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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 32

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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SUNDAY afclant) Crirjum SEPTEMBER 11, 192 STATE HEAD if REALTORS TO BE a- Badding Apartments in Berkeley These two-room apartments have just been completed at 2432 Ashby avenue, by N. Badding. The building is remarkable for the unusually large living rooms and he distinctive Spanish style of its furnishings. Frigidaire electric refrigeration has been installed. Twelve different shades of tile -have been used in thp construction of the building.

Ysabel Manor This new apartment and store building has been completed in the Park Boulevard district, adjoining the Parkway theater. Pon Honor Inc. have already leased one of the stores. The apartments are equipped with Kelvinator' electric refrigeration. AT Plans for State Convention at Santa Monica to Be Told.

wner, Builder of ilaiidsome Structure; All Latest Features, Up-to-Date Structure, Owned by William Goldman, Open to Public Inspection. 4-M HE fill. HOUSE-OPEN TO YJSITOHS Plfl Elf SIIILIG 01 MEET GUEST This oroiect Is a notable addi "win i Mm Harry BY Allen, state president of- the California Real Estate as-csoiation, and Stephen Barnson, state real estate commissioner, will be guests of the Oakland Real Estate Board at a luncheon meeting to be held- Wednesday noon, September 14, at the Hotel Leamington, it was announced yesterday by Emit Fritsch, president of the local realty body. Harrison Lewis, of the state associate Glen D. Wil-laman, manager, and Fred Wilson of Santa Monica, chairman of the convention committee of the state will also be guests and speakers at the meeting.

for the convention which is to be held in Santa Monica, October 10-14 will be outlined by the state officials. Commissioner Barnson will tell the realtors of the work, that is being carried on by the state to curb the activities of outlaw real estate operators who fraudulently use the title The big feature of the meeting, it has been announced Fred R. Caldwell, managing, director, will be an elimination contest for orators of the Speakers' club of the board. Cos Williams, president of the club, has offered a silver cup for the winner. The victor In this oratorical, cpmpetio'h will be designated as the speaker to represent the city of Oakland at -the state convention in Santa Monica In the Oil 'v viTsr I 23 -4 3n mmr i mmmm pnucpTinii nrl Announcement is made of the opening at 2422 Ashby street in Berkeley of an apartment house Which, as for as the Eistbay cities are conccviiej.

is decidedly un- Usual. it is exclusively a two-room apartment structure, and its claim to the unusual arises from the. size its living rooms. JC. Badding, Uie builder and owner, latest "The size of those living rooms Is best realized by a comparison.

The ordinary apartment living room is twelve by fourteen feet; these, are equal to a room of that size pius another room twelve by ten feet. This feature should particiilnny-t-those-HvinR-jn a two-room apartment for the reason that, most of their time is spent in the living room which should, therefore, he roomy to permit of Qheerfulnoss. These rooms are decorated with wall pipers of varied Spanish designs, a netware furnished In a decidedly Spanish style. Select hardwood floors have been beautifully laid and are set off by large fniton rugs of artistically shaded colors. Woodwork finishes are fo enamel and the furniture, consists of a comfortable long Spanish Chesterfield with chairs, to correspond.

There is a combination davenport and dinette table in walnut with carved Spanish legs and wrought-iron brackets. There are Spanish benched, occasional chairs, floor lamps and tables, long mirrors; desksets are also included in the The wide windows draped in pleasing style, the drapes being suspended from twisted wrought-iron rods and brackets. The charm of these living rooms with their rtch furniture and hangings should be seen to be appreciated. "The dressing rooms and closets are also extraordinarily large and the design permits of entrance from dressing room to tiled bath through a small hallway. The Marshall Stearns wall beds are of the de luxe type with full coil spring.

In the kitchens, is found Frigidaire electric refrigeration, a full quota of Concealo built-in fixtures, tile sinks, enameled gas ranges, and linoleum-rcovered floors. A twenty-four hour service for hot water and steam heat is provided, also garbage Incinerator service. "The entrance Is through a lobby, beautifully decorated and furnished, with full carpeted hallways with Wilton weaves. Phone service is In every apartment. The fireproof garages are reached through a sheltered driveway.

An auto wash rack. Is provided. In the basement, are individual storage lockers. I "My Home Town" speakers contest, it has been announced. Badding Apartments Equipped With FRIGIDAIRE uullluiiuih ur 'WmrWi: FARES SUCCESS CTf WATER COOLED EQUIPMENT FOR GREATEST EFFICIENCY AND ECONOMY )ta modern Ice num calls mcc-witkFrigiJainy tnd flu ice step tlwqj The new method of collecting fares on the Key System trains instead of at the Ferry building on the eastbound trip, has proven a success, according to J.

