Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on December 12, 1926 · Page 78
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 78

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 12, 1926
Page 78
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SUNDAY Oa&lantJ ;Ctf6unt DECEMBER 12, 1926 i m urs nifra I I I 1 1 Bl 1 1 i. 1 s I I- III I I II IIUIBI1.UI I LUI I LI I 1 n rAiNU M Hr E. i FIELD CO: All ImpravemcntsXIompleted in Broadmoor Park Tract. . . "Our 'speclaf offer of only $250 down, o any , homesite ln Broad'. moor Park was to, expire December 1, but the long spell of stormy weather prevented many from seeing th property." says Howard N. .Field of -the E. B. Field Company; "To give those who " have ': not een the"1 property an opportunity to buy a homesit for only 4250 down we are extending our ' offer o December 20- " ' ' "Many have taken advantage of this offer because It is made on a fully improved and established home district. "All street improvements are completed 60 days ahead of the Tuarantee date.' These Improver ments Include paved street's. " concrete curbs and gutters, cement sidewalks, . sewers, water mains, gas and electric services, and artistic electroliers. They are all for the benefit of property owners and Included'lh the purchase price. ' ' "Broadmoor Park Is a completed product. Here there Is no waiting. A buyer can start building Immediately, , An investor stands ready to sell to a prospective buyer a finished product. "Big Demand for Ward Heaters i: llReported "Last summer many home owners planned on making installations of an adequate heating system in their homes to take care of their heating requirements for the fall, winter and spring. On account of the mild weather experienced in this district this fall, many of these home owners have held off purchasing Cheating Installations. However, the chilly, cold anji, damp weather seems to have arrived and the Ward Furnace . company, wijh offices ' In the Building Material Exhibit. 1410 Madison street, note a considerable Increase In -their or ders for Installation1 of the Ward System of circulating warm air In built homes.i The company has re ceived many orders" for. installa tions, to t made flust a few days before Christmas;.,' constituting a very acceptable Christmas present for any home y S;'.; .,. "The Ward System of circulating war malr Is a simple beating device using gas for fuel in. an Internal combustion chamber There are no fumes or odors from the Ward System, and an even temperature is obtained by a natural circulation of warm air. The' heating device is so constructed that when "lighted it sets up a "circulation, drawinsr the cold air from the rooms and replacing with warm, unimpaired air at tne same time, The Ward System is easily Installed in any-, home large or small without upsetting the house In any way, or tearing into, the walls. Under general conditions the Ward System can be . installed In any home In less than a day. The cost of an installation . Is nominal and subsequent operating and fuel costs are very low." living: Room Bridal Bungalow 'Cj Novia," in the Peppin trsrt at High and Culver streets, it designed and furnished as a model or the newlvwedi. the builder It J tel. Soanish in stvle arid anions the Snanish surroundings of the new district, the visitor will find, muc of. interest . Lachman Broi. of San Francisco arranged the furniture disDlav. ' The public is invited to inspect it. . DAY OR NIGHT PARKING IN THE LATHAM SQUARE BLDG. Parking Privilege Open to Everyone Rightm the heart of the city, out of rain or dust o,r sun, you can park your car in our parking basements, any time. This is the handiest location to stores, theaters or offices. Room for 150 cars. Rentals by Day;, Week or Month Entrance on Sixteenth Street GAS OIL AIR FOR LEASE MAGNIFICENT APARTMENT IN EXCLUSIVE 244 LAKESIDE DRIVE Eigh-rootn suite, beautifully decorated, never been occupied. Owne will lease for from one to five years to responsible parties. For information, Phone Clencourt 1514' fOr for interview call at 3012 HARRISON ST. f v - v.