Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on September 4, 1927 · Page 18
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 18

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 4, 1927
Page 18
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SUNDAY OaklanD CtfDunc SEPTEMBER 4, 1927 POB.-HO CO. Isabel Manor Completed v This 'Sew apartment and store building is just completed in the Park boulevard district, adjoining the-Parkway theater. - Pon Honor Inc. have already' leased one of the stores The apartments are eauipnrd with Kelvinator Electric refrigeration. Campaign Leaders Left tq right, A. B. O'Neil, J. Clifton and J. D. Klo. whrj are well in the lead in the National Salesmen's contest of the EureH D DOS A NEW Vacuum Cleaner company. HEREDEPAHTMENT .. - Department for Laying and t-to-Da'lo"SlrH"'liire. Owned " hy W. Goldman, Is Open 1 ufiiil ! nj n spect i on Pon Honor Stores Locate In Direct Lines of Progress . It Is Shown". Finishing of Hardwood Floors Installed. FINE APART. BUILDING OPENS 01 PARK Mi El OR HA U Lm n I weTw4tlilJJJ,iJL,i w u Wi 1 1 mi mini n 'ii minium mmm hhiimhii mm wiiiiwi iiiiMuuuuinuauuuijujiiiiUMUiiiuiiM'U '; v ' 1 Ji ll N'Jr I . t-t s ill 4 1 I STORE i . I j , f It rotable .improvement to the L boulevard district hue just .nounre a. eompieiPd o in ni:T;n;::n. tlie mvn'r of the ip.v Jinn ; .!!. The building is to: .e known as Ysahol Maimr and is. 3 o i a t o i ;it ISL'n Vark boulevard, lidjomtt.iT Ihe Parkway theater. Compiled" in : twenty-nine two-room fur. iud apartments linn lour iar-:e e-'re.s, onr,in wi"ee stores tins already been leaspd tor - Jf nirmher of vpn-s- by- Pon Honor Inc., 51. It." Silva, realtor nf the disi'-h t -and asrent for the building. Deslsned J.v r. X... Burrell and rert-d under . thv supervision of M. T. Poi.'iiii.irstroin. the building' j.reponts an umifti.'Oly attractive front with iis warm hrirk and tile) olnrinu's and dt-'-ofated wrought-! iron prill wi-k. Kverv -convenience lias been installed (or the comfort of the ac-h pants. Kelvinator electric refrimo-a I :'-n beinir among "tiieu'i: . liti'TV Tiaf"ffiTTlierriti' Marshal: .Stearns wall bod si, with the JfuIUey M.ir.nvs have been Adopted. rti:ie electric fixtures, have been Installea both In ' the apartments and in the facade of ' the building. Room's and. halls are carpeted fromwall to waH'.' Gold-inn n states: . "I am pleased with tlu cooperation rendered me-by the Oakland Building trades, this being my first building venture outside of San Francisco. The progressive Park boiik-vard districtShas impressed me with Its possibilities from the investment stand pointXltfl business facilities for economical shopping, its banking service, its trnsijoxtiu. ' liid'ri; 'the proximity to Lake x all of these combine to ma district admirable for apart house "location." All basic details in originating this nro.ieet emanated from the .office of M. K. Silva, a pioneer of ths Park boulevard business district. Among other businesses located in the neighborhood by Silva is the Parkway theater. Silva em-phazies the fact that there are numerous business opportunities still presented there, both for the small and the . larger business. The stores in the new Goldman structure afford exeenehTloeations for diverse tradesmen. i Ysabel Manor is announced as ready for occupancy and open for inspection.!' iSiiiii iiiiiDiiiiiiiiiiiwuniiiiiiiwwtflhiiiijyimjLiiitMimiiiiMMMH HniiiiiiiiiiniiinMiiiiiiiiiii Aim iiinn'iiiii mn I ... .11 . . Merritt: Pi r" n the I I I I X NSTALL NEW ARTMENT R.M'HENRYGD.' IN HEW OFFICES Announcement of the removal of their offices to "Real Estate Row" ground floor, 896 17th street at Franklin is made by R. 8. McHen-ry who will be located there after September 1. rv jT V'V i miifm v v. a To assist contractors, builders, arid owners who are building new homes, the Ward Furnace company, manufacturers and distributors of the Ward Heating System, this week announced the opening of a new department, which will be known as the "New Home ujepart- ment," and he states: In DUilding of new" nomes-tne problem of the heating installation and subsequent heating costs is very important, especially to the home owner whd will live in the house. Therefore in the careful planning of a suitable heatrhg system detailed and dependable information is absolutely necessary. The "New Home Department" has been established so that the ap proximate heating- costs on all heating systems for homes will be available to-the future occupant of the home. All information given from the new department will be unbiased and the contractor or home, owner will be given dependable figures. Tlie services of the new department are gratis to all contractors, architects and persons building new homes. "N. C. WiMght will be in charge of the new department-of the local Ward Furnace Company, which recently moved Into a new location at 132-134 Fourteenth street, corner Madison. Wright is a thoroughly experienced heating engineer and has established "New Home Departments" for the Ward company in many districts throughout the country. He comes to- Oakland from Long Beach, Calif., where he recently perfected a department in