TADMr CUTrM . CrYlTD A DT?.NTO 17OD 1 O07 I , . ru-w l njiyn, jnuyL. owvii,rv yi ild ryi 171 p-5r;::rvv..v 'it (vl;) Avvjti U t toft I r- T " Classes A. B and C of Hawthorne school recently annexed the Left to right, front row: Lawrence McArdell, John Ferra, Jack Fisher, Larry Mulvaney. Edward Smith, Bob Chapdelaine,-billy. Barry, Henry Lleman, John Avery, Kennetn Watiins and Norton Makin. Second row, left to right:., Harold Russell, John Haskell, Bob Condit, Eddie Gartland, ob Sharp, Bill Gannan, Clayton Pezzy, Joe Marquess, William Yule, Gordon Hyde, Jack Piccardo, Jean Batteux. Back row. left to -right: Dan Jobe, Harry Brindle, Marcel Pelletier, Lloyd Schimmelpfennig, Gilbert Francis, Le- Iand Trumbo, Donald Kuykendall, THREE HUNDRED THIRTY-ONE HOOPSTERS ON FIFTY TEAMS COMPETE FOR SCHOOL TITLE Teams from eighteen Oakland schools were entered in city basketball title competition during the last week of school prior to a three weeks' Christmas vacation now in effect. Fifty teams represented the eighteen school s from the sixth and eighth grade classes. Many extremely small and close scores were witnessed,-while several teams suffered complete shutouts. A total of three hundred. and fifty-one students, including substitutes, took actual part in the competition. Following is the list of. players who competed: MKLKOSE Class c Kobert Sciicqua (opt.), Edward Galli, Harold Graef, Bert G ruber, Clarence Fettibooe; subs: Eugene Kurrea, Frank Hocks. ' Cla D Mello Les-coee (capt.), Leo Frescbl, Job a Gaydos. Joe Boae, Joe Agllano. Claia K John Uabrlelle (capt.), Heurr SmlU, Charlie Valley, Billy Ambrose, Arthur Hocks; uhs: Ernest Bocci, Edward Currant, Bert Smith.' DUBAJJT Clasa D MeWin Hunt (capt.). Eustice Ferguson, Wm. Lim, Paul Barnes, Masani Tasbarka; subs: Andrew Kim, Glenn D'Aaqulth. 'Class E Frank Bagnea (capt.), Tocy Chlrello, Josepb Gimlnes, Ancelo Bassone, Eddie Abbsdre. Class F Tcllio Reggardio . (opt. i, Howard Botisb, Elmer gartaln, Frederick Porter, Adolpb Verdngio: sub: Hed Marpbg. LONG FELLOW Class C Charles Tore (capt.), Bill Reed. Alfred Tul-ner, Akira Takii, Lawrence Wliderson; sub: "Victor Kohl. Class D Mrk Bnssa (capt.), Andrew Bundj, Cred Cadman, George Jackson, Mtlan Melrin, Edward Molr. Claaa E Joe Driscoll (capt.). Syduey Blackbird, Charles Noble. Lee Dana, Wilbcrt Bryant. Class F Lester Unoko. Mario Botao, George Wehr-ley (capt.), Alfred Sil.a, Jake Selgel, Alfred Uiero, Ray Kasmuasen. LINCOLN Class B Bob Bnrnsteln (capt.), Abe Rosenthal, Joseph Lee. Jesse Candelario, Bernard Kemp. Wm. Cam pan a (sub). Claas C Ed Barratt (capt.). Hector was worthy of every bean in the country, and immediately secured a '."corner" on the-most popular -of the 67, varieties. Gathered 'round the festive board 75 bean hungry victors filled and. refilled plates to the old refrain. "Every little bit added to the little we have makes Just a little bit more," beans and champions alike. "Tis safe to say . that discretion wni"be the safest -psfft of promises among the faculty members for the rest of the season. A championship, like virtue, has its own reward, but a bean-crazed appetite has no limitation!, so sadder and wiser sovereigns of the class room are at the present time busy salvaging- a wrecked bank account. Golden Gate Bears Defeat Tigers, 10 to 4 Celebrating their first meeting of the holiday season the Golden