-, Pf'M ' ' - .1 l J wmmmmmmmm H f .9 h i I"' ' " if j 1 mmmiimmmmmmmi(immmMn s., if -' ' ' f i " . A vi-w-j&i ' -osw-y 2 fJ&K I 6tf if 'BRIDAL HOI' tlMPEPPlNTRflGT DRAWS VISITORS lllilililllillllil COST OF ' HOMES IS LOWERED BY BIG PRODUCTION "Lower the cost of homes by volume production which will eliminate present waste In home-building," George A. Kelly of Flint, chairman of the housing committee of the National Association of Real Estate Boards, advised members of the national real estate organization at a home-builders' conference. Volume production based upon good, Bound business principles, has reduced the selling price In the automobile Industry even while the labor scale has been increased, according to Kelly, who pointed out that the home-building industry by the same method could accomplish a similar lowering of prices. "In the home-building field no great outlay for plant or eqnuip-ment Is needed, only working capital and properly trained men." he said, suggesting a flexible, trained organization that could ship labor and material to various parts of the country, keeping central of flees that could handle financing. Steel Airplane ' Company Organized 8ACRAMENTO. Organized for the principal purpose of manufacturing all-steel airplanes, the Prud-den Metall Airplane Company, with headquarters in San Diego, has obtained a permit from Clifford J. MacMillan, state corporation commissioner, to Issue and sell 1000 shares of its preferred and 600 shares of its common stock in California. The company is capitalized at $200,000. The moving spirit In the new en. tet prise is George H. Prudden, who, according to statements made to the corporation department, formerly was chief engineer and superintendent of construction for the Stout Metal Airplane Company, a subsidiary of the Ford Automobile Company. The company is required under the permit to impound the first $330,000 net received from stock sales In order that it may start business on a fair financial basis. FREE TO EVERYONE! Blue Ticket Holders: B in your leatsJby 8 p. m. ReserveJ teats teill not be held after that how. MM) : : Commencing Tomorrow Night V Repeat Course on Modern Salesmanship A thousand people thronged our doors at the opening of a free course on Modern. Salesmanship two weeks ago. At each lecture, every seat in our aliditorhirn was filled. Hundreds were turned away. So popular was the course that it has been necessary to repeat it. The en-' rollment for the course which commences tomorrow evening is almost full, but due to'added seating capacity in our auditorium, it will be possible to accommodate .45 more people. If you' would seize this opportunity of obtaining professional advice on the 'methocls in selling, if you woulcl learn the wato make quick money come tomorrow night. - ; . c Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings for two weeks, two lectures will be given. Subjects to be discussed at tomorrow eyeningV class 11 r m wm De - -i , . Modern Selling in Us $roaler Aspects Are Salesmen Born or Made? attempt will be made to sell real estate either Jcforing or following these lectures. Wickham nivn nnri.r thm AimnlneM rtf mnA in T.pntnre Auditorium, the Educational Department of Havens Incorporated 1510 -Franklin Street, Oakland C&l. V ; - Telephone Oakland 1750 V i designing, purchasing, estimating and statistical work, as the type o plant for large-scale production of homes. Such an organization, properly financed, would have no competitor who could compare with It for purchasing power, for effective operation, for low cost, for quality of output or for low selling prices. "There is nothing visionary about this proposal," Kelly affirmed. "The builder assumes the role of financier, salesman, architect, estimator and purchasing agent, very often. AH of these qualities are not combined in any one individual. It takes an organization and an organization in balance at ail times, to meet all of these requirements." Methods of eliminating the waste in home-building that keeps the present prices up Kelly suggests as follows: Volume buying. Efficient financing that will allow sufficient Working capital as a revolving fund to carry through the entire building program. Elastic1' building codes. Efficiency of designs. Rapid construction without the sacrifice of quality. Careful estimates of materials needed and specific measurements in ordering goods. Contact of department heads to establish friendly competition In departmental achievements. An organlaztion of labor that changes as little as possible. Efficiency in labor, i. e. avoidance of lost motions and carelessness. SAVINGS ON MATERIAL. "The savings on- the material item alone In volume buying will run an average of 26 per cent net. This is a cash saving," said Kelly, suggesting remedies for the waste that boosts the cost of home-building. 