connection with the Ward Heater company branch there. J. C. Johnson President of the S. T. John-i comuanv. tnarulf aciurers of Johnson rotary oil burners, who has just returned from Detroit where he has attended the meeting of the American Oil Burner association. MHHMHMMWMMIHMi Country Demands More Electric Power The United States Is enntinninir i its steady increase in demand for electricity. The government figures for power production for the month of May have Just been issued, showing that the country in that month used 6,515,670 kilowatt hours of current. This is almost exactly 11. per cent greater than the May power consumption a year ago and 1 per cent ahead of April of this year. The usual' balance was main? tained as between power generafed by falling, water and power generated by fuel-burning plants. In May water power produced 2,632,-333 kilowatt hours of energy and fuel 3,883,197 kilowatt hburs7 Irt the fuel plants were consumed ,Zi,t)UV tons of coal, 610,000 barrels of oil and- 4,829,000,000 cubic feet of gas. ..-' Definite announcement has been made by the Pon Honor management that their new store at 1S24 Park boulevard " will formally open next Saturday, f-iept-JO another indication of the growth this chain of grocery stores have registered since their origin nine years ago. . The announcement reads: "The last month has seen them Invade a new territory in north i Berkeley on Hopkins street at the Montgomery-station .and . also a large and prominent section of the new Capwell Central Market, where they enjoyed a prosperous ope.jilng a week ago. "Every move that Pon Honor makes under the guidance of Clarence A. McAllister, president and Qeorge K. Arehftmbeault, sec-retary-treasurv 'shows that they have a keen insight into the modern trend of business progress, and stores are. leased accordingly. "It is such" stores as these"that the Pon Honor management operate that have done more to stimulate the chain store business during tho last decade than any -other one factor,u-states Archambeault. "It Is stores like these, modern and sanitary, in every detail with a particular selection of merchandise and a careful emphasis upon courteous sales people, thdit have taught both the masses and the classes the benefits of trading with the chain store." SIPlED Waterhouse, Lester & Scovel has recently opened a wholesale branch at 3060 Broadway, where a com plete line' of heavy hardware, steel bars, and automotive equipment will be handled. This company has operated a complete, wheel and wood factory in Emeryville since 1906., The "wholesale 'branch occupies 13,400 square feet of floor space. Twelve men will be employed, and it Is estimated that the total initial investment was about $126,000 In line With their policy of giving complete service, Strable Hardwood . company announces the inaugaration of. a department for the laying and finishing of hardwood floors. . Architects, contractors and builders are thus enabled to pur-chaso flooring and have the Job completed by , the same firm; a saving in time and detail, it is pointed out. The company states: "The new department Is backed bv the entire resources and responsibility of the firm, which has for many years supplied hardwoods for all purposes to the building trades. The work will be in the hands of skilled artisans, under the direct supervision of the company, a guarantee of efficiency, promptness and thoroughness." LOGA I Local salesmen for the Eureka Vacuum Cleaner company are among the national leaders in the contest which that organization Is held4ng-4n order to-doterm Insults best salesmen in the United States it is stated. "Twentv-one Oakland men are well up In the running," reports the company, "and twenty undoubt edly will become the leaders when the contest is ended. , "The men of this community who have a good chance- in the list of those who are seeking recognition from the company's home office at Detroit Michigan are: A. B. O'Ncil,-L. L. Jennings, R. Holman, B. A. Abbott, TI. Watkfns, C. Manly, H. White, R. Quaile, J. O'Rour'ke, T. DeYoung, L. Cchlfferle, P. Menden-hall, J. Close, H. Jensen, E. Cur-ren.ee, 'C. Craven, T. - Scott, B. Keatoo, J. Clifton, and E. Housen. "This contest is an outgrowth of the Introduction of the new model "10" cleaner the company has just placed on the market r---:-..---. ' - (KlUfiMKtl Ci 'V- jWMBMMMnm iut,.uMiilJIMIWSMM B.4 yif Three New Stores in the Most Direct Lines of Progress 1 1647 Hopkins St., Berkeley Opened August v20th 2 Section 60, Capwell Central Market-Opened August 27th 3 1824 Park Boulevard TojOpen September J 0th I MlUIIUIilMMJUWil .I.VMPU-1 AimVH'U' 1 '."'P'". l Hl II H 1 1 III HaiNIIH.mi II III I MM III ll I LU ITS t ,?" - - ' YSABEL MANOR' APTS. r yum m mwtrr vc v vim ffv HLt: Piedmont environment 1 4 minutes from 14th and Broadway low prices assured future values magnificent scenic setting i large tree -covered homesites that's OAKMORE HIGHLANDS Visit the 3 model homes now open for inspection in Oakmore Road. Come out Sunday or Monday." A Walter H. Leimert development. Take or follow Park Boulevard car line 1 . direct to property. Efficiency of Refrigeration Is Analyzed According to officials of the