Gate playground RVs and Tigers crosned bats "VYjpanesday afternoon in the first of'avseries of winter league baseball games. The Beairs emerged with a 10-4 victory. Jack Marsh, on the mound for the Bears, made his first victory a fine one by holding the Tigers to eight scattered hits and making them fight hard for the four runs theytallied. He also struck out ten men and scored two of the winning runs besides handling seven chances in finished style. Ifis defeated opponent was tlnv Frank Bouzont, who matched Jack's skill as a twlrler through four Innings. In the fifth the Bears broke the tie when Albert Mavrtintz tripled to .deep center and Jack singled to score him. Andrew Arthur then in turn singled to bring Jack home and GeorgV Harbustan doubled to score Andrew and then went out stealing third. They increased their lead another four during the remainder of the game. -'; . Frank was hit only seven times, but hid efforts availed little in the ultimate results. The Tigers staged rallies in the third and last innings, but failed to . get to Jack when hits meant runs. Claude Ferrea. playground star of many tournaments, pinch hitting; for the Tigers in a last hope of gaining on their adversaries, - enacted the role of the mighty Casey at the critical moment. not by striking' out - but L"PPpplpg out when a regular wallop woald have scored. two-rune-nd at" possible homer. The teams; Bear Jack Marsh (captain ) Andrew Arthur. George Harbustan. Ross Hollis, Bllt Dunn, -Thomas O'Connor, Jack Strelo, Albert Martinet, George Watson. Tlgers-J, T. Bishop, George Silver, Robert Nlckolson, Albert Myers, Pick Xefson, John O'Connor (captaain), Frank Bouzout, George Sayous, Buzzy Libby. Oordon Myers, umpire. . . . . . Centerville Meets Irvington Tonight CENTERVILLBrDec. 18-Mak-in their initial , appearances . for the season the Irvlngton basketball club will tangle with the Center ville Athletic club five here tnis evening. The contest will be staged in (he town hall, which hae been converted Into v gymnasium by the- local club. Manuel Gonzales, Clyde Yergensen, Kg. Morris Subensttln, Morris Romeri. . Key China; subs: Max Brunk, Jackson Quan. Clasa D Guido Bellini (capt.), Johnny Jung, Sam 8omers, Kobert Cbow, David Cbew: sub, Vincent Menzo. Class E Henry l.ura (!apt.), Richard 8anders. Hairy Cohen, Leo-poldo Chabarln, Albert' J.ieberman; sub, Louie Petschnik. Class F Leew Ong. Allen Moran, Frank Gallman, Frank Lee, Gan Lee; sub, Charlie Wong. FRUITVALE Class C Allan Anderson (capt.). Jack Clark, Dpnald Gibson. Jack Meskley, Emest Tarares; subs; Richard Koibus, Fred Hoffman, Donsld Wedstcr. Class DrFred Brain (capt.), Leslie Taylor, Harry Ponte, Alfred Good, Chaa. Pratt; subs: BUI Haheman, Edward Mart. Class E Herbert Anderson (cant.), Victor Christy vernon Christy. Ulca Bolt, Edward Nlebous; subs : Frank Sobrero, Joe Bristo, Roy Ncl- son HOIUCB MANN Class C Vernon Brady (capt.), Walter Large. Frank Snow, Boyd Webster, Russell McRorey, Wm. Laffin, Glenn Solberg. Class D Arthur Ioas (capt.), Henry Winters, Owen Morgan, Nathan K6-vralskl, Fred King; suba: Bill Reed, Wallace Noel. Class E Raymond Laffin (enpt.), Gordon Beanblen, Richard Ryan, Henry Skinner, Leslie Francis; subs: Feter Lazo, Malcolm Crase. ALLENDALE Clasa 0 Howard Baugb tins Jr. High Gets New Ball Diamond The resurfacing of the playground and the addition of a