P. Potter, Operating Vice President of the company. "It is remarkable," states Potter, "How favorably this change has been by the public. Not one complaint has been received by officials or other employees of the company. a telephone or written message or personal viBit to company offices for the purpose of adverse criticism, nor even a friendly 'kick' to the trainmen has been the record of the first week.

Instead of the usual grumbles that accompany a departure from the As proven by official tests as well as through repeated use by many of the Eastbay's foremost and owners. "An ormtte front of distinctive appearance graces the structure. Transportation to San Francisco is one and one-half block distant while local passes tho door. Rentals are announced as from 45 and up. Inspection ia invited." HERB IRON IRKS REPORTS tion to the Park boulevard district and has been announced as completed by the owner, William Goldman.

The building is to be known as the Ysabel Manor and is located at 1820 Park boulevard, at East Eighteenth street, and contains 28 two-room apartments, including four large stores. One of these stores has been leased to the Pon Honor, for a long term of years by M. B. Sllva, realtor of the district. This building was designed by C.

N. Burrell and erected under the supervision of Ml F. Sommarstrom, leading builder of Oakland, and presents an unusually attractive attractive front, with the warm pressed brick and tile colorings and wrought- iron grill work. Every convenience has been installed for the comfort of the occupants, Kelvinator electric refrigeration being-the outstanding factor. Built-ins are numerous, Marshall Stearns wall beds, Mulkey mattresses have -been adopted, artistic electric fixr lures both in the apartments and in the facade of the building, garbage incinerator, "etc.

Rooms and halls are entirely carpeted from wall to wall. William Goldman states that he was especially pleased with the cooperation of all the different craftsmen employed during construction. He "The Park boulevard district has Impressed me with the possibilities from the investment standi point, the business facilities for economical shopping, the banking facilities, transportation for the commuter, and the proximity to Lake Merritt. All of these combine to make the district admirable for an apartment location." Ysabel Manor is under the supervision of Mrs. Decker, who-will be pleased to welcome those desiring to inspect this new building, "which is ready for occupancy.

An unusual opportunity for the public to view the exacting nature of the construction of a modern mausoleum is now being afforded at Sunset Mausoleum, states Fred A. Purner, general manager. "In order that visitors may see the methods of building used in this work, 55 Purner said, "we have had a stairway erected to a runway so that interested parties can walk around the top of the entire Lawn Terrace. "All of tlie reinforced concrete work for Lawn Terrace, an architectural part of the first unit of Sunset Mausoleum, has now been completed. There are more than 1000 cpypts contained in this and under our present arrangement of enabling visitors to view the construction details they can see the double reinforced walls in their entirety and the very sub-starillal cross beams that will support Sunset Terrace.

Forms for the floor of Sunset Terrace are now being erected and will be completed so that concrete can be poured next week. Just as soon as the concrete has set the delicate work of placing the marble will begin. Present plans are to Have sections entirely completed by. the end of this month. "Naturally, work of this nature can not be rushed as is the: case in ordinary building construction, Purner continued.

Sunset Mauso leum is being built to withstand the ravages of time; it will last throughout the ages, as the granite and marble tombs of the ancients have endured until the present time. Marble, bronze, con crete and glass are the only materials used in the construction of this mausoleum. These are ma terials more substantial than the earth Itself, and they endure throughout the passing years with out erosion by either time or weather. "It will be years before the entire plan of Sunset Mausoleum will materialize into its completed form. but the plans have been so well laid that it Is expected sections in Lawn TepiftCSill be ready this month.

Already "many have, been received." Sunshine Held Subdivision Advantage Sunshine has now become one of the factors to be reckoned with in the sale of property for home-site purposes, according to Harry Leimert of the Walter H. Lelmert company, developers of Oakmore Highlands. "With the recent discoveries of the curative value of the sun's rays, parents are realizing the advantage of nTaking their home in some spot where their children will have the benefit of a maximum amount of sunshine," explained Lelmert. "Time after time, parents have purchased in Oakmore Highlands for this particular reason. Our Piedmont environment, proximity to shopping districts and downtown Oakland, moderate prices and the assured future value which is certain to follow in Oakmore, made their appeal of course, but were discounted by the demand for plenty of sunshine for the youngsters.