local Kelvinator agency, the percentage of service calls as compared to sales, is the best Indication of the efficiency of any electrical refrig eration unit. The percentage as given for the Kelvinator, a figure arrived at by the inclusion of all installations throughout the United States, is 91. one hundreds of one per cent. "This means that there Is less than one service call per year for every Kelvinator sold, a remarkable snowing and a strlk Ing testimonial to the efficiency, of these units, the company state. A particular advantage in the Kelvinator system, which they emphasize, Is the fact'that these units are operated by air cooled compressors instead of water cooled. "The elimination of water entirely is a particular economy which eaves the householder several dollars per month lathe operating cost for the machine. This is an advantage which the apartment house owner should well consider as the Item of several dollars per unit for several units runs, into considerable money by the end of the month. This lowering of operating cost and the freedom from any trouble in operation requiring attention or ser vice Is the bacKblne lor the rising tlwf Eastbay cities of it is stated. popularity lnjjw the Kelvinator," "Ample evidence that oil Heat is dependable and reliable is given by the thousands of homes through' out the United States which -are now enjoying the comforts of oil heating equipment." This Is the statement of J. C. Johnson who has Just returned from a meeting of the American Oil Burner Association at Detroit, Michigan. Johnson Is president of the S. T. Johnson Co., Oakland, manufacturers of Johnson Rotary Oil Burners. "These satisfactory installations have thoroughly demonstrated," said Johnson, "that the principle of oil heating Is sound. There always Is a demand for any improvement over the old methods whioh give greater convenience, comfort and cleanliness, and more efficient ser vice." Much of the public's familiarity with the virtues of oil heating, according to Johnson, Is due to the work of the OU Heating Institute, a non-profit organization recently founded to study oil heating in all Us phases and apllcatlons and to study. "The founders of the Oil Heating institute realize," says Johnson, "that oil heating is of nation-wide-, interest and importance. Everyone is seeking to learn more about It." Home Group In Oakmore Highlands A group of new two-story homes recently built in Oakmore Highlands by .Alex C. Weiban, widely known Eastbay builder, will be on display today. The homes are full of distinctive architectural design and combine utility and beauty, according to Harry Leimert of the Leimert company. : ' For leasing of stores in this building and of other, stores in the Park Blvd. district, &see 1832 Park Blvd. Glfncowt 5403 OPEN FOR INSPECTION AND OCCUPANCY 1820 Park Blvd., Near E. 18th Street Twenty-nine 2-room apartments, furnished or unfurnished. Electric refrigeration, and all modern conveniences. In the Park Blvd. business district, stores, theater, bank, Key Route trains and cars. Close to Lake Merritt. Finest of workmanship, best, of materials. WILLIAM GOLDMAN Owner CrN. BURRELL Architect M. F. SOMMARSTROM Supt. of Construction KELVINATOR THE OLDEST DOMESTIC ELECTRIC REFRIGERATION JYsabel Manor Apis, are Ke Ivirta ted" . " Kelvination " is the most satisfac tory method of refrigeration for the modern apartment. Our engineering depart ment will explain to you how Kelvinator can be installed in new or old apartments o p e r ating from a central plant." " Fill your refrigerator with DRY FROSTY COLDK . LEO J. MEYBERG CO. 92 1 Harrison Street Oakland 2773 SUCCESS AND CONGRATULATIONS ' ' TO . ' f YSABEL MANOR HrYRE GLASS CO. OAKLAND SAN FRANCISCO IRESNO LOS ANGELES Attractive Corner Store for lease to any good business line. Located at Franklin and Twelfth streets, in heart of downtown business district. For further information see A. J. Slaght, Tribune Tower, Oakland, Calif. 'Sash, Doors Millwork Supplied hy Portman's -Planing Mill Brickwork by ; KROLL & Co. BRICK CONTRACTORS ' - 3327 23rd Ave. Phone Fruitvah 7663R Builders' Hardxvart B. Simon Hardware Co. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL 63 1 -9 B roadway Lakeside 7816 ARTISTIC TILE WORK. BY LINCOLN TILE CO. WALLS, FLOORS. SINKS STORE FRONTS. Etc. .852 29th St Lakeside 947 Berkeley 827 M. & L. ' Roofing Co. ROOFERS 9224 Foothill Blvd. Elmhursl 341 ' $ Ad-a-Room Wall Beds The only satisfactory bed for the up-to-date Apartment ' Marshall & Stearns Co. 41 N 9th St. Oakland 1236 Painting & Decorating PAPERHANGING SPRAY PAINTING Successful execution of decorative ideas has made our craftsmen welcome on any type of interior and exterior work. Consult "u? any time. r Chas. Matthews . 2665 Harold St. Frwlvale 3577 " You can rest well at Ysabel Manor Completely Furnished by 607 E. 12th St. 1 Merritt 240 PLASTERING FOR Ysabel Manor BY . Jesse Shay PLASTERER 720 Clementina St. Hemlock 1074 ' SAN FRANCISCO PLUMBING HEATING GAS STOVES Installed by " ' H. Ci. NEWMAN CO PLUMBING CONTRACTOR 2004 Telegraph A ve. - Oakland 3329 " ,1618 Mission St. Park 6204 SAN FRANCISCO

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