brand new baseball diamond at Tompkins Junior high recently may have had something to do with the unexpected victory" of the Barron Tires Juniors over the league-leading Century Athletic club nine last week when they toppled from their pedestal by a 10-7 score. The Barron Tires Juniors' lineup are all boys from- the Tompkins playground. . Melvin J3nos' peerless work in the box when he struck out 16 men paVed the way for i the snappy victory that followed. The Tomplfins boys are much elated, of -course, and just a little bit "chesty" over the achievement and It Is safe to say that the new diamond will not lie idle between scheduled games during the vacation days, for thy team hopes to repeat the trlumpvi again next week. The players are: Billy Ral-monde, Ed Souza. Frank Russo, fTillio Terrarl, Billy Cirunell, Joe Arieta (captain), Buddy Vannuc-cl, Joe Lucia, Clarence Gian-nuccl, -Joe Lucia, Clarence Gian-necchini, George " Medelros, Melvin Enos, Nash Aperry, Julius San-benlto. . Another team at Tompkins, labeled the All- Stars, are out for daHyt practice preparatory, to a winter league series. Although a recently formed team, all the" members have played, in school - and summer ieageu playground games for city championships. The team . follows: Fred Dontao (captain).! Mildo Caruso, Aurelio Cnruao, Har-( ryry Menicuccl, Moses Tscota. Joe Bartonl, Joe Detrick, Joe de Cama, Micky Vannucci. ' '. - - On the handball courts-' at the same playground on Monday several teams of singles and doubles played a eeries of fast games. Billv Ralmondl and Joe Lucia opposed George Medeiros and Julius Hanr benito In the first match and won 13 to 9. 18 to 1. Emll Guisto replaced George in the second match. Billy and Joe continued ttielr winning streak and won the first gatne 13 to 4, lost the second 8 to H and came back for a decisive victory in the third, 13 to 7. George Nesti won stranght games fromJlmmyAdlego. In the singles, 13-7. 13-3, and then lost to Jimmy's brother Frank, 13-12, 13-10, Lar-cho Delgado and Leonard Tepea opposed Joe Colacicco and Tony Gomez in a lively match, in which the former team won, 18-7,'13-11. About the fastest match ft the afternoon and withal the jflosest waa the singles contest between Dan Puart and Joe Adlego, in which Dan won, 13 to 12, 13 to 11. 1 "Question Box' OCESTIO.K Cenb-r of Team A passed the baU back and It wrnt cot of hounds. It wee third down. Tenia B' man recovered ft and refer- k-t bin retain possession. Waa refo-ree wroorT ANHWISR-Tea, he waa wrong. t to the fourth jdovar th aide anaklov tne ae ana reiata'lb ball. . i ,. QTJWSTIOW Foul ball awa bit and a flayer M the aide of Um team at bat ran in rout ef the ball and prevented toe catcher fr njfottlnf it. Cas antblnf ba. dona a boot that? i At.gWi.ll Most esHalolf. Call the battel out lorn jBlerfemtce. Eastside soccer champidnships of their Clayton Campbell, Francis Mahoney (capt.), Harry Ktoll, nerh Keating Wayne Ray ay Graham, Ken- Ne4son. Class D-r- Robert Daugb (capt.), Grant -Riley, Ernie nrr. Hanaouie Robbins. Edwrrd Horchard, Class E John Podesto (capt.), George Soma, Jack Green, Raymond Rotondo, Donald Shu'bert, Howird Freeman, Howard Baldwin. PIEDMONT AVENUE Class D Irving Olbbs (capt.), Harry Oakley, Carnicfk, Uoor-glaii, Wm. Stabler, Hilly Owsley; subs: Edwin Holkkala, Edmund Haskell. Class E Octave Gouaillard (capt.), Percy