1 Sufficient working capital and efficient financing is given as another saving In ultimate cost. "No other business expects to be financed on the hand-to-mouth basis that usually prevails in the building business. The builder needs sufficient working capital as a revolving fund to carry through his entire program to completion and he should haye this capital before he starts operations. "It may seem feasible for finance organizations to raise large amounts to buy land contracts when really they are buying the waste or Inflation that the builder puts Into the sale price of hre house. If these same organizations would 1 create the product themselves, as the builder has created the product, instead of buying the contract, -and take the same profit on their houses that they take In discount on the contract, the $7600 house "today would be selling for $6000." Efficiency In designing can make a great difference in the material and labor In houses of the same cubical contents Good designing is recommended as a saving that will eventually lower the cost of the house. ' , "Speed In construction without the sacrifice of quality is as important a factor in the declaring of dividends as the construction Itself.' declared Kelly. Rapid construction allows a more rapid turnover of capital and hence a greater profit. Cooperation of the sales department with the pro- Model Residence Furnished! Throughout by Lachman Furniture Co. duction department la necessary of course. "In the automobile industry they have these departments so well In balance and - so well aimed that they can readily anticipate their market months In advance and surly It is just as feasible, through a statistical department to anticipate the housing needs of any community as It is to anticipate possible sales of the Bulck automobile In any community.' Kelly stressed the importance of little things In the construction as factors in eliminating waste and reducing costs. "There is nothing mythical about the required materials that go into any given Job and a good estimate department should be able to figure a bill of materials exactly to the number of pieces, whether thev are 2x4's, sacks of cement, number of bricks,- or kegs of nails." Daily contact of department heads will add to the efficiency of the constructing organization by checking the progress of each department's work against that ol the other. "If the electrician is reminded by the lather that he is holding up the whole production line, in the presence of the plumber and the carpenter and the mason, it will have far more effect than If the general manager speaks to th electrician alone." "Keep note of the lost motion that your men make in operations even though your labor la done on a contract basis," Is another sug gestion, pointing out the time and labor saved ' if materials are unloaded near the point at which they will be most needed, etc. According to reports from J. B. Peppin, local builder, "Casa Novia," the House of the Bride, locate In High Street park, is attracting many visitors. The carrying out of the novel Idea of furnishing and decorating a bridal home was Intrusted to the Lachman Furniture Company of San Francisco. The Lachman Company states: "The feature In furnishing is the bedroom with its beautiful Venetian finished set and four-poster bed. Orchid is the keynote in color carried by the drapes, spreads and in the wallpaper. In the living room Is a Karpen chesterfield set. a Spanish occasional chair end table and smoking stand Ruprs and drapes carry out the Spanish Idea, the former in "Wilton velvet of Spanish design and color and the drapes In striped damask to match. In the dining room the Spanish style still predominates In the nine-piece dining set. with red decoration and the rug in Wilton velvet of Spanish colors. Here the drapes are of velour In burnt orange. The -second bedroom of the home Is restful with rose hangings and walnut set." Casa Novia Is open for Inspection dally and Is reached by Foothill boulevard to High street and up High to Culver; by street car, the J car out Thirty-eighth avenue to Penniman. along Penniman to Eastman and up Eastman one bloc kto Culver. Culver street is entlrel ya Peppin development one block in length, the novel display home being surrounded by new uumes oi spamsn style of archl- OHrd'S TELEPHONES. . -Ohio has mere telephone than all of Asia, over two and a half times as many as all" South America, more than six times th nuni-ber in Africa, about on and a half Units the total number In France and four-fifths as many, as Great Britain and. North Ireland combined. , WASHINGTOTI In tSSft there wer 16- uhderground telephone c In service in WashlngU.u This constituted three-fifth, th underground telephone h th United States at that Ums .Twenty veara airo the Hell tern had a nlant Investment about 1460,000.000. Today It h an investment of f 2.800.000.000. WARD HOME HEATING I w ' 0 W . 