"Fortunately Oakmore Highlands Is one of the sunniest spots In the entire Bay While not high in the sense that homes have to be built on crags and hillsides, it is, nevertheless, sufficiently elevated to place it above the fog belt. "This means that when there Is sunshine to be had any place In the entire district, Oakmore Highlands is sure to enjoy it. Many times when the lower sections tof our district are blanketed with fog, the sun is shining brightly in Oakmore. "The elevation of Oakmore Highlands incidentally provides us with two additional advantages. It provides excellent drainage, an' ad-.

vantage which Is outstandingly apparent each winter, 1S0LEU1 IS OPEN TO PUBLIC Think This lQver New '2-Room Apartments 2432 ASHBY Berkeley. Equipped with Frigidaire. Conveniently arranged, handsomely decorated. Steam heat and Hot water 24 hour service. Garages.

Transportation 2 flocks to S. F. Local passes the door. Rentals $45 Up Unfurnished or completely furnished with beautiful Spanish suites N. BADDING OWNER 7" Plumbing and Steam Heating Equipment for the Badding Apts.

Hall Son 5033 Grove St. Piedmont 6072. Wall Coverings for the unusual living rooms in Badding Apis. from MARCUS MERRICK 14th and Jefferson Sts. Oakland 4681, Sheet Metal Work for the 4 Badding Apartments LA VIGNE PERATA 814 2 Street Lakeside 652 Ornamental Iron Fire Escapes Sfair Rails Berkeley Iron Wire Works 2009 Center St.

Berkeley 8539 Insurance will not lessen tlie cKances of your Kelng listeel among the casualties of -V926, but it will lessen your financial loss in event of injury, and will protect your loved ones in case of violent death, i You can and should protect yourself and loved ones with the beaten path, the company has received many compliments from its commuters." request. Frigidaire Telephone ooi Lakeside VJJ Specialists Apartment House Requirements Rough and Finish Lumber for the BADDING APTS. f. rom GARRETT MILL LUMBER Ca 6801 E. 14th Elmhurst 2 Refrigerator Cabinets and Ironing Boards from CONCEALO Fixture Co.

2009 Livingston St. Andover 1030 Builders' Hardware B. SIMON Hardware Co. Wholesale and Retail 631-9 Broadway Lakeside 7816 Plastering by J. H.

Carlton 1371 81ST AVE. OAKLAND. Phone Elmhurst 2218 Corporation 1 962 Broadway Oakland, California Painting Decorating for the Badding Apts. by JOHNSTON AND JOHNSTON CONTRACTING PAINTERS and DECORATORS 809 Pierce Street SAN FRANCISCO Phones: Fillmore 3608 Elmhurst Comfort is assured by the Full Coil Spring AD-A-ROOM WALLBEDS in the Badding Apts. MARSHALL STEARNS CO.

411 19th Street Oak. 1236 TILING 12 Colors used in the Badding Apts. by CHURCHILL TILE CO. CONTRACTING RETAILING 2331 Market St. Lakeside 1816 MANY JOBS Large activity Is reported at the Herrick Iron Works, structural steel manufacturers and engineers, by C.

W. Broyles, manager of sales. Broyles reports he following works now under contract and being fabricated and erected, with structural steel work completed: Plant expansion of Chevrolet Motor Company assembly plant on Foothill boulevard. City of Oakland Air port hangars, take down warehouse, foot of Grove street; drive pile, alter steel work and erect complete buildings at air port. University of Santa Clara, three telescope domes.

Two complete buildings for the Stauffer Chemical Company, Stege, Calif. First Congregational church, Martinez, Calif. Seventeen-story View Tower apartments, Hyde and Greenwich streets, San Francisco. Two apartment buildings, seven-story each, for Van Clay builders, Sacramento and Van Ness, San Francisco. Oakland high school, Park boulevard and Hopkins.

Building for Pacific Guena Fertilizer Company. Stege, Calif. Oakland, Veteran Memorial building. Six-story apartmerft house for 2525 Larkin, San Francisco. Shell Oil Company-tservice stations.

Several small brick buildings, miscellaneous iron works. "We carry at all times about 5000 tons of structural shapes in our Oakland yard, enabling us to quickly get out work. "We operate-the shop with 66 men. Shop and storage covers a city block at Eighteenth and Camp-beil streets. Oakland.

We have Southern Pacific and Santa Fe railroad service on our own tracks. We now have 52 outside men (riggers) erecting steel." C01EJSESITE The Wood Hydraulic Hoist and Body company has leased 12,000 square feet of floor space at 3014 Chapmaij street, where a wholesale, retail and service plant will be operated. This Is an Interna tional concern havinr fac orles In i3etroit, London, Paris, Berlin, Wln- sor, Canada, 'and San Francisco', and a branch in every population center. The Oakland branch, of which H. T.

Flynn is manager, will serve the California market north of Accident Insurance Policy (The policy that furnishes you 2z times more protection) For Every Reader of the write or phone Insurance Department Lakeside 6000 For information, One of our representatives will call upon No obligation on Hour part I.

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