Goldstein, Francis Smith. Charles Swartout, Norman Blopet, Fred Walts. Class F Donald Me-Guirk (capt.), Hugh Parry, ' Bing Wong, Roderick Devlne, Author Otauka. H Hi H L A N LV Cla ss C Geo. Weber (capt.),' Angelo Mareno, Leonard De Guardo, . Henry Cirenclone, Manuel Figuera; subs: John Rafael, Wm. Pavas, John Fernandez, David Fernandez. Class D Josepb Reals (capt.), Francis Nambo, Ed Rose, Anterlo Martin, Ray Staguaro; aubs: Manuel Nobriga, Mik Latorre. Byron Evans. Class EAugust Kodriques (capt.), Louis' Marengo, Donald Shipworth, Donald Gates, Geo. Dalbertir subs: Jimmy Addlego, Robert Butler, Rudolph Rodriguez. . SIXTH GRADE SCHOOLS, ' GRANT Class A Blllte Oiiigley (capt.), Tom Troth, Homer Llgbtfoot, Robt. Buchanan, Robt. Dusevoir; aubs: Roy Silver-thorn, Wayne Thompson, ' Jim Doffelmeyer. Class B James Pullman (cap.), Toshi Harada, Morris Burch, Fred Lutz, James Aliens snbs: Gene Pessagne, Ellis Loser, Frederick Moses, Myrool Fredericks. COLE Class A Gino Casalt (capt.), Tboa. Bascaccl, Gerald Mandisb,' Albert Sabatlni, Cletus Adamson, Albert Babtlst. Class C Frank Oddonl (cant.), Elmer Vatto. John Sutherland, James Johnston, Walter Lopez; sui), Albert i uriord. LA FAYETTE Class A Donald Sandmsn (cupt.), Daniel Centy, Donald Gibson, Wll-bert Olson, Lewis Brown, EuRcne Santos. Class B John Potter' (capt.). Noble Burnett, Clifford Dupcy, Joe Darragh, Jimmy Pimen-- tal; subs: Edward Guy Van Neher, Elmore Riley. Class O Foster Hunter (cspt.), Milton Lavett, Reginald Roderick, Dor ran Childers, Harry Lewis; subs: Louis Farrell, Henry Atti. DEWEY Class C Johh'Biirnas (capt.), Fred Scbmalenbeyer, Sheffield Thompson, Russell Colp, Willie Wick: aubs: Louis Jerome, Warren Welia, Harold Barnard, Class D Willie Olivers (capt.), Ellsworth Fegundas, .George Aschenbrenner, Lester Otaten, Jar-It Baxter; subt: Edward Burera. Eddie Witt. '. . . EMERSON Class B Eugene Petittl (capt.), Frank Toochlnl, Ray Dondero, Joe Rcfesi, Eugene Triffeli; anbs: Geo. Isola, Milton Ostrander, Teavia Tallott. Class C Davis, VVillard MatheVo'n, Eda Mead; subs: Bob Mahoney (cant.l. Jack Swift. Wm Herbert Caldlcott,. Edwin Mordstrom, Roy linniicci. CLEVELAND Class B Hunt Peterson (capt. I, Vinton stratton, Geo. Frauchlld. Ilarobl IVUtsou. Robt. Lamuion, Kenneth Jones': snb; Beverly Bronson. JEFFERSON Class B Phil Goode (capt.), Jo Graham, Edward Cute. Frank Phillips, John August. Clas I) Kelix Munier (capt.), Mervyn .Mwller. Harold Hoasl, DaviiJ Harks, Utanley Mrsson. SKQU O I A Class B EIrII ' Anderson (capt.l, Johnny Stratheran, Wesley Cox, Iloh DeningiT, Chester Twnacnd. Class C-Rn-dolph Almasy . (capt.). Jack Luck, Jack Morse. (Clarence Helland. Lino Piccardo. HAWTHORNE Claas A Kenneth Wat-kins (capt.), Lawrence McArdell, LarrJ Mulvaney,- Norton Mackln, Bill Gannon: subs: Jack Fisher, Allen Eidc, Harold Russell, John A very. Class B Joe Marnnp Innt l t Francis Mahoney, Gordon Hyde, Wm. Grier, Clayton Peiy; suhB: Wade Rose, Jack j accaoo. .iass t.usnnei Gonxales (capt.) i;illMrt Frances, Marcnl Pelletier. Lloyd EcbmnielpfenniK, Clayton Campbell. Class D Ray Knykendsll (capt.). Donald Kny-I'nilill, Axel Robertson. Donald ' Zarcone; suba: Geo. Clarke Walter Souza.' : Broderick Sunday Games L. fJ. BRODERICK LEAGUE Class - "AAA" Albariy Merchants vs. Fiorio Hardware ;at Albany........ . ' - - i umpire, jxreacy) . Oakland Garagevs. Elmhurst Realty at San Pablo. ...i,.. .12:30 p. m. " (Umpire, Young)' i ' Kunhardt Candies vs. Druids No. 160 at Kenny Park.,.'..;. 2:45. p,m. ' .' (Umpire. Davis) . . ' Martinez vs. Alvaxado at Alvarado . . 2:30 p. m. v (Umpire. Cunningham) : i- : , . ' '.' I- a Draper Division Class .AA" Tagua-' : . PLAYOFF GAME FIRST HALF) . .: ' '" ' -. ' Stanley-Clothiers vs." Tenth Street Market, Tech High. ..... 9:80 a. m. -.'-".''' . ' (Umpire. Cunningham) i. ' ' . . Co.' E, L. C. C. vs. Stanley Clothiers at .Tech High'. .i . .,.11:30 a. m. . . ' . '. ' :. v (Umpire,1 Crandall) . , .- , Tenth Street Market Vs. Cox-Wellmari at Allendaj ...... . I,:30 p. m. - ; - 1 ; t , (Umpire, Schuster) ' .s '. Adrian Athletic Club vs. Florlo Hdw. Juniors, Golden CateTlliSO a.' m. sztz, ' r,-?rr (Utnplra. "Saryy - . Maynard Division Claws "AA League ' . . - Terrace Drugs vs. Maytag of Calif, ' . i umpire,, Bro.i Am. Yeomen vs. O..Bonora Co. ' - . . fUmtilre. West Bros. Roofer vs. Mulkey Mattre's at Bay View. . . .. ' , ' (Umpire, Sarg) , ( ,;. -., ' East Bay- Automotive League. Kehor' Repair vs. Coz'zens Motor Co., Rdosevelt ......... . (Umpire, Grelner) ! , Butler-Veitch vs. Don Lee at Bushrod ........... .V. ... . '-'';.';.:' (Umpire. Davie) ; ' . ' i: C .', '; Clasa "A" League '-' - ' .. Cochran ft Cell! vs. Longfellow Club at Lincoln Park. .... . 9:80 a. m. Spencer Electric vs. Merritt Japanese a.t Bushrod. s.. . . i . .1)1:30 a. m. Valva Hdw. Juniors vsr Wa Sung A. C. at Bay View. . . ... 930 a. m. LCooley Sport v. Panama Cards ; . - HronencK Jnnior lveague ' ' Diamond Feed ft Fuel Vs. Arrow Club at Poplar Flyg. . . . . .1130 a. m. Doc's Star vs.: Daahl-Thom at Poplar Plyg. . . . . ; ... . . . . 1:30 p. m. Broadway Barkers v. Smith-Dunne at Roosevelt. ....... .11:30 a. m. Producer Ice Cream vs. Franklin Pharmacy, Golden Gate, 9:30 a. m. , - ; (LAST-NAMED CLUB, HOME TEAM) . Js ' Hroderlck Independent Cames ' ' ' t ' , Panama Cardinals -vs. P. G. ft E. at Newbert Field '''- ' - . foot of 6 Oth avenu ...... ....... 10:30 a. to. ! -:' -''i- :". p'"- V-;V;:'' ' class. ' The three.teams that took and Dominic CaroIIo. Nei Girls Play Day Held at Durant 25 Teams Officiated Students Compete at ' Same Time, By The banner of the Durant playground was carried Into the final 1926 combat during the .closing week of school When Mlaa Natalie Hansen, teacher of physical education and playgrounds director, arranged a neighborhood play day between her own girls, Clawson, Longfellow and Lincoln in, what proved to bo the snappiest of the weekly interschool contests that have taken place on the Durant grounds regularly since, the school season opened last fall. Eighteen teams' played & series of games in Indian club ball and basketball In which every team claimed one of more victories and in which opposition to rival teams seemed keener and, more evenly matched' than in any previous contests. These frequent play days on the Durant field this season have brought many teams from the ob-scurity of the- cellar into the charmed circle of consistent winners. ' ' No one event among girl, athletes have done more to popularize girls' playground sports ian these impromptu field days that have been enjoyed so hugely at this west side school. The organization work last wek waa exceptionally well planned and in a very limited space the, 18 teams seemed not handicapped-' by close quarters at any time during the games. As a matter of fact, seven teams in boys' handball doubles also used the courts at the same time.