1 Why not make a real home or your homes . A Ward Installation Will Transform That Chilly; Damp House Into a Place of Comfort and Contentment. . installed in a day the cost is nominal r Thousands of Wards in Use Ask Anv Ward Owner WARD FURNACE CO. 1410' MADISON STREET 2 pno.NE.s Oakland 3939 Oakland 4320 tecture. Model Home Open for Inspection Today At 5237 Broadway Terrace A Xmas present for the whole family, one you can enjoy for years to come. True Spanish, white stucco, tile roof, patio entrance, large studio window. Living, dining and breakfast room trimmed in white oak with white oak floors. High arche'd ceiling in living room, convenient hallway, insuring complete privacy. Kitchen strictly modern. Furnace heat, finished basement. Garage. Reached by either Broadway to Ocean View Drive to Golden Gate Ave, or by Broadway Terrace to Golden Gate Ave. Exclusive Sales Agents MACK REALTY SERVICE, Inc. MAW OFFICEl 455 17th St. Opponlte Fostofflce Phone Oakland 441 BRANCH OFFICESi - Florence and Elrod Sts. AND 5750 Foothill Blvd. Buildings Financed or Refinanced 0 "70 1 70 Temporary Jrat . Installment, Also Seconds NO EXPPNStJ FOR APFBAISAL AND PROPOSAL . H. E. HOLLAPAY - : liOfia ? Dept. . TJ, H. L'Hommedieu Co. ? S15 Fourteenth Street Lake. TOO, Eve, tlnmb, fDfitV J wmm r" Safety SAFE because your money is backed by choice first mortgages, our loans being most carefully selected from many communities, and made primarily on HOMES. SAFE also, because of proven management capable, efficient, able, honest 34 yean' success. Operates under strict state supervision. I CctSCt NoVia " The house of the bride A recently completed Peppin home th High Street Park has been charmingly furnished in Spanish motif by Lachman Bros., San Francisco's great eight-building home furnishing establishment Mission at Sixteenth, and is open daily for inspection Casa Novia" is indeed a Bride's House a type of house in which' any normal young couple of mqderale means Would find contentment and happikess. It is a modern bungalow in the true Spanish type, the coloring of the interior decorations, Woodwork and draperies being selected with but one thought in mind this IS the house of the bride. i "Casa Novia" is located on Culver Street near High, in High Street Park. Drive out Foothill Boulevard to High Street, and up High to Culver. By street car, the J car out Thirty-eighth Avenue to Penniman, then along Penniman to Eastman, and up Eastman one block to Culver. Don't miss seeing "Casa Novia." . Pass Book Kw rrf 0 Accounts May be started with $1 or more. Safe, Tax Free, ,Caeh-able any time. Let us tell you more about them. Assets over $18,200,000 Agency Offices (Head Office i Salt take City C. H. McENTYRE, District Mgr 1930 Broadway - Lakeside 2659 ini i a i i . . . . . -, i 'it a j " ii -r-:Y'i? -t r "tv,iitf.iiiii,ivriiiL'u n."V This is a corner of the "Casa Novia" Living Room The Living Room contains a, handsome two-piece Chesterfield Suite in taupe, an ' occasional chair of Spanish type, a dainty end table, smoking stand, etc. A Wilton velvet rug. and striped Damask drapes in Spanish design, are in appropriate and . ' harmonizing color. ', ; The Dining Room is furnished with a nine-piece set in Spanish Renaissance de-' sign with red decorations. A beautiful W ilton velvet rug, and velour drapes in ' -burnt, orange shade complete the ensemble. ' 1 t . 1 The Bride's Room with its delicate orchid and green finish, is appropriately fur- ' , nished with a green Venetian-finished suite, the bed spread and draperies la orchid tint. . i This home exemplifies the artistic, inexpensive hornefurnishinging of , . SAN FRANCISCO'S GREAT HOME ' FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT ft r .it 7 1,1 , 1-'- '

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