- Skillful management gave a maximum of comfort in a mlni-mum 'of space. Students officiated at all games. A reception committee, ushers and eustodians as well" as timekeepers, scorekeepera and referees gave expert service. In the short period of time' between the closing hour of school and sunset, allowing a brief interval "for transnr.rt' moment was accounted 'for In act-:ual play. T,he newly marKud c. . . -j, the uniformed players,' the decisive tones of the officials and the unmistakable snap of the whole performance had the general appearance of a splendidly arranged national tournament. Because of the excellent work of'the officials it is Worthwhile placing them first in the list of teams that played: Reception, ushers and custodians: Nelson DeL'on'g, Ray Benson, William McCampbell, Robert De-Long, Hilton Rogers, Robert Carmen, Phillip Garfinkle, Robert Laclanster. George Lare,. Fred 8oo-ter, Walter Taube,' Reml Verhae-ghe. ' ' ", . , Referees, scorers, timekeepers: George Rose, Joseph Krinsky, Joe Gimenez, Frank Alberts,. Milton Stevejjs, William Howard, Robert Gantery Ralph LeFare, Robert 2:30 p, m. at Bushrod.:.i. ....... :30 p, m. ocnuster , . -; at Bay view fiarir) - .j. 11:30 a. m. 1:30 p. m. 1:30 p. m. 9:30 am. ..;... ...Forfeit vto Panama Cards ghborhood part in the tournament are as follows:" Rodgers, Everett O'Brien, Frank Bagness, Buddie Derlng, Carl Ring, Bryant Campbell, Alvin Doubley, Eustio Ferguson, Alvln Luhr, Verdi Blake, Allan Trolsen, Sam Golco-vich, Elmer Eartain, Stanley Hunn, George Nicholas, Charles Cornett, LeRoy Blake, Stanley Rassmusen, Jack 'Cross, Ralph Mathews, May-nard Goobv. Russell. Durant: Class A, first team- Beatrice Lyons, Anna Gladstone, Alyce Solomon, Genevieve Alberts, Margaret Lindsey, Winifred Sutherland, Pauline Mahaffey, Esther-Arnold, June Doid. ; Second team Beth Really, Hazel Hollajid, Olive Harris, Louise Marshall, Lillian Burnett, Anna, Learning, Ellen Co'nroy, Dorothy Glbbs. Horterrse Estarzlan. Class B Isabella Sutherland. Marie TsuJI, Selma Dumvil, Muriel Pesani, Miriam Tsukahlra, Thelma Garcia, Bennle Bickrell, Celia Rowe, Hortense Estarzlan. Class C Rose Hamon, Emily Palou, Agnes Thompson, Agnes Gustafson, Lillian Ellis, Elaine. Shields, Edith Burhart, Grace Pat-ton Helen Youell. , Class D Gwendolyn Lyons, Dorothy Desmond, Alice Santos, Helen Van Delrsen, Jenny McMunn, Helen Swlck, Edith Fass, Dorothy Dzuo-vlch, Beatrice D'Asqulth. Class E Minnie Wolfe, Ediza-beth Advor, Vera Martin, Kathrlne Mirandette, Bertha Jennings, Mary Manco, Leona Stone, Nuttie Patton, Barbara Totheroh. '. ' Class F Hilda Schoenfeldt, Dor-othv Condee.- Stella Scott. Mary Manco, Alice Plackett, Betty Rai-ney, Marian Harris, Evelyn Cody. Longfellow: Class A Norma Fischer, Louise Lagorharine, Gwendolyn Parry, Sylvia Stameno,' Rose Mareno, Bernice Trufant, Adna Wllkerson, Blanche Lavigre, Beryl Compton. '' . Class, B-r-TsugeJi QiJlma, Pearl Rouller, Annie Ferdinand, Margaret Edwards, Mildred Billlngsley, Sylvia Mighetto, Constance Compton, Lela Hayward, Marjorle Stocking. ,- - -. . Class C Frances Brown, Ruby McCalla, Louise Todd, Lena Bozzo, Vida Anderson, . Nora Mango, Tu-riko Tamashlta. . Class D r Leanore Grogorio, Spalding Sunday Games SPALDING WINTEK IMAGVV-nU A" fl M ni, ..(., vt-i.k- -PBinti. vs. Harbor View at isewoer Pleglv Wlggly vs. Fruitvale Merchants at BJS y ' bs (TJmplr. Chrlstensen) --nn rnnkim v Tnla.r. Laundry at (Umpire, Lacy) General Petroleum vs. Chevrolet Motors at ........ ... "(Umpire. Zimmerman) (ALL GAMES AT J Senator Division Claas B . Western Paper Box Co. vs. O. W. Grocers Front . (Umpire, Thompson) Alameda Comets vs. lckwood Mcft. ar Lazear Plyf tT a ua r 1 1 SB. I W i Vl Johnson Oil Burners vs. Y. M..I. No. 14. 18th and Wood. 1:89 p. aa. ' (Umpire., Miranda) ...-A . Catton's Billiards vs. Fruitvale DeMolay at Fruitvale .lt.M . v - UmpIre, -Klrby) , ..l , - ' ' . ii ri Ttlvlalnn ' Pullman Car Co. vs. Empl Key System. Alberger. Field.... I'M . (Umple, Bethel) - .',---. Uerkeley.N. S. G. W. vs. San Pablo Mcts. Kenny Park... .18.80 p. . . ; . , (Umpire. Hughes) - ' Lawrence Terminals, vs.' Peralta Camp W. O. . W. San Pkblo Park ........ ... ' V - - (Umpire. Neher) - New Process Laundry vs. Western Division Carmen' TTnlon st Alberger Field .... i ...... J (Umpire, Mathews) . . f ; : 1 Cardinal Division -Barron Tires vs. Fruitvale Central Bank , lStlj and Wood streets (Umpire. Mad sen Varieties 'vs. Century Athletic -Club V v illtth avenue. Elmhurst .....,,.,..........-.. s . . (Umpire, Pachecp) '- Guarantee Shoe Co. vs. Oakland Braves Lockwobd School. :1:80 p. m. -::. '. , . (Umpire. Cool-y) ' ; ' f ' Plerottl Ford vs. Gregory Quality Shop, Bushrod. .Park..., 1:80 p. . ; (Umpire. Ferrari) . : :.- ' '! .-' ; .-' Cub Division Class "Cf' : ':.' '. v , ,, ,; ;: Central Division Carmen's Un'on vs. . Mother Cookie Poplar Playgrounds , . ........ .;.'.'.; . .. .. 11:80 a.' Hayward Ath. Club vs. A. T K. Juniors at. .'. .!...... ',. .'.'. .'ai Francis Dry Goods vs. Chris Nelson Paints-1-1 ' : v . H I Foot of 17th avenue .'....; ...4. . V' '..11:80 a. m. Bear Division - ' ;''. ...v ' ' ; ' Xavarians vs.- B. F. Schlesirigers at Kenny Park . . . . . .10:30. a. m. Corgiat Tires vs. McGregor Builder at McClymonds HI.. .'.11:30 a. m. Donogh Dept. Store vs. Ashby Ath. Club ut Bushrod; 1!"80 p. m Bank of Italy vs Golden Gate Merchanta . ". ','.'' Vf , 18th and Wood street-.................. ... . .......... :so a. m. ' Clasa "D" "; ?" "Vv , V; :;' "r-v Young Cardinal vs. Allsa Riding School, 98th avenue....'., 9!S0 a. Young Hdw. Co. vs. Barron Tire. Junior at Latear. ..,....,11:30 a. Hugh A. Gamble Tires va. Cooley Sports at Lazear ....... 11:30 a. , Spalding Amateur Winter League Rlfc-ney Tiles va C. ft L. Tires at Hayward. ....... .'.....,2:16 p.' inj . ' (Umpire. Coyne) ' " v - , "T Zenith Mill ft Lumber Co. vs. San Leandro, Bin Leandrov. 2:15 p. m. ' i (Umpire, Worth) . .. , ; . , .- '..''.' Broadway Department Store vs. Calatone Water Company ' , ,- . Washington Park ........... i .. . ... . ... . . ... '. . w .. hX:tLii.m. i , . - ' . (Umpire.-Apple) v ,-r Imperial Sodas vs. J. J. Krelg Co.. San Pablo Park. . 2:4S W.'ni. " . : f v (Umpire El wood) -'..,'.; j. t ":- V f Independent ' Games- '.-""! ;v'..-.': ' . " . f. AO. 4 vs. Acropolis Candle at Brookfleld Butters vs. Oakland A pp. Lockwood School . . ..'. GRIMMETT JUNIOR LEAGUE. Coast Advertiser v. Krelg at Bay View No. 8 ..V. V 8:80 pl m. West Bros, va Ambrose at Ran Pahln Na S . . t . . . ... ). !. T,.M w - - - uiuu no vs. rtarnage waramai National Van VS. Rrooblvn MnrV.t. Crosa Cadet vs. Melrose Bldg. Material at Allendale.. lEmersonian 1 Win Three and Play One Tie Class B Held to H-AII Ti . by Clais C Team; Girls Share HonorsJ " As part of their regulatvpraa- ' tic routine) the Emerson glrlr , class A Indian Club ball team Journeyed to Claremont reeentr And handed their junior high player -a, 14-8 defeat. V. The Emerson players', whether girls -or boys, can always be depended npon to give,, an excellent account of themselves in any port. Their invasion of the Junior high . field for competition peak for itself In the quality, strength and. spirit these contender display. . Claremont and Wilson.' upon whose circuit th player ar scheduled each Girls' play day. wilt have to look to their laurel lest the youngster anatolj the cream of victory from them and reap the glory of well-deserved credit. The) team that carried home the 'hon ors last week were Josephine Marshall (captain), Dorothy Alaunetdav Lois Cook, Peggy Shiefd, Betty Sprat, 'Mary Garetto, Rena Sough-Lillian Trueh, Marie Tarboju Slb-stitnte, Lillian Valente. On their home ground the Emerson class B Indian club team . played the Ci to t 17-alI tie and the boys' claas D basketball quintet returned home with at 24-4 victory, over Lafayette on the sauna day. Altogether 'it waa quite' an -Emerson" day,' bat a victory, Ilk history, has a way of repeatlns; Itself at thla ambitious playground. The-winning-teams; , i .. : Clasa B-Osc Toschl (captain )V Dprothy Polk, Rita Nledermeyer. Mryle Snyder, Alice Rubacava. Virginia Fronaca,' Josephine GallettL; Christina' Rocheas, . Dorla Harlow. Substitute, Marjorle) Flltner. Class O Berniee Leut (captain), Elsie Bellomi, Louise Brumo, Orga Guintoh, Doris Nonteatti, Angelina Ricco, Adele O'Connell, Helen Firby, Carina CardonL , Bub- stitute, Adeline Smith, r Basketball Class D,- ' Omar ' Daml, Ovedio Daml, John Batntola,. John Cattollca. ? :.'.'.'',' .. Marian Zontene, Dorothy ParodI, Eleanor Ingelbrlght, Bernice Hanger, Helen Nelvin, Adele PartntL ' Adele Da vlla, - Benonlone Scruggs. Class EMarlan Parry, Bernla Sfrickley, Margaret Jackson. Lillian Wllkerson,' Gladys Logan, Jennie Silverman, Sophia Zaslove, Doris Wyslngen -. Class F Lucy Canera, Edna Harris, Lina Bertetlevlttl, Marjorle Mathews, Geraldlrie Wllladin, Edith Dalzell.. Wilhelminla Phillip, Sophia Zaslove. v : ' ' Clawson: Class F Edith Bjo-berg. Bertha Godfrey, Helen Kane, Rita Stenner.-Mary Fraclhio, Alica Souza,' Marie Marin, Amelia . Gal-legos. .' .. ' ' ' . Lincoln! Class v syaney Lrroi-let, Mabel Chan. Elltatbethr Mairn, Eleanor Morrow, Clara Chew, AHca Marinde;. Edna Wbnf, Emma Lea, Ruby Rannole. . I; - Durant Boys' Handbalir.Cla A Irving , Schoenfeldt, William Curbcr. ' ' i '.- ' ' Claaa B : Roeca. Ra;o, Um Goloovlch. ' ' Class C -Frank Albert. Everatt O'Brien. ' ' t ' ' Class. D Maynard Gooby, Henrr Gilbert. Class EJ Mary. Manco,' o Stone vs. Leonard Steven, Ralph Mathewa . CIbms F Emll Laberda, Robert Lanceeter. ' " . . . - X. .. .Fruitvala MI'o. ..Chevrolet Parle ...r. 1:S0 p. m. .....1:89 p. m. ZR. ..l:8oa. an. .'. .11:80 a. m. h a. at. .............11:8 Tracy) - ' ' 1:80 p. an. m. m. Tech High. . . . l:8n .J ..J:0 9i Plumbers r ;.i ...t .ils8f;'i wu - - - - - - - - .. vv w-' nm. at Alienaaie... at Pnn...lt . . .....t .i4.:gv a.. in ...... :so TV m. 1 .i ,1

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